Apple GPT: Will Apple join the AI chatbot club?

While tech giants like Google and Microsoft are fighting for supremacy in the Artificial Intelligence arena, the intriguing silence of Apple has kept many wondering. The company, which is known for innovation and breakthrough products throughout history, has so far maintained an unusual stance, not actively taking part in the AI revolution. Given its track record, many believe it’s practically impossible that the Cupertino-based company is not involved in significant AI projects behind the scenes. If rumors are to be believed, Apple may have been discreetly conducting internal tests on its AI chatbot – Apple GPT. 

Let’s explore and find out how much the truth is in Apple’s so-called AI chatbot, and if claims prove to be true., what should be expected from it. 

Is Apple Really Developing Apple GPT?

Apple was among the first companies to introduce Artificial Intelligence to consumers through its products. Siri, one of the pioneering voice-activated virtual assistants, was launched in 2011 and marked a significant milestone in consumer AI technology. Through natural language processing and context-aware responses, Siri set a precedent for AI integration in everyday devices. Can Apple do it again with Apple GPT?

Looking at the remarkable success ChatGPT has achieved in such a short timeframe, a handful of companies have been trying to take the top spot in the AI sector. Apple, one of the leading technology firms, has been working on its own iteration of ChatGPT, which we believe will be called Apple GPT. Nonetheless, there is no official statement from the company regarding this project yet. 

According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg – Apple has internally released the AI chatbot and using it to help employees “prototype future features, summarize text, and answer questions based on data it has been trained with.”

So, Where Did the Rumors about Apple GPT Come from?

It’s not the first time Apple has been subjected to rumors. The company has such a strong fan following and market influence that every tech-enthusiasts is interested in its products, actions, and progress. Given the advancements in AI, It’s only natural to speculate company’s potential involvement in a major AI-based project.

The Apple AI saga began in 2020 when reports emerged of Apple acquiring two AI companies for a substantial sum of around $250 million. Apple has always been at the forefront of adopting new technologies, and it’s only a matter of time before the company will eventually announce its AI endeavors. 

Furthermore, Apple’s career page features several job openings in the field of Artificial Intelligence. We checked it ourselves and found that the company is actively looking for highly proficient engineers with a deep understanding of generative AI and Large Language Models. 

Connecting these dots, it’s anyone’s guess what Apple’s true intentions are in the AI space.

When Will Apple GPT Be Released?

However, it’s not clear how and when Apple will make its AI chatbot available to consumers yet. Bloomberg report claims that, as of now, Apple is trying to maximize the use of generative AI within the organization. The company’s internal sources told Wall Street Journal that, not long ago, it banned its employees from using ChatGPT or any code generation tools for that matter. Does it mean Apple has already developed a full-fledged chatbot?

Another report suggests that Apple is planning to make the tool available to its Apple care staff to improve the quality of customer service. However, there is a doubt, as the CEO Tim Cook himself stated in May, that there are a number of things that need to be sorted with AI to make it more reliable and authoritative. We’re all aware that AI is not perfect, and it blatantly generates false information without any accountability. 

Apple, which usually seeks perfection with each device, app, and product, won’t rush to launch a half-baked product just for the sake of competition. With a reputation to uphold, even a minor mistake could impact the progress and legacy the company has built over the years. Unlike Google and Microsoft, Apple will take a calculated approach to its AI development and bring it strategically to the consumer market. 

Bloomberg suggests that Apple is likely to make a significant AI announcement in 2024. 

What Can We Expect from Apple GPT?

So what if Apple GPT launches tomorrow? Drawing insights from various sources and our own research, here are some potential features we could expect to see in the Apple Chatbot:

1. A Chatbot Like All Others

As far as the functionality is concerned, we don’t expect any groundbreaking marvels from Apple GPT. Just like Google Bard, Microsoft Bing, and ChatGPT, it is a chatbot designed to interact with users, generate texts, and fetch information. However, you may see a huge difference in terms of speed and content quality, where Apple’s version could potentially outshine the others.

2. Enhanced User Interface

In terms of user interface, we might witness a revolutionary shift from what we are accustomed to presently. Be it hardware or software, Apple has always been very focused on how its products look and behave. Their apps are a testament to this, offering a visually stunning experience with seamless navigation.

We expect the same level of attention to detail with Apple GPT, which will take the user experience to a whole new level. Yes, it will feature a conventional text box for writing prompts, but be sure Apple will spice it up by adding more functionality and transforming how we interact with machines. 

3. Privacy and Data Safety

Apple devices are famous for their stringent privacy and data security measures. The current AI chatbots tend to collect more information than users are comfortable with. As a result, there is a visible hesitation about using them. 

Given Apple’s reputation, it is highly likely that they will implement a rich data protection policy to make users feel secure and confident when engaging with the chatbot. Such user privacy measures will likely set Apple’s AI chatbot apart and alleviate concerns surrounding data collection and safety.

4. A Reliable and Accurate Chatbot

No matter when Apple enters the market, it will want to revolutionize the generative AI chatbot landscape. And one way of doing it is by enhancing reliability and preventing the dissemination of false or sensitive information. As a result, you can expect more contextually informed and intuitive interactions with the chatbot. 

Furthermore, the chatbot is likely to intelligently store all past conversations, and users can refer back to any of them for information with specific references to those discussions. Also, the chatbot should be able to tailor the response as per the requirements by analyzing the previous interactions. 

Apple’s end goal is to create a chatbot experience where users can fully trust the information provided, using it without any hesitation or doubts.

5. Integration with Apple’s Ecosystem

According to some sources, Apple will strategically integrate Apple GPT into its ecosystem. This seamless integration of Apple’s brilliant hardware and powerful AI may prompt new users to join the Apple community, which will strengthen the company’s market position and expand its user base. 

As the chatbot becomes a standard feature across various Apple devices, users might become increasingly dependent on Apple products, enjoying a seamless AI experience. This way, the company can reinforce its hold on its user base.

Will Apple GPT Impact the AI Industry?

Apple is the largest technology company on the planet, and every move they make creates a huge buzz in the tech space. Also, the company has been involved in some of the industry-defining innovations, such as the iPhone, Siri, Apple Watch, Touch ID, and the latest VR headset. Not only did these products establish Apple as a leader, but they also set the standard for other companies to strive and compete with.

This means that Any action or innovation Apple undertakes in the AI sector is poised to have a massive influence on the ecosystem. With its incredibly devoted fan base, financial strength, and extremely skilled team, the company is sure to leave a significant impression on the industry.

Whenever the company launches a product or new technology, people stand in queues to get their hands on it first. We can expect a similar reaction once the Apple GPT becomes a reality. 

What Does It Mean for Other AI Companies?

No doubt that the AI industry is booming, and a lot of companies are harnessing the technology in their own creative ways. But it’s still not perfect. AI chatbots often lack reliability, producing false or irrelevant information without being held accountable. Additionally, concerns surrounding data collection and privacy policies have raised serious questions. 

Apple is known for its pursuit of perfection, and its products rarely fail. Yes, they are late to join the party, but surely the company will do it in its own style. Apple’s entry into the market for generative AI chatbots sends an alarming signal to its rivals. Certainly, AI companies will feel the heat and be forced to innovate and improve their chatbots in order to remain competitive as Apple enters the race.

However, any healthy rivalry is good for the industry. Apple’s entry into the AI market may lead to further advancements and innovations in Artificial Intelligence, resulting in more powerful and effective chatbots across the board. Ultimately, it would benefit the users as well as contribute to the growth of technology. 


1. Does Apple have an AI chatbot?

Apple reportedly developed an AI chatbot named Apple GPT. However, according to the sources, the company is using it for internal operations only. 

2. When is Apple GPT is releasing?

So far, we don’t have an official release date for Apple GPT. However, Bloomberg reports suggest that Apple might unveil a significant AI-related product next year, possibly related to Apple GPT.

3. Is Apple GPT better than ChatGPT?

Since the product is not available to use for consumers yet, we can’t compare the two at the moment. Nonetheless, Apple GPT is expected to offer a user-friendly interface and stronger privacy and data collection policies.

4. How to download the Apple GPT AI app?

There is no Apple GPT app available at the moment. Please wait for the official release. Meanwhile, you can use ChatGPT, Google Bard, or Microsoft Bing AI. 

Final Word

One thing is sure – Apple’s entry into the AI chatbot industry will have a huge impact on the current market dynamics, where OpenAI seems to be leading the charge at the moment. However, Apple, with its substantial economic sources and loyal user base, is likely to intensify the competition even more.

We might see companies collaborating with Apple to develop their AI products and witnessing significant market investments. Most importantly, Apple GPT is likely to set a higher standard for generative AI chatbots, resulting in reduced costs, advanced functionalities, and broader accessibility to chatbots.

We eagerly await Apple’s developments with its GPT chatbot and how it stacks up against the current market leaders.

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