GSU Raid My Property Today


Today, at 10:45 A.M, the GSU and the Coast Guard raided my property in San Pedro.  They confiscated approximately $400,000 worth of property – cameras, computers, police gear purchased for donations (Note: I had donated tasers, pepper spray, to the SP Police department 4 weeks ago) and other items.  They spent 3 hours ransacking every one of my buildings.  This is the 8th search of my property since my disappearance.  It is certain, in my mind that something or other was planted during this search.  What it may be, I have no clue.  This is the first time that they have openly taken items from me since the first raid in April of this year.

This is all I know for now.  Stay tuned.

Update:  Sam’s father has just been arrested.  Threatened to taser him.  Locked my housekeeper in her house.  Terrorized her.  This is April all over again.

My email password has been changed.  I am sure this is the GSU.  They took my computers.

Anyone with friends in Yahoo – I have no email access.  Call your friend at Yahoo.  I need my account back.


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  1. test Avatar

    I like this post, enjoyed this one thanks for posting.

  2. A Belizean Avatar
    A Belizean

    John, First of all, I feel for you. You either have real enemies, or you are deeply delusional. I do not doubt that the Police have ransacked your property, and perhaps stolen your personal goods, but you should meet with the Police to clear up your name, if you are innocent. Then, afterwards, please, go someplace else. We don’t need you, we don’t want you, and you obviously hate our country, otherwise you would not disrespect all of us by putting our flag upside down on your blog. We are a peaceful people, but none of us like people who come here and disrespect our country, or our flag, and throw mud at us. I am sorry your neighbor is dead, and I am sorry the Police want to ask you questions about that death, but you need to either come in and clear your name, or go away, and do not come back.

  3. Lili C. Love Avatar
    Lili C. Love

    Praying for you and Sam! Good luck!

  4. USweedhead Avatar

    These dudes r the Shit! I wish my black ass could hack into somethin

  5. USweedhead Avatar

    dont even trust Sam in a minute she will become a liability……they know she will be the easiest way to You…whether u accept that or not..

  6. fll Avatar

    Not going back to Belize……the USA and CA most of Europe are safe enough. I thought MX had gotten scary….congratulations Belize. Your inbred police and govt have finally influenced many of us Americans with disposable income not to come back and to spread the word to others. Your honest people will end up suffering the most as a result of your greed and corruption, but you (the lovely police and government) are definately too blind to care. It will affect you and yours at some point. You’ll see. John – thank you for exposing this and God be with you.

  7. Matt Avatar

    Hoping you had a kill switch for your hard drives, and remote hosting.

  8. Detour Avatar

    years ago ALL of my email addy’s and all social media pages hijacked and Yahoo was THE only one i could get back. you got my yahoo email addy . surely one of your people can help with yhat. if not you’ve got my Yahoo addy….have someone contact me if I can help!


  9. rico Avatar

    How would the GSU change your Yahoo password after taking your stuff??? unless you always let your computers browser to remember the password for you – which is not a smart thing expected from someone of your calibre!! also in changing your password i guease you had some security quesion on yahoo to verify that you are the rightful owner or an alternate email address to reset your password- all this seems to have been there on your PC for anyone to use – not smart at all!!!

  10. European American Avatar
    European American

    So, Expat, why does McAfee stay in Belize? He could obviously get there in a heart beat if he wanted.

    No, in America he would have to pay someone, somewhere, off, to settle things, directly or indirectly. America is not the country you left 5 years ago. The elites here hate people like McAfee. He may be rich but they can’t handle his unconditional resistance to servitude.

    And why do you remain in Central America? You paint a rather bleak picture, yet you remain?

    Here’s the deal in America. It’s becoming one massive FEMA camp. And everyday the noose gets tighter. One day, the door will be shut and no one, other than those officials at “the highest levels” will have “permission” to enter or exit. And you better believe, YOU won’t ever be coming back. (Not that you’d want to.)

  11. another old timer Avatar
    another old timer

    John, Samantha;

    From an aerospace engineer reviewing this data- The Belize police and government are
    the same as kidnappers and terrorist holding people hostage. They are trying to get to
    John as he has made an absolute fool of the Belize government and and all police involved.

    As an American I believe all American citizens should demand America
    To not send any dollars in 2013 to Belize. They requested a little over $1 million
    but luckily it has already been reduced. Also all Americans should demand of
    Our United States government to not allow any TRAVEL to Belize until the kidnappers
    Have released all associates of John and Sam.

    Maybe John is guilty but maybe he is not, the Belize government should go after John not all
    of his friends. This is tactics that gangs, cartels, or terrorists use.

    John I will push this from the mainland.

  12. John McAfee Avatar

    Please see “Introduction”, and First and Second Anthony Rhaburn Transcrips.

  13. Expat Avatar

    Mr. McAfee: What is your current legal status in Belize? Is there an arrest warrant out for you or not? If there is an arrest warrant then what is the charge? If there is no arrest warrant then why are you in hiding?

  14. SilconValley Avatar

    Hi John,
    Bummer bro. That’s a lot of stuff. Hopefully they left the truly sentimental items behind. tasters and guns and stuff, can be replaced.

    You took a big risk living there. with possessions and money- it’s a shame you’ve become a target.

    this is how many latin american countries work. look at Mexico, what a mess. I can understand visiting or even living in these places for parts of the year but I don’t understand why you would settle with exposure to so much risk?

    I completely understand having a team of armed guards- it’s the right thing to do if you can afford it- but any place that would require you to have such a staff, may not be the safest place on the block.

    It sucks to see you on the run, for really no reason. Wise choice on leaving. Hopefully they’ll find who committed the homicide next door.

    If you haven’t left that country by now, perhaps you should try?

  15. Expat Avatar

    No it is not USA style corruption. I’ve lived in both 1st and 3rd world and let me tell you it is night and day. I never experienced in your face extortion until I arrived in Central America. Cops will shake you down big time and do illegal search and seizure, whatever to solicit a bribe. This rarely happens in the USA. In the 3rd world, contractors and government workers all solicit bribes for favors. It’s open and expected. In the USA you will go to jail and loose your government pension if your are caught. Please don’t even try to compare USA with Central America, they are completely different worlds. It’s the wild west in Central America. There is no rule of law or protection for expats. Ask McAfee what he thinks. In the USA he could mount a legal defense and win. In Belize he is hosed.

  16. Gary weedall Avatar
    Gary weedall

    @officialmcafee anyone who thinks is true is an idiot.

  17. Lili Love Avatar
    Lili Love

    Good luck Sam and John!

  18. Lili Avatar

    Sam: So sorry about your Dad. John and Sam, so sorry for your troubles. Be careful!

  19. Mass one Avatar
    Mass one

    There’s no way this shit is gonna ever be “swept under the rug” and things will go back to being hunky dory, so to speak. In other words, get the fuck out of dodge asap!

  20. conrad Avatar

    sounds like Bellflower CA this is USA style corruption my friend

  21. godot Avatar

    THIMK! It’s about circles of trust. To “say they found something” requires that the entire force be in on the story. To plant something requires only a single actor to share in the secret. Smaller groups keep secrets better, and can more easily keep their story straight.

  22. godot Avatar

    Be optimistic: They turned Sam’s father loose. Maybe the tide has turned. Maybe the GSU needed an excuse to go back into the property to protect John and themselves — by retrieving the “lunches” John suggested they planted there in a previous raid — and pillaging is just a natural and believable cover for their beneficence.

  23. Expat Avatar

    @European American: what you need to understand is corruption in the USA is at the highest levels much of which you do not see. In 3rd world countries corruption is at all levels, even down to the caretaker. It smacks you in the face. In the USA if a government employee solicits a bribe, he will lose his job and go to jail. In a banana republic, nothing with happen to the guy. Maybe he will lose his job at worst. What is happening to Mr. McAfee would not happen in the USA because there still is rule of law there. I currently live in Central America for the past 5 years so I know the meaning of corruption and being extorted. It is wicked here unlike anywhere in the USA.

  24. John McAfee Avatar

    Don’t have his number. Yours does not answer,

  25. European American Avatar
    European American

    Lisa says “I will never holiday with my family in Belize.”

    Speaking of where and where not to “holiday” with your family, lisa. Might I suggest that you also consider avoiding, at all costs, the most rampantly corrupt, third world cesspool on the plant, that being Los Estados Unidos de America? I’m a native there, here (barely) and I can vouch that even the bolshevic president has a forked tongue, as do all politicians in this country, both sides of the fence, and they would slit your throat in a second, just for a few dollars.

    I suspect there is an intelligent reason why Mr. McAfee chooses to remain in Belize, aside from his present quandary. Just maybe the local police have been contacted by representatives of the Mulatto in DC? Corruption begets corruption.

  26. Parker Avatar

    John – Please get in touch with Jeff at Remax regarding my offer. Thanks and God Speed. Parker.

  27. Padraig Avatar

    Tallyman is 100% correct. I have been saying the same thing.

  28. Mentor Avatar

    Passed on.

  29. DB Avatar

    Thanks John, I like and admire that little lady, and hate that this is happening to her, and I am sure that is a huge concern of yours as well.

  30. John McAfee Avatar

    Would love to. Don’t have a contact email.

  31. getrealeh Avatar

    Sam’s dad has been released according to John’s twitter. Maybe we should start a foundation to fund a new wing to house all the friends of john mcafee that the Belizian governemnt arrests. There must be a limit to hoe many inmates Hattiville can hold. We could name it the Victims of the Barrow gang.

  32. DB Avatar

    Sam is wanted??? Has she been charged? What the hell is going on?

  33. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    Uh Oh,

    I don’t know today if Johns posts ring the right way today. I noticed the update was on the same initial post about the raid. With all of the publicity, and now a ‘raid’, perhaps the cops are using a standing warrant. I am wondering if the place was actually ransacked, or if a bunch of stuff was just taken into custody. I wonder if these raids are damaging property, why the embassy doesn’t file formal complaints. I wonder if the cops flipped anyone to admit that John may have mentioned a take down of Mr. Faull, and someone acted on it as a favor. I don’t think John ordered anything BTW. I do wonder what connections are being made by the GSU, and perhaps that’s why they did take Sams dad in. I wonder if there is competence in the police force for investigations of this level. I wonder if planting IS actually going to be a used option. I wonder if Sam is going to have to make some very hard decisions. And here, I am stressed following these latest events. Ouch.

  34. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    john, in light of recent events you should seriously consider trying to reach out to anonymous for help. theyve pressured governments before and its worked…..also now that your email has seemingly been hacked, i think your could use some extra cyber protection/offence. im not sure they would even help out but when your lifes on the line, you need all the friends you can get. but if you make it through all this, can i come visit you? i would be honored just to meet you once and pick your brain for an hour or something.

  35. doctorsuperman Avatar

    It might stand to reason that Sam’s father was arrested, because she is “missing” and with you. That way they put pressure on her, to turn herself in, so she might turn you in, or that might place pressure on the father to divulge where Sam and John are or might be “on vacation”.
    I am not clear on which basis they can confiscate items that would not be directly related to the murder investigation.

  36. rumsrite Avatar


  37. rumsrite Avatar

    I know thats right

  38. John McAfee Avatar

    I had difficulty carrying 2,000 pounds of stuff while on the run. So I just left it.

  39. Sharleen Avatar

    praying for you man…. I know the justice system of Third World countries, “there is NO justice”. I had a friend in Jamaica who owned a beautiful once “ESTATE” “grand home” type of place. The po-po planted “one bullet” there, had him arrested, his family had the great sense to have him committed into the hospital immediately, thus he didn’t have to go, as the Monopoly game states “directly to jail.”
    Eventually, the government decided to drop the charges as long as they were able to confiscate the “great estate”. It was an absolutely beautiful place, overlooking the Caribbean Ocean. “White Hall Estate” was the name of the place. Someone burned that beautiful house down and then it became a squatters place.
    I definitely want to mention that today at my job, while accessing your site, a very strange message came up. Verifying my IP address or something, I immediately logged off.
    When situations like this come up… believe me, the “Tourist Board” gets the shakes. My long time beloved, thirty years now, “paradise” country, crooked as they become… so because of that factor, I have been researching other places, thus, because you can get a car into Belize, as well as a lot of other things… I have been for sure a “fan” of Belize. Let me tell you, NO MORE a fan.
    I have a certain amount of protection (in Jamaica) just from living there, and being a “good” citizen there. The population point me out tihe bad boys, gang members “No bodda she or yuh haffi deal wid me”…
    I am so very sorry that your country of choice is dissing you so, I think you should marry your lady and get out of dodge ASAP.
    I feel certain that her fadda was arrested because of your post. The Tourist Board is a HUGE factor, so everyone on board here, please email them. I, for one, will stay put in my Caribbean hideout. I feel kind of bad, Belize (website) gives quite a bit of bonuses to retiring Us/CA citizens and I was looking forward to being there.
    My offer for the place free of charge in India still stands, FAR FAR out of the civilization of India,
    Due to ongoing renovations in my upstate NY home, my Jamaica place and my home in India are currently vacant. I also have contacts where you would be welcome “far out” of Buff’s Bay and deep into the John Crowe Mountains, if you are ever desparate for a change of venue.

  40. DB Avatar

    Sam, I am so sorry about your father. John, that is just so openly corrupt, in your face corrupt, that they would be allowed to carry away belongings when you have not been charged with a crime significant enough to allow this to happen. I cannot see how the issue of illegal guns would allow them to take away your property. That is one nasty government you have working to get you. Damn, it pisses me off reading this. For sure, Sam, I will write the government, once I calm down. I wonder if they even bother to read the emails though. I also will mention that they have lost a yet more tourists who regularly visit Belize. This is beyond insane. What has me really wound up, more than the property, is the continued imprisionment of friends and family. It is almost nazi like, no, it is nazi like. Stay safe you two, you have the eyes of the world upon you, and alot of folks concern for your safety. GSU, you folks are not right, did you parents really raise you to be what you are today? Would they be proud of you? Damn.

  41. Ed Avatar

    How can we help? I have emailed and emailed the Government listings John posted..HIDE DEEP AND NO MORE PICTURES! That will get you caught…Our prayers are with you and John….

  42. USweedhead Avatar

    Sam have u heard anything about why they have your father or the condition they are treating him? Does your dad stay on Johns property too?

  43. James Galt Avatar
    James Galt

    In Belize, when the government doesn’t like you, watch out! This guy had his land stolen from him by the government and had to take his case all the way to the Supreme Court to stop them—- and they still want to take his land even after the court ruled in his favor!
    Samuel Bruce fights government for his property in court

    Samuel Bruce

    Samuel Bruce

    A legal battle over a property in Benque Viejo del Carmen is now before the Chief Justice. In one corner is Samuel Bruce, who got an injunction in the Supreme Court to stop the takeover of his property. In the other corner is the government, who wants the land. And smack in the middle is the Mount Carmel Primary School. Today the case started before Chief Justice, Dr. Abdulai Conteh, but it did not last for very long because the attorneys for the government, Priscilla Banner and Magali Perdomo asked for an adjournment in order to prepare skeletal arguments. The adjournment was granted but the CJ did not grant their request to have the injunction varied, which means that it will be applied to both sides. This would have prevented both Bruce and the government any kind of control over the land. According to Bruce, the entire property is worth one point two million dollars and he wonders why government is trying to take control of the land for a private institution that already has plenty to spare. News Five sat down with Samuel Bruce, the man who says he has held title to the land for close to two decades. Marion Ali reports.

    Marion Ali, Reporting

    Samuel Bruce has been living in Benque Viejo del Carmen for the past twenty years and says he has owned just over nine acres of land in the area since 1991. Over the years, he has developed the front half of the property. But according to Bruce, the government wants to acquire four point four acres of that land for Mount Carmel Primary School, a private Catholic institution. And that has brought the two sides before the Chief Justice. Bruce explains how he came to own the land.

    Samuel Bruce, Landowner

    “When I originally acquired the land, I bought it from a private individual, it was a private property, it was never a government land or lease land. In 1991, I bought it from Jose Guerra Mena.”

    Marion Ali

    “From then you’ve been working on it?”

    Samuel Bruce

    “Oh yes, there have been extensive development in the front section closest to the hydro or Arenal Road and then in July and August of 2008 when we were forming the People’s Coalition, neighborhood watch and these programs to combat crime.”

    Bruce says that he wrote to his Area Representative, Edwin Contreras, outlining his plans to develop the other half of his property for the economic upliftment of the community. The plan for the multipurpose facility includes swimming pools, playgrounds, a skateboard park, sporting courts, and space for business booths. He said Contreras initially supported the plan but when the work began, Bruce said he got a surprise.

    Samuel Bruce

    “I was informing him what my plans were with the hope that he would assist in some type of concessions and things like pumps for the swimming pools, things like that because he is the Minister of Economic Development and he is our Area Minister and he had pledged the support for such a project. Only until a friend of mine who works in Lands brought to my attention that my land is being acquired for a public school. That was in January of 2009.”

    By November of last year, Bruce said Mount Carmel had already conducted surveys on his land.

    Samuel Bruce

    “I was shown a document where the Ministry of Natural Resources gave permission for them to survey my land and on two occasions they had gone into my land, chopped and cleaned certain areas to make a survey, chopped down trees and stuff. The survey was done on November ninth, 2009.”

    Marion Ali

    “But do you have an understanding of how they got access to it?”

    Samuel Bruce

    “Not one official church leader has spoken with me. I would welcome them.”

    We tried to get Minister Erwin Contreras and the person in charge of Mount Carmel Parish, Deacon Cal Cathers, but both were out. The Minister, we were told will be out for the entire week. Reporting for News Five, Marion Ali.

    Samuel Bruce told us that he also had an appointment in April last year to see the Minister of Lands, Gaspar Vega, and that when he went to the Minister’s office he was told there would be no meeting. The case will resume on February twenty-third.

  44. falafel Avatar

    John f**k Belize, seriously. This will not end well. You think they are going to give up just like that and apologize? You gonna beat them in court? You’re pretty badass for a 67 year old, but this is you vs. fking army literally. They will probably kill you, and then say you shot first.. get out and don’t look back ever

  45. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    the bigger question to ask is why there were left to be taken? I would assume they were of some importance, with valuable information… but maybe not….his name is Mc Afee , after all

  46. James Galt Avatar
    James Galt

    Just like a set of gangsters when things don’t go their way. Go back and steal or destroy a person’s belongings and kidnap (arrest) more friends and family members. Like something out of a B movie. I wonder who is making up the script for this. The GSU is definitely showing their true colors in all this. A bunch of jackbooted thugs.

  47. soundless Avatar

    Hey John,
    Being at least as paranoid as you are ( in the most positive way of course)I wonder didn’t you encrypt your HDD?

  48. Lisa Avatar

    I will never holiday with my family in Belize. I pray for the safe release of your friends!

  49. Lisa Avatar

    John, this is insane! The GSU are obviously looking for anything to pin you with. I’ll tell you this, our family will never holiday in Belize. I pray for the release of your friends!

  50. sysop Avatar

    I am curious if any US reporters are still around to make a story out of this. And, I am surprises you haven’t commissioned someone to move all your stuff out of your properties. And, can you sell your house and receive the proceeds without personally showing up to a closing somewhere in Belize?
    I think your fantasy of them just acting like nothing ever happened and going back your normal life is not probable. And, you keep poking the dog with a stick. it CAN get worse if you keep it it.

  51. samantha Avatar

    these peolpe are getting me s sick and tierd i want to boom the whole gov”t of belize and it silly as gsu i just wish this crap would stop poor john i hate seening this look in his face if anyone can try to help him plz do so this is un fair to him plz listen to me an e_mail y=the nasty bad minded gov’t

  52. Tallyman Avatar

    Check, check posting has been working…

  53. Living in Belize Avatar
    Living in Belize

    I agree with Mr. Smoketoomuch:

    Why donate something to someone I disagree with and I don’t support?

    Why didn’t you build a school to enhance education and or a factory to improve income possibilities for underprivileged Belizeans?

    If the police gear of $400.000 was to be donated, why do you complain? They picked up, what was meant for them.

    And: How else should they react? You had quite a few days to turn in yourself, now what should they do? They search for evidence. I would do the same.

    Nevertheless I am very impressed. This is a new kind of guerrilla journalism, Truman Capote and Hubert Selby interactive. It is thrilling and enticing, with all elements of a good fairy tale: the bad king (PM Barrow) and his evil forces (GSU), the rich prince (John) and the innocent beauty (Sam). This is more than genius.

    So please fix the story here, it is becoming a bit weak. Or is that all intentional to keep up the tension?

    Just love it!

  54. USweedhead Avatar

    I think Vidal ran out of kids to bully so he decided to get the rich whiteboy with 7 women surrounding him…less threat more fuckin serious

  55. sysop Avatar

    How do you think he knew about this raid? How do you think he knew about the dogs being dug up? How do you think he knew about the man “almost” selling his wares to an AP reporter on his dock? Oh that’s right, that man was John. Give me a break… that place is wired and police were/are too stupid to realize it.

  56. Gaby Avatar

    Johm, I am so sorry. Sam, I am so sorry about your father. On what basis could they arrest yhe father of Sam? This is outrageous and I am fightened for you both. Stay safe. Please other bloggers send some positive comments. i think they have been questionned to the max..whatever your opinion, this couple is under enough stress.

  57. formerlytest Avatar

    Anyone ever tell you that you are one hell of a stubborn sob… now get the hell out of Belize! You are being set-up as we speak.

    (Unless you are already out of Belize, which I suspect, then just ignore me.)

  58. Tallyman Avatar

    Mulligan was just certified in taser use.

    What crime has Sam’s father comitted?

    Was Greg Faull involved with smuggling cocaine to FL?

  59. Tallyman Avatar

    This Faull guy, hate to be the jerk that draws conclusions but…. If anything I have read is true he was the owner of a bar/eatery in Seminole county Florida. Arrested in 1997 and again in 2009, the second time for aggravated battery. My 15 years of Florida time has shown most bars are hotspots for drugs. If he had a violent side but was a sucessful business owner cocaine and booze are the first things that come to my mind. All this conjecture is simply to suggest that Greg may have been operating on the shady side. I’ll be flamed for making these statements but I’ve heard too much about underworld narco shit in the “Berlizean” (yes with an ‘r’) jungle to not be suspect. Bad dealings or just the wrong address?

  60. Hop Avatar

    Could you post a google maps pin to see your property? Keep it up!

  61. Mentor Avatar

    Need of some assistance? Provide the e-mail addy and perhaps someone may gain access to it and return it to it’s rightful owner.

  62. Anita Avatar

    Uhm….if your password has been changed how do you know all your emails have disappeared?

  63. GSU Avatar

    Sam’s a snitch!

  64. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    They probably forgot what and where they planted stuff the first time … so now they said #&CK it … let’s remove everything.

  65. Lady from Belize Avatar
    Lady from Belize

    Somehow am not surprised with this post……..About midday today I saw a convoy of GSU, Police and Canine vehicles blazing siren and lights down the Boom/Hattiville road, I was secretly hoping it was not you they had found and taken to jail straight away!…..for the folks who don’t know…..the above name road leads to the prison!………..Keep the faith JDM!!

  66. Dan Armeneau Avatar
    Dan Armeneau

    Last time I heard it wasn’t a crime to be a philanthropist rich dude.

  67. Ed Avatar

    BTW, now that they have the computers…they have all your contacts one way or another…suspect everyone and trust no one other than Samantha…

  68. nh Avatar

    This gives credence to what you have been saying all along. I wonder if they had a court order or if such even exists in Belize and if so, what was the reason? I imagine, if so, it was looking for evidence, possibly trying to find other firearms that they could check the ballistics on. I wonder if they are pursuing any other leads/suspects?

  69. getrealeh Avatar

    hope you had cameras on the inside that recorded this raid.

  70. Chad Essley Avatar

    Unbelievable John! Simply unbelievable.
    Is there any quincedence this is happened right after tweeting Dean Barrow? Disgusting!

  71. Ed Avatar

    Dude, they are closing the loop AND probably YES planting stuff…stay deep and no more pictures…as much as we love to see them they are being analyzed by the pixel…Samantha is correct…love her and follow her lead…women have a 6th sense…stay deep my friend…they are after you big time and from previous experience…IT SUCKS…STAY DEEP…Praying for you…I know what it is like…Prayer works!!

  72. Nightrider Avatar

    Shouldn’t have posted those pictures of all of the “gifts” you keep in stock. I’ll be watching for those watches to turn up on wrists in town. The binoculars will probably be for sale at one of the Chinese stores lol. Sorry about your misfortune. Any kind of insurance on that stuff?

  73. GLK Avatar

    Previously “Martinez did say however, that a crime was committed as it relates to the firearms found on McAfee’s property…” ( )

    “Listening now…I quote him saying it was a prank. So if I got it radically incorrect, that implies it wasn’t a prank.” ( )

    What about Connie ? any help ?

  74. Matt Avatar

    if they are so corrupt, would they even need to plant anything? wouldn’t they simply just say they “found something” to implicate you?

  75. Mr. Smoketoomuch Avatar
    Mr. Smoketoomuch

    Could you illuminate why you were donating to the local police forces? And especially not-exactly-non-lethal equipment like tasers?
    Seems like paying your taxes should be enough?

    An earlier comment from a fellow Belizean of yours implied that donating stuff to a corrupt government and police force just tells them that you’re trying to buy them off?

  76. formerlytest Avatar

    Stupid move unless they really want to kill tourism in Belize.

  77. Simon Avatar

    This isn’t right John. the rule of law these days is becoming less and less “just” with every blatant over-step. Thank you for making this public so the work can watch yet another example of the police state fulfilling the wishes of an unofficial pompous royalty. Piss them off and it’s off with your head.

    Hopefully real justice will prevail some way or another for you!

  78. Anon Avatar


  79. McAfee4President Avatar

    Sounds like they are just looting your stuff.. I’m sure they were in there planting something too..
    Glad you’re still safe!