First disclosure of Harold M.

The following posts are the beginning of the archived writing and evidence that Mr McAfee has instructed be released in the event he does not communicate with us in 24 hours.

This will be the beginning of releasing the recorded evidence and prepared writings kept in his archives, and posted by Harold M. A close friend of Mr McAfee.

We will give an indication of the story, and under certain circumstances we will provide the full evidence of the audio recordings, facebook posts, and other evidence as it pertains to the releases.


22 responses to “First disclosure of Harold M.”

  1. Lou Avatar

    Be safe

  2. Cajun Guilbeau Avatar
    Cajun Guilbeau

    Have any images of Guatemalan Girlfriend posted.

  3. John Sholtes Avatar
    John Sholtes

    I’m getting very frustrated with this site and about John McAfee’s so called files. All I have been able to do is find all of this discussion about him and the files and click here wait and get to more and more of the same no content bullshit. Well if there is something revelant here then out with it and just make whatever these files say appear right away. What is this a hide and seek game. When the files just come up when going to the link them amybe you will get something out to the public but so far you who do know are just shooting the bull

  4. fast freddy Avatar
    fast freddy

    good luck dude. sounds like an episode of the furry freak bros. or a hunter S. Thompson trip.

  5. ryan Avatar

    how could you believe that? as canadians we are supposed to be smarter than that

  6. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    John, i see you are between a Rock and a hard place. Think positive, no matter how you feel. Things can work out.

  7. johan taharin Avatar
    johan taharin

    evidence will bring down belizian govt.!!

  8. T3hpWn Avatar

    McAfee knew he was beeing set up.

  9. American and proud Avatar
    American and proud

    Why was the website down?

  10. American and proud Avatar
    American and proud

    Umm! Can you read English?

  11. barb Avatar

    Or, to him!

  12. barb Avatar

    What’s the latest? Is John still in Guatamala?

  13. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    Hopefully he isn’t on the plane now being sent back to Belize or there is a possibility we might never hear from him again… Lets pray he is still at the detention center/jail and resting. I know he was released from the hospital. I am guessing that in case he is sent back that these files might bring light to the prime minister and the (gang unit)and they might think twice about killing him… If sent back or if he is in fact in root maybe just maybe they will ask what questions they want and let him go… We know that they can hold him for 48 hours…

  14. Simple Simon Avatar

    Hello, hello, hello? Is anybody out there??

  15. Ontario Fan Avatar
    Ontario Fan

    Greetings from Toronto..I have been reading
    your blog and believe you are innocent.
    I hope your some where safe and interested in the truth coming out.

  16. waverider77 Avatar

    ok i got it……..threaten blackmail, everyone caves and i can go home……..think you are playing with fire……better to spread some of your wealth around the room that your lawyer sits in right now, do it fast and do it large

  17. Emma Avatar

    Let the games begin. Wishing you the best Mr. Mcafee.


  18. Noah Avatar

    I expect there to be a file here or some more text… no?

  19. wontsleepcantsleep Avatar

    creative editing fingers at the ready, keep it simple for us mere simple folks. good enough to be used as spam bots to further someone elses rear guard action but not to uderstand the full magnitude of the evidence. got to question if the muddled mind of mcafee would have the processing ability in its current statebut lets keep them plates spinning with another man of mystery at the helm of this seemingly rudderless vessel

  20. Confused Avatar

    What happened to the hospital/heart-attack post?? Where is John and what have you done with him!?

  21. Cryptic Avatar

    What does this even mean? That made no sense. #cryptic