Tome AI Explained: A Powerful AI Presentation Tool

AI has become an unstoppable force, with its presence permeating every facet of our lives. The relentless progress in AI research and development has led to the creation of a myriad of powerful tools that can accomplish a wide range of tasks. With applications ranging from natural language processing and computer vision to data analysis and automation, AI is revolutionizing industries, reshaping our work processes, and transforming our daily lives. Today we turn our heads toward one such AI tool – Tome AI. 

Creating presentations can be tedious and uninteresting, and It’s no secret that audiences often share the same sense of boredom during these presentations. What if I tell you that there is an AI tool that can make your presentation just by writing a simple English prompt? You guessed it right, I am referring to Tome AI. 

Follow along as we take a closer look at this remarkable AI sensation and find out whether it possesses the potential to deliver impactful presentations that leave a lasting impression.

What is Tome AI?

Tome, an AI storytelling platform, harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to produce content that resembles human-generated material. This website leverages natural language processing and machine learning to create persuasive presentations, offering valuable benefits for professionals and businesses.

To accomplish this, Tome Tome synergizes the capabilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DALL-E 2, extracting textual information from ChatGPT while images from DALL-E 2. Generating a presentation using Tome is straightforward; users just need to provide a natural language description of their requirements. In response, Tome generates approximately six to eight slides accompanied by relevant images and text.

Tome AI presentations boast visually captivating designs and abound with relevant, informative content. If you have ever used ChatGPT for content generation, the quality of output is going to be similar here. Nevertheless, with Tome, there’s no need to sift through numerous ChatGPT results to curate a presentation. It just does the right things for you; it selects essential information and autonomously incorporates AI-generated images, streamlining the process and ensuring a polished final result.

How Does Tome AI Work?

For individuals, businesses, or professionals, presentations play a vital role in the communication of ideas and information. They serve as a means to persuade, inspire, and engage the target audience effectively. Crafting a captivating presentation, however, is no simple task and often requires extensive searching through numerous web pages and documents to find relevant and compelling content. Don’t worry anymore! Tome is here to save your day!

Tome is packed with the prowess of AI and can do 2-hour work in minutes. No need to write long descriptions or long stories. With just a simple prompt, Tome’s AI engines spring into action, generating captivating presentations akin to those created with Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Furthermore, if you are not happy with any element of the result, be it the information, image, or visual appearance, you have a wide range of editing tools available. Just by clicking on the segment and texts, you can modify their appearance, rewrite the content, adjust tone, reduce/extend word count, and fix grammatical errors. 

Tome presents a user-friendly platform similar to Microsoft PowerPoint, where you can seamlessly incorporate tables, graphs, animations, and images to enhance your presentations. Not only that, the speech-to-text description feature allows you to simply dictate your input to AI instead of writing, particularly useful in generating transcripts from hard copies of documents. 

While technical AI knowledge is not a prerequisite to using the platform, however, for those well-versed in AI, the possibilities expand even further. Just be as informative and clear with prompts as you can, and leave the rest of Tome.

Tome AI Features

Here are some Tome AI features:

1. Create Compelling Stories

Whether you’re preparing a medical presentation, showcasing products to clients, or narrating a story to a publisher, Tome AI caters to all your needs. Its potent ChatGPT model adeptly handles a wide range of topics, while the remarkable DALL-E 2 seamlessly integrates essential images, resulting in a polished and professional project. 

From diverse subject matters to various presentation styles, Tome AI’s capabilities ensure that your content looks impressive and engaging, meeting the demands of any task you undertake.

2. Generate the Presentation You Need

Tome AI serves as a versatile presentation creation tool, catering to numerous fields. From educational to marketing copies and client presentations to employee induction, the platform adapts to diverse content needs. Its ability to generate text tailored to specific industries and audiences ensures that the output remains relevant and impactful. 

Furthermore, users can customize the tone and style of the content, allowing for seamless integration into various platforms and channels.

3. Add Immersive AI Images

Tome AI goes beyond just text generation by incorporating AI-generated images into the content. These immersive visuals complement the presentations, enhancing the overall appeal and effectiveness. There is no need to write a separate prompt for the images; AI knows the best!

Users can upload their custom images, search for web images or just rely on AI to include images as per the content. This fusion of textual and visual elements creates a powerful experience, making your presentation more engaging than ever and memorable for readers. 

4. Create a Presentation from Documents

Tome AI simplifies the task of transforming text documents into professional presentations. All you need to do is upload the document, and AI will extract key points, organize information, and add visually appealing elements to give you a ready-to-use presentation in mere seconds. Users can choose from various templates and themes, or they can customize the design to align with their branding. 

5. Fine-Tune Your Work

To refine the already simplified AI presentation, Tome AI offers a wide range of editing options, ensuring that you are not solely reliant on machine-generated content. Similar to Microsoft PowerPoint, you have access to text editing features, enabling you to modify color, size, alignment, fonts, add links, and apply formatting such as bold or italic.

In addition, a comprehensive set of AI editing tools is available, allowing you to rewrite selected content, correct spelling and grammar errors, adjust the length of the text, and more. To effectively tailor the content to a specific audience, you can also specify the desired tone, be it neutral, friendly, excited, persuasive, or intellectual. 

These editing capabilities empower you to have full control over the final presentation, ensuring it resonates with your idea and intended audience.

What Can I Do with Tome AI?

Below are several tasks that you can perform with Tome AI:

  • Craft engaging presentations for professional, academic, or client-related purposes.
  • Transform text documents into visually appealing presentations.
  • Generate AI-generated images to enhance your content.
  • Craft persuasive product descriptions, marketing materials, and other compelling content.
  • Use for educational applications, aiding in learning and knowledge dissemination.
  • Create dedicated pages on specific topics for specialized presentations.
  • Share your presentations with others through web links.
  • Discover and integrate images from the web.
  • Customize text settings, including fonts, alignment, size, color, and more, to suit your preferences.
  • Enhance your presentations with various elements like video tiles, text tiles, GIFs, tables, and more.
  • Apply visually cohesive themes to give your presentations a polished look and feel.

How to Use Tome AI?

It’s extremely easy to access Tome AI. As of now, the program is accessible only through its website. Take the following steps:

1. Sign up and Select Plan

  • Access through your web browser.
  • Click on Try Tome to proceed to the Sign-up page.

  • Click on Continue with Google or enter a different email ID to create your Tome account.

  • Next, you need to choose a name, role, and workspace name. 

  • On the next screen, you will be prompted to choose the plan. Select and click on Continue
  • Upon completing the registration, you will be directed to the dashboard, where you can begin crafting your presentations.

2. Create Presentation

To create a presentation, take the following steps:

  • Click on Create, located on the top-right corner of the dashboard. 

  • Click on Create presentation to start creating the presentation. On the right side of the text box, you can select the number of pages you want in your presentation. 

  • Additionally, if you want to transform your document into a presentation, click on Document to Presentation.

  • The AI will generate an outline of the presentation for you. 

  • Choose Continue if you are satisfied with a point, or go back to Create Presentation and retry the prompt.

3. Refine Your Work

Not happy with the result, here is what you can do:

  • Once the presentation is ready, click on the page you want to edit.
  • Select the text and apply the modifications from the text editor. 

  • Click on AI edit and choose the necessary option from the drop-down menu. 

  • Discover additional text editing features by clicking on Aa on the right side of the screen.
  • Click on the + icon to enhance your presentations by adding various elements such as links, GIFs, videos, images, and tables.

  • Initiate recording by clicking on the record icon.  Granting microphone and camera access, and begin recording your content.

  • To give your presentation a distinct look, click on the Theme icon and apply color schemes that match your preferences.

4. Export & Share

Now, you are ready to share your presentation. 

  • Once you are satisfied with the output, you can rename, export it as PDF, create a duplicate, and add a logo to it. Just click on the 3 dots on the top-right menu on the screen. 

  • Click on Share if you want to send the presentation link to someone. 

How Much Does Tome AI Cost?

Tome AI offers three plans – Free, Pro, and Enterprise. The pro plan is available at a monthly cost of $10 or an annual subscription of $96. If you opt for the Enterprise plan, you need to get in touch with the Tome team and outline your specific needs, and they will tailor a customized plan accordingly.

The following outlines the features included in each plan:







Unlimited creation for individuals

50 creations per workspace for 2 people

500 AI credits/person

Unlimited Tome creation for individuals and workspace

Unlimited AI credits

Export as PDF

Custom logos

Priority support

Remove Tome branding

Everything in Free and Pro

Custom tile integrations

Dedicated CSM

Advanced Analytics

Custom fonts

White-glove template setup

Workspace templates

Custom sub-domain

Single sign-on & SAML



1. What is Tome AI used for?

With Tome AI, effortlessly create powerful and polished AI PowerPoint presentations using straightforward English prompts.

2. Is the Tome AI presentation generator Free?

Tome AI offers a free plan that provides 500 AI credits at no cost. You can create unlimited presentations; however, once your credits are depleted, formatting options will no longer be accessible. Additionally, exporting and adding a custom logo to your presentations are not available under the free plan.

3. What is the Best AI presentation maker in 2023?

When it comes to AI tools for presentation, Canva and Tome AI stand out, offering advanced capabilities beyond their competitors. 

4. What are the alternatives to Tome AI PPT maker?

Among the top alternatives in the market to Tome AI are Canva Magic Design, Plus AI, and Simplified AI.

Final Word

There you have it! No more spending hours on research and editing. Just tell Tome AI what you want and get your presentation slides ready in a few minutes. When swamped with work or assignments, Tome AI becomes your time-saving ally, guaranteeing engaging, professional, and top-quality presentations. Priced at just $8 per month, this program is an indisputably valuable investment for professionals regularly creating slides for clients, students, and employees alike.

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