Antivirus inventor and totally NOT a drug-crazed murderer by Matt Siegel

On November 11 last year, a small team from Belize’s Gang Suppression Unit – an elite police force tasked primarily with battling the country’s brutal narco-gangs – launched a night-time raid on a home in Ambergris Caye, an island in the Caribbean Sea off the Belizean coast. The small boats packed with armed men would have looked an odd sight gliding across the azure waters and sandy shoals into San Pedro, the island’s largest town and a haven for expats and foreign tourists hoping to enjoy world-class diving along the Belize Barrier Reef, far from the central American country’s roiling drug wars.

The night air was thick with humidity as the officers searched the upscale home for evidence, detaining three employees of the owner and combing the grounds for their ultimate trophy: the owner himself. But as the hours dragged on and with success no closer than when they had arrived, the task force shoved off from the beach and departed without their prize.

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5 responses to “Antivirus inventor and totally NOT a drug-crazed murderer by Matt Siegel”

  1. Kenner Avatar

    I would like to give you greetings for your faith after the real truth.

  2. WEB Avatar

    he also said 2 bullets (to the head)…….


  3. SL Avatar

    Our hero favors a revolver and you would know if a man was shot with a shotgun!

    I had also seen some reports that the shell was from a luger. I have it on good authority that you can not determine the make of a gun from it;s shell. In cases like these facts really do matter. I am looking forward to finally reading the facts on thid case insteard of for fact molding.

    At least it wasn’t a personality piece.

  4. Greg Jenkins Avatar

    Ummmm the shotgun to the head of Greg.

  5. SL Avatar

    This may be one of the better articles written except for one error. Can you spot the fact he is off on?
    It’s an important one too.
    Aside from that, it is well written and unlike most of the media, this writer did not become part of the story. Finally someone who doesn’t start with drugs, women, guns and then fills in a story around that.
    As always, John, good to see you 🙂