The Escape – Part One

It’s Christmas day and I’m taking a break from the seriousness of my upcoming January 3rd post.  I thought I might post the picture story of the first half of Sam’s and my escape from Belize and my eventual arrival in the States.  It’s visually interesting and it is mostly a happy story – in line with most Christmas stories.

I’ll start with our arrival, undercover, in Belize City a few days prior to our departure on our exit adventure.  We had been in hiding for a couple of weeks, living in less than desirable conditions.  Sam was eaten alive by bugs and was happy to reach a place with hot water and comfort, as was I:

sam bites

sam folding

Our plan was simple:

Multiple checkpoints had been set up along every highway exiting Belize and all of the border crossings and seaports had been beefed up with police and Belize Defense Force personnel.   Air travel was impossible since the few existing airports had beefed up security staff armed with our photos and names.

I chose a few very simple social engineering tricks to effect our escape.  Social engineering is the art of predicting people’s behavior based on given stimuli.  It is the method of choice for modern computer hackers wishing to gain access to sensitive data.  Cracking a computer system’s security electronically, for example, can be difficult.  Tricking a secretary or systems manager into simply given you the access is simple.  It requires only a cute young man, or sexy woman, or a correct role playing scenario, a little software and a little bit of time.

Social engineering can be applied to any problem, not just computer hacking problems.  Distractions and decoys, for example, have been used for centuries as primitive social engineering tools.

We choose to take the Southern Highway to a town at the far southern end of Belize called Punta Gorda.  From there we had arranged to take a small fishing boat the thirty or so miles to a border town in Guatemala called Livingston.  The Southern highway, we knew, since we had friends driving the full length daily, had three checkpoints along its way.  On the day we left we chose, as a decoy, a friend driving one of my high profile pickup trucks.  He drove three miles ahead of us and was in constant communication with us.  The truck’s documentation was in my name and was with the truck, just in case they failed to identify the truck by sight.  The plan was the following:  If they stopped the truck I knew the checkpoint officers would be swarming all over it.  Subsequent traffic would be likely to be waved on through.  For a distraction, I arranged to have my double – a man I have known for over 30 years and who years ago legally changed his name to John McAfee – arrested in Mexico a hundred miles north of the Belizean border.  We posted the arrest on the blog and within an hour of the posting radio stations in Belize were broadcasting the arrest.  Advance teams reported a relaxing of checkpoint procedures on the Northern and Western Highways a couple of hours later.

But the above were our backup plans, in case our main plan failed.  My main plan simply depended on rain.  We chose a day to leave when the weather report predicted a near 100% chance of heavy rains for the full length of the Southern Highway.  In Belize, no checkpoint officers will ever stop a car in the rain.  In five years of residence I had never seen or heard of police, or the BDF, doing anything whatsoever in the rain, let alone standing in the middle of the road stopping cars.  It rained all day with only intermittent stops.  Our first checkpoint passed without incident just a few moments after rain had stopped.  As you can see, only one officer is outside of the car, leaning on the hood.  The others were all huddled inside.  All three checkpoints were passed in the same fashion.  Neither the lead car (belonging to me), nor the car in which I was riding, were stopped.

checkpoint rain

Once the checkpoints had been passed, it remained only for us to negotiate our passage across the border into Guatemala.

For companionship, and to divert attention from eyes looking for two people travelling together, Sam and I had five other people in the van with us – the two intrepid Vice Magazine journalists, Amy, her boyfriend Keith and the driver of the van – a very old friend of mine:


We arrived in Punta Gorda in the late afternoon, met up with the driver of the advance decoy truck, and stayed the night at Machaca Hill – all of us checking in under assumed names.  Our plan was to take a small fishing boat from a private dock in Punta Gorda the following day and make a dash for Livingston – hoping that the Coast Guard had abandoned their southern waters vigil due to the report that I had been jailed in Mexico the previous day.  Since we had a free night, everyone relaxed and enjoyed the jungle surroundings:

sam hotel

In the morning, we checked with some of our compatriots at the waterfront who had been out boating since sunrise trying to locate or lure any coast guard vessels.  The Coast Guard was conspicuously absent.  We made our way cautiously to the rendezvous where the boat captain was already waiting. We had considered doing the boat trip at night, but a boat in Punta Gorda running at night would be heard all along the beach, and people travelling by boat at night would be deemed suspicious.  Sam, myself and the two journalists said goodbye to Amy, Keith and the two drivers and we quickly boarded the boat and pushed off.

boat leaving

When we were a few miles off the coast we all relaxed.  Sam turned cheerful:

sam victory sign

The two journalists went to work:

journalists boat

And a pod of dolphins showed up to share in the mood:



When we neared Livingston everyone breathed a sigh of relief:

livingston view

What lay ahead, I knew, were a number of serious problems, but they were of a legal immigration nature and involved our lack of an exit stamp from Belize and some forthcoming fraudulent moves by the Belizean government.   This meant we could not get an entry stamp into Guatemala, and that I would certainly be arrested as a result of the Belizean machinations.

In any case, we had to enter Guatemala illegally.  I knew that the Belizean Government had alerted Guatemala in case I showed up in their country, and I also knew that once the Belize Government found out that I had escaped Belize they would fraudulently attempt to involve Interpol in my retrieval (I knew this because the Belizen Police apparatus was one of the targets of my early “social engineering” experiments).   The DPP’s office did indeed contact an Interpol Officer the same day we were “outed” and falsely told the officer that there was a warrant for my arrest.  This, of course, was untrue.  Five days later, after Interpol had arrested me, they discovered that there were no charges and no warrants against me when they asked for copies and none could be produced.  It’s rumored that the Interpol officer in charge of Central American Operations went ballistic.  Interpol withdrew from any involvement with my case.  This left me with only my illegal entry into Guatemala to deal with.

Politics aided me in the above.  The DPP (the chief Government Prosecutor in Belize) is the wife of Marco Vidal – head of the GSU.  Since no small part of what has happened to me has been a personal vendetta of Mr. Vidal’s, he enlisted his wife’s help.  However, the DPP could not press any charges that had not been forwarded by C.I.B – the prosecutorial arm of the Belizean police apparatus.  C.I.B., in spite of frequent urgings by the DPP, would not issue charges.  This did not prevent her from telling Interpol that there was a warrant for my arrest.  Remember that Marco Vidal sent an email to Jeff Wise the morning after Mr. Faul’s murder falsely saying that I was the prime suspect in the murder.  Neither Mr. Vidal nor any of his people were involved in the investigation at the time, nor have they ever since been involved.  It was yet one more fabrication created by Mr. Vidal.  Mr. Wise, characteristically, never bothered to check the veracity of the email and published a story based on it.  It took the San Pedro police department – who was the only department involved in the investigation – to alert the media that I was not a suspect in the murder.

I had anticipated all of this and planned ahead.  I had hired the best lawyer in Guatemala (The prior Attorney General of Guatemala –  Sam’s uncle), who was waiting for our arrival in Guatemala City.  We had to safely reach Guatemala City however.  This is the important point to the above.  I had planned to do that by travelling up the Rio Dulce to Fronteras, and from Fronteras take a bus or a car to Guatemala City.  Once we left Livingston no one would know where we were.

In Livingston we bought supplies and briefly scoped out the town.

livingston street

Then we hired a boat headed up river:

rio duclce1

rio dulce 2

End of part one

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  1. Bev Avatar

    The sh**’s getting deep in here now. What amazes me most is how so many people can be so utterly stupid! Incredible. Nice fish tale John. 🙂

  2. Dwayne Avatar

    I’m so glad to hear of your safety and the truth. I’m surprised that the U.S. Government hasn’t come after you. I suppose that it just a matter of time before they step up their assaults on your credibility and denial of the facts that you’ve brought to light.

  3. Ole Avatar

    WEB if really wish me luck you’ll try my thrilling novels. Here’s a freebie of my latest titled TAKING MEXICO FLYING

  4. Miranda Avatar

    John, I have to admit that I was first drawn to this story by a media report that had you looking incredibly crazed, paranoid, and guilty. But that report led me to look up your blog and follow your story. It was SO HARD FOR ME TO IMAGINE that any of this could be true. But these photos, along with the detailed story, have absolutely changed my mind about you. And I do sincerely hope that you will publish your story as a book….it’s something that I would read cover to cover without stopping. Additionally, I personally want to apologize for having judged you. I don’t know you, we will never meet, and I haven’t influenced anyone’s opinion of you, but I myself passed judgement and that wasn’t right.

  5. Belizean Avatar

    That is just how things work in Belize SL, what has transpired so far does not surprise me at all.

    I hope that John does not let off thise one and pushes it all the way through. There are many Belizeans that like me understand the situation and why John did what he did but like I said, because of the Dictatorship they are afraid to show it. Then there are those that simply act on what they are told.

  6. fendidonna Avatar

    Hey Ole…I just read right through your blog. Laughed out loud. Very best of luck with kicking these guys’ asses in to the ladies’ room. LOL. Hope you get your money back. Best wishes.

  7. querrier Avatar

    Hours and counting…….Please John, Help this country wipe out everything and get a fresh start. It must be done to move ahead in a proper fashion. Our hope rests in your hands. Never has this opportunity been available before with the media , courage, facts and connections to make happen. We are done with the hype about the “cliff”. Time to make some new news! Again Please.

  8. Gringo Avatar

    Latin/Central America is “Guilty until proven Innocent” as opposed to “Innocent until proven Guilty”. Is that not reason enough?

  9. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    Sean Penn to play John McAfee in the movie
    He has the acting chops and the political savvy to play the role

  10. lj Avatar


    I feel for what you are going thru – I live in the USA and I am going thru something very similar to you. The charges are not as devastating as yours – but I am dealing with the same corruption and I have for two years. YES in the USA. I do not know what to do , because like you I have done nothing wrong – and it seems you are doing things that are protecting you. I wish I could talk to you.
    You are in my prayers.

  11. SL Avatar

    I read that story and it sickened me.
    Why is there no further information about Mr. Faull’s murder investigation? I read his family is upset with the inaction and lack of communication. Yet people in Belize are ranting about how crazy John is. The media is picking apart John’s life and character yet where is the outrage over a murder still unsolved?
    Oh that’s right, I think there are many murders which go unsolved in Belize. You would think that our FBI might have been called in since it is the murder of a US citizen.
    Now that Mr.McAfee’s friends and employees have been freed, I think we all should launch a campaign to get this investigation rolling. They have already waited too long. Supposedly they dug up John’s dogs for ballistics matching, well that takes all of maybe an hour or two.
    Was an autopsy performed? Have other people been questioned? This whole thing smacks of cover-up and corruption.

  12. Belizean Avatar

    Reading your blog and being born and raised in Belize, I can say that if I was in your position; I would have done the same thing (except have the press guys around – they all have their agendas and will do anything for money) …

    With that said, let me say that politics in Belize is NASTY and once you are on the bad side of the ruling Govt your ass is grass (seen it one too many times) .. When your story first broke I kept saying that I did not believe what they were saying at all because I know how things work in Belize. My thought was either of two things:

    1. The politicians were pissed that you did not give them money as you stated. or
    2. In your research you stumbled on something that would put Big Pharma in a bad spot.

    Either way, someone or something was out to get you and you were between a rock and a hard place.

    Corruption in Belize is insane and at an all time high with the current Govt being the most corrupt since as far back we have had Govts in our short history as an Independent Nation; they will do anything and/or anyone to get what they want. The police and BDF there are used as the Govt’s dogs and goons that go out and do the politicians biddings; one only need to read the local news of how things happen to fully understand the situation there. The newly formed GSU (Gang Suppression Unit), setup to “fight” crime is quite honestly the Govt right hand and the main league that take care of anyone or any group that dares to stand up to the Govt and you were one of their victims.

    There are many Belizeans that if they did not have to worry about the Dictatorship in Belize, would speak freely about the issues they face daily, sadly most of what anyone outside of Belize know is what they have been spoon fed. I hope that one day the world will know how the other side live and small minded people that only know and believe what they are told will fully comprehend that life is not always full of gold paved streets and the good stuff like they see daily.

    Here only one recent story: There are COUNTLESS others…

  13. Ole Avatar

    Hey Mac, the (sub) plot thickens.
    Coming soon: flying for Big Mac

  14. c.b. Avatar

    While JM has a captive audience, here’s some excellent music:

    Bass Castillo died three days before the competition. His brother sang his song Saturday, after his Harumba Friday night.

    He won second, despite being dead.

    When I passed by on the way home Saturday, I noticed 7 year old nephew has a new guitar and Scoobie Doo is still at his side.

    I smiled. There is hope for us all.

    Peace to everyone.

  15. aa Avatar


  16. aa Avatar

    I am sure you wish the laws against killing people are also on loose ground! Good luck to you, brotha! That guy in prison is looking for a hunk like you!

  17. SL Avatar

    I wish they had video. And yes, I stumbled onto that speech when I was doing my research into John.
    I think it ads to his interesting personnae.

  18. Chad Essley Avatar

    Happy New Year everyone!

  19. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    Excellent address; gives further insight into the man.

  20. Andy Avatar

    Happy New Year John, Sam and Chad of course!

  21. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins

    Happy New Year!

    Lead, eat, sleep & keep on truck’n!


  22. WEB Avatar

    Happy New Year John, Chad, Sam & Amy. Best wishes for 2013.
    Will we get part 2 of the escape before the release on the 3rd? I’m tired of watching football, lol.

  23. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    John, Hope all is well. I tell you man. You are a genius and just plain brilliant and are truly my new idol. I want to be john Mcafee! LOL. I know chad forwarded you my email and just want to say I appreciate even the consideration and fully understand the answer. You truely are bad ass. Like on pulp fiction when he asked dude to get his wallet back out of the bag and he asked which one. and Samual L Jackson said in dismay “Its the one that says bad ass Mutha fucker!” lol That’s you. Man if you are even in the Memphis area and are in need of ANYTHING you let me know. I’ll help in any way I can. Or if you feel like just kicking back and enjoying to guatamalan coffee I have plenty my friend just brought back from his visit to Hondurous and Guatalama. From what I hear he had a better experience than you did. Well man I’m looking forward to your release on the 3rd. Stay safe. As you know you are in danger even here in the states. Especially by who your going up against. God Speed Brotha!

  24. SL Avatar

    Soon is not very quantitative 😉
    Weren’t you pursuing legal action against them? Or have you all made nice now? Sir, you are a very forgiving person. After reading some of the things people have written about you, I get upset. (silly as that is)
    I find comfort in facts and data. It really bothers me when the media gets things so very wrong and then they all parrot each other as if that will then make it factual.

  25. SL Avatar

    And some of us find John and his stories fascinating.
    I, personally, would love to meet John. It’s no secret. I don’t think of myself as an ass kisser though.
    If you read the address John gave at Roanoke University, I think it would give you some insight.

  26. SL Avatar

    Read your blog dude..and your comments on
    Seriously,? Where is all your anger coming from? I would hardly call Sam and Amy children. They are young women.
    Your venomous accusations on your blog are just not substantiated by the facts. If Mr. McAfee was all the things you say he is, I would think that the Belize authorities would have him in prison right now. They certainly have a reputation for arresting people for a lot less.
    I have been following this story since the beginning, and I went back and did my homework. I think John McAfee may be many things, but I do not believe he would murder someone.

  27. iceesurfer Avatar

    And in addition – Dean Barrow is considered a GOOD Lawyer… What does THAT say…? Sheesh.

  28. Sky Gypsy Avatar

    C’mon Mac, put up something new! I have worked-up a blog entry of my own and I know yer just gonna love it. Can’t waste it way down here. Put up something we’ve all been waiting fer!

  29. Tom Avatar

    …and politicians, cops have no place in the bedrooms of the nation(s).

    So many are so fucked up with sex. Managing other peoples genitals as often a religiously neurotic tone to it.

  30. John McAfee Avatar

    Sam is 20. Amy is 19. 18 is legal in every state in America. 16 is legal in many of the states.

  31. aa Avatar

    JM may like making the movie about himself as long as there is a good amount of sex in it 🙂 Wait, it might be ILLEGAL in the US to get girls that look like Amy and Sam. Sheez!!! But stay tuned. JM is working on a plan around this. (Rumor: It will be filmed in Zanzibar)

  32. Donna Crichton RN Avatar
    Donna Crichton RN

    The Truth is the Light.
    Keep up your SunSalutations daily, Yoga Brother.
    Stay bendy,
    Donna 😉

  33. Donna Crichton RN Avatar
    Donna Crichton RN

    We must take the current when it serves.
    Thank you for taking us with you, John.
    One year leads to another, especially this one:
    Happy New Year!
    Grid & Bare It,

  34. ftcnet Avatar

    …wait for the movie! It’ll have high-speed chases, gunfire and explosions.

  35. vk Avatar

    “THE EDGE, there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.”
    ― Hunter S. Thompson

    Dude, can u get any closer to it?

  36. schadenfreude Avatar

    Yes, what is the intention of this blog? OK, Jan 3 will hopefully answer this. But seriously, what is it you wish to accomplish now?
    Aside, continued success to you and an early Happy New Year to All!

  37. WEB Avatar

    sorry if that didn’t come out right…. I hate scum bag lawyers too, so I really was wishing you good luck. 🙂

  38. WEB Avatar

    John, have you had a chance to watch the Oliver Stone series ‘Untold History of The United States’ on Showtime? Talk about unveiling corruption and manipulation at the highest levels……..

  39. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    john, after getting all the support that you have in your time of need, do you have any plans to help other people in tough situations and/or start an organization of some kind to fight the type of injustices you encountered? they say a mind is a terrible thing to waste, so a brilliant mind would be an even more tragic thing to waste. I realize you dont owe anyone anything just wondering what your plans are for the future. you should make a tv show, your an intresting person and people like to hear your stories and ideas. i think thats why most people are here and many people on here kiss your ass, because secretly we all want a change to get in good with someone like you and possibly become friends or meet you, as rediculously unlikely and absurd as it may be.

  40. ssd Avatar

    I support you JM

  41. Mike Avatar

    Well John I understand that you don’t see the need to defend yourself, since according to you there is no reason. However, why complicate the entire situation?

    To exploit the corrupted government. I would think that you could have done this without all the drama. So why go through all the hiding and run around? Is it for attention? Because exploiting corruption in a 3rd world country is pretty small and should be easy for a “BIG TIMER” like you. Why create a mission on doing it in Belize?

  42. Raymond Duke Avatar

    I think the worst part of all of this is that you have to eat at Denny’s.

  43. Tom Avatar

    Prime Minister of Belize, on tape, camera: “John Mcafee is paranoid…bonkers”.

    If any, how do you build a case with such a compromising statement? Fishy or stupid. Or both.

    M. Mcafee, good luck.

  44. John Michael Avatar
    John Michael

    It’s obvious there are many supporters for John & Sam but I feel it’s extremely important that the corrupt officials of Belize realize JUST HOW MANY! If Belize had their way, there would be criminal charges in a New York minute if they could get their hands on him & that’s exactly why they want to “question him” so badly. So they can mold their case/charges around him &/or whatever he says. Especially now that he has outsmarted them & shined a big old bright light on their crooked system! WE KNOW THIS BELIZE! And just in case they’re following this Blog, It’s important that Belize officials realize, “IF JOHN MCAFEE IS CHARGED WITH ANYTHING, THERE ARE MANY AMERICANS WHO WILL RAISE THE FUNDS TO PROPERLY SUPPORT HIM IF NEED BE. MANY WHO WILL BOYCOTT Belize & STOP AT NOTHING TO EXONERATE HIM. WE’rE HERE FOR YOU JOHN/SAM!!

  45. Sky Gypsy Avatar

    So much for Good Man.

  46. Ole Avatar

    Well WEB at this rate you’ll be a pedestrian the rest of your days.

  47. Chris Avatar

    I hate to say it but even the United States can be just as corrupt as Belize. We tend to think that corruption is something that only happens in poor countries but it happens in rich countries too. Corruption can not be escaped from because it is everywhere. However I would rather deal with it in the country that I was raised in rather than an unfamiliar third world country.

  48. Name ..jaybird. Avatar

    Thugs, prostitutes, and drugs are key forces in Sir John’s Morality Play. The moral social personal repercussions are vast.
    If Greg Faull’s life is examined as closely as John has allowed his life, career, and personal existence to be exposed and examined- the key to the murder may be illuminated. Who else did Greg Faull upset or interact with that needed him dead and when will John expose the perp, the one-armed killer who fled the crime scene.

    The lesson serves as the almighty firewall to install as a mind set against virus disorder, because John will not be defined or understood in common terms.

  49. RC Grad Avatar
    RC Grad

    Reading your story with interest as a fellow Maroon (’67). Hope things work out in your favor. Good luck.

  50. Jan Avatar

    Now I agree with all that has been written. Orange walk is known to many. Talked to my friend today. He did not know about this Blog. He agrees with you.

  51. SL Avatar

    They are saying that without John being questioned the murder investigation is stalled? How utterly incompetent.
    Also, have they never heard of interviewing someone over the phone, or skype, or even sending someone to the US to do it in person? They can’t legally compel him to answer questions but John has already volunteered to be questioned someplace neutral, like the US.
    That they keep insisting he come in for questioning is really fishy.

  52. WEB Avatar

    John/Chad, I know this is long, but there are lots of us here who think this is an important part of the story. Hope you can post it. Thanks, W.


    The San Pedro Police Department can be damned thankful that it wasn’t one of my relative’s who was murdered. I’d be going all Beth Holloway up in their asses, and like her, I wouldn’t stop. Maybe there has been unreported contact between the SPPD and the Faull family that we aren’t aware of, I don’t know. The last article I read indicated they were unhappy with the lack of progress, but that’s it.
    We all know John didn’t murder GF…..( good read, start at the beginning if you’re unsure). Belize knows it too, or else they would extradite, so obviously there is zero evidence. So I want to know, who killed Greg Faull? Is it linked to the Government, only furthering the list of corrupt activities, or was it the previous blog mentioned ‘Swan’? Maybe it’s neither, and another possibility exists. As long as the SPPD refuses to investigate, ridiculously citing John as the reason for the stall, a murderer walks free. That’s pretty corrupt if you ask me. Having spent hours on this blog reading every word, checking every link, and doing independent research, here are a few things that I’m curious about.

    1. These are from the entry “Guatemala” on 12/4

    bob says:December 5, 2012 at 12:04 am
    “The guy who was killed sailed from our marina here in key west. the ex wife was looking for the boat, was offering 20k to a guy i knows friend to turn it in, he was friends with the deceased. the sherriff was looking for the boat before he split. i know the guy who sailed with him from key west. need to know more……”
    * * * * * * * * * * *
    he posted again after others expressed concerns that this be looked into

    bob says:December 5, 2012 at 6:03 pm
    “I talked to the guy who left key west with the dead dude, in his sailboat. he was on the boat for a week or so before getting to beleze, had to go to cuba to repair a sail on the way, ran low on fuel too. you would need to contact the monroe county sheriff, key west office to confirm if the info is correct, just relaying what i heard. he got away with much the ex wife was looking for, now that he is dead, who gets the stuff??” >> end bob.
    * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Now obviously, those statements are hearsay, and unless any investigation is done AND it’s reported, that’s all they’ll ever be. Greg Faull has four arrests – ‘95,4/97,7/97,’09 of which at least 2 were for domestic violence, with the last one resulting in a no contact order & removal from the home (public records). Combine that info. with Bob’s comments, and logically we might conclude it was probably a “messy” divorce. This is the kind of information that police in Western civilizations would probably jump on, and beat like a dead horse. And of course, we have no idea if the police in Belize have followed up on this (I’m convinced they read this blog) but my spidey sense tells me they haven’t. If this information is credible, then there is a Sheriff in Monroe County who is aware that someone was attempting to confiscate the boat. Was it the same someone who was apparently willing to pay well for it’s location? #############

    2. Another possibility? Maybe GF was just as pissed off as John about being asked for money, and he too had refused. Given his criminal history, and business background, I don’t know if he would have seen an attempted shakedown as an imminent threat. It would have been easy for the GSU (?) to use this as an excuse to “kill 2 birds with one stone”, especially considering one of the theories on this blog…..”GOB wants the land belonging to both men as it is a major drug trafficking route”. As a matter of fact, one poster on the AC Forum recently sited that very route as ‘evidence’ that JM “is a drug dealer” (sic)…..yes, he said “is”. Most people would think that this is a plot from a novel, but after following Johns blog and researching other corruption in Belize, I’m convinced it’s at least a possibility. #################################

    3. This concerns the poisoning of John’s dogs just days before the murder.
    One of the things that has bothered me from the beginning was the mentality of some of the expats. There was an underlying current of hate and “hang him high” from many that I never understood. Recently I’ve learned the heart of their disdain comes from their perception of his lifestyle (one recently posted that the way he lived his life [their perception mind you] was and indicator of guilt. Very small narrow minded people…..I wouldn’t have wanted them for neighbors either. This post from the AC forum bothered me more than anything:
    “People, please do not loose site of one of the root causes of what has happened here.
    He failed to prevent his dogs from biting people on several occasions.
    He is an irresponsible dog owner.
    He failed to respect his neighbours reasonable wishes, which was for him to control his dogs. THESE ARE FACTS
    Stuff like this always ends badly.

    Edited by Safecracker (11/21/12 03:11 AM)
    “Life goes on despite others attempts to ruin it” ”

    WOW! “stuff like this always ends badly”?? ?Say what???? Who thinks like that or says something like that???? At minimum it’s twisted and hateful. To me it actually sounds like an ‘ I told you so ‘ by someone who feels vindicated by the outcome, whether they had any prior knowledge or not.
    And what about the quote at the bottom? “Life goes on despite others attempts to ruin it”???? It reminds me of that old lady cartoon strip ( the one who hates everyone and everything ). Very dark. Whatever, it makes my skin crawl every time I read it. ######################

    Seriously though, I brought these things up because like many of you, I came here because an American had been murdered, and another one was wanted for questioning. In the course of one short month I have learned a lot about Belize….much of it not pretty. I have obviously concluded that John did not kill anyone, but may have been the intended victim as others have surmised. Quite frankly, I don’t know why GF’s family isn’t demanding information from the police, or contacting the government if no information is forthcoming. Why are they not being a thorn? Why aren’t they using the media (such a fun pastime) the way we all know it can be used? Maybe they believed the bullshit news spin of the first few weeks, but they must be paying attention to at least the obvious…Belize is not extraditing because JM isn’t a killer. But someone is. Wouldn’t you be shouting from the rooftops if it was someone you loved? Where is his family? The whole world is aware that Belize has done nothing to find the killer(s). There should be justice for Greg Faull by finding and prosecuting his killer, and there should be justice for John McAfee by clearing him publicly of any and all suspicion.

  53. SL Avatar

    I think the plan was for “the double” to be arrested doing some minor thing so that it would be reported on. This did not happen as planned.
    I would think that it was probably a fake passport. It seems to me it would be easier to fake a passport which is not common. Though North Korea is a stretch given how closed of a country they are.
    I do not take everything I read on here as blind fact. I personally do not believe that John McAfee is a murderer. I do think some of what is written in this blog is perception and “dramatic filler”.
    It is unfortunate that through all this drama, it appears as though the authorities seem very uninterested in actually solving this murder case. What happened to the ballistics report, the autopsy findings, etc.? This case has smelled fishy from day one. Mr. Faull was shot in the back of the head yet was found face up. The casing was found on the stairs. It was a single gunshot, execution style.
    The media has portrayed John as some drug crazed lunatic. I don’t know how good a marksman he is, but it seems a stretch that someone whacked out on drugs could pull off such a clean shot. John carries a Smith and Wesson which is NOT a 9mm.
    If they had any evidence against him, they would issue a warrant. Now that John is in the US, it would have to be legit.

  54. Claudette Walker Avatar

    Yes, and it was very smart. Here they would need evidence.

  55. Chris Avatar

    As a person who has followed this story from day one… John you did the right thing for yourself. You would of been guilty no matter what. The American media never gave a shit about this story. You put the spotlight on yourself. That was the smartest move you did.

    Whats really important here is politics in other countries. Belize is a pretty poor country. They saw a guy they thought they could extort for money and you never gave in. I think that’s the real story here. South America is the shake down continent of the world. Hate to say it but money talks in places like that. When you start giving money it’s a never ending cycle. You become a victim and a prime target.

    I will say, I had a hard time sorting through the media bullshit. All the drug and sexual allegations. It seemed to me that was the focus because that sounds better on paper. I for one never bought it. If it’s true or not that should of never been the main topic.

    After reading your blog, your story has stayed the same. Some people will say it’s a one sided story and there’s more to it. That might be the case and that’s why I’m still interested. I have a hard time believing a man like yourself would even think of killing someone. The Belize government and police have put so much focus on you and a proper investigation was not done. Shame on them. They have done the Faull family a great injustice.

    Forget what all this story is… there is still a dead man attached to this. RIP to Gregory Faull and condolences to his family.


  56. Blake Avatar

    I lived in Central American for 2 years. Just merely being from the U.S. I would get screwed with constantly on almost every level of the law/legal system. I can only imagine things you witnessed and/or went through. I understand what your going through completly, although I was never precisly in your shoes. As the saying goes “I feel your pain”. Best of luck buddy.


  57. WEB Avatar

    AG, As I recall, the double was detained and then released without incident. I don’t think that would warrant any sort of report, certainly not one forth coming from the Mexican Border Patrol. Like you, I too was curious about the North Korean aspect of the story. Passports are extremely difficult to come by there, and our double would have to be some sort of diplomat or at minimum a business man on a sanctioned leave. Any speculation is based on one key factor that we don’t know….was it a valid passport or a fake? I don’t want to know that anyway, lol. I do know that so much of what John has laid out for us on this blog has been proved true by other sources, adding to his credibility. Bottom line: the ruse ~ factual or not ~ created the much needed distraction for John and Sam to get out of Belize. Being pleased with the outcome doesn’t make us suckers.

  58. KB Avatar

    John, why don’t use a GoPro instead? 😉

  59. Bewitched bothered and bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched bothered and bewildered

    John mcAfee must star in his own movie
    It’s a role he was born to play
    He has already proven to be an accomplished
    Actor in various roles and disguises in his recent
    Real life adventure

  60. 10nClr Avatar

    John, I hope you traveled through Montana, Big Sky Country. A great place to get away, relax and reflect.

  61. Bewitched bothered and bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched bothered and bewildered

    You might be onto something about the Double
    Perhaps the photos we have seen in his
    Recent escape escapade is of the Double
    The real John McAfee could have been the
    Decoy who was reported to be Detained at the
    Mexican border ( but no news reports or witness
    Of this occurring ) and perhaps he crossed over while The other showed up in Guatemala and / or in Miami
    It could explain why he has aged 20 years in
    The past year or even since the more recent Wired photo Of him dressed in guns and tatoos
    ( the drug reports could also explain his facial
    Melting or just the stress of his life and times )
    It could also explain why he made the strange
    Choice to dye his hair black , as if that could
    Fool even the most unobservant eye and aged him greatly
    He proudly displays his tatoos in several photos
    As a marker , but a reliable double would also
    Have an identical marker
    It’s a mystery to behold , possible but perhaps

  62. Mentor Avatar

    It would be epic for JM to star in the movie as himself tbh.

  63. Mentor Avatar

    John should “play” John. /topic

  64. Steve Avatar

    John, how do you get your money back from Belize? Are the officials there able to “freeze” your money because you dont cooperate with them? Do you think you will get it back soon?

    Good thing you made it back to US. Wish you and your girlfriend good luck for your future.

  65. Cookie Avatar

    Sam Elliot for the current John……….

  66. AG Avatar

    Oh and the double carries a NORTH Korean passport? So… North Korea, a highly repressive country, provides a passport to a caucasian who looks like a Brit and then is allowed to travel freely around the world? Who are the suckers?

  67. SL Avatar

    Google is your friend…
    There are over a dozen stories with pictures and video of John landing in Miami, hanging out in his hotel, schmoozing with the tourists, showing off his tattoo while clothes shopping….
    There is video coverage of him leaving Guatemala and arriving in Miami. You probably think we didn’t really land on the moon too??

  68. AG Avatar

    I’m curious how many of us who are following this saga believe the bit about McAfee’s “double”…i am fluent in Spanish and Googling the subject does not bring up any news reports on the subject other than those planted by McAfee himself.

    Oh, wait, maybe another “joke”?

  69. NYSE:MFE Avatar

    John, is the food at Birk’s good? I heard Friday nights were wild there when MFE was headquartered above! The building is currently looking for tennant. But their is a new MFE building, headquartered across the street, next to Yahoo. Take care and continue to enjoy life my friend! When back in the Valley, let’s have a beer! Also, let me know if you ever need a good IR person for your next venture!



  70. iceesurfer Avatar

    What a phenomenon Your Blog is, Ya JM..? hahaha… The Pen is INDEED (still) mightier than the sword. It has a Life of its’ Own, in the Right Hands – a la Excalibur… Well-Nigh Classic.

    Stay Safe, Big Guy.. Sending Positive Energy, as Usual.

  71. iceesurfer Avatar

    And in addition, there are several countries where this is all true. Especially, in Latin America. This Blog exposes some ‘items’ that would not have been disclosed by any means to the ‘Free Press.’

    The Gov’tOfBz has a good thing going, for themselves. Dictators are mostly concerned with Perpetuating their Regime, over all other considerations.

  72. piglatin Avatar

    maybe he’s in Eugene OR?
    whatsa dif between farmers, construction, and salesman clothes nowadays anyways? Enjoy.

  73. Bewitched bothered and bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched bothered and bewildered

    Bradly cooper
    Great in Limitless
    Same incredible clear blue eyes

  74. Chad Essley Avatar

    Um.. really? :-O 😀

  75. Lysol Avatar

    This question has been raised in various public forums previously, but if there is a chance for John to answer, I’d love to give it a shot – so here goes: Who should play John in the movie? My vote would go to Robert Downey Jr., specifically for the similarities in appearance, if not for the eccentricities. Thoughts?

  76. AC Avatar

    If you head out as far as Northern California, you’re welcome to stay a few days in my guest room. Feel free to reach out. I was up till 2am catching up on all of the articles, blog posts, blog comments, etc. Absolutely insane. Good luck with everything.

  77. Chris Avatar

    John McAfee’s version of events is 100% believable. Police and corrupt government officials in 3rd world countries are known to falsely accuse innocent foreigners of crimes that they did not commit in order to extort bribes from them. In a court of law the court tends to side with the cop’s version of events especially against the word of a foreigner. This is why the majority of Americans that are falsely accused of crimes in 3rd world countries pay the bribe even though they are not guilty of the crime that they are being accused of. Many Americans incorrectly think that if they are ever falsely accused of a crime that the American government will intervene and save them but this is not so. Any American that is falsely accused of a serious crime in a third world country could very well die in prison as they go through that country’s legal process. John McAfee did the right thing by getting out of there. He is 67 years old and is way too old to spend the next decade of his life fighting the false charges that a corrupt nation could level against him.

  78. Claudette Walker Avatar

    John, I just love this escape. It is all about thinking outside the box!

  79. Todd Avatar

    Cool story. Who doesn’t love a good thriller in the morning. Look forward to reading Pt 2! So make sure you don’t get caught first!

  80. QD Avatar

    Excellent story, best of luck to you.

    I am always (or sadly never) surprised how effective social engineering is and how switched off some people are.

    Good luck to you in a world gone mad, I have had my share of seat of the pants moments which are not to be published (yet). I know you will be fine, no one can touch a magician.

  81. John S. Avatar

    Please, Please, Please… Don’t pull anymore Breaking Bad sh1t. You just passed through the eye of a needle. And you know well now the rumors about the MVPV story…

    Don’t become some Yogi, Born again or Nietzsche or find some money sucking mentor. You made it.

    Continue being a wildcard in the skills and gift you were given. But since you have the clout and name.

    Help the rest of us prevent the police state. Support Inferno/Plan9, Support ReactoOS/ Support Haiku. Make a better TOR, Make a better 3d printer/lathe. Hell, make Telsa or C.S. Lewis your inspiration.

    You know that this so called “Corruption” is false and can be found anywhere (lobby groups and self-interest group agenda’s). If you can figure out how to use that negative energy transmute it into a positive energy you’ll help all of humanity.

    You don’t need to save rainforests, but you have the obligation to YOURSELF to make a legacy and you know you can do it.

    John Shadow

  82. Ali Avatar

    I’m just curios why you made a double of yourself long years ago. Did you knew you will get in a really big trouble someday?

  83. Fabricio Avatar

    John, the moral of the story (at least fom my poing of view). Don’t go live on a 3rd world country. Specially being a high profile person as yourself.

  84. steve Avatar

    It was part of the decoy story in Mexico.

  85. Sure Avatar

    Does anyone wonder why there are no pics of McAfee in this? It’s because he’s still in Belize.

  86. John McAfee Avatar

    Read the blog. You would have run too.

  87. carlos Avatar

    MacAfee you’re a Loon, and I mean that in the best sense of the word.

    Your adventure made me want to read the news, such a change from the normal drab crap.

    The story is so interesting that It dosnt even matter if its totally true. If it is all true, well its a example of truth being stranger than fiction, which does happen from time to time.

    Mac your a nut, rock on!

  88. Fabricio Avatar

    Sorry John, I haven’t been on this since the beginning. I simply know that your neighbor was shot dead and the police was looking for you.

    In any case what do you think everyone though when you ran.

    I’m not smart as you but did you think of what where worst/best case scenario before running? Because te me I would not have done so.

    Any who, good luck and I hope you really are innocent.

  89. Jeremy R Avatar
    Jeremy R

    Bold, very bold. I wish you, your family and friends the best. You have a friend in CO.

    Stay safe, stay well, stay happy.

  90. piglatin Avatar

    Mr. John Mcafee, I don’t know, perhaps in the best sense of the word, he may be ‘bonkers’. As for some of the posters here, they’re DEFinitely ‘bonkers’, anyway you wish to define it. And…… that’s OK:)

  91. piglatin Avatar

    The written ‘journalism’ is so bad, awful, deplorable…and the way English seems to be spoken there -loose, repetitive, nonsensical at times. That write up is a prime example and it all makes for further confusion. I’d rather read a translation (of any language) than ESL.

  92. John McAfee Avatar

    I have a daughter.

  93. John McAfee Avatar

    Yes it is a wig. We were all in disguise.

  94. John McAfee Avatar

    I can easilly defend myself. There is no need to defend myself. I am not charged with anything. I will not be charged with anything. It is Political. Did you not read any of this blog?

  95. Fabricio Avatar

    So let me get this straight. With all the money you have at your disposal. You have no way of defending your self legally in Belize?

  96. Jason Avatar

    I went on vacation to Guatemala for the second time in 1996 and took the same boat route between Punta Gorda and Livingston. When I went, it rained a bit and half the time the boat was jumping waves. I hope you got to experience the “chicken buses” that run through the entire country. Also, the coconut bread in Livingston (“pan de Cocoa”) was excellent.

    Head back sometime and see Panajachel, it’s worth a stay. It’s got a cool mountain climate and Lake Atitlan is huge.

    Don’t forget to pick up some dragonfruit (“Pitaya” to the Mayans). It’s extremely expensive in the US and difficult to locate.

  97. None Avatar

    Is that a wig? Amy’s hair doesn’t look real at all. Maybe it’s a wig used for disguise. Have a happy New Year. No, a movie is too much.

    See ya around.

  98. TexasgalforMcafee Avatar

    I didnt realize you had any children John. You say in your opening statement that you do. Is this accurate?


  99. Reed Avatar

    You sir will have to star in the next Mission Impossible movie.

  100. Allison Avatar

    I don’t think it requires that much of “social engineering” to fool people in countries where the cop/non-cop ratios are very low – Belize for example. This would have been more impressive in the USA and even more in Israel. Be safe, welcome to the USA, and don’t try any tricks.

  101. Bob Avatar

    P.S.: Some people may have learned from you.
    But I don‘t think that the Authorities in Belize are clever enough to learn from this story. They “fix” weak security checks and open some more security holes at the same time, like you can see it everywhere in the world.
    And by this I don‘t mean digital security. You know the rest.

    I wish you a smooth start in 2013 and the very best regarding the whole story.

    Please stay open to your readers and never stop keeping it real.


  102. Bob Avatar

    Genius, John. Genius.
    I couldn’t have done it better.

    Especially the part with your double that changed his name to yours and got arrested. Maybe the most important and best move of it all.

    And yes, you are right: Information is the most powerful weapon on this planet. Use it to save your life and those of others. Every day.

    The day the mass media spread the first News about you, I have read everything and I knew you didn‘t murder -anyone- from the beginning. You told the whole world whats going on and that brought you in the best position ever for staying alive.


  103. Chris Avatar

    Quite a story. I hope a book is published detailing everything.

  104. Esdras Terranova Avatar
    Esdras Terranova

    You sir are a total BAD-ASS. I really hope you the best in this adventure.

  105. Paul Avatar

    John/Chad/Sam/etc. …I sincerely meant well (though may have sounded less in an e-mail) and wish you all the same. How did John like our Christmas snow?

  106. gabriel Avatar

    Still taking testosterone injections? Just wondering, Im fascinated with exogenous hormonal manipulation. Did you notice any withdrawal, a dip in sense of well being, when you were incarcerated?

  107. WEB Avatar

    Well with what I’ve read so far, I’d like to be a Sky Gypsy. 😉

  108. Jan Avatar

    I sure wish January 3rd would get here ! I still love reading the daily posts on this blog. You have a very interesting mix of followers ! I wonder if what you disclose will have any effect on my American friends in Belize. The facts you have already disclosed are very scary for those of us following your journey. God Bless and have a Happy New Year!

  109. Sky Gypsy Avatar

    If “sky gypsy” means-he who wanders around a lot and flies wherever he goes-then I really am a sky gypsy.

  110. Sky Gypsy Avatar

    WEB, can I interest you in my thrilling novels?

  111. Sky Gypsy Avatar

    WEB who are you?

    Or can’t I say that?

  112. OriginalWoman Avatar

    @ Ded d, when will you get yours??

  113. Andi Avatar

    Look at that! Belize´s Prime Minister Dean Barrow speaks on Mc Afees erratic behavior.

    The Sun Pedro Sun,
    December, 24th, 2012

  114. DJM Avatar

    I dont get it? are you afraid the belizian authorities are coming to america to take you? or you now on the run from the US authorities? Why are you still running?

  115. John McAfee Avatar

    I don’t have legal representation. This has never been a legal issue. It is purely political. There are no charges so I have nothing to avoid here. I did not run from charges. I ran toward safety.

  116. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    I am glad you finally got your period!

  117. DJM Avatar

    its spelled boring and i completely agree :yawn:

  118. OriginalWoman Avatar

    @ andy whyte “You totally outclassed those savages in Belize” really??? John is trying to expose corruption in Belize, so he says. But if you really want to get to the matter, “corruption is the white’s man’s biggest contibution to the world, and they white men) are the most “savage” people in the entire world!!!” If the truth is to be told, they are the MASTERS of deceit, and evil! Belize is only, recently, becomming corrupt with the interference and influence of Europeans. We had higher standards of morals and better character, until Europeans began to discover our “undiscovered jewel!” I resent your statement, referring to Belizeans as savages, so I am sending you back the negative truth about your ‘white race!!” If you want to go brutal, I can give you more !!! I do not think this blog was created to go down this path you are taking, so STOP writing and showing your ignorance and prejudice!!

  119. Michael Avatar

    You are fun. Great story. Please write a kindle? After that the movie!

  120. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins

    Dear John,

    Lead, eat, sleep and keep movin on!
    What a silly people they are!


  121. Ed Avatar

    Question John, are you still avoiding the legal issues in Belieze and do you have legal representation for the “wanted for questioning”? Are you concerned the long arm of the law can reach you here in the US and make you return to be questioned or worse? Still praying for you and Sam. Safe travels. Your Friend.

  122. Jeanette Avatar

    Stay safe John! Thanks for keeping us updated on what is happening! We care about you and Sam!

  123. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    what an amazingly perfect “fuck you” to all the bastards who clearly thought for sure they had you all along. right about now they’ve gotta be thinking, “we fucked with the wrong person”. so many people when pushed either dont have the resolve to fight back or they just comply. Its refreshing to see the tables turned on the bastards. I think the world needs more people with that sort of resolve.

  124. lou tran Avatar
    lou tran

    Just saw John 15 min. ago in downtown Toronto with a few chicks by his side. Super Genius John – Never used your software which is on sale now on for under $5.

  125. WEB Avatar

    interesting stuff Ole, good luck.

  126. Gundi Avatar

    social engineering, this blog hmm, I wonder…living in the corrupt 3 world = living in a lion enclosure….as long as you stay neutral and observing there instincts you are in charge……try to become one of them will break your neck……

  127. fendidonna Avatar

    I mean to write Dear John not “Joh”!

    And for future reference, neat cloudy ammonia solution (from hardware store) dabbed directly on mosquito / sandfly bites is the BEST way to take away the itch and calm inflammation….:-)

  128. fendidonna Avatar

    Dear Joh,
    Hope you had something like a Christmas break. It’s good to see you writing here again and I’m happy you took a rest.
    Looking forward to reading your story on 3rd. Stay safe and happy.
    Best wishes to Sam.
    God bless you both.

  129. andy whyte Avatar

    Well done John.
    You are a great white man.
    You totally out classed those savages in belize.
    Come over and hang out here for a while.

  130. Remy Avatar

    I agree that road trips can be quite fun, and Denny’s does have the new Hobbit menu… But surely the reach of the Belieze thugs has not extended so far into the US??? It does make for a a great movie though!

  131. jeff Avatar

    sam is hot! glad you guys made it back to the USA!

  132. Crimson Tide Avatar
    Crimson Tide

    Come on down for a visit and chill.

  133. "Mar re" Avatar
    “Mar re”

    So glad I met you when I did. I worried about you so, family be blessed, do you still have the Japanese elephant tool?

  134. "Mar re" Avatar
    “Mar re”

    I’m glad you are safe, and resuming peace of mind and heart.. I once know on a man that had a nice home, and took in a young lady new to the area.. Worked as a counter clerk.. Dinner with friends and family… So pleasant, I did get my daughter and have done well for myself, because of that kind heart one winter on The Peak. Thank you!

  135. querrier Avatar

    Take no prisoners. Be afraid Belize government, be very afraid

  136. ........ Avatar


    When are you releasing the Mcafee Movie. This would be awesome!

  137. Luis Avatar

    …you are the best John !! Run For all of us!!!…waiting the 3rd….

  138. mr waistline Avatar
    mr waistline

    So what was your double arrested for and what became of him after the arrest? Where is he now?

  139. Bernard Avatar

    Been following your story and glad to hear you’ve escaped, you’re recovering, and you’re doing well, relatively. I think I am living life vicariuosly through you. Can’t wait to see the movie. You also remind me of WikiLeaks Julian Assange in the sense of your efforts to get the truth out. Looking forward to your January 3rd post.

    Happy New Year John.

  140. Gaby Avatar

    Safe Travels John. It is good to hear from you.

  141. Conrad Avatar

    Sounds like you got your muse back.

  142. beachman Avatar

    John, you wrote in this post about DPP Sheryl Vidal “telling interpol that there was an arrest warrant” for you. I remember reading on this blog around Dec 1 or 2 that YOU stated there was an arrest warrant out for you, not the DPP making such a proclaimation. That post from around Dec 1 has since been removed from your blog. Are you forgetting what happened, releasing additional info or perhaps rewriting history to make a more interesting yarn?

  143. Leisa Avatar

    I wonder if it was you I saw the other day @ a gas station in Michigan?

  144. Richard Cornett Avatar
    Richard Cornett

    Keep trucking. Message coming from one friend
    who would recognize you in most any disguise.,
    Good luck on the road. You are always at your
    best on road trips.

  145. WEB Avatar

    That’s great news John, thanks for sharing 🙂
    btw ~ I expected no less, 😉

  146. Ole Avatar

    No one would recognize you as a triker either Mac. ¡Vamanos!

  147. Ole Avatar

    Mac you must be thrilled to know I am taking scam artist Charlie Gray through small claims court.

  148. John McAfee Avatar

    I am in an automobile, travelling the back roads of Mid-Western America. I have been staying at cut-rate motels and eating at Denny’s. My hair color has been changed again and my beard has been modified. I wear construction clothes one day, farmers clothes the next, and the next day dress like a travelling salesman. I speak with a Northern Tennessee accent (I lived in tennessee for five years). I am very slowly making my way West. I think my best friends would not recognize me.

  149. WEB Avatar

    Wow. This has got to be the best unfolding story that ever was…..and there’s more to look forward too! It’s a good thing you have ‘taken some time’, and hopefully it’s where very few know you are. Miami is not the place to lay low. The now exposed actions of Vidal’s wife regarding Interpol and your upcoming story on 1/3/13 must have a lot of Belizean officials shitting their pants. Funny, yes, but that also means they might just be scared enough to take drastic actions when it comes to you. Keep a low profile and stay safe John. I look forward to the next exciting installment of your fabulously intriguing and downright scary journey to safety.

  150. Loyd B +++ Avatar
    Loyd B +++

    Would be absolutely excellent to visit. Thanks for the pics.

  151. John McAfee Avatar

    The Vice story is coming out soon. I heard from Rocco today about it.

  152. chris blumenshine Avatar

    Absolutely fascinating stuff, John. Thank you for sharing. Here’s to a great new year!

  153. max Avatar


  154. querrier Avatar

    Thank you John, Well written and planned. Some of us had speculated as to your plans but not as cleverly as you. Pretty work. Stay safe and remember , there are more Belizeans living in the U.S. than there are here. Hope you and Sam are reunited soon. We anxiously await the next chapter.

  155. free mcafee Avatar
    free mcafee

    John –

    Why has vice totally abandoned your story? They
    Spend a week running around getting footage, proceed to out your location to enhance their story, and there’s nothing to show for it?? Bizarre
    Stuff..appreciate the tale of your escape, very cool.. well done..

  156. Ed Avatar

    Hey John, great to hear from you. Cannot express how pleased I am that you seem to be doing fantastically with exception of being without Sam. Been with you since inception of this nightmare and praying for you. So excited to hear what the “Rest of the Story” is. God Bless.

  157. Craig Avatar

    Thanks John for taking the time to post this saga-the photos are also very helpful and bring additional credibility to the blog. Looking forward to the news also to hear that Sam and Amy are out safe and with you soon. Hope you will also soon be able to join Chad in Portland for a good cup of Joe. Best wishes to you with hope for the upcoming New Year.

  158. dave buote Avatar
    dave buote

    Awesome. 🙂 As a person that also has a computer security background, I love the references to the social engineering.

    John, your brilliant and far from the man portrayed in the media. I am glad I found this blog and decided to listen. Very enlightening.

    Cheers… Merry xmas John, Amy, Sam.

  159. Rob Avatar

    The movie… John, we want to see the McAfee movie! 🙂

  160. steve Avatar

    Good planning.Nice photos.Made monkeys of them.