An Open Letter to the Family and Friends of Mr. Faull


Before I get into the heart of things, I would first like to share a thought with everyone, so that my statements that follow can be put into perspective.

Many years ago a mentor shared a bit of wisdom with me that can be summed up in the following statement, “perception is reality.” Complex in its simplicity, it is through this basic premise that I have developed my understanding of how the world works over the last several decades. It is this bit of knowledge alone that has helped to guide me when the world seems to lack common sense.

By nature, the way each of us perceives the world is as unique as our fingerprints. Our perceptions are built around genetics, the socialization process, education, life experience and other influencers such as the media. Of the things just listed, the media seems to play the biggest role in influencing people’s perceptions on things they can’t experience directly.

In the good old days of journalism, when being objective was at the heart of telling a story, this was not a problem. But with the rush of over sensationalized, self-serving writers that call themselves journalists in the market today, this is a problem. Receiving a fair trial in the court of public opinion today is next to impossible, and that I can attest to firsthand. So I am writing this to hopefully dispel some of the rumours and false reporting, and bring focus back to something that has been greatly overlooked – the death of Mr. Gregory Faull.

First and foremost, I would like to send my sincere and heartfelt condolences to the family of Mr. Faull. I barely knew Mr. Faull, but from what others have expressed, he was a kind, fun loving man that was only looking to make the best of his retirement years. What happened to him is a great tragedy.

With that, the sad fact remains that the person(s) that killed Mr. Faull are still walking around free men and/or women – and that is no longer tolerable. The corruption and disregard for human life inBelize has to stop, and Mr. Faull’s murderer(s) must be brought to justice!

If it is of any value to Mr. Faull’s family, I would like to offer any support possible to help find his killer(s) and bring them to justice. I have already offered a $25,000 reward, but if there is anything else I can do from where I am at, I hope they will let me know.

Again, to the family of Mr. Faull, you have my deepest and most sincere condolences.


John D. McAfee

Dec 11 th 2012


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  1. Dan Avatar

    As a retired police officer/evidence technician/investigator for over 30 years, I would love to know what the Belize police know. I have traveled to Central and South America as well as throughout most of Asia and understand how poorly the police are equipped and how severely handicapped the investigation will be because of inadequate training and techniques. From an evidence collection standpoint, the trampling and tainting of possible evidence must have been a horrible sight by US professional standards. Heavy-handed interrogations is surely not going to produce anything acceptable and like most all 3rd world countries, interrogations are highly unlikely to be done professionally. They are likely to produce resentment and distrust… (similar to the IRS audit I experienced)
    I feel bad for Greg Faull’s family, but doubt $25K will help expedite an investigation designed only to encourage someone to come forward with information they have withheld from authorities. Then there is the heavy-handed interrogation to look forward to that may backfire on the reward seeker. I would love to see the Belize “crime lab” as I suspect their capabilities would be as marvelous as their evidence gathering techniques were. I seen some of the videos with hoards of people around the crime scene and the removal of the victim in a open sheet and in a open pickup truck bed with lots of police sitting in it. Not cool!
    With the lack of evidence there is only investigative/interviewing techniques left and from what I have seen of Belize statistics regarding murder convictions, there is no chance of this murder being solved. No budget, no training, no expertise, no equipment, no trust, no adequate response, no convictions.
    John… rather than offering $25K for a miracle, why not offer $2500 to fly two of Belize’s finest to come to US and interview you with all the questions they can muster up. They will have to do it without intimidation of the usual heavy-handed tactics with your head in a guillotine, cuffed behind your back, in the hot sun, but if they have questions, bring it on. There is also a polygraph option, but unfortunately there are very few polygraph operators who are truly qualified to use them skillfully and accurately. Maybe suggest the hi-ranking official asking your $2M contribution come along and submit to the same polygraph.
    I have no doubt that if the case had been handled professionally, the shooter would have been easily placed at the scene by evidence. But… it is a very very tiny and poor 3rd world country that can offer no chance for quality investigations such as we see and expect on a everyday routine basis for even somewhat petty crimes in the US.
    If Greg Faull’s family believes in God, they can have some comfort in knowing we all have to answer for crimes we have committed and the shooter will have his day in the highest of courts.

  2. Alexei Avatar

    I have no idea what happened in that night, and I listened with open mind. It is unfortunate that Mr. Mcafee’s girlfriend said she was with him and the old girlfriend watching movies in the house that night, but old girlfriend said she was at her house far away. Also, that he said he was with Sam all day as he can remember, but she said she was gone shopping. So story not straight.

  3. Dylan Avatar

    Um John does not even believe in God or even human love for that matter, he is a true anarchist nihilist who just wants to be left alone as far as I know.

    John if you dispute this, post a video to prove otherwise, if not there is no way to prove a comment in response is from you.

  4. charles Iboh Avatar
    charles Iboh

    Why not hand yourself in to the US embassy or Consulate. I am sure they will get you lawyers and follow the case. Why are you running if you are not guilty?

  5. Lola Avatar

    John you are being Organized Harassed just like so many Americans. It is a shame that this happens to innocent people such as us. I will continue to pray for you. You will get thru this. Please continue on your path and God will protect you.

  6. Gaby Avatar

    Thank you John for this response. The first part of this mail, along with some other comments was sent to the Bureau of Tourism. Again, wishing you both and all involved all the best.

  7. John McAfee Avatar

    My sincerest thanks.

  8. CheeChee Avatar

    My friends and I rent a house every year 4 doors down from JJW’s home south of San Pedro……We just returned back to the states Nov. 10th….This is terrible that this is happening in “paradise”, but not surprised…..Debating whether or not to return next year…Sounds like its worse than Brasil where I previously lived…….Stay safe and deep John & Sam….Don’t give up or give in! Praying for ya here in Texas!

  9. Gaby Avatar

    If the government and the bureau of tourism think that there has been a barrage of mail so far on your cause, it is a drop in the bucket compared to what they will receive if any harm comes to you or Sam..or your friends. Just wishing you luck, courage and hope.

    For whatever judgements, questions or skepticism that have been raised in your blog or elsewhere, I believe that everyone is wishing you safety and luck.

  10. NunyaBiz Avatar

    I’m guessing they were just asking him where McAfee was hiding. Chances are the father knows, since it would be in a good parent’s interest to keep tabs on their kid.

  11. Nh Avatar

    Human deterioration is accelerated when the heat, the salt air, impoverished environment and vices all work together. entropy on a fast track

  12. Dawn Avatar

    The minute I heard your story, I believed you’re innocent. Just a gut feeling. The U.S. is also completely corrupt. Prisons are big business, they are treated like free money from our wasteful gov’t. Fill them up so they can build more. It’s unfortunate that innocent until proven guilty doesn’t apply anymore. Good luck.

  13. Coco Avatar

    you are a genius
    smarter than the police as they will never think out of the box
    I have had my moments with the law and it has only made me wiser and smarter in the end
    hang in there and know I am rooting from you
    from a highrise in westwood in a prison of my own making as I have not been well and am recovering from my own hell.
    You will learn who your real friends are
    I am 55 so you have 11 summers on me
    I am sure we both have a lot more.
    Read more zen it will keep you here or there or somewhere. You can be wherever you want to be and obviously Belize is now off my list.
    ccc on the dl

  14. Lost it all in Belize Avatar
    Lost it all in Belize

    This song is by Jerry Jeff Walker, the guy who wrote Mr Bo Jangles. He lived on San Pedro in Belize for a while and learned about the corruption and decadence of Belize. The song is called “Just Another Gringo In Belize”. I don’t think it applies to John but it does apply to plenty of the other gringos in Belize——–

    Well he came down on vacation, ’cause he liked the tropic sun
    Margaritas and the music, made it all seem fun
    He bought a piece of heaven on the Carribean seas
    He’s a happy little camper in Belize

    He began to build a condo, but the labor cost was high
    His partner stole his money, that left him high and dry
    His land is still a mudhole, where you sink up to your knees
    And he’s just another gringo in Belize

    He’s a planner, he’s a dreamer, he’s a sordid little schemer,
    Seems to think that money grows on trees
    He’s a whiner, he’s a loser, he’s a pothead, he’s a boozer,
    He’s just another gringo in Belize

    Well he used to have a girlfriend that now he can’t afford
    Since one of his investments got busted at the border
    He wasted all his money paying bribes and fines and fees
    And he’s just another gringo in Belize

    Oh, he sold his motorcycle, somebody stole his boat
    They ran it on the reef and now the damn thing just won’t float
    The only thing’s that free is mud, mosquitoes and the breeze
    And he’s just another gringo in Belize


    Now he’ll drink a beer for breakfast, he’ll chase it with rum punch
    He’s smoking up his dinner, he’s a snorting up his lunch
    He’s been wasted on the mainland, now he’s stoned out in the Cayes
    And he’s just another gringo in Belize

  15. Lost it all in Belize Avatar
    Lost it all in Belize

    Belize Times would love an interview but then John will be labelled as PUP (opposition party). If he wants to be neutral, he may want to stick to other venues. The Reporter is supposedly neutral. I think the Financial Times interview is going to be very informative, however, and John may just be awaiting that.

  16. John McAfee Avatar

    The only post you have submitted was “Test” It was trashed.

  17. John McAfee Avatar

    I understand this. Thank you.

  18. John McAfee Avatar

    I don’t want to turn myself in.