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I have a monumental task ahead of me.  Much of the groundwork has been laid by Mr. McAfee in his prior posts.  Blogging while on the run, however, is probably not an easy task, which is  why, I assume,  Mr. McAfee left so much out of his previous posts.  I am trying to sort through the evidence data and am attempting to create a correspondence between John’s  posts and the mountain of names, dates and places that I now possess.  Please bear with me if I do not post as timely as you like.  Thank you.

It should be clear by now that the media representation of Mr. McAfee as “paranoid” is an exaggeration in the extreme.  This is a prime indication that the press, pressured by deadlines, cannot possibly do justice to any story more complex than reporting on a parking fine.

An interesting follow up to the Eddie McKoy story is that the Police picked him up shortly after Mr. Faul’s death and applied the age old Third World “persuasion techniques” to convince Eddie to sign pre-prepared documents implicating Mr. McAfee in dozens of crimes.  It would not be surprising to hear soon that Mr. McAfee was involved in a large percentage of all the unsolved crimes in Belize.

While we are in a lull, remember that John is sitting in a Guatemalan prison awaiting extradition back to Belize.  Your emails helped release his friends.  How about doing the same for him.  If Belize no longer insists on his return, then the Guatemalan Government will let himcome home.  Here are the addresses, bot of the Guatemalan President, and Belize

In addition Venezuela has a huge sway over affairs in Central America:

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  1. Shane wyatt Avatar
    Shane wyatt

    I highly suggest that Mr. M. invest some of his time to charity and get the people ivolved. Computer software is not enough to make the American people aware of his actual kindness. What is he doing to earn that helping hand? There is only assumption at this point. Make the American people know who you really are Mr. M.. Are you an honest guy or are you hiding the truth?? Earn my help Mr. M..

  2. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    We all hope so.

  3. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    John McAfee, i heard that you might get out soon? Is this right?

  4. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    John McAfee, i can’t get anything to load on your links from yesterday. They were taken away.

  5. Mike Avatar

    Sean, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky successfully filibustered the latest NDAA to have indefinite detention lifted on U.S. citizens. See on YouTube: Rand Paul Filibuster

  6. Chris Avatar

    Yes Belize is a corrupt country.

  7. Chris Avatar

    Belize is a corrupt country just like every nation is corrupt. Even the USA has corruption.

  8. ac Avatar

    belize is not a corrupt country

  9. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    EASY! Just want facts, might go there. :~D

  10. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry


  11. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry


  12. Annie K. Avatar
    Annie K.

    I just filtered through all of this and…geez…John.
    I’m just going to summarize and hope someone will correct me if I have misinterpreted. There are some comments for those who are posting and don’t live in Belize.
    After 12 years here let me just tell you that if you think for one flying minute that your life can’t be on the brink at ANY moment your dreaming. Unwittingly offend someone… someone for cause and piss them off….cross the wrong public officer or official. Any of these can get you killed in a microminute. Fire them and you have disgraced them and some HAVE to have retrobution. I know of not a single expat who does not have bars on their windows and doors, protection dogs, security systems or live within compound walls. Did any of us know life was like this when we came here to live? Absolutely NOT!.
    Comment 2: Interesting that a little guy (in terms of not being a minister) asks John for TWO MILLION DOLLARS. REALLY? If you haven’t thought about the gravity of this amount of money here, it shouldn’t take you two seconds to know that, that amount of money wasn’t just for this one little guy trying to get elected. That was for a whole bunch of people trying to get elected. So he didn’t piss off one guy with “no donation” he pissed off much bigger people who are going to show him how the cow ate the cabbage. Play the game, pay up or suffer the consequences.
    NOTE: If you lived here you would know that if there is a construction contract handed out, you can bet there are 5 or more people who have some say about that contract who will get their fair “bonus” for their stamp of approval. That’s the way it works here. Don’t pay off the right guy and you don’t get the contract.
    Comment: I absolutely do not believe John McAfee killed his neighbor. If you know anything about Belize there are two factors. Don’t really need much evidence to convict you and you can’t get enough evidence to protect yourself if you were accused. There is no due process. MIRANDA DOES NOT LIVE HERE. What happened is what they say happened. Even as a law abiding citizen in this country, you better have some connected friends who will come to your rescue if you accidentally get into something.
    Otherwise you can get screwed big time.

    My summary through all of this is that:

    He has money 4 million/20 million….doesn’t matter …..HERE….he has money
    He likes young women…..well ladies and gentlemen let me just tell you that there are plenty (scads infact) of old expat retires who have brought their SS checks here and can get laid (and do regularly) by any young thing they want to pay 10 Belize dollars to. Prositution is one of the main income vocations here. Doesn’t matter if your 80, ugly and haven’t had sex in 15 years….that young cute thing will do you in a New York minute. John McAfee would not be any different than the SS expat here, doing anything different than all of them are….he just has money and he gives them a home instead of sending them out of the one hour motel room after whatever.
    Because he has money and granted he might be a little excentric he is more noticable than most. He has more than a security system, a gun, privacy walls, and guard dogs….he has security guards. Believe me he needs them here.

    He was a target last April…..and once on the list….he was on the list.

    He has a conflict with a neighbor who wants a little more obscurity and they are not the best neighbors. Most expats here have been company owners, managers, executives and what I’m telling you is the they are used to throwing their weight around and getting results. I suspect Mr. Faull was doing just that….with the filed complaint and from the emerging personality of John McAfee he mostly blew him off. They aren’t the best of friends.

    Enter the “blackmail” money demand……well in some ways you just “fired” someone, infact a bunch of people and what you now have is some disgrunted “employees” and they are gonna show you.

    LASTLY: Let’s apply a little logic here. Does a somewhat “excentric” rich 67 year old…. who has had the GSU ransack his home… take his possessions….. his life threatened by Swan…. his live in girl friend communing to help off him….his dogs poisoned….has to shoot them…..really give much notice to that irritated neighbors complaint? ALL THIS is going on and he’s going to get pissed off enough to go and put bullet in his neighbors head because he filed a complaint on his dogs barking, and making to much noise in the neighbor hood.

    This is not rocket science. He lived a little to oppulently and became the target of those that think you need to share you wealth with them “because they said so”, you fired some employee who is going to show you….and lord knows how many people behind these who are going to show this rich guy how is it.

    Does his neighbor problems even begin to rise to the level of what he has been fighting off within the countries “finest” and you could possibly believe he just got pissed and went over an put a bullet in Mr Faulls head to get rid of the neighbor problem. THAT IS OBSURD!

    To Guatamala: If you want to look like a hero (which you absolutely do not with your country’s actions these day)…slap hin on the hands for crossing your borders without checking in. Deliver him to the safety of his homeland, the US and put a stop to this farce here. Does the lap top and other stolen item matter. Hell yes it matters. John McAfee doesn’t need to steal a computer people or anything else Faull had in his possession. These were the same thugs that were threatening him who devised a way to frame him and in the act to kill Mr. Faull….just COULD NOT RESIST taking that computer and STUFF before they left.
    My home invasion (and believe me I’m invisible compared to John) resulted in all my little electronics being stolen….my new computer etc…and it was traded in Guratamala the next day for a gun. How do I know this….I hired a private investigator to find out because the police see loss of your personal belongings the cost of living here. Hey you have money….you can buy another one!

  13. H20 Avatar

    Mr McAfee is innocent.
    When the news broke, and heard the lies on Gizmodo, I knew it was a lie.

    I know how police operate. I am apparently in a developing nation (feels 3rd world to me) and the police have targeted me for many years.

    Recently late at night in my home,
    I was attacked by policemen, using machine guns to intimidate me. I was threatened with death and asked for money-which I never gave because I didn’t do anything.

    The charges were fabricated, and then I was beaten up badly with bruises, swellings and broken toes.

    I have decided to expose the corruption in the police in my country., once and for all.

    I have alerted the media in my city who are investigating the matter, and tomorrow I will have the thugs arrested, and an investigation into the fake charges will also be carried out.

    And then sue the state. (This is the only way they realize how corrupt they are)

    John is my inspiration. And perhaps for many others who have been targeted by corrupt officials (thugs) and who have kept quiet.

    You must fight for your innocence. It’s right. Why should John be the victim of a setup?

    I think the US should do their best to help Mr McAfee come back home. He is a great man worth helping.

  14. USA Taxpayer! Avatar
    USA Taxpayer!

    not charged,, YET,, maybe they will, maybe not. But i think he did admit to border violation. Heck, might even look at it as he is lucky, cos in some countries of the world, he would already been killed, no charges, no questions

  15. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    There are no rights in a corrupt Government. This issue has nothing to do with rights. It is about oppression and harrassment …. and a government embarrassed about this blog — a government nearly 100% dependent on tourist dollars. Last I will say today.

  16. USA Taxpayer! Avatar
    USA Taxpayer!

    Your right on Crazy Larry,, the whole picture is about his rights.
    Does John have the right to avoid being questioned by authorities. If a american moved to England, and the police wanted to question you, would that person have a right to enter canada, and than be sent back to the usa and evade all questions from england law? Would all usa citizens have that right?

  17. Sean Avatar

    Research the NDAA. Americans can be held indefinitely and without charges… Justice costs a lot of money in America as well if you’re not familiar with the legal process…

  18. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    John already spoke with him I believe.

  19. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    Keith Morrison from Dateline is following your story. just a heads up.

  20. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    He wanted to live there because of it’s unique geography and beauty. I have to get back to writing my next post. Won’t be answering more questions today.

  21. USA Taxpayer! Avatar
    USA Taxpayer!

    is this why he wanted to live there?

  22. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    To be absolutely correct, Guatemala has not charged John with any crime. They merely want him Back in Belize.

  23. USA Taxpayer! Avatar
    USA Taxpayer!

    Exactly what do u mean “free”? Do you mean Free to not be questioned about a crime by any authority? Or, only Free to not face questioning from the authority investigating a death of another human, a neighbor in fact. Free to not face the crime of going into guatamala illegally?

  24. USA Taxpayer! Avatar
    USA Taxpayer!

    John had the money to live where he wanted,, why did he want to live in a country full of corruption and extortion? Is that why he left the usa? I think not.
    Sorry dude,, you had a choice of where to live,, so just like everyone else in this world, you not special, so you face the conquences of your bad decisions

  25. Mark_13 Avatar

    I guess the reason I haven’t is that I don’t relish speaking ill of the dead. I guess we reserve that for the living.

  26. Mark_13 Avatar

    Wow, thanks dude. Just trying present a summary of the files, since no one had yet, from a typical reader POV. Yeah, as far as Fauli, I guess me or anyone could try to start assimilating all articles out there on him to form a picture of him. Would be great if someone could pay me.

  27. RA Avatar

    Why are you so angry? Take a pill to calm down and then sit in front of your computer and research the relationship between Guatemala and Belize.

  28. Q Avatar

    Pretty sure Scott meant to reply to Pat’s post- i.e., you can’t say that ‘John was assassinated’ without evidence.

  29. brobriobri Avatar

    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

    [email protected]

  30. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Wish that were true. I could use his money:)

  31. 10nClr Avatar

    JM is Harold

  32. DB Avatar

    Good to hear from you, John. Everybody write!

  33. 10nClr Avatar

    Bwhaahaa too funny. I too like the embellishments of the landmines and barbed wire.
    Take care, stay strong

  34. ivancoo2003 Avatar

    shotgun blast sound in a Belizian night
    Greg Faull’s found faceup in a pool of blood
    well here’s the story of anti-virus John
    the man the authorities came to blame
    for somethin’ that he never done.
    But just one time he could have rid
    the computer viruses of the world……
    Where is Bob Dylan when we need him?

  35. ivancoo2003 Avatar

    Belize is very much like Superman’s Bizarro World. Even though the official language. They speak about 5 languages in the country. English, spanish, Mayan, Garifuna, creole and an assortment of derivatives of other languages. They have the sweet and sour enchilada and lobster burrito.

    Murder is considered a misdemeanor when compared to poaching female lobsters out of season.
    Was there about 15 years ago and read their weekly newspaper. Headlines read “male and female Colombian Nationals caught with 5 Kilos of cocaine”…..The following week The weekly newspaper pronounced “Colombian Nationals released due to lack of evidence”….The cocaine had mysteriously disappeared from police locker.

    Belize was then as it still is a corridor for drug smuggling. Beautiful country but should only be traveled by people with street smarts.

  36. Mike Avatar

    I shall hope and pray that none of our troops are used to assist in any type of so called rescue or my tax dollars. I have served my country and bled for it yet I have no respect for people like Mcafee.

  37. Ron Avatar

    That was 800 years ago. Apparently, you’ve not read the Feinstein amendment?

  38. loose cannon Avatar

    No, he owns both properties & part of the Ambergris Caye property is actually for sale now (see For Sale sign in front). Interested in a nice beachfront home-guards, dogs, “full service” amenities included?

  39. loose cannon Avatar

    I can, because John posted on here right before your little post, which you obviously missed. And please don’t tell me to shut up. You’re rude when there’s no need for it, troll.

  40. L8-4-WORK Avatar

    First mistake, seek asylum in Guatemala.
    You should have run to the Brazilian Embassy, they take anything and anyone. No extradition there. Remember the famous British train robbery. One of the guys made it to Brazil, married a Brazilian whore and got the Brazilian citizenship. Any country south of the US is corrupt, run by narco-trafficers and supported by hard working tax paying people. The politicians are the most corrupt, in second place public safety officials.
    That’s all 4 now

  41. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    You are wrong!!!
    John didn’t made a mistake leaving Belize, they want his head by hook or by crook.
    He’s mistake was to have entered Guatemala illegally, now he is a prisoner because of that, well that is the excuse!!!!!!!!!!!.

  42. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    In hindsight John should never have gone to Belize, I am surprise he didn’t have problems the first year.

  43. Vuk Avatar

    No, it wasn’t. If you knew the history of Belize, retard, you’d know that the Capitancy-General of Guatemala never had a real presence in what’s now Belize. Stop spreading false Guat propaganda.

  44. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    You are wrong, that sort of thing do happen in Central America.

  45. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    You soooooo right.
    John’s best friend right now is God, I can’t believe even the American embassy turn their back to him.
    Many of us are praying for him now!!!

  46. Mike Avatar

    “Belize is no more corrupt than the U.S.”

    Surely, you must be joking. In the United States, we have due process and a judicial system based on 800 years of English common law designed to protect our people. In Belize, you are thrown in a jail cell, filled with sewage and garbage, and hope they don’t put a hole in your head, bury you in an unmarked grave, and claim you killed yourself or died of a heart attack. There is a big difference, “Lord Howard Hurts”. Make no mistake about it.

  47. lovel Avatar

    Is FRU still operating in Belize :

  48. Mike Avatar

    What is going on here? McAfee has provided a mountain of substantial evidence regarding the corruption in Belize, potential threats made on his life, et. al. and he is still being deported to the same country? The US State Department should get him out of there. If he had literally fled to the U.S. embassy in Guatemala or Belize he would not be stuck like Julian Assange. The US does not allow hostages to be detained at their embassies and would return him to American soil. They would have no choice, and quite legally, they could not kick him off the embassy premises.

  49. Ramster Avatar

    true but the dogs were killed not just complained about and people at times can relate more to dogs than people. being tolerant is one thing but this is not tolerance this is suicidal behavior if you know people are out to rob and kill you they will do that if you turn the other cheek!

  50. WEB Avatar

    I’m curious to know why you believe that the US will send John “post haste” back to Belize? I was under the impression that American extradition treaties dealt with persons who were wanted/fugitives. As long as there are no charges filed, John does not meet that criteria. So I ask, what right does the American government have to ship a citizen off to go ‘answer some questions’? If you have precedence for this, please provide. Thanks..

  51. Gaby Avatar

    Mark, you have some of the most interesting, intelligent and thought provking comments on this blog. Long or not, it is better to have a long comment with something to contribute than a short one with nothing to say. Please continue. By the way, perhaps there should be a post on Gregory Faull. With all repects to his family, no one has questionned any of the events that ocurred that evening, including the fact that he also had security guards and dogs. Would like to know your thoughts on that. He too was quite wealthy and not immune to extortion, I am sure. Perhaps he too refused. And I think the cell phone and computer missing is a very interesting clue. Thank you and keep commenting. Mine is too long with nothing to say, …sorry.

  52. sproggit Avatar

    Just one tiny and possibly misdirecting addenda. Last week or so there was another GSU raid on Mr McAffee’s compound in which his Housekeeper was locked in a cupboard and another was threatened. The threats were recorded and after initially denying being there at all, the GSU later admitted being there but then insisted it wasn’t a raid.

    Two key points.

    First, in that visit another dog was poisoned. Why would the *Police* use poison? Is there a connection with the original poisoning of the four dogs just prior to Mr Faull’s murder?

    Second, since this blog began Mr McAffee has gradually revealed that he has lots more evidence. If anyone in authority were guilty of anything here – as Mr McAfee has hinted, then those parties would remain quiet and frightened of exposure until they got their hands on either Mr McAfee or the evidence.

  53. iceesurfer Avatar


  54. iceesurfer Avatar

    Millions of Dollars in a tropical enviornment with skinny young women around that;s what one could want in life. I am also one who seems to be constantly searching for Utopia. Perhaps one day I will find it. So far, there is no such place.

  55. 1guy Avatar


  56. Leslie Sherman Avatar
    Leslie Sherman

    I assume John long ago made arrangements for his ex-wife, daughter, and grandchild, before he chose to go off into the wild blue yonder (and I don’t mean Belize). Wonder if he ever considers how they feel. I still believe absolutely that he never murdered anyone, and has a lot of good in him, but I think that inside, his real development was stunted in the 60’s, and there’s the true sadness: No matter what has happened before or will happen in the future, John has seen to it that the real John Mcafee will never be known, not his real strengths or weaknesses or needs. He has hidden from us all, and the loss has to be counted on both sides.. John, I miss you !

  57. WEB Avatar

    Get out of there and back to the USA or the UK. The theory that Belize will wait to charge you once you are on their soil makes sense. Face the charges of illegal entry in Guatemala, and then get out of there. Whatever cultural mistakes you made in Belize can’t be fixed. I don’ t think you killed Greg Faull, no way. If you had, he probably would have disappeared, never to be seen again. If you can travel from one end of Belize to the other without being caught, I simply can’t believe you had anything to do with a murder that so conveniently implicates you. You’re way to smart. The comments I posted earlier, made by Raphael Martinez of the PD clearly show that they want and need you back in Belize to do their damage. BTW, I read that you may get out as early as next week to await the illegal entry trial. Sure hope that’s true, give you a chance to recharge for the next round.

  58. Lord Howard Hurts Avatar
    Lord Howard Hurts

    John. As you are now aware… made a huge mistake by leaving Belize. Flight is reason to assume guilt. And your incendiary comments about the corruption in Belize is not something that will gain you favor. But of course if you did shoot your neighbor you had little choice if you wanted to remain free. As I see it, and this is just my opinion based on 68 years of experience, and several years of being a visitor to Belize, your best bet is to return, without delay, to Belize, and cooperate with the police and the legal system there. Belize is no more corrupt than the U.S.

    In the event you should get released from Guatemala, and be allowed to travel to Miami, you will be returned to Belize by the U.S. Government
    “post haste”, and your chances, at that point, of “working the system” in Belize will be nil. On the other hand………should you be guilty of the crime……try to exit Guatemala and make Dominica your new home (just a helpful hint).

    John, you are in a “royal fix” and you need to stop thinking and working from “panic mode”. There are several capable barristers in Belize and I recommend that you find one soon. Best of luck to you if you are in fact not guilty. If you need a place to stay in the U.S. contact me as I have a Sarasota, FL home you can use.
    Lord Howard Hurts

  59. Chris Avatar

    I feel very confident that this this is John McAfee’s blog that my pc will not get a virus 🙂 Free John McAfee!

  60. Chris Avatar

    Free John McAfee.

  61. Smellslikeshittome Avatar

    He is only doing a great job if you want public opinion to convict him. Stop posting random crap and put together facts that will help, not hinder the matter

  62. WEB Avatar

    [When questioned at the time by Amandala about the fact that McAfee now appeared beyond the reach of Belizean police, Martinez reiterated that they don’t want to extradite McAfee because he was never arrested and is not a suspect; they only want to “talk” to him in relation to Faull’s murder.

    He expressed the hope, however, that because McAfee entered Guatemala illegally, the officials there would arrest him and send him back to Belize.]

  63. WEB Avatar

    Raphael Martinez, a spokesman for the Belize government, said that if McAfee is deported to Belize, he would immediately be handed over to police and detained for up to 48 hours unless charges are brought against him.

    “There is more that we know about the investigation, but that remains part of the police work,” he said, hinting at possible charges.

  64. Craig Avatar

    Thinking about John and Sam and glad someone has his humor-I equally thought the YouTube Asian video was a hoot. Rest up and keep it coming we r writing to authorities for release and freedom without exile to that lousy corrupt Belize.

  65. getrealeh Avatar

    Indeed I agree with you. It does, however, make me appreciate my life as relatively humble as it is. I have my integrity, my reputation is intact, I am free and I am safe. What more could one want in life?

  66. Herald W Avatar
    Herald W

    John, humility and sincerity lift you when you show it (like the insomnia post which you removed), but all the cloak and dagger stuff people sense from repeat disappearing posts, masked blogging, etc., in this context, isn’t helpful to your image… [misdirection was understood when you fled Belize, but why now?] Not that image is the important thing (“God looks on the heart”), but it means a whole lot in your predicament. I began to trust you the most, when I felt you seemed the most vulnerable (genuine, unmasked), not when I read bravado/pranks (I like a good prank, too, and have scars from those I pranked), even if that’s your default mask. I suspect some of your real “friends” aren’t friend enough to give it to you straight. The most honest you seemed was, ironically, when you were talking about your mortality–a spiritual theme… but then what do I know? I am not a friend, and I couldn’t care less about how much money you have or don’t have.
    “John is finding out who his friends are”, and he has at least one true friend, and he can find out evidence about the truth of that friend if he only wants to make the genuine effort: “What A Friend We Have In Jesus” …and please don’t mock. Mockery is the most unbecoming trait of all. All the Best, “real”ly

  67. brobriobri Avatar

    emails sent. Now we wait….

  68. Bandontherun Avatar

    A lot of people comment on the loss of wealth by leaving Belize in that the country or thugs will seize his property.

    If I’m correct, he was renting/leasing the house in Belize. I’m guessing the condo was on payments and/or timeshare. And the property in Orange Walk may have very well been owned by McAfee.

    My point is, given all the investments he made in Belize along with donations (necessary), and he actually manged his money fairly shrewdly.

    With a 6K a week payroll (312K a year) on security and maintenance in Belize, you do the math.

    Let’s say he has 40 million left. He could live like a king for 48 years. At 67, that’s a bet you take.

  69. loconutz Avatar

    All recorded activities in Guatemala disappeared on here and elsewhere. (Upon Guatemalan demand?)

  70. loconutz Avatar

    Spend some money on a trip to Guatemala City & get your game on in person.

  71. polyploid Avatar

    I have been following this soap opera closely… and none of the Harold M File posts contain any evidence that McAfee would be able to use as leverage to protect himself. They reveal what everyone already knows, in Belize and elsewhere. Life is cheap in most of the world, and where inequality is great so too are mechanisms to steal. I can’t see how this gringo gangland melodrama could be construed as being the basis for political asylum, particularly in a country (Guatemala) dominated by CIA/narco gangland power.

    The question for me in this is not whether McAfee is a victim or merits sympathy, or whether Belize or Gautemala is corrupt (obviously, but this isn’t news) but how these soap opera drip feeds could possibly be construed as ‘evidence’ that anyone in Belize would fear, as opposed to laugh at/and or ignore.

  72. Crystall ball Avatar
    Crystall ball

    Lol at the one post where John said he was saying the Mac book was his and he teased the gaurd! Ot: Does John have any kids ? Or in the process of starting a new financial venture? Maybe he is selling his property and moving someplace safe for his kid…if he has any…yet, just saying …

  73. deb m Avatar
    deb m

    you have watched too many bad hollywood movies. Sad!

  74. Sean Avatar

    Allegedly, it is political. Isn’t this mess supposedly the result of John refusing to make a contribution to a political campaign, and he is now being persecuted at the behest of the politicians requesting said donation?

  75. Pat Avatar

    They are holding him because on his blog he admitted to illegally entering the country without going through customs and what not.

  76. Mike Avatar

    Chad I believe this article has you in Seattle rather than Portland. They keep repeating that he is not considered a suspect even though I remember a statement by the Belize Drug unit that he was….. Either way, this could be resolved quickly and you may have a house guest soon….

  77. Mike Avatar

    JM wants to return to US.
    I am guessing wants to fight corruption in Chicago….,0,1153068.story

  78. jj Avatar

    WOW while reading old news accounts of johns earlier run ins with the GSU trying to frame him. I was suprrzed to see a news story were one of the GSU members referred to johns dogs as his best friends and admitted shooting one of his QUOTE “best friends”after it bit an officers leg. during the raid on his house during the bogus gun raid.

  79. iceesurfer Avatar

    C’mon Dude… A Man is having his life threatened. Not too funny,

  80. iceesurfer Avatar

    You sound like a person who has never faced death, too Glib about it.

  81. iceesurfer Avatar

    He said “He Just Read..” Never said it was true. It’s interesting what the Press does with this story..

  82. jj Avatar

    a US forensics team was sent down to examine the body so Hopefully the belize police cant go and change there story and make it out later to be some other type of bullet like some other bullet other then one that happens to also be the same round issued to the GSU for there MT-9 sub machine guns. I just hope some one from the us team was able to examine any of the dogs heads the GSU dug up at johns house before one of them decides they need to shoot one with there guns that use 9mm luger ammo. to cover there flaw in there frame up. and make it look like the dogs were shot with the same type of ammo. as the neighbor. But none the less the lands and groves on the bullet will show what type of gun it was fired from.

  83. Sean Avatar

    It could have been one of the bodyguards… There have been cases where wives of wealthy men had affairs with bodyguards employed by family and the husband ends up getting whacked by a bodyguard. Sometimes it’s the bodyguards who kidnap family members for ransom… Even taxi drivers kidnap tourists to rob and kill them sometimes in what’s called express kidnapping… I wouldn’t put my faith in anyone except God and myself. The FBI will help investigate if they are not on the ground in Belize already… The FBI has attaché offices around the globe and the group that would handle investigations in Belize is located in San Salvador.

    San Salvador, El Salvador
    American Embassy: 011-503-2278-4444
    Nations covered: Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras

  84. CheeCheeTx Avatar

    I agree TH….I live on a ranch outside Austin, I have 8 dogs…some inside,some outside…they all speak to one another and I am alerted to many comings and goings around my property. It’s just like some one wanted to shut down the alarm on a security system!…And I have been keeping up with the types of guns as well…he didn’t have a 9mm on Ambergris Caye at all…The GSU is a bunch of renegades !!! I think it was a BIG set up, no question about it!

  85. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    Things just disappear, how odd, someone is deleting them, cause i went to other links that are gone.

  86. Sean Avatar

    The average attorney in the U.S. squeezes an average of $15,000 from their client for representation in a State or Federal civil case that goes to trial and that’s on the low end. A Criminal defense can even be more costly. John shouldn’t pay more than $20,000 for representation for a reasonable immigration violation considering he did receive death threats in Belize.

  87. Mark_13 Avatar

    Belize Channel 5
    (November 29,30th):

    No Raid


  88. conrad Avatar

    im a white guy down in east LA… the music bumps.. the helicopters thump… the guns pop… love your story but your as crazy as me…

  89. Sean Avatar

    John is being detained on an immigration violation. America has thousands of people in detainment for the same violation… However, America has many sanctuary cities as well.. The U.S. doesn’t deport Guatemalans to Mexico just because Mexico was the point of entry… John should be granted due process and be deported back to the U.S. eventually.

  90. CheeCheeTx Avatar

    I’m sure not 🙂

  91. Mike Avatar

    Has anyone in the real world interviewed the Harvard researcher? She could possibly corroborate whether JM was joking as the stuffmonger or also possibly whether she saw him take bath salts. Maybe she could also backup some of the other stories. The down side of JM surrounding himself with such characters is they are way less believable than the authorities.

    I recognize that being tied to this train wreck of a situation is probably the last thing she wants…

  92. born and diea belizean Avatar
    born and diea belizean

    mcafee gave a lot to Belize maybe millions but he taught building police station,buying boats for the coast guard and donating to schools would have made him untouchable, he was trying to be a sweetheart to the government…with the new government or minister of police not going to work, so try bribing the Guatemalans, then we will see what he have to say about them and for the US most country is influence by the Americans so sad for Belize….let’s be unique

  93. Zorro Avatar

    Yes, I agree that would be a very reasonable way to proceed. The “questioning” of John that the Belize police want to do absolutely must be observed by a U.S. government person, his legal team and others as appropriate on neutral soil so that no further coercion/threats/etc can take place. When timing is appropriate the US Embassy needs to get in there and support an American and help John navigate out of this mess! – Z

  94. Mark_13 Avatar

    “In order for me to subscribe to this wild illusion I would need to see a stark improvement in JM’s credibility.”

    I was going to point you to a previous blog entry But it has been mysteriously removed. Someone needs to get that back up or maybe explain why its gone.

    In it. McAfee had refuted a press release from the Belize government where they said GSU had *not* just raided his property as McAfee had claimed. But in the blog entry there is a recording of Sam’s father describing the raid, and also McAfee saying he sent his water taxi by the compound at the time of the raid. Well the next day the Belize government amends their previous statement to say that there was a raid, only not by the GSU.

  95. Sean Avatar

    For the record, I’m not the same Sean who started this thread. I don’t want anyone to think I flip flopped on my opinion. I don’t believe John killed his neighbor. Belize hasn’t offered any evidence that John killed his neighbor and that is what’s most important. He’s innocent until proven guilty. Threats were made against John’s life which justifies fleeing the country for safety… John doesn’t need to prove anything at this point other than it’s unsafe for him to return to Belize. He’s done that.

    Corruption is business as usual at all levels of government in all countries… America for example intentionally killed a 16 year old American and his American father in Yemen recently via a premeditated drone strike. The father had lunch at the Pentagon. America kills innocent people all the time by remote control without a judge, jury or any form of due process of law… It’s murder and serious corruption… Not too many people are outraged over murder by executive order…

  96. iceesurfer Avatar

    That is a good point.

  97. iceesurfer Avatar

    thanks for the clarification.. cheers.

  98. Marco Polo Avatar
    Marco Polo

    Many of you speak as though JM should be alotted the rights of any US citizen, however, he is not in the US and not owed such luxuries.

    As a former journalism and history student I can’t overlook the several instances on this blog which make me question his credibility. That’s not even taking into account his checkered past of lying for his own benefit or amusement.

    In order for me to subscribe to this wild illusion I would need to see a stark improvement in JM’s credibility.

  99. Nate Avatar

    Beautifully stated.

    Regarding him being empathetic, I agree with you. Fighting for his friends release at the risk of his own well being, going to the hospital to take care of a gangster that at one point was out to get him, connecting and bonding to the reporters who ultimately painted an ugly picture of him and yet he only has nice things to say. It’s truly disgusting to think how the media has assassinated his character.

  100. Craig Martin Avatar

    Damn, your comment is longer that the Belizean declaration of independence

  101. fendidonna Avatar

    Harold M….Supermac…I take my hat off to you.
    Best wishes for your safety and success.
    Stay strong and happy.

  102. NightChaser Avatar

    ‘writhing in pain, vomiting, and shitting blood’. Been there, done that.

  103. Mark_13 Avatar

    Something else I forgot – most if not all of the above occurred *after* the failed GSU raid on McAfee’s compound in April, which seems very suggestive of continuing fallout from that.

  104. SL Avatar

    John doesn’t drink, but he can have coffee 🙂
    As far as him selling everything in the US, there is a simple enough reason that people who are not wealthy find hard to comprehend. He wanted OUT.
    You can only live in one house at a time. Only drive one car at a time. The rest of the time you pay for the upkeep, maintenance, taxes, etc. And for what? He did what many people do when they get older, simplify their lives.
    He moved to Belize to reduce taxes and, he thought, live out his old age as he wished. His being with the young ladies seems to be a norm in our society for older wealthy men, what throws the press is there were many of them.
    I am getting the sense that Mr. McAfee is empathetic and even after he has stopped being a lover to a woman, he still loves them enough to let them stay. He would rather they stay with him than go back to their old lives.
    Is that really so hard to understand? He had 12 dogs, now sadly only 8, he lived on the property with up to 7 women, yet it is clear his girlfriend is Sam. All the women have their own bungalows. If we took away the sex component, would that make it better?
    By his own admission John McAfee has said he will never settle a lawsuit. he is not going to pay anyone a single dime as a reward for suing him. This is not that far away from him not wanting to pay a bribe (or donation if you want to call it that) just to be able to keep on living.
    People really need to start thinking outside the box, John has lived his whole life outside of it.

  105. David Jensen Avatar
    David Jensen

    John, when are you going to come out with an XBOX / PS3 /PC video game about the Hinterland??

    I see it as a cross between Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider, and Just Cause!! It could be an open world, outrunning Columbian drug lords in boats through the reefs in Belize with Amy and Sam at your side, with you doing all the narration!
    Take MY MONEY NOW!!!!!

  106. Wayne Avatar

    Tonight, I sit here with lots of thoughts deriving from my many years in these kinds of countries.
    Seems to me McAfee just backed the wrong horse, where ” they ” now have him between a rock & a hard place. How many folks who follow this come to conclude that these folks have him where they want him to choose sides – their goal to condemn & bury opposition folks there.
    I wonder if ” they ” whacked this neighbor and now use it as a tool to force McAfee to ” squeal ” on their competition so they can finally delete them from their own goals. What’s in the pot ??? McAfee’s assets are the prize : turn in our oppositon or we’ll take you out.
    Trouble is, if this is the scenario, then McAfee loses either way …. if he DOES go their way, then ” they ” will own the guy from here forward.
    Damned if he does & damned if he doesn’t as I see it. He loses either way .. trouble with living in these places if you have any $$$ and especially if you don’t choose one strong horse and stay there. The ultimate will always be some kind of setup …. sen it many times in multiple places.

  107. Mark_13 Avatar

    (Print this or don’t, mods. Maybe its a little long.)

    I think the files show thus far that McAfee had just cause to maintain armed security, dogs, and so forth to protect himself not only from gang elements, but rogue elements of law enforcement agencies. But even in the U.S rogue cops are commonplace — doesn’t mean there’s high level support of such elements. Individual cops even in the U.S. can exploit their own personal power and fraternal loyalty of only a handful of associates to wreak havoc on the vulnerable. So the following is what I think is still needed to show conclusively high-level governmental persecution of McAfee.

    File 1:

    Really somewhat damning evidence concerning Raiburn leveraging off his connections in the BDF and GSU to possibly carry out a personal vendetta and kill not only McAfee but others living at his compound with a bomb. Raiburn also apparently intends to create more legal trouble for McAfee with those organizations.

    What could still be needed:

    -Independent corroboration by someone who speaks Creole and can attest that he can hear and comprehend those recordings and that the provided translation is correct.

    -Independent corroboration that Raiburn asked McAfee on behalf of Burns for 2 million dollars and then showed up a short time later to ask McAfee for employment, and that 2 weeks after McAfee fired Raiburn, the GSU raid occurred.

    File 2:

    This file does not show anything regarding specifically governmental harassment except the following:

    “Before Marcia was introduced to Mr. McAfee, she was having an affair with a married Coast guard Captain, who I will currently refer to as captain B. Captain B and Mr. K had arranged for a number of meetings between Marcia and some notorious gangsters in Belize City to discuss the unfolding plot to kidnap, and possibly kill, Mr. McAfee.”

    However no evidence is given of this claim. Is it forthcoming?

    File 3:

    The Creole conversation does seem to indicate Kay asking Novello if “The Man” was tapping her phone, (which seems pretty evident to mean McAfee) and then tells her not to worry because “The Man” will be dead soon enough. And McAfee tells us he had been tapping her phone.

    Only governmental connection is that Kay is an employee of the Coast Guard.

    File 4:

    “He could not go to the police, since, as you will later see, police officers were involved in the plot and any report would alert the officers or cause Mr. McAfee’s immediate arrest.”

    So we’re still waiting for evidence of that.

    All of the rest of the players in this file seemed to be gang elements as I recall.

    File 5:

    “An interesting follow up to the Eddie McKoy story is that the Police picked him up shortly after Mr. Faul’s death and applied the age old Third World “persuasion techniques” to convince Eddie to sign pre-prepared documents implicating Mr. McAfee in dozens of crimes.

    This is one of the most damning things presented in the entire blog — presuming that corroboration/evidence for it is forthcoming.

    OK, that’s all I’ve got.

  108. Scott Avatar

    I hope u at least got a chuckle out of this….. 🙂

  109. Scott Avatar

    I go to the Domenican “Gentlemans Club” anually. I also go to Costa Ric “The Beaches” if I were ever under this kinda microscope I would be screwed. Wishing u well John hit me up with your next adventure I got a weeks vacation left dude. No worries all is well relax u will be off “Scott” free soon dude.


  110. Chris Avatar

    I hope you can come back to the USA John McAfee. You are a good man and you are the victim of political persecution due to your refusal to give money to government officials.

  111. Wayne Avatar

    Setup hit you say ??? Seems to me there is no doubt about it ( just my instincts after living in several similar 3rd world places over the yeaars ).
    Hell …. I won’t even rule out U.S. people being involved here also, in one way or another – just with a motive of gain and/or revenge.
    Seems to me it is very clear this whole thing reeks of choreography.

  112. CheeCheeTx Avatar

    OMG! Funny! Wish it was all that easy? huh? Thanks to Harold M. for keeping us all in touch and with the coming information… I’ve emailed most of the contacts provided for John’s release asap …Hoping Sam is doing well through all of this . Harold M. has a guard?? ?Sorry if I missed something previously…

  113. Scott Avatar

    Cause they can’t negoiate a ahemmmmm bribe for any said indisceretions?

  114. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    Do they have good weed there?

  115. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    Thank you for sharing your experiences in Third World countries.

    I always look forward to your posts.

  116. Wayne Avatar

    I have a simple question for the Belize group who present this whole thing as ” he is only a person of interest & is not charged with anything ” : if this is indeed true, then why all the hoopla ?? Just go to Guatemala and simply agree to chat with John there, in the open with appropriate officials, and have all this high profile strangeness be brought to its conclusion ?
    Secondly, I am at a loss as to why a U.S. official isn’t weighing in and offering to sit round table to bring this thing out into the open. The whole situation seems like a setup to me …. I’m betting his assets is the goal here. I wish him all the luck in the world because I doubt if any U.S. official will announce their outrage at all the secrecy going on.

  117. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    I’m talking about compared to John, these people were below him, or should have been. I understand there are people that do the same as others when it comes to a living. I lived the streets, i know what it means to be down & out. I lived the streets most of my life, seen a lot, not saying anything bad about High class or low Class, just saying with John, he should be so open to be a target.

  118. Scott Avatar

    links? you just can”t say crap like that unless you are a troll? Put up or shut up please…

  119. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    While our soldiers are over in Afghan, there’s problems in other places, i think they should let people carry a weapon to protect themselves from the assholes there. Now i know where to go, if i want to go hunting.

  120. loose cannon Avatar

    An les na forget da drugs, mon!

  121. Scott Avatar

    Hey Nate again tyvm for more insight believe me I don’t have any blinders on. I am just having a very hard time believing John sold everything in the USA for a fraction of the price. He is an extremely inteligent man don’t get me wrong but he is far from a saint. I think this does boil down to bribes and being stubborn…….I think transferring his assetts could have been a suggestion from a lawyer for a worst case scenerio. by doing so he now has his eggs in one basket controled by corruption. He should have moved. but look at the media portrayal 20 year old girlfriend, bath salts, guns dogs etc I can see past that but others only believe what they read………..good luck John! hope I can fly over one day and have a beer with you.

  122. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    With what i read on here, why does people even go there on vacation? It might be beautiful there, but there’s a lot of conspiracy there.

  123. Susan Avatar

    Hello, Please tell John that Sue really enjoyed your comment on suicide, the “aiding and abetting” one! I will pray for him and wish him the best possible outcome. But tell him too, “twenty-somethings”??? John, come on….

  124. Wayne Avatar

    Crossing a border to seek protection from an assumed ally is normal, it seems to me. The folks in Guatemala need to get a pair and do some things correctly for a change – rather than ride the fence as an opportunist. An American, simply by that, needs to be sheltered from sharks & alligators in order to have any kind of good relationship with the U.S.
    I’d like to see them grant McAfee sanctuary then appease the Belize groupies by having them come to Guatemala to ” question ” senor John … while at least one Guatemalan official attended the question period ( in addition to someone from the U.S. gov’t. as well ). THEN – and only then – if there IS reason to process John formally, consider whether or not to extradite the guy.
    These people playing ” control ” games of an American is unacceptable. I hope John gets through this manipulation game being played down there.

  125. Scott Avatar

    Larukanpai answered this for me tyvm 🙂 see above.

  126. loose cannon Avatar

    I saw that yesterday. Isn’t it great?!!

  127. TH Avatar

    Just to add a thought. If everything John states is true, he doesn’t currently possess a 9mm. His 9mm was taken in the raid in Orange Walk and never returned. The dogs were shot with a 38 and a shotgun. The shotgun was used when the 38 ran out of ammo and the dogs were still alive. As a frequent visitor to San Pedro, it is common knowledge the GSU and Police carry 9 mms. It is also interesting the dogs were poisoned prior to the murder. When you think about it if someone is out to kill you, the first warning would be barking dogs. It sure seems like the dogs were poisoned to prevent someone from being alerted. This smells of a fouled up GSU hit !

  128. SMH Avatar

    Remember , your day to die is your day to die so never ever fear death .Fate and divine will determine your appointed day to die .Do not compromise principals . Fear is the mind killer. When people act in fear they hurt others .
    Don’t fear the reaper.

  129. Nate Avatar

    Actually, the lawsuit that many think he was running from is not directly aimed at him. As stated by John, he is one of 35 defendants in a shotgun style lawsuit case. In fact, there is a counter lawsuit against the gentleman who died with John’s nephew. This lawsuit is ongoing and not the smoking gun for the reason why John went to Belize. Apparently John has many lawsuits against him which is standard procedure for being wealthy. He stated that he fights every one and doesn’t give settlement. This stubborn stance could in fact be the nail sticking out that many want to hammer. Perhaps he has ended up where he is due to not standing down and compromising. In hind sight, I wonder if he wishes that he would have just paid off the local Orange Walk politician with some worked out amount of money. Regarding him being a target, simply being a Rich Gringo outside of the tourist zone would suffice.

  130. Pat Avatar

    I just read that John was assassinated in Guatamala.

  131. RA Avatar

    It’s a mistake to flash your wealth anywhere.

  132. conne Avatar

    This is a troll

  133. Larissa Avatar

    Why haven’t we heard from John? All of a sudden the communications have stopped! Should will be worried?!?!

  134. Scott Avatar

    thanks for the fyi much appreciated I am learning more by the minute 🙂 I guess we will never know the absolute truth.

  135. Scott Avatar

    Nate I could not agree more perhaps the truth lies in the middle somewhere I guess we will never know the actually truth but I do hope things work out for John. i am merely playing devils advocate and asking questions there seem to be so many to ask……..peace 🙂

  136. Larukanpai Avatar

    Menitioned above, but repeated here…

    John stated that his 9mm weapons were confiscated by the authorities in a raid PRIOR to Mr. Faull’s death.

    He says he shot the dogs with a different caliber revolver and a shotgun because they were writhing in pain, vomiting, and shitting blood from the posioning.

    John has not stated that his neightbor had anything to do with the posioning.

  137. lovel Avatar

    I once crossed the guatelmalan border illegally from bz for a trip to Tikal. We didn’t get into troubles until crossing the border back. Car was searched and we had a machine gun over our heads.

  138. Nate Avatar

    I suppose you could be right regarding the case essentially being sealed, though it was publicly stated by the police that the stolen laptop and phone has no bearing on the case. Also, if the police had sure fire evidence of John being implicated, I am sure that they would sing it to the world. The fact that there hasn’t been a warrant issued, with no public statements regarding the outcome of the autopsy and ballistic tests, precisely because the world is watching, seems strange. This tells me that they have no concrete evidence and subsequently they aren’t following other possible leads, at least in their public statements. This to me is odd. It’s as if the pressure to have McAfee for questioning is an issue of set up. Of course I am reaching here and I am no criminal investigator, it just seems odd.

  139. Scott Avatar

    another thought…..okay so maybe John is not a saint but by liquidating his porfolio in the USA and transferring the money to Belize he was seen as a target. I personally think he was securing his assett’s with lawsuits prevelant. I also think his net worth is far more then 4 million again the law suit and unable to collect in Belize. That doesn’t make him a murderer but it sure makes him a huge target for bribes. Truth be known I would love my own fiftom where I could do naked yoga have a boat load of chicks and perhaps experiment in mind altering experiences. The problem is very simple when you get over your head you pack up fly out and find another tax evasive country to live in that is where I am having a hard time grasping this. Your in a country as a mega millionaire and things go south why not move John?

  140. Larukanpai Avatar

    John stated that his 9mm weapons were confiscated by the authorities in a raid PRIOR to Mr. Faull’s death.

    He says he shot the dogs with a different caliber revolver and a shotgun because they were writhing in pain, vomiting, and shitting blood from the posioning.

    John has not stated that his neightbor had anything to do with the posioning.

  141. s.p Avatar

    I remember accomanying a belizean who worked on my property to vote. I just went for the walk. Outside, the PUP was handing out $1,000 to get people to vote for their party. This practice is common knowledge. The Country is a MESS!!

  142. Scott Avatar

    Hey Nate I see this in a different light……if they release info on the case then they show their hand. IMO they are keeping the cards tight to the chest and not saying a word. I am leaning towards the bullets in the dogs matching the one put into Greg so why investigate further? Tthis is an extremely high profile case with the world watching. You don’t think they know if they screw this up they will have some serious reperrcussions from within and abroad? I can only see one of two things happening either they “insist” upon his return or he is no longer considered a person of interest from political pressure. Understand this though Greg was an America no matter which way this falls there will be serious reperrcussions for John and everyone else involved you don’t just get to “Walk away” from this.

  143. Sharleen Avatar

    Crazy Larry you say:
    “McAfee apparently was a nice guy, and didn’t stay away from lower class people?. These gangs they talk about, how did he get involved?”
    LOWER CLASS PEOPLE? are you talking about people who grew up poor in a third world country? Having lived in two third world countries for decades, some of the people that I have met have more wisdom and more integrity than I have ever met in my entire life. Sometimes, when you actually live long term in the Caribbean or Central America, meeting up and getting to know ‘gang members’ is unevitable, that’s just the way it is. Some of them are actually quite reputable in their respective neighborhoods, they pay for kids school uniforms, pay their school fees, make sure elderly poor have enough food.
    I know absolutely nothing, ‘nadda ting’ about what goes on in Belize. I have been checking it out though, because of how easy it is to get a vehicle in, how easy it is to bring your dog in.
    But for many years I have lived in an absolutely corrupt and crazy paradise turquoise sea, crystal clear water, palm trees, incredible mountainous land. I have seen some horrible things happen to Americans, Canadians, Italians, Germans, just to name a few nationalities, not to mention the horrid things that have happened to those born there.
    To me, it sounds like Mr. McAfee’s enemies there sent some ‘goon’ in to kill him, and that goon killed the wrong white man. Because (just saying) if McAfee, in a rage about his poisoned dogs, went next door to kill his neighbor, for sure he would have cleaned up and disappeared the body. And after his experience with the po-po in Orange Walk, he didn’t want to duplicate that horrendous experience.
    One thing I have learned, as a person born in the US (UK mom, US dad), is that, for the most part, we actually have rights here. One thing I have learned, as a person living (not right now) but for long periods of time in two third world countries, is that, and sometimes especially to a foreigner and also to the poor people, is that “you have NO rights.”
    I live in a really remote area of the Caribbean, the gun laws are exceptionally strict, so my main weapon has to be ant spray, and an unarmed night guard. Only the police and the criminals have weapons, high powered weapons too. I have had to be very polite and nice to some powerful (reputed) gang leaders, they will then point me out to the lower level criminals and say “nah bodda she”.
    I am very glad that the other arrested people have been freed. They have families and children to feed. Crossing a border illegally is definitely a bad thing to do.
    I don’t think that any harm will come to Mr. McAfee if he is deported to Belize, not with all of this publicity, the country couldn’t risk it, not at this point. I’m sure he won’t be treated royaly for sure… after all, Belize is a major tourist destination and tourism rules in many of these corrupt Caribbean and Central American countries.
    To you who might be trying to listen to Creole tapes, remember, it is just a shortened version of the English speaking pattern. After listening / transcribing for a while, you will get to understand it.
    To whoever runs this website, you are a good friend to Mr. McAfee. Whenever confronted with being in a third world prison, a third world hospital is a better option. Once upon a time a good friend was totally set up, “one bullet” (not even a gun) was found on his property, a once long ago sugar cane owners estate. “one bullet” totally set up by the government and the police. He was sent to a rancid prison and somehow (probably through a bribe/payoff) was allowed to go into the hospital instead (as a mental patient). Now this person was so totally innocent and totally set up – the government wanted his huge estate, huge land sprawl, unbelievable house built way back, mahogany walls, a view to die for…
    Heart attacks as well as seizures in third world countries work best. At least in a hospital you won’t get rancid food.
    If worst comes to worst and he does get deported to Belize, there is no evidence, at least it seems like there is none – if best comes to best and he is able to get to the US, he could always go through the entire “fiance visa” business if he needs his young lady.
    Good luck to all of you. p.s. sorry, very sorry, the property looks amazingly beautiful, very remote, it must be very very hard to think of not being able to live there. Living in a remote area though, as wonderful as it can be, is that if you live on the beach, too many people can have access to your business / your home, like being able to walk right by. I am a great advocate of ocean front property on cliffs of the Caribbean and Central America. You can blast areas for stairs with a swimming pool ladder into the sea. Nobody can walk by your place. You can keep a boat right in your area, but have to move it if there is a hurricane warning.
    I am so sorry for what they did you your dog Tiger, he looks like a dog I had when I was in grade / middle school “Sandy” he knew each and every day exactly when I got off of the school bus at 3:05 and would be right at the bottom of my one mile driveway to greet me.
    Where I live, they also poison dogs, they also hack (machete) people to death. And the police also kill long time hard working born in that parish people for nothing. “Mikey Hill” ..
    Good luck, I think you will be okay in the end, after a good amount of trials and tribulations. During enduring amounts of stress make sure you drink adequate amounts of water, also… you know how to get your heart rate down, it seems you were in India for a time at some point in your life.
    Also, how to get your heart rate up, might be important.

  144. s.p Avatar

    Yes. “Maybe” go to Belize to fish or dive. But NOT to live. Take it from someone who lived in San Pedro for 4 yrs. The place is corrupt and crime ridden beyond explanation. Americans, (unless they are complete alcoholics or have NO place to go) never ever stay. Its impossible. Unless of course they have jumped on the SCAM wagon and are getting rich somehow. Mostly real esate agents swindling, or Americans who have connections with the GOB and accuire free land. A very common thing in Belize.

  145. Scott Avatar

    A question please……in the pics of John he is seen with a hand gun tucked in his pants, can anyone positively identify it? John has gone on record saying he does not even own a 9mm hand gun. funny thing is he put down 4 of his dogs with a hand gun and buried them on his estate. I sincerely hope those bullets do not match the one that killed Greg.

  146. Scott Avatar

    However both did mention complaints from this neighbor correct? My point is very simple if the bullet used to kill Greg matches that of the four dogs put down then John is in a heap of trouble especially since he has gone on record saying he doesn’t even own a 9mm.

  147. Nate Avatar

    Here are some interesting facts regarding the dead neighbor Faull’s police investigation.
    First no autopsy reports on Faull have yet to be released. Two, the police are saying that the stolen laptop and phone have very little bearing on the case. No transparency or focus on leads that should be integral to a case of this nature. To overlook leads towards robbery or something else tied to Faull which could lead the the agenda of murder seems odd.
    It’s as if Belize officials simply want a fall guy.

  148. Anonymous Avatar

    Unfortunately when you are rich and living in the Third World — especially Belize — you need to have bodyguards/security guards. Those people are often times former gangsters or have connections with them.

    Not only that but protection in those countries means you MUST deal with gangsters, police (some crooked), government officials (likely to be crooked) and the community in order to minimize being robbed, sued or killed.

    You can’t just move there, especially to the mainland of Belize, without guards, etc, and expect to be safe.

    Bribery, blackmail, threats and extortion are a way of life in these countries. I live in a Third World country and know that Mr. McAfee’s story is EXACTLY the way things go down here, and they get a lot worse when you are flashy and think you can change the corrupt system (having young women coming over all the time, building a police station but refusing to give the government extortion money, etc).

    He needs to get back to the US any way he can and cut his losses. It’s too bad that the government or local gangsters will take away his property while he’s gone.

    The moral of the story is don’t go to the Third World if you are rich and famous…especially not to Belize (and NOT to mainland Belize!).

    I’m not rich but even I wouldn’t go there. I’ve read too many stories of expats getting robbed at gunpoint by teenagers armed with assault rifles in Belize.

  149. Jay Avatar

    What happened to the press conference?
    Why did the guys go home, when the final chapters have yet to unfold?
    Why not find a safe way to answer the police questions, if innocent?
    How much of this is real & what are the motivations?
    Boy, is the movie ever going to be good.

  150. loconutz Avatar

    He never claimed that the neighbor, Mr. Gregory Faull, poisoned them.

  151. lanikino Avatar

    one in the same was a give away by the last comment in the Belize corruption file 1, post….

  152. Ron Avatar

    We are attempting to find the link to a transcript of a five minute spanish language “narrated” press conference, by JM yesterday evening. One poster watched the clip on guatemala TV,, but later could not find the video ,,,

  153. Jay Avatar

    The “facts” are so muddy. Some reports are true, some are fake, some are falsified on purpose, some are called pranks. There is much speculation.
    As Loose Cannon posted earlier, from a leGal stand point, JM is leaving a lot to be desired, if he wishes to distance himself from the murder.

    There are a Lot of possibilities for Mr. faull’s murderer certainly. It would seem that just living near JM put neighbors iN proximity of criminal elements. It is possible that Faull was mistaken for JM. It is possible that he was killed to frame JM. He could have simply stumbled on a stranger creeping in the dark with evil motives.
    However, JM still has not proven his alibi – in Sam’s bungalow on the property – which might seem most logical if trying to prove ones innocence. Not much time or effort has been spent at all.
    In fact, much effort has been spent, it would seem, on trying to re-direct suspicion, thought & attention toward distractions. One might surmise that smoke screens and other semi plausible directions, could distract from the point. A good idea if you are trying to dispel suspicion.
    The ‘save Belize from corruption’ angle is noble. But would defending your innocence not be a priority for one who IS innocent?
    I’m not convicted that JM committed murder, but I’m willing to bet that somehow his lifestyle, acquaintances or whatever he’d gotten himself deep into lately, spiraled out of control – from the addictive adrenalin high of philanthropic adventurer to in over my head in a culture that has a different set of norms than home. And a drug fueled fog can seperate us from rational reality quick.
    A good lie just needs to be plausible enough, to cast reasonable doubt. JM seems to have thrown enough loose threads & scenarios out to appear as though he thinks this will distract from the original question, which really is, where were you when the murder took place & can it be corroborated ??

  154. sysop Avatar

    Also, the motive is almost always money… so most common people don’t have to worry about this when traveling, except for maybe a local cop looking for a few extra bucks. But when you flaunt your wealth you will most certainly be targeted for extortion, no matter where you are, including the US.

  155. loconutz Avatar

    Seems to me Guatemala would be interested in what info Mr. Mcafee has on Belize. Expect them to treat him well.

  156. sysop Avatar

    Why does it have to be a massive “political” conspiracy? It is, no doubt, a “massive conspiracy”. And, this is business as usual in 3rd world countries.

  157. Scott Avatar

    I have been going through a lot of websites on this plight and from what I understand John shot four of his dogs because he thought the neighbor had poisoned them. If true I hope for John’s sake that the bullets used to down the dogs do not match the murder victim.

  158. Matt Avatar

    Hilarious! I like the embellishments they added, like the landmines and barbed wire near your home.

  159. sysop Avatar

    iceesurfer, simply look at the number of murders per capita in Belize. It really is as bad as has been outlined. It’s not just corruption in the government… it’s corruption in the people and some of those people make it to government.
    BTW: not all people in Belize are bad… there is just a higher percentage of bad people in the population than developed nations. This ALL falls back on poverty and survival instincts.

  160. s.p Avatar

    I agree. I too spent many years in Belize before I departed. The corruption and crime has made an impossible place to live. Would love to go back.

  161. Sean Avatar

    I did not comment on John’s innocence or guilt in regards to the murder. What I commented on was the lack of evidence supporting John’s claims of a massive political conspiracy. So far, none of this stuff has been very significant.

  162. sysop Avatar

    Have you people read anything on this blog? He is in an immigration detention center in Guatemala awaiting a judicial decision on his deportation. He is not free to move about the country and the press conference did not occur.

  163. sysop Avatar

    People put too much faith in their embassy.
    An embassy can only make friendly requests of their host country and they will never interfere with the local criminal justice system unless there are clear human rights violations.

  164. conne Avatar

    This is what CNN reported last night at the time the press conference was supposed to happen. They said that John’s lawyer contacted them.

  165. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins

    John, who fed your dogs normally and who fed them that specific day they got I’ll?

  166. Leisa Avatar

    I don’t know about God being good, but his sense of humor is warped! Don’t go to fla. John come to Michigan and huddle up in my cabin in the woods!

  167. Danman Avatar

    Much has been made about the lack of “charges” by the police of Belize against John. Remember, the majority of the press accounts are just repeating each other’s stories. In a sensational case like John’s, this creates a lot of noise when one is looking for real information. Now one has to read through hundreds of pages of research results to find a few true journalists who actually follow up on leads and hunt down resources. By the time they publish, their story is out of date and so is ignored by the big names in media and so gets missed by the general public.

    Reading responses here and searching online it has become clear the GSU have concluded that John is guilty of Mr. Faul’s murder. They probably do not issue a warrant for his arrest because it would provide John a legal basis to fight extradition based on a defense of the great probability he would not get a fair trial and he would be mistreated. John would win that, so Belize will not issue an arrest warrant until John is returned to Belize.

    There are many verified reports of prisoners in the custody of the GSU being shot while escaping or committing suicide even though they are handcuffed. They do not care how well known you are, they are protected by the courts, the laws, and the government of Belize.

    I believe it is clear John is great at winning over enemies to his side by talking. He needs to understand it will not work here. The Guatemalan government is nearly as corrupt as the Belizian government and there are high level connections between the two. The majority of those in Belize, especially on Ambergris Caye, want him to leave.

    John needs to accept he cannot win everyone over. I know he considers Belize his home but it is obvious Belize does not want him and he is not a citizen. So no matter what dirt he has on the government the only way he will be able to go back is if he is ready to call a jail cell or a grave his new home. Guatemala does not want him. Rather than fight, use his 30 days to arrange to go to a country that will accept him or return to the US. Supposedly he is to be released from custody early next week. If there is still no official arrest warrant for him and he is just waiting for the Guatemalan courts to rule on his appeal for asylum they should not mind if he left to visit the US. His lawyer can handle the legal matters.

  168. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    True hIs Belizian lawyer have good contacts, also is really crooked, before he let mcaffe go, he will make sure que gets every penny he can out of him. (John’s girlfriend can help, since she is the niece of his lawyer)
    By the way the ex president Alfonso Portillo, still in prison.
    Yes mcafee will get out, but all the judges and people involved in this case, will make sure to squeeze as much as they can.
    And they don’t want peanuts they want real dough.

  169. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    I wish i could afford to go there, i’d get some answers. B)

  170. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    Harold, Do you visit John? Keep us up to date on John himself.

  171. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    I can see why he would want to live there, it’s a nice place. However, you got to know their laws, and respect them. I know for myself, i hung around the wrong people, but didn’t know it till it was to late. Someone like McAfee should have stayed to himself, people got to know him, and his Money. When your rich, there isn’t many you can trust. However, John McAfee apparently was a nice guy, and didn’t stay away from lower class people?. These gangs they talk about, how did he get involved? Gangs are usally for drugs or Weapons. When you put yourself in this mess, you better make sure you have a lot higher ups, to be there for you. Right now, John is finding out who his friends are, and sometimes it comes with a lot of hard knocks. The way i read it, there’s some serious people there, with serious attitudes. Not good if you are alone in it. Maybe have his Bodyguards investigate, and maybe find out who pulled the trigger?

  172. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    Perhaps his legal team is shutting him down for now, until they get further along in the appeal process. They may be in a control situation and information for the time being while he is in detention. I have a hunch or hope , that He will be out soon and will have free voice
    My friends who live in Guatemala tell me that his lawyer is the best in the land for these delicate issues. It might depend on what his lawyers relationship is to the current Presidente’s and the Powers that Be in both Belize and Guatemala . I think the political climate has changed since his lawyer was the Attorney General or represented the ex-Presidente for his past misbehavior.
    It must be disconcerting for McAfee without his computer appendage , and cell phone …he hasn’t been without them 24/7 for a decade or more.
    Hopefully, McAfee is resting comfortably in his new digs watching the drama unfold, drinking lots of water and taking deep yoga breaths. I’m beginning to think he is going to pull this off, (but sometimes “think” too much )

  173. Gaby Avatar

    Mark-13, Thank you for asking the same
    questions that I have. I hope there are some answers soon.

  174. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    The whole picture is about his rights, why are they holding him, if he isn’t charged? What he might of, or might not of done isn’t the issue right now, his rights are being violated, and no charges are brought up. If they are treating him well in there, maybe they are protecting him? It doesn’t matter who killed who, till the facts are there, and i see no facts, so John McAfee doesn’t have to defend himself.

  175. volcati Avatar

    Sorry, my daughter accidently hit submit. I don’t have any solutions. I trust you guys know what you’re doing and all I do is sit here and watch.

    Hang in there.

  176. volcati Avatar

    Belize is a bit like Casablanca in the 1940’s. Impossible to not come across shady characters. Frankly, he would of been much more safe in the USA than Belize.

    I understand his money is all but gone? Though, a hundred grand would be like a million in Belize. He needs to start paying someone the money and get on out of town. Problem is, he’s brought way too much attention to himself. So that likely will not happen.

  177. Mark_13 Avatar

    No Sean, it actually illustrates a lot if you actually read it. Among many other observations I could make, it illustrates that John was tolerant even with people he knew were trying to kill and rob him, in fact made peace with them. Why would he go to a neighbor two doors down and shoot him in the back of the head because he might have complained about his dogs.

  178. iceesurfer Avatar

    anonymous… Is it really as bad in BZ Corruption-Wise as has been outlined in this Blog….? Does that only apply to “People of Means”, or all people….? Just Curious… Horrendous stuff, and I have seen quite a bit in my life…

  179. Sean Avatar

    This “evidence” simply illustrates that John surrounded himself with lots of strange characters on the fringes of society who may or may not have been hatching some half-baked schemes to rob him. Unless you have any real evidence that can link them to anyone of importance, this is all meaningless in the context of a political conspiracy against John.

  180. iceesurfer Avatar

    If anyone at the above contact email addresses are able to click a mouse – then they are reading this too. This Blog is quite informative to say the least.

    What JM (and apparently a Great Amount of Concerned Citizens) need is a way for Our Man to be able to Fairly and Safely state his case regarding Faull’s Death.. None of the other charges mean a whole lot., obviously.

    GUA, BZ, Let JM Speak for Himself..>!!!! The TRUTH must be Told….

  181. Ron Avatar

    A search of for JM came up with zilch. Are there any other channels?

  182. Mark_13 Avatar

    “While we are in a lull, remember that John is sitting in a Guatemalan prison awaiting extradition back to Belize. Your emails helped release his freinds. How about doing the same for him. If Belize no longer insists on his return, then the Guatemalan Government will let himcome home. Here are the addresses”

    You people need to come on her and explain:

    A) Where McAfee is currently being held.
    You say above he is in a “Guatemalan prison”. Is this not the relatively benign detention center he was first taken to, where he could blog from? You need to inform us under what conditions he is currently being held.

    B) What is the legal aspects of Belize’s current claim on McAfee? You say that ” If Belize no longer insists on his return, then the Guatemalan Government will let him come home”. But we have all been told that Belize hasn’t charged him with anything or even issued an arrest warrant. What happened to that? On what basis can Belize insist on his return?

    C) You say cryptically that if Belize no longer wants him that Mr. McAfee can “go home”. What is that about? Why are you being vague like that? Do you mean the U.S? Why not say that? McAfee had said repeatedly he considered Belize his home. What will happen to all his assets down there?

    This may seem a lot to ask, but why isn’t this blog the source for all the most current and *ACCURATE* information on John’s status? Do you expect us to sift through news reports that he has repeatedly maligned? At any rate, you said here yesterday he was supposed to have a news conference that never happened. Who’s running the ship here? Can’t we get updates from knowledgeable and informed people (attorneys etc.)

  183. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    Thank you for all your help with shedding light on this situation for John. He is in a position where he needs a voice and hands to work for him to save his life and you are there for him. Thank you for all your work. And john, Hang in there. You will be free soon.

  184. RA Avatar

    Belize was stolen from Guatemala by the British. Belize was given it’s independance by the British. Guatemala wants Belize Back.

  185. anonymous Avatar

    I am originally from Belize and can transcribe the Creole for you. I despise the cesspool of corruption that my birth country has become and am grateful and glad that it’s now in the international domain. Some of us just really want that cesspool to be cleaned up so we can go back home. You have my email. Let me know if you need help.

  186. Living in Belize Avatar
    Living in Belize

    Until now you have only proven that John was surrounding himself with lots of women and criminals, and that John violated the privacy of friends and employees by tapping phones and using spyware without their knowledge.

    E.g. “d man wa dead soon” doesn’t mean anything without context. Maybe John was driving reckless or taking too many drugs, and Marcia Novello had mentioned this to Manndy Koy and added that he will kill himself with this behavior.

    If you want to help John, you have to come up with a solid waterproof story. You have to lay out first the big picture and go then to the details. Only then yo can add audio files, pictures and screen shots as proof. With those little drops you are boring readers and John will loose their support.

  187. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    I was looking over the area there, beautiful place. can’t believe such a nice place has such F-UP laws!

  188. Bruce Avatar

    I wonder if my grandfather helped cause a lot of these problems when he was working for DIA in Central America in the 60’s. Sorry if my family was partly responsible for the massive corruption in Central America, especially Ecuador, Guatemala, and Belize. 🙁

  189. Movit Avatar

    …so what became of the supposed press conference yesterday? Anyone find a clip or transcript of that? Kinda weird as I’d expect JM woulda wanted to be all over the news here and in the MSM but nothing.. just crickets (cheep cheep, cheep cheep)… And the post on that supposed press conference is not up anymore. huh?

  190. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    What is the Country John is in, and the Embassy?

  191. Hicks Avatar

    I’m concerned we havnt had any word from John himself.. Is anyone in contact with him? Fair enough if he doesn’t har Internet access but he should be allowed to make a phone call..

  192. Craig Leeds Avatar
    Craig Leeds

    B O L L O C K S . . . ! ! !

  193. brobriobri Avatar

    You’re doing a very good job, Harold M. I am following this quite frequently, but not real closely, so your posts are timely enough, and are making quite a bit of sense. Thanks for taking on the task!

  194. richie b Avatar
    richie b

    lets get a little squad of professional hitmen and do a seal team six move on you john bring you home to the u.s.a

  195. loose cannon Avatar

    Yes, HM, an excellent job. John should be thankful that they don’t imprison people for stupidity. Sorry, it just slipped out.

  196. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    No hurry here, just how much time does John have. Is any of these posts going to hurt John?

  197. loose cannon Avatar

    Thank God. I need a break to assimilate. I knew all of it, but the Eddie/Swan link kinda threw me. An early Christmas. John McAfee, the gift that keeps on giving!

  198. alittleparanoia Avatar

    Thanks Harold M for the great job you are doing…

  199. On Air Beat Avatar

    Will be patient looking to see all there is I have calls in to U S Advisors we will get John free soon