McAfee Terminates Relationship With Vice Magazine

Based on new information.  Mr. McAfee is terminating his relationship with Vice Magazine.  Due to information just received, It is no longer clear to Mr. McAfee that the “accidental” release of his co-ordinates due to Vice Magazine’s editorial department’s failure to remove location data from their now notorious photo, was indeed an accident.  This incident led directly to Mr. McAfee’s arrest.  The reason, possibly, was that Vice wanted exclusive access to Mr. McAfee’s arrest, which they in fact obtained and broadcast.  This, and subsequent developments, including a breach of verbal contract, has led Mr. McAfee to terminate all contact with Vice.

Mr. McAfee does not believe that the two reporters travelling with him knew in advance, or in any way aided and abetted Vice’s plan to “out” him.

This blog will continue as normal beginning later this afternoon.  Obviously, legal proceedings are under way.


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  1. david Avatar

    i love you sue them out of business for tampering with the law

  2. To-Help-You-Gain-Support. Avatar

    Mr McAfee is Smart?
    Traveling with reporters?
    I would say.. Even tho maybe lead to arrest..
    He dont have a Crystal ball and under the situation. Stress is Not good
    to no person.
    I wish him well and the truth out.

  3. To-Help-You-Gain-Support. Avatar

    Just add anything you want to keep?
    To the online
    Wayback machine

    if you wish to keep it public

  4. Mike Avatar

    Wow, careful, we are all getting sucked into McAfee-land

  5. Name ... Avatar
    Name …

    lol high profile.

  6. Tom Happy Avatar
    Tom Happy

    Do you have a mirror of this website set up. If the conspiracy goes as deep into the rabbit hole as John thinks you will need at least one mirror. Having done a little testing, this site as currently designed does not have acquitted protection against DDOS attack. Additionally there are three notable footprints that if I was so inclined I would bet would yield at least two separate vulnerabilities, one of which can be exploited by any script kiddie with a linux OS and a public wifi nearby.

    You should also consider sending info to wikileaks to put onto the dark web for you. Even if someone takes down all the clear web stuff, the dark webs will remain and find it’s ay back to the clear web.

  7. Howard Crane Avatar

    uh…. I recall suggesting Vice intentionally “leaked” his co-ordinates and suggested maybe they were pissed about the tampering incident… y’know… the one John directly apologized about?…. and some prick was allowed to call me thick.
    Who’s thick now? lol

    This is all so very unreal. Kinda feels like I’m already watching a scripted documentary of sorts. But I guess I know for sure it’s all real now since Vice wont be coming with that doc. 😀

  8. Rocco Castoro-impostor Avatar
    Rocco Castoro-impostor

    Harold – How can you or John reasonably conclude that Rocco Castoro, Vice’s Editor in Chief, the fricking editor in chief?!, had nothing to do with the “clumsy release of XIF data”? Perhaps you cannot share this information, but you had the EDITOR in CHIEF with John. I find it totally unfathomable, this idea that the editor in chief did not want to expose John’s location for the benefit of his site.

    *This post was not actually posted by Rocco. It was an impostor and the ip has been banned. -Admin*

  9. Seancho Avatar

    Larry Flynt!

  10. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    seriously dude … have another look at the picture.

  11. superbowlpatriot Avatar

    Most of these clowns with worthless BA’s don’t deserve our attention. They have nothing important to say, and apparently will sell you out to criminals without a second thought, as long as the spectacle attracts customers. Capitalist pigs in the truest sense.

  12. JJones Avatar

    One of the big things I’m getting out of this is the state of our media.. they’ve all turned into Fox news? The CNN guy, even the BBC guy can’t be bothered to do their homework. How can they safeguard our democracies?
    The conspiracy guys ( Alex Jones – watch his interview with John – world government blah blah blah ) ironically have their blinders on too.

  13. Rocco Castoro-impostor Avatar
    Rocco Castoro-impostor

    John – You had to know that Vice would not have your best interests at heart. Let’s be honest… According to their website, you had their EDITOR IN CHIEF, Rocco Castoro, and his photog, Robert King traveling with you. Do you really really believe that the editor in chief, Rocco, had no idea that his magazine was about to out you? This is a disgusting piece of journalism on Vice’s part, leaving Mr. McAfee as the unfortunate pawn in their game of internet supremacy.

    Be well, John. I am wishing for the best for you.

    *This post was not actually posted by Rocco. It was an impostor and the ip has been banned. -Admin*

  14. marc Avatar

    I’m happy john that there seams to be a good outcome to your situation.

    I will be more happy when your back safe in the USA I’m very disappointed with vice by their action that got you arrested.

    I truly wish you the very best Sir ! 😉 Marc

  15. metalhead Avatar

    hahaha. thats how.maybe your not evil….. maybe….

  16. Kodama Avatar

    Did The NyTimes story today predict this?:
    “As soon as reporters start to think, ‘Wait a minute, we’re sort of jeopardizing our objectivity and reputation for this guy,’ he’ll just burn them, and go to the next one,” says the Gizmodo writer Joel Johnson, who found himself cut off after publishing an article Mr. McAfee did not like. “That’s what he did to me, that’s what he’s done to a lot of journalists, and he’s going to do it to the Vice guys, if he hasn’t done it already.”

  17. metalhead Avatar

    uh thats not good. uh oh.

  18. Mentor Avatar

    Noted. 😉

  19. Seth Snyder Avatar
    Seth Snyder

    Hi John,
    I do believe you, and your story of corruption in Belize. I did notice something a little odd though. No offense, but why in the photo from Vice Magazine, do you look like a cardboard cutout?

  20. Rusty Avatar

    Um. . . Cause I do. Can’t be more specific than that. If you want them involved, you simply have to ask, but at the moment they are focused on Syria and other uprisings. Taking a peek at a corrupt Central American Government however would be right up their alley. Exposing them would be par for the course. 🙂

  21. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you so much.

  22. JW Avatar

    Hi John. You look and sound much much better this week.

    Glad to see you may be back home soon. If ya stop in OR to see Chad and then want to warm up some, my wife Theresa and I will arrange for some excellent hot meals and comfortable descrete stay for you and Sam here in beautiful Laguna Beach. Perfect for your honymoon!

  23. John McAfee Avatar

    Remember the song – “Send lawyers, guns and money”

  24. deratski Avatar

    GUATEMALA CITY — A lawyer for John McAfee says a judge has ordered the software company founder released from a Guatemalan detention center where he has been fighting deportation.

    Lawyer Telesforo Guerra says the judge notified him verbally of the ruling, but that it may take a day for formal written notification to win McAfee’s release.

    Judge Judith Secaida did not return phone calls on Tuesday seeking to confirm the ruling.

    Guerra said Secaida ruled McAfee’s detention illegal, ordered him released, and gave him 10 days to put his immigration situation in order.

    McAfee was detained last week after he sneaked into Guatemala from neighboring Belize. Police in neighboring Belize want to question McAfee in the fatal shooting of a U.S. expatriate who lived near his home on a Belizean island in November.

  25. Edina Avatar

    Has JM considered Current TV and their Vanguard journalism unit ?

    I’ve seen several of their documentaries/reports and the journalists seem to be capable of embedded reporting from 3rd world, dangerous and unpredictable locales such as Somalia, Uganda, Central and South America.

    I also think that the BBC may be a viable option for JM. The Beeb seems to offer mostly unbiased reporting, in contrast to the US mainstream media outlets.

    Sending good wishes to JM and Sam and will be watching breathlessly to see how this all unfolds. This is one hell of a ride !

  26. Mia Avatar

    Amber Lyon. Used to work for CNN but went up against ‘media protocol’ and branched out on her own. Great investigative journalist… best I’ve ever seen regarding the REAL stories and with zero fear.

  27. ELLEN O'ROURKE Avatar

    I like Dan Rather. Experienced. Read “Rather Outspoken”? He follows the truth not what he’s told to do.

  28. Peter Avatar

    Looking for airline Tickits to Belize. Anyone ?

  29. Emmie Avatar

    Is John being played? Or are we being played? I’m starting to wonder.

  30. Mentor Avatar

    Can’t wait for the insinuations to fly. I’m not sure whom I like less; Reporters or Lawyers. Stay tuned.

  31. Smart Move Avatar
    Smart Move

    Yomama said, December 11, 2012 at 11:16 pm; Ive been to countries, not Belize but places like it. If I were in your shoes I would go back to Belize talk to the authorities and try to cut some kind of deal.
    I want to respectively respond to you, and the many who believe John should return to Belize. None of you have ever experienced the “true culture”, that John lived in. Perhaps you were a tourist that was isolated from local realities? Maybe you were a traveler that spent time with the many good families? I lived for over ten years in my “paradise”, and did not understand there was dangerous corruption existing beside me! But then something happens to make you a target (to either foreigner or native) (ask Mayan Indians what is happening to them).
    In my example, I saw the truth as I watched a friend, while he paid extortion to preserve his great lifestyle (similar to John’s). But it is impossible to ever stop the greedy corruption by paying, and I witnessed the end of his life, which came by assassination (twice!). How is it possible to kill a man two times?
    I spent the night with him, left early, was in another town, and later he was purposely run-down on his four-wheeler in the village we lived in. Next day I went to one of the best hospitals in the country, and he laughed when I told him a peg-leg would improve his looks. He survived an operation to remove his leg, but he was totally brain dead.
    Trucks came to confiscate possessions from his beautiful estate home — and later they needed him killed to steal his house. He finally died from rat poison. Corruption took all his money, property, and his life. Then the authorities turned their attention to their next victim — do not doubt that there is low probability of survival when you become a target.
    Government corruption assures that if John returns to Belize, he dies quickly, or they hold him in solitary confinement until he is dead from long-term abuse (John still has property to steal). Respectively, you all should educate yourself to the realities in the world — you help is needed to control corruption. And if corruption cannot be reduced in a very small country, with the publicity & level of scrutiny now on Belize — then all living elsewhere will have a worse future —

  32. Robert Carter Avatar
    Robert Carter

    Hey John. Here’s some unsolicited advice. Your first problem is you’re too trusting. You believe in the good which is great but it’s a nasty corrupt world out there. I wouldn’t trust Vice farther than I could throw them. They don’t care about you or the truth…just a good story.
    Another thing. You’ve kind of declared war on the Belizian government so that’s why the push back. I don’t care who you are you cannot change a corrupt regime on your own.
    Another thing, your nature is to make jokes (me too) but in the situation you are in it’s hurting you more than helping. You need to renounce the jokes and be serious for a change.
    I sincerely hope and believe you will get out of this predicament you find yourself in. Going back to the USA would probably be your best bet. Go have a coffee with your friend and forget trying to save the world.
    Your last video answering questions was a better approach. Just be honest and lose the jokes and ego.
    And one more thing. Take a deep breath and relax. You can’t control everything.
    I really hope everything will work out for you (& Sam).
    Come to Canada for a visit. We’ve got acreage and a cabin waiting for you 🙂

  33. Peter Avatar

    probably the original plan was to lay low in guatemala.

  34. Kodama Avatar

    “This incident led directly to Mr. McAfee’s arrest. ” Isn’t this false? Nobody thinks that the hiring of a lawyer and scheduling a press conference might of DIRECTLY had something to do with it?
    Yes, the GPS data was left on the photo and then it being the web could of led somebody to the hotel, but they left before that could happen. So there is nothing direct about it.

    It’s pretty serious charge to say it wasn’t “accidental” . What proof do you have? Can’t wait to hear Vice’s side of the story.

    So you say this corruption goes all the way from Belize to Vice??? Big stretch…. If we find it was actually “accidental”, which at this moment there is no proof otherwise, then you will seriously lose all credibility with me and everyone in this world.

  35. Emmie Avatar

    Because they’re just National Enquirer wearing a different coat?

  36. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    I knew what was coming next, no one wanted to listen to me, the jokes that i left was for a purpose, now some here got me PO, like Scott, Big Mouth. No one can let things be. Now your on your own John.

  37. fendidonna Avatar

    Harold. I’m sorry to read this. That must have been a sad blow to an attempt to build trust / effectively utilise in the media industry for your cause.

    IMHO it was unacceptable (whether intended or not) for Vice to have revealed the location and it destroyed their credibility in an instant. Opinions on your story may differ, but basic journalistic competence and integrity is expected.

    A favourite quotation for you:

    “I read a great number of press reports and find comfort in the fact that they are nearly always conflicting”

    You’re doing a great job of managing your media message. Stay safe.

  38. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    Just heard the interview with sky news… Sounds like you will be out soon .. Wonderful news. Sending best regards and blessings for safe passage…

  39. Mike Avatar

    Indeed, Harold, it DOES look shady… regularly deleting previous posts and John’s drastic and sudden changes of opinion don’t help his case.

  40. Mike Avatar

    Yes,… VERY hard… enlighten me, what took you so long to come to that conclusion?? Everyone told you and it’s just common sense!

    I’m afraid but this last turn of events also discredits JM… As I previously wrote – in reply to a blog post about VICE having the exclusive, which has now been deleted – there are simply too many 360 degrees turnarounds in this saga on John’s part to keep believing what is being said here… I personally believe each of those decisions (and obvious mistakes) had its reason/motivation/explanation but it’s still very bad PR and – objectively speaking – it’s very hard to take things seriously (as in true and factual) from here on…

    Didn’t he say he (in the press conference) KNEW for certain that it was a genuine mistake?

    I’m willing to bet money that the next big news will be about Sam… people have warned you about this for weeks… but of course, he KNOWS that Sam and her uncle are to be trusted….

    Good luck John… I wish you all the best but you seem to be digging your own grave – I hope not literally. I hope I’m wrong!

  41. Scott Avatar

    how do I touch base with u? I have a weeks vacation from the 20th to 27th? Maybe a picket sign??? lemme know please.

  42. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    OK so now for the second time i will unlike vice’s page??? John i was wondering where the second Q & A went??? the video and posts where you answered the questions???

  43. Scott Avatar

    sorry dude

  44. Peter Avatar

    I believe these are the reporters:

    Maybe somebody should ask them?

  45. Scott Avatar

    Today is my birthday thought I would share 46 years worth of common sense I would appreciate others doing the same before they post cause I see why Harold M loses his chit do to incompetence…….


  46. Peter Avatar

    wow— if this is true this is fucked up.

  47. Scott Avatar

    When u r on the run what choices do u have to make? Do u think Oprah was available or what? The decison John made was on the fly while covering his own ass. he was under an extreme amount of duress and “trusted” people who he had no other choice but to trust. my main point is he made it out of Belise and he is alive if it were me I would never have made it that far. Good of posters to put things into perspective before posting “not”. If it can happen to John then it can very easily happen to you don’t you get it?

  48. Jason Firth Avatar
    Jason Firth

    Do not often follow news but I believe this story displays the poor corruption in other countries and the way the media try and portray John as insane is unbelievable! Hope you get home safe, well home in USA! If this happened to anyone non important they would of been ‘silenced’ by now! Keep up the fight against the corrupt ‘law’

  49. Nate Avatar

    The new narrative being spun by the mass media regarding John is that he uses and manipulates reporters and by extension everyone around him.
    You are seeing through these new comments the fallout of this effect.
    My guess is that they are hammering so hard to assassinate John’s character as cover for their own biased reporting and hit pieces. The press have entered the stage of posing as victims of John. Bizarre. It’s literally a tactic out of a psychological warfare manual. It’s really warped.

  50. Yomama Avatar

    Im slowly changing mind mind and starting to feel some empathy for John. Ive been to countries, not Belize but places like it. Dont you have any American friends out there dude? Watching the vids it looks like you’re the lone white guy with a lot of money being played like a political football. I wouldn’t trust any one of these people who offers help unless its straight from the US embassy. Its obvious that corruption runs deep in 3rd world countries so this crusade to “expose” it seems almost pointless. If I were in your shoes I would go back to Belize talk to the authorities and try to cut some kind of deal. Maybe you should’ve done that to begin with because the price is likely much higher now.

  51. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    John does not believe that.

  52. john d Avatar
    john d

    Those stupid reporters should of turned off locations services on their phones=. They could of very well been part of the plot

  53. Yomama Avatar

    Just watched the vice footage and changed my mind the girl doesnt seem that sophisticated. I thought it was one of the other girls he’s written about.

  54. Smart Move Avatar
    Smart Move

    John, hopefully you will be released today? But if there are more problems, then here is a back-up plan to assure you are deported from Guatemala to USA. The US Embassy Citizen Services must be made to perform their duty to protect US Citizens, operating within & abiding by Guatemala Law. If you cannot gain assistance from US State Department in any other way, then have a warrant for your arrest issued in USA, and be legally extradited back to USA to face charges there! I suggest you be charged with violation of FCPA Federal Corrupt Practices Act. Then from the safety of the United States (& Guatemala while you await extradition) your lawyers can mount a defense that condemns every corrupt Belize Government Official.
    How come corrupt criminals from Belize and their families have visas to visit Miami and spend their illegal wealth stolen from the good people of Belize? Isn’t this money laundering, and a RICO Crime? And while the real criminals play in Miami, an “American Citizen” not charged with any crime in Belize, can’t return to United States?? US Visas should be cancelled on all corrupt individuals & families coming from Belize to USA (boycott “Belize Corruption”).
    Encourage Belize Police come to USA to question you. Make it a two-way-street for Belize Police to be questioned by your lawyers about corruption under RICO & FCPA Law. Keep the focus on “corruption”, and this will set you free. And if you are free tomorrow in the USA, then still lobby to get US Visas of corrupt foreigners revoked. Investigate use of FCPA & RICO to continue seeking justice to clear your name in Belize.
    If “Anonymous” can peek into the deep web and uncover all the information you need to shine the light of day on what the Politicians in Belize are really up to, then government corruption in the small country of Belize can be ended — and that would be a warning to all other corrupt governments —
    All US Citizens lose some travel protection, if US Embassy Citizen Services do not do their duty in this case. Best that Guatemala put John on a plane to Miami, before issues become more complicated.

  55. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Well then. OK. Good work. The reporters, however stated over an over on the phone to Vice headquarters to remove the data before publication. The reporters will verify this.

  56. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    The deed was done. John attempted to at least save the reporter’s asses with a clumsy post. Best he could do. Vice later admitted they did it. Lay off.

  57. Movit Avatar

    John, excellent interview on Skynews.

    That ignorant interviewer obviously hadn’t looked into you, recently or your past (sounded like he just got bits and pieces from those around him). So typical of the MSM and does you a dissservice. You got in some good points, stay’d the course so to speak – keep up the good work. You will see freedom soon. Stay strong, drink lots of water.

  58. lithium Avatar

    Of course it went sour. At some point soon Harold will be determined to be the enemy and John will push him out as well.
    Harold, you seem like a good guy so please allow me to give you condolences in advance. You’ll be missed and your tireless blogging was appreciated by the people following John’s journey.
    See ya man!!

  59. Peter Avatar

    So a 20 yrs old Belizian girl travels with John for about a month through the jungle and then after illegally moving into Guatemala decides to snitch on him by making a reporter take an Iphone picture which is then published on a Canadian website. Cause she knows these embed geo data. Yay, that makes a lot of sense.

  60. Scorponico Avatar

    At the time of the posting of the photo with metadata, John wrote that it was done intentionally as “misdirection.” Now it’s a conspiracy to get more site views. There will be another gullible journalist coming on board soon, and then he or she will get dumped as part of a vast conspiracy. And on and on ad nauseum, until the whole clown show comes to an ugly end. Oh, and we’ll see the girlfriend get dumped soon enough, too, along with her uncle, who will be accused of being a double agent for Belize. I’ve traveled down this rabbit hole far enough. See you later.

  61. ron Avatar

    It makes no sense, to scoop an arrest like that, because it’s poor payback for reputation loss. Who would trust them afterwards? I really wonder what the details are relative to John’s new info …

  62. Mentor Avatar

    Already done. Didn’t check every posted photo, just went at random, none have Exif data with GPS coordinates.

  63. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Good idea. Thanks.

  64. Susan Avatar

    everybody loves monday morning quarterbacks

  65. ron Avatar

    ExiledOnline – the web front-end for the old Moscow expat newspaper? Given the local media situation, I’ve often wondered about that type of untraditional outlet. What does the pro/con breakout look like for something like that?

  66. Susan Avatar

    actually, Harold, if you really want to know, and I guess you do, you could check the vice site for iphone photos posted BEFORE and then check those for meta data.

  67. Common Sense Avatar
    Common Sense

    High times?

  68. Mentor Avatar

    What makes you think they are not already peering into things, Rusty? Just curious. //

  69. Susan Avatar

    maybe they never wiped geotags but nobody ever cared? i wouldn’t be surprised if a large portion of image posted by Huffpost/Gizmodo/Vice etc. had all sorts of meta data embedded.

    Who knows?

  70. Yomama Avatar

    Wait I thought John was openly broadcasting his location once he reached guatemala? I still say it was the girl who set him up.

  71. Rusty Avatar

    If you truly wish to expose the rampant corruption in Belize there is one group that can clearly uncover the dirt. Anonymous. I gave you information through facebook on how to contact the right people. Anonymous is not just a bunch of script kiddies launching Denial of Service attacks. They can peek into the deep web and uncover all the information you need to shine the light of day on what the Politicians in Belize are really up to. It is time you pulled the trigger and invited Anonymous to the party.

  72. SL Avatar

    Yeah something like that.
    He has his knickers in a twist about something. I admit I find you charming and gentlemanly, but I am a woman. [blush]
    I hope you get back to the US soon. We aren’t perfect but at least you will be safe. I hope that now the Belizean authorities will actually try to solve the murder case instead of focusing on you. Seriously have they made any progress? Maybe the FBI can help them out?

  73. Erik Grad Avatar

    Mother Jones, IMHO

  74. Sej Avatar

    Vice are known for being scum, or at least associated with scum (Gavin McInnes, Jim Goad, etc). If you’re looking for real, honest, investigative journalists with loads of experience reporting on 3rd (and 1st) world corruption, check out Mark Ames and Yasha Levine of

  75. Tom Carroll Avatar
    Tom Carroll

    I hope he is well too. And it is wierd. Überwierd. I don’t know why they would do it. A mind twister…

    I feel for John’s position. I hope he will relate to these sentiments in a piece written by George Jung while in Prison:

    An island in the sun. A place where only the wind and the wild men go. An island wherein lies a pool of reflection and the monster of a reason. I myself, a fugitive madman in a waistcoat. My profession: a master of games. Are men not born of games? Nothing else. Every child knows games are more noble than work. He knows too that the worth or merit of the game is not inherent in the game itself but rather in the value of that which is put at hazard. Games of chance such as this require a wager in order to intensify their meaning.
    The wager being life itself. I chose to play a thousand lifetimes ago and was still hard at it sitting at the table with pirates, cut-throats and master thieves, all my comrades and opponents. I did not come easy to this place in time. It was all by trial of worth and risk, having only your life to wager, where a wrong choice swallows up a game, player and all.
    I ask you: what more validation of a man’s worth could there be? Ah! The enchantment of the game. It is not a drug itself when played to its ultimate state and surely leaves no argument as to the winners and losers. To win is ultimate. The winner becomes a God driven by a torch whose brightness sets back the stars in their sockets.
    What is the fate to be for? A player in the greed game? Let me tell you, friends, trust me in this for I know it to be true. I will not chat you of such knowledge. It all comes to an end as games of course always do. When the others have gone and only the game is left with its solitary participant. A solitary game without opponent, even the rules are at hazard, and the players become emptiness and despair and all the riddles are blind. A voice will scream out, ‘How long has it been?’ And you’ll wonder how long has it been since you’ve been home where no one lives anyway!

  76. Nick D Avatar
    Nick D

    One more thing. If you keep deleting selective blog posts…instead of leaving everything as is for the people to read…they’re not going to come here for information anymore. The other blogs that chronicle you and this story are posting your deleted material. They don’t have a bias or a horse in the race…so their story is going to be more objective than yours. If I were you…I’d repost every blog and comment that has been made. Restore it all. Let this blog be the one place that has the WHOLE story…don’t let someone else steal your credit and readership.

  77. Nick D Avatar
    Nick D

    John…Harold…or whatever you want to call yourself today. How was it obvious to everyone else that Vice was shady as soon as that photo was released…but not to you…a supposed genius? I thought Sam told you to leave that hotel and those VICE reporters IMMEDIATELY after that info was released. How were you captured if you listened to her advice? Were they able to catch up with you and arrest you THAT fast?

  78. Gaby Avatar

    I noticed but figured he would announe it his own time. If he is going to The US, it is the best way ti bring her with him.

  79. Josh McCormick Avatar
    Josh McCormick

    I really don’t know. So I’m just throwing a name out there. Mother Jones? Actually, looking a bit more into them, it might even be a perfect fit, depending on the angle.

  80. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Mysterious isn’t it. But really, they have been in business for a lot of years and have experience with publishing hundreds of thousands of photos professionally. And they make a mistake on the one which is certain to get a high profile figure arrested in front to their cameras?? Seems a little hard to believe doesn’t it?

  81. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Acting like a jilted lover:)

  82. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    I have been wondering, who advise John to go to Guatemala illegally?
    Was he’s idea?
    Is the first time I heard somebody is in prison for entering Guatemala illegally.
    By the way, all the broad casters n Guatemala are staying away from the story, is like John doesn’t exist.

  83. SL Avatar

    I and others tried to warn you about Vice. My post never made it past moderation, probably because I was blunt.
    A site that has one of their top stories dealing with ejaculations is suspect to me. Who is advising you on your media choices?
    I was working so was too late to catch the original Vice post that has now been deleted. I don’t understand why you have posted things only to delete them later. It makes following the blog difficult and looks shady.
    Haven’t heard anything over on Wired lately but it seems Jeff Wise is still reporting on you. Sad that he is so fixated.

  84. Rumbletum Avatar

    Amnesty International

  85. Zorro Avatar

    John, good interview on Sky News today:

    I have to chuckle as I watch you continue to drizzle out your news items for the MSM to pounch on … as you’ve been doing from the beginning. Been waiting for them to pick up on your mention of “your wife.” So far, no one seems to have noticed that one. Good luck with the rest of your adventure. – Z

  86. Susan Avatar

    It just seems like such a bad deal:

    Q: Burn McAfee ?

    Get a million or so extra views/hits on their website and youtube.

    Have reputation tarnished forever.

  87. ron Avatar

    I’ve been looking for ways to crack the “real news” blackout for many years. There’s no good news on that front. I think you’re going to have to hire a gonzo-big printing company and airdrop leaflets …

    Get the faithful to hand them out on the street corners.

    Wish I was kidding …

  88. Susan Avatar

    well, vice’s “thing” is to do streetsmart reporting from dangerous locations: some thing on a rebel leader in central africa, some drug addicts from russia, some gun market in the middle east. basically they go to places were no sane person would go to.

    in order for people to actually grant them interviews it’s paramount that they are seen as trustworthy and professional.

  89. WEB Avatar

    excellent news, hope it all works out.

  90. Gary Avatar

    Rolling Stone?

  91. Gaby Avatar

    I am so embarrassed!. Sorry about that. Seems I am no better at investigating investigative journalists than the motley crew we have already on board. I will stay silent until I have something relevant to contribute!

  92. Dtapped Avatar

    Huffington Post have a lot of sway these days. Not independent but it’s worth feeling them out.

    Edit to add: For someone more specific with a high profile – Louis Theroux. He’s a gonzo journalist who does long cover in depth doco’s. This would be right up his alley.

  93. iceesurfer Avatar

    Gangnam is a relatively well-to-do suburb in S Korea. Nothing to do with Gangs. You guys need to get your vernacular right.

    Vice Mag has very good and often impartial writing on sometimes controversial topics. What I like about what I saw there is probably what attracted JM to it initially – they DO tell the real story.. And THAT us very hard to find. Because it needs to be written without judgement or slant – such as Jeff Wise was unable to do.
    Unfortunately, the topics covered by Vice on their “front Page” are slightly unsavory for most people, and it would not reflect well on JM.

    Since Ignorant people fizate on the Young Women that JM has been with, or the supposed BS rumours of Drug Use. Most Writing is biased toward “Morality” such as it is.
    I found at least that would be unlikely in an article on Vice.

    Looking forward to hearing how and why Vice might have intentionally leaked JM;s position…

  94. Dtapped Avatar

    Huffington Post have a lot of sway these days. Not independent but it’s worth feeling them out.

  95. Gary Avatar

    Playboy, Penthouse, Easy Rider???

  96. Nick D Avatar
    Nick D

    Ok…I won’t say I told you so. But…if you read my first response to your first blog post…I address the fact that your camera doesn’t have geotag info associated with it…which made you safe. Then…you allow them to use THEIR camera…instead of your own! Especially an Iphone of all things! Lesson learned…never take a photo with any device that has GPS capabilities when you’re on the run.

  97. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    John, don’t trust anybody, your best friend now is God and probably yourself.
    Be cautious with people.
    How long you been knowing the people you are surrounded by?
    I just don’t understand why they don’t let you go to a hotel, is really weird as in weird$$$.
    I keep praying you get out soon.

  98. sproggit Avatar

    Harold, in answer to your question, I wonder if selecting a single publication or web site and sticking with an “exclusive” deal is the right approach. If Mr McAffee needed the money, that might be true. Right now, for the message he is comfortable sharing [and which won’t antagonize the authorities in Belize] perhaps a wider syndication might be acceptable?

    If so, take your pick – select maybe the top few publishers in the US, Canada, Europe, and potentially any other countries which have significant relationship – trade or otherwise – with Belize.

    I suggest this only because it seems as though Mr McAffee has twice now tried to work with journalists in good faith and twice been burned… Maybe a change of tack to a series of clear, concise statements, backed up with some of the hard evidence you’ve alluded to … could be the way to go.

  99. Michael Scott Avatar
    Michael Scott

    This all seems well and good, but I think Vice is a fine publication! And there is no doubting that Belize is Gangnam Style!

  100. John Doe Avatar
    John Doe

    And the best story on the internet continues. I firmly believe there was no malicious intent on the part of VICE. It was simply one of the most unintentional colossal blunders. VICE parades itself as a cool and hip media source for independent thinking city dwellers. For the most part I think they sell that perception to perfection. But the truth is they have grown beyond the mom-and-pop boutique image. They are in bed with big money, and with that comes change. It’s about business, it’s about investors, and it’s about big bank accounts. I’d be more curious to understand exactly how these ‘agreements’ between parties actually work. Are we talking signed documents and financial figures? Or was it simply a ‘verbal’ contract as the post states? What was the trade-off? VICE gets the exclusive hot scoop and McAfee gains a larger audience? Anyway, enough of my thoughts. Good luck John. You might be a slight mental case (who isn’t?), but you are definitely no dummy.

  101. Tom Carroll Avatar
    Tom Carroll

    We need a Boycott Vice Magazine campaign! There’s no hope left in the press. I can’t believe those mo***er Fu***rs.

  102. steve Avatar

    Great! Sensationalist MTV in bed with corrupt UK politics and money.Brilliant choice…NOT! McAfee is battling the Beast of Revelations here…and the clock is counting down towards the Mayan Apocalypse…You know,the one in which the economy of Belize collapses upon their poor shoulders?

  103. Johnaut Avatar

    Gaby :
    He would have been an excellent choice , I just read up on him. Unfortunately he died over 10 years ago . I read up on that also . Perhaps there are others to carry the torch…..

  104. John Locke Avatar
    John Locke

    I recall my post on here warning John a few weeks ago that photos can give out coordinates and gps in some cases. I was laughed at, mocked, even dismissed at the time. I knew what I am talking about and sadly my warning was not taken seriously enough.

  105. Michael Scott Avatar
    Michael Scott

    LOL.. Good one. What brand? I mean this isn’t exactly IBM or Coca Cola we’re talking about…

  106. Wendy Avatar

    Is John heading back to Belize soon? What happened to Sam? And where is Sam’s uncle, Juan Valdez, Esq.? These are the real questions I want answered! Who cares about Vice or these youtube videos. Belize #1. That place is Gangnam style!

  107. Vice = Belize Avatar
    Vice = Belize

    This is the final straw! I am cancelling my subscription to Vice.

  108. Susan Avatar

    Why would Vice do this? The whole thing appears to hurt their brand quite a lot …

  109. Nate Avatar

    I’d be willing to help through researching different media outlets and gaining insights about them, offering my findings. In fact, Before I became sick, I used to work in marketing and would be willing to contact different outlets to set up simple beginnings.
    I have free time available to volunteer this. Let me know.

  110. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    You apparently were right.

  111. Nate Avatar

    Personally, I do not know. Here is a link to a list of U.S independent media:

    I am sure many of these outlets would covet a chance to work with John McAfee, especially regarding the corruption. In my personal opinion,
    connecting to an independent media outlet of the non-corporate variety, preferably one with little to no strings will be the best choice. Intensive research would be necessary before climbing aboard any further media outlet which of course is a given.

  112. Gaby Avatar

    check out the best investigative journalists and skip the tabloids and the MSM news reporters who never go very deeply…simply gossipers.. Ever heard of Robert Freidman.

  113. Treee Avatar

    You have to go with TRUE independents with large followings among the people who matter. Consider Dana Horochowski or the Gabrielle Chana Network if you think the story public can really handle the truth.

    Now you can publish all the real evidence before Vice spins it. Stay strong brother.

  114. Indianladycn Avatar

    People are so dishonest. What is the world coming to. Hope you are doing fine John.You are in my prayers every single moment. Please be safe and don’t trust anyone except yourself.

  115. Jerry Avatar

    MS – “Are you smart man, I know you are and Intelligent man.” JM “I don’t think so. If I were smart, why would I be here? I’m a foolish man I know that much.” CNN Martin Savidge

  116. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    Sorry this didn’t work out … I’ve been writing that they set you up since you first hooked up with them.
    Good Luck John

  117. Brad Avatar

    Hmmmm…what is the common thread in the “goat rodeo” of pubilc proportions?

  118. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins

    This format, bar none. The words out for all to see and hear!

  119. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Yes, that’s sadly clear. Who would you use?

  120. Nate Avatar

    Vice’s investment partners are MTV creator Tom Freston, U.K.-based media conglomerate WPP and Raine Group, a boutique private equity firm focused on media.

    Not only is Tom Freston connected to MTV, he is also an advisor to the Raine group along with ARI Emmanuel, the co-CEO of WME Entertainment, whose clients include Michael Moore, Martin Scorcese, Aaron Sorkin and Sacha Cowen.

    Looking over these investor entities, it appears that Vice has morphed into a media outlet that has many thick strings attached. As of April 2011, a high eight-figure amount was given to Vice via the investors named above. Vice cannot claim an independent status any further though they continue to wear those garments.

    Basically Vice is selling itself as a credible news outlet free of the mass media restraints but as we can see, they have been co-opted.

  121. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    We cannot talk about the issue for legal reasons. i will say that John does not make decisions of this magnitude lightly.

  122. metalhead Avatar

    so no i have no evidence for this, but historically, does it seem that far fetched. its what id be scared of. at least at the moment.

  123. metalhead Avatar

    i liked vice. great youtube channel. likED.
    they burned yah brother. you need to say what you need to say because they will poison you before you get to belize for your hearing.

  124. JGConnelly Avatar

    At first I assumed McAfee was guilty, but after reading The Files and following the blog, I’m convinced he’s being framed. May truth prevail.

  125. sdJim Avatar

    so what changed in the last couple hours that leads you to believe this? the last update you seemed excited for them to begin telling your story.

  126. Josh McCormick Avatar
    Josh McCormick

    Some old story. People want to use John for one reason or another. Is it really paranoia if it is well justified?

  127. Gaby Avatar

    So many people predicted that this was the case. So low, the bottom of the barrel of journalism. i would be more parnoid of journalists than the GOB of Belize. Do they still have the right to publish this documentary? if so, it will not be good for you. They will certainly spin it.

  128. JustMe Avatar

    Finally! Keep the work with this Blog..

  129. Patrick Avatar

    Hmmm! Well, what do you expect from Vice! (notwithstanding your initial reasons for choosing to have an exclusive agreement with them). The beat goes on ….

  130. Peeved Avatar

    Everyone tried to warn you about Vice!

    But good to realize now before it too late.

    What do we do now John? Boycott or no? Who should we trust? Can we trust Sam and your lawyer?

    We are with you!

  131. McAfee4President Avatar

    This gets weirder and weirder….
    Hope all is well John.