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An e-mail from Samantha I received this morning. -Chad

Hey there everyone. As you all may know,  John is back again in the US. He was deported Nov 20, 2012.We have been on the run for ever since September! It has been a heck of a time for us, and the experience has been pretty uncomfortable. Many people have been saying that John is paranoid and had made many rude comments about him, but he is really not that guy!  He has been through alot. No one knows all the trouble and pain he has been going through. The day we crossed over to the Guatemalan water was peaceful. The first night we slept in a hotel called  Nanajuana, and along with us was the two guys of Vice magazine, who were with us during the incident in Guatemala were he was helped  by my uncle, Teleshporo Guerra. He is my uncle, and John’s attorney, and he said he would do anything in his power to get him to safety. The  night John had been detained, I was alone and then taken to my uncle’s house were I was held under the safety of his family. I could not see John for whole the time he was there. I finally told my uncle, if I was not granted permission to see him, I would escape and break down the Alberge cell door! Each time something would happen to John, they would hide it from me. For example: when he had the heart attack, my uncle hid it from me because he didn’t want me to worry. The reason, I found out, was through  the breaking news of Guatemala! I called everyone who I knew would  be in contact with John, to tell my uncle to convince the immigration  people to let me see him! I clearly remember when I saw him for the first time in person after he  was detained. I made him a promise that every morning, I would take food for him, and see that he will be well taken care of. And I did ever day, until the day he was deported. That day was very painful and don’t like to remember it. So my experience in Guatemala is not so nice. The weather is cool, and I constanly worry about John. I’m scared of not being with him, and I miss my life with him. He has been apart of my life, and to not not see him hurts so bad! Everyone has been asking if I’m okay.. I am perfectly safe, enjoying every day of my life, and hoping to be back with John, and live happily ever after. Lastly, to the readers of the blog: You all have been helpful and fantastic. You know, it’s fun to see that somewhere out there in this world people I don’t even know are wishing me luck, safety, health and help. Your passionate words warm the soul of my heart. I am glad to know that we have people that care for me and John. (And also Amy by the way)   So to finish up, I just want you all to know that Vise magazine people were helpful  and stuck with us to the end good job! Well, I have been sick for a while with a cold,  so I can’t write much, but I do just want you all to know that we are fine and safe, so dont worry! Remember like John says: “Where there is no laughter there is no humour!”See you all later! Enjoy your day.  Love, Sammy


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  1. iceesurfer Avatar

    Very Good Point, Swag.

  2. iceesurfer Avatar

    That should be the worst thing that ever happens to you…

  3. Swag Avatar

    Disgrace country!!!.Look at your country, you people are crazy as hell.Look at what happened to those poor kids at Newtown,Ct.

  4. Swag Avatar

    What do you mean non-native tongue? English is the first language in Belize.

  5. Chad Essley Avatar

    People! Calm down. Sam asked me to edit her text and punctuation so that it would be easier for you to understand. I have not changed sentences or their meanings. This is the last time I will be explaining this. Internets are serious business!

  6. Rhonda Avatar

    I thought it was anixeity, NOT a heart attack..So why are we still calling it a heart attack? Makes the story seem more interesting? Glad Sam is safe and sound. Same with John.

  7. Smart Move Avatar
    Smart Move

    On Nov 24, John stated; “—you need to first understand that, throughout much of the Third World, there is a smoothly functioning “system” in place that has evolved over centuries. From the First World perspective it is a “corrupt” system, and indeed, at the higher levels there is no other word for it, and this blog’s purpose is to remove the brutality and horror of such high level corruption.”
    John’s story has not been concluded with a fantastic ending yet. John has exposed just a little of evil, that corruption uses to subvert justice and harm the innocent. I appreciate John setting the goal of removing high level corruption, and if this cannot be accomplished in a small country such as Belize (with only 350 thousand people) then what chance does the rest of the world have?

    SM says that John is fighting for us all, and we should hope he gets good Christmas presents; safety & security for all who he cares about this year, and return of his property & money next year. Then, John will have won (& we all benefit by law prevailing over corruption).

    Pressure needs to be applied to the real criminals that use corruption to illegally control others, and enrich themselves.
    Why is the US Government giving visas to criminals that are in violation of USA Law ? (FCPA Federal Corruption Prevention Act). Why are clearly corrupt Belize Government Officials & corrupt influential families, often visiting Miami without restriction, but John cannot get visas to save good innocent friends from corrupt political persecution?? This blog needs to continue, and place John in a position where he can gain return of all his stolen property, and/or cause positive change in the Belize Government.

    As a little gift to John, SM requests someone write a song about a man, “over 3 times the age of his girls”! And a “MERRY CHRISTMAS” to old man John (who has proved to be better man than most boys 1/3 his age!!)

    Twice My Age by Shabba Ranks & Krystal
    > [Krystal:]I’m in love with a man, nearly twice my age,
    > Don’t know what it is, but its a hit from me youthful days,
    > As I go my way, I don’t care what people say,
    > I’m in love with a man, nearly twice my age!
    > [Shabba:]Come now! igle jube, jube – igle jube
    > She nuh waan no igle jube, jube… igle jube,
    > She want a man wi nuff load of de royalty
    > De igle jube, yuh know say ‘im nuh’ve money
    > She nuh waan no lover’s honey, she waan di money,
    > She nuh waan no lover’s honey, she waan di money!
    > [Krystal:]When I tell you girls, in my youthful days,
    > I never loved another man my age, (jube… jube, jube… jube, jube)
    > and then the don, he came along
    > He made me smile all the while, (jube… jube, jube… jube, jube)
    > and he stood tall and strong, so strong, so strong…
    > [Shabba:]Young man have strength but that is not sense,
    > She want a man fi let have recumpense,
    > True! She wah pay lightbill and rent, and
    > You know you haffi have a big dividend and
    > Dung di line you pocket haffi have length
    > Mek suh say dat de man ‘ave batty fulla strength
    > [Krystal:] stood up for me when no one cared.
    > stood up for me where other men wouldn’t dare
    > made me know when true man love
    > never made me feel he’s old
    > never gave me love that cold
    > you had better watch your food
    > old men will dip into your plate
    > [Shabba:]Now as ‘oman have old man nuh a go find that she wrong
    > Now she a deal wid a foundation
    > de live de young man all a go mash up her plan
    > an’ she wan some dollas in her hand
    > [Krystal:]I’m in love with a man, nearly twice my age,
    > Don’t know what it is, but its a hit from me youthful days,
    > As I go my way, I don’t care what people say,
    > I’m in love with a man, nearly twice my age!
    > [Shabba:]She nuh waan no igle jube, jube… igle jube,
    > She nuh waan no igle jube, jube… igle jube,
    > She nuh waan no lover’s honey, all she want is money,
    > She nuh waan no lover’s honey, all she want is money,
    > De ‘oman is dealin wi maturity
    > Tha’s why she nah goin tek one unda 30
    > 35 an 40, 45 an 60
    > 65 an 60 de woman waan money
    > [Krystal:]Girls, this is my advice to you!
    > A man that age has good experience!
    > He’ll treat you good, he’ll treat you well,
    > he may make you rich and proud,
    > so you won’t have to bow, won’t have to bow!
    > [Shabba:]Young man have strength but that is not sense,
    > She want a man fi let have recumpense,
    > True! She waan pay lightbill and rent, and
    > Mek sure say you pocket dey have length, and
    > Your collar ?? ha fe full up a strength
    > Igle jube, jube… igle jube,
    > She nuh waan no lover’s honey, all she want is money,
    > She nuh waan no lover’s honey, all she want is money,
    > [Krystal:]I’m in love with a man, nearly twice my age,
    > I don’t know what it is, but its a hit from me youthful days,
    > As I go my way, I don’t care what people say,
    > I’m in love with a man, nearly twice my age!

  8. Nicolas Avatar

    This is not the speech of an English learner. I have taught ESL for several years and while Sam may be receiving English immersion, it would not have so much “Americanized slang”. The sentence structure spoken is that of a native, Things like “pretty uncomfortable” are very difficult for non-English learners to master. Adverbs are tricky…

  9. Chad Essley Avatar

    Black boxes working!? Now the blog is functioning as intended. That is, administrative comments are highlighted with a black background. Why this didn’t work before, is beyond me, although we have upgraded the system considerably, so things must have finally fallen into the proper order with the blog software. This remains John’s blog. I’ve just been commenting a bit more frequently in his absence. Not sure what happened with the Vice video. -C

  10. Chad Essley Avatar

    I was following Sam’s request in editing slightly. Wouldn’t you fear the same, if you were writing in your non-native tongue?
    C. Essley

  11. Matt Avatar

    Very happy to see this story concluding with a fantastic ending.
    Having lived in third world countries for a good portion of my life I tip my hat to Mr. MaC and Sam for all they endured.

  12. SL Avatar

    John had been adamant about NOT editing Sam’s posts, which I agree with.
    Maybe you could post her original message and then follow with the edited version? Just a thought.

  13. SL Avatar

    I notice that your comments are now highlighted in black boxes like John’s used to be and that you are answering comments.
    Does this mean that this is now YOUR blog? You seem to have taken more of an active role and we have not heard from John as often as before.
    Also, what has happened with the Vice video? They are being uncharacteristically silent on the whole thing.

  14. Kelly Avatar

    While visiting San Pedro 2yrs ago, we were approached several times a day, every day, to buy weed. Not enough reason to keep us from going back. Up until recently, we had been discussing going back. Even talked about the possibility of retiring there. That is, until this set up with John. With all the recently reported misconduct by the police, we will never go back. We have also informed friends of the corruption so they dont go for their safety. Such a shame, Belize is so beautiful. Love ya John! Best of luck to you and the girls.

  15. Knut Avatar

    Merry Xmas from cold cold Norway to you Sam. Good to hear that you are all right.
    Say hey to your kind uncle also… he is a cool dude 🙂

  16. WEB Avatar

    Hey Chad, you’re the man….thanks. I hope you and your family have a fantastic Christmas. Didn’t mean to make it seem like I was doubting anything, sorry. I really do hope John Sam and Amy will be together for Christmas, regardless of where, so I have crossed fingers, toes, and eyes. Nope, not the eyes….:D

  17. kevin L. Kirkpatrick Avatar
    kevin L. Kirkpatrick

    Yup – run-ons and mispelt werds.. authenticated! Lol..Best, KK

  18. Chad Essley Avatar

    I believe they have all been released from jail, as mentioned in earlier posts. John will address this when he returns.

  19. OzKiwi Avatar

    Well said.

  20. Gina Avatar

    Why would anyone ever!!! Visit this disgrace of a country?? Keep fighting John!

  21. hmmmmmmmmmm Avatar

    We know nothing for sure. Not even the fate of the 3 employees who were detained which is what this was supposedly all about. but now it is not about them apparently. What is it about? Movies and spin?

  22. Chaz Avatar

    Interesting Alex Jones Interview.

  23. querrier Avatar

    Sam, It’s great to hear from you and I hope you and John and Amy are together very soon.

    Your story also just made it on CNN top 10 crime stories this morning as # 10. Time to keep the ball rolling. For those of you who doubt what John says about police brutality, go to “” and ck out what the San Pedro Sun newspaper has to say about recent events here on our island. Please don’t let your insight stop but your consideration is appreciated.

  24. Smart Move Avatar
    Smart Move

    SM Says; To Judgmental Ladies (& Men) who previously said in this blog that John has used & abused the girls, and should leave them alone — Please give John & girl(s) the benefit of a doubt, that they might be in love. By experiencing all they have been through together, it is impossible that they do not have strong feelings for each other. And maybe John will greatly improve the life of these girls if they remain associated with him? Sorry for all the ladies that have not experienced this “grand love”. I am remembering an old Caribbean Song called “Half My Age” (from days I sailed my yacht). Been there & done that with younger ladies several times. I loved all these girls from my past, and I tried hard to improve their lives when they were with me. And maybe they sang this

    May John’s & Sam’s & Amy’s adventure together continue —

    SM Says; To Skeptical Ladies that have stated John’s Girls are only after his money. I am sure you are different than these bad girls, so please accept my invitation — If you are willing & capable of supporting your man, the way John’s girls did him, then I want to meet you. Have I got an “adventure” for you! But, there are very few ladies in USA that could take “it”? — You have to go “the route”, you just watched John survive. Ready to travel?

    If you had ever been in a similar situation, then you would support that John’s Blog is focused on exposing the danger of corruption. Now John is distracted in saving some girls that have their lives at risk, because they helped save him. Let John focus on what he has to immediately do, and hope he comes back to fight “corruption”. CORRUPTION is the issue — it is at the root of many social & economic problems. If John wins, then we all win because the world will be a little better place.

    SM Says TO USA LADIES; Send photo of your cabin & boat and I may want to come live with you. Will you provide all I need, with an education to? Obviously I only want you for your money, so I will leave you first time you have a problem— Or, maybe like John & his girls, this will be a love that will increase with time?

    Without my being more of a “smart ass”, reality is that I was sitting on the bayside with my 18 year old girl at 1AM this morning discussing how this next year might go to make her future better. I have changed (saved?) this young girls life during the past two years I have know her. I know that John is trying to arrange a better future for his girls. Let’s give them our support — & happy holidays!

  25. Schadenfreude Avatar

    At the end of the day(-week-month-s), familiar as I am with this blog and John Mcafee’s saga from the beginning, and free to choose between any of the common opinions out there (mostly based on misinformation and sensationalist media slant), or have no opinion, my choice is to extend the man the benefit of the doubt and send in his direction a nod of approval, trust, good will, and some moral support. After all, it’s been a hell of an adventure to witness, I’m thankful for such colorful unorthodox characters, and he has enough detractors out there with zero credibility themselves. So I choose to believe the words of the man who knows the truth -the words from the man who is going through this ordeal, (not the public know-nothings sitting on the bench, nor those employed to sell it -journalists, and the rest of the condescension, quick judgement of what we do not understand, secret envy, the schadenfreude, etc.- all more contemptible than anything Ive read here.) We may dislike his lifestyle (why really?), dislike his personality (who is he really?), question his ethos (wtf?), but his story here cannot really be denied. Again, I celebrate and am thankful for the nonconformist and wish them well, right or wrong, who is anyone to say?

  26. Chad Essley Avatar

    Good point. I will clearly state that I’m editing before posting anything by Sam or Amy in the future. My editing is very minimal, as I said.
    Merely punctuation and slight changes in wording, so the audience can understand a bit more easily. -All with Sam’s blessing.
    A screenshot for the paranoid, not containing the bulk of Samantha’s total e-mail, (I faded it out) but you’ll get the picture.
    Thanks for your comments guys!

  27. phil Avatar

    I think it would help if you stated YOU edited it before hand and then you can at least put the correct paragraphs in so it’s readable.

    For the paranoid here, you could always link the the pre-edited screen shot or something.

  28. Chad Essley Avatar

    I am this person: Cartoonist, Chad Essley.
    Thanks for the kind note! Have a good day.. -Chad

  29. Pedro Avatar

    John Mcafee, You want to live in Great weather, on the Coast, Tropical just like belize without the BS? If you do not mind thousands of Italian neibours move to Malindi, Kenya. I am Kenyan. I will hook up you, Sam and Amy with permanet residency visas, google Malindi then contact me..Cheers.

  30. Beth Avatar

    I am so thankful John was able to get back into the U.S. I hope Sam isn’t far behind him. I am not really sure who you are Chad, but you are indeed a friend. Thanks for keeping things and the public updated.

  31. Chad Essley Avatar

    It really is Sam. I could provide screenshots or recordings of phone calls as proof. I help with english / writing VERY slightly. The original wording is all Sam’s. We’re hoping for a holiday miracle with Sam and Amy’s entry to the US. -Cross your fingers! -Chad

  32. Annie Avatar

    Merry Christmas Sam, John and Amy. I do hope you are all able to take the time to be thankful for all you have this holiday season. You will be together soon.
    P.S you’d better get a parka when you move to America Sam…brrrr

  33. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    Hi Sam, It is good to hear you are okay except for the cold. It is so very clear by the pictures just how happy you and John are when you are together. Some people tend to be jealous when they see some one else’s love, happiness or success in life. You may have already experienced some of this, just saying, avoid these types and give them nothing. Some women, ( and yes, I am female) can only make themselves more attractive by making YOU jealous. A little pathetic, and I know too personally, they play the hell out of that card. Once upon a time, I was married to a man like John, maybe, in some ways..self-made empire, a little older. He looked at me and the sun appeared. And he could have had anyone but he chose to love me. It was Magic, It was Bliss, Heaven, And Hell.
    It was thirteen years ago I made a mistake. He made a few lol. But in hindsight my mistake was bigger. Back to Jealousy…It is ugly and I despise it. Yet, I felt it. My mistake.

    I apologize for being so lengthy Sam and don’t mean to sound bossy.
    Merry Christmas from Georgia!

  34. WEB Avatar

    Sammy, huh? Cute 😉 You should write to us more often, it’s good practice for your English, and we love hearing from you. I imagine there could be lots of reasons for John’s absence here….like maybe a private plane, remote landing strip, and a very Merry Christmas for all?
    here’s hoping…..

  35. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    Really glad to hear your safe and doing well. Just hang in there just a bit longer and you will be stateside and can get back to a normal life and have your john back. Take care of john, he’s a good man. And for the record we.aren’t john fans. We are john Sam and Amy fans and supporters and have been praying hard for your safety and well being and glad and relieved to see things are on the way to being better. God speed Gurl. We love ya.

  36. t.bone Avatar

    john is d best. don seh it!!!

  37. Chris Avatar

    Good to hear from you Sammy. Sounds like you have all been through a lot. John is lucky your uncle is a great lawyer and you were able to introduce them.

  38. Kevin L. Kirkpatrick Avatar
    Kevin L. Kirkpatrick


  39. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    I don’t like to see anyone hurt, i don’t know the truth, only you all know what happened. Good to hear you are safe. what’s taking so long for you to come to the states? I said some bad things about John, it probably wasn’t nice, i judged without knowing the facts, so if you all can live safely here in the states, wish you well and happiness. 🙂

  40. Kevin L. Kirkpatrick Avatar
    Kevin L. Kirkpatrick

    Samantha, thank you for the update… John is amazing, a smart man. John has given so much to help so many! What an adventure really. I know how brilliant a man John is cuz he out – smarted . the deadly – powerful foul – play MF methods used by the high rank sorry – ass officials! Haha F—- the Media too! John found a narrow path to freedom! What a brave man John is. His chance manuevers as a leader, innovator are priceless! His life has inspired others to dare to be bold, to dream and live free courageous lives and not live under oppression fearing and suffering constantly! What a creative strong resourceful fun loving character “bonkers” Yup!! He’s obviously BONKERS for you! lo…Hehehe…KK

  41. Craig Avatar

    Thanks for the post Sam -we keep checking for updates everyday and hope you are reunited soon. It’s very hard to be separated from the one you love but hang in there and keep yourself occupied and safe to make the time pass more quickly

  42. Chad Essley Avatar

    I am helping out with punctuation, and very very slight editing. -Chad

  43. Bewitched bothered and bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched bothered and bewildered

    Well sam’s English has improved greatly since
    Her earlier posts
    Either this isn’t Sam , or wasn’t Sam before
    Or she has taken a full immersion English class
    On the run
    Makes me wonder ?