File Post 6 – Government Corruption

By: Harold M

In order to understand Mr. McAfee’s actions regarding the Coast Guard, the Police and the GSU, you will first have to understand his perspective. I want to take a break from the events happening directly to Mr. McAfee, to the larger issue of Government corruption in Belize:

Mr. McAfee has consistently been ridiculed in the press because he insists that the Government is lying and that they may kill him if he is apprehended. Keep in mind that Mr. McAfee has created this blog, the sole purpose of which is to expose corruption within the Belizean Government and has posted more than 60 posts laying out his beliefs. In addition, the blog is highly successful and has created enormous PR problems for the Government. 70% of all employees in Belize depend on tourism for their salaries, so public perception is key to the survival of the economy. If the Government of Belize was perceived in the public eye to be corrupt as a result of this blog, and if in fact the Government is corrupt, then it would not be unexpected for them to punish Mr. McAfee severely for this huge offense.

We should first ask whether the Government would tell a lie about Mr. McAfee. When he tells the press that the Government does lie about him, he is ridiculed.

I would like to provide one key example out of many, in which the Government has lied about what it is doing in regards to Mr. McAfee:

On November 29th, the Police raided Mr. McAfee’s property in San Pedro. Fifteen heavily armed officers, some wearing the traditional GSU black uniform with face masks, broke in, spent two hours searching the 11 buildings on his site, took over a half million dollars worth of property and lefrt. While they were there, they locked up and terrorized the housekeeper, and threatened Samantha’s father with torture. When Mr. McAfee reported the raid here on this blog, the government denied any involvement. This is Channel Five’s report:

“Both the police press officer and the head of the GSU say that there was no search at McAfee’s property and that in fact, the unit was not even in San Pedro today.”

Here is the link to the Channel 5 report:

Normally in Belize, this is where it would end. Mr. McAfee, however had arranged witnesses to the event (17 American tourists in one of his boats) and, in spite of the usual “If you talk we will kill you” threats that the GSU uses, Samantha’s father, Nestor, talked on the phone with Chad and told his story:

The following day, the Government changed its story:

“News Five has since received confirmation from the Government that a raid was in fact carried out at McAfee’s property”

Here is the news report:

So certainly, the Government has lied about its activities regarding Mr. McAfee. There are many more incidences, equally as astonishing, that we will be revealing.

The next question is: Is the Government of Belize Corrupt?

Freedomhouse has this to say:

Government corruption remains a serious problem. Belize is the only country in Central America that is not a party to the UN Convention against Corruption.


Journalists or others who question the financial disclosures of government officials may face up to three years in prison or up to US$2,500 in fines.


Defendants can remain in pretrial detention for years amid a heavy case backlog; about one-fifth of the country’s detainees are awaiting trial.


In September, the government brokered a truce among rival gangs in response to complaints made by residents and alleged gang members of police brutality by the Gang Suppression Unit. Extrajudicial killings (State sanctions murders) and the use of excessive force remain concerns.


Belize was added to the U.S. list of “major” drug producing and transit countries in 2011 because of large numbers of drugs and weapons seized along its border with Mexico and weak anticorruption measures. According to the International Center for Prison Studies, Belize has the world’s 9th-highest prisoner-to-public ratio, with about 439 inmates per 100,000 inhabitants. Prisons do not meet minimum international standards.


Belize is a source, transit, and destination country for women and children trafficked for prostitution and forced labor. The majority of trafficked women are from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. The trafficking of workers from South Asia and China for forced labor has also been uncovered in recent years.


You can view the report from Freedomhouse here:


In addition to the Freedomhouse Study, Transparency International, the international organization that champions honesty and shames countries for being dishonest, Ranks Belize near the bottom. On a scale where ten is clean and zero is considered 100% corrupt, Belize is given a score of 2. Channel Five broadcast the report:


Finally, The Heritage Organization, which closely monitors corruption within Governments said:

Corruption is rampant within Belize


So it seems that without any additional documentation from Mr. McAfee, Belize is clearly a corrupt country.

But would The Government of Belize kill someone who is a problem for the Government?

Extrajudicial (State Sanctioned) killings were listed by Freedomhouse, above, as one of the problems in Belize. The following news reports from just a few months ago demonstrate how they are carried out:

The Police’s explained that while transporting Arthur Young (a man only wanted for questiong) in the back of a Police pickup truck, he attempted to take away a Police Officer’s weapon. He did this while he was handcuffed (hands behind his back) and even though he was guarded by multiple armed officers. Police say that during the struggle, the gun went off and Young was shot fatally.

As an indication that the police routinely carry out state sanctioned murders, The Commissioner of Police, David Henderson, was asked whether or not the killing was state sanctioned:

Jules Vasquez
“Is this a state-sponsored execution?”

David Henderson
“I will not speculate.”

If state-sponsored murder was never happening, the Commissioner would not have to “speculate”.  He would simply say – “Of course not.”

You can read the full interview here:

Clearly, State sponsored murders do happen.

Now, in spite of these overwhelming facts – The Government lies about it is Doing to Mr. McAfee, it is obviously corrupt and it obviously murders people who are in the way – the press still responds incredulous when Mr. McAfee says “I have seriously pissed them off with my blog and my speaking out against them. I think they may kill me”.

Which one is crazy: The press, or Mr. McAfee?

Any rationaal human would believe the same as Mr. McAfee. In a Country where you can be sent to prison for questioning a Ministers finances, what do you think the Government would do to someone who published a blog such as this?

Remember, John is sitting in a Guatemalan prison awaiting extradition back to Belize.  Your emails helped release his friends.  How about doing the same for him.  If Belize no longer insists on his return, then the Guatemalan Government will let himcome home.  Here are the addresses, bot of the Guatemalan President, and Belize

In addition Venezuela has a huge sway over affairs in Central America:

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  1. Jaqueline F Avatar
    Jaqueline F

    It is our point of reference in how we conduct our actions often changes our viewpoint. Sometimes this change is good and sometimes this alteration is bad but it is our viewpoint that influences over what we see.

  2. dmtspice Avatar

    After you crack down on government corruption in Beliz, can you take a stab at the bigger problem of government corruption in the good ol’ US of A?

  3. factchecker Avatar

    I meant to say “there is stronger evidence in favor of John and against the Belizean corruption than this one sentence”…

  4. factchecker Avatar

    Be careful about interpreting this sentence: “I learned about the killing of the dogs on a Friday.” — To my ears (I’m not a native English speaker!) This could mean both:
    (a) “I learned on a Friday about the killing of the dogs”
    as well as
    (b) “I learned about the killing of the dogs having happened on a Friday”.
    — There is strong evidence in favor of John and against the Belizean corruption than this one sentence with a double meaning….

  5. SL Avatar

    Actually if Jeff Wise is telling the truth…. That is a leap of faith right there.
    It is well known and well documented that Jeff Wise has contempt for John McAfee. He does not report about him objectively and every chance he gets, he tries to ridicule him.
    Who do you think has made the biggest noise about bath salts and the young women?

  6. Paul Bear Avatar

    Actually, Harold, if Jeff Wise is telling the truth in a recent article I read, then the Belize government IS pointing fingers, because he said that a police officer from Belize sent him a note saying they thought Jeff might be interested that a murder had occurred, and that McAfee was their “prime suspect”… exact words Jeff uses in recent article. Thought you should know.

  7. Nate Avatar

    Here’s some interesting information. Yesterday, in Jeff Wise’s hit piece on John in the New York Times, Jeff writes:
    “when I received a curt e-mail from a police official in Belize on Nov. 11, “It may interest you to know that there was a murder yesterday in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye and McAfee is the prime suspect.”

    So, the Belize police were contacting the media, knowing exactly who to reach out to immediately after the murder preparing the press with the narrative of John as prime suspect and murderer. This has set up painted all over it.

  8. lanikino Avatar

    since your comment appears under mine….

    I fully realize the state of this blog and the owners RIGHT to do whatever he wants, as I have spoken to it earlier in a comment specific to loose_cannon further up on this page and with personal support for john.

    So please, before you assume anything….

    The suggestion is, if possible, to only close comments on posts that are intended to be taken down anyway. That way comments, perspectives, links and history do not disappear.

    It forces comments to the next “open” post.
    It was a suggestion and a suggestion only, as I read through frustrations of owners/moderators and posters here. Hell, he might not want to. Or can.

  9. Brandon Avatar

    Regardless of when the authorities found out, why on earth would John report the poisonings to the authorities (let the authorities handle the situation) and then immediately afterwards murder Mr. Faull (deal with the situation on his own). If he intended to deal with the situation himself he would not have had Mr. Mulligan file the report on Saturday. That would obviously set up a motive that would place him as the prime suspect. Just doesn’t make sense.

  10. ron Avatar

    If your own freedom (maybe forever) was on the line, YOU would control the narrative completely. One of my peeves is that netizens seem to think private blogs are public message centers, and that they have the “right” to put anything on them. No, they don’t! JM will cull this forum in order to present a reasonable picture of the chain of events, journaled by himself, with the insight of the readers/posters. That’s what I would expect. Meanwhile, he should shed quite a few more posts that make navigation of this material difficult, and that include a few of my OWN posts, some made from the perspective of the clown that lives in me.

  11. Nate Avatar

    My prior comment responding to this doesn’t quite make enough sense. Basically this is very good evidence . For the mayor to get access to this information, it could only come from either knowing who killed the dogs, or through some inside operative close to John. Of course, I don’t know whether John went around and spoke to neighbors asking about the issue, which would have ended up on the grape vine, or if this was hush hush. This is the lynch pin regarding whether foul play by the local authorities.

  12. Nate Avatar

    This is smoking evidence of foul play.
    Either the local politicians had a mole amongst John’s entourage and friends, or the government knew about the dogs being poisoned which leads to further incrimination. Either scenario is damning for the Belize authorities. The paranoia meme attached to John continues to dissolve away in the face of further facts.

  13. anonymous Avatar

    The US government cannot be calling in favors every time some drunk spring breaker gets into trouble in a foreign country somewhere. If so, their official “influence” would be severly diluted. They need to use their “favors” for national policy issues. They are not citizen babysitters. Travel warnings are published on the net for everyone to read.

  14. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    John did not report the killing to the police on Friday. A report was filed by Mr. Mulligan late in that day on Saturday.

  15. Name ... Avatar
    Name …


    So moving some woman you just met (I don’t want to say hooker cause that might be considered rude) into your house is careful? How many people here can tell stories about 3 murder attempts by two separate women in a short period of time. Some of the posters around here are seriously lacking in critical thinking skills.

    By your definition I would say very few of us posting here are “careful”.

  16. Bad Dog Avatar

    John called the police on Friday to report that his dogs had been poisoned. It’s in the blog somewhere. Doubtful that the mayor killed Mr. Faull.

  17. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Thank you for the info. We were all was completey unaware of it.

  18. loconutz Avatar

    Is there a template petition or ‘stock letters’ available for people to cut-paste-send, if they wish? Imagine the content of the emails now being sent to the addresses you provide. Also, how many individual visitors do you get? or any such stats that reflect the amount of attention on this?

  19. waverider77 Avatar

    both ride the gravy train……….they have an end game

  20. Mike Avatar

    In European countries like Britain and Ireland, you can obtain additional citizenship by birth-right. You do not lose your U.S. citizenship unless you renounce it and that is for tax purposes.

  21. james Avatar

    I was considering to retire in Belize but not after hearing about what really goes there, perhaps John Mcafee should run for Prime Minister of Belize in the next election making wiping out corruption his election platform,the only people who should run a country are the ones that don,t want the job.

  22. godot Avatar

    Wow, Brandon! I see your point. It looks like you solved the murder!

    I’m trying to give Mayor Guererro the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it’s a cultural thing. Maybe the politicians in Belize have instructed their staff to inform them immediately upon the death of any dog in their jurisdiction. But, because of the way they treat dogs in Belize, that doesn’t seem likely.

    If I understand what you are saying, you are saying that in this old interview from November 15, Mayor Guererro let it slip that he was informed that the dogs were killed immediately after they were killed, and before Gregory Faull’s death:

    Daniel Guererro: “I learned about the killing of the dogs on a Friday.”

    Jose Sanchez: “And it was the following day though that Mister Faull was found dead?”

    Daniel Guererro: “Yes, it’s true.”

    It seems unlikely that no important official would be interested in a few dogs’ deaths EXCEPT as the dogs’ deaths relate to Gregory Faull’s murder. Yet the mayor was aware of the dogs’ deaths BEFORE Mr. Faull’s murder. That would seem to indicate that the mayor had some special reason to be interested in the state of John’s dogs. The mayor, himself, connects the dogs to Mr. Faull’s murder. But the mayor was already paying attention to the dogs BEFORE there was a murder.

    That seems pretty incriminating.

  23. godot Avatar

    Who do you think did it, dumbass??? You have as much information about it as John does.

  24. loose cannon Avatar

    Hell, that’d be nice. I missed the whole thing, including the pre-conference questions & whatever else, while desperately trying to catch up on work. I give up. Maybe I wasn’t meant to know. Maybe I should give up my life for you, John. (don’t delete, just humor… kinda)

  25. matt Avatar

    I have been to this country and i believe the story in this case. Do to experiences of my own. He has EVERY RIGHT TO BE WORRIED.

  26. lanikino Avatar

    Suggestion? Understand about not keeping the posts up that announce news conferences and such.
    Can’t you just post these ones with comments closed so they can be taken down or archived and comments don’t disappear with the post?
    Might make it a bit less frustrating all the way around.

  27. Increasingly Puzzled Avatar
    Increasingly Puzzled

    Harold, it is possible that you do not know the answer to this question, in which case speculation is pointless, but I would like to try and understand…

    Given all these files that Mr McAffee has prepared covering the corruption in Belize and given the accounts of what has happened to him just this year alone, why did he remain in the country? I do appreciate that he has made commitments to Belize in the form of materials and equipment, donations and support… but when he learned that people were plotting to kill him, surely it would have been wise to make alternate plans? Do you have a take on that please?

    Also… FYI… I am not sure what has caused the change, but just in case it is something that has happened at your end with the blog engine, over the last couple of days the blog has stopped rendering properly on my iPad. Other sites *seem* to work OK, but this one chunks the pages into large rectangular sections like a block puzzle, then swaps them around…

  28. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    I’ll pass this on. Thanks.

  29. loose cannon Avatar

    How DO you know? Because if you don’t know him personally, I’d say that you can’t really judge a man’s qualifications. Please let’s not start crucifying Obama. It’s neither the time nor the place.

  30. iceesurfer Avatar

    Yeah, and if Said Policeman is on Crack and Kills you…. Effectively you disappear.. If you are ever found, a bribe will clear the killer., and then well I can see how the ‘Shitstem’ you mention works. For the Murder at least. Good Luck in Mex.

  31. loose cannon Avatar

    Thanks for that. Greatly appreciated.

  32. loose cannon Avatar

    What a nightmare. It’s like a combination of the FBI, CIA, DEA, & the NSA, with a little local police thrown in for good measure.

  33. Zorro Avatar

    There is sense in leaving ALL of this blog’s posts and comments intact. This is a historical story in the making. Respect all the nuances of John’s story. I’m sure John would agree with the importance of truthfulness and total transparency on the WhoIsMcAfee blog which has become a direct news source for many people around the world who are carefully following this story. Just ask him. Thanks. – Z

  34. loose cannon Avatar

    Ever hear of the Khmer Rouge?

  35. iceesurfer Avatar

    It is not really “about” You Folks. Part of the Utility of this Blog is to help JM get his word out and communicate back and forth. Probably best if We forget about ourselves and our Egos in this matter. I would imagine that posts that may anger the BZ “authorities” further appear it does not help JM’s Cause. His attainment of Freedom.

    Random anonymous people posting as if this is a Craigslist forum are insensitive at best. Completely Narcisstic at worst.

    Let us Use This Tool in the manner that Its’ Owner sees fit. If something disappears it is for a reason.

    Take a Breath. Imagine how it feels to have your Freedom Taken from you as a Very Independent and Intelligent Individual. Must Suck.. Requires massive amounts of Inner Strength to get through each Day. All this trolling is completely insensitive. Go do this on a News Site where it does not really matter.

    This Blog is meant to be informative, but is not really a News Source. It is a Tool, as well.

    It is working. And is real close to making the end of this chaper come sooner.

    Good Luck, once again., Fellow Emotional Warrior.

  36. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Comments disappear when posts disappear. There is no sense in leaving “Press conference” posts up after the press conference is over, for example. Also, many of us here are new to blogging and we make technical mistakes. We’re doing the best we can. Give Francois a day and he will figure out the video for the conference. We’ve never done a non-Youtube video before on the blog. It’s not easy. I’ll bear with the comments if you guys will bear with the technical/new-user problems.

  37. Zorro Avatar

    Harold, thank you for all of the hard work and long hours that you are putting in for your friend John. But you are missing our point about appropriate blogging protocol. Posts and comments should never be deleted if you are trying to project an image of truthfulness and transparency. This openness and candor on John’s part is part of his appeal and seems authentic even to someone who finds some of his lifestyle choices questionable. Please don’t lose valuable ground in the transparency arena by continuing to delete posts and comments. You are confusing your readers and frustrating John’s supporters. I hope you can get some rest soon. – Z

  38. iceesurfer Avatar

    With all due respect, it was explained above or in another post. Women of young age have 2 options.. Gangsters or White men of means who may or may not take good care of them. At least there is a chance., Evidenced by Sam;s Father who was obviously very loyal to JM, as he defied a threatening order to remain silent to warn John. If he was resentful of JM being “with” His Daughter that is a funny way to show it.

  39. Caron Rifici Avatar
    Caron Rifici


    If you find this post inappropriate please just ignore. No harm, No foul. If you need to edit because of personal information, feel free….

    @loose cannon-Honestly, I don’t think anyone is asking you to lay down, roll over or blindly accept anything. And I think you are taking this a bit too personally. What I see through your postings are seemingly constant demands for proof to your questions as if John owes *you* some kind of personal explanation. In my book, he owes no one an explanation, except perhaps, lawyers who represent him. You are not one of them. I am not one of them, either.
    You say, ”…& believe everything a man says, a man that none of us (except the rare few) have ever met.”
    I fail to see how you can accurately make that statement even if I do think you meant it in relation to the thousands of individual posts here. However, what I have read (sometimes between the lines) is there are more than a “rare few” posting here who know or knew John at one time or another.
    On a side note: John was a client of ours when he lived in Colorado. My observation was that he was not some weird and eccentric “recluse”, just particular about who he chose to do associate/do business with. And particular about parting with information he considered private. I remember asking once about the size of his house. His deadpan reply was something along the lines of, somewhere between 2000 &20,000 sq. ft., he really didn’t know. It made me laugh because it was a very polite way of saying “nonya” (none of your business). I could go on with stories about this and that, what happened when or what was said here and there, but it isn’t really necessary. I only know what I know…..
    I found John to be thoughtful, sincere, kind, warm, always smiling, calm, confident, a generous and gracious host, witty, intelligent, always respectful, and one of the most articulate and intense people I ever had the pleasure of doing business with and talking to. My son worked for a contractor of John’s one summer. He has the same to say about his association with John.
    John was adamant about not doing drugs, drinking and not smoking any more than an occasional cigar.
    His odd collection of rescued dogs were as delightful and as personalitied as their owner.
    What I see from the news clips and press conferences is exactly how I remember my association with John; calm, confident, witty, extremely articulate and always respectful. All things considered, he looks and sounds far better than I expected under the circumstances, and certainly not that of a paranoid, drug crazed, maniac.
    Some of the comments on this blog are extremely disheartening. Disagreeing is one thing. Asking questions is one thing. Disrespect and rudeness is another. And quite frankly, I am surprised some of the comments were approved at all. It is always the blog owner’s prerogative what to post, archive, approve or outright delete. Period.
    *steps off soapbox*
    John, you sound great but the dark hair has just gotta go. You look far better as a blond.

  40. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Comments disappear when posts disappear. There is no sense in leaving “Press conference” posts up after the press conference is over, for example. Also, many of us here are new to blogging and we make technical mistakes. We’re doing the best we can. Give Francois a day and he will figure out the video for the conference. We’ve never done a non-Youtube video before on the blog. It’s not easy. I’ll bear with the comments if you guys will bear with the technical/new-user problems.

  41. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Comments disappear when posts disappear. There is no sense in leaving “Press conference” posts up after the press conference is over, for example. Also, many of us here are new to blogging and we make technical mistakes. We’re doing the best we can. Give Francois a day and he will figure out the video for the conference. We’ve never done a non-Youtube video before on the blog. It’s not easy. I’ll bear with the comments if you guys will bear with the technical/new-user problems. Deal?

  42. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Why does John have to figure it out? It’s not his job. he hasn’t been charged. He’s wanted for questioning. Maybe they want to question him about your whereabouts on that night. We don’t know. Nobody knows. That’s the problem here. You are pointing fingers at John. the government is not. We are not. Only you and a few others. Since you are pointing so hard maybe you should explain to us why you didn’t do it? Guilty people always point fingers at others.Maybe the three of you did it together. It sounds ridiculous? Well this is how ridiculous you sound.

  43. iceesurfer Avatar

    He’s not his neighbot anymore for 2 reasons.

  44. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    There are 350,000 people in Belize. Any one of them could have done it. Plus the tourists. If you are in Belize, you could have done it. Do you have an alibi? I would like to hear it.

  45. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    All handguns are registered in Belize. And Mr. McAfee does have a license for the .38. They are perfectly legal.

  46. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Comments disappear when posts disappear. There is no sense in leaving “Press conference” posts up after the press conference is over, for example. Also, many of us here are new to blogging and we make technical mistakes. We’re doing the best we can. Give Francois a day and he will figure out the video for the conference. We’ve never done a non-Youtube video before on the blog. It’s not easy. I’ll bear with the comments if you guys will bear with the technical/new-user problems. Deal?

  47. fisicist Avatar

    To “Clarity of Thought”: you are a toad-twit moron for asserting “corruption is a good thing” and “I have never been pulled without just cause (in Mexico).” Period.

  48. Nate Avatar

    I agree. Corruption grows when power isn’t challenged to conform to the rule of law. When there isn’t anything to apply checks and balances, you end up with generational corruption that ultimately poisons the entire landscape and implodes the infrastructure. Belize is Haiti in slow motion, its similar to seeing ocean waves slowly crumble a sand castle. Hopefully John’s plight has a silver lining, which is the reversal of this devastating trend.

  49. Brandon Avatar

    One of my previous posts were deleted so this is a repost. Mayor Guererro was quoted as saying that he found out that McAfee’s dogs were killed on Friday. How could he possibly have known that when he claims to have found out about the murder on Sunday? How could he have possibly known so soon?

  50. Bev Avatar

    I watched most of the press conference before I was cut off. I came back here to finish it only to find all references to it wiped out except one small link in the right corner. I clicked that only to find “this video has now been made private by the owner.” I have to tell you, there is a great deal of frustration with the deletion of entire topics and threads. I understand the need to control the narrative, but with the ever changing and re-written script, there will soon be no narration needed because there will be no audience. I’m surprised you guys haven’t grasped the importance of not breaching the trust of those who read and respond. After all, these are the people who have written letters of support and who keep pushing to get the word out.

  51. Johnny Avatar

    Belize Police should release some information in the ballistics report comparing the slugs that killed Faull and John’s 4 dogs, and other evidence they can make public without compromising their investigation.

    Mcafee’s alabi is he shot his dogs with a .38 handgun and shotgun,and one day later was with Sam on the rainy, windy night Faull was killed. He made a mistake saying this because the maximum handgun size in Belize is .35, or 9mm, so a .38 handgun could not have been registered.

  52. What if John is lying? Avatar
    What if John is lying?

    He’s saying he did not do and is bashing the Belizean government as “corrupt” … OK JOHN…THEN WHO DO YOU THINK DID IT?

  53. What if John is lying? Avatar
    What if John is lying?

    John needs to figure out WHO KILLED GREG FAULL and stop making this the JOHN McAfee show

  54. G. Avatar

    Seems lik eit did pop up later…or at least it’s awaiting moderation, which is fine, but I totally 100% agree with godot.

  55. G. Avatar

    Totally Agree. i posted my own version of this, a little less polite than yours and it seems to have just been disappeared. WTF…?

  56. Brandon Avatar

    Here is another article from 2004 detailing how that same officer (Kevin “cowboy” Alvarez carried out a hit on a San Pedro fisherman.

  57. G. Avatar

    What is it with the links to live videos but then they are taken down immediately after?
    Also a couple of posts have disappeared after they were up for like minutes.
    Can you guys get it together and once you post something leave it up?
    The post where John asked for help for himself lasted a few hours. i guess because only 8 people had commented so it got removed?
    Now there are apparently two live videos from Guatemala but they have been “removed from the owner?”
    I appreciate John is in trouble, but using the world as his own personal media tool without the benfit of including us in at least the overts manouvers he is making (if not the covert ones) if pretty counter-productive from a grassroots movement perspective.
    Please manage the information flow in a more transparent/honest/professional manner, since it’s someone other than John doing it you presumably can do a bit better than a man who was on the run for a month!!!

  58. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    John, I know you are a man of resources. But if you get back to the states and find yourself in need of anything and are in the Memphis area you hollar at me. Need anything from a cigarette to a place to stay a while. You have people willing to help you everywhere and just letting you know I am one of them. God Speed Brotha.

  59. the jake Avatar
    the jake


  60. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Really sorry. Short fuse. Been that way forever. I’ll cool it down.

  61. Paul Bear Avatar

    Harold M. IS John

  62. Chris Avatar

    Corruption is bad because you don’t have to be breaking the law for the police to accuse you of breaking the law and fine you. What costs you $5-10 USD to get out of on the streets of Mexico costs the likes of John McAfee $5-10 million USD everywhere he goes. Corruption is bad. Period. 🙂

  63. Brandon Avatar

    Here is another example of a police officer carrying out a hit on a businessman and then getting away with it. These stories are endless.

  64. Movit Avatar

    If you had looked at any of my previous comments you would see that I am an adamant supporter of John. But want more people to make a stand for him an Belize/corruption and I see a lot of folks making their minds up without enough data to do so adequately. I merely ask for more info so that instead of just me, loose cannon, and the others that have emailed/contacted otherwise those in the Belize gov’t and media, more people will join forces and speak out. John has asked for more hard questions, tonight he alluded to that while he was on Alex Jones. I have seen the trolling, and it’s a pain, I saw it especially tonight on the press conf streaming page. Shameful.

  65. Gaby Avatar

    1. Actually, John has asked for the hard questions on several interviews. He wants to clear his name, his crediblity, that is the only way to achieve that. He could have stayed slient about all these aspects of his life but he chose to share them so it has opened up a can of worms. 2. Everyone here hides behind some clever pseudo so we don’t know if his friends are posting or just a supporter who has never made his acquaintance. 3; It is obvious that he has a network of people who are supporting him from behind the scenes. He is fortunate to have you Chad and the others.. 4. Just because someone is asking questions that may be difficult to answer or piss you off does not mean he is a troll. We all have the questions but are afraid to ask as we might be banned. John’s crediblity is the most important aspect of this whole blog. He is leading a very important cause, first for himself, then for the country of Belize. He has to be believable as the press has already destroyed him in so many ways that the average person who only reads the mainstream news or even non mainstream news for that matter thinks he is either guilty of the murder, and/or is “bonker”s…

    Many of us have been following this blog since the beginning. We have written letters to release friends, letters for John. I for one even posted on the Facebook Page of the president of Guatamala -one FB friend that I never thought I would have. Today I got an email from the Government of Belize, in Spanish, thanking me for my mail. Why, I don’t know as it was not exactly flattering. 5. I have been watching and reading the news everyday and have never seen a video of Sam supporting John. I had no idea where she was nor what had happened to the Vice reporters until you commented on it earlier.

    So, perhaps a bit of patience is in order here even if you have alot of work to do and some comments, including mine might irritate you. If people are asking the same questions again and again and it is stated in a previous post, just ignore it. Someone else here will point them in the right direction. Please do not scare away the only hope that John has in getting back to the US and out of Guatamala by berating those who have tough but well thought out quesitons.. I urge you to listen to the suggestions and when you ready, please answer these hard questions. It will keep the momentum going, the people reading and following and when needed the letters of support pouring in. Thank you for allowing me to say this.

  66. Cowgirlinthesand Avatar


  67. Paul Bear Avatar

    When is WHO going to speak for them? Are you talking to John or to me (because your reply came under my comment line). I would, and do, speak out for any underdog I know of (if you knew me, you’d know), whom I think is being used/abused/disenfranchised by the powerful, the elite, the despotic whether in a government or otherwise.
    I wasn’t blindly accepting everything John says, BTW, or attacking beliefs that I’m aware of., I was commenting on the fact that at least John’s evidence of a murderously dangerous environment for him is pretty clear (regardless of other questions I don’t claim to have an answer to). I experienced same type corruption and oppression and fear in Syria in 2010, myself, and predicted the uprising before any happened. I also lived in Belize as a little boy. But I keep hearing news anchors act as if the Belize authorities SURELY are tame and innocuous… that sort of willful ignorance is the source of my comment.

    It is funny, though, I suspected at one time that “loose cannon” was being used as one of the cloak handles for John… still not sure when, or if it is John… or if it is he that causes posts/comments to vanish…

  68. Chris Avatar

    Julian Assange has NOT been charged with a crime in Sweden. He too is only wanted for questioning into alleged sexual misconduct. I think that they should allow Assange to go to Ecuador. Corruption is so bad everywhere in this world.

  69. Clarity of Thought Avatar
    Clarity of Thought

    This blog won’t keep JM alive. If there is a need to cover-up ANYTHING that could or would implicate someone in a murder, then a simple order from a source of finance will be all it will take to put an end to all this. Corruption has its roots in the history of finance.Follow the money and you will find the truth that you seek. BTW a little corruption is not a bad thing. I live in Mexico and if I get pulled over I am able to offer to take care of it at the curb. No lost days of work to go to court. No attorney and no history of the event. A much better system in my opinion. And I have never been pulled without just cause. So on some levels we need a little “corruption” . I pray that the family of the murdered ex marine can find the killers and find some closure.

  70. Chris Avatar

    Nice interview from detention, by the way. It really shows that you are level headed and thinking clearly, unlike how Belize described you. I hope you don’t return to Belize. I have no doubts that your life would be in danger. It would be better for you to return to the USA.

  71. OperationRedPill Avatar

    John, is it true that you uncovered Stuxnet and its implications on the Iranian energy sector?
    Do you think there might be any connection with the current conspiracy against you and that discovery, if true?

  72. Zorro Avatar

    I’m a supporter of John and would like to see him return to the USA. However, I agree with godot’s concerns about the deleted posts on this blog. I’m not sure if it is a technical problem or not but you should not be deleting historical comments.

    Please re-post up the posts and comments that were deleted. Also, please post up the videos of John’s statement and press conference from earlier today. A written Q&A document of the press conference would also be helpful for people new to this blog. Thank you! – Z

  73. Gaby Avatar

    Story in the Belize Times about Sheryl Vidal and her husband Marc Vidal.

  74. another old timer Avatar
    another old timer

    Beware The Trolls are out tonight.

  75. Paul Anderson Avatar
    Paul Anderson

    Also, what’s up with whole topics – like the topic that appeared to promote the “Q&A” – completely disappearing along with their comments?

    This has happened a lot, and I’m not aware of any commercial blog software that loses posts (and comments) with the frequency that this blog has.

  76. godot Avatar

    John, Harold M, Chad, et al.,

    John’s potential freedom is dependent to some extent on the goodwill of people participating in this blog. You have appealed to us repeatedly to take action for John or his friends, and we have done so.

    To some extent, we perceive our participation in this effort as being rewarded by participating in what we perceive to be an historic event. The implied warranty is that our participation herein is being logged, and will be preserved for the future — when the “Run, John, Run” movie is made, or when future historians look back to study the first time a person seeking sanctuary from political abuse was saved by the communication power of the internet.

    Every time you play “fast-and-loose” with the blog by deleting large portions of it, instead of archiving them, or secretly deleting entries from the archives, you destroy a little more of our trust and goodwill. Not to mention that it is precisely these kinds of abuse of power which you are asking us to join John in rallying against. How much more destruction of our work in helping to win over the public, or abuse of your authority in general, do you think your supporters will put up with before their supply of goodwill is exhausted?

    Think about it. Personally, I’m very nearly fed up with the high-handed methods you, and John before you, use in censoring this blog after-the-fact. Certainly the focus of the blog needs to be maintained, but when you secretly delete comments which have become part of the historical record of the blog, leaving a swiss-cheese for people to try to figure out, you are changing history. Given the choice, most of us would prefer not to be associated with people who change their record of history. If you keep changing the historic record, how can we tell what it actually is that we are associating with? How can we tell what we are being asked to supoprt? How can you expect us to pledge our good reputations toward something which is constantly mutating?

    Think about it. Think carefully about your responsibility to your supporters — and, by inference, to John.

    Thank you.

  77. SamIAmWithAWholeLottaTan Avatar

    Glad to hear Sam is okay and John will be marrying her and taking her to the USA!

  78. SL Avatar

    Jullian Assange has been charged with a crime in Sweden. It is speculation they want to then extradite him to the US.
    John is only wanted for questioning which can be accomplished over the phone and this type of thing is done quite often.

  79. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    I didn’t ask for hard questions. I didn’t ask for any questions at all. I don’t have the time or patience for questions. But I think I can answer for John:

    The three others were not detained because the Belize Government did not want to get their hands on them.

    He couldn’t just show his passport because he could not get an exit stamp for Belize. Therefore could not get an entry stamp for Guatemala. Ya gotta be coming from somewhere.

    I know the answer about the baggy, but right now the story is going at my pace, not yours. And until John takes over, I will decide what gets released, and when.

    John did not piss his pants. He pissed on their porch.

    You clearly don’t watch the news. Sam has been on TV a dozen times apeaking on John’s behalf. As for other freinds, you have no clue who has taken his part. More than would take yours I can promise you. I am one of those friends. So is Chad. So are all the support people. You know nothing about it.

    If you don’t think there has been any evidence released yet, then you either having learning issues or you are just trolling. If you are trolling you may leave. I have no qualms about banning you, or your entire domain if necessary. The trolling is starting to piss me off. If it’s a learning disorder, then read more slowly.

    Or is this a joke I’m not getting??? I’m not as quick on the uptake as John.

  80. Movit Avatar

    Since this was erased in the post about the press conference, here are some more questions to ponder, John:
    -Didn’t the VICE guys and Sam also enter GT illegally? How come they were not detained too?
    -Why did you enter Guat illegally, when you could have just gotten in with your passport?
    -What was in the baggy that your realtor’s wife found on their porch? Why piss your pants? As a joke?
    -Why haven’t the three folks that have now been released spoken on your behalf, or why have none of your previous friends vouched for your character/actions before/during this whole mess
    -Where is this pile of evidence that you claim to have, as we have seen files 1-6 already. Even if it’s not court-proof evidence, please show your cards now.
    Those of us who support you may believe in you may see the evidence thus far, but thus far it’s been very anticlimatic. We need something new, not hearsay, not opinion, and certainty not just from your mouth. You asked for hard questions, and I understand wanting them so you can prove your case but I haven’t heard them answered yet. A one line quip to sometimes snarky questions on this blog may seem appropriate to you, but in those questions are real concerns that have to be addressed. Please give this some thought and provide more data. Thank you, I’m pushin for ya, but am worried that the masses are rolling their eyes, and I can see why.
    -ok peeps hows bout some more “hard” questions for Mr. John?

  81. Danman Avatar

    No matter what one’s opinion of Mr. Mcafee is, the Government of Belize is corrupt. Anyone who does serious research can find more than sufficient evidence of this corruption. Additionally, the police routinely do not investigate crimes, even major crimes like murder. While John is in Guatemala, Belize could send a police officer to talk with John. They have not. If we substitute the US for Belize, the FBI would have no problem going to Guatemala to speak with John if he was willing. John is willing.
    Belize has no intention of investigating the murder of Mr. Faull. Mr. Mcafee will not not get a fair trial in Belize.
    My heart goes out to the relatives and friends of Mr. Faull. By choosing to live in Belize he accepted the risks of living in a highly corrupt country with a high rate of murder and a low rate of solving crime. John Mcafee accepted the same risks. He is just realizing that he alone cannot change the system.

  82. LolitaLempika Avatar

    I cant find the letter to the president, can you post the letter again, please.

  83. jay Avatar

    US ambassadors sent to 3rd world countries are generally light-weight. the one in Bze right now was a college roommate of Obama, given a cushy job merely and solely on the basis of friendship, doesn’t know shite about international affairs. ask me how i know.

  84. loose cannon Avatar

    And after reading nearly everything I could find on the Internet, good & bad, & every thread & post on this blog, I am still entitled to my opinion. Please don’t disrespect me or anyone else who does not blindly lay down, roll over, & believe everything a man says, a man that none of us (except the rare few) have ever met. That is why I ask for more proof & that is what any intelligent-minded person would do. I need evidence of the connections to the higher ups. I need to know who the gangsters were working for & why. You blame the media for not doing their homework, well I am trying to do mine. Do not attack me because of my beliefs, as you would not like it done to you. There are so many people in this world, on the Internet, crying out about the corruption in their countries & the great danger it has brought to their lives, but they are not famous & I do not see you reaching out to help any of them. They are being murdered for speaking out & threatened for the very same reasons. When are you going to speak for them?

  85. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    You sure sound like a troll, go pick on somebody else

  86. s.p Avatar

    I am saying a few negative points about the GOB and my blogs are not posting Lets try tgis one.

  87. godot Avatar

    Unless something has changed, technically, Americans are not legally allowed to claim dual citizenship, although many people seem to brag about doing so, anyway.

  88. NohnAhYoBzns Avatar

    I don’t see any difference from what the US does. Kills families in foreign land using drones. Detains you without access to an attorney for looking and smelling like a terrorist.

  89. godot Avatar

    Well, well, What makes you, or anyone in this blog, believe that having media attention focused on a person makes them safe? Whistle-blowers and journalists with wide exposure are killed every day. Yes, people surmise who got them, and what happened to them — after the fact — but it’s little consolation to the dead man or their families. People derive safety from the media spotlight only in fictional TV shows.

    Your insinuation that the US Department of State has a procedure in place for issuing armed guards to accompany and protect US Citizens overseas in distress is comical.

    “The ENTIRE weight of the ENTIRE US ESTABLISHMENT on them?” Where is it now, and what good does it do? It’s the potential cost to the tourist industry which is having an effect!

    For the moment John’s situation has cooled to where it is just a PR battle — thank goodness! But when Edward Bulwer-Lytton said, “The pen is mightier than the sword,” he was speaking metaphorically — not about someone using a laptop to win a gun-battle against 42 thugs armed with machine-guns!

    Wake Up!!!

  90. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    I also believe that will be the case

  91. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    Mister well well:
    Dont agree with you, is not a good idea for John to go back to Belize, they will hold him forever until they feel like.
    They can do it, you know why
    beacuse is Belize and they do as they want.

  92. godot Avatar

    John has made it clear that he is happy to answer the Belize murder investigators’ questions. He just wants to avoid being tortured to death for his coöperation. That is why he volunteered to answer their questions over a telephone or video link.

  93. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    John was born in England, his father was a U.S. soldier and his mother English.
    He move to the U.S. at the age of 2, because his father was american he had the right to be an American citizen, he must have a dual citizenship.

  94. Expat in Guate Avatar

    jj says:
    Why would the US allow any citizen to ever be extradited to a country that is not even charging john with any crime?

    Now this one I really find amusing. You might ask that same question with regard to Julian Assange. Except in that case the US is behind the scenes demanding that he be extradited to Sweden so they can subsequently extradite him to the US. He also has never been charged with a crime.

  95. godot Avatar

    Let’s keep the record straight: It was not a “2-million dollar bribe.” It was an attempt to extort 2-million dollars from John.

  96. Yum Cimil Avatar
    Yum Cimil

    I don’t think John would appreciate you lording over his blog like this. This is a public blog and the comments are for a free exchange of ideas among people viewing it. We should not have to worry about our comments being framed as “rude” in your opinion, by the way. John has indeed said that me may be paranoid, he is an ex druggie and that he enjoys trolling people, which IS lying. If you disagree with people on here, that’s great. But i assume John wanted you to use the blog to release information, not bash people who are simply asking for more information. You being so dismissive to someone who is simply being skeptical looks like a huge red flag, and will probably hurt the cause more than help it.

  97. michelle Avatar


  98. Bev Avatar

    @wellwell My thoughts exactly. Well said.

  99. Smart Move Avatar
    Smart Move

    To Waverider77
    Place yourself as a native in a land where all law is controled by corruption. There you know a good white couple, who were taken hostage and the husband killed. Wife was kept alive for several days to be used by the two local killers, before she died. Your teenage daughter only has the choice of being with men in this criminal gang of killers, or spending her time with an old white man that wants to help improve her life. Who do you want your daughter to spend time with — someone who can give her a future? Or she has her child (your grand daughter) as a part of the criminal family?? I saw girls & their fathers have such a choice, and it was this gang of killers that almost murdered me! This discussion is not about Iowa — It is about much of the world where corruption controls the law, and limites choices for good people, while protecting criminals.

  100. Paul Avatar

    If John knew that the Belize Government was that corrupt, why did he choose to invest there and make it his home? It beats me. I wish him the best and hopefully the cream will rise to the top and he will be free.

  101. Expat in Guate Avatar

    Here you are wrong with regard to Guatemala. John entered Guatemala illegally and is subject to Guatemala immigration law just like anyone else. Just because he CLAIMS to be innocent of crimes in Belize does not in the eyes of Guatemala make that true. That can only be determined by the justice system in Belize.

    Likewise the US embassy cannot interfere with the legal processes of either country. As far as the US or any other country is concerned he is a fugitive from Belize. You can claim innocence but again that can only be proven through the legal system of the country making the accusation.

    When a person enters a country illegally, the receiving country can only assume that person left the previous country without legal authority and is bound by international law to return that person to the last country that they entered legally. The last country that Mr. McAfee entered legally was Belize and he subsequently entered Guatemala illegally.

    Consider what the US does to illegal immigrants 😉

  102. lanikino Avatar

    From The Belize Gov webiste :

    Attorney General

    However Mrs. Sherlyn Vidal is the Director of Public Prosecutions and is the wife of the Commander of the GSU, Marco Vidal (despite different spellings in the news articles but believe they are one and same)

  103. Michael Avatar

    After watching all of the revolutions in the Middle East this year, what change does John expect to happen without the full support of the Belizian people? A country where such a large percentage of the population sustain themselves off of tourism granted income had shown no inclination of massive, public displays of displeasure. Unfortunately, I feel this blog will only serve to help John keep his life and potentiallly return to the U.S.

  104. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Sorry. Thanks.

  105. lanikino Avatar

    the link was posted early on here:

  106. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Sounds like a conflict of interest to me, if it’s true. It seems not even Belize would be that stupid. Are you sure of your facts? I bet John would know.

  107. getrealeh Avatar

    The head of the GSU, Marco Vidal, sleeps with the Attorney General of Belize Cheryl Lynn Vidal.

  108. godot Avatar

    Whether John is paranoid or not has no bearing whatsoever on this situation. Paranoiacs can be tortured and killed just like any other flesh-and-blood human being.

    The point here is that the part of John’s story describing his being persecuted at the hands of corrupt Belizean officials is true.

  109. getrealeh Avatar

    being on the board of governor’s of a drug kingpin’s university and maintaining an office on campus does not help JM’s credibility. People who are vehmently anti-drug generally do not enter into partnerships with drug kingpins.

  110. godot Avatar

    Please don’t tar Guatemala with Belize’s brush! The officials in Guatemala were, no doubt, as taken aback by the surprise of John’s turning up there as all the rest of us were. Given that they have had to react swiftly to an unprecedented situation, I think they are doing pretty well so far. No need to criticize where, at least as relates to John’s case, criticism is not (yet?) justified. Not to mention that, by doing so, you are biting the hand that is currently feeding John.

  111. Smart Move Avatar
    Smart Move

    In one of my personal adventures — Five killers tried to beat me to death. It is a little hard to win a fight when blinded by your own blood, but I survived, and was faced with the problem of how to gain some justice and prevent another attack. There was a band of many criminals & killers living in my area, so a personal vendetta against them would not prevail — for if some of them were put out of action, the remainder was sure to finish me from a future ambush!

    I was not under suspicion of any wrong-doing by police, and I had always tried to abide by law. So I contacted a US Senator, and there was an appointment made for me to meet with Counsel General at USA Embassy. Attending that meeting was the Military Attaché, assigned to the Embassy. I clearly told US Officials, “I that I would not return to the United States, and they had the choice of assisting me while I was still alive in this foreign country, or deal with coming international problems after the criminals killed me.”

    Result of this discussion was; The US Military Attaché accompanied me to the village where I lived, and showed his presence to the community in his United States Military Uniform. I believe that this act (authorized by Embassy), by one compassionate soldier saved my life. Because I was seen in public for a few hours with the Embassy Military Attaché, the extended family of criminals & killers became convinced that attacking me more only assured that police would put them all in prison. After a three month chase, the leader of killers was caught, and kept in jail for almost two years (with no charges filed). Finally this dangerous group clearly understood that any future attacks against me, would result in indefinite jail time, and their leader was released. To resolve this dangerous situation, I only used assistance from USA Embassy Citizen Services (no bribes were paid to local authorities) (To avoid any confusion -this incident did not happen in Belize, but as level of corruption is higher in Belize, danger there is greater).

    What might be a solution for John? John cannot go into the US Embassy because he would find himself in a “safe prison”, where he could only watch Corrupt Belize Government Officials complete stealing all his property. Same result if John is deported to the USA — and his guilt or innocence would never be proved. And John will continue to be in danger of assassination, no matter his location in Guatemala or Belize or in USA.

    U.S. State Department spokeswoman says, “U.S. citizens in foreign countries are subject
    to local laws. Officials can only ensure they are treated properly within this framework”. Well, my experiences prove that US Officials certainly do have capability of assisting & insisting that law is impartially applied (& they can intervene in John’s case if they want).

    The point is this — The US Embassy needs to be forced into actively engaging in this issue, and into demanding to Belize Authorities, that legal rights of US Citizens in Belize be honored, with complete cooperation to all international agencies involved. The US Embassy should cause the Belize Police to question John in Guatemala, with US State Department oversight. And the Council Generals in US Citizen Services of both Guatemala & Belize should demand that everything John could be criminally charged with in Belize be released to John’s lawyers (& made public).

    A statement from the Attorney General of Belize should be written detailing all bad conduct & crimes perpetrated by John. Or there should be an official letter of “good conduct”, delivered to John McAfee.

  112. connie Avatar

    I thought John had dual citizenship in Belize and GB not USA

  113. wellwell Avatar

    Yep Michael and quite a bit of whats on the web on this story.
    Quite frankly, John seems to be running out of options…it is quite between a rock and a hard place…We’ll just have to see how this unfolds but it does look unlikely that the US would take him back in without clarification on the homicide…

  114. waverider77 Avatar

    never thought that i would be emailing country leaders, their assistants, deputies, etc. asking for compassion on behalf of a man i have never met, (feeling kinda important) i confess, i am troubled……what if a wealthy, retired, black belizean moved into an exclusive enclave in Iowa……..immediately began cruising the local high school in search of young girls…….would have sex with many……sometimes 2 or 3 at a time………then surround himself with the local hoods who would stand, armed and menacingly on the edge of his property in full view of the townsfolk and visitors…………throw a bunch of unsecured guard dogs into the picture……….these young girls are someones sister, daughter, grand daughter, and in some cases great grand daughter…….i am all for justice, peace, live and let live, etc…..but if the shoe is on the other foot I dont know if john would be getting the sympathy that he is, as a father, there is nothing that would make me more angry or inadequate than watching an old, white man having his way with my teenaged daughter……….dont believe in judging people, just presenting some of the uglier facts that john has willingly given us, and dont think for a second that john wasnt all for corruption when he stood to benefit from it, and he did……………..when he couldnt pay, or talk his way out of his situation he hit the bricks with his only alibi in tow……………the biggest payday in this whole mess will go to sam

  115. connie Avatar

    You are a TROLL. Go away

  116. Michael S. Avatar
    Michael S.

    Have you even READ this post. What idiot would go back? There is no way John would get a fair shake. The government is corrupt beyon belief. Telling lies about the raid on John, murdering people in the street. Overriding the constitution. It goes on and on. You can’t be serious?!?!?!?!?

  117. ron Avatar

    At maximum speed (escape velocity) planet “X” would necessarily be visible now, lest it would not get to us by the twenty first of this month. I looked outside just now. It’s cool. Everything’s OK. You can step back from that balcony ledge now. No planet X coming.

  118. wellwell Avatar

    What? You mean the GSU will want to take on the State Department after all this??!!!!!!
    Their tourism industry just hit a massive fiscal cliff thanks to John … and if they EVEN so much as touch a single hair on McAfee, they’d have the ENTIRE weight of the ENTIRE US ESTABLISHMENT on them.
    Nay mate, the easiest route to freedom and a clear track record is going back – UNDER STATE PROTECTION, MIND YOU – and clearing the air.
    I think THATS what McAfee should bargain for in the press conference due to be held shortly rather than a return to the US (which may not be granted)….
    I’m just trying to be real…

  119. waverider77 Avatar

    this blog ceased being about ‘corruption in belize’ the day john, accompanied by his friends, illegally crossed the border……this blog is now his PR vehicle to apply pressure to get him out of another self created problem

  120. lanikino Avatar

    Only if they could count on extorting It….whoops…meant having it donated to them. ~snark~

  121. ron Avatar

    “It helped spark a 12-year civil war that led to the slaughter of 70,000 Salvadorans….”

    A friend of mine loaded a five ton truck with groceries, and he and fellow members of his church headed south to try to keep the Salvadorans from starving. He didn’t seem to have many worries as he went, but he spoke with a decidedly different perspective when he returned to home – providing plenty of talk of machine guns, and people with itchy trigger fingers. IMHO he actually carried a pair. Too bad no one in the MSM has em any more … it’s a fault of the nanny state …

  122. Mark_13 Avatar

    McAfee alone was probably a sizable percentage of their GNP.

  123. jj Avatar

    Why would the US allow any citizen to ever be extradited to a country that is not even charging john with any crime? also the burdon of proof is not on john to prove he didnt do any thing and that the goverment in belize is corrupt. The burdon of proof would be on belize to prove a crime even happened and have to show cause why john would be a suspect if they were going to charge him for any thing. Besides Belize keeps insisting not only is he not wanted or the murder and IS NOT even a suspect they even said even if he was a suspect they said MANY TIMES not hes NOT THERE PRIME suspect.

  124. jj Avatar

    Your right its not the duty of the us to interfear with other country’s affairs. BUT it is there duty to make sure a US citizen is not rail roaded for some thing he didnt do and to make both Gautamala and Belize actually stick to there there own laws and treat any US citizen fairly in any legal matters in the host country, Which belize and Guatemala are not doing in johns case. they are trying to bend there own laws and rules to screw him and send him back to belize even tho Belize says hes not wanted for any rim there whats so ever and NOT the right country to send him back to if hes deported from Guatemala. Hes a us citizen and has to be deported to the states if they follow there own laws and rules.

  125. Living in Belize Avatar
    Living in Belize

    The Zabaneh family is known as the leading heads of drug trafficking in Belize. Their accounts got frozen in the US:
    Zabaneh is laundering his money e. g. with his own airline (Maya Island Air – you get rebates when you pay cash!) and now he is even running an university. And who is or was also board member? Dr. John McAfee.
    and also
    This is in my opinion the true scandal: a drug lord running an university. This sounds like recruitment for high-level corruption. And what does the government:

  126. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    I wish more people like you had the courage to come forward. I’m urging all Belizeans, here, now, to tell your stories. Use this blog. Use the press. Use mouth to ear with your neighbors. But please. Don’t be silent any longer. Tell the world! John can’t carry the load on his shoulders alone.

  127. lanikino Avatar

    True enough at first glance and no, as part of a 1st world country, no one would stand for the same here in Colorado Springs or any other place on the US mainland.

    However, that’s as far as it goes. There are too many other factors to make a comparison of that sort with any accuracy.

    Colorado Springs with an estimated (2012) population of just over 425,000 is only approximately 2 tenths the land mass of Belize.

    Add socio-economic status, history and cultural differences and you obviously have a very, very different society.

    Your comment is problematic given many of the comments on the blog that point to a basic non-understanding of cultural, historical and socioeconomic differences across the globe.

    Just my 2 cents….

  128. H20 Avatar

    Mr McAfee is innocent.
    When the news broke, and heard the lies on Gizmodo, I knew it was a lie.

    I know how police operate. I am apparently in a developing nation (feels 3rd world to me) and the police have targeted me for many years.

    Recently late at night in my home,
    I was attacked by policemen, using machine guns to intimidate me. I was threatened with death and asked for money-which I never gave because I didn’t do anything.

    The charges were fabricated, and then I was beaten up badly with bruises, swellings and broken toes.

    I have decided to expose the corruption in the police in my country., once and for all.

    I have alerted the media in my city who are investigating the matter, and tomorrow I will have the thugs arrested, and an investigation into the fake charges will also be carried out.

    And then sue the state. (This is the only way they realize how corrupt they are)

    John is my inspiration. And perhaps for many others who have been targeted by corrupt officials (thugs) and who have kept quiet.

    You must fight for your innocence. It’s right. Why should John be the victim of a setup?

    I think the US should do their best to help Mr McAfee come back home. He is a great man worth helping.

  129. ron Avatar

    I agree with some of that. Really, there are two types of governments. The first is the corrupt nanny state, where the composite police forces (including community laison types) represent a stifling blanket that indeed lowers violent crime but at the same time kills all real freedom. The second is a corrupt, barely functional government, where violence is much higher, but so is the potential for freedom. Belize rings in (using last year’s figures) at 41 homicides per 100k. Costa Rica is at 10 per 100k, and the US is at 4 murders per 110k. Costa Rica floats just right (not too violent, pretty free). They do NOT need the nanny!

  130. loconutz Avatar

    for a Latin/Central American Spring. One of these days.

  131. Nate Avatar

    I agree. I think that the power of persuasion that the mass media wields may have something to do with it.

  132. Heather Avatar

    Go Howard! I am tired of the rudeness also. I follow this blog because I do understand corruption and I appreciate the stand John is taking. Is clear for his post that he has done his research, is intelligent, polite and educated. Thank you for keeping us updated and providing the proof that people need to see. Keep it coming. Thoughts and prayers and with John and Sam.
    Health and happiness,

  133. Michael S. Avatar
    Michael S.

    Yes, and it’s ticking for Belize. Never seen as much clear evidence of wrongdoing by a goverment, anywhere, anytime.

    For those people disregarding the evidence that Harrold provided — who do you think you’re kidding? You are obviously and purposefully ignoring what has been written here. I can’t believe you you’ve got the gall to say the things you do. You sound like 10 year old children giving reasons for not going to bed on time.

  134. Mark_13 Avatar

    One thing to remember is that Belize only has a population of 350,000. If say Colorado Springs had this much corruption you wouldn’t say nothing could be done about it.

  135. getrealeh Avatar

    I do hope the evidence is all released before the world ends on Dec 21. That would really be frustrating. Is there an e-mail we can send requests to delay the end of the world for 30 days until this is resolved?

  136. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    I’ll never get any work done today:) One more time…. This blog is about corruption in Belize, not about a murder. As John said earlier, if you want to make this about the murder, then start a blog about that.

  137. Nate Avatar

    I agree and frankly its due to the massive persuasion that the media holds.

  138. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    Did you ever think that the GSU committed the murder, either to frame John or maybe it was a botched hit on McAfee gone wrong?

    Well, this is likely what John is dealing with … when you look at the big picture … it is obvious he would not be safe in Belize custody.

    The reason that Mr. Faull’s murder has not been solved is … the GSU likely killed him.

  139. loose cannon Avatar

    I think it makes perfect sense. Corruption or no corruption, a US citizen has been murdered, some say by John McAfee, some say by the corrupt government, some say a robbery gone bad. So for the sake of the blog, doesn’t a strong,irrefutable connection need to made between the murder & the setup of JM? Okay, yes we believe there is corruption & that quite a few people had it out for JM, but how do we connect all the dots?

  140. loose cannon Avatar

    Wow. Now that is something I didn’t know. The doctor that was going to partner with JM in the Quorumex research is under investigation by the Treasury Department? Not good.

  141. Michael S. Avatar
    Michael S.

    Your comment is absurd. That’s all I can say.

  142. Paul Bear Avatar

    John, ever heard the saying, “A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still”?
    I think some people just don’t wan’t to see the implications of evidence you’ve presented, even if it’s staring them in the face.

  143. wellwell Avatar

    Well well well. Lets get a little focus shall we?

    A. OK so Belize is corrupt.
    B. Guatemala may not be safe either
    C. And this IS a pro-McAfee blog.


    Someone killed Gregory Faull – Ex Marine AND very successfull businessman.

    While a millionaire – who evidently DOES have the resources – is on the run, there is still a very stiff dead body.

    The tangent I’m drawing is simple : if we are all rooting for Mcafee, we should be doing the same for Faull.

    In short that murder must be investigated.

    While Mcaffee has virtually ensured that no-one will harm HIM (not with all this media pressure – and with the world watching and all that), whats happening with the Faull camp? Why aren’t THEY speaking out?

    So :

    Now does it look a little more appropriate that the State Department has insisted that U.S. citizens in foreign countries are subject to local laws. Officials can only ensure they are “treated properly within this framework,”

    I dunno : this story sounds so messy… its simply boiling….And we haven’t heard the end of it all.

    Fact is : Mcafee simply needs to answer those questions…

    All this running around may have been an intelligent QUICK FIX to ensure that the native governments play by the ball – and well, State department has to ENSURE YOUR SAFETY now that you’ve done so much whistle-blowing – BUT my friend, the only way that you will EVER clear your name is by answering those questions.

    And – tough as it may sound – going BACK to Belize and clearing the air may REALLY be the NEXT intelligent move.

    As of now Belize hasn’t issued a warrant. Guatemala says you’ve trespassed and the US wants you to abide by the local laws – but, SILVER LINING – the US is now virtually OBLIGED to guarantee the safety of a US citizen…in Belize.

    And never mind the corruption bits – its regular practice – ANYWHERE. And you WILL NOT be able to root it out on your own.

  144. Linda Carter Avatar
    Linda Carter

    I believe you are not being sincere. There’s more than enough proof for anyone with an open mind. Ten times more than I need. I suspect some of you here are working for the Belice government. You can’t actually believe those of us who listened to the tapes and followed the links could take you serious. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  145. loose cannon Avatar

    I did not say anything of this to insult you or JM. The fact remains that he will be appearing in front of a judge for possible extradition to somewhere & Belize is a definite option. I, like everyone else, am looking forward to more of the promised documents & audio/video information that will further back up his claims. The more, the better. I do believe that Tony Rhaburn is on that recording & that he planned to do harm to JM. How this connects to other corruption, I don’t know. I see the implications for high level corruption in Orange Walk & will wait to see how this ties into JM on Ambergris Caye. Maybe Swan was hired by & working for Tony & Landy Burns & Eddie McCoy was too. You haven’t told us yet who the “they” are that Swan was referring to when he said “they will still get you”, so I will wait. No need to get angry with me.

  146. Living in Belize Avatar
    Living in Belize

    You didn’t provide any breaking proof of political corruption as promised. I doubt that you have any.

    The US and Belize have signed a extradition treaty. Don’t you fear that the US would send you to Belize if the police there is hardening their murder claim?

    The US Treasury Department has frozen Dr. John Zabaneh’s assets because he is presumably involved in drug trafficking and strong relations to the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel. Gismodo Jeff Wise has mentioned that a joint venture with Dr. John Zabaneh felt apart. Can you please explain to us what happened there?

  147. Nate Avatar

    From a balanced news article featuring an interview with John McAfee:

    Excerpt of Article: Press: Your account of fears of lack of due process in Belize brought to my mind Warren Zevon’s pointed ballad Lawyers, Guns and Money. Is that a song you can identify with these days?

    John McAfee: That, and more strongly, Buffalo Springfield’s “Stop, hey, what’s that sound”. Read the lyrics…

    Here is the link to Buffalo Springfield’s song:

  148. iceesurfer Avatar

    When a Person leaves US Soil, the laws of the Country they are in apply. Any Traveller knows that. One can hope for assisstance, of course, but that is not what will get it done – most likely.

    Man, what a Detestable Place BZ is, I;d not last a week… Even Costa Rica is too corrupt and dangerous for my tastes… Putting My Foot Down would get me in trouble rather quickly…!

    Good Luck Sir…

  149. getrealeh Avatar

    I think he needs to go to Belize and answer the questions. If my neighbour were murdered I would want the murderer caught.

  150. getrealeh Avatar

    Costa Rica has more than a “little street crime” They have a high murder rate too. San Jose is just like Belize city. A woman who thought she could save Costa Rica set up a chocolate co-op in the jungle and hired locals to work for her. She ran poachers off her property a couple of times and died on her front porch one night hacked to death by a machete. If you drive at night you risk being kidnapped or robbed by bandidos in Costa Rica. It is no different than the res tof Central America. The average expat lasts 2 years in Costa Rica and then gives up and leaves. That is why there is always great real estate on the market there.

  151. lovel Avatar

    You said CIA and DOD develop biological weapons in Belize, where does these experimentations take place ?

  152. ron Avatar

    The US is bringing “police advisors” down to Costa Rica to set up the “nanny state.” Won’t be long before all CR citizen’s decisions are made for them. IMHO they’d be much better off with (a little) street crime … which is precisely what they currently have without nanny.

  153. common sense Avatar
    common sense

    I believe if those new to this blog read everything that has been posted, you will see how sane Mr. McAfee is. I believe this was a government set up (the unfortunate death of Mr. Faul,R.IP.). The corrupt ggovernment was just handed the go card with Mr. Faul’s complaint letter to frame Mr. McAfee, and Mr. McAfee knew that, therefore, he ran. Why else would no one come forward with the reward? This is a deep coverup, like so many before. Read the local blogs, the newspapers, the news from BZ. I am tired of msm stories that just copy what they read here. Glad tje three imprisoned employees are free. Hoping justice prevails for Mr.McAfee. Hope to God no one retiring plans to buy propery there with the incentive programs BZ promotes. Continuing to email, wanted to also let you know that the headers (Boycott BZ, and Belize) are down. Mr. McAfee, as I drink my coffee each morning, I toast to you and your fight. Keep on keeping on…One day, one hour, one minute at a time. Good luck, and Godspeed.

  154. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    OK. I’m getting a little raw. This is NOT a court of law. It is a blog presenting information to the public so that the public can make an informed decision. If the world had to express itself in legal formalities it would cease to function. So would this blog. Enough. I will say no more. people can listen to the voices in the tapes and determine for themselves whether there is truth in the voice. They can follow the links and read. They can go talk to the people named here or call them (we will not publish contact information, but Belize is small – anyone can be found in a few minutes of research). They can look at the published statistics that are referenced here as links. It is a blog, not a court of law.

  155. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Nowhere that I have read, seen or heard substantiates what you say, except for the fact that over 30 years ago he used to take drugs. As I said, I do not have John’s patience. Frame your statement politely please. “Druggie” is a rude term. There will be no more rudeness on this board.

  156. loose cannon Avatar

    I’m just concerned over how you can present a case to a Guatemalan judge that will clearly shows, without a doubt & with verifiable proof of all evidence presented, that you have been single out for persecution. I agree with you, but any mention of gang leaders & their threats won’t go over well, the audio recordings are worthless in court, testimony by Samantha will be suspect, at best. So all you’re left with is the government denying there was a raid that morning & all they have to say is that they weren’t notified of it until later. You have to be prepared that they can counter everything you say & most likely will. I don’t know, but it’s really frustrating & without concrete evidence of real, irrefutable proof, it looks like a losing battle. Hope more is coming.

  157. Mentor Avatar


  158. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    Well in fact John has said that he is paranoid, ex druggie and a liar to boot….

  159. SpecOps Avatar

    Lots of mercenaries out three for hire, just need a team of 12 guys to get in, grab him and take him to safe haven. Money can buy your freedom.

  160. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    A police Captain is a Government official. So is a Sergeant. Do you really believe that 15 policemen would go rogue and do something their superiors would not approve? If you want to be argumentative, I don’t have the time. And I don’t have John’s patience. I have a mountain of work and little time. Your questions, in light of the facts presented are ridiculous. If you want to argue for arguments sake, there are other forums out there. This is not the one for you.

  161. loose cannon Avatar

    They could always claim that the government itself nor the central police forces, knew anything about the raid & that it was initiated by the local police. This does not indicate government persecution, nor corruption aimed solely at you. If you have an audio/video recording of someone in the government or the police bribing you for the $2 million dollars or proof that any of these raids took place merely to harass you without any legal reason for doing so, then that will go a long way towards showing their complicity in singling you out for persecution. I am really trying to see a connection to any government official that can be proven with the evidence you’ve provided. There are bits & pieces scattered about, but nothing so far implicates anyone. If it could be proven that Tony Rhaburn actually made that recording & that he was talking about you, then that would do it, but there’s no video & your name is never mentioned. I want there to be solid evidence, but I’m just not seeing it yet.

  162. ron Avatar

    Actually, I’m impressed with the amount of evidence that John has been able to amass, under the circumstances. The people who normally use their considerable budgets to discover the truth (Police, various agencies) are trying to suppress it, so he has to take on da man all by his lonesome. I can tell ya – working up evidence against that tilted sort of scene is like climbing vertical faces, wearing street shoes.

  163. getrealeh Avatar

    I agree Central America is notoriously corrupt. If you choose to live there you are taking risks and you are subject to the laws of the land whether you agree with them or not. Guatemala is equally violent and corrupt. Their newspapers do not sanitize the violence and are very graphic. Like Belize, Mexico tries to cover up tourist incidents. About a year ago a group of Canadians died in a explosion at the Princess Hotel in Cancun. While transporting one victim to the hospital, the ambulance ran out of gas and the “Paramedics” told the person accompanying the victim she would have to buy more as they had no money. They sat for ages on the side of a major road in Cancun. This is something that is outside of the experience of people in first world countries. It is “normal” in a third world country and it is what you are agreeing to deal with if you go there or choose to live there. Mexico even sent a PR group to the victims city in Canada to try to do damage control following the incident. In another incident a tourist was attacked by a shark at a busy resort. There had been previous sightings and red flags were out on the beach. However most tourists do not know the significance of the red flags. The resort argues that it warned her and she chose to go in the water. North Americans have become used to living in a “nanny state”. Thrid world countries are dangerous and most of us are not equipped to deal with reality there. John is just another casualty. There were others before him and there will be more after he is gone.

  164. Respect Avatar

    To those who show zero respect for someone they don’t know or will never meet think on this: how would YOU like to be called paranoid, druggie, and crazy for protecting your friends and standing up for yourself? My humble two cents are this, paranoid=careful, druggie=resourceful , crazy=whimsical. If people are going to use labels for someone they don’t know, why not use respectful ones, what’s the point to all the bullying??

  165. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    So you think the raid on Mr. McAfee’s property, followed by a denial of the raid, then, when presented with evidence that the raid took place, finally admitting it, is not proof of the Government’s corruption directed at Mr. McAfee??? What on earth kind of proof do you need then? How do you define corruption?

  166. Expat in Guate Avatar

    It is not the duty of the US to be the police for the world.

    The US has no business interfering with the activities of other countries corrupt or not.

    This is the problem with the image of the US world wide. They are always sticking their nose into everyone eases business.

    If US citizens do not want to be subject to the laws of other nations then they should stay out of those countries.

  167. Nate Avatar

    Value of human life is not an invention of western Christian civilization. In fact, more people have died at the hands of the Christian religion through persecution and wars than any other religion combined. To think that we in the west are so civilized collectively speaking is beyond laughable. We aren’t so removed from those “gorillas” that you speak of. Also, it’s not highly unusual to find systems that value human life outside of the western tradition. In Buddhism, a central tenet is that “life is more valuable than all the treasure in the universe”. Your ignorance is dangerous precisely because it is useful to manipulate. There are certain western traditions to be proud of, the Magna Carta, the U.S constitution, the age of enlightenment and the great strides in science. My final point is that it’s dangerously stupid to think that it’s just western civilization that has achieved humanity, which if you stop being yourself and look around, we are slipping steadily into a new age of barbarism. So as to stay on topic, shining light on corruption such as what John is doing, will definitely institute some type of change.

  168. Expat in Guate Avatar

    OK guys, I’ve been reading some of this and I got to say most of you have no idea how things work outside your cozy little box in the US.

    YES, countries in Central America are corrupt. Frankly, that’s why some of us like living here.

    The basic rule is keep your head down and your mouth shut and you don’t have a problem.

    You are not going to change any of this, you all need to learn to live with it or don’t live here. Go back to your cozy countries where you think you have a justice system and where in fact corruption is so systemic you don’t even realize it’s there.

  169. WEB Avatar

    Does it really matter what ‘letters’ they go by? They are all branches of the GOB, and therefore the question still arises…….Why are the police – or any branch of Government enforcement – raiding the home of a man who is NOT a wanted fugitive? Anyone focusing on the specific branch, in effect trying to prove John wrong or crazy because it wasn’t the GSU per say, has completely lost sight of the real issue. They were all sent by someone.

  170. loose cannon Avatar

    Still need verifiable proof with dates, video & audio recorded together, direct links to government corruption & names of those involved, a paper trail, anything. So far this is all speculation, disorganized, haphazard, & inadmissible in court as far as showing that JM has been personally persecuted. Yes, there is major corruption, but there is nothing to show that any one person in any official capacity intentionally attempted to kill or hire someone to kill him. Gangsters, yes, but where is the connection to the police or the government? You have said there were 8 raids. The one in Orange Walk can be verified & the two when you were wanted for questioning in the murder, & one other that cannot be verified by anyone other than you, Samantha, & Nestor, & they would be see as prejudiced. That’s four. Where is the proof of the $2 million dollar bribe? We need more proof. Real undeniable proof.

  171. Ruben Iskandaryan Avatar

    Never mind. Belize is only one country where CIA an US DoD develop biological weapons. This research is done as well in SAR, South Korea, in ex-USSR countries, in Poland and Hungary. They study NOT only Quorum sensing, as Professor Kafarskaya says, but much more, including genetic programming of toxine production by non-virulent and non-pathogenic microbes. Again, the CIA is a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION after all they do.

  172. Cedric Avatar

    In Mexico, reporters who pull this stunt end up beheaded. If they are truly unlucky, their family members all end up dead too, to serve as a warning to others.

    Do you think Belize will be any safer? It is a more primitive civilization, with no historical tradition of rule-of-law.

    The fact of the matter is that large swaths of this planet are no-go zones for us civilized westerners. You can’t fix it and you can’t fight it.

    When you go to the zoo and you see the sign that says “do not taunt the gorillas” this is exactly what they are warning you about. They do not respect the value of human life; it isn’t in their DNA. That is an invention of western Christian civilization and it is something that is highly unusual throughout history.

  173. ron Avatar

    It’s true that two unrelated truths can run in parallel, and seem to drive an entirely intertwined, single, and composite conclusion. While true, rare. Thus the statistics point in Mr John’s favour …

  174. Ruben Iskandaryan Avatar

    And to say more many people form Russian security service – the FSB feel sympathy to John. Someone HAS to say the TRUTH.

  175. JW Avatar

    One of the biggest hurdles and avenues to exposing and disolving corruption is the main stream media (MSM). Especially corruption at higher levels. Untill the masses that are impacted have the courage and strength in numbers to force change the msm will simply continue to ignore the facts and twist the truth. The old saying rings true: “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.

    How do you change a mindset of the millions that take what is broadcast as the gospel truth?

    How does those that want change and responsible journalism based on integrity organize and reverse this dangerous trend?

  176. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    It is loosely formed from members of the Police, the GSU, the Coast Guard and the BDF, according to the specific operation in which they are engaged. The Government will say otherwise, of course. When the GSU raided John’s property in Orange Walk, for example, many of the officers were BDF.

  177. DSwanson Avatar

    I for one can believe in the corruption in Belize , look at Mexico and what happens there, John opened hornets nest exposing this in a more public way (good for John in having the balls to do such) and we considered belize for vacation NOT NOW, screw that country.
    I also think its crap that the US embassy turned him away, big surprise there tho, when you need them, they turn away, can one of you state dept help out here? Sorry to ask while you ride that fat government train but could you actually help put a fellow american and earn a little of the money we all pay you from our tax dollars! And yes johns paid his share to in case you forgot.
    I do hope you get back to the US John and safely

  178. Gaby Avatar

    Those people have not done the research or the reading. It is an instant news society, people judge quckly, sometimes only based on a headline, then move onto something else. Sad but true. This entire situation is not what it seems and I can only imagine it goes very, very deep. I wish thebestfor John, but I too amafraid forhis safety evenif he does not go back to Belize.

  179. Ruben Iskandaryan Avatar

    It is apparent that John McAffee was engaged in illegal CIA business. The CIA develops outside USA new types of biological weapons. These weapons are based on the principle of infection, intoxication, stress / insomnia induction and so on. It would become clear for many people that CIA is a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION, and people like John CAN stop their illegal business.

  180. loose cannon Avatar

    Thanks for the explanation. Was the BSAG unit local to the island?

  181. DB Avatar

    Those folks who label John as paranoid for no reason, are buying into the media crap that was put out there. They are too lazy to do the research, or they just want to see a millionaire go down, because they are envious. How could any rational person dismiss all the reports that back up John’s claim? John is not the one delusional here, take off your blinders, see the truth.

  182. Nada Avatar

    I just read on the Belize Government official website that the PM was meeting with officials in Miami Florida over the weekend. I recall Mr. McAfee stating “I wish I could just pack my bags and head to Miami”

  183. Smart Move Avatar
    Smart Move

    It is essential that the US Embassies in Belize & Guatemala seriously engage in this matter. This is not an acceptable response from the USA Government —
    Responding to McAfee’s remarks, a U.S. State Department spokeswoman said U.S. citizens in foreign countries are subject to local laws. Officials can only ensure they are “treated
    properly within this framework,” she said.

    I will follow-up with my suggestion to cause US Embassy Citizen Services, to perform their duty. I hope others will also contribute ways to encourage the US Embassies to properly enforce international law and control dangerous corruption.

  184. Bruce K Avatar
    Bruce K

    Maybe some people thrive on stuff like that. McAfee used to be big into drugs… e.g. “the rush”. I’d be getting lots of damn rushes if I was dealing with thugs and hooligans etc.

    He’s getting old and deep down inside he probably was really enjoying the potentially deadly experiences… it helped to provide more flavor to life.

    Moving to Belize is more hardcore than base jumping. 🙂

  185. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    The Government said no raid at all. No GSU, no Police. BSAG is made up on the fly from various branches of the Police depending on the type of operation. Does it matter what they name the people who thay claim deid not raid the place?

  186. Bruce K Avatar
    Bruce K

    Government Corruption: “You Better Belize It!”

  187. Chris Avatar

    If he realized it was a corrupt city, then why not just leave? Why cause all of this trouble for Belize and himself. Did he think he was going to correct the problem. These are issues going back many decades. He kinda brought this all on his own doing. Wherever he goes the rest of his life, he will have a target on his back for stirring up all this trouble. I hope the story ends well but I have my doubts.

  188. Gaby Avatar

    What Mr. Mcafee needs is a strong investigative journalist who knows what corruption is all about, is not afraid to stand up to it, is not shocked by practices and life in a third world country. The tworeportersm Josh Davis and Jeff Wiseare technology reporters, probably have never left their creature comforts. There is no way they can report on a situation like this.

    Perhaps these journalists could help solve this murder and expose the vendetta against John and the corrupt government of Belize.

    For example, in El Salvador, a tiny news Web site called El Faro (The Beacon) recently solved the country’s most notorious crime: the 1980 murder of Archbishop Oscar Romero, which helped spark a 12-year civil war that led to the slaughter of 70,000 Salvadorans. In the spring of 2010, Web site Editor Carlos Dada patiently tracked down one of Romero’s killers and extracted an extraordinary confession that implicated the highest levels of the government in the archbishop’s assassination.
    “With a limited budget, [the Beacon] has consistently published outstanding stories and projects – investigating long-ignored crimes and human rights abuses and now tracking growing drug violence throughout Central America,” said the judges for a Maria Moors Cabot Prize for outstanding reporting on Latin America, which the site was awarded last fall. “El Faro has shown how digital media can overcome barriers of cost and tradition and offer honest journalism of high quality in a region where press standards are low and much of the media is highly partisan or even corrupt.”

    Worth a try?

  189. neighbor Avatar

    We need info about what Guatemala is deciding.
    Where is the U.S. govt. In this. How can they leave one of their people in the hands of these countries? If there are legal issues in US, better to face them, than to take chances in either of these countries. Regardless of the “type” of people your surrounded by – Innocent until proven guilty in the USA. Paradise sounds wonderful…not at this price.

  190. Johnny Avatar

    John’s paranoia’s justified; if he’s returned he’ll join 300 prisoners awaiting trial for an indefinite time locked in disease-ridden overcrowded conditions without beds, toilets, or adequate food, and exposed to inmates and disease-ridden food or water that could kill him

  191. loose cannon Avatar

    I meant trial by judge. Sorry.

  192. OriginalWoman Avatar

    But the world is watching Jogn. Ar this point and with all you have revealed thus far, they have to handle you with care. Stay in prayer. If you are innocent and I believe you are, things will work out in your favor eventually. There has got to be some good that will come out of all this!!! And be careful in Guatemala. Some of the good that you feel around may be a big deception too.

  193. loose cannon Avatar

    But they are saying that it was a raid by the BSAG, & not the GSU & the Coast Guard. So perhaps Nestor mistook them for the GSU? This confuses me. Also Arthur Young was a high level, notorious gangster, accused of multiple murders & gang violence. The last murder he committed was witnessed & the GSU found him hiding in an abandoned house, where he was hiding. Supposedly he was apprehended, handcuffed, & was being put in the back of a truck, when he reached for the gun of one of the officers & they shot him This is possible, as a man in the US who was recently arrested & while waiting in the back of the police car, leaned over, grabbed a gun he had hidden in his pants, put it to his head, & shot himself. I’m not saying that the GSU didn’t kill him, but I can also see how unbelievably frustrated they must be about the many murders perpetrated by these gangs & the continual acquittals in court, because the witnesses are too terrified to speak against them. Arthur Young had escaped justice for murders before & would enter the US illegally in order to hide out. He had just been deported back to Belize from the US yet again & then committed another murder. It’s damned if they do & damned if they don’t. People are crying out for the killings to be stopped, but the GSU are condemned for their tactics. The jury by judge was reportedly instated in order to protect the witnesses when giving testimony against these criminals & murderers. Once again, a broken system. What is the answer?

  194. Rob Avatar

    Simeone needs to make a movie out of this story! Wishing the best to mr. John…

  195. rumsrite Avatar

    The clock is ticking