Orange Walk Compound burned to the ground – NOT accidental

As mentioned in an earlier post the Prime Minister of Belize Dean Oliver Barrow has enormous power and puts in to action whenever he needs to…. today was another good example ……

This afternoon my compound in Orange Walk  was burned to the ground , my sources confirm that barrow was livid over the fact that my employees were acquitted of all charges last month and that an investment group was about to purchase the property ( sale was supposed to close over the next few days).  Another source at the US embassy called me to confirm that the fires were not accidental…..

Chanel 5 Belize News

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40 responses to “Orange Walk Compound burned to the ground – NOT accidental”

  1. el raton desconocido Avatar
    el raton desconocido

    hey Delta shut the hell up you’re full of crap. Partly. I used to work at the US Embassy Stapleton and the rest of his ratones along with that fake fat fuck guerra poor excuse of a security man dark history of his own are all full of shit they’re like pretty but the truth is there so called security is not lying with the local guard force untrained they have spent years without getting any defensive training much less offensive training they’re worthless pointless and there is no skill within that metal. The building however is self sufficient and protected by a passive armor protection system. But my biggest disappointment is the John himself. When I first met you John I thought you were actually going to help the country. After your stent on the blue light ‘ll stuff monger do you know that the Coast Guard piss on your boat sure your money helped you buy a few of them and the drugs. But I could have lived with that. But you lied to me man it’s a good thing that I never did except to be inyour security team I liked working better and Caio anyways away from most you crazy ass white people you lied to the world John . To the big raton jefe no matter how many time you think that you can put your cigarettes in your pocket and still be invisible you’re not it’s that very behavior that makes you so obvious

  2. Matrical Avatar

    Life in “paradise”,eh ?

  3. Ben Decho Avatar
    Ben Decho

    You do realize that Belize is not an Asian country???

  4. kimi Avatar

    Shit Happens!
    Asia is good place to be but be aware same shit everywhere.
    Vietnam is good place to be.

  5. electrician Manhattan NY Avatar

    Well I guess we can not expect corrupt governments to play by the rules then.

  6. Sarah Avatar

    Really hard to take you seriously, dude. Whatever you are trying to communicate is totally obscured by the rhetoric. Recommend toning it down for the sake of your credibility.

    But if you are just trolling, then troll on, Sir.

  7. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins

    Dear Dr. Johnny,

    Chitty, chitty, chitty!

    Lead, eat, sleep & MOVE!


  8. Connie Avatar

    Not surprised this would happen. Glad to hear your employees your employees were acquitted. Hopefully, the investment company will not be scared off and see through this obvious move to do so.

  9. WEB Avatar

    There are reports of a few BRUSH fires, many thanks to Noneya for providing them.


  10. Delta Avatar

    If the harassment/vindictiveness continues and few ‘things’ don’t tke place soon much more is to follow.

    A list of names and addresses including the list of crimes committed by each party will be distributed throughout the country. It shouldn’t be too difficult to send out over 300,000 fliers detailing these crimes committed by those who wish destroy their ‘neighbors’.

    All those funds spent on the roads in Belize city and throughout the country was/is spent for ‘access’ during martial law/pollice state that is just around your corner. The US, British and Mexican embassies are assumed to be a safe underground bunker to retreat to in that time of need. I don’t believe the folks have any idea what insside these underground bunkers at whatt has been ‘stored’ there over the years. There was a reason all of those millions were spent on such facitlities though that is infosec for the time being. There is much more. Patience is a blessing or a curse. Sure hope folks do the right thing. I’m just beginning to get started. Looking forward?
    Later folks.
    Sincere regards.
    MJ13, S.A. P.A. and so on…..

  11. serge Avatar

    seriously… when we get bush fire here in australia, burnt grou8nd black…. bottoms of trees are all black burned sorta thing, this is obviously someoent hat started this fire…. open ur eyes and stop ur bullshit escuse guys 🙂

  12. Delta Avatar


    Whether one believes in a Creator, ArchAngles ETs or not, it should be obvious to those paying attention that there is much 'suffering' in the world. When one denies their very Conscience and misuses their Freewill (a Gift), what are they to expect? There is no excuse for indifference, inAction, disRegard and/or Collusion such as has been witnessed day~to~day.

    The fires will get much worse.
    The viral/bacterial infections will multiply exponentially.
    The people will witness their 'fiat currencies' implode.
    Their debts will multiply.
    The economy and banking system will become insolvent.
    The child/adult rape will increase.
    Racketeering, money laundering, neoptism, fraud, burglaries, robberies, assaults, murders etc. is evidence of failed 'state' of affairs reinforced with a lack of faith in ny semblance to a Rule of Law based on the Golden Rule and reinforced by Jurisprudent trail by jury system of governance with respect for NATURAL LAW of which need not be written but rather Understood for what it is in it's own Right and Enforced by one's Creator Above. Jesus never wrote One word as he did not trust in the word of 'man', a human construct of which is often misused, misunderstood, misinterpreted, deceptive and manipulative… design. He inspired those to look UP for guidnance rather than to a book of words. Even the deaf, dumb and blind have a/the Conscience as their guide. Pre-papyrous, pre-linguistics how was one to know there way?

    One has a choice.
    Please 'choose' wisely.

  13. Delta Avatar

    There are currently, multiple intelligence agencies of ‘concern’ of whom are watching the situation in Belize carefully as their are many ‘investors’ of ‘concern’ that have much to lose with the demise of this failed State.

    Severl reports have been generated by special agents/investors that have been disregarded with impunity by the judicial system. Judges were threatened, blackmailed, payed off…..or ‘worse’. There are many active cases to date that are currently be audited in real time.

    There were some very well meaning investors in the country that were/are victims of various members of an internal criminal cabal racket/conspiracy that is becoming increasingly exposed for what it is.

    Amongst the most pressing ‘issues’ to date that continue to date with impunity unto the rule of law are as follows:
    Multiple counts of espionge by agents within the govt. in collusion with OAS, ICJ and various NGO spy rings to conspire to relinguous/forgo the sovereignty or nation-hood of Belize as an independent state to a Regional central american union under the auspices/control of the interntional bankster cabal or NWO autocratic rule without Constituional protections. Rather, the subjects are to be subject to a corporate law aka admiralty law aka law of the sea with no respect for individual rights. It’s a form of slavery to put it simple.

  14. Delta Avatar

    Multiple acts of treason and crimes against humanity have been openly and admittedly committed against the constituents, the people by the PM and deputy PM. I find it amazing they are not locked up in prison for life. It should not have to be reminded that punishment for treason and/or crimes against humanity is Death. The people need to stand Up and do the Right thing for yourselves, your children, country. That would provide some means of redemption, liberty, justice, investor confidence, pride in country, renewed and invigorated respect for the Counstitution and Rule of Law. If this does not take place, you will lose ‘everything’. There is much going on behind the scenes that most are not privy to but I can assure you what I have spoken of is the truth. “Give me Liberty or give me death” are words you can count on. Respect is earned one action, deed at a time. Watching very closely to the situation in BZ.

  15. jungle girl Avatar

    As usual Fox news has reported John’s island home burned down. I wonder what else they got wrong. I think that’s called novel journalism.

  16. Eugene Kaspersky Avatar

    The IRA wouldn’t stand by and let a “fellow Irishman” put up with this kind of shit? What a truly wonderful statement which just shows you how much American’s really know about the terrorist organisation the IRA. They think nothing of knee-capping and murdering their “fellow Irishmen” on a regular basis. Want an example from within the last few weeks? Try this:

    Also nevermind the fact John isn’t Irish!

  17. Glyn Avatar

    If I had the right contacts I’d get the IRA on the case, they wouldn’t stand by and let a fellow Irishman put up with this kind of shit

  18. DB Avatar

    Belzie is a failed state,
    It is full of corruptiion, cowrdice and greed.
    It is to be invadeded by guatemla.
    It has no more ‘frriends’ around the world.
    It is known to be one of the most corrupt and illegimte places to invest in the world.
    The ‘people’ coninue to suffer for allowing themselves to be treated as slaves and subjeccts. If they were free they would ‘eliminte’ those that bind them unto their will.
    Yet, they coninue to destroy their neighbors insted of removing the Beast of ‘their’ burdon.
    One way or another, the tyrants should be ‘removed’. So many victims and countiing. All wickedness and evil should be removed, assasinted as soon as soon as poissible or You are to remain subjects/slaves unto willl of another. They are all laughing at you; should it be well deserved? Think of all the deaths that were ‘unanswered’? A

  19. TherealOnlooker Avatar

    Onlooker , why don’t you use the google Internet machine…..

    Here is another accidental report

    Pssss offf

  20. onlooker Avatar

    There have been fires reported most of the week, all across the country. Do you own research, it is not hard to find Nothing new here, happens every year.

    When I first learned of this I said the conspiracy theory nuts would have a field day……

  21. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    good thing you were not in Belize when this happened … glad you are safe.

  22. SL Avatar

    The truth belongs to those in power. Unless we look behind the curtain to discover it on our own

    Here in California, wildfires burn everything, even non wood things show signs of the raging fire. It sure did look a little more controlled to me. But I wasn’t there. You can bet on it that Belize does not have arson experts, so we would never know now would we.

  23. WEB Avatar

    I’m all for getting the facts, and this is no different. Can you please provide a link to even one story about the “‘many’ fires in Belize right now”?
    In March and April there were wildfires across much of Central America. Not so much now…..and in fact, not one single article about any fires in Belize during that time or currently. Not one. There are hundreds of articles about the wildfires in California, (the comparison you gave) so shouldn’t there be at least a couple about Belize?
    Until there is some proof provided that collaborates your statement, I’ll stick to my initial thought. ARSON.

  24. johnfan Avatar


    I wish that you get justice and hope you will be safe and happy.

    Hope Sam is doing good.
    –Your fan

  25. Glyn Avatar

    If it was the result of a bush fire I would have thought the trees would look a bit burnt too. Not sure what the landscape looked like before the fire but I see plenty of unburnt trees.

  26. Padraig Avatar

    Those that think this is just a coincidence probably are the same people that think Jews were never killed by Hitler’s SS. Wake up people…

  27. Noneya Avatar

    There are many, many fires in Belize right now. Having little resources to put them out and the fact that the country is dying for rain, I’m not really buying the Dean Barrow explanation. Sorry, I have felt confident about every thing you have said up to this point. Nearly all of Toledo in burning, many fires in Cayo and Orange Walk. The usual cane field burnings are happening, a lot of slash and burn, and because it has been so dry, they all have gotten out of hand. I’m sorry this happened just before you were supposed to close, and the timing could definitely be construed to be suspicious….however, there are too many areas of the whole country burning right now to give arson a lot of credibility. Many of my friends are all watching the fires burning out of control and, just like fire season in California, they are watching and trying to do whatever they can to protect their property.

    This time it might just be coincidence.

  28. Chris Avatar

    Vindictive destruction performed out of spite.

  29. johnfan Avatar

    Really sorry to hear ..

  30. WEB Avatar

    It does appear that ‘someone’ is attempting to re-start a battle they have already lost.
    Very sorry John…..

  31. Chris Avatar

    Clearly a “childish” act of retaliation from a “sandbox” country being ran by bullies. I am so sorry to see everything that you built destroyed like this.

  32. Indianladycn Avatar

    John, how horrible. I am so glad you are home safe. Please call or e-mail me. I know you are busy, let me know you are ok, please.

  33. Manny Avatar

    Did you have insurance on the place?

  34. sandwillow Avatar

    It appears that when Belize is done with you, you’re lucky to get away alive.

  35. kippap Avatar

    The world is so full of evil and for this I can not understand this. We try and unite and make the world a better place and there is always someone standing in a line to crush the person who is trying to make it better.

  36. Laura Broussard Avatar

    We are glad you made it back to the United States. Your adventure down in Belize turned into a real nightmare didn’t it?? Welcome home dear. Sorry the government burned your place down, but Belize is a third world nation.


  37. SL Avatar

    That is horrible.
    It does look suspicious and reminds me of the crocodile refuge people. I had read the story before I saw this post. They said it was caused by neighbors burning brush. It sounded too convenient especially so close to a deal being made.
    Thankfully you are still alive. I will never understand people who hate so much.

  38. carole Avatar

    so sorry 🙁