A Plea from John

I was sent a link to a video this morning put out by the “Jasmine Alert”, the Facebook page –  dedicated to finding justice for Jasmine Lowe, a 13 year old girl killed in Belize on June 3rd of this year.  This simple video has done a greater job of summing up the conditions of life in Belize than all of the 4 million words within this blog.  I am shamed.  Please, everyone view this:


They asked for an end to my “Boycott Belize” campaign, and I have ended it in it’s current form.  I have asked the people who manage my blog to instead implement a “See the truth” page.

I am now urging potential visitors to Belize to abandon the usual “five star resort on San Pedro” package, where your dollars go into foreign bank accounts of the resort owners, and instead, take your cameras and your tourist dollars to the interior.  Stay at a local bed and breakfast for a few dollars.  See the intense poverty and oppression.  Talk to the people.  Spend your dollars where the money will stay in Belize and where the local people will benefit.  Come home.  Tell the world.

Poscript edit From Harold:

If you read what John suggests, it’s still a boycott, only it’s a boycott of the system of power, not of the people of Belize.  If tourists go directly to the countryside instead of to the heavily structured plastic toursist destinations, where your money leaves the country and goes to foreign bank accounts, then the money goes to the people who need it most.



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  1. ShellyL Avatar

    Oh for pete’s sake… the US is more corrupt than all those countries put together. Do you have any idea how many billions of American tax dollars arewasted and lost in foreign countries, (Iraq, Afghanistan) where American agents just literally give it to drug lords and worse, terrorists? The CIA is a big drug cartel. Get a clue.

  2. ShellyL Avatar

    Of course they have a choice who to vote for. Belize is a democracy and they have lots of candidates every election. The population in Belize is very political, they all speak freely about it.

  3. ShellyL Avatar

    There is no oppression in Belize. I was just there. Everyone speaks freely, about politics and everything else. This guy is lying about the conditions in Belize. There is poverty, just like in the US, but there are a lot of people who are doing very well too. Belize is not such a commercialized country as Americans are used to, but it does not mean that people there are “suffering”. They have free health care, for pete’s sake, and social security too.

  4. Pam Avatar

    I love scubadiving and my dream was to move to a tropical locale to enjoy the genuine souled people , swim among the beautiful corals,reefs. Sadly Every place I research leads to same old horror stories of murder, corruption etc..So disheartening as the narccistic, cookie cut out American lifestyle is so zzzzz! Sigh

  5. WEB Avatar

    Really? Man, even that’s fucked up,too… 😉

  6. WEB Avatar

    Thanks for verifying the statement and clarifying the amount (it did seem like a lot). I for one appreciate having someone here with first hand knowledge who is willing to speak up. Kudos.

  7. metalhead Avatar

    just who are you mentor? dont take it the wrong way, i realy dont need acute lead poisoning, or an extra orafice, but i just gotta wonder who you are, and what it is you know….how….damn….your kinda creepy, dont shoot me.

  8. ron Avatar

    I should add that I’m not one hundred percent sure that Microsoft’s auto-update includes the original registration key, or any other related data. My gut feeling is that they wouldn’t want to update pirated software, and there’d be a check for the key.

  9. WEB Avatar

    thank you Dan….I mistakenly thought Belize Independence was a succession from the Crown as well. Thanks for the info. btw, she’s on ours too. 🙂

  10. DanLandia Avatar

    Politicians typically hand out “blue notes”. Those are $100bzd. $50usd. Also $2 beer.

  11. SL Avatar

    Mr. Faull’s iPhone was also taken. That would be even easier to track if he had that find my phone feature. I saw a colleague use it once for his wife’s phone. We could see exactly where she was on a map. Kinda Creepy but cool.
    It’s common to take the portable electronics to make it look like a burglary The police didn’t say if anything else was missing, like his wallet or jewelry.
    If someone was after information, or wanted to hide information, I can see them taking the laptop and iPhone. But yeah John has no reason to.
    Also, if as they claim it was a rage killing, it would not have been a clean single shot to the head. Why is no one else noticing these inconsistencies?.

  12. ron Avatar

    That “special equipment” would not necessarily be a requirement for tracking. All it would take is Microsoft Window’s auto-update. Microsoft should be contacted. Good sleuthing!

  13. DanLandia Avatar

    We are still a Commonwealth nation. The Queen is on our dollars. Petrol distinguishes between gas (butane/propane) and gasoline. Many trucks run on butane as do fridges & stoves.

  14. WEB Avatar

    …….just read my post, lol. No offence meant to John with the RWG comment. I used it because it seems every time I write expat, my comments don’t post. They are of course, to whom I was referring. John, have you seen the video posted by Sandra Lea above? Think you’ll like it.

  15. BP Avatar

    The one thing that points decisively to me of John’s innocence, at least for me,was the stolen computer. If that computer is used anywhere, it should be able to be tracked down assuming it had the right equipment in it. A camera for instance. Or some other identifying info that will reveal itself as soon as it hits the net. That’s what they should be hunting for. What possible reason would John have for taking a cheap computer if he was the murderer. That clinches the case that some other perpetrator is the guilty party for me.

    Someone argue the other side of the question. I can’t think of one single reason for it being taken by John. Besides, ti could have sent out signals itself if it had anything like what phones have. John certainly would understand that if he keeps up with computer security, and he could not possibly know the intricacies of every brand, make and model of computer that’s out there. Just like he didn’t know about the Iphone geolocation abilities.

  16. WEB Avatar

    Oh that’s funny. But it makes me wonder why there are talking heads on here trying to convince us that Belize is wonderful, and not the cluster-fuck being represented by this kind of video. Personally, I will take the word of a Belizean over that of a rich white guy any day.

  17. WEB Avatar

    ……..almost any nation that is or was part of the Commonwealth has ‘petrol’ or a derivative of it somewhere in their vocabulary. One of the largest retail providers of gas in Canada is called Petro-Canada (or Petro-Can). Belize was part of the Commonwealth until 31 years ago.

  18. WEB Avatar

    Fabulous idea ron, naked sheeple 😉

  19. Brimstone Avatar

    What reward was being offered for the capture of John. They didn’t even have an arrest warrant issued for him. John has mentioned time and time again that he wanted to set Sam up in a house and make sure she was taken care of before turning himself in. Her “supposedly” turning him in for a reward is obsurd.

  20. WEB Avatar

    I think this is a clear argument FOR the existence of corruption. How can an honest election occur anywhere if there is no system of ‘checks and balances’. “The Returning Officer validates and certifies the results”. Then, if there is any question about the results, the ONLY hope for a recount is at the discretion of that same Returning Officer. WTF??? How insane is it to give that much power to someone who could so easily be bought. Imagine, you’re the brother of the uncle of the Minister of blah blah. You have a crappy job, but get offered this prestigious, well paying job with a ‘small’ stipulation. Are you going to take it, or turn it down?
    If we’re talking election corruption, let’s not forget the numerous posts by Belizeans about politicians standing outside the polling stations handing out money ($1,000.00 reportedly) for votes. I didn’t just pull that out of my hat, read the comments in almost any article regarding the elections.

  21. Eric Avatar

    We all make our choices.

    In the USA people have made their choice and they will have to deal with the outcome.

    You do know there is more than one political party in Belize, right? Their is PUP, UPD, VIP and other smaller parties.

    We all have to deal with the karma of our nation.

    I would rather live in this mess than the USA. But ultimately I am going to take my money and leave.

    That is not going to hurt me but it will hurt the people I employ.

    You internet experts think you know all the answers by finding some link. Yet you have never set foot in Belize.

    I live in the interior for over 4 years, so I am not on some island resort.

    We all make choices in the US and in Belize.

    Then we have to live with the choices. Life is a beach sometimes. 😉

  22. WEB Avatar

    After reading this article, I question if the people really did make “their choice”.


  23. beachman Avatar

    Thank you for the clarification, Thinking.

  24. Mentor Avatar

    I know how folks take something and run with it. By “friend” I mean; a common citizen whom cares for JM’s welfare. We have never met or have we spoken before.

  25. Mentor Avatar

    Mr Bryant, So far from the truth there my friend. Just a friend of John’s doing some digging to help him out. It did appear as taunting didn’t it. I’m sorry about that, John. Wanted to state that publicly. Genuine care for JM’s welfare. Nothing more, nothing less.

  26. Sarah Avatar

    It’s not like the people of Belize really have much choice on whom to vote for, so I wouldn’t blame them for choices they do not have. Your beef is with the system, not with the people who work hard just trying to survive.

  27. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins

    That’s correct Harold he was a British security provider.

    Being a highly trained security professional, I simply see the need for a better focus on security (especially NOW)!!! Along with recognition and proper reaction to threat.

    Safety First…..As Sam once saved the day simply by saying, “we’re out of here” !

    Best regards always,

  28. WEB Avatar

    That would be Nov. 7….. 2011.
    She returned to Belize AFTER treatment in June 2012.

  29. Paul Bear Avatar

    No. More likely Mentor is a real investigator from the U.S. dept of justice (assisting on the murder/extradition case or DEA) based out of Virginia (D.C. area), taunting… investigators who don’t believe a story, do that from time to time.

  30. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Hisw guard was Brittish. Never been to America.

  31. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins

    Dear John,

    Lead, eat, sleep and pray my fellow American.

    Hind sight is always 20/20 we know, my gut tells me though “This” may not have happened if you had instead employed a U.S. Army, (Military Police) Personal Protection “Specialist” with Complete K-9 (executive protection, explosive and narcotics) handling skills and experience. With 1-2 “above average” K-9.

    “YOU” would have been extracted immediately upon the recognition of such “multiple” threat and suspicious behavior. In Portland, with your buddy, on “administrative leave” and releasing all of this info from the “Safety” of a totally different environment. Eliminating the suspicion from being placed any where around “YOU”. You were not the only target, you were the bullseye, of multiple targets. That’s a tough exam IMHO.

    SAFETY FIRST! Now and forever…

    Best wishes,
    Greg Jenkins

  32. Thinking Avatar

    Belizeans make left turns differently. We are taught to go to the right shoulder to turn left. It is the way we do it here. She actually DID violate OUR traffic law.

  33. Connie Avatar

    But what about the Belizeans that also work at these places? What about their money (tips) that they depend on to live? I just wish that you would lay out the facts as you know them and let people make up their own mind about whether or not they want to travel there. Frankly, I would not go or not go based on a recommendation from you. I mean know disrespect to you sir.

  34. Thinking Avatar

    Bullet proof vests

  35. ron Avatar

    “I remember a Belize when money was scarce, but we were rich in so many other ways. Our streets and our children were safe. Old people were respected and treated with courtesy and kindness. You never passed anyone without a smile and a greeting, even just a simple nod and a friendly “yes, mon.”

    There was no TV, but that was all right – we made our own entertainment, and every street and every village had their own stars, someone who could sing, play guitar or drums, tell stories or just make you laugh. I miss that laughter so much.”

    That sir, is a very pretty couple of paragraphs. I am old enough to remember those exact same memories, and the way it was, here in the US.

    That said, the “organize your neighborhoods” thing is an Orwellian power grab. It would be used to make corrupt influence a permanent condition. It’s done with cell phones here in the US. IMO, law enforcement should not be the responsibility of all citizens. That sir, IS a police state, self defined.

  36. lostmybags Avatar

    1. Even the Belizean Gov. admits they’re corrupt. No surprise.
    2. Brilliant offense -yes, until lately. This blog may be a ploy.
    3. The press and puff pieces inflated his image. They’ve been more cautious since arriving Guatemala.
    4. PR firm; -they may have been running this blog for the last few days.
    5. Speak only when and if nec. -Good rule when you’re in a jam.

  37. Eric Avatar

    Sorry, John McAfee you lost me. I think Belize needs to be boycotted.

    The people of Belize have made their choice. They choose corruption. They deserve it.
    Hit the Belize Government where it hurts. That means do not spend money in Belize.

    I am fighting with Belize Immigration right now.

    They want bribes to renew my visa. They will not renew it without bribes.

    The people of Belize picked their leaders. They need to suffer the consequences of their actions.

    You pandering to the little people of Belize is not doing any good.
    I will likely be thrown out of Belize because they will not let me follow the law without bribing them.
    Boycott Belize.
    Remember the people who are harassing you.

    You can’t hurt thugs giving them compassion. They see it as weakness and it is.

    Wake up John, these are the people who want to hurt you.

  38. Mentor Avatar

    No Mr Bryant, this would be the only “nick” I’ve gone by.

  39. ron Avatar

    Miss Connie: The “shacks ‘n cell phones?”

    Answer: “Subsidized” by either gubmint or drug affiliates. Either way – just a control mechanism. Same in US.

  40. ron Avatar

    The real-deal bible thumpers might want to skip this one ….

  41. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    If you read what John suggests, it’s still a boycott, only it’s a boycott of the system of power, not the people of Belize. If tourists go directly to the countryside instead of to the heavily structured plastic tousist destinations, then the money goes to the people, not the people who control the mass of average Belizeans.

  42. Connie Avatar


    So now we have another contradiction. I am talking about the flip flop on boycotting Belize. First let me say that I understand you are torn between loving and hating the country where you lived. However, I went to Belize in October of this year and I will never return. I went on a vacation and spent my hard earned money to go there. After I had paid for the trip, I was warned by numerous people that had traveled to Belize previously that I shouldn’t go there. I would never pay the kind of money (mainly air fare) to travel to the interior of a country, stay in a B&B, and take videos and pictures of the locals for the world to see. The people of Belize are helped some by the tourist trade, but they are hurt more by their own government who keeps them surpressed. I found it odd that most kids that I saw live in shacks, but all had cell phones?
    I hate that children are being harmed in Belize and across the world. I think it confuses the issue when you get into pedophilia and human trafficing. The video was spot on about what I saw in Belize.
    Most expats that I spoke with when I was there, told me that they thought they could make a change (just as you did sir) I think it’s going to take the people of Belize to stand up against there government and not just the expats.
    Lastly, I believe that the tourist trade helps to feed this false belief that everything is ok. It allows the people to keep everything as it is and not change.
    I do think you are innocent of murder. I hope and pray you are not returned to Belize. I have waited patiently (since day 1) for more data from you. Hopefully, you have more than what’s been presented.

  43. Sarah Avatar

    To those who mentioned PM Barrow contacting people in Miami, Florida, possibly having something to do with Mr. McAfee being able to return there, you might like to know this. On November 7, Kim Barrow, his wife, reported that she has breast cancer. She is currently in Miami receiving treatment. I wish a little more kindness could be shown considering this information.

  44. Gaby Avatar

    For anyone who was wondering what happened to the vice Magizine reporters and their story, see their official statement of late here


  45. OzKiwi Avatar

    What grounds do you have for saying things like this?

    Leave Sam alone – she has stuck by John through more than we know and has proved she has ample brains, courage and street smarts.

    Sam – I believe you have a good, kind heart, and you have handled yourself with class and dignity throughout this ordeal. Stay strong, you’re a great person, keep looking out for John, and remember that you’ve also been through a lot and you need to pace yourself, get some rest and keep healthy.

    Look after yourself, thoughts are with you and John.

  46. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Sorry, who do you mean?

  47. Chris Avatar

    I’m ready to John McAfee to be returned to the USA. Hurry up Guatemala!

  48. Chris Avatar

    Mr McAfee how much longer do you anticipate that you will be held in Guatemala? Do you think that with all of the media attention that you will be treated good if you are returned to Belize for questioning? What types of foods are you given to eat in Guatemala where you are being held? Are you allowed to order food from outside your detention facility and have it delivered there? When do you anticipate that you will be allowed to return home to the USA?

  49. SPmQQse Avatar

    larry ..it seems obvious to me that you rarely use google…you may need to , again, research something,,,ie;- ”communism”

  50. Chris Avatar

    I live in the USA and I have spent the past half a decade working for the US government overseas in third world countries. I am well aware the the US government is corrupt. Fortunately the corruption is on my side or doesn’t affect me most of the time. Haven’t you ever seen an innocent person get beat down by US police on YouTube? American cops get away with murder the majority of the time. They just write in the police report that the person resisted and that is why they beat him half to death. The public don’t care and neither do politicians.

  51. metalhead Avatar

    more here to be checked. ip adress this sucker or super hack or vulcan mind meld or something i got no ideas…..

  52. metalhead Avatar

    hey uh, dont listen to me, im just a dumbass but uh. NO ONE CARES ABOUT THAT CREEPY SHIT MENTOR HINTED AT?!?? dude…. shes in with the soda company mentioned in the susie alert or whatever

  53. Angelo Avatar

    Also, where is the memo that you have to be unable to spell to contribute to this site???

  54. Angelo Avatar

    It’s unbelieveably obvious to me which ‘responders’ are American and which are South American. Look everybody, Mr. McAfee lives a life, his life, and neither you nor I have the right to say which way is the ‘right’ way. Personally, if I had the head start he had I’d be living the good life, a life in the woods. So, get off his ass. Most of the comments I read are from women, and I assume these women have nothing better to do than be leeches. Let Mr. M let this ride out. If you, like me, read this blog from the start, stop commenting, understand he’s locked up, understand Harold may or may not be reliable, stop responding every 15 minutes, and let Mr. M’s future play out. Send emails, tell friends to check out this page, don’t go to Belize, whatever…just stop posting the same crap day after day. JM is a man like I am. Give him space yet support him. It’s simple.

  55. Gaby Avatar

    Perhaps he is negotiating with the Belize government..Just a thought.

  56. Crystal ball Avatar
    Crystal ball

    While petty arguments could bring people together , so can more patience. It may seem that an argument is pointless but your battle is almost won . The home stretch of a deal closing will bring about a long desired wish that brings with it hope for a better future. . Expect some enlightening news soon that gives change to the present sutuation….if one was thinking of the future….I hope John does another video as he is very interesting

  57. loconutz Avatar

    re: Vice’s “follow up”, save it. No one cares.
    If you have helpful or useful information, print it.
    If not, save your spin till after a resolution is reached regarding the man’s life.

  58. Sarah Avatar

    Many comments have been made about Eric Swan on the Letter thread, but no answers were forthcoming. Links to his being wanted for questioning after the murders of Espat & Alamilla, which is the time period in which his or the letter was left for McAfee at the condo, links to his other crimes & being suspected of other murders. JM stated that Swan was given a contract to kill him, but that with the help of Eddie McCoy, he found him & Swan agreed to call it off. Then the police are after Swan for the Espat/Alamilla killings & he tries to extort money from JM & threatens to kill him again? No answers. I don’t know why.

  59. Jeremy Avatar

    If I downloaded you onto my pc, I don’t think your own virus protector would save my computer.

  60. Paul Bear Avatar

    Any chance John could come back to his own blog just as himself? (even this post title: “A Plea From John” has “by Harold M.” stated under the title. (maybe an error? maybe not?)

    Is there a legal/PR team request keeping John from being himself on here? Honestly, but with tremendous respect for the efforts of people like Chad, Harold, et al. (and maybe even a “mystery” contact who went by “Jean”?–French for “John”), I’m convinced (by more than myself) that John being absolutely transparent on his own blog would be the best possible PR…

  61. SL Avatar

    So is this the end of the story? The end of the blog?
    The Vice guys got the heck out of dodge and will someday post their footage, probably for a price…just like Josh Davis did with his story.
    Mr. McAfee sold the rights to his life story. Now he wants to go back to the US? It is really unclear why Guatemala wants to send him to Belize anyway since he is a US citizen and has not been charged with a crime in Belize. Has Belize even filed for extradition? If so on what grounds?
    Seriously, it’s been nearly a month, no ballistics reports yet? The only lead they have is John McAfee as a “person of interest”?
    With the way the news cycle works, this story has already kind of lost it’s luster. I have been faithfully following this story through all the twists and turns. It all makes less sense now than when we started this adventure.
    Will Mr. McAfee ever post again? Will Harold M. post anything else. Pretty much all of what he’s posted are just fluffed out versions of the stuff John already posted.
    As an aside, Can someone explain the Russian Roulette thing that Josh Davis describes in his story? So many questions and so few [straight] answers.

  62. s.p Avatar

    Beachman, I guess I needed to live where you and Lucias lived. I wasnt doing drugs or taunting the Gov’t but somehow I was robbed at least 5 times. Could not do a single thing without paying the bribes that were demanded upon me. Had nothing but headaches with my employees that stole and drank constantly. Was continously harrassed to donate money. Believe me I could go on and on. To be honest I think I may have had too many things. Not quite like John but by Belizean standards I was seen as very very rich. Maybe if I gone there and lived in a hut and sucked banana peals and coconuts I would have blended in better. I just didn’t want to have live that way.

  63. WEB Avatar

    Lucius, you contradict yourself. In your post here you say [ A well trained police force that upholds clearly defined laws with checks and balances built into the system to ensure that it works] and then you say to John [” How can you say “I love Belize” and in the next breath, for your own means, very deliberately paint an ugly picture that you know is untrue?”] BUT LUCIUS, is that how you really feel?… or are your true feelings in the following comment on your own blog, that paints it’s own ugly picture:
    “Like so many Belizeans right now I am still so sad, confused and angry that one more young life has been taken from us, that one more precious smile is gone, that one more family has been devastated by the senseless violence that continues to rip our country apart.”
    ””read the whole post here:
    Ask yourself honestly, how many of the record number of murders this year have the police solved? Hmmmm, that few, huh? Apparently being truthful is a selective process for you, and for that, you truly have our sympathies.

  64. L Avatar

    So get over it already!

  65. L Avatar

    Here is a surprise. Most 67 year old men still want to bang 20 year old girls. It’s an unavoidable part of nature in not wanting to bang old woman. Urges don’t come because he is an old dirty man, it’s because at 67 our balls are still filled with testosterone. It’s just that most old men can’t afford a new young wife 2012 year model. Lol

  66. iceesurfer Avatar

    For some things we are just going to have to wait for an extended interview after this matter is handled (hopefully ending in Safety and Freedom).. It cannot be in JM;s interest to put the Publics’ need for info over his safety. Or to unnecesarrily provoke the BZ authorities at this juncture in time. Can voice for a Boycott later after Freedom is attained. If Our Man decides to.

  67. brobriobri Avatar

    Wow (shaking my head). There is no similarity between McAfee & Hughes. Two different people with two different lives. Hughes shouldn’t have ever been brought up in this thread.

  68. Paul Bear Avatar
    Paul Bear

    Mentor, would you sometimes go by “Jean” by any chance?

  69. beachman Avatar

    Lucias, my experience of living on Belize is much more like your description than John McAfees. I understand Belize is a young, developing country. I do not expect it to be like the US. If I wanted a US experience, I would move back to the States. I also know that as a ‘guest’ in BZ like J McAfee was/is, I need to abide by the laws of the country. Why taunt the govt with a ‘hoax’ about illegal drug experimentation & production, living with underage women & cavorting with known gangsters, & then be shocked when the govt reacts by raiding your OW lab? Your decisions have consequences for both you & those around you, especially the BZs that are caught in your drama..

  70. iceesurfer Avatar

    The Story alone is enough to cause people to reconsider, or not ever plan to visit BZ.. Perhaps., angering the BZ authorities further is not in JM’s best interest at this point. He would know best. JM is resourceful, brilliant, and a warrior – AND had knowledge of the situation that we do not…

    We are somehow “With” You and Sam, JM. Sending poitivity your way, wherever you may be…

  71. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    It’s still a boycott of the power structure. The fancy hotels and tourist destinations will still get no visitorws if people follow John’s suggestions.

  72. L Avatar

    You think lifting the boycott now will make any difference? Damage is done, ain’t no tourists going to Belize ANY time soon!

  73. L Avatar

    People are sooo dumb! Everything you said there happened. But more happened behind the curtain. Just wait and you will find out how this really went down. Why isn’t Sam being arrested or at least detained? She was aiding John on the run, Belize would snag her up, no matter if John was wanted for just questioning or not. She was helping John, and you watch she will end up back in Belize, unbothered. If this happens then obviously I AM telling the truth, and she did fold!! Wait and watch!

  74. Thinking Avatar

    I cannot believe you do not commet on the Swams. The most wanted brothers in the country. They already tried to extort money from John. Are you all retarded? Do you not know the Swan’s? They had a beef with him. They are known killers. They are hiding in Bacalar Chico. Why are you going against the government when you can catch the perpetrators? If they are. Otherwise, if you are not chasing this lead…you are making me feel you are guilty. I already think you are a dirty old man, but I put those feelings aside because they have nothing to do with this case. However, they make you look like a dirty old man. Truly.

  75. Raoul Avatar

    The video makes no difference. The boycott should continue.

    The video has an extreme bias towards: where’s our free shit?

    (0:29) Queue the slavery and “Govt Help”
    (2:29) I am sensing the biggest complaint being “no more free coke”
    (3::48) Queue the scapegoat
    (4:06) Nasty business owners want to be paid for their services.
    (4:26) Where’s our free shit?
    (4:39) Queue the excuses.
    (5:41) Shunt the blame. “International Bankers” (code word)
    (5:59) Do the people pay income taxes?
    (6:18) Free food gone and the “International Bankers”(code word)
    (6:46) Our food. You mean the food that other people grew and are looking for the highest price possible? Its not your food to dictate where it goes.
    (7:37) Wheres my free shit?

    The Caribbean and a portion of SA all believe this same shit. There are exceptions, but the former BRITISH colonies have the same beliefs. BVI, Belize, etc.

  76. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    John, I’m moved too. It’s been hours since I read Lucius’ letter and learned about Jasmine, and I still have a lump in my throat. I understand why you lifted the boycott and agree with your move.

    On a lighter note, please watch the Barrow strip tease video for a chuckle before you go to sleep:

  77. natti love Avatar
    natti love

    The difference with the US and Belize is that the US govt has very slick propaganda and talking heads to convince you that everything you need to know the tv will tell you.

    people in america are brain dead to their state of existence. does 50,000 drones and hundreds of thousands of hollow point bullets purchased by Homeland Security for “Domestic Use” sound good to you.

    at least belize’s corruption doesnt come with the enslaving technological grid like ours

  78. ron Avatar

    Two different means of control by criminals to get the same ends (bullets versus slow strangulation).

  79. natti love Avatar
    natti love

    Haha!! Well-trained police?? you are loco. they are well-trained at drinking during their entire shift.
    (Funny Story) One time in OW i helped a drunk cop hide out from his supervisor, b/c he was trashed and couldn’t even answer the radio!!

    The BZ police are also very talented (and well-trained) at putting on their uniform while OFF-DUTY and setting up a little checkpoint to shake down a few folks and make some extra cash!!!

    Police in Belize are too busy guarding the drug shipments to find out who killed Mr. Faull.

    In what other country, does the Prime Minister have to sit down and negotiate with gang leaders, even bringing them out of jail to meet with the prime minister. and what did that accomplish??

    Why does each political party have its own gangs??

    Btw, John – the reason the PUP never reached out to you, is b/c they LOVE Corruption. the UDP are amateurs compared to the PUP

  80. ron Avatar

    Most Americans wanting to visit Belize are going to check with the state department. The latest state department listing has not changed in light of the JM situation, AFAICS. The JM story on MSM is not put out in a way that would discourage travel any more than the state department advisories. So, I doubt if the “boycott” is so useful anyway. I think John may have swayed my own vacation plan course chart quite a bit though …

    Frankly, I can’t decide if he’s being facetious. A little worrysome …

  81. Sean Avatar

    “Since his arrest, Ostreicher has said that corrupt Bolivian officials wanted to keep him in jail in order to sell for their own profit the 18,000 metric tons of rice that they confiscated from him and to extort money in exchange for promises to help get him released.”

  82. Sean Avatar

    Lawmakers meet with U.S. Jewish businessman jailed in Bolivia


    WASHINGTON (JTA) — Two members of Congress met in Bolivia with an American-Jewish businessman who has been jailed there without charges for 18 months.

    Reps. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) and Nydia Velazquez (D-N.Y.) arrived late last week to seek the release of Jacob Ostreicher, a haredi Orthodox father of five and grandfather of 11 from Brooklyn, N.Y., who has been held in Bolivia without formal charges and bail since June 2011.

    “Jacob’s health has steadily deteriorated during this unjustified captivity,” said Smith, chairman of a U.S. congressional subcommittee that oversees international human rights, in a statement issued Friday. “The stress of his confinement and his hunger strike have taken their toll on his health since I saw him in June. But he’s still got a fighting spirit, considering that he’s experienced hell and high water. The arrests of a group of people connected to his ordeal have given us hope that recent progress can lead to his release.”

  83. Sean Avatar

    I’m not a fan of Sean Penn(Spicoli was ok) or his politics, but I appreciate his efforts… Check out the Jacob Ostreicher’s story… Another American detained abroad and more third world corruption…

    LA PAZ, Bolivia — It is an unlikely tale: Orthodox Jew from New York City comes to Bolivia to rescue a rice-growing venture, gets thrown in jail on suspicion of money laundering and, aided by actor Sean Penn, winds up triggering perhaps the biggest scandal yet for the country’s president.

    It all began 18 months ago when Jacob Ostreicher was arrested while trying to salvage a multimillion-dollar investment he was managing for Swiss partners. After Penn directly interceded on Ostreicher’s behalf, it could now be reaching its end.

    The Oscar-winning actor, who has forged friendships with President Evo Morales and other leftist Latin American leaders, presented Morales on Oct. 30 with evidence indicating the American was unjustly jailed and being fleeced.

    A high-powered corruption probe moved quickly, bringing eight arrests so far in what authorities described as a band of shakedown artists, extortionists and thieves led by the No. 1 legal adviser in the Interior Ministry and including two prosecutors.


  84. DB Avatar

    I had overlooked in John’s post that the video was put out by Jasmine Alert. The video itself was powerful, but reading Jasmine Alert on Facebook was both sad, but inspiring. There are Belizeans willing to speak out about the conditions in their homeland, especially when it comes to protecting their children. The FB comments are filled with passion, anger, frustration with the government, and all seem determined to bring to justice those committing crimes against the children of Belize. It is definitely an eye-opener for those who care to read it. Bravo to the brave people speaking out on JA, and the media should pay closer attention to this effort.

  85. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    There are 33 different video gathered by a wonderful you tuber at the link above. Sorry I pushed send before finishing it. It will show you how corruption and gov’t greed overshadows Johns morality, and why he is innocent, and why he has been set up. Jasmine is part of it also. Let the Videos speak for themselves.

  86. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDC0F53F9584F21BF for the video, its # 32 or 33. The truth shall set John free.

  87. Yomama Avatar

    You’ve either never been to a 3rd world country or never been to the USA

  88. Yomama Avatar

    “Lets go to guatemala you’ll be safe there. Oops you just got arrested”. now the guatemalan government has a valuable bargaining chip

  89. Thinking Avatar

    There is one on the loose, murderer on the island. His name is Eric Swan. John was nearly extorted by him. Why are you not tracking this murderous thug? My girlfriend saw him a few weeks ago up near Tranquility Bay. He has a campsite back there. Alerted the police, but they are probably all on his payroll. He has a bone to pick with John as he didn’t give him the money he had requested in the note. I know these people. Please, Eric Swan is one of the most ruthless criminals in Central America. He kills indiscriminately. Why wouldn’t he set up John? He has been in hiding for a LONG time. I’d hire Dickie Bradley and hire someone else to fine Mr. Swan. Word is that he found $500K US nearly three years ago when they found 3 dead bodies at Rocky Point. Swan was shot by police at the bridge. Who else would have the motive/money to set you up? I have lived here much longer than you, John. Use your head. There are only so many players on the chess board. Also, thank you for exposing the GOB corruption. Makes all of our lives a pain in the ass!

  90. beachman Avatar

    re: beeninyourshoes…are you stating that condoms are illegal in Belize? Where do you get this info from? I live in Belize & no, condoms are not illegal.

  91. s.p Avatar

    OMG Lucius!! What the hell are you smoking?Peaceful Belize. Wll trained Police. Educated Belizean’s. Democtacy. Well defined laws. I lived there 4 yrs. That WAS NOT how it was. Not by any stretch of the imiganation. I wish that was the case. The place is a complete mess!!! Perhaps, it was all a bad dream and none of it really happened. I wish!

  92. Nate Avatar

    I never stated in my understanding of John’s backing off a full scale boycott as meaning something such as running around in the “hood” and putting one or one’s children in danger.
    Rather than spend time exclusively in the tourist zone, leave at one’s comfort level to delve into the surroundings. Rather than stay at a guarded resort, put money more directly into the Belizian economy such as what John had stated in the post above, a local bed and breakfast. Clearly, John isn’t issuing orders demanding that people put themselves in harms way or travel to Belize. There are alternatives to spending money and placing profits directly into the coffers of the Belize tourist cartels. By, choosing the alternative, the impact will be felt and subsequent changes will occur. It’s the old adage of voting with your money. Finally, these alternatives may not be for everyone. Just changing a routine in a small way will have large impact if many people take on such a spirit. Let’s call it conscientious tourism. Again, my understanding of what John has expressed in his post.

  93. Petra Avatar

    Did you all miss John’s message about the Jasmine Alert? Did nobody seek out what it is?By the looks of the posts you’ve all gone off topic to John’s message today. American’s might recognise the term “Amber Alert”. They’ve established the same kind of system in Belize for children under 17. It was founded in the name of a 13 year old girl that was abducted and murdered this year. The citizens got the missing persons law of 24 hours missing to react, to an immediate electronic alert going out to the whole country. Power to the people!

  94. s.p Avatar

    Nate, what you are saying is completely unrealistic. How many people can really travel to Belize? And now you expect them to travel around in the “hood” and document what goes on there. Yeah, I can just imagine your average 40 yr old American women walking around with her kids in the slums of Belize taking pictures with her IPHONE. Have you been to Belize? I have, I lived there for 4 yrs. This will NEVER work. I am a supporter of John ( I know him) but this latest move must have somethng to do with him selling the rights to his life for a movie/book deal. Something that was just reportd a couple of hours ago.

  95. DanLandia Avatar

    We barely have internet. “Not available to mobile devices” hah!

  96. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    John does not know Lucious, but you can see why John was moved.

  97. DanLandia Avatar

    Thank you for addressing what this post is about.

  98. JB Avatar

    Jasmine – not sure why folks are having trouble – found her stroy in several sources in BZ. Here is the community facebook page


    And the source is Lucias Blackstone, or LB on this blog – very well written statement about starting Jasmine Alert. Lucias does have a passion for his home country. Harold – does John know Lucias Blackstone?

    Dear Jasmine,

    Like so many Belizeans right now I am still so sad, confused and angry that one more young life has been taken from us, that one more precious smile is gone, that one more family has been devastated by the senseless violence
    that continues to rip our country apart.

    Everything you did, from helping grow food on your family farm and brightening the San Ignacio markets with your smile when you sold it, to your participation with the Scouts, your church and your community, it all seemed to benefit Belize.
    You showed so much promise that everyone who knew you would surely say, “Jasmine represents the future of Belize”.

    And today, through my sorrow and anger, I realised that you still can represent the future of Belize, that even in death you can make a difference.

    And that’s why I am writing this Jasmine, to put a promise into words that I’m going to start working to make sure you are a part of our future. Instead of just being snuffed out, your life can become a light to illuminate a path for all of us and guide us out of the darkness that is enveloping Belize right now.

    If this sounds crazy I just ask you to hear me out. This is the promise I make to you, your family, your friends and your fellow Belizeans, and I am asking them to join me.

    I am much older then you were when you were taken from us, Jasmine, and I have seen a great many things happen in Belize over the years.

    I remember a Belize when money was scarce, but we were rich in so many other ways. Our streets and our children were safe. Old people were respected and treated with courtesy and kindness. You never passed anyone without a smile and a greeting, even just a simple nod and a friendly “yes, mon.”

    There was no TV, but that was all right – we made our own entertainment, and every street and every village had their own stars, someone who could sing, play guitar or drums, tell stories or just make you laugh. I miss that laughter so much.

    When I was younger I left Belize to work, and I tell you couldn’t wait to come home. That’s when I first realised that we had something all the money in the world couldn’t buy – we had ourselves. We had each other and this beautiful little country we worked so hard to make our own.

    I remember we were proud of Belize. It felt good to say, “I’m from Belize,” because back then, when people thought of Belize, they thought of a beautiful peaceful little country. When the tourists first started to come I remember them telling us how lucky were, how friendly Belizeans were, how our little country was a sparkling Jewel. And we knew it was true. There was no better place in the world to live.

    Now look at us Jasmine. Innocent people are being gunned down in the street, stray bullets are killing children in their bed, and young boys are murdering to get membership in gangs where there is no future but more death, jail, and misery. Always having to act tough, never a smile, full of crack-fuelled courage that’s just a cover for the constant fear.

    And like a disease their fear and paranoia has spread through the community. Everyone seems to be locking themselves inside these days Jasmine, staring into a box, too afraid to go outside and be with real people, with their neighbours, listening to music and each other’s’ stories, feeling like a part of a community, a neighbourhood.
    How did we become so afraid, not of some foreign invader, but of each other? I tell you Jasmine, sometimes I wake up in the morning and think this is a bad dream.

    But now I believe this is a nightmare that we have the power to change. Your death made something click inside me. I’m sick of being ashamed of my country, of being afraid in my own town, and now I know that the only cure for this shame is to do something.

    And this is why you can still be part of our future, Jasmine. For me your murder was the last straw, and you inspired me to start doing something to help change things. And if you did this to me, you can do it to a lot more of us.
    That would be the most beautiful tribute we can pay you. “Yes man, things changed after Jasmine Lowe’s murder.”

    So that is the promise I make to you today. I am going to start doing something and I am going to ask all Belizeans to join me. I am asking every pastor and church member, Scout leader, community leaders, organisations, clubs and everywhere where people meet to start getting together ideas for a very important day, the 15th of September, Jasmine Lowe Day.

    I pray that after that day, people will talk about the two Belizes – Belize Before Jasmine, and Belize After Jasmine.

    Before Jasmine we felt powerless. Crime was out of control, the gangs were running the streets, and people were too afraid to do anything about it. Just keep quiet and mind you own business. Don’t make yourself a target. Just get by, there’s nothing you can do about it.

    Then came Belize After Jasmine

    After Jasmine we had people power. If over a hundred people could brave the jungle at night, cross the river, walk through the water, forget their fears so that they could join together to hold candles to light up the dark night and bury you with love and respect, that proved we are still a people who care. By joining together to comfort the family by telling them that they are not alone, that showed that we are still a community, that we still have a heart.

    You did that Jasmine. You brought people out of the comfort of their homes on a dark and wet night to show that they care, to express their love and humanity.
    And if over a hundred people can suddenly heed the call and come together on a dark night, why can’t a hundred thousand people come together to stop the madness? Why can’t all of us join together to rise up and demand a better Belize?

    I know that there are many more good people in Belize than bad. I know most Belizeans love their families, work hard and look out for each other. I still see it every day. I still love my country.

    But good people hardly get noticed. It seems like you’ve got to commit a crime to get on the news these days, and even there the competition is fierce.
    But what if the good majority demands to get noticed? What if, After Jasmine, we show some real People Power? If we show our numbers we will get noticed, we will make the news, and people will have to take notice.

    Every church, NGO, Scout group and any organisation can join in. Even your old Karate club Jasmine. If every group in every village came together, we would be united in demanding that our politicians show the same will we are showing and do something.
    And we won’t let them tell us there’s nothing to be done, Jasmine. No, that’s when we remember you and all the other victims and say, Guess What? There’s a lot that can be done. We can see Special Constables on the street. We can see the Police Cadets program expanded, we can organise the boy scouts, girl scouts, church groups, and everyone who wants into neighbourhood watch and other programs.

    The thing is, we’re at crisis point in Belize, and that calls for extraordinary action. And the best way to get the world’s attention is by joining together. People Power has changed governments and systems around the world, and if we show we are united, something will get done here.

    September 15 2012 will mark 100 days since the terrible day when we buried Jasmine. What a tribute if on that day people all across Belize wore a coloured ribbon and organised to gather in the Macal River Park and all across Belize to celebrate her life and show how many of us are willing to come out to demand that things change, that our children have a future, that our streets are safe again and that laughter returns to Belize.

    September 15 gives us time to meet with each other, to send letters to the editor about what we are thinking and to our elected officials asking them what the government plans to do. Jasmine, imagine if we all rise up with one strong voice saying this madness has to stop! We will get noticed.

    At least we have a chance, and we go to bed at night knowing that we did something. If we do nothing, the horror will only get worse.

    Sure, some people are just going to shake their heads and say that it will never happen, that the situation is too far gone, that Belizeans organise, and that After Jasmine is an impossible dream.

    Even your father is too young to remember Jasmine, but in our fight for independence, we had huge rallies and demonstrations. You think they just handed us our independence, no we had to fight for it, and we had to show that enough Belizeans wanted it, and wanted it badly, that the tide had turned on colonialism.

    Now we must demand independence from fear and violence, rape and murder, and with enough of us, we can turn the tide on crime this time. And it’s only right we do it before the September celebrations, when we celebrate how we first came together as a nation. Now we need to demonstrate how to survive as a nation.

    Do you think it’s impossible, Jasmine? Do you remember that two thousand years ago another innocent was murdered; someone else died a terrible death. That time it was a man and that man’s life and his death inspired something that changed the entire world. That something was hope. That something was a message that said, ‘We don’t have to live this way anymore. We are better than this’”.

    You know what happened after that, Jasmine.

    This week I am going to start. And if people read this and talk about it with their friends, teachers, pastors, MPs and any and everyone who will listen, maybe, just maybe your brief, bright spark will ignite a blaze, something that will burn though our complacency, our hopelessness, our despair and surrender to what can only be described as evil.

    That could happen, Jasmine, and you will have contributed to our future, your life will have made a difference, and while we must live with the sorrow that can never have you back, at least we can take comfort that we kept your spirit alive and with you achieved something miraculous.

    Lucius Blackstone,
    A sad but still proud Belizean

  99. estevan in Mexico Avatar
    estevan in Mexico

    John, I a have been on trial for 3 crimes for two years now. nothing has happened except I spend all my money paying for my legal fees. My governmanet told the court here that I was very mentally ill and dangerous. It was signed on Behalf of the Crown of Canada. It was totally false. It-s more than I can put in a comment but I have seen nothing but corruption since first having legal problems with a landlord after living here for 1.5 years. Cops would arrest me until I quit paying the fines. The prosecuter was bribed many times. There is no evidence against me and none for me. My lawyer says that that erronious statemet by Foreighn Affairs Canada is what sustained the charge when a complaint was made. I was examined before charged at the state hospital for criminally insane and found to have no serious mental illness .I was beaten up with ten broken bones and refused treatment by a doctor in jail for over a week. I was over two months saving and borrowing money to get out on bail. I had never been jailed for a crime before. The jails had up to 20 people in a 3M by 4M room with 5 concrete bunks, No room to walk and no leaving the cell. No excercise after I got walking again. I was given a court date today for severl proceedures. My lawyer has won a few appeals and, there is nil hard evidence. Just a couple of gringos who made up a story to cover almost killing me and negotiating their way out. I have them up on worse charges but they are yet to be brought before the court. I lost everything I owned. I used a computer forum that is local and full of idiot gringos to tell my story as it happened. The forum has called me a lier, drunk, drug addicted, mentally ill, you name it. I am none of the above but do use narcotics therapuedically for chronic pain (can-t buy it now for 3 months as it is not available) It made it worse. The social media is full of fools and I may be the biggest. I don-t regret anything I said as I know what they think and say is both untrue and not important to me.

    I understand the omnipotence of corruption in this area of the world. It-s in the culture. When I first saw what was happening to you, I immediately searched about corruption in Belize and found out it is one of the worst in the world. My hopes and thoughts are with you because one of the first things I read was that the leader of the nation called you bonkers. I thought at that time that there will me no chance of you getting a fair trial with that said. I liken it to what my government, actually my Queen (Elizabeth ll), told the judge here and is on my court file.

    Q, Why is the mainstream media not interested in your story? To me, it-s history. Are the too pompous because you have manipulated them by times?

    Q Why did you not go farther the Guadamala? It-s at least as corrupt as Mexico maybe more. You seem to be a very resouseful fellow. I congratulate you on what you have accomplished. I think you should maybe have gome to your embassy and not Sam-s uncle but, you likely know better than I do. Please get to a safe haven. You have nothing to prove to anyone in this world about who and what you are. You owe it to Sam to get out of this alive and well. And I was thinking about moving to Beliza a while back. Godspeed.

  100. Mark_13 Avatar

    Since we’re back to people posting disinformation for their own amusement, maybe it should be corrected (at least for those not actually following the blog):

    By the time McAfee and his entourage reached Guatemala City, they were not making any attempt to hide their location from anyone:

    ” I am in Guatemala and will be meeting with Guatemalan officials this morning. If all goes well I will do a press conference tomorrow. “

    And from Vice magazine:

    “This morning I had a delicious breakfast of crepes and fresh fruit with John McAfee and his 20-year-old Belizean girlfriend, Sam Vanegas, at a luxurious resort in Guatemala City. We awoke early, preparing for our meeting with powerful Guatemalan lawyer and former Attorney General Telésforo Guerra. “

    And McAfee stood outside this lavish hotel waiting casually to be arrested when Interpol, and Guatemalan officials finally got around to arresting him late that evening. This was all on video also provided by Vice magazine.

    So exactly how did Sam “turn him in”? are you thinking that she was the mysterious hacker that revealed to the world the XPS metadata in the iphone photo a couple of days previously? That’s a new one.

    You and your “little birdie”/”solid source” are likely only fooling people who don’t have even a cursory familiarity with this story.

  101. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    She visited John today.

  102. ron Avatar

    I’d hazard a guess that JM & Co would not want anyone to know where she is …

  103. Name ...Old Virginia Avatar

    How do we know that? What if they are forcing John to make statements against his will? It feels like John was set up to be arrested in Guatemala.

    Did they force him to stop the boycott?? Do they have Sam??

  104. DB Avatar

    That was a powerful video. It is not surprising to not find the source of it’s creation, could you imagine the consequences for those involved in the making of it, if they were known?

  105. ssd Avatar

    Could it be that john will get better treatment if he stops this blog assault against BZ?

  106. Gaby Avatar

    There has ben no mention of Sam on this blog for awhile. Where is she or I have missed some posts?

  107. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    It is on Youtube. Scroll down for the reference.

  108. Fred Avatar

    I couldn’t find the video on “Jasmine Alert” Facebook.
    Is John lying or did they remove it?
    The video was so obviously written by a British person!
    Who else uses the word Petrol?

  109. Daniel Marry Avatar
    Daniel Marry

    Isn’t the reason John sought out Belize as a residence because of some of the very corrupt reasons he speaks against it now. This whole saga is turning into a funny joke. I for one do NOT feel sorry for “poor John McAfee”

  110. getrealeh Avatar

    John needs to de-escalate the conflict so Barrow will call off the cops and let John go back to the USA from Guatemala. Likely the deal will be stop bad mouthing the powers that be in Belize and we will not insist you return for questioning. John has to be back in the USA ASAP to promote the movie on the talk show circuit . He will also want to have a hands on role in scripting and casting of the movie. Atlanta is the new Hollywood so Florida would be a convenient place to hang out or shoot a movie set in the troics.

  111. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    No prob. I removed the offensive words and sent it throigh

  112. ron Avatar

    Intelligence quotient has been on decline in US for decades. Chinese study says the fluoride in the water knocks five percent off the top. Man, it shows.

  113. ron Avatar

    I thought the posters on this blog were a little harsh until I went over to Yahoo a few minutes ago. What a lynch mob! Nobody seems to have a real opinion. Every poster typed the same thing. There was probably only one person’s opinion there, and it zombie propagated the whole page of 1340 comments. Hell, we should tell them all to strip naked. Tomorrow there will be news headlines all over the place: “thousands arrested for indecent exposure.”

  114. L Avatar

    And I’m not slandering shit. I’ve got a solid source.

  115. steve Avatar

    Needs mobile viewing

  116. L Avatar

    Trust me john doesn’t make every 20 year old he is with an instant millionaire. They are with him for money. Not to become rich. She just became rich (in Belize standards) and her uncle got a cut too! Don’t be so blind.

  117. Scott Avatar

    peepa like crazy larry need to be banned so others can have at the very least a conversation on recent events without distractions.

  118. Scott Avatar

    I am a guy in toronto ontario canada please let me know how I can assist you blog via e-mail or messaging sometimes this blog goes off the rails when it needs to be focused I can help in this regard if u like.



  119. Scott Avatar

    sorry I got mad at crazy I know u got enough chit on your plate 🙁

  120. Scott Avatar

    your like the fly in the ointment or the sand in the vaseline if you don’t have anything intelligent to say shutup idiot. Get a life.

  121. WEB Avatar

    Sounds like you’re right on the money, as this excerpt will show.
    In 1978, just before independence, Barry Bowen bought Bowen and Bowen from his father. Bowen moved quickly to develop and exploit the opportunities he saw in the backwater of Belize. He developed the Coca-Cola franchise and turned Belikin, first brewed in the late 1960s, into the national drink of Belize.

    Until Belikin came along, Belizeans mostly drank imported Heineken and Guinness stout. With a local beer now available, the PUP raised taxes on imports, and most Belizeans turned to Belikin.

    However, in the early 1970s, a challenger to Belikin came along. Two brothers, Arturo and Orlando Matus, whose ancestors came to Belize as refugees from the Caste War in the Yucat�n, started Charger beer. Belizeans seemed to think that Charger tasted better than Belikin.

    The Matus brothers and Charger did well for a while, but then, as the story goes, Bowen and Bowen started buying up the empty Charger bottles. In Belize at that time all glass containers were imported into the country, at considerable cost. So bottling companies used only returnable bottles and paid for their return. Bowen paid a premium for the bottles and stored them in a warehouse. This eventually broke Charger because the company had to keep importing expensive bottles. The bank foreclosed on the company’s loans, and Charger went out of business, leaving Belikin as the only beer in Belize.

    While parts of this story may be apocryphal, and a similar story is told about how Bowen put the Pepsi distributor out of business, it is undoubtedly true that Barry Bowen and his managers were skilled beer marketers and operators. They created a nationwide distribution system of wholesale outlets and delivery trucks and barges that got beer to every bar and store in the nation. They advertised freely, became actively involved in community programs and developed popular merchandising efforts like the Belikin calendar, which annually features the most beautiful women of Belize.

    Today, thanks in part to the virtual monopoly status granted by the Belize government to Bowen Brewing, Belikin controls nearly all of the beer market in Belize. The popular beers of neighboring Guatemala and Mexico cannot be imported into Belize, and only limited U.S. and foreign beers can be brought into the country. Although under recently imposed CARICOM rules beers such as Jamaica’s Red Stripe and Heineken brewed in St. Kitts must be allowed into the Belize market, they are making little headway against the solidly entrenched Belikin and related Bowen brands.
    find the full story here:

    It sounds like Lord Bowen didn’t play fair when it came to business, that’s for sure. I would like to know what connection Mentor is implying Sam had with his wife, Dixie.

  122. jungle girl Avatar
    jungle girl

    I don’t dispute the video but I do dispute the source. I can find nothing on the Jasmine Alert site on this video.

  123. Chris Avatar

    I watched the video. It is interesting. I hope all of your hard work gets recognition. I hope that people see things for what they are. The more I learn about the corruption in Belize, the more it reminds me of my own country the USA. The difference of course I am not rich so I am never a target. We live in a world of mafias. I hope the best for you John. I hope you are able to return to America soon.

  124. Q Avatar

    If money was her motive she would have been better off with John.

    Little birdies aren’t evidence.

    Slandering a human being’s character without evidence is deplorable and shameless. Leave the woman alone.

  125. steve Avatar

    Sorry,that’s BOLIVIA…not Belize where he’s held.Google it.

  126. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    Hope to hear more from John, i read his post on his dogs. It takes me time. Hopefully John is getting more information on when he can be released?

  127. AC fan Avatar
    AC fan

    Dixie Bowen is the widow of Sir Barry Bowen. They own the beer company and Coke distib I believe…some say they have a monopoly but from what I hear Dixie is very well liked and does alot of charity work. I don’t live in AC but have visited several times and never heard a bad word about Dixie but that the company that her husband built was on the verge of a monopoly and anyone that tried to get in the soda or beer biz was doomed for disaster. Can someone closer to situation chime in and let me know if I’m way off here?

  128. onlooker Avatar

    Jacob Ostreicher is NOT being held in Belize, but rather in Bolivia and has been since June 2011. Get your facts correct.

  129. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    Does this mean i got to get rid of McAfee?

  130. CSD Avatar

    Bolivia not Belize, why don’t people fact check before they post? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacob_Ostreicher

  131. CSD Avatar

    that’s Howard Hughes, NOT Harold, a simple google check would do you wonders.

  132. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    The Longer they hold John, the more they look Corrupt. Where’s Hercules when you need him.

  133. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    This wouldn’t be going on, if someone wouldn’t have NARKED on him!

  134. Human#4,862,342,596 Avatar

    ok i get it… didn’t think i posted anything off topic – it was about corruption in belize – maybe if you could post some rules so i and others don’t waste our time here

  135. L Avatar

    So a birdie told me that Sam turned you in for a reward working through her uncle and the gov of Belize. Should of known better John!! You trusted everything to a woman who has had nothing her whole life. Obviously she was gonna take the bribe once presented large enough settlement. Your mistake was hooking her up with her uncle. Sorry John. You got screwed

  136. Bev Avatar

    This saga gets stranger by the day. Or hour. I have not been convinced of Mr. McAfee’s guilt or innocence along the way. I’ve just been watching the story unfold.

    A few observations:
    1. The information posted has convinced me the Belize government is corrupt. (However, so is every other government to varying degrees)
    2. The best defense is a good offense. This has been brilliantly demonstrated.
    3. Mr. McAfee’s personal lifestyle choices contributed to the situation he found himself in and in addition are fueling some of the current public sentiment. (Read the 1600+ responses on Yahoo’s article about John’s presser yesterday)
    4. A quality and technically savvy PR firm is needed ASAP.
    5. Mr. McAfee should refrain from ANY public statements henceforth.

  137. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    When 80% of the money coming into Belize to assist the already poor and sick communuity it would be devastating to hurt the people any more with a boycott to take the already weaken legs out from under the people. I beleive the best angle would be to directly address corruption and people take action to correct the wrong doing in Belize in order for that money to better assist the community rather then the blood stained hands of the officials. John I just hope this that is happening to you is God using you to shed light on the dire situation there and through you they will be saved. Once you are back home and safe please do not give up your mission to expose the corruption and save the people of Belize. God Speed Brotha. You will be free soon.

  138. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    The girl is free, she is the niece of John’s lawer.

  139. Beatrix Kiddo Avatar
    Beatrix Kiddo

    You’re describing Howard Hughes’ life. You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

  140. Human#4,862,342,596 Avatar


    published Saturday, January 29th, 2011

    Hixson woman recounts detention in Belize over Christmas

    When Suzan Boutz flew home Tuesday from Belize, she sang “God Bless America” on the plane.

    Boutz, 60, a Hixson artist who planned to have a “grand time” walking on the beach, exploring Meso-American ruins and celebrating the holidays in the Central American country, was jailed for 20 hours without food and water after authorities cited her for a Dec. 20 vehicle collision that she says wasn’t her fault.

    On Jan. 12, in response to a records request, Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood, the police spokesman for Belize, said he was “doing an in-depth research into this matter, so as to be able to [provide] accurate information.”

    He never contacted the Chattanooga Times Free Press again and hasn’t returned subsequent phone messages and e-mails.

    “Some people said, ‘Gee, if you just had a crisp $50 bill, it all would have been over,’” Boutz said, speaking from her home.

    The wreck happened while she was stopped at an intersection waiting to turn left. Rony Robert Cruz, a motorcyclist, crashed into the front of her rental car.

    Her records — stamped by a Belize justice of the peace — show several eyewitnesses wrote statements, with one noting that Cruz was “probably drunk, I don’t know, but he was zigzagging.”

    “Coming from the United States, you expect the police to ask questions and look at the situation and see what’s going on,” Boutz said. “None of that.”

    Instead, authorities took Boutz to jail.

    Although the country’s official language is English, Boutz said police had difficulty writing the details of her statement and didn’t give her a copy. She and her adult son were told to sit on a bench “as terrible Christmas music played for hours.”

    She bonded out, hired an attorney and appeared at Dangriga Town Magistrate Court on Dec. 23. Her hearing was postponed until Tuesday of this week, and her passport was taken.

    Boutz said U.S. Sen. Bob Corker’s staff worked with the U.S. Embassy staff in Belize, but she wasn’t impressed with the results.

    “All the embassy did was provide a list of attorneys,” she said. “Half of them were corporate attorneys, half of them didn’t want to help.”

    Laura Herzog, a spokeswoman for Corker, verified that the office is “in touch with the American Embassy in Belize.”

    On Tuesday — after her attorney struck a deal with a magistrate “with dreadlocks down to his waist” — Boutz regained her passport and left the country.

    Records show the charges against Boutz say she “failed to give way when changing direction” and that she “drove motor vehicle without due care and attention.” But her attorney negotiated with the magistrate, upgrading the charges to “maiming” in exchange for the passport.

    It’s unclear how badly Cruz was injured. Police have not responded to questions about him, and Boutz said she saw him “walking around the courthouse” before Tuesday’s hearing.

    Regardless, Boutz took the next flight home. She doesn’t plan to attend her Feb. 22 hearing in Belize, relying on her attorney to work “behind the scenes” to prevent a trip.

    “She will be extradited over my dead body,” said her husband, Don Boutz.

  141. big fan Avatar
    big fan

    hey john. if you get board check this out…they’ll do anything to make a buck.
    p.s. your awsome stuffmonger. i mean it . wish i was their. 😀

  142. Art Avatar


    I know hat you are going thru. I also pick a tropical climate to live in 18 years ago and Moved to ……. where the majority are from being informed by the “leaders & or wealthy” I have looked back over the years and saw a pattern. They first befriend me only to ride me till they could not get anymore and then turn on me and isolate me. I did aquire a 14 acre lot that you may use if you could get here. It is totally off the grid and you could live quietly. Contact me at my email.

  143. Lucius Blackstone Avatar

    Dear John
    We’ve been worried about you, and are happy to hear that you’re safe in the hands of the Guatemalan authorities. We are worried about your health, physical and otherwise, but it sounds like you’re in good hands and presumably receiving the best treatment money can buy across the border.
    It’s also good to hear that the jails are so much better there, and the “excellent” coffee must be an added bonus. At least it will keep you going until you’re back home and near a local Starbucks.
    Now that you are safe and sound and have some time to relax and reflect, we wonder if you can answer a few questions I and my fellow Belizeans have. We appreciate that blogging is keeping you very busy, so we’ll keep them short.
    First of all, what kept you on the run? OK, we get it that you were frightened. Having a neighbour gunned down in cold blood would disorient anyone, and spending the night buried in sand watching the police go in and out of his house, if that’s indeed true, couldn’t have been fun.
    But given the fact that Mr Faull was a neighbour that you were not on good terms with, your being well known as a guns enthusiast and, let’s be honest here, the reputation you’ve made for yourself in our otherwise peaceful little country, it seems reasonable that the police would at least want to speak with you.
    OK, you have had you own problems with the police and feared that you wouldn’t be treated fairly and impartially.
    But really, once you made such an international uproar and very cleverly drew so much attention to your case, did you really think even the most malicious cop would be stupid enough to see any harm come to you while in custody? Come on. You’ve lived in Belize. We’re not that stupid.
    Which leads me to the next point. You keep saying that you love Belize. It’s your home and you want to stay here. But everything you have said about Belize and Belizeans paints a pretty horrific picture. “Corrupt officials.” “Pirates.” “All gringos look alike to the average Creole” And so much more.
    Boy, I’d hate to see how you describe a place and people you don’t like. I mean, who would want to live in the sort of hellhole you describe? And what contempt you must have for the people who live under such a yoke of oppression. Your attraction to young Belizean girls and affiliation with gang members is well documented, but what about the rest of us? Are we all corrupt, or stupid or cowardly?
    Maybe you’ve just been hanging out with the wrong people. Most visitors here seem to really like Belize and Belizeans. Then again, maybe, just maybe, you have an ulterior motive…
    You’re entitled to your views, which you have so rigorously and very cleverly shared with the rest of the world, but allow me to disagree. Perhaps I’m still aglow with patriotism after celebrating our 31st anniversary of independence, but bear with me.
    John, I love Belize. I don’t have millions of dollars, waterfront mansions and a lot of physical comforts, but I’ll tell you what I do have. A country that has been blessed with such beauty that people travel the world over just to see it. Warm, friendly intelligent people I’m proud to call my fellow Belizeans. A participatory, Westminster style democracy we inherited from Great Britain that is the envy of the region. A well trained police force that upholds clearly defined laws with checks and balances built into the system to ensure that it works.
    I’m not saying it’s perfect, and I’m not saying that corruption doesn’t exist. Just like in your own country, there are bad apples, opportunists and career scumbags. We face the challenges any developing country in this global economic climate does. We try to get by.
    But to smear the name of the entire country and all of us the way you have is unconscious able. How can you say “I love Belize” and in the next breath, for your own means, very deliberately paint an ugly picture that you know is untrue?
    You know that since independence we have depended on tourism to uplift ourselves, send our kids to school and put food on the table. And then you take the one thing that is so important to us, our image and international reputation, and trash it for your own selfish ends.
    Why would anyone reading your lies and distortions want to come here? And for every potential visitor you helped turn back, that’s one less dollar some hardworking cook, tour guide, driver, cleaner or other person will make this Christmas.
    And now, of course, it sounds as if you might be sent back here. John, what were you thinking? You’re educated enough to know that countries don’t grant political asylum to people who are free to return to their own country. You are a US citizen and free to return there. Why did you choose to seek asylum with our neighbour while continuing to badmouth Belize?
    It fits the picture you are painting, doesn’t it? Bolsters the fantasy you are trying to sell to the world at the expense of the people who welcomed you here.
    John, I think I speak for many Belizeans in asking that you show a bit more sensitivity when speaking about people who have always welcomed you. Remember, you came and stayed here on you own free will. To be honest, you haven’t been the best of guests, but in the interests of compassion and fair play we’re willing to hear your side of the story and let an educated public weigh up the facts before making any judgements about you and your involvement in this tragedy. I mean, a man’s been killed and left a grieving family that is looking for justice and closure- that’s what’s really at stake here.
    So enjoy the coffee and you last days in Guatemala and please give a thought to the people of Belize and the family of Mr Faull when you return. You could help the police bring an end to this tragedy.
    Yours truly
    Lucius Blackstone
    John, I just received an update that now you want to return home to the US. Wow, what a turn-around. It makes sense though – the magazine, book, television and film rights to the story you so artfully constructed are going to be another money-spinner for you. You are a very, very clever man and obviously have a knack for making money. That’s OK. Most of us in Belize have a very different set of values to yours, and I believe that the poorest Belizean working hard to support the family he loves is infinitely richer than you will ever be. And for that, you truly have our sympathy.
    Merry Christmas

  144. jj Avatar

    about what happened with Greg and if this Eric Swan killed Greg to get back at John for not giving him $$$. If He has murdered many times before AND gotten away with it to. He probably might know others that would also of been willing to try and kill john for him and they seen the neighbor greg and assumed It was the right white guy at the right house. and COULD maybe even explain Why maybe the few officials in Belize that arnt corrupted to the core or in on it of not known and thus easy for them to think johns nuts for insisting police were there. If they are being told by others no sir no sir we wern’t there. But one way or the other this swan guy could even make the belize goverment come out clean “looking” atleast and could even save face of thinking john was crazy. For saying the Goverment was all corrupt insulting the few that may not be bad and the rest who are and don’t like attention being called to it. and they would even have a guy who’s MUCH worse then they even try to say about john even up to now even.

  145. Human#4,862,342,596 Avatar

    official release from impact future media:


    they are looking for investors…. worth the risk ?

  146. Human#4,862,342,596 Avatar


    Detained John McAfee Sells Life Rights for Movie, TV

    10:00 AM PST 12/10/2012 by Etan Vlessing

    Montreal-based Impact Future Media says it has secured the exclusive IP rights to the embattled anti-virus pioneer, now wanted in Belize over the death of his neighbor.

    TORONTO – U.S. anti-virus pioneer John McAfee, recently arrested by Guatemalan police and facing deportation to Belize as part of a murder investigation, has apparently entrusted his life story to Montreal-based TV producer Impact Future Media.

    Anti-Virus Pioneer John McAfee Arrested in Guatemala (Report)
    Honolulu-based Brian Fitzgerald, who co-founded the TV production shingle with CEO François Garcia, based in Montreal, said he secured the exclusive IP rights to the embattled tech guru’s story.
    “He (McAfee) trusts that we will honor his life story in an honest and truthful manner,” Fitzgerald told The Hollywood Reporter in an email statement on Monday.

    The TV producer is currently looking for investors and production partners for the project, which is tentatively titled Running in the Background: The True Story of John McAfee.
    Fitzgerald said Impact Future Media inked the deal with McAfee last week, and hopes to exploit his life story across a range of media, including film, print and TV.
    The 67-year-old American businessman has so far eluded police in Belize, where he is wanted for questioning over the apparent murder of his neighbor.
    Impact Future Media has ties to McAfee through Chad Essley, founder of Cartoon Monkey Studio, whom it already represents.
    The TV producer claims Essley is McAfee’s official cartoonist and is working on the development and management of whoismcafee.com.
    “My most heartfelt thank you goes to Impact Future Media and Cartoon Monkey Studio,” McAfee said in a statement issued by the Canadian-based producer on Monday.
    “Their dedication to the truth is very uncommon in the world we live in today. I am now, and will always be grateful to their organizations,” McAfee added.

  147. Human#4,862,342,596 Avatar

    update on VICE



    By VICE Staff

    For the last several days VICE has been caught up in the international media frenzy that is the John McAfee saga. We have been following McAfee and filming a documentary about his bizarre and confusing flight through the jungles of Central America after he was named “a person of interest” in a strange, tragic, and very public murder investigation in Belize.

    The flight we chronicled was from the start filled with misinformation, rumors, social-media-fed myths, outright lies, and overall total weirdness. All of this chaos was compounded by the fact that a photo that VICE released contained metadata that pointed to McAfee’s location somewhere around the Guatemalan border. Was this planned? Was this not? Were we duped? Was it a fuck-up? McAfee’s actions AFTER the photo was released (publicly conducting interviews with international press in Guatemala City, making statements, getting suits made, hiring lawyers, etc…) have been confusing as well.

    Despite many media outlets’ obvious glee in damning us immediately, VICE has decided to wait and talk to the people on our team who were on the ground and who can therefore tell us what actually went down in an attempt to refrain from propagating the same rumors, myths, and madness that this story has consisted of from the start. When that is done we will follow up with not only a comprehensive statement (and apology, if one is necessary), but also our footage, which we will show to the world.

    Our team has just returned home to debrief and deliver said footage. We have always been transparent in our filmmaking and will continue that practice—this will be no exception. If we fucked up, you can be sure it will be in the film, which we will show everyone, everywhere—warts and all. The story as a whole has engaged people around the world precisely because it is so freaky, and even if it shows that we made mistakes on the ground during a very hectic and dangerous week of reporting on McAfee’s mistakes, we are sure it’s going to make one hell of a documentary.

    By VICE Staff 32 minutes ago

  148. Smart Move Avatar
    Smart Move

    To Suzan Boutz,
    I am sorry for your situation, but be prepared to pay, since you are now in “Belize Prision”, and being extorted. I do not mean to be rude with my previous comment, just please understand that the “foreigner” is always wrong, and must pay! I know of a judge who used this excuse, “If you were not in this country then there would have been no accident”!!
    And when I was almost beat to death, the judge looked at photos of my injuries and then looked at me and stated,”These photos are Hollywood Make-Up” — then why do I still have scars on my face?
    I am very sorry for you Susan, especially when you ask US Citizens Services to help!!! Where was the US State Department Travel Warning, when you needed it, before being faced with extortion by corrupt authorities?

  149. Thinking Avatar

    Loved the video. Seriously, you should think about finding Eric Swan. All the pieces fit. He was denied money when he tried to extort so he has motive. Plus, he’s a cold-blooded killer. Word is he camps up north near Bacalar Chico. Maybe you could hire an investigator to find him? Once I saw the post with the Swans, it became clear. If they didn’t get what they want, they’d try to mess up your life. These are the worst thugs around. Please, think about it. You’d be doing the island/country a favour. Three dead bodies at Rocky Point, the Espat and Alamilla teenagers, etc…the list is probably much longer! I don’t see anyone else with a motive and that guy is a killer!!! Thanks for stopping the Boycott Belize. As you have stated, this is a wonderful country! Yes, we have corruption in the GOB, but the people are wonderful. I’ll say it one more time for you…Eric Swan!

  150. alittleparanoid Avatar

    It is the Belizean People that will have to take care of their Government, not the rest of the world. As Albert Einstein puts it: “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

  151. Video won't load Avatar
    Video won’t load

    Perhaps the owner if the video could make it available to mobile devices like a little iPod touch? Whilst I could not watch it I did see a few other videos that were posted years ago about the gangs and corruption there. How the heck can anyone say John is making this all up??? glad he is finished with this and is going to change his direction and move ! Be safe sir and ma’am !

  152. Smart Move Avatar
    Smart Move

    Go to “pingback”
    Open “Suzan Boutz”
    The corrupt judge will find this lady guilty. Judge will explain that if she had not been in Belize, then there would have been no accident! What ever happens in such a corrupt country, is oboviously to fault of the foreginer — and now this “criminal” must pay!!

  153. Aaron Avatar

    I agree with Rob, currently there is a case of an American citizen Jacob Ostreicher who has been detained in Belize after refusing to bribe government officials there. His story has not made the evening news but it is a sad tale of what can happen to American’s when they try to do business or live in 3rd world countries.

  154. Nate Avatar

    My understanding is that John doesn’t want to punish the normal citizens of Belize, he wants to apply pressure to the government and those who are in bed with government. Rather than boycotting, go there directly and move amongst the people recording their everyday situation outside of the tourist trap zones and report back to the world. In this sense you would not be boycotting the people of Belize but boycotting with your dollars, the tourist institutions which have the clout and position to force change and compliance. It’s a better strategy if you truly want change in Belize. John states corruption and highlights others experiences, but imagine if John was able to doppelganger himself repeatedly with a slew of others turning activist and portraying the country as it is. Go there on vacation, but come back with the true state of things and share it with others and the world. It’s apparent that John’s efforts were never aimed at the everyday Belizian but at the corrupt government and it’s vicious policy of behavior. Rather than tuning Belize out, it may be more productive to drop in.

  155. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    No, not Harold Hughes, governor of Iowa, but Harold Hughes, of Los Vegas, Texas and Hollywood; once owned RKO studios; Hughes Tools, drill bits for oil fields invented by his father who left him a fortune when he died; Trans World Airlines; Hughes Medical Center, among many other big name corporations. Harold Hughes died in 1976 of kidney failure. He was suffering from malnutrition; hadn’t bathed in years; his fingernails and toenails were extremely long and curled up; five broken hypodermic needles were found embedded in his arms.

  156. Ed Avatar

    Hi s.p….EXACTLY…be in for the long haul…he can’t be a “little pregnant”!

  157. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    And you’re currently in Guatemala City. Very strange I would say.

  158. Dive Bze Avatar
    Dive Bze

    It seems so strange that John would suddenly abandon the boycott without warning. How do we know this message is really from John?

  159. Dive Belize Avatar
    Dive Belize

    Why did John change his mind about the boycott overnight? This is strange….

    Can we be sure this message is from John webmaster?

  160. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    You’re an American living in Virginia. What would you know about a young girl raised in the poorest district of the interior of Belize?

  161. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    Whoa, Condoms, i’m not going. lol

  162. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    The main thing is, never get excited.

  163. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    Some people don’t know how to read posts. What Penis Wrinkles!

  164. Smart Move Avatar
    Smart Move

    Just posted was “A Plea From John”, and he asks that we “See The Truth”, about Belize. John is showing his compassion for the natives of Belize, and just put welfare of these poor people (ahead of his bad situation).

    Good for John. Now when are we going to hear from the US Government, whose policies are enriching the few wealthy in Belize, while ignoring the desperate plight of the many, that suffer from the dangerous corruption? Please consider what responsibility that the U.S. Department of State has in all this mess — below are copied mission statements from the US STATE DEPARTMENT.

    • Secretary Clinton on International Anticorruption Day
    Secretary of State Clinton says International Anticorruption Day honors “the tireless efforts of activists, businesses, government officials, and international organizations to combat corruption and promote open and transparent government.”

    U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE Human Rights Reports
    “We see it as fundamental to our own interests to support a just peace around the world—one in which individuals, and not just nations, are granted the fundamental rights that they deserve.”

    The Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs is headed by Assistant Secretary of State Roberta Jacobson, who is responsible for managing and promoting U.S. interests in the region by supporting democracy, trade, and sustainable economic development, and fostering cooperation on issues such as citizen safety, strengthening democratic institutions and the rule of law,


    Your faith is now a “political football”, that high government officials are kicking around, with little regard for justice or enforcing your legal rights. It is now the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE that will make the decision for you to live — or die, because of “corruption” controlling law. The United States Government has pledged to combat corruption and promote open and transparent government. Will the U.S. Embassies in Belize & Guatemala do their duty?

    John, If you are not confident that USA Government Officials are sure to cause your release and safe return to the United States, then please inform us that U.S. CITIZEN SERVICES is not giving you the assistance needed to protect you legal rights.

    This is a case very important to every US Citizen that travels abroad. If the USA will no longer enforce international law, and properly assist their citizens when traveling (especially in Belize), then best to stay in the United States, until there is a US Government Administration that will enforce what they say —

  165. beeninyourshoes Avatar

    they are illegal here! Don’t bring it.

  166. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    No one said anything about it being like Belize, i sad it’s getting ‘as’ bad, There’s alot of corruption here, i know this for sure, i seen it. And to compare this Country with another corrupt country, it’s not nuts, Police are killing innocent people here everyday. Pregnant women, Protesters, and others that they wish. They bust down doors here, kick people out of their homes. Only thing we don’t have ‘yet’, is a police state!

  167. ron Avatar

    Some negotiation is necessary, and not the equivalent of compromise.

  168. ThatGuy Avatar

    Uhmmmm….. Wouldn’t that be Howard Hughes? Harold Hughes was the 36th governor of Iowa

  169. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    Who is Dixie Bowen?

  170. s.p Avatar

    I agree with Ed. Don’t stop the boycott now! By boycotting Belize you are actually helping the people of Bze (long term).

  171. ron Avatar

    That last poster’s statement is why I think this is all driven by someone higher up the foodchain (not necessarily Belizean). If “they” wanted to kill John – they could have done that easily, during any of the raids, and then say that John “went for a GSU lackey’s gun.” BTDT. There is hatred apparent here, my friends. They want suffering. Sure, they used the GSU, local thugs, etc. … out of convenience.

  172. s.p Avatar

    Crazty Larry………..Give me a break. How can you even begin to compare the type of corruption in the U.S with the type of corruption in Belize, Get real! After having lived in both the U.S (for most of my life) and in Bze (4 yrs) I can assure you — there is no comparison. I am sorry you are not working and you perhaps are a bit bitter with things in the U.S — but to compare the corruption in the two Countries is nuts.

  173. Oscar Avatar

    Where are the allegations about the Bowens and McAfee? And is there any proof that Sam is not in custody? Please post pictures to reassure us all!

    @Larry – Belize needs people willing to stand up to the corruption and John needs an army of friends. Come on down! You sound perfect!

  174. getrealeh Avatar

    Nah just bring mosquito repellent, malaria pills and condoms. No worries!

  175. Ed Avatar

    John, Harold, Chad…Someone!…Who is “THEY” that asked you to end the “Boycott Belize”…and WHY have you so quickly caved? Does that mean the Blog is over? Is your fight over? You have told us it is not safe to travel there…I cancelled a trip I had planned with many family members during the Christmas Holidays to impact tourism…rebooked a cruise instead…Many of us have been following your requests about emailing, getting the news out about corruption etc…So now it is ok and safe to go? AND to the interior where people are REALLY hurting and we should walk in and take pictures of them??…Come on John…I am and have been a staunch supporter of you and Sam since this all began…Bro, YOU are the best one to do a documentary on the Country…at least produce it and narrate it from the safety in Oregon while visiting w Chad whom you said that you wanted to go visit as quickly as possible…YOU CAN’T STOP NOW! You got the engines fired up and you have the tenacity, the finances, the connections to finish this…Your Friend…

  176. ron Avatar

    No fly? I know why! – Am a poet and didn’t know it. You want to save those kids unborn from the airport sterilizer. OK, now back to topic …

  177. Mentor Avatar

    Care to ask Sam that before we go any further. Just trying to help you John. This is what I do. I’m good at it.

  178. DJ Avatar

    You don’t just lawyer-up in Belize like in the US. Remember, there is no warrant, nor has Belize police said he is a suspect. I do know, as do most Belizean’s, that he was on the receiving end of the consequences for not supporting a certain politician desire for a large donation. That’s what can happen in Belize. Elwood – You really are ‘Elwood.’ You know nothing of the corruption and retaliation that goes on there. The police have not ID’d him as a suspect, no warrant issued. So why is McAfee reluctant to appear? By-the-way, if there is no eye-witness (which there is none in this case), there will never be a conviction. McAfee knows that also. So why not appear because they just want to talk to him? NOT IN BELIZE, do they just want to talk to you. They want to get their hands on him. And if they do, don’t surprised to see reports that suggests that while being detained (a word they haven’t used yet): he committed suicide, had a fatal heart attack, was shot by police in self defense, or another detainee killed him. That can be what is like there.

  179. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Sam has never met Dixie Bowen.

  180. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    If i came there, i would wear my Bullet Proof Vest, and come prepared.

  181. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    I’m ready to come there now, maybe John could use some Americans there?

  182. Mentor Avatar

    Maybe not, Sir. Sam is. Dixie Bowen. No?

  183. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    Harold M (McAfee) is like Harold H (Hughes), another wealthy man, now dead, who’s experiences are similar to John’s. Hughes was intelligent like John; brilliant in mathematics, like John; eccentric, like John; tall, good looking like John; a playboy, who unlike John, preferred mature women rather than teenage girls; lived in various Third World countries; was fascinated by air planes, like John; had much trouble with governments, especially the US government, who coveted his money; had bodyguards, even while living in the US, Mormons, who were the only ones to see him in the later years of his life.

    Many similarities between John McAfee (millionaire) and Harold Hughes (billionaire), both of whom experienced the curse of great wealth.

  184. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    There are a lot of Countries that sell Women, Kids, and they rape, and shoot the ones they don’t like, just for fun. The U.S.A isn’t much better, it has changed in the last decade, getting more communist by the day here. A lot of people don’t see it, but rights are leaving us here in the U.S. It’s going to take a fight for Belize to get what they want, the Corrupt will only go in battle. Irag, Afghan, and other countries are corrupt also, that’s why the U.S. is there. There’s so much corruption here in the U.S., that 95% isn’t noticed till someone trips on it. I feel for all the good people there, i’d hate for Police to be looking for someone to Kill, or take. I could use a nice Vacation, to get away for a while, just can’t afford it right now, not working.

  185. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    John is not associated with the Bowens.

  186. Mentor Avatar

    Jasmine Alert also had some nice things to say: http://puu.sh/1zqaS/74e96baca28c0303521d333ba9cd1992

  187. JB Avatar

    John, watched the video. The more I keep reading the more clear it is becoming that you are indeed not bonkers – the corruption in a banana republic is even greater than I ever imagined. Every US citizen should also see this as a warning to the end game when “the people” yield to a larger and larger government with absolute power over unarmed citizenry. Great video, very enlightening.

  188. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    Great Video, tells a lot. I would love to come there, but it would be by Boat, cause i don’t Fly.

  189. s.p Avatar

    Great Video! How can a Belizean afford to pay 20% for a loan. I guess the GOB does not exactly believe in the American dream of owning a home. Or maybe they do – but it will need to be a SHACK. I always found it amazing that a Belizean would pay 20% for a loan but yet an American borrowing in the same bank in Belize would pay less than half the interest rate. The GOB does not give a SHIT about their people! Ashcroft is a HUGE problem. The PM continues to verbally attack Ashcroft but yet he is still there making millions from the poor. He attacks but yet his firm represents him. The place is NUTS! Its time for the people of of Belize to unite and stand up for what is right.!!!!!!!

  190. Mentor Avatar

    John, If the Bowen family is as said, why are you affiliated with these people?

  191. Thinking Avatar

    I have been thinking hard about what happened with Gregory. I know every person involved. Here is what makes sense. I think Eric Swan killed Gregory to get back at John for not giving him $$$. He has murdered many times before including the teenage cousins this year. He was seen 5 weeks ago by a friend. Figure it out!

  192. Rob Avatar

    I live in Indonesia, and I can understand very well what you mean with a “corrupt government”. Those that never been outside USA or Europe can hardly understand what “corrupt” means in a 3rd world country (aka “developing country” as they are now known). I’m sure Indonesia is in better shape than Belize, but I see what situation you may have dealt with. Wishing you e best luck!

  193. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Who is Harold M.? I thought that the attorney’s last name was Guerra?

  194. Shane wyatt Avatar
    Shane wyatt

    Video needs mobile capability