The Judge

My lawyer just brought a judge to the jail and the judge issued a stay order until a higher judge can review the case.  This effectively stops Immigration from returning me to the Belize border.

So….. the urgency is eased a bit.


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  1. Eugene Kaspersky Avatar

    Hi Principal Imm, aren’t you supposed to be working? Be careful of Ofsted!

  2. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    I’ll pass this on to John. He will be glad to hear from you.

  3. Sian Imm nee williams Avatar
    Sian Imm nee williams

    Hope you are safe and well and getting some much needed rest!! Keep yourself well uncle John so you are strong enough to fight this!! Thinking of you and wishing you wasn’t going through this!! Fight for what you believe, you know the truth!! Take care love Sian xx England

  4. Autonomous Avatar

    Let some chump poison four of my dogs, and see what happens. It ain’t gonna be pretty.

  5. Briced Avatar

    9 mm is used by… most of the handguns.

  6. Briced Avatar

    I think that he was talking about “getting suicided” , it happens sometimes.
    Keep safe.

  7. Ricky Ross Avatar
    Ricky Ross

    This reminds me of a time when one country jailed a group of hackers…. called Anonymous.

    In times like this, Anonymous would undoubtedly use it’s power to reveal the corruption that dwells within our governments.

    It’s sad. I wish Anonymous was around to help you like when they collectively tarnished the image of Statfor.

    There’s not much most of us, your supporters can do for you but keep glued to our computers and know to stay away from Belize. I hope you make it back to America or Canada safely.

    If anything happens-such as death, Hollywood will probably produce a film about you, it’s inevitable. With the press from Joe Rogan to Vice to the local and national networks–you’re story is a real life James Bondish, Bourne Identity, and Iron man hybrid… then you would still be the winner because you’re message would expand beyond your intent. Hopefully this isn’t the case because many of us are rooting for you.

    I wish you all the best – best of luck. Be smart.

    Cheers dude,

    From the East Bay

    KCCO = Keep Calm & Chive On

  8. Kay Avatar

    Please get help John Mcafee before it is to late. I believe you just need to be in safe place with good medical care and have a good attorney to handle things till you get back on your feet. Don’t be afraid!! Look at this as a turning point in your life and give yourself that chance to recover.

  9. Lolo Avatar

    John is not wanted in the usa for anything and did not enter Guatamala from there….Why would he be deported to the usa…he ran from belize where he has permanent residency…green card in usa…get it?

  10. Arindam Avatar

    Here in this report by Reuters it is said that he had two mild heart attacks:

    …a bit confused now

  11. SL Avatar

    What happened with the press conference? I can’t find any info on it at all.

  12. Rocco Castoro-an impostor Avatar
    Rocco Castoro-an impostor

    It looks like John was sold out by the people trying to “report” his story. Vice magazine got their scoop, but started a firestorm for John when the forgot to remove the XIF data. If only they were professionals……

    *This post was not actually posted by Rocco. It was an impostor and the ip has been banned. -Admin*

  13. StuffMongerFan Avatar

    Really? I thought it was awful. Bringing absolutely no new information whatsoever either on Mcafee’s life or the Belize situation. I could have written the same thing in 3 hours from information gathered online. I can’t believe they sent a guy there at god knows what cost and this is all he could come up with.

  14. Josh McCormick Avatar
    Josh McCormick

    We’re ALL thinking Robert Downey Jr.

  15. Debbie Avatar

    His lawyer said he suffered a nervous breakdown, not heart attacks.

  16. Victor Avatar

    The GSU uses a Taurus gun that also uses 9mm Luger bullet (correct name is 9mm Parabellum)

    It’s a very common bullet…

  17. Christian P. Avatar
    Christian P.

    I’m thinking Robert Downey Jr.

  18. Jamie Avatar

    Hi John;
    My name is Jamie and I am a journalist with Mercado News in Toronto Canada. Our online contains daily news and cultural updates and our print, Mercado Magazine is a Semi-Annual carried by Chapters/Indigo. I have been very much a fan of yours for a while now, definitely before this debacle and I am really interested in getting your story out to our readers. I would very much like to interview you whenever it is most convenient for you, over the phone/Internet would be sufficient, so that I may tell your side of the story to Torontonians. Look forward to hearing from you soon;

  19. rionito Avatar

    If you want,you’re welcome in South America (Bolivia),I invite you , so you get a Visa upon arrival.

  20. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    O.K. so it sounds what you really want is John Mcaffes money for your school project.
    You Dont get it!!!
    The guy is a prisioner right now!!!
    As the government help with your project, or if is a private school and you need funding ask a bank.
    You are a BIG TIME JERK!!!!!

  21. Pluto Avatar

    I don’t understand why the U.S. Govt. isn’t fighting for your return. I am pretty sure your anti-virus technology has protected their files at one point or another. The least they can do is thank you for it.

  22. Sean Avatar

    Best of luck from Ireland John hope your doing ok!

  23. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    Yes you are right, the reporters from Vice have left John Mcaffe alone, but he still have our mails to cheer him up.

  24. Christian P. Avatar
    Christian P.

    How are you, John? Heard the news about your hospitalization. We all support you and are hoping for the best. Good luck!

    “If you are going through hell, keep going.” -Winston Churchill

  25. Canadian Bacon Avatar
    Canadian Bacon

    Who do you want to play you when the movie comes out?

  26. Zorro Avatar

    Here’s the link to the Financial Times article, “Four Hours with John McAfee.”

    I thought this was an excellent article and provides more background on the corruption in Belize from a reporter who s pent time on the ground there with John. – Z

  27. andre Avatar

    John, mate, you got money, make a public offer of 10mil or whatever to any group to extract you covertly and deposit you anywhere in the states they please. Love and Light

  28. Arabella Avatar

    Oh, I thought you said “frequent delusions”.

  29. me1234 Avatar

    why doesn’t john mcafee just request since he was born in england to be sent there since england doesn’t have an extradition treaty with belize

  30. factchecker Avatar

    Today’s London Financial Times article by Adam Thomson: “Four hours with John McAfee”.

  31. Zorro Avatar

    Here’s the link to the Financial Times article, “Four Hours with John McAfee” — I thought this was an excellent article and provides more background on the corruption in Belize from a reporter who spend time on the ground there with John. – Z

  32. Felix Anderson Avatar
    Felix Anderson

    Hey Jhon hope you get out of troubles soon
    I dont think you have any involment with the death of your neighbord still u made a comment that you didnt have access to a 9mm
    i think you shouldnt have mention that on a video still Im sure you inocent

  33. Kevin Avatar

    Don’t mess with a Celtic Warrior. We don’t give up! 😎

  34. Gaby Avatar

    Wow, thank you. Very interesting article and the first one that thinks John may have a case. And from Belize, even more credible.

  35. waverider77 Avatar

    where have johns most recent posts gone

  36. Ron Avatar

    If John feels threatened, then his best course for safety might be NOT playing his last card. It’s an insurance card, that when played, can lose most or all of its value. Think “Julian Assange”

  37. Gaby Avatar

    Sorry, my last comment however they are novt being posted anyway. John, if you truely want to prove tha danger of your return to Belize And how they have persecuted you, it seems that now is the time to release this information before they send you back. Perhaps that may have some weight as I believe that sadly our emails do not. The president of Guatemala, who I even wrote a “polite” message to on his Facebook page, has said that he goes along with decision to send you back because you have been pictured with heavy arms, quoted from the article in the Belizian Times yesterday.

    Good luck, do not panic, use your best mind and your best strategies and above all remain calm and strong.

  38. getwellsoon114 Avatar

    John, I can relate how a simple mistake or action can lead to so much agony..I have been through a marriage fraud from a girl in a third world country and then got into legal mess there as all she wants is money. Like it got you, dealing with 3rd world country is a terrible idea. My prayers are with you..Hopefully things will work out well in the next few days and you are outta this mess.

  39. eddie Avatar

    I personally believe in you. As a family we have been using your product for a long time. Get some rest and believe that all is going to turn out good. We believe in you. You have blessed this world with your knowledge. The world should not turn their back on you in a time of need. I know that I have not. Eddie from Kentucky.

  40. CJ Avatar

    Oh come on now, John. Your minions would like an update! Or at least an explanation why you have deleted so much on your blog. You wanted supporters to do this and that but in the end I believe they’ve been *had*.

    Folks, nothing to see here anymore. Game over.

  41. Antar Avatar

    So all this is playing out in Guatemala and Belize, the area of the ancient Mayan civilIzation, at a time when the Mayan Calendar ends on Dec.21, 2012 ?! One of the best story plots ever…?!

  42. Mark Avatar

    I will never travel to Belize. Your story has made up my mind for good. You are a brave man to stand your ground.
    Best Wishes.

  43. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    At this point I hope that John gets deported to the US. Seems that I read a comment by Mr. Martinez that they are actually holding something back. I think the simple questioning in Belize may turn into an arrest. On what basis, or facts I do not know, but one thing I can say, the cops are not going to give away what they may have until they have John. So, it seems they may have already figured out what the strategy is, and they are playing it well. I see this ending poorly if John is returned to Belize. If he is in the States however, I do not know if there is an extradition treaty with the US and Belize. It would be a fight either way, until the Police in Belize loose patience, and either clear John, or charge him. I think the fact they (Belize Police) are not saying anything until they talk to him gives me the answer.

  44. Gaby Avatar

    It appears that all these star reporters that John so trustingly took in confidence, CNN, London Financial Times, Vice, Joe Rogan, etc, have now abandoned him when he needs them most. Journalism has become disgustng. Very sad. Best of luck John.

  45. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    Score 1 more for John: More new insight I did not see before.

  46. Lolo Avatar

    You must be new…. Things disappear or reappear in this blog all the time ,the story is always changing with hundreds of comments deleted it’s all a joke or misdirection or?
    Stay safe Mr.McAfee.

  47. Gaby Avatar

    I am wondering about the aricle in the London Financial Timeswhich was supposed to be released tofay. Has any one seen it? If so could you provide a link?

  48. Craig H Avatar
    Craig H

    As this is shaping up to be made into a movie, whom would you like, or imagine, play yourself in the role?

  49. Victor Avatar

    You chose THIS occasion to try and squeeze some cash out of John?

    Wow, that’s really low…

    John, I’m starting to understand that wealth have its own downsides. Always somebody ready to try and hit you up for something.

    Probably what happened in Belize too, and what got you in this situation. Too many people wanting your stuff. Good luck!

  50. Bill Avatar

    A 9mm Luger shell was found at the crime scene. A reporter claims to have seen 9mm rounds in your house during an earlier interview. Do you own a Luger pistol, and how do you explain that?

  51. Big Dawg Avatar

    Use the Harry Potter invisibility cloak to escape!
    Do it now. Go to Auckalnd, New Zealand.

  52. Mcafree Avatar

    Don’t you dare give up, John. Don’t you ever give up. Your friends from northwest Florida have your back!!

  53. Ricky Avatar

    Your should be fine, we are all following your story very closely and tuning in for any developments. I am a thirteen year old boy that is VERY interested in crimal justice.I hope you have a safe trip to wherever life takes you and remember even though the U.S gov. doesn’t completely have your back, we DO!! Good Luck, Please be careful and keep updating us, i prefer not to trust all media. Again we pray for your safe return and freedom we believe in you.

  54. Bruce Avatar

    Wazzzup says: December 7, 2012 at 4:12 pm
    Mr. Mcafee, were you once the owner or creator of Powwow the chat software in the early to mid 90s?

    I’ll answer for him: Yes.

    For future reference, use Google for easy to access information like that, that you probably saw in one of the stories anyways.

  55. Lester Avatar

    They had a database error (the site was inaccessible for a while with a 504 error), so I assume they’ve restored from a backup and the backup wasn’t up to date.

  56. Refugee Avatar

    Now this blog is totally confusing Stuffmonger supporters….

    As far as we can tell John is back in custody of the immigration police and will probably be flown back to Belize today. People who are not following along from other sources are getting very confused by this blog with its frequent deletions, etc.

    Good luck Stuffmonger!

  57. last man standing Avatar
    last man standing

    my genaral hope all is well freee my lord he way cool dan that

  58. last man standing Avatar
    last man standing

    hope all is well

  59. Arabella Avatar

    Why don’t you go ahead & release the documents to the world press? If they are as damning as you say, then Guatemala will give you asylum. If the corruption shows that officials of the government have threatened you, then let the world know. It makes no sense not to do it now. Isn’t the corruption the reason for all of this? I just don’t understand & my comments aren’t getting posted & others are deleted. Who is doing this & why?

  60. last man standind Avatar
    last man standind

    hope all is well genaral

  61. Nick D Avatar
    Nick D

    Why have the updates about John’s heart attack been removed from this blog? What’s going on?? John…you might want to have your food tested. They could be poisoning you. Never trust anyone but yourself!

  62. Wazzzup Avatar

    Mr. Mcafee, were you once the owner or creator of Powwow the chat software in the early to mid 90s?

  63. Biagio Nicolosi Avatar
    Biagio Nicolosi

    John all the best for this case best Regard from Italy

  64. Roxanne Avatar

    Hey John, Sending you good wishes from La Selva. Stay strong. Remember Justine???

  65. SL Avatar

    What happen3d to the plea to the president and the John in Hospitalpost?
    Are you starting to censor your own story?

  66. Larissa Avatar

    *My post are not showing for some reason. Why is this?? I attempted to email Guatemala but the email address is not valid.

  67. Arabella Avatar

    Do comments ever get posted? Is there any news about John? Please, I am concerned like everyone else.

  68. Ativan Avatar

    Best of luck John.

  69. joel Avatar

    Leave him alone we need Mcafee for the new computer thieves think is good work from jail PUT THE SLIGHTEST PENALTY PLEASE

  70. Wolfgang Avatar

    No sane government would send you back to Belize. If the government of Belize were to kill or jail you the country that extradited you would have blood on their hands.

  71. NYSE:MFE Avatar


    I just exited Great America Parkway, and passed the building that once was headquarters for MFE. Although the building currently hangs a leasing sign, across the street, stands the new headquarters for McAfee, tall and proud displaying your software legacy.

    Much like these buildings, stand tall and proud for the work that you contributed to society. The world is a better place with you, and other pioneers that impact all of our lives on a daily basis. You still have work to do or contributions to make. Hang in there, tune out the noise, and stay focused on the end goal.

    I understand you, I worked in Investor Relations for several years, supporting a CEO/CFO for a major software company here in the Silicon Valley. Although not PR, many of the tactics are parallel, conference calls, targeting, talking points …

    With this in mind, a few points:
    – Myself and several colleagues within the financial community, have emailed Belize Officials, demanding release of your friends since they are being held without any charges of substance.
    – Remain consistent in your talking points and stick with 3-5 main ones based on the facts or proof. For example, you have audio of a former and current employee discussing either framing or harming you. These people should be considered “people of interest” in Faull’s murder.
    – The word is out now, select or target specific audiences and delivery of your key points. 
    – Remain calm, collected, and low maintenance. Don’t spook the Guatemalan Officials, they too don’t want themselves highlighted or exposed. You may be considered a risky person, who is too outspoken to keep around.
    – Please seek legal counsel from more than one attorney, preferably a woman latina.
    -We will email the President of Guatemala
    -If there is anything that you need, including cash, don’t hesitate.

    Best Regards to You and Sam!

  72. Enrique Avatar

    We pray and hope for a solution to your case asap and send you healing and positive vibes from FL. When times get rough, one must continue to do good, karma will not forget your present.
    But on another note, as you must also direct your energy towards creating positive things in life, we are seeking for an angel investor to develop a Green School in Guatemala that would integrate Green Studies and Sciences, Spiritual and experiential learning to the common academic curriculum. It should be available to locals and foreigners and should promote a society and economy based on self-sustainability.
    At this time, we believe your support is beneficial to your current situation as this project creates the opportunity to give something of value back to the local Guatemalan community.
    Watch the video to gain a better understanding of this kind of education.

  73. Bruce Avatar

    Saw the taken to hospital link 17 hrs ago but the link was taken down just hours after you pleaded for us to email the President of Guatemala? Hope you’re okay buddy!

  74. Da Undertaker Avatar
    Da Undertaker

    Two days ago, I told John right here on this blog that he would be arrested by Interpol. I also told him that his attorney was born in Belize, and holds Belizean citizenship. Don’t trust him.

    John, you will be deported and if you want to know what is going to happen, and who you need to get in touch with in Belize City……. contact me by email. Send me a message here on this blog, and I will give you my email. We can take it from there.

    By the way, as I write, Telesh (you know who that is) is planning a little party this weekend, where Sam will sexually service the highest bidder.

  75. TheSquare Avatar

    So why was the post about John being hospitalized taken down? Was it false? Is he okay? Why did the post get taken down?

  76. robert Avatar

    best regards from poland…keep well, you are strong and smart person and the worl its with you… you can do it…soon the nightmare will be over and john will be the real john again.

  77. Miguel Avatar

    Good news John. Greetings from Spain! now have a rest and keep on fighting!!

  78. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    How about a real update. The world press, and I mean the whole world, seems to copy/paste everything. Let’s see some morning Dec 7 news Chad, or John, c’mon.

    And as you had indicated earlier about document releases, I would do it anyway to get Belize fixed if it is broken so bad, and just answer those pesky questions from the Belizean authorities. You now have such an audience, that you would not be harassed at home anymore. You can go back and stay low profile and let the peace begin.

  79. Naomi Avatar

    I diligently emailed as you asked and now the blog post asking for support has disappeared. Comments were off and now they are on. It is frustrating to believe you and even put my name on an email asking for the powers that be to consider granting you asylum and to then see everything erased. Even if, in the end, as I suspect you will, expose the injustices you have experienced- is it worth manipulating your own supporters?

  80. Victor Avatar

    Right… Sure they will! Another misdirection, eh?

  81. Anonymous Avatar

    The people of Belize are nice but their government is dangerous and disgusting. I’ve read too many stories of expats getting their stuff jacked or mugged or life threatened.

    I believe the government of Belize works hand in hand with the mafia and local gangsters.

    I was wondering if Mr. McAfee or his lawyer(s) would approve of his supporters organizing protests outside the Guatemalan and/or Belizean embassies.

    Anyway, you are welcome in Indonesia if someday you decide to visit this archipelago. 🙂

    Good luck and I wish you the best!

  82. steve Avatar

    Glad to hear you got to a different country.Hope the Guatemalan Supreme Court gives you due process.Seems like Guatemala would return a US citizen back to the US…not back to Belize.Fishy.Another detail.IF the Belizean police set you up,WHY did they have to kill an innocent neighbor in order to do it? Why not just say ‘we got a complaint.we’re here to search the premises…then ‘find’ a kilo of coke or something..’Something’s not right with this account.

  83. Highrise Avatar


    Irish, now that explains EVERYTHING.


  84. John Avatar

    Good luck with everything!

  85. locococomoco Avatar

    Keep heart, strength, hope and conviction. And your humor too! Thus, you will prevail. You have more supporters than you may think. Best to you going forwards.

  86. Craig Leeds Avatar
    Craig Leeds

    Rossco. Are you fucking retarded. If they wanted to set him up then he would be detained in a Belize prison now. Why let him spout off his bullshit?? Seriously for an apparent software engineer you really are thick. Computer frazzled your brain?? Think before you type.

  87. Arabella Avatar

    All’s well that ends well & what is supposed to be, will be. I just cannot understand why he won’t answer the questions about the murder. Am I missing something? If he has evidence of persecution & corruption, why can’t he show it to them & prove he has a right for asylum? Please, just show them the proof & then you can stay in Guatemala. I don’t see why you haven’t done this, but wishing you the best. It seems there is a solution, but you have decided against it. Asylum is a serious matter & just saying that a country has done these things, without a clear reason for doing them (the raids), is not enough. Maybe Guatemala does not want to be involved. I’d go back to Belize, answer their questions, pack up & leave. Confused in Australia.

  88. vinay Avatar


    “Sometimes you cant make it on your own”
    Reach for help .
    Pray to God.

  89. Arabella Avatar

    I don’t understand this posting system. Can someone explain?

  90. Arabella Avatar

    Is Mr. McAfee ok?

  91. helen_portugal Avatar

    why doesn’t appear the publication where says he was hospitalized??
    Appeared yesterday …

  92. Arindam Avatar

    Just got the news that you are hospitalized with a few mild attacks. Praying to the almighty that you return back to your normal life asap. Poor sam….she would be having hell of a time now!

  93. alittleparanoid Avatar

    Dear John, Dear Sam,
    I truly wish you the best that one can wish for. Terrible pictures on the web yesterday, unbelievable what journalists do in order to sell, this is just not right! I am close to a heart attack myself regarding your story. wish i could sent you a care-package even though I am shure you have got everything you need, but your freedom. Never mind sending e-mails to support you and your friends-done that. May there be a happy ending.

  94. johan taharin Avatar
    johan taharin

    we r here trackin you in malaysia.u brave dude man!

  95. duncan robertson Avatar

    if you can make it to the scottish highlands you can use my spare house

  96. querrier Avatar

    Is there anything we can do to help up here? You know we care. Please just let us know. xo

  97. Yum Cimil Avatar
    Yum Cimil

    Well, it was fun while it lasted, I suppose.

  98. Jorge Avatar

    John, all my support from Spain, Hope everything will turns fine.I´m following the injustice from here. Remember, to win in this life you must follow what you want. You will success your freedom. Cheers

  99. Jolie Avatar

    Get some Rest, everything happens for a reason we know ur innocent you will be fine , and always follow your heart. Kisses and blessings.

  100. Rossco Avatar

    long story short: Govs. are corrupt. I don’t believe you did what they say you did, this is obviously a set-up. I theorize that they issued that preliminary raid on you to find out what guns you possess so that they could tie it (the later homicide) on you.

    if you need a place to hang out in Portland, Oregon… and, when this is all over and wanna’ get away and relax: feel free to come on over and kick it here in Portland dude.

    In the mean time: get some sleep and drink some wicked-good coffee!

    Take Care,
    Rossco, a Software Engineer in support of McAfee

  101. Anthony Avatar

    I misread the first sentence, my lawyer bought a judge… 🙂

  102. John McAfee Avatar

    I believe she is sleeping well. I, unfortunately, have work to do.

  103. John McAfee Avatar

    Don’t have a knife. And I enjoy living. Suicide is absurdly redundant. The world, from the very begining, hurls viruses, accidents, hungry animals, defective DNA — and uncountable more – in an attempt to kill us. It always succeeds. Suicide is simply aiding and abetting.

  104. Sonny Zeitgeist Avatar
    Sonny Zeitgeist

    Fight the power. All the best, John.

  105. Fitz Avatar

    Glad to hear that you were able to get some Guatemalan coffee…its fantastic down there.

    I hope you can make it back to the US safely. If/When you’re able to come back to the US will you return to the Bay Area?

    Best of luck.

  106. RON KLEIN Avatar

    My prayers are with you and Sam.

  107. John McAfee Avatar

    Indeed. And if I enetr Belize unwillingly, it will all be released. The evidence is in a trust that has inviolate conditions. One condition, just implemented, is that all documentation will be released to the world press upon my involunatary return. I cannot stop it or change it. “Protection Trusts”, they are called. I’d love to but dinner for whoever invented them. Actually, I believe the first incarnation of Protection Trusts were “Asset Protection Trusts” – APTs. Oddly, Belize is one of the world’s largest producers of APTs.

  108. John McAfee Avatar

    I am not seeking asylum for any crime. I am not charged with any crime. I am seeking asylum from polical oppression.

  109. John McAfee Avatar

    Not out. Just a stay.

  110. John McAfee Avatar

    I’m too old for pre-nups. Thank you for your support my freind.

  111. John McAfee Avatar

    No tax problems

  112. Angelo Avatar

    Like you said, life sometimes sends you unexpected detours. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. Maybe this route gives the publicity necessary to clean up this mess. Best of luck, I’m sending you the best vibes I can.

  113. Søren Avatar

    good. i think the guatemalan government got cold feet from the publicity and maybe belize pressure. Anyway someone on the run from a country need juridical review to estimate if the recieving country should consider amnesty. Good things have a time to cool down now, with judges involved.

  114. Chris Avatar

    Sir, I’ve been following your story. It’s crazy what’s happening.
    Take care and don’t give in !

    Greetings from Romania.

  115. Alain Avatar

    John have some rest.

    Also when everything is sorted out allow Hollywood to make a movie about your story.

  116. Crystal ball Avatar
    Crystal ball

    I can be a crystal ball and see strength is needed or ill health will befall you or someone you are with . I see efforts wasted but a union between two lovers who share a secret and I see a pause in travell but another journey in your near future. Within two days you will travell again over water. There is no convictions or prison in your future. protect your funds how you see fit. Post this or delete this , I don’t care. Your whim and humor amuse me…and me is an old but deadly accurate taro card reader. I’d say good luck but you don’t need it. You will be ok with Sam.

  117. Margot, Munich 1977 Avatar
    Margot, Munich 1977

    Hoping and praying for you. I can’t believe you are being put through this ! The man I knew would only stand for justice – which I hope you achieve. Am thinking about you constantly and hope you pull through!!!

    Chin up!

  118. Lance Avatar

    I hope everything works out for you.

  119. Logan Avatar

    Seat. Of. Pants.

  120. Jenny Avatar

    By the way; do not know how true it is: heard you left the United States due to tax reason; however, if that is false, then I extend you and yours an opportunity to really experience life in the United States. I live in a small county and can guarantee that no one will recognize you, nor care, Lots of land available right on the Chesapeake Bay!

  121. urotec Avatar

    hang in there if you’re lucky santa may have good news for you in his bag.

  122. Lili Love Avatar
    Lili Love


  123. Crystal Avatar

    Oh there it is. Hasn’t had moderation yet! So it says.

  124. Lonerfirst Avatar

    U had motive, means, and opportunity to kill Greg. U r not safe.

  125. Crystal Avatar

    I was wondering what happened to my last post. It didn’t get posted! . John, I know you are getting some much needed rest and continue to do so. Just saw CNN’s report and ABC’s. The woman anchor could not even pronounce your name correctly. Hoping and praying this day will be better for you and standing with you~

  126. Jenny Avatar

    Glad to hear that you are out. I will keep praying for you! Seems that someone, someplace has it out for you, and doing what they can tp make life hard, There are a lot of people out here that support you, I, for one! Hang in there and fight as long as it takes! The truth will prevail.
    On the other hand, I know that Sam and you have a good relationship. And I know this will piss people off; but please think about what you are getting ready to do. She is but a child, and everything that you two have been together, she has looked at it as an adventure. I should know; (like Sam); I got involved with someone old enough to be my father. We has an adventure and I was introduced to a higher standard of living. Much like Sam. He gave me experiences that I would have never had. Eventually, our age difference got to be too much and we decided to go our separate ways.
    When I look at Sam I see myself; please just enjoy the present, take everyday one day at a time, but don’t commit to a future. It is something that none of us can control.
    By the way; I have had three of my males friends decided to marry women much younger: 25 years plus and the longest one lasted seven years, and she fought the prenup!

  127. Jenny Avatar

    Glad to hear that you are out. I will keep praying for you! Seems that someone, someplace has it out for you, and doing what they can tp make life hard, There are a lot of people out here that support you, I, for one! Hang in there and fight as long as it takes! The truth will prevail.
    On the other hand, I know that Sam and you have a good relationship. And I know this will piss people off; but please think about what you are getting ready to do. She is but a child, and everything that you two have been together, she has looked at it as an adventure. I should know; (like Sam); I got involved with someone old enough to be my father. We has an adventure and I was introduced to a higher standard of living. Much like Sam. He gave me experiences that I would have never had. Eventually, our age difference got to be too much and we decided to go our separate ways.
    When I look at Sam I see myself; please just enjoy the present, take everyday one day at a time, but don’t commit to a future. It is something that none of us can control.
    By the way; I have had three of my makes friends decided to marry women much younger 25 years plus and the longest one lasted seven years, and she fought the prenup!

  128. Max Avatar

    Guatemalan Julian Assange… hope you don’t end up stuck there…

  129. Dtapped Avatar

    That’s something at least. I’ve been following your story closely and am disgusted by what’s happened to you. Your animals slaughtered and then framed for a murder…. no words >.< Keep your voice out there. All eyes are on you and it will have a profound influence on what's occuring right this minute in the political back channels. Stay strong John. All the best from Australia.

  130. Andrew Avatar

    I think you have a case to answer for, im failing to understand why an innocent person would seek assylum when you are not even a suspect. I guess money wont buy you everything.

  131. Phil Avatar

    Even with the relatively obscure legal conventions of central america in mind I wouldn’t have expected the guatemalan administration to dare sending you back to Belize. The only legal basis for repatriation – if one finds it opportune to use this term – would be certainly the US. After all, you didn’t came to Guatemala floating on a door. Due to the enormous publicity your case has generated during the last week, I think you’re quite save from any form licentiousness for now. I wish you luck and steady nerves for the next days. Yours, from Germany,

  132. Fotoking Avatar

    Yo dude can you get your passport back from your attorney or has it become apart of the evidence that will secure a bounty and a Kings Ransom in Guatemala? I hear there may be footage circulated that would imply that you may have been set up from the get go……..

  133. Manuel Avatar

    God bless you

  134. Shanikwa Avatar

    Wishing you luck!! Been watching this story from the beginning!!

  135. dammy Avatar

    hmmm, this is some conspiracy, they trynna get u down, dont worry john, u always win

  136. USweedhead Avatar

    So its safe to say you definetly wont be commiting “suicide” in jail or accidently slicing yourself?……if we hear it from you now that can be credible evidence toawrds bdeluze in tha future

  137. Go John! Avatar
    Go John!

    Please get some rest! Hope Sam is getting some much needed rest as well.

  138. Nate Avatar

    No way man. They can’t throw you to the lions like some slave in the roman coliseum. Hopefully your legal council will shed light on your plight and shake sense into the Guatemalan authorities. Best to take to rest so that you are ready for the press conference tomorrow.

  139. Mariela Avatar

    I worked in Belize last year for 6 months. The amount of corruption from authorities is horrible. I can only imagine what you went through, and I am sure you must feel safer at a Guatemalan jail, than at your own home in Belize. I hope they do not send you back and I believe you are not paranoid. You are just too smart. These people are horrible and behave like a cult. May your problems be resolved soon.

  140. Mariela Avatar

    I worked in Belize last year for 6 months. The amount of corruption from authorities is horrible. I can only imagine what you went through, and I am sure you must feel safer at a Guatemalan jail, than at your own home in Belize. I hope they do not send you back and I believe you are not paranoid. You are just too smart. These people are horrible and behave like a cult. May your problems be resolved soon.

  141. socal Avatar

    Sorry for the typos. Nite. Never ever, ever give up!

  142. ficisist Avatar

    How did you keep up with the beautiful blog graphics while… in jail, John? You never stop to amaze us all !!

  143. Larissa Avatar

    John you are in my prayers! IS SAM OK?!? Do you have someone there who is able to keep her safe? So at this time they cannot send you back to crooked Belize??? Stay safe John!!!

  144. socal Avatar

    Audience watching and supporting you. Good luck and sleep now.

  145. socal Avatar

    John, been reading your blog since day one, wrote my letters to BZ for you and all the good people there, and just now posting for the first time. I wish you and Sam rest, safety, and as friends of Bill say, this too shall pass. You are remarkably sane, based on all I have read from you. Please know, you jave a worldwide

  146. Bob Avatar

    Following your case for a while now John,
    hoping that the truth in all comes to light. I believe that God can bring good to come to pass, where evil was meant originally, and what matters, is that Love conquers all, and only God can judge in the end. (At Christmas again, is His eternal message of Grace for those that need Him). His plan for you I pray you find, you are loved.

  147. shanden feude Avatar
    shanden feude

    pheeww. i know i for one will not be able to rest until you are safe. this is not just some interesting yet trivial story i discuss with my cubicle-mates over a pot of coffee during our 15 minute break. i’ll remember this story long after the next topic of the day that my cubicle mates discuss over a pot of coffee…

  148. TexasgalforMcafee Avatar

    Oops. Meant lesson learned

  149. TexasgalforMcafee Avatar

    Aka: if you get out of this with ass intact- move back to states. Even though Obama will screw you even worse than any corrupt Belizean idiot!!!! Lol.

  150. Crystal Avatar

    Yes John, great news. Try to sleep okay!

  151. chandan Avatar

    good work from lawyer 🙂

  152. TexasgalforMcafee Avatar

    Me thinks there should be a lessened learned for retiring in a 3rd world country John. Vacation in Belize is dandy- but due process is non existence.

  153. WEB Avatar

    Will immigration keep you detained until this higher judge makes a decision? 🙁

  154. Bill Avatar

    Awesome news John! Sit tight it wont be long! Youve done the best thing ever by keeping this and yourself in the spotlight and the WORLD is watching!
    On a side note, the “Boycott Belize” button doesnt work and hasnt since I started watching and following your story. I think it is a very good idea to show the powers that be the number of people who are aware of the problems and saftey risks involved in their country. What about doing an online petition that could actually shows the number of people who are being made aware of this?
    Best wishes!

  155. Betsy Avatar

    John! I can’t believe this has all been happening to you. I love what you did for computers. What inspired you to create Anti-virus software?

  156. Johnny Avatar

    GUATEMALA CITY: Guatemalan police arrested U.S. software guru John McAfee on Wednesday for illegally entering the country and said it would expel him to neighboring Belize, which he fled after being sought for questioning over his neighbor’s murder.

    McAfee, who had been in hiding for three weeks, crossed into Guatemala with his girlfriend, Samantha, to evade authorities in Belize who wanted to question him as “a person of interest” about the killing of fellow American Gregory Faull.

    “He entered the country illegally and we are going to seek his expulsion for this crime,” Interior Minister Mauricio Lopez Bonilla said.

    Guatemala government spokesman Francisco Cuevas said McAfee would be expelled to Belize and he expected the process to be completed by early Thursday morning.
    — END OF STORY —
    John, make arrangments now to have one, or preferrably 2, Belize lawyers see you in jail as soon as possible if you’re extradited.

  157. Max H Avatar
    Max H

    I’m sure everything will be fine.

  158. shawnie Avatar

    Five in a bed at night sounds uncomfy but kudos if you can satisfy all or rather keep them happy.

    So your a one women man now? Not important, I know, just curious. I read a Wise article where he quoted you saying you would give up your freedom for one women for the rest of your life. Not in those word but I got the gist. Irrelevant… Like the purpose of this blog??

    Good luck fellow American. Production at the office has gone down due to refreshes.

  159. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    yes get some rest…. I am not much of a praying woman but maybe just maybe one is needed… Good luck.. Many are rooting for ya… Sam rocks John .. She looked lovely dancing earlier with you… It was nice to see a small bit of happiness between you. Hopefully there will be more of that to come…

  160. wtf??? Avatar

    who d man?

  161. Danny Avatar

    I’m gonna need you to focus, John, get some bfast and get ready., I was trying to contact you in 1996, used my website that I registered in 1996 and was stalked to UK in 1998… I could help if you can help, I’m more than tired,…. they are hiding the fact that a native american negro latin boy was the first to register and develop and run and found, so be careful, because it will get stickier before it gets okay.

  162. JB Avatar

    Answer to prayer already.

  163. John McAfee Avatar

    Yes. I am very tired.

  164. Annie Avatar

    That’s awesome news! Now get some rest!