Portrait by Kirk Crippens

Portrait by the talented  Kirk Crippens, taken while in Portland as the Artist-in-Residence at Newspace Center for Photography , the project was ” iconic folks in Portland” and that included a 51 year old elephant named Packy at the Oregon Zoo, Portrait was shot using a large format 4×5 view camera and film (yes real film still exists) .
Thank you Kirk

 © 2013 Kirk Crippens


2 responses to “Portrait by Kirk Crippens”

  1. WEB Avatar

    I bet Kirk told him to stand still, not move. LOL
    Great shot……is there a site to see all the photographs in the “iconic folks in Portland” series, or was it a local showing?
    How come even though you’re not smiling I still see a grin? 😉

  2. Greg Jenkins Avatar

    Dear John,

    Lead, Eat, Sleep and MOVE!

    Best wishes,