Injustice in Belize

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Right to trial in Belize needs no constitutional amendment

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25 responses to “Injustice in Belize”

  1. Doug Xfile Avatar
    Doug Xfile

    I heard about John’s experience in Belize and the whole passport fiasco.
    As someone who has had problems in South America and the Carribean traveling, I was very empathetic to John’s story.

    I’m making it my mission to inform my fellow Canadian, American and European friends as to what the Belizian government is up to in regards to their passport swindle. We already have enough problems with Illegal Immigration and the problems it causes!


  2. Saunders Jones Avatar
    Saunders Jones

    OK, guys. Just listened to Alex Jones. No Glenn Beck. Looney Tunes.

  3. Saunders Jones Avatar
    Saunders Jones

    Akin to Glenn Beck, huh? You mean Alex Jones can tell you what will happen a year from now? Do you mean he covers important stories the mainstream press will not touch? Stuff like that? Then thanks for the heads up, I will certainly tune in. Open your minds a bit, and LISTEN!!

  4. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    Please everyone sign this petition and share this link on every social website you use Facebook, Twitter Etc. This is the type of thing that needs to be going viral rather than a video of a dog carrying a cat back inside the house for the owner….though that was hilarious.

  5. M Avatar

    Their = relating to owning
    There = relating to a place
    They’re = they are
    Of = of
    Have = have, sometimes a helping verb
    ie I would have known, not: I would of known…
    etc etc etct

  6. Connie Avatar

    What’s up with the interview? Hasn’t been on yet. Is it not going to air?

  7. drcd36 Avatar

    Alex Jones is like Glen Beck’s crazier younger brother. In fact it’s almost like he tries to “out-crazy” Beck…..but is his interview evening happening? I didn’t hear it at 3.

  8. Not the Enemy Avatar
    Not the Enemy


  9. iceesurfer Avatar

    3pm central listened to Alex spout some sense, some non-sense. No mention of JM.
    Had to turn it off when Alex started on a rant about Devil-Worshippers. Sounding for all the airwaves like a semi-Functional Tweeker.

  10. WEB Avatar

    I for one wouldn’t be unhappy if John had chosen someone else to do the interview. Alex Jones sounds like he’s related to Glenn Beck.. .>>shudder at the insanity>>. I have searched the web and all podcasts, no sign of JM anywhere. A little update confirming Johns safety would be good right about now.

  11. Ann Ubis Avatar
    Ann Ubis

    I’m listening as well. Nothing on Jones’ website about JM either. Hmmm…

  12. WEB Avatar

    can’t find it either

  13. Zach Avatar

    Agreed. I didn’t hear one thing about John being on the show today. Is it supposed to be a different date, John?

  14. Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered

    No mention of mcafee on Alex Jones program today ..nothing on promos , I’m listening now
    3pm central …says guest on today’s show is Jerome Corsi …now yammering about gun control

  15. Chris Avatar

    It is 2:59 now and his talk show is talking about vaccines. Hope I don’t miss it.

  16. JJones Avatar

    Alex Jones didn’t do any research before your last interview and just wanted you to fit your story into his conspiracy theories ( world government etc etc ). He’s not credible but it will be interesting to see him push you to sign his spin.

  17. drcd36 Avatar

    I actual listen to Alex’s show regularly simply for pure entertainment. That’s how off-base, over-the-top, and ignorant many of his statement are. He loves to proclaim absolutely asinine pieces of information as “FACT”.

  18. JG Avatar

    I have to go with Gaby on this one…


    The guy is a lunatic and will crush all integrity you have.

    John, Ive been a fan of yours for a while… But this taints my view a bit.

  19. H. Amsterdam; Netherlands Avatar

    All, including Chad: HAPPY NEW YEAR! FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!
    Vds dos niñas bonitas: Fuerza!, y mantener la cabeza clara y fria. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, however long drawn.
    John: the YouTube hyperlink is for you in general and also in light of your upcoming Alex Jones’ interview. Read your commencement speech at your alma matter kindly related by other commenters on the previous post. Wow. Can you think and talk like that all the time? Again, all the best for 2013 to all.

  20. Smith Avatar

    Jones tells the truth and sad reality .. good choice, i will be listening

  21. AmericanMuse Avatar

    John, here’s a limerick about you I wrote:

    A curious man named John McAfee,
    Once set out to discover Reality;
    To his utter surprise,
    He met Heisenberg the Wise,
    Who showed him it’s all just Iffy!

  22. Zeitgeist Avatar

    Alex Jones was useful at one time. I’m afraid now, this interview will ruin any credibility of the story. No matter how factual.

  23. Sandy Avatar

    We are with you John. Their is a very clear and present danger in America and I will listen to you on Alex Jones show. I am glad you are safe.

  24. Gaby Avatar

    Alex Jones? Really? Of all the press from which you could choose? I hope he does his homework this time. Perhaps he could at least read a bit of your blog before hand. It seemed to me that he was clueless in your last interview. Anyway, best of luck tomorrow. Stay safe and best wishes for better year in 2013.

  25. Lindsey Avatar

    Will you be posting your blog before or after this?