The American Embassy Guatemala

I just spoke with the duty officer at the Embassy who said there is nothing that they can do.  I asked to be returned to the States, and again … nothing they can do.  So I will wait and see.

P.S.  Anybody have friends in the State Department?


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  1. jeff clark Avatar
    jeff clark

    hi john i am aware of what is really happening to you .i agree with you .i have two beliezian children and have been fighting for 7 yrs now with the government of belize .i have not seen or heard from my 10 yr old son in 7 years .i know who is corrupt same as you ,including the bastards at the state department .i was talking to officials about you before all this started ,i told them your a fall guy .2 birds one shot ! kill him ,blame you ,they set you on the run got two properties to clean out now for FREE…thats the game .that is my prediction .let me know if i can help in anyway ….ps they have only tied three times to kill me !…regards…jeff

  2. Enrique Avatar

    Get some rest John. Keep up the good fight and STAY SAFE!!!

  3. ANTHONY Avatar

    Hello John, this Anthony.
    I wish you safe return to the US. Do not discourage, do not loose hope. You are a great genious , we appreciate your contribution in the world of technology. The bible said: God sent his son on earth to save the world and He was persecuted in return. So your persecution will have an end. VICTORY TO JOHN MCAFEE.

  4. Thomas Avatar

    Dear John,

    First, I am really surprised that you were rejected to be deported to the USA. It simply surprising that an American cannot choose to go back if it is their choice especially considering there are many Americans aboard who get stuck in trouble and they have virtual no way to get out of the country once they’re there. It highlights a good point mostly people end up stuck in a corrupt place and there is basically nothing they can do about it. Surely as every American who has to pay taxes worldwide I just don’t understand why someone like you would be not able to return home.

  5. The Argonaut Avatar
    The Argonaut

    Thomas with all due respect – give me a break! Where do you get off with the so called moral high ground, telling John what to do with his girlfriend? God does not have a law regarding age differential between two adults, and they obviously provide each other things they both need in their lives right now – in particular unconditional love and friendship. He needs her support more than he needs yours.

    John, if you are reading this, I have been doing work in Belize off and on for the past 3 years on solar projects and I have gotten fairly well connected with people who may be able to help you. I’m trying to raise those channels now and if successful I will get back to you. Wishing you all the best …

  6. maria Avatar

    John, I believed in everything you said. You might be the target of a gun for hire but they just got the wrong guy instead. The whole world is with you. I listened to the audio you’ve captured in your premised. It was a clear evidence that someone wants to see you dead . Its understandable that You never wasted time to keep run and hide and to keep yourself safe!

  7. rhode Avatar

    Stay positive…praying for you to return to the US…

  8. David Tavárez Avatar
    David Tavárez

    Try to talk with the Dominican Embassy.

    DIRECCIÓN 18 calle, 24-69, Centro Empresarial Zona Pradera, Oficina 1606, Zona 10, Ciudad de Guatelama, Guatemala.
    TELÉFONO LOCAL: 2261.7016
    INTERNACIONAL: +502.2261.7016
    FAX LOCAL: 2261.7017
    INTERNACIONAL: +502.2261.7017
    EMAIL [email protected]
    HORARIO 9:00 – 17:00

  9. Mg Avatar

    Chris, Third World is a term that should be dropped, the way it is used now is not the same.

  10. Thomas Paine Avatar

    A few of suggestions:

    1. Get rid of the 17 year old girlfriend/sugar baby. It’s unethical and against God’s law and practically speaking it makes you look bad and it’s extra baggage you don’t need right now. Don’t let the media label you a pedophile sex creep.

    2. You sneaked into Guatemala, so keep going and sneak all the way up to the US if you can get out of that jail. Keep everything on the downlow until this thing cools down a bit.

    3. Up the reward for the capture of the real murderer. I don’t know if you blew all of your fortune, but if your freedom is worth it, I would up the reward to $1,000,000 if I were you.

    4. Most importantly, ask God for his guidance and his will to be carried out. Ask God to come into your life.

    Just some thoughts from some guy on the internet.

  11. Guido, Amsterdam, Netherlands Avatar
    Guido, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Hey John!

    I actually really want to ask you how you are doing!? I read on here yesterday that you had gone to the hospital because of two minor heartattacks? Just after that the site went down. Was the site hacked? Did something happen to you? At first I feared that everything you were afraid of had come true: an attack on your life and the silencing of your outlet, namely this blog. I haven’t read the most recent entries yet, which is what I am going to do now, so forgive me if the above questions have already been answered in those entries.

    Further more, I think it is amazing what is happening to you. Even here we are following your case closely. If you ever can get the chance please come here, to Europe, preferably Amsterdam to relax and catch some breath. In NL we have no good weather but we have relaxation coming out of our whazoo for our guests and in Spain and France etc we of course do have lots of sun and snow. Besides that, Europe could use a businessman, inventor, fighter and coder like you, Spain especially ATM.

    Please leave the US for what it is, leave the corrupt countries that are tricking the system (bending and breaking) in order to extradite you to their close political friends for political favors that will most surely be right around the corner for them whenever they need them as a thanks for betraying you, please leave the backstabbers behind and please, please take care of yourself not only now, but also once this has passed. Because in all likelyhood there will also be lots and lots of people that are going to “blame” you. The blame game… blegh.
    Or if you are not willing to do that, use all that you have in you, mentally, physically and financially to take those bastards that are after you now HEAD ON until they are on their knees desperately begging for mercy! I can imagine their positions will crumble in time, but assuming McAfee to Intel has made and still is making you some cash, your position might be a lot stronger in that respect to be able to keep fighting these A-holes.

    But let’s just hope that what they are saying is true and that they only want to talk to you and then release you. Also, I hope to God you actually really are innocent. Right now we in NL are a bit baffled due to the Marianne Vaatstra case (research it if you wish) for which someone has been apprehended and has confessed after 13 years of silence and living his normal life with his family. A good christian farmer with no record of anything ever, no-one ever suspected him/this. Anyway, I for one like to believe that you are innocent and I really hope things will be okay for you.

    However… should they not be, and you need anything organized or send to you, don’t hesitate to ask. There is a giant community out there willing to support you no matter what!

    Best regards to you and I hope you will be able to keep blogging, or have someone do it for you.

    Keep your head up straight!!!


  12. LAJG Avatar


    This sounds crazy I am based in Los Angeles, CA and strongly believe that the US consulate, State Department, and or Embassy, has a responsibility and duty to bring you back if requested. We are ready and armed with websites, blogs and people in Los Angeles that are willing to help. We are also going to launch our site to help get u out today. We have a killer domain name and resources to make this happen. Los Angeles, CA is routing for you and your return back safely.

  13. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you Manuel.

  14. John McAfee Avatar

    Somehow, I don’t think I will need them.

  15. Highrise Avatar


    as it should be, consular services are not just to bail you out of a foreign country when you are in trouble, just imagine how many consular call outs there would be.

    And what make you a greater and more important human being than the next person????

    Highrise….free and preparing to have wine with dinner.

  16. beeninyourshoes Avatar

    Dickie Bradley or Simeon Sampson (or both)

  17. Christopher Haslett Avatar
    Christopher Haslett

    John, I’ve been following your adventure for a while now. Your blogging efforts have probably paid off in the sense that your case is now so well known that the Belizian authorities will have to treat you with great caution. You are no fool, and this was probably one of your prime motivations in running the blog. When one is in trouble in the Third World, any publicity helps.

    By the way, I liked the old format of your blog better, where you ran stories about everyday life in Belize. I live in Kenya and haven’t visited Central America, but your anecdotes made me feel like I was there.

  18. Manuel Avatar

    Mr. John McAfee I am pray for you.

  19. Danman Avatar

    According to the legal pundits, since there is no arrest warrant for you in Belize there is no legal premise to request asylum under Guatemalan law. You can only request political asylum if you face persecution from your country of citizenship. Up until this moment, you made it clear you did not want to return to the US. Did you not flee the US to avoid some civil suits?

    No matter, your first stop should have been the US embassy to arrange a flight to the States. With your money, you could have fought any attempts at extradition to Belize for years. Belize would have given up due to cost alone. Once you hit US soil you could have returned to Guatemala legally.

    The US embassy will not help you now because you are charged with a crime committed in Guatemala, so it is a local matter. Your very public display gave them the evidence to convict you and Vice broadcasted it for the world to see.

    You should be asking the US embassy and your attorney that if you are being deported, why are you not being deported to your country of citizenship? That seems to be the logical outcome for any illegal immigrant. You would be more than willing to purchase your own ticket for the next available flight in exchange for dropping all appeals. Sam can come with you and stay if you are really serious about marrying her.

  20. SL Avatar

    You would think they would send you to the US, not Belize. You used a US passport correct?

    And Sam also crossed into the country with you, along with the Vice guys…are they being expelled from the country too or just you?

    Seems odd. There is no warrant, no Interpol involvement. The US would have no problem with you coming back.

  21. Crystal Avatar

    I used to work for our State Legislature (Nv.) and knew Senators, but not in touch right now. I wish I did have some friends in the State Department. I can’t believe the U.S. Embassy can’t help you. I am so sorry. Hopefully someone will get in touch with you later. It is 10:55 pm (pst) here in West U.S.
    Don’t get down John. Keep positive and am standing with you my friend~ 🙂

  22. Betsy Avatar

    We all wish you the best from Utah.

  23. Vince T. Morrison III Avatar
    Vince T. Morrison III

    Let’s say you are wanted or will be considered wanted for questioning. Since you retained your passport isn’t it possible to be transferred to the US? Belize would have to provide substancial evidence to the US to deport you back and it could take a year or more.

  24. Vince T. Morrison III Avatar
    Vince T. Morrison III

    If you are an American citizen and you are not wanted officially by Belize why won’t they let you return to the states?

  25. Jessica hopes Avatar

    Hey John me Amy!! I just saw the news am really sorry. Do you think you will be out? Please be safe! Am worried about you.

  26. Johnny Avatar

    GUATEMALA CITY: Guatemalan police arrested U.S. software guru John McAfee on Wednesday for illegally entering the country and said it would expel him to neighboring Belize, which he fled after being sought for questioning over his neighbor’s murder.

    McAfee, who had been in hiding for three weeks, crossed into Guatemala with his girlfriend, Samantha, to evade authorities in Belize who wanted to question him as “a person of interest” about the killing of fellow American Gregory Faull.

    “He entered the country illegally and we are going to seek his expulsion for this crime,” Interior Minister Mauricio Lopez Bonilla said.

    Guatemala government spokesman Francisco Cuevas said McAfee would be expelled to Belize and he expected the process to be completed by early Thursday morning….
    — END OF STORY —
    John if you’re sent to Belize, you need one, or preferably 2, lawyers seeing you in jail as soon as possible.

  27. Annie Avatar

    Try to get some rest John, I imagine the next few days are going to be very tiring. I do hope Sam is safe and resting as well.
    P.S ex US immigration friends and an FBI friend but no state dept friends unfortunately.
    Good vibes being sent to you from the east coast of Canada!