Hello from John

I apologize for my absence from the blog.  I took some alone time – much needed, and I took time to collect my thoughts and my data.

I am safe now, in the country in which I grew up, went to school, got married and had children.  It is a country of laws and due process.  It is a country that allows freedom of speech – something that I have dearly missed in the 5 years I spent in Belize.

On January 3rd, 2013, I will say what I could not say while in Belize.  It is a long story and the writing is not yet finished.  Most of my friends who are implicated in the story have now left Belize and are in places of safety.  The few who remain are in unassailable positions of power or influence and my story will not affect them greatly.

The story begins two days after the first raid on my property in Orange Walk, when it became clear that I would not be receiving an apology for the raid.  So I did what I do best – collect information.  Information is, I believe, the ultimate power.  People sometimes forget that I founded one of the largest computer security firms in the world, and I didn’t achieve that by not knowing how to access protected or secret information.  You can’t build an ultimate lock, for example, if you don’t know how to pick locks.  I pick information locks as someone with my background should be expected to do – with ease.

What I discovered changed my life.  When I post the story on the 3rd, it may change yours.  It will certainly change the lives of the Prime Minister and few cabinet ministers in the Belizean Government.

In the meantime I will post some benign Christmas spirit posts, beginning with the escape from Belize that Sam and I engineered.  I hope to have it up tomorrow.





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  1. bob Avatar

    Welcome Home

  2. Johaan Sling Avatar
    Johaan Sling

    I am boycotting Chillie Willie sauce made in Belize.

  3. Chris Avatar

    Belize is very corrupt. I will never travel there.

  4. lela Avatar

    Been following for few months now n very glad u made it back safe to the U.S. will be praying for you all! God bless you!

  5. Cr3wtv.com Avatar

    Really can’t wait for the McAfee movie deff gonna be legendary

  6. WEB Avatar

    Merry Christmas John, and the best wishes for a Bright and Happy 2013. It was nice to read an upbeat post that sounds more like the John we have all come to know and love. As it seems you weren’t able to reunite with Sam and Amy this Christmas, I hope your path led you to the love of family and friends. Rejoice in all that is good. <3

  7. Connie Avatar

    Merry Christmas and may this year be better than the last! Can’t wait to read your next article.

  8. Mentor Avatar

    John, have you been able to secure your properties in .bz?

  9. Sharleen Avatar

    that is one thing that living “in a foreign” long term can do to you, make you REALLY appreciate the U.S.A…. once you get to understand how corrupt and unlawful some other countries can be, how there is “no justice” at all in do many Caribben and Central American countries.

  10. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    John, I agree with Icesurfer on the Amy issue. Realizing for you it is not an issue, but sometimes history seems to repeat itself. Sorry, I still can’t stop following your story…yet.

  11. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    for awhile i thought you were just going to do the typical rich person thing and say fuck it and go on with your life but it appears your going to do the right thing and stick it to these motherfuckers that literally tried to have you imprisoned and possibly (probably?) killed. i hope your actions inspire others to take a stand against injustice, even at the risk of great personal harm.

  12. Kevin K Avatar
    Kevin K

    Feliz Navidad!

  13. Mike Avatar

    I have been following the story since nearly day one, and genuinely wish you and all of your other readers a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday. I looked at the links, and it looks like more dirt is being dug up on corrupt Belizian officials and their times to terrorist organizations. Actually, John McAfee’s security expertise is exactly why I have been interested in the story, having worked in the industry myself. I suspect this is similar with many of your readers. I wish you all the best. And I hope John can take a break from his investigative work and try enjoying Christmas and New Years Eve 🙂 lol.. That leaves another question to mind, which is why I am here… well not all of us have a 5-minute attention span and are disinterested in justice 🙂 Take care on this special day.

  14. OriginalWoman Avatar

    Happy holidays John….glad to know you are resting and trying to sort your life back to normal. As you ponder and make decisions, take heed to the “unpopular” advice of iceesurfer. He speaks for many of us, who can clearly see your mistake in encoraging these “girls” and trying to make a life with them, especially Amy. Sometimes in life we do not see how our some of our actions will turn out to be the cause our misery, pain and sometimes self destruction. There are lessons from your experiences that you are not learning so easily. Remember, “experience is a hard teacher, because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.” More food for your thoughts as we enter a new year, take heed.

  15. Petra Avatar

    Merry Christmas John and the happiest of New Years!

  16. querrier Avatar

    Merry Chriistmas John, Please stay safe and keep up the fight. We need you to do it as there is no one else that can or will.

  17. estevan in Mexico Avatar
    estevan in Mexico

    john, Flad you;re well. now you’ve got some spainin to do. Your pligt/flight seems to have beem saved by the blog. I-m sure it-s historical. I need to act against my Government who called me bonkers in mexico when it was not true. it-s gotten my all kinds of trouble. Got any suggestions? i anxiously await your exposing the corruption in Belize. If i wasn-r on trial here, I would whout it from the mountains on internet. Good luck to you and the gitls. Steve

  18. Josh Vee Avatar
    Josh Vee

    Burn those corrupt fuckers!

  19. not relevant Avatar
    not relevant

    Greetings John.

    I just wanted to take the oppertunity to let you know not all of us witnessing what is going on does this with spite and/or hope that you suffer more.

    I just finished listening to an interview you did on the Joe Roagan Experience show and I found it an illuminating and interesting interview.

    I really hope that you manage to turn this whole situation in a good way, that it allows truth and reason to come to light, that it clears your name and allows for balance to come back again…

    Blessings and I hope you are doing well and fine, I am sure a man of your wits and resources will manage to fight the good fight! I hope you had a good christmas! take care, and be really cool, surf the waves in peace come 2013!

  20. iceesurfer Avatar

    The GOB claims that the Investigation into Faull’s death will be in a ‘stall.’ Until JM is questioned.

    Immense Irresponsibility. To show such unaccountability is amazing Impunity.
    The world would laugh at that.. I know I am. .

  21. Bill Gamelson@yahoo.com Avatar

    I remember scanv71 and on up. I remember the day McAfee started charging for his product. It’s been well worth it.

  22. schadenfreude Avatar

    You could just leave it alone and thank your stars you can move on. What is the goal of this? What is your mission, intention, what do you hope to achieve? Would not information on potential terrorist activities in Belize be better handed over to US agencies?
    Chad, are you confident this is a scenario you want to further involve yourself with?
    These are sensible ?s

  23. Luis Avatar

    ….keep on fighting John! Truth wins!

    God bless you

  24. Andy Avatar

    Hope you’re well John, Merry christmas

  25. DavidD Avatar

    John – Good to see you back on the blog. Everyone needs a little time to decompress after an experience like yours.

    As to the teaser links… WOW. Now this is a real story and one that should wake up the US Govt. Hezbollah buying passports in Belize!

  26. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins


  27. Kevin L. Kirkpatrick Avatar
    Kevin L. Kirkpatrick

    Expropriated, expatriated not!

  28. Kevin L. Kirkpatrick Avatar
    Kevin L. Kirkpatrick

    John, surreptitious efforts in writing, achieving important goals, all that: Govt. subversion, espionage, sabotage corrupted system. I read local news you posted; it’s no wonder he didn’t blow up your home too! That bast..D! The severe consequences for PM, with all that; rough justice, it’s incomprehensible! The perfect justice is US awareness charitable effort to continue, exist to improve, change lives! Happy Holiday ~ NorCal, SV your old stomping ground..lo! Best, KK

  29. iceesurfer Avatar

    Just read WIRED’s Article. Not too awful or biased. With all due respect. Messing with a Person as described by the article (Amy) — not sure about that one…
    No one changes that much.
    “Danger, Will Robinson…!” Love or not. No need to try and ‘Tame’ such a seemingly wild spirit. Trying to lead a low-key life with dramatic people involved is simply impossible.
    Did She use blackmail…? If not, there’s still time for that…

  30. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    Glad you’re doing ok john. Our thoughts have been with you. Your absence is understood and expected after such an ordeal. We know you have allot on your plate and needed to spend less time blogging and more time working on your next steps. I hope things work out quickly getting Sam back by your side where she belongs. I know it will be a great relief. Looking forward to the third to see what you have in store. I know you been working hard and when you do it turns out brilliant. Good luck to you and god speed brotha!

  31. James Avatar

    “Money runs out for Belize gang truce”


    I think John may be on to something here!

  32. iceesurfer Avatar

    Fred’s Got a good point about how the USA has changed in 5 years.. Going down a strange road, not unlike Orwell’s 1984. Paranoia rules the day. It is Big Business now.

    Regardless, Still On Your Wagon JM… –> peace.

  33. Leslie Sherman Avatar
    Leslie Sherman

    John, good to have you back with us! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year; decompress, get some rest, and build up your strength. I know that in the year to come, you will make us proud, using your knowledge and skills to fight for a good cause. I’m so proud of you already!

  34. Ed Avatar

    Been with you from the beginning and praying for you and your team from that day on. Merry Christmas to you and yours. God Bless and trust your reunion with Sam will be soon. Be Well. Your Friend.

  35. SL Avatar

    Belize harboring and aiding terrorists could becaome a huge deal with US authorities.
    Especially Hezbollah.
    Thank you for the links John, I suspect that ius the tip of the iceburg.

  36. Craig Avatar

    I read the teaser links and it blew my mind-this thing has more tentacles than I could have ever imagined. All I can saw is wow! And glad you and the women are safe from these dangerous people.

  37. captbly Avatar

    So what are you doing with your place in Belize? Think I can go down there and crash for a couple weeks?

  38. CheeCheeTx Avatar

    Good to hear from you! Wishing you and yours a Merry & Peaceful Christmas! Will not rest until Sam is safe…Take Care!

  39. Fred Grott Avatar
    Fred Grott

    Glad that you are safe John and glad that Amy and Sam are safe and that Sam will soon make it to the US.

    Ah you might find that the US has changed in your years away as we have fear of terror acting to take away our liberties by ignorant politicians, etc.

    Keep your information lock picking an other hacker skills handy and sharp..there is a new storm brewing.

  40. surferbob Avatar

    Looking forward to the 3rd.Have a safe and happy holiday.

  41. Dominique Avatar

    Keep believing in yourself. Merry christmas.

  42. Alisha Avatar

    Good to finally hear from you and that you are doing well 🙂 Welcome back!

  43. Mentor Avatar

    Indeed interesting. Glad you are well, Mr. McAfee.

  44. tina meckle Avatar
    tina meckle

    wow,you learn new things everyday! I see now what some of the problem is..Good luck to you John,glad to have you back on safe soil..
    Merry Christmas!!

  45. Will Avatar

    Can’t wait on the update John also just got the wired article, Amy looks pretty hot keep your head up.

  46. t.bone Avatar

    do your thing boss.

  47. OzKiwi Avatar

    It’s just hit midnight here in Australia. Merry Christmas John, wishing you, Chad, Sam, your Belizean friends and the blog followers all the best for next year.