Blogging from jail

I am in jail in Guatemala.  Vastly superior to Belize jails.  I asked for a computer and one magically appeared.  The coffee is also excellent.

Only time will tell what will happen.  No one has a crystal ball.  However, I would be truly shocked if I did not conduct the press conference tomorrow as I had originally planned.

Stay tuned.

I believe, by the way, that blogging from a jail cell might be a groundbreaking activity.  Let’s see if it catches on.



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  1. Jessica Avatar

    Belize is SO corrupt.. Everyone should watch this video made by an expat who was living there so that they understand better!

  2. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    John had no dogs on Molokai as understand it. The dogs belonged to his property managers and they weren’t abandoned. John has not been to Molokai in 8 years. i don’t know anyone who treats dogs better than John.

  3. Aloha From Molokai Avatar
    Aloha From Molokai

    Wow. Looks like karma has caught up with you. Belize is “pranking” you hard, bruddah. Cannot take one joke, John?
    Nice to see you care about Tiger. Kalo, one of the many dogs you abandoned on Molokai, died this last year. Why you not care about her?

  4. Stephanie Pauline Avatar

    Hi John,

    I’m so sorry about what is going on. Awesome that you were able to capture some incriminating conversation on tape. Good thinking. Resourceful. If nothing else they at least help to convey the climate of conditions you have been living within. What is wrong with people? It’s so sad what greed, jealousy and their own lack of vision and faith will do to a person’s soul.

    I feel a bit like I know you as I have spent time with your DVD you made a LONG time ago and out at your property in Woodland Park CO. What a beautiful, well laid-out refuge. Anyway, you have long since been on my heart and I have prayed for you lots of times over the years. I don’t know why – just have.

    I am praying for you all the more now. Trusting that God will bring something good out of this madness and that you will have the peace that passes understanding to endure and persevere through all of this. May the truth be known and may it set us free.

    Your friend,

    Stephanie Pauline

  5. James Wright Avatar

    Stay Strong im with you!

    -From Guatemala

  6. Siomara Avatar

    Jhonn, que pena que este pasando por esto en mi paìs, le ruego a Dios que salga a luz la verdad, un GENIO no debe ser tratado y expuesto a estas cosas, Dios le bendiga y ANIMO!!! las cosas no pasan en balde, mis hijos y yo lo admiramos muchisimo, un abrazo fraternal y de consuelo en estos momentos tan difìciles. bendiciones.

  7. Schiff Avatar

    Sad but true get a better lawyer not expensive just better u run out from belize for one reason corruption , but u hired one belizian O.o?

  8. Schiff Avatar

    Hi buddy very sorry for what u are going tru very dissapointing asylum has been denied,even when our coward minister knows what is to be in need of help from a foreing country, seems he forgot 1992 when had to leave country for the same reasons , what about to help foreigners harold? Where is your God?
    john I only can wish to you my buddy everything gonna be ok

  9. pepe murillo Avatar
    pepe murillo

    Estas en cuarentena?

  10. Sumit Avatar

    Mr McAfee me the big qs. is why have you been running from Belize if you are innocent…i can understand you may be afraid of corruption but the trick is the corruption work both ways and i am sure you have means to influence it your better grab it by horns that to run from the bull!!

  11. steve Avatar

    I hope you are ok, and you know illuminati shit is behind this, new world order is behind it, never give up, if you have to start from zero then do it, u have many people W/U, show to the world the shits that are happening in Belize, corruption, child prostitution, everything post everything, you gotta sale everything you have in Belize,, get outta there, if you stay I’m pretty sure you’ll die, it is what it is, run for your life, start from zero if necessary, bless Im a network tech, I wish I could be like you!!!!!!!! BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!! NEVER GIVE UP, LIGHT THE WORLD with the truth!!

  12. Chad Nicholson Avatar
    Chad Nicholson

    John what is the matter with you getting mixed up in so much BS in these Third World Nations.
    Your a succesfull North American business man,visiting and living in these Banana Republics will only lead to being a marked man( ie money).
    I think it is great that you have some eccentricities and a little off the wall ideas but do it somewhere in a safe secure invironment.
    I hope you get the $#%^ out of there alive and well with enough wealth to live your life piecefully .

    Chad from Canada

    Always supporting entrepeneurs .

  13. Victor Avatar


  14. ClaudioCalvo Avatar

    Good Luck!!!… you rocks!

  15. Mike Avatar

    Hi John, I am here in San Pedro for a few days and I have heard alot about your generosity and nothing bad. Stay safe.

  16. Medicaribe Avatar

    Bribe to get over the border??? that is a strange one, My dogs often crossed into Guatemala from Belize without any bribes and each time they brought back a Frisbee. So I really don’t think John would need to bride anyone. Fighting against corruption will take a toll on anyone, We all know the truth, But only a few of us are willing to fight and stand for justice, We shall overcome someday. In Countries that receive USAID it appears there is more corruption and murder than those who don’t on average. Compare Belize with Nicaragua.
    If you want to avoid corruption, you need to look at countries that receive less or no USAID,. It would seem that millions of dollars from the US corrupt people and then they do bad things. My county and sheriff here in Florida get US dollars so they are also corrupt. Willing to advise. peace to you John.

  17. An Un-Indicted Co-Conspirator Avatar
    An Un-Indicted Co-Conspirator

    Knowing Telésforo your lawyer, you will eventually leave Guatemala penny-less. He will not only take YOUR money, but once he has bled you dry, he will then wash his hands of you and turn you in for any additional rewards that may be offered to him. After all his niece, your girlfriend, has had plenty of time to find out how much money you really have left and where it’s kept.

    I am sure he has already asked for and received at least one, if not more advances of funds, to “grease the wheel”.

    Good luck anyway even though you should have picked a better lawyer.

  18. Rita Strand Avatar
    Rita Strand

    Your honesty is commendable and your writing riveting. I’m learning so much about Belize and the people there. When/if you are released, I hope you will continue blogging or write a book.

  19. Aoyagi Avatar

    See, that’s not a very good thing for IT security biz.
    Nevertheless, I wish you end of all these prison/court issues, I find them very annoying…

  20. fanxa Avatar

    How do your replies not show in the black box anymore?

  21. John McAfee Avatar

    Didn’t bribe any. Used my own people.

  22. John McAfee Avatar

    Don’t drink. But I’ll have a coffee while you have a beer.

  23. John McAfee Avatar

    I contacted the UK Embassy. Same story. Cannot help me.

  24. UnofficiallyDC Avatar

    Well you know what they say, beggers who enter countries illegally, can’t be choosers. Good luck, you have such a compelling and hopefully unique story.

  25. mike ahuja Avatar

    i like this alot “I am not confident of anything. I only know that life takes unecpected twists and nothing can be predicted with any accuracy.” imma retweet and status update that…btw do you still have UK citizenship since you were born there…did you contact their embassy

  26. MC Avatar

    When all this blows over let’s have a beer in Vegas.

  27. Joe Hoe Avatar
    Joe Hoe

    Do you have netflix?

  28. beeninyourshoes Avatar

    Hope it’s nicer than the Kolbe Foundation. BTW…I had a dog poisoned two years ago in SP. I understand having to put them out of their misery. Watching my dog suffer was unbearable.

  29. waverider77 Avatar

    Thought you were in a “holding house’ or ‘detention centre’, they are much nicer than ‘jails’. Which are you in?

    You got a stay. Great, where they deport you to will depend on how much you can afford to pay.

    Your lawyer is the X Attorney General, the new one is already jealous of all the attention and will be looking to be on International TV so my guess is that as long as the International press will cover you. (and you say nice things about Guatemala……..your stay will be extended till all politicians have had a little face time.

    Your value to them diminished, your lawyer will sit down with the decision makers and will divvie up whatever money you have left between them.

    You will fly ecomony on your own nickel back to the USA.

    Homeless Belizeans will be longing by your pool and sleeping in your yard. GSU and local police will take turns banging young ladies in your bed.

    Your mantra ‘I will not leave Belize, this is my home’, rings a little hollow now.

    Whether or not you go back to the states or go Belize and go to jail……….your story (and constant media interest) will wane.

    So turn the clock back 4 years and you are back to where you started from……….if you are lucky. Did you make a change in the corruption situation in Belize…..i doubt it.

    Will your properties be vandalized, yes.

    I wish you all of the best John but at this stage of the game you are only a spectator on the sidelines watching the Guatamalan elite divide what you have left to let you out of their custody.

    At least you will then have another country to rail at about corruption.

    How many officials did you have to bribe/corrupt to get over the border?

    Get used to the truth.

    My best regards and good luck.

  30. Louis Avatar

    Guatemalans who enter the U.S. illegally are subject to deportation. Each year, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) estimates that an average of 2,500 Guatemalans are deported from the United States.

  31. Susan Avatar

    Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Stay safe & hang in there. Best of luck.

  32. Lili Love Avatar
    Lili Love

    Glad Sam is okay, safe.

  33. Kevin Avatar

    oops, no offense by my previous comment that was deleted. I meant to be observantly humorous, and supportive. Hope I didn’t spoil anything. Don’t post this one, just a quick note.

  34. lol Avatar

    Hey John, do their computers have Mcafee anti-virus installed?


  35. Quanzale McMath Avatar

    Atleast a response on the job? lol But, anyway you’ll get out of there.

  36. Bears Pop Avatar
    Bears Pop

    John, leaving aside everything else going on in your life right now, I want to let you know I share your grief in the loss of your dog(s). I too have lost my own dog named Bear. He is not just a dog, I consider him as my son. My heart is broken. I hope to see him again very soon. I wish you well.

  37. Bears Pop Avatar
    Bears Pop

    John, leaving aside everything else going on in your life right now, I want to let you know I share your grief in the loss of your dog(s). I too have lost my own dog named Bear. He is not just a dog, I consider him as my son. My heart is broken. I hope to see him again very soon. I wish you well.

  38. C Avatar

    If this, indeed, is not a “misdirection” or an “elaborate scheme” of some sort, I recommend digging deeply underground if you get out of this somehow. They are wanting to send you straight back to the “corruption” that took such painstaking efforts to escape from, don’t resurface for a period of time. The blogging thing seems okay, but the photography and public appearances seem to be causing harm to your crusade. You cannot trust anybody, not one. I know it is amusing and it feels good to flaunt and rub it in their face that you left Belize while they thought you were still there, trust me, they look like incompetent clowns that got the point. Maybe amass a posse of people that will fight this fight for you know, you’ve made your mission statement, most people know of the injustices in that country. One man alone cannot accomplish this feat, and certainly not in a timely fashion for a normal life to resume on your tropical paradise. You stated numerous times you wouldn’t leave because it was your home. Realizing your options, you finally did leave, only to have more unfortunate events happen. There are a few countries left on this earth that do not allow extradition to happen at any cost. Look it up, I’d rather not say it on here. If by some miracle you get to your press conference tomorrow, you know what to do then. I can assure you these places are some of the most beautiful places on the planet. As far as your pending engagement…prenuptial agreement? You said it yourself the motives behind people’s “love”. I completely understand as I have been there myself. Good luck to you sir. I wish all the best to you. Remain calm and lax, hopefully things operate smoothly, as they should.

    Best regards

  39. Crystal Avatar

    Want to also say as JB did, that, I am praying for you and Sam. Right now for you. Yes, we have a Heavenly Father who knows all of our weaknesses and trials and tribulation, but He still loves us and wants the best for us. If we will allow Him to love us and we look to Him. Concerned for you John. Maybe ‘Vice’ knowing too much is not a good idea. I know to have a secret is to not tell “one single” person; otherwise it is not secret/confidential anymore. Someone will always slip. On your side and praying for you.:-)

  40. Omar Avatar

    John …..Please stay strong ……..I did hear about Belizian corruption and money hungry officials who look at Americans as cash cows……
    I fully support your immediate release and all legal remedies should become available to you asap….
    Looks like if they keep harrasing you then me and other supporters may have to come wherever they keep you and protestaginst your illegal harrasment…..

    I do boycott belize with small b……..


    Omar from NYC

  41. John Snyder Avatar

    john – i heard you on joe rogan and have been following you ever since. good luck. don’t let the bastards get to you.

  42. Jake Avatar

    (feel free to delete or otherwise make this comment private, it is probably for the best)

    best wishes john,

    I noticed there are several shady PR firms pulling some pretty dirty tricks right now in an attempt to give you grief and make things difficult for you to reach an unbiased audience; I would very much like to level the playing field a bit, in your favor.

    I have lots of powerful resources both online and offline that could be tremendously helpful to both swaying the PR of your case as well as any “misdirections ” (or “directions” for that matter), should you need any mass appeals or outreach.

    I encourage you to send me an email so that i can give you some details of what i have to offer your cause. At the very least, I want you to be aware of the powerful set of tools, resources, connections, and skills that I am ready to leverage in your defense and in your further fight for justice.

    I realize you are pressed for time these days, and i promise not to take up any more than would be necessary to inform you of the new resources you have at your disposal. I know you are probably getting a lot of outreach right now, but i can assure you this one is worth your time, as I am certain that you will have some clever ways to use these resources.

    Jake (and Jake’s company)

  43. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    Thanks Chad for the update on sam… John wishing you all the best that this will be cleared up hopefully within a few more hours. Been following since day one and i got to say your so right about sam and those big balls LOL i would say balls of steel… I want this to have a happy ending for the both of you… Someone said above about “madness” and i totally agree. Both of you need some time to just CHILL…watching you both dance earlier made me smile and playing that flute well lets just say i hope to see more of that to come.. Close those eyes and rest awhile. Sending blessing’s and hope they let you the hell outta there…

  44. Crystal Avatar

    John, how could this happen? Is your lawyer still with you? I am sure we will find out sooner or later. I hope it is sooner. I really hope you are alright and will be out soon and not to Belize. God forbid. Glad to hear Sam is okay. I hope to hear good news tomorrow. Ignore the wise cracks and the disrespectful. Stay strong 🙂

  45. Kevin Avatar

    Probably the safest place to be before a major press conference…yes? Brilliant. 😎

  46. Danny Avatar

    John? Did you get my contact form? Ready ?

  47. Amircito Avatar

    Wow how is the internet there?

  48. JB Avatar

    John, the journey on this earth is like you say, full of twists and turns, and I might add – brief. I am praying for you. Many humans say such things in fragile predicaments, but truly I am praying for you.. I believe in prayer. I believe in Eternal Life. I believe in a merciful God who fully understands the fraility and weakness of humans, I believe in complete grace and forgiveness. I am on your side, and I hope to sip a coffee with you in this life or the next.

  49. Jo Avatar

    Shit John, For the ones of us that Lived in Rodeo NM, we are fully prepped for what ever could happen to us ! LOL, Sorry to here all of this! Wish you both the best and for this maddness to end soon for you.
    Can Not Wait to here Good News….Its Over…Your Home…and all is well!
    Also, Glad to hear that you are being treated well.

  50. USA Avatar


  51. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    Hey John … I can’t believe this … ground breaking? Holy S#it … Good luck at the press conference tomorrow dude.
    If you get out tom. … ditch all the F#%Kin media, go deep and only communicate digitally until you are safe for sure.

  52. Wolfgang Avatar

    Hitler blogged from jail. He called his blog a book though.

  53. John McAfee Avatar

    I am not confident of anything. I only know that life takes unecpected twists and nothing can be predicted with any accuracy.

  54. Kristine Avatar

    Wishing you good luck, and sorry about your dog

  55. JB Avatar

    John, I am not an expert in the extradition process between Guatemala and Belize, but news reports are saying you will be extradicted back to Belize by Thursday. Alay our fears….are you confident that you will not be extradicted? I am worried that the “premature” disclosure of your whereabouts, due to a techincal error by Vice, has thrown a monkey wrench into your plans. You certainly did not plan on your location to be disclosed at this time. Please help all of us who are concernced for your well being, hear that this “detainment” does not merit overt concern.

  56. Johnny Avatar

    GUATEMALA CITY: Guatemalan police arrested U.S. software guru John McAfee on Wednesday for illegally entering the country and said it would expel him to neighboring Belize, which he fled after being sought for questioning over his neighbor’s murder.

    McAfee, who had been in hiding for three weeks, crossed into Guatemala with his girlfriend, Samantha, to evade authorities in Belize who wanted to question him as “a person of interest” about the killing of fellow American Gregory Faull.

    “He entered the country illegally and we are going to seek his expulsion for this crime,” Interior Minister Mauricio Lopez Bonilla said.

    Guatemala government spokesman Francisco Cuevas said McAfee would be expelled to Belize and he expected the process to be completed by early Thursday morning.

  57. Chad Essley Avatar

    I can assure you it’s true. I do not post a thing beyond comments without John’s go-ahead.

  58. Jason Avatar

    Get a life Pele, if all you kept from the story and the comments is that part! Keep on fighting John, I think you’re crazy but a good crazy, bonne chance l’ami!

  59. Olanrewaju Avatar

    Hello sir,for some reason I just like u,i want u to believe that with God all things are possible,

  60. BoohemianrapturaaaaH Avatar

    Good luck man.

  61. rumsrite Avatar

    I bet he aint blogging jack shit. Chads probably doin it for him

  62. CaLifeLover Avatar

    Thanks for the update. All of this has got to be really hard on Sam and now without John. A remarkable young woman who can handle all this attention and stay sane. Keep your grit Sam!

  63. Alister Avatar

    But, I think John’s communications will be snoop-proof… whenever he so desires ;o)

  64. RA Avatar

    I contacted my congressman with my concern that the US doesn’t arrest illegals from Guatemala while Guatemala arrests illegal Americans. Fair is fair.

  65. Aoufa Avatar

    Like a boss!!! Stay strong John…. I wish you the best of luck.

  66. cosmotherobot Avatar

    This just gets weirder. The world is watching; hopefully the spotlight on Belize will send the cockroaches running

  67. Mark_13 Avatar

    Was he cheerfully given a computer and coffee 30 minutes after checking in?

  68. Pete Down Under Avatar
    Pete Down Under

    Why are you in jail John?

    I saw a documentrary last night on Guatemala and it sounds as bad or worse than Belize.

    Take care.

  69. Pele Avatar

    Blogging from a jail cell is not quite ground-breaking. – Was a UK prisoner who received a life tariff and was blogging while in jail (through post, phone as well as the occasional live update).

    There have also been a couple of Americans blogging from jail.

  70. Chad Essley Avatar

    I do, but out of respect for her privacy, I will not reveal her location.
    Sam and the PR team and I spoke on and off for nearly an hour while this whole thing was happening.
    Sam is safe and in good spirits everyone. -Chad

  71. CheeCheeTx Avatar

    UGH! As we say here in Texas “Hello Walls”….. Hope you’re out SOON! Take care and. Keep your chin up!!

  72. CaLifeLover Avatar

    Chad, do you have any info on what has happened to Sam?

  73. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    With the very bad publicity Belize is getting for mistreating you and others, perhaps Guatemala will be nicer and kinder.

  74. CaLifeLover Avatar

    Where is Sam?!!

  75. Alister Avatar

    You’re a riot!

  76. Joshua McClure Avatar

    We’re there with ya, John. You’re a super celeb now. The rewards for stickin up to thugs.

  77. Chad Essley Avatar

    Stay strong my friend. It was good to hear your voice!

  78. Trace Avatar

    “GUATEMALA CITY (Reuters) – Guatemalan police arrested U.S. software guru John McAfee on Wednesday for illegally entering the country and said it would expel him to neighboring Belize, which he fled after being sought for questioning over his neighbor’s murder.”

  79. Jim Avatar

    For what are you under arrest?

  80. Jim Avatar

    Blogging from jail, that is.

  81. Neal Avatar

    Good 1 John, you know that the major news networks will be talking about this so say something more brazen!!

  82. Trace Avatar

    This is AWESOME!

  83. Curtis cubado Avatar

    Fingers crossed for murderer being caught.
    John & Sam happily ever after!
    And positive changes happen in Belize!
    Good luck

  84. Jim Avatar

    I’m all for it.

  85. Bullion Baron Avatar

    Maybe you could hold the press conference from within the cell if you are not released in time 😉

  86. Juan Travieso Avatar
    Juan Travieso

    John, glad to read you. I’m from Guatemala and I fully support you. If is there anything I can do for you, please let me know via mail. I will send my phone number privately, or send me you’rs and I call. Hope everything is OK and you be quickly released.


    Best of luck mate.

  88. zordor Avatar

    Good luck! 😉