We are seeking information only about the incident listed above, or related incidents if they can be clearly tied to the same person or persons behind the crime.

All information will be keep confidential – Send message via our contact us form

Public Statement from the familly of Mr Gregory Faull


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  1. John Avatar

    God bless and good luck!

  2. WEB Avatar

    But remember Lolo, he has a wife and new baby at home, and if she is like most women, she just wants him to be with them. I don’t think it’s a lack of gratitude at all, and we may eventually hear from him. I say we should be grateful he is out of jail. 🙂

  3. WEB Avatar

    interesting….. you know for the most part, only those not residing in America can see that parts of the American government are in fact, great big bullies.

  4. WEB Avatar

    Hansolo,…… here is a great link with hundreds of email addresses. Go “crazy” on them. lol.
    You’ll find restaurants, hotels and resorts, business trade, government offices……etc.
    It’s fine fine list that ‘Marty’ from AC has compiled for us. THANKS Marty. tehehehe

  5. getrealeh Avatar

    Fame and fortune have a steep price. It was more work than he thought.

  6. steve Avatar

    I looked at Belize online a few months ago,before this story broke,as a place to go find a place in the sun in our golden years.
    After this,Belize has been taken from the short list.
    You know,from an outsider’s perspective it appears that McAfee would have means,motive and opportunity. Time will tell. This alleged claim that McAfee has been ‘picked up’ could have been publicized for several reasons. To make Belize look bad.Or Belizean police are lying or Mexican police picked him up or they are lying or someone else picked him up or he was picked up by allies or he’s doing it to generate sensational publicity and sympathy or it’s a red herring laid down by him while he exits Belize from a much different location and then disappears ….take your pick.

  7. on the fence Avatar
    on the fence

    Does anyone else find it a little odd that Chad posts such an explosive post, then decides to unplug for four days?
    Then he is shocked at the response?

  8. dave hardisty Avatar

    prime minister~~ tourism~~ supreme court~~

  9. Fiona Avatar

    Sending a FAX is probably more effective. Go to your nearest “mailboxes etc.” or copyshop to protect your number and send one.

    E-Mails, although free, can just be deleted without even glancing at them. But a fax that’s something you can physically hold in your hand, you get annoyed when having to reload the fax machine and you can’t really turn it off because you might miss other important stuff. To receive hundreds of emails is less impressive than hundreds of faxes.

  10. jeff Avatar

    This is worrying now,make a point of letting the world know whether you are safe.I have visited your blog so many times today but no information is fourth coming

  11. Eric Avatar

    I wonder what the absolute truth is?

  12. Fredfr Avatar

    And, as I said in the beginning, this problem ravages many countries world wide, Belize is no special case. Many

  13. SAYEH Avatar

    I wish safty for john,he’s a great man

  14. Seneca the elder Avatar
    Seneca the elder

    Such an amazing story. Hope he turns up soon. As Shakespeare said in the Merchant of Venice, “truth will come to light; murder cannot be hid long; a man’s son may, but at the length truth will out.”.

  15. DB Avatar

    It would be too easy to just make John disappear as you suggest, and I hope that is not the case as well. John & Sam, hopefully you are safe out there somewhere, but the longer we do not hear from you, the more it suggests something sinister has happened. We hope to hear from you soon.
    Take care, both of you.

    Thank you Chad for taking the time out of your vacation to end the chaos on this blog. Thank you Brian for stepping up to help.

  16. yossi יוסי Avatar

    שלום אני יהודי
    Hello, I am a Jew from the land of Israel…,
    And I follow closely followed the story of John,
    Because his antivirus is one of the amazing anti virus, and how he got involved with such accusations?
    I really hope that “everything will be alright”

    And after it’s over the affair, he will jump to Israel for a visit …

  17. Lolo Avatar

    On a different note has there ever been a post from John’s head of security,William Mulligan,who many on this blog tried to help?
    Word is he’s free on bail.But not even a word to his supporters…..odd don’t you think? Or did I miss something ?Like gratitude.

  18. Lolo Avatar

    Alright everyone did you happen to see how tired and nervous John was at his CNN interview….let’s not all think the worst.I believe Sam and John are fine and just need to rest or are on the move right now.Don’t let your imaginings carry you away.As you said to me earlier Mark ..use your head.And maybe your heart.

  19. European American Avatar
    European American

    I hope John realizes that this case has considerably more, far reaching implications than simple framing and extortion tactics by low level mafia goons masquerading as the Belize corporate government. These errand boys do as they are told. (And people believe Belize has been “independent” since the ’80’s?) She will NEVER give away any of her 6,600 million acres, nor a pence of her 17 trillion pounds . She doesn’t like John because he doesn’t follow her royally regal rules. Be careful John, if she hasn’t slit your throat already, you’ve been careless on the Queen Bitches turf.

  20. Rich Avatar

    Mr McAfee admitted he was a “fool” in his CNN interview. He was surely a fool for agreeing to it, plus interviews with so many media outlets while on the run from authorities wanting to question him about a murder. His constant bragging about this or that 17-year-old girlfriend or the voluminous number of minor girls he has everyday in Belize was also telling. It appears, Mr McAfee thinks he’s smarter, better looking, more cool, than virtually everyone he encounters. All that reveals a monumental ego, dripping vanity and how self-absorbed he is. Most expatriates living in Belize (plus elsewhere in Caribbean, etc.) for many years, decades, see this rich guy who moved to the Central American county in 2008 as basically naive or just down right stupid. Sure he might have suffered some slights by the corrupt Belize government not long after he arrived – but instead of managing the situation with some finesse like most experienced expats do everyday, he thought he could run rough shot over them. It’s their county, he’s not a citizen, but merely a guest – and unfortunatley Mr McAfee made himself an unwelcome one.

  21. rogue trader Avatar
    rogue trader

    If the rumors are correct that the US authorities actioned the April raid (US pharmaceutical drug companies could lose $b if JM developed something with marketable potential – female viagra), then there seems to be a repetitive pattern of the US Govt bullying other Govts for their own financial gain. Take for example Kim Dotcom. On 20 January 2012, the New Zealand Police placed him in custody in response to US charges of criminal copyright infringement in relation to his Megaupload website. Dotcom was accused of costing the entertainment industry $500 million through pirated content uploaded to his file-sharing site, which had 180 million registered users.Dotcom has vigorously denied the charges, and is fighting the attempt to extradite him to the United States.

  22. interps Avatar

    Given both John’s silence and the silence of the Belize officials, I think its quite possible John has been captured by one of the drug cartels in the area, who are holding him for ransom, or worse.

  23. WEB Avatar

    Hi Ill Will,

    check out the date on this story. John’s concerns for the people of Belize has not been manufactured as a side note to this story.

  24. WEB Avatar

    OMG…would you like the link. Sorry, it’s late.

  25. Martin Avatar

    The circumstantial evidence against McAfee seems thin, put it remains to be seen what is really going on. Hope the best for him. Is he a persecuted prophet or was it perverted profit that will do him in. We shall see.

  26. lovel Avatar

    DEA set him up !

  27. WEB Avatar

    Sad but true Mark. It’s probably what many of us fear. 🙁

  28. Dave Avatar

    Go John we are behind you from NZ

  29. Romski Avatar

    Why is US wasting so much money on fighting the war on drugs in AFG when this is the real war – on our own doorstep ! – Time to regroup and refocus Team USA !

  30. s.p Avatar

    I only hope that John’s story will help the people of Belize. It is time for serious changes in that Country. I lived in San Pedro for almost 4 years and the crime and corruption are just staggering. I got so taken advantage by the corruption. I often wanted to tell my story but unfortunately did not have the power of John Macafee. When I would tell some of my Belizean tales to friends and famaily in the U.S thhey looked at me like iI was smoking crack. You really need to have lived there to understand it. Its so sad! Belize is a very very bad place with many very very good people. Too bad the few people at the top have destroyed it for everyone.

  31. WEB Avatar

    Yes, the word about Belize is spreading, and the locals can thank John for opening all our eyes to the corruption there. An interesting note, yesterday when I Googled Johns name, it noted approximately 720,000 results which was up from earlier in the week. Today, that number came up as 67,900,00 . FABULOUS!! ~sorry for yelling Connie 😉 The number of people who are now at least aware something isn’t right in Belize has substantially increased. So, now is the time for everyone living there to stand firmly together and demand change. John opened the door as wide as it could go, at his own expense I might add. We all hope and pray that he and Sam are safe, but with no word yet, we sit on pins and needles.
    Like many, I’ve been here from the beginning. Of course it was intriguing at first, almost wacky, but with every piece of information I got, I did some digging. Newspaper articles, youtube videos, blogs….all were a wealth of information. Allegations of corruption weren’t that difficult for me to imagine from a 3rd world country, and getting confirmation wasn’t hard at all. From the start, everything was verifiable. Trust me, the first thing I thought of was that this was BS and someone had their story wrong. Then I thought it had to be some sort of media ploy. Well…….John McAfee did live in Belize, 2-300 meters from Greg Faull, who was murdered… the night after 4 of Johns dogs died. His OW home had been raided in April. He had donated multiple items of great value to the police and others. He did share his AC home with 7 young women. He was unavailable for comment, now travelling with Sam, somewhere in Belize. His compound was raided again while he was gone. Another of his dogs died as a result. He did look different when we saw his interview. He is now completely unaccounted for…….
    These details were listed as a reminder that while parts of this story are skewed ~ as John said they would be for safety ~ the fact is that each bit of this tale that has been woven for us IS verifiable. John is not crazy, nor is he a murderer. Not at all.
    His big flaw? Maybe being too public about “living the life”. People get jealous, and want it for themselves, without considering that they didn’t work for it. Male friends have told me it is quite common for young girls to hang onto the rich white gringos, who love the attention. It’s not what’s done in America, so people got their knickers in a bunch. Then there was that whole Bluelight thing, that quite frankly, to me has nothing to do with the issue at hand….I mean, who cares except the junkies who tried unsuccessfully to make it? The expats, who are extreme in their disdain for John, post on the AC forum what nastiness they can. What a waste. The few who wanted to take this opportunity to move forward with change, now that the door was opened, were shunned for their ideas. Ostriches. They need to either pull their heads out of their butts, or pack up and leave. For too long they have enjoyed the best of what Belize has to offer, overlooking the plight of the locals as long as it stays on the mainland. From some of the posts, and some of the newspaper articles, it’s clear that “it” is headed their way. Corruption is common knowledge, and those ostriches talk about it like it’s nothing. There was even one comment about murder being no big deal, because if you were liked, “paying” would ensure no witnesses to testify. Who says that kind of stuff?
    Which takes us back to John McAfee. He really has opened this up for the world to see. Most of this will be in the letter I am drafting, with recipients in the USA, UK, and Belize. I am also open to doing a petition, posting it online, and hoping the flood gates will open. Anyone else think that might help?
    John & Sam. I can only hope that you are able to see us, and know that people really do care about you, and the fight you have started. Here’s hoping we hear from you SOON….. W.

  32. getrealeh Avatar

    I have no doubt Sam and John are alive and well but not near a cell tower or internet connection at the moment. The are thousands of yachts and many uninhabited cayes and bays throughout Central America. John likes to build tension and suspense by withholding information and going off the grid periodically. I wouldn’t sweat his absence. All this press coverage and noteriety is the best life insurance he could possibly buy. I think he has gone fishing and snorkeling for a few days.

  33. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    I agree with you, and those anonymous phone calls occurred at the exact time John disappeared.

    If Chad and his own people running this blog haven’t heard from him, then something is very wrong.

  34. Romski Avatar

    As a white Brit I have worked in Belize for many years – I have seen the police and the whole government become more and more corrupt every year – they dont hide it very well ! – I beleive John McAfee is innocent and he should be given a fair, free and open oppurtunity to prove that. I also beleive he will not get that in Belize – so my advise is RUN MAN – RUN LIKE HELL and if you need help at the border let me know

  35. Mark_13 Avatar

    I know I’m posting a lot here, and I thank the new mods for their indulgence, but one more thing on my mind:

    John had said over and over and over again that he would not leave Belize. This makes that anonymous phone call saying he was trying to cross the Mexican border really disturbing, not because its fake (which I believe it is), but because its consistent with the Belizean authorities killing him covertly, and then trying to create the impression that if he’s never heard from again, its because he went on the lam and perhaps was killed in Mexico (thus absolving Belize officials from responsibility).

  36. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    There are many of us with a heavy heart tonight, suspecting the worse.

    I cringe at John’s immoral lifestyle, as I’m sure many others do too, but I believe he’s been sincere and truthful while communicating with us on this blog. I do believe he’s been harrassed and persecuted by those thugs ruleing the Belize government who covet his property and wealth; who hate him because he’s a “gringo.”
    I think we must face the possibility that John, and his friends as well, are no longer in this world; that they’ve been murdered just as he feared.
    If he were in custody the government thugs would be gloating and broadcasting it.
    If he’s dead; if the thugs have killed him, they’ll remain quiet. And people will slowly drift away, just as you’re now saying, making the concerned public believe he’s just in hiding and playing a cruel game on all of us.

  37. Mark_13 Avatar

    Hiding or murdered. I see you’re having a good time with it though. Anyway, I thought he was such a media hound.

  38. Highrise Avatar

    Dear all,

    John is tucked up in his Yurt somewhere in Belize, watching episodes of “Dooms Day Preppers” he’ll be in hiding for a long time to come.

    Either that or the Russians have sent in one of their subs for John to defect, either way this story is becoming a total waste of time, but I guess there are people out there who’s meal ticket depends on John.


    Highrise 🙂 🙂

  39. Hansolo Avatar

    Here are some interesting numbers to petition , can anyone dig emails ?

    Prime Ministers Office

    011 501 822 2344

    The second nmost powerful man:
    Chief Justice Office

    011 501227 4387

    director of finance
    822 3711

    minister of police
    802 3012

    DPP office
    223 2956

    Chief Justice Office
    227 4387

  40. geo Avatar

    Hahaha, this mcafee guy is such a clown. He’s the Charlie Sheen of 2012. Let’s see what other shenanigens he pulls

  41. Movit Avatar

    People of Belize – Help the Belize Police Department to make Belize a safer nation. Go here to file a report on the corrupt/brutal police force:

  42. Mark_13 Avatar

    “If the U.S. Government wanted to force McAfee’s hand or kill him we’d all just be reading about some terrible accident”

    When people kill their spouses for example, they often just get rid of the body and say the victim disappeared. That seems to work amazingly well for just run-of the-mill murders. People can maintain their freedom for years while the cops try to prove a murder. If John was murdered (by GSU or whoever), that’s what will happen too. We’ll just never hear from him again.

  43. Cc Avatar

    We are praying for John and Sam tonight for safety, rest, warm food, and a hot bath or shower-Thinking of both of you tonight. Also thanks to Chad for all the updates and hard work.

  44. Todd Avatar

    Boycott Belize until this situation is resolved and John is released

  45. Mark_13 Avatar

    Here’s hoping you’re not murdered John. Wondering if CNN blew your cover.
    God Bless.

  46. Johnny Avatar

    Can anyone post 100 or more emails of elected and appointed government officials and the police in Belize that we can all email asking John and Samantha be treated fairly and honorably because if they’re harmed while in custody tourism numbers will quickly decline.

  47. Brian Avatar

    What credentials would you like?

  48. IllWill Avatar

    However, making this a “Belize is corrupt!?” thing is a bit preposterous. You show me a country without corrupt officials and I’ll show you heaven. i.e. no one is showing anyone anything.

    McAfee has done a good job of protecting himself in this matter: 1) escaping his home in time, 2) maintaining helpful contacts, 3) getting into the mass media outlets*, 4) making it appear to be a global concern! I assure you, he is only concerned with his own interests, reputation, and survival. If the U.S. Government wanted to force McAfee’s hand or kill him we’d all just be reading about some terrible accident instead of this (that’s why that media moves were so clutch – props there John. Now it’s going to look reeaally bad if they kill you). Just bc the Belizean police and GSU are too obvious or forceful doesn’t make them any worse.. just foolish.

  49. Oh Hey It's That Guy Again... Avatar
    Oh Hey It’s That Guy Again…

    I hope John is ok, wherever he is. Aside from that, I was trying to read the blog about 10 minutes ago and the website looked like it was being attacked (?) by hackers – certain elements were disappearing, and I couldn’t read some articles. I refreshed the webpage, then was redirected to a page that said my ip has been logged for a suspected attack (not exact words) and wanted me to type in a captcha to unblock or something. All I did was close the page and wait a while, but I am pretty confused. I can assure you I was not attacking your website. I have scanned for rootkits and other viruses and checked my network activity, and there is nothing. I only refreshed the page a few times, trying to read the blog.

  50. IllWill Avatar

    The Belizean Government isn’t going to say anything till the verdict is made. Via two new laws that were recently passed there, McAfee doesn’t get a jury. Sooo can anyone say he was wrong for running from an unfair trial? Furthermore, can you say you wouldn’t get caught in his situation, given he was probably set up?

    Honestly, why in the world would John McAfee kill someone HIMSELF? Even if Faul poisoned McAfee’s dog, McAfee could have the man killed for less than a thousand dollars… or do it himself without leaving damning evidence.

  51. IllWill Avatar

    The Belizean Government isn’t going to say anything till the verdict is made. Via two new laws that were recently passed there, McAfee doesn’t get a jury. Sooo can anyone say he was wrong for running from an unfair trial? Furthermore, can you say you wouldn’t get caught in his situation, given he was probably set up?

    Honestly, why in the world would John McAfee kill someone HIMSELF? Even if Faul poisoned McAfee’s dog, McAfee could have the man killed for less than a thousand dollars… or do it himself without leaving damning evidence.

    However, making this a “Belize is corrupt!?” thing is a bit preposterous. You show me a country without corrupt officials and I’ll show you heaven. i.e. no one is showing anyone anything.

    McAfee has done a good job of protecting himself in this matter: 1) escaping his home in time, 2) maintaining helpful contacts, 3) getting into the mass media outlets*, 4) making it appear to be a global concern! I assure you, he is only concerned with his own interests, reputation, and survival. If the U.S. Government wanted to force McAfee’s hand or kill him we’d all just be reading about some terrible accident instead of this (that’s why that media moves were so clutch – props there John. Now it’s going to look reeaally bad if they kill you). Just bc the Belizean police and GSU are too obvious or forceful doesn’t make them any worse.. just foolish.

  52. Belizean To the Bone Avatar
    Belizean To the Bone

    The circus continues. PARANOID

  53. Hicks Avatar

    Hope they’re ok!

  54. Petra Avatar

    I don’t think we should all be so concerned about this blog and who’d running it because the minute John surfaces it will be on every media outlet in the world.

  55. Belizean To the Bone Avatar
    Belizean To the Bone

    Know the Facts.

  56. Larukanpai Avatar

    Belize Steps Up Security Against Gangs

    “The ruling United Democratic Party has had limited success in papering over the country’s gang problem by a combination of tough enforcement coupled with providing jobs to gang members from the public purse so long as they “keep it down”, in essence buying them off to not create trouble. But in a country with a deteriorating economy, record unemployment and escalating cost of living – the plan has failed evidence the out of control events over the past two weeks that left a trail of bodies including that of one gang leader Arthur Young who was in police custody.”

  57. getrealeh Avatar

    This has happened at least twice in the last 2 years. The customs agents and cops helped put out the landing lights to guide the panes down onto the highway.

  58. Sharleen Avatar

    I’m sure the poisoning of his long time faithful dog Tiger affected him quite a bit, plus his fairly-shortly-hired but trusted security guy just was released from prison. From the beginning of this website, I really really thought that he was being too antagonistic to the government. Unless he wanted to leave of course. As (still a guest of the country) you have to be very respectful to those in authority, even if you think they are absolute deceitful politicials. Having lived in a third world country for many years I have an insight to what goes on and how they think. The only reason I have been checking out Belize is because of the ease of getting a car (relatively duty free) into there and getting my dogs in. It has become quite a drag for me to figure out what to do with them (my dogs) when I leave the US for eight months out of the year. And my Island of choice in the Caribbean has been corrupt for many many years. I have seen/witnessed many US / Canadian / Italian / German nationals brutalized by the government, murdered, set up, horrid tourist stories, just so much.
    I feel certain that John and Sam are fine, and were advised to stop posting stories at least right now, of course “TOURISM” rules, lord forbid if “tourists change their minds. about traveling to Belize this winter”.
    I feel this blog has been really great though, about letting the average US/Canadian citizen know that there are problems there. For about three years I have been reading the message boards, in general, Belize has some great incentives for luring retiring people to come there. A really extremely well thought out plan.
    My one and only… “I CAN BRING MY DOGS”.. won me over for sure. Well, I definitely won’t bring my dogs to this country. NO WAY…
    John & Sam if you are able to log on at this point, which I kind of doubt, I am SO sorry for your loss of a faithful and loving companion dog Tiger.
    Belize is definitely crossed off my list of retirement destinations, it seems there is MUCH too MUCH petty theft there. As we say on my island “BloodClat”….
    Bless you both, again, JA & India homes are both vacant at this time. Both in very remote locations.

  59. Anonymous Avatar

    Dear Belize,
    Do the right thing. People’s rights should always come first.

  60. getrealeh Avatar

    Clean up Belize and the tourists will come. No one wants to risk their life for a vacation. There are lots of other places you can go that are much safer. This is about crime and corruption, not your paycheque. If Belize has a bad rep it is incumbant upon the citizens of Belize to fix it. Your country is close to bankrupt. It just failed to make a loan payment. It is not up to the rest of the world to save you from yourselves.

  61. anonymous Avatar

    Dear Belize,
    The World IS watching. Do the right thing.

  62. Larukanpai Avatar

    “Another issue of concern is Belize’s level of corruption and frail rule of law. Here, Belize shares its current fate with the remainder of Central America. Poor training and low pay for civil servants leaves the system vulnerable. Bribes are common as are case dismissals for lack of evidence in the justice system. Training in forensic science, crime scene protection and legal protocols are just some of the basic training needs for the country’s police and judicial officers.

    All of this, unfortunately, presents a golden opportunity for narcotraffickers. Belize’s institutions are weak, police corruptible and unemployed population aplenty. Cartels appreciate the fact that the U.S. and Mexico give this nation little attention—allowing them to cultivate, package, transport and sell everything from cocaine to prostitutes and child workers to anyone willing to pay the price.”

  63. Larukanpai Avatar

    Concerns in Belize: Why the U.S. and Mexico Should Pay Attention

    “There are also signs that police forces are involved with narcotraffickers—especially with Mexico’s elite Zetas hit squad. In 2010, police stopped traffic and lit a highway to allow a night landing for a twin-engine Beechcraft crammed with $130 million worth of cocaine. The cargo was seized by national authorities with aid from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) after the craft clipped a wing.”

  64. fendidonna Avatar

    John…congratulations on getting the story re corruption in Belize into just about every newspaper of significance in the entire 1st world within the last 24 hours.

    That’s a pretty astonishing achievement.

    Looking forward to the FT article soon….

    Stay safe and happy!

  65. Chad Essley Avatar

    Editing post to address this comment. -Chad

  66. matt Avatar

    never trust the MSM

  67. Lisa Avatar

    Be safe

  68. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    It really appears something has happened to John and Sam too.

    Others who know John say he’s a control freak and would want to be involved with his blog which has also been his contact with the world during this turmoil.

    Obviously, he’s been silenced by someone.

  69. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    John … hope you are safe and have finally decided to leave Belize temporarily to fight this on stronger ground.

  70. dave hardisty Avatar

    Thank YOU~~CHAD ! ! & Good on you~Brian

  71. Paul Bear Avatar

    Just sent this e-mail to a Belize gov. web site:
    “I have followed links all over your government web site, and I can clearly see that John McAfee is really on to something with his complaints of corruption, violation of human rights and of brutality in Belize. Your country really IS becoming a police state! You really are turning down a dangerous road with your many militaristic tactics, that is if you care at all, if you really do believe in liberty. I warn you that you are heading in the same direction as the National Socialists and other Fascists in Europe of the 1930s, which history has not judged kindly, to say the least.

    I don’t know whether John is guilty of anything or not, but do you realize how your ill-advised raid on his compound last April (at the behest of US authorities, it is also rumored), plus the abuses lately, are making your country look??? I don’t live there now, but I did as a little boy for a while, and I am a proponent of liberty and a libertarian perspective for all governments, everywhere, and I see that you are as deluded as I once was, also (when I supported the hysteria of George Bush, etc. following 911), about the foolishness of adopting a heavy-handed non-transparent governance anywhere for any reason, using any even legitimate-sounding excuse, such as crime or “gang” fighting.

    Also, if you don’t let the three friends of John McAfee, whom you seem to have jailed on trumped up charges, ALSO go, then you will look even worse before this is all over in the media. You can’t hide this story… it is too much of a sensation, and you will only make John look like a hero if you give him fodder like you have already.

    Don’t think for a moment that playing on John’s eccentricities and apparent paranoia in the international media will make the world miss the other major story about Belize here… the story of Nazi-like tactics and corruption of arrogant power growing in Belize in the name of “democracy and freedom”… Those words are SO SOILED by such false associations that it makes me want to puke just to hear the expressions sometimes, now-a-days, since everyone started copying the US’s mistaken “national security” culture that grew out of 911 and the so-called “Patriot Act” that has undermined the rights written in America’s constitution. The saddest part is watching countries everywhere copying America’s mistake as if America can do no wrong!

    It would be better to let 100 crimes go unpunished than to inadvertently abuse the sacred rights of even one innocent person, and you don’t seem to get that, or that you are now looking VERY bad in international eyes, and you will ONLY LOOK WORSE IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO JOHN MCAFEE during this strange story.

    The whole world is watching…”

  72. Branson Avatar

    Mr Fitzgerald, could you elaborate on your relationship with Mr McAfee? How did you come to be his spokesperson. The readers have not heard from Mr McAfee in quite some time and given this, would you be so kind to provide some credentials? Thank-you, R

  73. European American Avatar
    European American

    Who’s the “official spokesperson for John McAfee”, Chad Essley or Brian Fitzgerald?

    Would it be correct to assume, if any reliable news were to break regarding John McAfee, the Official Spokesperson, and only that person, would share with the blog, such information? All other news from bloggers posting here should be considered rumor? Does the official spokesperson screen every comment before it is posted?

  74. ColB Avatar

    i wait with anticipation, i’ve been following this since day dot and have only just posted now. hopefully all is well for John and Sam.

  75. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    This is a mystery.

  76. Darcie Avatar

    Yes, John…hope you are ok…maybe just in a safer place?!. Does anyone know where Sam his friend is? Is she missing too! Be safe, be careful! Many, many people are thinking good thoughts towards you!

  77. T.Johnson Avatar

    The present situation is bad for business, the government, and McAfee. This distrust of the police is a reputation they have brought on themselves, so it is understandable that McAfee does not feel safe about the idea of “being held for questioning”. Just look at what has happened to his friends Eddie Ancona, Cassian Chavarria, and William Mulligan.

    The GOB could publish its list of questions through newspaper or other recognized media and McAfee could provide complete and verifiable answers. At some point the GOB could say, “We have completed our investigation of McAfee and his answers to our questions regarding the murder of Mr. Faull, all items found on the McAfee property, and Mr Ancona, Mr Chavarria, and Mr. Mulligan. No charges will be filed.”

    Is this an unconventional way to handle police business? Absolutely. But we find ourselves in a unique situation where the reputation of Belize is being examined by the world press, tourists, potential retirees, investors and the legal community. Desperate situations sometimes require desperate answers. The only swift resolution is to release Mr. Ancona and his fellow prisoners, publish complete questions, obtain and examine the answers, and then make a public statement that can be trusted.

    If the public statement ends up being “We are going to pursue McAfee with the GSU” , then let the present situation continue, but at least we will all have had a chance to see the GOB and McAfee “cooperate” in an attempt to resolve these matters, which are hurting the reputation and the economy of our country.

  78. truthseeker Avatar

    This is terrible. He said it would happen but it is still terrible.

  79. Nuklehed Avatar

    Did the anon caller have a creole accent?

  80. Julian Avatar

    hope your o.k. man!