John To Be Released

A Guatemalan judge has just ruled that Mr. McAfee was detained illegally.  He will be released from detention at the central imigration centerin Guatemala City tomorrow morning.  It is believed he will be allowed to return to the United States.

Good News.


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  1. Kathy Brame Avatar
    Kathy Brame

    I have been following your Blog from the beginning and was scared for your safety.If you want to hang low come back to the Rocky I have 2 rental house evaluable. Glade your back in the U.S.A. The plant lady Kathy

  2. Tesla Starr Avatar

    For some reason tuned into you and you plight to Guadamala about the same time you were traveling there. In past years have shared your books with my yoga students. Anyway since then have followed your blog post fairly well, not obcessively, although somewhat addictively.
    You appear to be quite stressed out, understandably so given the recent turn of events in your life. The shot neightbor, your dogs, the whole scenario is all a bit of a nightmare. I would flee too.
    If the video on Beliez is THE TRUTH and your now playing your part to bring that to light then it would be reasonable to give you safe passage back to the US if that’s your preference over England.
    Was going to post Beliez video to my e-mail lists; however, couldn’t figure out how to move it off the site. Am a bit challenged in that department, still being 67 just isn’t an excuse.
    I do have a question for you. Are you meditating? Here’s something to ponder written by by Shih-Te “I laugh at myself, old man, with no strength left inclined to piney peaks, in love with lonely paths oh well, I’ve wandered down the years to now free in the flow; and floated home the same, a drifting boat.”
    Sat nam

  3. oshun123 Avatar

    My wife is 25 and i am 45. We are together since she was 17. Nobody gives a shit about your opinion. If a relation works depends on so many things. Yes, most of this relations break up but you are not the person to judge about how people have to live.

  4. Steve Avatar

    John, get your ass back to the U.S.! Lets go hang on Molokai and do some four-wheeling in your ride 🙂 Hit me up.

  5. WEB Avatar

    face up according to reports. I always found that suspect too.

  6. E. Avatar

    Sam is in less danger than J. Otherwise she would have been detained too (as a bargaining chip). 3 weeks isn’t long, John, maybe try and have a shotgun wedding before you leave, might speed things up on US side. In any case, GET OUT QUICK BY YOURSELF FIRST.

    From someone who has also lived in Latin America

  7. Someone Avatar

    Guys,..seriously.., would you leave your loved one in Guatemala knowing that she is still in danger?
    I guess I’d prefer to die there rather than leaving my loved one behind…something bad may still happen and I don’t think Mr. McAfee would want to live with such a burden.

  8. John H Avatar
    John H

    wow ! i wish you all the luck in the world! but sometimes you are better off not being herd or seen!

  9. Jake Avatar

    John, As Jimmy said years ago to conclude his song Banana Republic…..”things aren’t as warm as they seem when none of the natives are buying any second hard American dreams”. Come home and then perhaps you can find another place in the sun.

  10. brian Avatar

    That is awesome news! I hope you can get back to the US soon– and without much drama stateside.

    You are always free to swing by for coffee or tea if ever passing through Atlanta. Yeah that is the real email address.

    Good luck!

  11. SK Avatar

    I’m in Central PA, in a town known to be the “sweetest place on earth”

  12. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you Lindsey

  13. deratski Avatar

    Gregory Faull who was found FACE DOWN in a pool of blood with a gun shot wound on the backside of his head on November 11.

  14. Lindsey Avatar

    I’m also willing to give you a place to stay. I’m about an hour outside of DC, in a small town in WV.

  15. Len Avatar

    Get yourself and Sam to a safe country if you do not wish to be apart. UK or Ireland both have many daily flights to US and would be a safe place to make your arrangements. Good luck John…

  16. Cova Herrera Avatar
    Cova Herrera

    I got back from work and I see that you were realised, so happy! I always believed in your innocence.
    If you love Sam, can you marry her there in Guatemala and take it to the U.S. with you? Kisses from Spain!!

  17. Lindsey Avatar

    Congratulations John! Now get back to the US as fast & safe as possible. Sam can join you there.

  18. Ali Avatar

    Really bro, Really? You got a bucked full of money, thanks to your magical adventures you are about to get even more money. put her up in a safe location, fly back to US, gather yourself and your team and bring her here safely.
    Remember bud, once you get here, you have a shit storm of media to deal with.

    but man oh man, as a property owner in B
    elize and US was i following your story. Love the well planned movie deal too. you sneaky bastard you.

  19. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    I do not know who Tom is, but I learned the hard way partially from my 9 years of life as a single mom in Vermont that people with money get away with more. Isn’t that just the way it is?

  20. Naomi Avatar

    Sounds like it will all work out now. The worst part is over. Congratulations. Now you can enjoy the holidays and everything else. Health and happiness to you and Sam.

  21. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    I am glad that he washed the car though because it really needed it and that was bothering me too. We have no school bus on our street. It is 21 degrees F here or atleast it was this morning. Although we are close enough to the school that my son could walk he is only 7 years old and I do not think that it would be safe for him to do that alone.

  22. David N Avatar
    David N

    John, you have shown all your good heart, I believe the person who took Mr Faull’s life pawned the electronic devices, this is the smoking gun to me.

  23. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    My father washed the car that they let me drive and put gas in it then made a big deal out of not parking it back in my building’s parking garage. I do not know how to treat my father like an old man. He is 69 and he acts much older than John. Why should a vehicle humiliate me? For me it is not that it is a vehicle it is that it… the title is in my parents’ name and I am 37 years old.

  24. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Okay… darn key pad on this thing changed my typing again. It should say Puerto Penasco..

  25. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    I would rather not be in a lawsuit at all.

  26. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    It’s not that they want to arrest you in Belize John… I guess that the problem is that they want to talk to you and you are acting like you are already a fried chicken. Is Mr. Guerra a good attorney? What if he went with you?

  27. Jessica Bernard Avatar
  28. fencesitter Avatar

    There are generally two sides to a story and what you describe is one of them !!!

  29. fencesitter Avatar

    Maybe Mr Faull’s family might have a different view

  30. Tom Avatar

    Hey John- Frances Delafuente of Miami. Great immigration atty. Great at expediting. They took care of me and my wife. If nobody told you already- quickest way out is on marriage visa. Don’t get married outside the US or you will wait even longer.

  31. fujiwara Avatar

    There should be direct flights vom Guatemala to Madrid (Spain). From there you could continue to London. You won’t have any problems to enter EU with a British Passport – maybe Sam could get kind of a transfer visa (to Britain). Good luck – leave ASAP!

  32. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    I am pretty sure that I have seen Lucinda on here before.

  33. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    … to stay off of Mcafee’s blog and it was anonymous.

  34. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Well than let her come in three weeks John. Come on. Get reasonable.

  35. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    What about going to Pietro Pensacola Mexico? In 1997 is was a place I was told to go on my mini vacation from a resort in AZ (I was waiting tables) because it was so affordable to stay there. It was just dirt and ocean and a Best Western. Now it looks like Sandals Atlantis and has all of these water slides. Their main industry is shrimp.

  36. Tomos Robson Avatar
    Tomos Robson

    Do a live stream to celebrate the occasion!

  37. Beverly Hills Playboy Avatar
    Beverly Hills Playboy

    USA is going to be boring. Unless you move to LA, settle above the Sunset Strip area of the Hollywood Hills and have raging parties, orgies, bowls of coke, prostitutes. Then you can video tape this lifestyle and send it to the Belize police to show them what losers they are.

  38. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Yes. I still am though that love

  39. Lenvandervelde Avatar

    About UK extradition treaty, this link is better

  40. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Whether you are guilty of the murder or not you will be safer in some condo on a Miami beach. The U.S. will not call you in for questioning because that is something that they expect Belize to do? Yes or no? Any way I am starting to believe your story about “corruption in Belize” and officials trying to get money out of you. So if I am starting to believe it than other people are too. Oh no what if the judge who ruled that you are being held illegally just did that because he thinks that “you will not get far”? Anyway, it is a golden ruling. Just take it and go. Guatamala does not want you there right now. For the first time in years I got 2 ugly comments on my blog, because of your site. One woman told me that I am a liar who is “growing salad out of my nose” and another person told me blatantly to “stay off of John Mcafee

  41. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Do not consider it. Just do it. This is a gift.

  42. Lenvandervelde Avatar

    HI Lord Lucan,
    It’s true but if somebody accuses, you can be like Julian Assenge who is holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy.

  43. anonymous Avatar

    Listen to advice — Belize citizens can travel to both the UK and Ireland visa free. Go somewhere safe, and then plan the next step from there. Belize is quite corrupt and the state security is brutal.

  44. Lenvandervelde Avatar

    Hi John,

    Congrat and I’m very happy that you are finally free.
    About coming to UK, just be aware of UK extradition law.

    Also about the weather here, it is not recommended, though it is better than where your life is in danger. Today is slightly better and not as cold as yesterday but here in my office in London everyone is coughing/sneezing with cold 🙂

    If you ever come around here, please let me know

    Kind regards

  45. Bill Avatar

    I am so pleased you are coming home. If you ever get to Cleveland Ohio I would enjoy buying you dinner. Safe travels. Bill

  46. Lord Lucan Avatar
    Lord Lucan

    John, re your issue for sam, just fly to Dubai where she can get visa on arrival. Then you can work on US papers. Even th UK would be a good option. In the UK the government does not even have the right to extridite Al Qadia known terrorists so Sam and you should be ok.

  47. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    I agree with Craig. You are not going to emerge from this like a princess. I am guessing that we are all in awe of how well you are doing at this point.

  48. John McAfee Avatar

    I, and my agencies (trusts, companies, etc.) have been sued over a hundred times. I have never settled a lawsuit. I have never once had a judgment issued against me. I have never paid out a single dollar. I would rather pay ten million dollars to fight a suit than to pay one dollar and settle it. Lawsuits are the true corruption in the world.

  49. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Please don’t be stupid. Now you are being like my cousin Shaun in Germany and his kids mom over there. You know this is a battle that could go on forever. All the time now with Obama is office I am saying “This country was founded by immigrants. Why would some one not be allowed in”? My sons’ aunt Hadley claims that she married some one just so that he could get his Green Card. (A point that she takes great pride in I think, but anyway). I hope that you will excuse my typing I am a single mom often tending to my son and his friends. I am on a 7″ tablet.

  50. ash Avatar

    John, I have been following this blog from the very beginning. Many congratulations to you, Sam and all your supporters! The national daily paper here in India have a section on their foreign section dedicated to you and the section only got better with time. Not sure if you’re leaving all your investments behind, but if you are, I think, you should first go to the US volunteer to pay any lawsuits etc you have pending there—-if nothing, ask the court to deposit the funds in a trust to help. And have them issue a notice to the Belize government to get your property. Even if you set up partial funds they will recover the entire thing and give you the remaining. How does that sound? THere’s got to be a way of doing this, instead of you fighting to get your money out the government will now intervene and there is something in it for them.

  51. Anonymouss Genius Avatar
    Anonymouss Genius

    John I live in/near DC, I have the addresses and phone numbers of every single person you need to make things move along faster. You will have to contact me privately though.

    We have access to all kinds of resources, and don’t want anything per say in return. We are not out for greed.

  52. Anonymouss Avatar

    John I live in/near DC, I have the addresses and phone numbers of every single person you need to make things move along faster. You will have to contact me privately though.

  53. metalhead Avatar

    so in several papers in belize that have been translated into english by their owners said that faull was found lying face up with a gunshot wound to the back of the head. face up? that means no struggle, and someone set him down that way, OR he was captured or moved first. also he was found in the first floor in one of the main rooms. the maid found i ask you, it sounds like the killer was trained. does mr mcaffee have any military or para military training? one shot one kill back of the dome no struggle, no reports of forced entry, and the killer was close enough to set mr faull down face up. i would love to see a coroners report, but five bucks says you couldnt trust it…something fishy here…

  54. metalhead Avatar

    what you mean they didnt confiscate his guns, mow down a crowd with them , and load his crap with a kilo of coke? spell his name in the limbs? or with the coke? they got charges up the yin yang to throw in. its kinda like a fucked up soup. you know “oh a pinch of bath salts, 2 teaspoons defacement of character, a hint of aliby, one headshot, a pound of meth, and child abuse to flavor”
    theyre gonna get yah eventualy, unless they piss off for a reason.

  55. sysop Avatar

    Bollocks..!! The US is not going to extradite someone for “questioning”. LOL

  56. sysop Avatar

    Glad you are getting out…

    I would love to meet you one day. We have a lot of common interests, especially aircraft.

  57. Anwar Islam Avatar

    well done mr. mcafee

    I hope you consider an auto biography, i cant wait!

  58. f0rTyLeGz Avatar

    Wonderful news!

  59. Char Avatar

    My advice would be for the both of you to head here to the UK so you can be together, and out of firing range, where you can work out everything and getting you both back to the USA in safety. x x x

  60. max Avatar

    Great to see you get out. Now back to US. From one prison to the next prison…

  61. R K Avatar
    R K


    Be careful and consider this. You have a right to get to the US – Sam only has a privelege to enter and those privs can be easily revoked. You are computer guy, you know what that means.

    Now, you should simply get out and let her join you later. Expect hurdles. A good attorney will be able to show her the way. Don’t save money. Worst come worst, you may need to meet her in another country where GOB will not have an influence and she can travel there without a need for a visa, etc. You get the drift!

    Don’t put yourself in a harder position than you have to. You both have been through much. Take care..

  62. Yaffa Lulko Avatar
    Yaffa Lulko

    Who’s “Bonkers” now John? Congrats!

  63. SK Avatar

    Check out John’s house in Belize. It was for sale.

  64. TB Avatar

    This news makes me very happy!! To finally hear good news of your release and return to the US. Do you know where you will be going?

  65. fencesitter Avatar

    If Belize can persuade another country that it has a legitimate lawful claim to question you then you may well be arrested or detained for extradition to answer those questions
    I suppose it all depends on what they have by way of evidence
    If for example they have a witness who saw you coming away from the crime scene at a relevant time, the credibility of that information would need to be established and if believed to be credible, investigated.

  66. DB Avatar

    Fantastic news! What a ride it has been. Sam has been your loyal partner throughout, and she is a keeper. Best wishes for your future together, and may Sam’s travel arrangements be resolved ASAP.
    You have gained many friends throughout this ordeal, and we all wish the very best for you.

  67. John Locke Avatar
    John Locke

    Very glad you are safe John

  68. John McAfee Avatar

    It’s for sale.

  69. Butch Avatar

    Hey John, What are you going to do with the house on the river? I am over there alot and will gladly take it off your hands. We travel up to Indian Church and stay there to help the community out. I believe you know Mark at the lodge.

  70. John McAfee Avatar

    I have no major lawsuits. Certainly not running from any.

  71. John McAfee Avatar

    Arrested for what?

  72. fencesitter Avatar

    Don’t see how you can run from the essence of this problem.
    There are still unanswered questions.
    You may find yourself arrested in USA, UK or wherever and then extradited back to Belize.
    Not sure I would be celebrating just yet.

  73. Colton Avatar

    Glad you’re free. I’ve only been following your story sporadically (watched the Joe Rogan interview; read that you’d been arrested at the Belize border but it was actually just a body double; read that you’d actually been arrested in Guatemala; and now this), but this is great news.

    To be honest, it sounds as if you’ve been living out a movie.. A rather harsh movie, but all the same, I really wouldn’t be surprised if Hollywood churns out something starring Liam Neeson as you in the coming years, and someone else as Sam, of course. Sorry if that sounds detached – I barely know anything about either you or Sam – but all the same, I hope the ending to that movie is of the typical, happy variety where everything works out after a ridiculous amount of hardship is endured.

    Best of luck to the both of you. Be safe.

  74. metalhead Avatar

    hahaha always check with the lady first 😉

  75. Steffan Avatar

    Hi John. Congrats. In my experience, it is easier to get a fiancee visa which only involves the State Department, than to get married overseas and to then apply for spousal immigration through USCIS.

    There’s been much speculation about who should play you in the upcoming film. I’d go with Robert Downey Jr. His Tony Stark always reminded me of you.

  76. Margot, Munich 1977 Avatar
    Margot, Munich 1977

    Everything else can wait……….get lots of rest!


  77. ben Avatar

    i wasnt suggesting you are a coward by any means, john. i think more than anything im in a phase of my life where i understand the importance of relationship…the interest of this story for me has been nothing more than that….how two people relate in times of trouble…yours and sam’s relationship has been impressive…..

  78. Dan Armeneau Avatar
    Dan Armeneau

    What Ben says – read it and heed it!

  79. Shanikwa Avatar

    Congradulations!! I have followed your story from the start. The truth can always set us free. Make sure to post some photos of you two soon!!

  80. winston Avatar

    Grats John!! Finally some good news

  81. Margot, Munich 1977 Avatar
    Margot, Munich 1977

    John – Waited for a response but the ‘in moderation ‘ is so flaming long, not sure I got through until now.

    I am SO, SO happy for you!!!

    I hope you know I wish you nothing but the best!

    Be damned with the naysayers…..I knew you ‘when’ and you were as I knew you were then. Kind & generous!

    Love to you both!!


  82. John McAfee Avatar

    I don’t think cowardice has been a problem for me. I need to talk to Sam tomorrow and then we will see what we do.

  83. Mark_13 Avatar

    Don’t sleep John, get out of there. Maybe you’re technically free to leave but don’t know it. Meant to say this earlier.

  84. ben Avatar

    john –
    i left a woman i loved three years ago for no reason other than cowardice and will regret my behavior until the day i die…save the grace of god. i don’t know you. that’s true. but i don’t want you or anyone to live with this kind of pain. sam is an angel. i’m a huge fan of hers. it will be a spiritual mistake to leave guatemala without her. some serious trust will be broken that will be almost impossible to repair….believe me on this wouldn’t look right. but more importantly, it wouldnt be right. regardless my friend, i continue to admire your fortitude and stamina…and forgive me if ive overstepped my bounds…i can only imagine the decisions youve had to make…it’s just i can’t help thinking about all the courage sam has given you..remember her disgust when that one reporter had to leave because he couldnt handle the conditions of your and her deal?…no amount of money can buy a gift like that…it just cant. im haunted. even to this day. i couldnt sleep for weeks and my love told me to “take heart”….i couldn’t john…but you can.. “take heart” not leave without her….it is time to take heart…

  85. formerlytest Avatar

    I’m not sure you’re going anywhere:

    Mr Guerra said Judge Secaida ruled that Mr McAfee’s detention was illegal, ordered him to be released, and gave him 10 days to put his immigration situation in order. It was not immediately clear if Mr McAfee could get some kind of temporary or transit visa to allow him to leave Guatemala

  86. Lolo Avatar

    I have married a girl from Japan , once you are married in the usa she becomes your family and is there for good… Of course this takes lots of paperwork ,interviews etc. I would advise an immigration lawyer in your case but marry her tommorrow if you wish ..but better in USA.
    Then if you like send for her Dad and anyone else in the family ….they become your relations,Good Luck.And yes i’ve been in love several times …best feeling no?

  87. Mark_13 Avatar

    Not to make you paranoid or anything.

  88. Leslie Sherman Avatar
    Leslie Sherman

    Lower Burrell, about 30 min. outside Pittsburgh.

  89. Mark_13 Avatar

    JM: “I agree. I’m out of general population and waiting in the office till morning. ”

    Is it possible that offered you the option of hanging out in the office for a few hours, in the hopes that in the meantime they could find something else to pin on you. Maybe you should have said “Thanks but not thanks” and got out of there immediately, maybe you still should.

  90. Andres Avatar

    You could always go with her to the UK and have her apply for a US visa there. Six months is probably more than enough time to have it processed.

  91. Chris Avatar

    Okay John, i admire your love for Same for staying, but seriously John… Don’t risk staying there any longer. You don’t know how far Belize reach goes, and what happens if some legal back flip happens whilst you’re waiting for Sam ? What good can you be if you’re in Jail ? Take advantage of this and get on the first plane, Sam will be fine.

  92. LP Avatar

    I am so glad that you will be released soon! I have never followed any news on you before but for some reason I was personally worried about you and Sam from the minute I heard about all of this mess.

    I would take advantage of getting to any other country that will allow you and Sam entry with your passports. I love how much you love each other.

    Take care and keep on keeping safe!

  93. SK Avatar

    John, I read about all your lawsuits in the USA. Doubt you’ll come back here. Are you looking for another country that wont process judgements from America?

  94. Jan Avatar

    Best of luck in the future to you and Sam. Please write a book someday I know it would be a best seller! You have many people following this story like all of my employees who pop in my office during the day asking ” what is happening with Mcafee”

  95. Greg Lane Avatar
    Greg Lane

    I have been praying for you to be free of the persecution and the cruel and unusual punishment/treatment I am sure you have endured. It is shameful how they have done you. I know you are telling the truth about the corruption and the campaign to make you out a lunatic or crazed is baseless. Continue onward and upward, John McAfee. Peace be with you and joy unspeakable. In the name of The Most High I surely stand with you. Mourning endures for the night, but joy comes in the morning! And this has truly brought tears to my eyes on your behalf. Many of us have followed this sad tale with true sorrow on your behalf. Remember, a winner never quits and a quitter never wins. You’re a winner. May the angel of the Lord go before you and prepare your way!

  96. Tom Avatar

    Sorry Belize passports can enter visa free to the UK & Ireland in Europe but not Schengen (unlike Costa Rica). I am sure you have great legal advice anyway.

  97. Movit Avatar

    I read about that too, which is too bad – coming back to a homecountry just to get into more legal stuff. Geesh!

  98. Dan Armeneau Avatar
    Dan Armeneau

    She would need a visa to enter Canada. It can take weeks to get and the hoops you have to jump through is just insane.

  99. Sean Avatar

    Great! I’m happy you’re free! Be safe. Guatemala can be a rough and dangerous place as well…

  100. John McAfee Avatar

    I made all of them go back to school. Gave many of them private tutors to polish their English so they could get better jobs. Taught them entrepreneurial skills and how to manage money. I taught them the value of saving rather than spending. What do you know of it? Nothing other than what you read. Have youn spoken to any of these girls? Seen any in person? Again, what do you know other than what you read?

  101. s.p Avatar

    I don’t believe I’m bonkers. I lived in San Pedro for 4 years. The place is riddled with crime and corruption. The place is a complete horror show.

  102. Chris Avatar

    John are you concerned that the USA will turn you over to Belize if the government of Belize requests that you be sent back there?

  103. LS Avatar


  104. Noname Avatar

    Would like to believe McAfee didn’t commit the murder.
    But, people’s perception about somebody is based on ones actions and behavior and what others see.
    Reading about M, the people he is associated with, his lifestyle is in fact says a lot (?) M, you sure need some therapy. You’re out of the norm for a geek 
    He is sleeping around with these young women who are his granddaughter age. He should be playing an uncle/god father role, encouraging these girls to focus on studies, career and build a good future. And he is putting the people who helped him at risk by exposing their names. He ran away, but these people have to still live in that country. Also, he used this young girl for his selfishness. How could he take her with him while on the run which is shocking and feel sick about her parents. Their intentions are plain simple. Feel sorry for this girl.

  105. 14yearsinBelize Avatar

    Belize District

  106. Brad Avatar

    Hey man. I totally understand how in love you are, and how you feel you need to stay with your love, but my man, think long term rather than short term. If you stay with her now, there is a good chance you’ll get fucked over in the next three weeks. If you leave asap, get her proper protection, ensure her safety, and yours, you stand a great chance of having a LIFETIME together. Please do what is best for BOTH of you, and get the fuck out ASAP. Like yesterday.

  107. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    Sharleen, I always enjoy your posts and look forward to them.

    You too, have lived a very interesting life, and it’s obvious you’re a very caring person. Your life’s experiences would also make a good book.

  108. Leslie Sherman Avatar
    Leslie Sherman

    John, hearty congratulations! I have been following your fight, and am so happy you’ve survived it all! I’ve always thought you’d prevail, but that didn’t lessen my worry or fear for you. I think I can relax a little bit now! As for love, its great, but sometimes one has to make painful decisions in the short run in order to insure you both are free and safe to enjoy a long future together. Have faith and look forward to many, many days of shared happiness with Sam. BTW, I live in a small town in Pennsylvania, in meager circumstances, but if you need shelter, I would be honored to be of help in any way I can.

  109. 14yearsinBelize Avatar


    Benn praying for you – and Belize – from the start.You have had some Divine protection. Be sure to thank Him – and seek Him for your next move. Consider Canada for Sam – no visa needed.

    Another 67 yr old American BZ permanent Resident

  110. European American Avatar
    European American

    It used to be “all roads lead to Rome”. Now, it’s all roads lead to “The City of London”.

    You’re considering the UK? The Mothership of Belize? Who do you think runs operations there? You been there lately? Better off getting “lost” somewhere north of Mexico, the sooner the better.

    Hope you get out in the AM.

    Truth alone Triumphs!

  111. Larukanpai Avatar


    Congratulations sir. Great news. I can’t imagine the stress-free break your body must be needing by now. Pretty intense.

    Thanks again for the front row seats…I’ve learned a lot 🙂

  112. Thomas Avatar

    Sending you Metta. No advice.
    You’ll work it out on your own, I’m sure.
    If you’re ever in Miami, I’d take you and Sam
    out to dinner. I bet you have some great stories
    and it’d be so cool to hear them in person.
    Be well. I’m sure this will be over soon.

  113. Sharleen Avatar

    Get out ASAP, don’t be a fool!!!! Before some crazy judge rules otherwise in the recent ruling. You can get your lovely lady friend Samanta in through UK or Germany in a fairly timely fashion. The US is one of the hardest countries to get into quickly.
    UK can be a fun and nice place to be in, London can for sure be entertaining – you could have a lot of fun there, South Wales sea coast is lovely, Lake District nice. Until you can get her into the U.S. which might take some time. Really and truly, as someone who has resided in a place of much political corruption, I really and truly and sincerely would advice you to GET OUT AND BACK TO THE U.S. as soon as you are able.
    Then you will be in a better situation to get lyour friend into another country on a short term basis. That you have dual citizenship is a great asset to you and your lady friend.
    I can for sure understand your reluctance to leave her behind, in all of the media photographs, she just looks so upset and vulnerable…
    Once you get back to the US, you can figure out a way to get her “on a really soon basis” to either UK or Germany. And then fly to that place and start figuring out how to get her into the US if that is where you want to be.
    Truly and sincerely, GET OUT WHEN YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY! With all the world wide publicity, no harm will come to the young lady. So if you have to be apart for a month or so, just deal with it.
    If she can get into JA short term, let me know and I can set you up with an unbelievable tropical paradise place. Which becomes a rather death trap when there is a major hurricane, but we have an action plan / move plan if that happens.
    Truly and sincerely, GET OUT as soon as possible and leave the young lady in a secure environment. The “authorities” especially the Belize tourist board, are quaking in their boots. There is total corruption in all of the Caribbean/Central American Countries)… each and every one.
    Again, I urge you to get back to the U.S. as soon as you are able to leave! And then deal with getting the lady in to some other country temporarily, because it will take some time to get her into the U.S.
    I am sincerely sorry about what went down as far as your move to Belize, what a paradise your property looks like (through photo’s), this happens to many people, very unfortunately, I have seen so many horrid things happen.
    GET ON A PLANE !! when you have the opportunity to do so. Sam will be fine and can join you soon at some other place.

  114. Mary Scottsdale Avatar
    Mary Scottsdale… This says there IS a treaty, so you should go elsewhere for a while, wherever your atty can suggest that you are safe, and Sam can go…

  115. CheeCheeTx Avatar

    I’ve been following since Nov. 10th!!! This is wonderful news!!! I hope you or you and Sam will keep up with the blog. You’ve gained a large support base and we are all pulling for you both! Thank you again for sharing the journey/plight and bringing the injustice and corruption in Belize to light! NOW get back to the USA or the UK WITH SAM! ASAP! You can;t leave your LOVE behind! Best Wishes John!

  116. Mary Scottsdale Avatar
    Mary Scottsdale

    France and Switzerland make great movies, with subtitles, and they would LOVE your story, played by YOU!

  117. truthseeker Avatar

    I wish you would just vamoose out of there, also, but I know you know that. Love is awesome also, and I understand that too, Just go soon. Sam will get out, you are free, just get out of there. Belize might come and find you there. Please just go. You are welcome here also. Have a big place. A few critters. The Keys are like Belize maybe but just too close for safety. Maybe just disappear for awhile. By way way, here are the exclamation points I felt at finding out you are free…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great day! God bless that judge! Thankyou!!

  118. Sema4beach Avatar

    Hey……Just get out over that US airspace as fast as u can!……before they lodge an appeal or injuncion or whatever!…or an Assasin!!!…Sam will be cool…She will get Visa and marry u!…Cheers

  119. Coldlaker Avatar

    John you tried to make a difference in Belize and were taken advantage of, you taught them all to fish yet they opted for the free meal. Safe journey back to the States.

  120. Mary Scottsdale Avatar
    Mary Scottsdale

    AZ has an atty waiting for your return to USA, according to web info….try Dubai for a time… or Mauritius…

  121. JoshMc Avatar

    Awesome news!! Been following your story for weeks. One question though, will you continue the blog posts? You defiantly deserve some R&R, but I’m still on the edge on my seat to hear more. Congrats again to you and Sam.

  122. fred Avatar

    Happy to hear you have new found freedom.. Use it wisely..You obviously are a very intelligent person and also lucky to feel love for someone..Hopefully you will make a decision that can ensure you keep both.. ie freedom and love..

  123. Don Avatar

    If you prefer to be subject to the U. S. legal system, you could go to Detroit or Port Huron and then have her go to Canada/ Windsor. It would be a short drive across the border to see her. I don’t know how long it would take to get her a Canadian visa.

  124. getwellsoon114 Avatar


    First Congratulations! I got into a marriage fraud by a girl from third world country. My troubles are similar to you. I was extorted and dragged into legal mess, as those rogues got her married to me for money. I relate to your situation. God helps good people. Same way he helped you out, he should help me out getting out of this mess.

    Good luck!

  125. True Belizean Avatar
    True Belizean

    So,who did he pay off this time? Good riddance from Belize…

  126. Tony Man Avatar
    Tony Man

    Chill bro..
    Move away from the magnets and stop being to paranoid.

  127. harold Avatar

    John – I live down the street from your former La Selva house, which is why I started following your escapades. Practical jokes are great, but when they piss of countries and your life is endangered, maybe it’s time to lay low. Can’t wait to read your book or see the movie. Welcome back!

  128. Tom Avatar

    Wish you luck,. Belize passport can travel to the UK as tourist as well as all of Europe. Traveled with my Costa Rican wife many times, no problems just a few questions in the UK. You can apply for her US visa in London, much safer. Talk to the British consulate as you had a lot of publicity… But I am sure you as long as you can show it is not to settle down in the UK it will be ok. Iberia flyies via Madrid or just charter a Jet. Good luck!

  129. ron Avatar

    It’s not over till it’s over, but we do hope that the apparent victory for you will be realized soon. Fare thee well John Mcafee!

  130. Mary Scottsdale Avatar
    Mary Scottsdale

    I believe you can be THE actor portraying yourself in the movie about this entire event! That’ll start your new career!

  131. davidd Avatar

    If you are going for an appointment for anything less than a Fiancee’ visa I would not go. The Fiancee’ visa buys you 90 days to either marry her or exit the country.

    I say that it is a waste of time otherwise because there are undisclosed rules in SA/Caribbean. Under 35? Female? No FINANCIAL ties to the country you are leaving? See you. But thank you for wasting your money on the application fee.

  132. Dan Armeneau Avatar
    Dan Armeneau

    Head to wherever you can and don’t leave the little lady behind. I have a bunch of family in Belize if you have a need for eyes and ears. You have the number. Stay blogging my friend and don’t give up the good fight. Things will get better in Belize and a lot of it will be the result of your tireless efforts.

  133. Lucinda Avatar

    Now I won’t be able to sleep! I’ll be up all night until I hear that you are safe! 🙂

  134. Andy Avatar

    We might have some secluded places here in the UK but trust me the weather is shite, without over exaggerating, like 98% of the time.

  135. OJO Avatar

    Get the hell out of Guatemala and do not trust them. My good friend was murdered in Guatemala for $1000. Quite sure he was set up to be killed and robbed by his girlfriends family.
    Also do not celebrate yet, remember the family of Faull will be filing a lawsuit. You can bet on that and many years of lawyers and lots of money wasted.

  136. FerJosLuk Avatar

    Love is fleeting …….so is freedom…….Choose LOVE!!!!

  137. Mary Scottsdale Avatar
    Mary Scottsdale

    Go further south in South America…. there may be probs in US for a time, or go to New Zealand or Bali or Australia, all safe, good places.

  138. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    You must be a Belizean police officer or maybe the Prime Minister himself?
    John is no “bonkers”, I have been in Belize and Guatemala and know how authorities work in this countries, mind you tough, Belize is much worse.
    You sound angry, relax!!!
    If we care about John, a fellow human being, what is to you!!

  139. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    And John, please continue on with this blog, with daily updates where ever you may be.

    You owe it to us. We’ve been here for you, writing letters, praying over you and Sam. Please don’t dump us once you’re free to go on about your life.

    This blog was your best move during this ordeal, and will continue to be once you’re free.

    There’s much work for you to do, and miles and miles to go before you rest.

  140. FerJosLuk Avatar

    I want to buy your house in Belize. I’m a real estate attorney in Florida. I hope Sam gets out soon!!!

  141. alan Avatar

    It is amazing what music can do for the human spirit. We are all connected.

  142. tom Avatar

    I guess was wondering has money been a double edge sword for you … attracts attention but some good and bad … and if the government truly is corrupt usually means you can pay the right people to get out of most things…. just wondering how this whole story would go for a person of lesser means and what it ever have started in the first place…? What is the extradition laws in us if a charge of murder is filled in Belize

  143. another old timer Avatar
    another old timer

    John, no one will be looking for you in Oklahoma. But just head out while you can.

  144. Joe Avatar

    John ,

    Played your cards well see your full story on 60 minutes. Safe travels till then. Sunday night 60 minutes amigo ??

  145. metalhead Avatar

    “buy a freind” a house for you to stay in when you get stateside, make it all in his name and you pay for him. they’ll check all the crap you own already.

  146. Lucinda Avatar

    Hi Mr McAfee! I’m New To Your Blog but I have been following your story! Please Leave as soon as possible. You cannot help your friend Sam Unless you are some where safe. She can join you later. Love will Overcome all adversities. Your safety comes FIRST! I wish you well!

  147. USweedhead Avatar

    Hey John when you get back to the states can I get a job working for you?…im kinda homeless been sleeping in my car but im college educated pick things up quick and Loyal…think its kind of a market for a guy like me???

  148. alexwhoever Avatar


    as i eat this delicious ‘snicker bar’ i think of you.
    my questions or you are this: is your game up? have you climbed that ‘white ladder’? is hiring the best lawyer in the country a good ploy to have the law on your side?

    i think,

    you are a genius who knew from the start everything. with even some more luck you will (probably) even exceed your own expectations.

    you were always innocent and still are but with a bit of your ‘rambling propaganda’ you won

    good job!

    now, i’m going to store for more snicker bars.

  149. Chris F Avatar
    Chris F

    Thank you for turning us onto what is going on down there. I will continue to follow every update and cross my fingers for everything else to work out for you!

  150. Denise Avatar

    Good thoughts and good dreams – you and Sam will be ok. Good night

  151. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you very much…

  152. FerJosLuk Avatar

    Congrats John…..I have been following your plight. Your movie will be spectacular! Got any real estate in Belize for sale?

  153. Chris F Avatar
    Chris F

    I’ve been following since day one and I am finally posting. I’m posting now because of the great news!! I’m very happy for you and I have told many people about your blog. The corruption there is amazing and I thank you for shining a light on this for all of us. This happy chapter is a great one for you and Sam! Get somewhere safe soon and keep us updated please. You Rock and way to go!! Thank you for making it this far!

  154. Denise Avatar


  155. Danman Avatar

    I did not consider that. Sam’s safety definitely paramount. She heads to Britain and you get there ASAP. You both are safe and you can work through the American embassy there.

  156. tom Avatar

    Why are they waiting for the morning ? By the way what are the people of Belize saying about your circumstances – will this put pressure on Belize officials? Congrats on your pending release

  157. Eric Avatar

    I wish you well John. I am sorry I never met you in Belize.

    Take care.

  158. metalhead Avatar

    hire your own security for outside the station, then have them disperse to another airport, while you go catch a real flight have a look alike board the first flight to the U.S . at the nearest airport, while you head off with a small car filled with big men to the real airport. once again dont trust your food untill you can prepare it yourself.

  159. John McAfee Avatar

    I look forward to being back

  160. Denise Avatar

    Sorry, I hit the Submit button before saying: Have a wonderful nights sleep! Best of luck to you and Sam and a safe trip home to the US. We would love to have you back. Denise

  161. tom Avatar

    I would think Belize would be more concerned about further publicity damage when released and when you go to USA. Where alot of press and publications will be made including your pending documentary. Which will surely put more of a damper on tourism travel to Belize due to fear of corruption.

  162. USweedhead Avatar

    Mission fuckin accomplished!…by tha way…this aint the real john commenting back..but I do like his answers lol

  163. Human#4852475362 Avatar

    John, one last post… Any planes leaving for Heathrow tonight? — if yes, see if Sam can get on that plane — you could meet her for dinner the next day and do some nice evening sightseeing in london

  164. deratski Avatar

    Marriage: Non-Guatemalan citizens who wish to marry in Guatemala are required to provide proof of identity and civil status (indicating whether they are single or divorced). Prior notice of the marriage must be given in the Diario de Centro América (Guatemala’s Official Record) and any large-circulation daily newspaper for fifteen days. The marriage must take place within six months of the publication of the notice or the publication loses validity and a new one is required with additional expense.

  165. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    The safest place for Sam is as Mrs. John David McAfee; pronto!

    And, please be faithful. No more of this polyamory stuff.

  166. metalhead Avatar

    JOHN!!!!! listen to me! if im paid to kill a man, im dead if hes not, unless magic happens. get armed fast. dont go straight to america. id watch those flights. dont go to the biggest or most predictable airport. enter the country from somewhere other than guatamala. hop on a plane somewhere else then return home. id hitcha either right outside the police station, or the nearest airport if that failed. my next step would be to check for yah stateside. be elsewhere for a few days and then enter the country from somewhere nuetral. i probably sound like a crackpot right now, but i know how this works. been on the wrong end of a hit myself. theyre gonna keep coming untill they have a reason to stop. you know that right. they need a REASON to stop, not a reason why they wanna kill you. run like hell for ireland or switzerland or some shit. dont trust the food on the plane out of guatamala. nothing but love. bite down you crazy motherfucker, its only warmin up. who cracks first , you or them. who relaxes first john? who slips up? make it them not you. chinup bro, if your gonna die , go out with your boots on. keep your women the fuck away from you. if your a “dead man” theres a danger range around you. if shes close or in the way i’d mow you both down. i love you bro im just a blog follower but you gotta watch yourself. theres a gun in every bush brother. your chair could very well be a ninja. eat nothing on the plane. enter the U.S. from somewhere else. LISTEN TO ME DONT BE PREDICTABLE I CAN CSHOOT YOU WHEN YOU RUN IN A STRAIGHT LINE YOU NEED TO ZAG JOHN! ZAG FOR ALL YOU GOT! when you get to the states this still aint over.

  167. Lisa Anoni Avatar
    Lisa Anoni

    Okay – your 2 (3?) friends were released – perhaps due to the inundation of emails. WHY can’t we all inundate Congressmen etc. to expedite Sam’s Visa?! Anyone know the right email addresses? Rational minds in the US should be able to see that you aren’t asking for political asylum – you just want to go home – but your return to safety is now delayed due to your devotion to Sam – and that her own safety is in question. That should be impetus to circumvent the queue of Visa applications. The world is ready to do what you need. Lord knows you’ve done what Belize needed.

  168. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins


    Sam will be in your arms and your feet will never touch the ground of central America until deemed necessary. It’s a simple international extraction technique. You will have all the convenience of home, with a similar beach front view if you would like. 😉


  169. pliftkl Avatar

    I would very, very strongly encourage you to get a skilled US immigration attorney to handle all of the paperwork on your behalf. Even small mistakes in your paperwork, or small discrepancies in answers to questions asked in the interview (for which you will not be present) can seriously delay visa processing. She has no chance of getting a tourist visa, so you are stuck with a K-1 visa as your only option, and there are documentation requirements for both you and her that will be challenging to assemble quickly. (No, I’m not an immigration lawyer, but went through this with my wife when we moved back to the US. It took us nearly a year.)

  170. lavender Avatar

    excitement! just be safe now, look at alternatives for you and Sam until you can go where you really want. You’re obviously a very smart individual and I’m sure you’ll ensure both your safety.
    great news!

  171. Patrick Avatar

    Per the advice to go to the UK, do your research …. Sam may have to return to Belize (or the consulate that serves Belize, e.g Guatemala) to get the American visa. Otherwise, watch that clock and when morning comes do not lose a second to beat it from that place (I will stop short of calling it a hell-hole seeing you are still their guest!)

  172. John McAfee Avatar

    I will rest first

  173. Jason Avatar

    Congrats John, Borth Carolina is behind you. And i totally understand your situation with Sam. If she’s the special one then you’ll have to wait if bot then you’ll have to take a decision. Rest before your decision making! I wish Sam an you the best, and come and say hello if you ever in North Carolina

  174. Lucky Avatar

    you fascinate me. i read your blog everyday. good luck with everything.

  175. John McAfee Avatar

    Sam is free and safe

  176. Steven Avatar

    Congratulations John – Just wanted to give you a little information regarding US immigration. If you were to marry Sam in the USA without having immigration approval first, it makes it very difficult to get her a green card once you’re married. They want you to apply for the green card based on marriage BEFORE she is in the country. Yes, she can come with you now to visit once she has the visa but it would be a big mistake to marry her during this trip the the United States. She will need to leave the country again, (i think she could go anywhere, even Canada) and wait until immigration would approve the marriage and subsequent green card , then re-enter after that has been issued and you’d be able to then marry. Just wanted to give you that info in case you are planning on marrying right away upon the two of you arriving in the US. Immigration REALLY frowns on you getting married and then informing them and asking them for green card for your spouse. I have seen this first hand with a very close friend of mine and his wife from Europe. Made it VERY difficult for them. Also, I’m Canadian and got my US green card but had to be OUT of the country while it was processed and then pick it up at a US consolate in Montreal before travelling to the US and entering as a permanent resident. Anyway, sorry to go on but really wanted you to know that – not even sure that you plan to marry but just in case thought you could use that valuable info.
    And ps – I agree with other posters – leave now and wait for Sam – she has family there. It’s too dangerous for you to remain right now. That which is for you will not go by you. You will see her in just three weeks. Your life is more important at this moment. Best regards, Steven

  177. common sense Avatar
    common sense

    Congratulations on your impending release.

  178. John McAfee Avatar

    I will keep working

  179. Chris Kayler Avatar
    Chris Kayler

    John your story is in many ways inspiring to me I am so glad that you are going home is same in custody? or is she free waiting on you to get out? I was detained on vacation 2 yrs ago by bezlian authorties took all my money I had for vacation close to 10 thousand dollars and honestly have never recovered from the incident financially. They stated they took the money for an investigation into drugs said they had watched me for the last 2 yrs and I had only been there 3 days. I contacted the us embassy and they ssaid as long as I was free there was nothing they could do.

  180. tom Avatar

    Why was it illegaly? Will you come to USA immediately .. I am assuming you still have access to your bank accounts?

  181. Denise Avatar

    Dear John
    I have followed your blog since the very first day. I think you got the word out on corruption in Belize, and its a real shame thay you had to go through all of that. When you come back to the United States maybe you can help the good people of Belize to and weed out the bad ones somehow? You lived this nightmare to tell us all of the goings on there. Maybe you can form an organization to STOP CRIME IN BELIZE?

  182. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    Some of us have been very concern about you, and are very glad you will be free tomorrow, how you live and use your freedom is up to you.
    I hope you will choose wisely.

  183. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins

    Decoy(s) initially leaving not you, and a vest is pretty good precaution, an official uniform if possible. Alternate destinations with controlled access if possible. Purchase your own food and drink serve yourself and change apperance and wardrobe regularly. Vehicles are to be started and running prior to your entry. All occupants/destinations determined by you. Just email me man. I’ll put a (secure) exit plan in your hands. Your feet will never hit the ground!

    Best regards,

  184. Mentor Avatar

    Who’s got the Preamble? 😉

  185. Matt Avatar

    Very happy to hear you finally caught a break John. Hopefully you can do some good for Belize from the safety of a 1st world country for a while?

  186. common sense Avatar
    common sense

    Hapoy for the news of your impending release from Southern California.

  187. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you for your support

  188. Tony Man Avatar
    Tony Man

    yeah blagged a free ticket.. maybe have AAA

    Also happy sound check day to all readers 12-12-12 😀

  189. John McAfee Avatar

    You’re a good man David

  190. John McAfee Avatar

    Sting! Damn!! Lucky

  191. smuk Avatar

    I’m happy for you! I checked all the online info, and was holding fists for your luck to turn better!!! GL, hope u are safe and calm asap! =)

  192. Tony Man Avatar
    Tony Man

    also happy to hear you will be freed from your illegal incarceration..

    I’ve been following this for weeks.. You seem to be a nice guy and its been exciting reading your escapades.
    sunny side up and rock on.
    I’m off to see Sting tonight 😛

  193. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you Margot

  194. Ron Z Avatar

    Email when you can.

  195. John McAfee Avatar

    I will think on it.

  196. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    Look at you lol. Answering everyone who post. As if you have recently had a huge weight lifted off your chest and you have time to do something other than worry to death lol. I can tell your ecstatic lol. Right on. Your like “I’ll be ecstatic when they actually open that door and let me out lol. Really relieved for you. You take it easy and take care of yourself.

  197. EM Avatar

    Back to NM, ultralights and airstreams…we met once in the cafe! You are one interesting guy!

  198. Victory Avatar

    Wonderful News! Now marry Sam as soon as you are released and head for your honeymoon!!


  199. Human#4852475362 Avatar

    John do you recall what you told the vice video guy outside the hotel during the arrest — recall your own words about far reaching arns and how you could not stay at the hotel because they would come for you at 2 o’clock in the morning — i don’t want to miss out on getting an autograph so get on that plane tomorrow!

  200. Margot, Munich 1977 Avatar
    Margot, Munich 1977


    So concerned about you! I hope you are well – (as could be under the circumstances).

    Praying that you will be home for a Happy Christmas and that the New Year sees you free and well!

  201. John McAfee Avatar

    Yes. Rest. Thanks.

  202. John McAfee Avatar

    You have helped. Thank you.

  203. John McAfee Avatar

    Sam would notice I waqs gone. She is insanely jealous.

  204. Tony Man Avatar
    Tony Man

    That girl stuck with you through thick and thin. Take her to the UK. or sit it out with til she can get a USa visa, but do not leave her..

  205. John McAfee Avatar

    It will be exposed.

  206. JW Avatar

    If Sam is like Theresa, just drop her in the shopping district and she’ll never miss you for a couple weeks!

    Awesome news! Should we book a honemoon sweet along the coast here for you two?

  207. Ron Z Avatar

    Great news John, Anything I can do to help ?

  208. iceesurfer Avatar

    Even though Rogan was not a very good interviewer..

  209. BurntGas Avatar

    Great news! I have been following since april, glad things are looking up. All the best for Sam and you, I wish you many years of peace and quiet. Justice for Belize can wait till you get some deserved rest.

  210. fendidonna Avatar

    See comment above. No additional visa required for up to 6 months stay as visitor in UK if you have a Belize passport, according to UK Border Agency website.

  211. iceesurfer Avatar

    Of Course, if They wanted to issue a visa for Sam, it would be done within minutes… I’d want Her with me too, JM. If something were to happen to Her, God Forbid, I know you;d want to be there to help Her through it. I admire your Persistence in this matter, and your willingness to remain behind to wait for Your Love. We all have our moments of Fear, of course, but that is part of it. Fear serves a purpose for the survival of Humans. You are a True Warrior in a world of Mediocrity,
    Can;t imagine your sense of relief. It shows in your replies. Eventual Peace to you, Sir.

  212. Rusty Avatar

    Glad to see that cooler heads prevailed and that you are soon to be free. Sam will be by your side soon and you two can relocate wherever you please. Guatemala is safe enough for the moment until paperwork is settled out for her. In the mean time, plan your next move and do not give up the fight . The Corruption in Belize that led to this misadventure needs to be exposed. Shining a light on this darkness will set the citizens of Belize free and vindicate you and Sam. God Speed Brother. Reach out to Anonymous if you would like some assistance peeking into the corners of the web for proof of misdeeds by corrupt politicians.

  213. BP Avatar

    Whatever you do when you get back, get with some computer experts and advise the Belizian officials or Interpol or the FBI how to locate that stolen laptop from any unique identifying information it may send out when it’s used on the net. It will help you by your doing for others as you would have them do for you, make the murdered man’s family grateful for your help, and everyone who doubted you will be either be relieved or embarrassed when the murder is captured or the stolen computer is found. Be the good samaritan when you get back and help put the killer behind bars, clear your name, and perhaps give the Faull family some peace and help them understand you had nothing to do with the murder. The more I’ve thought about it, the more I’m convinced that finding that laptop is the key to finding the killer.

  214. John McAfee Avatar

    You have been great Connie.

  215. Ace Avatar

    It appears so as long as it’s a normal “visit” whatever this is.

  216. Craig Avatar

    I agree with you I wouldn’t leave without my love especially after all she has done for me. I would ask the embassy for special consideration based on the danger level to you and her-you two are always welcome in WA State – will continue to pray for u both.

  217. John McAfee Avatar

    Good information.

  218. John McAfee Avatar

    God bless you…

  219. chris Avatar

    Congrats John , Good Luck with Sam.

  220. Caron Rifici Avatar
    Caron Rifici

    ~grins~ Many a time. Ain’t Life Grand!?!
    On to your next adventure. Because if Life isn’t, an adventure, we might as well all be dead (imho), lol.
    Glad to hear and congratulations on many levels!
    If ever you are back in CSprings, you are both welcome at my table any time.

    Be well with yourself and Sam too!!

  221. John McAfee Avatar
  222. John McAfee Avatar

    You’ve already done it my friend.

  223. Trevor Avatar

    I think you are the one who is “Bonkers.” Relax.

  224. Ron Z Avatar
    Ron Z

    Great news John. Anything I candour to help?

  225. Andy Avatar

    Good to see you posting freely and regularly! Hope the future is starting to look a bit clearer for you and Sam. Best wishes commander mcafee

  226. TH Avatar


    I have followed your story long before the murder of Mr. Faull. I have posted your story on AC’s website and sent emails to everyone you have asked. I have to agree with posters saying you should get back to the US asap and await Sam here. BUT, I do understand your sentiment about love. If Sam says go and wait in the US, you better listed. You can purchase her ticket here. If she wants you to wait and you insist on doing so, go underground again and forget about the public eye and the reporters for a while. Keep yourself safe where you can not be apprehended again prior to your departure. You can continue this blog from an undisclosed location. VICE screwed up ( or set you up) whichever is the case. Don’t allow another mistake. Next time you may not get out.

    I have spoken to several friends in San Pedro. Things seem to be pretty slow for a time when things are usually quite busy. I have heard of many people changing their plans and booking trips elewhere. The word is out and at some point the Belize government will have to do something. The door is open for change. People are just going to have to start walking through it and insisting on it.

    Best Wishes !

  227. fendidonna Avatar

    John, you should check with the British Embassy in caser there are any issues related to your specific case.

    But in theory Sam can travel on a Belize passport to UK for up to 6 months as a visitor.

    See here:

  228. Connie Avatar


    Wow! I am speechless. I am sooo happy for you right now. As I did my morning meditation today, I thought of you and your struggles. As you know, I have been here cheering for you since day one. What a journey this has been. Congratulations. Just a reminder.

    T H E P R O M I S E S

    We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness.

    We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it.

    We will comprehend the word serenity and we will know peace.

    No matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see how our experience can benefit others.

    That feeling of uselessness and self-pity will disappear.

    We will lose interest in selfish things and gain interest in our fellows.

    Self-seeking will slip away.

    Our whole attitude and outlook upon life will change.

    Fear of people and of economic insecurity will leave us.

    We will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us.

    We will suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.

  229. iceesurfer Avatar

    There ya go… So True. May Love always prevail..!!! Cheers…

  230. Trevor Avatar

    Have you considered going to the Principality of Sealand? I think you can become Royalty easily there for a fee. Not the nicest place to live though.

  231. Hatari Avatar

    I cannot believe all the people that are buying into this BS! McAfee is just doing this to feed his ego. The man is “bonkers” just like the Belize PM said. This crap about “they’re out to get me” is insane. I’ve lived in Belize alot longer than he has and I’m not believing a word of what he is saying. If he didn’t do it, talk to the cops. Simple as that. And he’s going to drop that poor little village girl, Sam, like a used condom when he is through with her. I do feel sorry for her. This whole fiasco is sick! Come on people, don’t be so stupid!

  232. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins


    I’ll save your bacon, just email me when/if you would like a new security detail.


  233. John McAfee Avatar

    Thanks, and God bless…

  234. John McAfee Avatar

    Thanks Andi. I used to live in Germany – Munich. Sleep well tonight.

  235. Bev Avatar

    The previous poster was right. Sam does not need a visa to enter the U.K. if she has a valid Belize passport. Considering the vagaries of justice, I would recommend exiting Guatemala posthaste. Congrats to you, I’m glad you finally caught a break. Don’t waste it.

  236. andi Avatar

    here in the middle of the night in germany i wish you all the best for tomorrow!!!

  237. John McAfee Avatar

    I know. Life is not always fair

  238. John McAfee Avatar

    Thanks for your concern. Truly.

  239. Michael Avatar

    Congrats John! You never deserved to be detained in Guatemala. That is all a result of the border dispute with Belize. Good luck!

  240. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    This advise come from somebody that doesn’t like you at all!!!
    J O H N, you really need to leave Guatemala, before they change their mind!!!

  241. John McAfee Avatar

    thank you Miguel

  242. John McAfee Avatar
  243. Miguel Avatar

    Congrats from Spain John!!!!! I always knew you were gonna make it!!! Big hug

  244. Human#4852475362 Avatar

    Don’t be foolish – get your ass on the first plane to the USA – arrange for some bodyguards and lawyers to look after Sam – once she clears the embassy red tape, get her on the first plane out to meet you — do you think you are safe staying there after your release? — GOB can still reach you – they just need to pay a few thugs – how many times have you said they want to silence you? – if all of a sudden you are feeling brave because of your pending release then there was no reason to run from them in the first plane – john, when they release you, run to the airport dude!

  245. Trevor Avatar

    You said you have dual citizenship- any better to take to Britain?

  246. John McAfee Avatar

    Don’t know yet. One thing at a time.

  247. John McAfee Avatar

    I will do my bewst

  248. jerry schwartz Avatar

    Congrats John, having followed your story closely and traveled extensively throughout the world, your side of the story does not seem strange to me at all…The world is filled with corrupt and inept officials often working in concert with local mafias…You have been asking for difficult questions for a time now and the one that i was most curious about was why, when you began to really feel the heat (death threats, raids, etc) that you did not register a complaint at the US Embassy or some other official, but (hopefully) neutral body which would have that, at least registered as evidence, if ever needed (like now)….This would be a reference point, and I would think make your case stronger….I am also a bit surprised that you did not decide to relocate earlier on, considering that this has been brewing for awhile….It is possible that you have addressed these questions and I have missed it….Namaste

  249. OriginalWoman Avatar

    Oh and I am very happy you are a free maan!!!!!!! Stay safe!!

  250. John McAfee Avatar

    I will speak with sam and make a plan.

  251. Trevor Avatar

    How are you going to be able to take Sam with you? Tourist Visa? Are you going to get married? Usually people spend years trying to get legal residence in the States…

  252. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you so much

  253. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins


    Please take your personal security matters to heart. There is no more critical time than the days and weeks ahead. It is as important a decision as any at this juncture.

    Best Regards,

  254. John McAfee Avatar

    I have been. Thank you so much. Sincerely.

  255. GOStickIT doBiz Avatar

    How AWESOME is this! Sadly, it seems in this world trust is a word that seems to have been removed from the dictionary! Walk, now John with you head held high!

  256. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you. I’m listening right now to “Safe and Sound” by Cheryl Crow. Sounds good.

  257. OriginalWoman Avatar

    So far all the comments and advice regarding your leaving immediately, I agree with completely!!!!!! You should leave,asap!!!! No ifs, and or buts about that!!!! Sam will be taken care of. She is safe with her uncle. YOU HAVE,BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH TO LET YOU KNOW, YOU HAVE,LET YOUR GUARD DOWN WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO TRUSTING PEOPLE. Learn the lesson from all this. Your life is still in,danger. Use the freedom you have been granted wisely, and come back to the USA. I apologize for the caps. Just trying to tell you you still have be careful.

  258. John McAfee Avatar

    Tomorrow morning.

  259. Movit Avatar

    John, freaking awesome that you get to leave, and even though you aren’t out of the woods yet so to speak, hopefully you can take a moment to .just. breath. . .
    You are right to be nervous about Sam, if they can’t terrorize you personally then they will go after your friends (as you have found). Uggh.
    You do know that if you need any help, here or abroad, just ask here – as a fellow human being I want to see you safe and happy, you past or whatever aside, you deserve to be left alone. Perhaps a few nights in the wild (without the mosquitos and bad guys huntin ya would give you and Sam some time to regroup. Cheers to you, it’s like an early xmas present (or in my belief/religion, a happy solstice present). Be well, and well done. You are always welcome to visit in Iowa.

  260. John McAfee Avatar

    She and I will decide together. We made it through jungle, river and ocean together, being pursued the entire time. Can’t get any worse. When I am rested I will tell you the story. In full. This current glitch seems downright pedestrian in comparison.

  261. Nate Avatar

    This is like a Fellini 81/2 end of film moment where everyone dances around. Good to see your wings have been handed back.

  262. SL Avatar

    Absolutely you should not leave her side, she didn’t leave yours.
    Maybe you can look to another country as an alternative. Switzerland for Christmas? Perhaps the UK?
    You may have better luck in another country with the embassy. Especially a country that doesn’t have as many people wanting to immigrate to the US.

  263. John McAfee Avatar

    You have been a great help. Thank you.

  264. fendidonna Avatar

    This is fabulous news!
    I’m extremely happy for you John.
    Well done!
    I wouldn’t leave without Sam either.
    You’ve been this far together, one final hurdle is relatively small in the big scheme of things.
    This is really fantastic.
    Best wishes to you both 🙂 🙂 🙂

  265. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you for the advice. Sam will have her say I am sure.

  266. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    Cheers John … this is Fantastic News.
    Get out of there and have Sam come to you.

  267. John McAfee Avatar
  268. John McAfee Avatar

    Are you sure of that?

  269. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    Damn, you are sounding like an old full now!!!
    What love have to do with you going to Miami?
    You a r e i n G u a t e m a l a, they can detained you again.
    She can fly later!
    For a smart guy, you sure not to sharp.
    Get ot of Guatemala!!!

  270. John McAfee Avatar

    I will do my best

  271. John McAfee Avatar

    As always. Thank you for all your support. I appreciate it.

  272. andi Avatar

    yessss, good news, i read all about this mess and hope you will get out there with sam soon.

  273. Ace Avatar

    Time for some high tea. Belize nationals can travel to the UK visa free.

  274. deratski Avatar

    John, either marry her or adopt her!

  275. John McAfee Avatar

    We’re working on it.

  276. SL Avatar

    I was going to say she could come as a tourist first then get a visa, but I see that Belize citizens require visas even to visit.
    Maybe go somewhere else in the interim? Just to get a little closer, like maybe somewhere in Europe? It may be a safer alternative rather than wait in Guatemala for 3 weeks.

  277. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    Oh and don’t listen to what other people are saying. Don’t leave without Sam. Even if you being there puts you in danger. You leave when she leaves. I’m sure you agree.

  278. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins

    I am in love. You are one that I have grown to love man, but you can’t have my Bud Light!

    Safety First!

    Side door or back door?

    The power of love (scratching head)!

    Best wishes,

  279. John McAfee Avatar

    She has a Belizean passport. The U.S. Embassy says it will take three weeks to get a visa due to backlog.

  280. Michael Avatar

    Congrats on the win so far, good luck with the next chapter. Your interview with Joe Rogan on the podcast was enlightening to the situation to say the least.
    Good luck from Australia

  281. John McAfee Avatar

    You are kind. Thank you.

  282. John McAfee Avatar

    I worry about her. The easiest vwayb to get to me is to threaten someone I love. Belize will stop at nothing.

  283. Dren Avatar

    I take it she has no passport? Temporary/emergency passports are granted in certain cases.

  284. John McAfee Avatar

    I will consider it.

  285. Danman Avatar

    Sam is safe with her uncle. You might be better off getting to the US and then returning to Guatemala legally, that is if you dare. They may not want you because of the publicity. If you two really plan to marry, then do so immediately. Fly back to the US alone and hire an immigration attorney. You will get better results than working through the embassy that likely is headed by someone who got the position as a political favor rather than for his or her competence. or ability to do the job.

  286. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you. I will come see you.

  287. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    Grats John. Hopefully the situation with Sam is smoothed over quickly and you two will be safe at home in the United States. I am so very ecstatic for you two. Been here rooting for you and praying and its a relief to know everyone efforts are paying off. Just don’t forget once your back home you still have a responsibility to the citizens of Belize to keep fighting corruption so that the people of Belize can live peaceably. The Universe put you on this path and its your responsibility to see it through. I say for the next few weeks lay low. Do not bother talking to press and I would suggest not revealing your location. You may still be in danger as you have shed light on allot of people who might want to protect their names. Just take care of yourself and Sam and in no time you will be landing in Miami and rejoicing. Good Speed Brotha!

  288. John McAfee Avatar

    aAbsolutely. On anything.

  289. Mentor Avatar

    Oh, one more thing. Perhaps your loyalists could receive an autograph.

  290. Indianladycn Avatar

    Great news. Prayers have been answered. If you need a place to stay in the States, quiet, relaxed let me know. You helped me when I needed someone. Come on home John.

  291. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    Are you crazy?
    Get the hell out of Guatemala now!!!!
    You don’t get it, do you?
    They can capture you again!!!
    She can joing you in U:S:A.

  292. truthseeker Avatar

    So glad.

  293. John McAfee Avatar

    You ever been in love?

  294. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins

    Safety John. Your security first. Let the lawyers work, she is with family now. Make your move ASAP!

    Best regards,


  295. FJ Avatar

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out John. Come on home…

  296. Johnaut Avatar

    I am not the brightest light on the tree , but , just wondering about these postings , mine included , showing up seven hours into the future , I’m guessing that Harold M is in the UK . He isn’t a PM reincarnated is he? At this point , no twist really surprises me ……

  297. Andy Avatar

    Why can’t you just leave now? Surely they got a key for that front door

  298. Andy Avatar

    Excellent new pal! Happy days

  299. T Johnson Avatar
    T Johnson

    May it open wide!

  300. miracleshappen Avatar

    I am so happy for you!
    Prayers work, ($$ too)

  301. John McAfee Avatar

    I can’t leave without Sam. The US Embassy says there is a 3 week wait to get an appointment for her. On to the next battle. Anyone friends with State Department? 🙂

  302. Johnaut Avatar

    Will he go the the US now ?
    Will he be allowed to take Sam with him , does she hold a current passport . Or , does she stay with her Uncle , the ex-AG until things hopefully cool off ?

  303. John McAfee Avatar

    I agree. I’m out of general population and waiting in the office til morning. Don’t want to miss the door opening.

  304. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    Good news.

    Use your freedom wisely.

  305. glen Avatar

    Awesome. 🙂

  306. McAfee4President Avatar

    Congrats John. Take advantage of this opportunity my friend.