File Post 4

By: Harold M

Mr. McAfee finally confronted Marcia on July 27th and demaded to know the truth.  When she was presented with undeniable evidence she confessed to everything.  John considered his options, which were limited.  He could not go to the police, since, as you will later see,  police officers were involved in the plot and any report would alert the officers or cause Mr. McAfee’s immediate arrest.  He chose to attempt to meet with Eric and James Swan and present them with the evidence that he had collected, and then see what played out.  As luck would have it, Chad Essley was in Belize with john at the time and he witnessed many of the events that I will reveal.  (He even drew cartoons of some of them).

John chose notorious ganster Eddie McKoy as a go between to try to arrange a meeting with the Swans.  More than a year previously, Eddie had been hired by someone to kill Mr. McAfee (yes, it gets stranger) and during an epic meeting at a coffee shop in San Pedro Between Mr. McAfee and Mr. McKoy, Eddie decided to drop his contract with the man who hired him.  (This story is coming very soon.  The meeting is well known in San Pedro and was witnessed by dozens of people, including the entire coffe shop staff, Eddie Ancona, and three police officers, one of whom was Sgt. Dominguez, a well respected officer and, at the time, third in comand of the San Pedro Police Department.)

John and Eddie, in the intervening year, developed a cautious, mistrustful acquaintance.  (Mr. McAfee apparently forgave Eddie to the point that on October 21st, when Eddie was attacked by a gangster in Dangriga who attempted to kill him with a sledgehammer, Mr. McAfee sent his Orange Walk property manager – Noel Codd – to Dangriga to have him driven to Belize City for hospitalization.)

Since Mr. McAfee knew of no other avenue, he asked Eddie to arrange the meeting with Mr. Swan.  Swan eventually agreed and the meeting was held at the Bluewater Grill in San Pedro on August 3rd.

This meeting also was witnessed by dozens of people – Amy Chawla, Amy Herbert (Mr. McAfee’s past girlfriend), Chad Essley, Amy’s new boyfreind, John’s bodyguard, Eddie Ancona (who was just released from Jail yesterday – thank you all) and uncountable armed gansters in the background that Swan had arranged as protection.

In the meeting Mr. McAfee again convinced his opponent to personally back off.  Swan said, however, “They will still get you”.

After the meeting, Mr. McAfee had a long talk with Marcia.  In the end, John forgave her and Marcia remained with him.  “Everyone makes mistakes” he said.

In the next file post I will disclose the involvement of Captain B and Mr. Koy and open the door to the larger story.

Here is the drawing Chad Essley did of the meeting.  It is Mr. McAfee and Eric Swan. Early into the meeting Mr. McAfee asked James Swan to go to another table.  He was agitated.

While we are in a lull, remember that John is sitting in a Guatemalan prison awaiting extradition back to Belize.  Your emails helped release his friends.  How about doing the same for him.  If Belize no longer insists on his return, then the Guatemalan Government will let himcome home.  Here are the addresses, bot of the Guatemalan President, and Belize

In addition Venezuela has a huge sway over affairs in Cemtral America:

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  1. matt Avatar

    i think it’s funny how Greg Fuall computer and iphone were missing and the only pic’s I found of him were just of him and no one eles one of theese pic’s was a florida mug shot and then a saw a few comment’s about domestic violence on other website’s

  2. Lee Daniels Avatar
    Lee Daniels

    No, Connie. VERY annoyed at myself for not noticing, TEN big genius points to you for your powers of observation. OH, I could kick myself, but prefer to be grateful to @Connie for giving us all a bit of schooling. Thank you

  3. Connie Avatar

    You can see the look of disdain in the picture of Eddie. Funny, Marcia has the same look. Not a very happy group. Angry is the word I would use to describe it.

  4. Debbie Avatar

    “McAfee returns to Guatemalan detention center after hospital ……mcafee…/in... -United States –An attorney says John McAfee had a nervous breakdown, but no heart problems”

  5. Erik Grad Avatar

    There is more than one kind of tachycardia. John likely has sinus tachycardia, which (usually) is easily controllable with beta blockers, no need to stay in hospital.

  6. John McAfee is not that smart Avatar
    John McAfee is not that smart

    This is all gonna turn into a really good book or movie.

    Anyway, As I said… John McAfee thought he could handle mixing with trash while he was dumpster diving and now he’s pleading for his life.

    I’m from Rhode Island. We have an area in Rhode Island where shady people like this live. Its called South Providence. Shady people. They glorify guns, are uneducated, and go around talking about killing people and some of those goons go through with what they say they are gonna do. John McAfee got mixed in with these same type of uneducated goons while living in Belize. He probrably found it exciting, but now he’s sitting in a Guatemalan jail cell awaiting extradition back to Belize.

    1 of these goons probrably killed his neighbor and poisoned his dogs.

  7. Mike Avatar

    I had a minor operation and am recuperating while bed-bound. This is quite entertaining, but I have to admit hard to follow.

    FYI, the stuffmonger posts are quite damning; they are not a joke, IMHO…. And they explain the eyes looking at him for hours on end…. I hope no permanent damage was done to him.

  8. Chris Avatar

    Mr. McAfee’s life is definitely more interesting than mine.

  9. loose cannon Avatar

    And his other brother, Jason. That’s two down & a few hundred to go. Wow, great odds. :O)
    Stay safe…

  10. Chad Essley Avatar

    An older cartoon I signed today.
    Notice it is in pencil. The rest of the drawing is in ink. -Chad

  11. conne Avatar

    did anybody notice the date on the cartoon besides me????

  12. Steven Avatar

    I hope you get out of this mess John and I sincerely wish you well, but I have to say “If you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas”. Surrounding yourself with the hookers, pimps and gang members as you do has lead to your downfall. Surely you can see that! It seems to me that your penchant for young girls has lead to all of this. It’s a tale as old as time – American ‘retires’ to a third world country to live out his years as the big man in town, and having sex with underage or barely legal girls or boys. One day, they are found murdered. You were clearly aware of what goes on in Belize so the file stating you were ‘unaware of the environment’ is just not true – if it were, you wouldn’t have walked around with rifles and bodyguards. The fact that you had them shows you KNEW it was a very dangerous place and yet you continued to engage in all of the same activities and allow even girls that threatened your life to continue to live with you. I know for a fact you are beyond intelligent enough to understand that. I sincerely wish you well and hope you are able to return to safety. I also hope that you have learned from this and can then makes some changes in your life to live out your remaining life in peace. Without those changes, I fear for you. Very best, Steven – Toronto

  13. Don Avatar

    I thought this was all craziness till I saw the cartoon. Who could argue with such incotrovertible evidence?

  14. JJones Avatar

    I witnessed what almost certainly was a kidnapping attempt in Kirkland, WA near where Bill Gates lives ( between his house and his kid’s kindergarten ) in 2006 or so .. so this crap happens everywhere.. just much more-so in places like Belize – and much more intense.

  15. ac Avatar

    its really ridiculous but sadly he is dragging the innocent Belizean People with his false accusation about how we live if he wanted to involve his life with gangster it is his problem, but don’t try to involve our people and country of Belize with your nonsense JOHN MCAFEE

  16. StuffMongerFan Avatar

    The story is complicated, and frankly, boring enough. By presenting it in non-chronological order you just make it impossible to understand. It’s ridiculous.

  17. f0rTyLeGz Avatar

    I lived in Jamaica for 15 years. It is an art form separating expats from their money. And if you are very rich many people are spending every waking moment working on doing just that.

  18. RA Avatar

    good cartoon, Chad, I can see the RCrumb influence (crosshatch and all).

  19. Nate Avatar

    What constitutes being a victim: An unfortunate person who suffers from some adverse circumstance.
    A person who is tricked or swindled. I would argue that McAfee was a victim. Why? Because he was not
    familiar enough with the environment to understand the outcome of his choices. Sure, it appears that he mixed business and pleasure based on how he framed his livelihood in a volatile impoverished region and yet dangling plump fruit wasn’t set before him without motives. From what I can see, John has been falling back with rearguard maneuvers and recording his battles as he sought to get to high ground, unfortunately they didn’t let up. There is an old saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer….something that he apparently followed with focus. Can someone who is ignorant of their environment be considered a victim? This is a fundamental question. To say that he wasn’t ignorant to his surroundings would then force a new set of psychological memes to attach to John McAfee. Careless and self destructive. Would such a person record every give and take, every threat and continually position himself to get out of harm’s way?
    Anyhow, that is my personal opinion on this. Perhaps he is guilty of not being iron clad tight in his decisions, but who in this world is the perfect machine.

  20. DiademS Avatar

    Best story I’ve read in a long time John, Thank you and Good wishes…

  21. Sean Avatar

    Someone should start one of those Whitehouse petitions for McAfee… 25,000 signatures lands the petition on the president’s desk which he may read when he returns from his multi-million dollar Hawaiian vacation during these dire economic times. I’m sure if McAfee agrees to “donate” some “documentation” to the DNC, they might just make him the guest of honor at the next $1,000,000 party of the who’s who of the most corrupt… Think about coming home to “Amerika” and best of luck John.

  22. Craig Leeds Avatar
    Craig Leeds

    And 9/11 was orchestrated by the government. Don’t believe this bullshit. You all need to stop smoking weed and think!!!

  23. loose cannon Avatar

    What?!? Did you read the topic? LOL I’m worried about my own heart after reading all of this. Keep it coming. I can take it. I think. lol

  24. alittleparanoia Avatar

    @loose cannon. there comes a time in life where you have to decide if you want to write history and become a legend or cry and run like most of us. most of us will not be remembered…

  25. loose cannon Avatar

    Hey, at least you don’t have to worry about James Swan. Somebody already murdered him!

  26. loose cannon Avatar

    BTW, great cartoon, Chad! Still having a nervous breakdown over here. He used Eddie to talk to the Swan’s. Excellent plan. Crips & Bloods! Gee, any of them looking for a girlfriend?! Omg

  27. loose cannon Avatar

    This is where you completely lose me. Living on the edge is one thing, but you have got to admit that your lifestyle, namely you, brought this all down on yourself. There really is no good excuse for any of this & you cannot blame anyone but yourself, not the corruption, not the liars & cheaters, no one but you. The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over & over, expecting different results. No matter how many of these girls tried to kill you (Amy One), have you killed (Marcia), I’m losing count, you continued to invite them in, have sex with them, & allow them to live with you. Yes, the corruption is rampant, the government & police are involved, but you put yourself right smack dab in the middle of it all. How much adrenaline does it take to make you stop? How closer to death do you have to be??? And you planned on moving back there? Really? It sounds like everyone has a reason or knows someone who does, for wanting you dead, so I’d scratch that plan. I’ll bet your attorneys have you tied down & gagged, so you won’t say anything else. Sorry, I am just freaked out. Can you not understand why the other reporters thought that your behavior was a little crazy? I mean, they were even scared. Don’t mean to offend. All I can say is OH MY GOD! I’ve calmed down now, almost. You just better hope that they’re not gunning for you in Guatemala, but odds are pretty high that they are. You’ve made a lot of powerful & dangerous people very angry, & I’m just talking about the gangsters.

  28. Johnny Avatar

    It appears John fainted from low blood-flow in his brain caused by Tachicardia, or racing heart up to 160 beats per minute, where heart chambers to do not have time to fill with blood before they pump, resulting in low blood-flow. His heart resumed it’s normal 75 beats per minute, or he would not have regained consciousness before his brain started dying.

    Causes are stress, over-work, or heat and can re-occur without warning so John should relax and stay cool to reduce the chances of a reoccurance. Drugs that can assist the heart to re-boot itself back to normal beat are available but unreliable. Best treatment is immediate hospital care.

  29. getrealeh Avatar

    whodathunk ya can’t trust pimps, hookers or gang bangers?

  30. DB Avatar

    Simply incredible, and damn scarey! John was brilliant in documenting all these events.

  31. Deslie Avatar

    nice job John! what are mainstream media going to say now? keep safe!

  32. rumsrite Avatar

    Lol @ chad even drew cartoons of them.

  33. P&J Avatar

    Hanging with you brotha! Feeling powerless.

  34. oldybutgoodie Avatar

    Forgave her???? WTH?

  35. P&J Avatar

    Hanging with you. Feeling powerless.

  36. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    I got my Rambo clothes ready!

  37. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    John has to watch his back, Girls are the worst! Girls will stab you in the back, for ten dollars!

  38. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    When it comes to Money, you can’t believe anyone, and this is what sucks!

  39. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    John should have gotten out of there, along time ago!

  40. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    WOW! It’s a mess.