Love and deception

Many have commented here about me being used by women, or controlled by women, or the reverse – I am taking advantage of gullible, naive women. Many have commented that these women were only with me because of my money – a fact that I have to agree with. I am wealthy and living in a country of extreme poverty. Parents here “promote” attractive daughters to men with money constantly. It helps the families through “trickle down”.

Sam, and others, can verify if they choose, that I am not foolish enough to believe that many young women could love a 67 year man. Being loved does not interest me much. Loving does. I truly love, not with a desire to possess or control, but with compassion and empathy. I care immensely, about many people. What they may or may not feel for me is their own issue.

Up front, before Sam and I became intimate, I explained to Sam that I did not expect her to love me. I only expected honesty to the degree that she could muster it. She tells me many times a day that she loves me and I smile. I take is a sweet gesture, since it is spoken with sweetness. I do not believe that anyone can ever know another’s heart.


Three of my friends are still being held in prison on trumped up charges.  They are:

Eddie Ancona

Cassian  Chavarria

William Mulligan

 They were charged and have been imprisoned because three legally licensed firearms were found in the incorrect rooms on my property (stretching the law to the extreme).  I would ask you to please email the following and demand their release:

 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]

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  1. Nathan Avatar

    Stay strong John.

    I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I’ve just started reading your blog today.

    I’m still in the process of reading through the blog posts but I believe your story.

    I just want you to know that I am listening and do believe that foul play is going on.

    Stay safe John.

  2. Tony Dunne Avatar
    Tony Dunne

    That’s quite a tale, and I can understand and empathize with your motives and ambitions for your work in Belize. I can also understand your desire to not hand yourself over to a local judicial,system where you might end your days hanging from your own pants. As For the twenty year old girlfriend, if she brings you joy and you bring her security and hope, we’ll then that’s a beautiful thing. You are an original. Sorry about your dogs.
    Tony Dunne

  3. recyclechic Avatar

    Why would a man with his stature and wealth want to jeopardize his freedom and lifestyle? Anyone that meditates and practices yoga, as well as transformed his life from a drug/alcohol induced frenzy, should not logically be capable of committing this murder!

  4. summerthirdworld Avatar

    I love you John:))

  5. cocoa Avatar

    Yep, they are amateurs alright-what about some armchair analysis regarding the two biggies-Motive and Opportunity? Begin at the beginning people!

  6. jonny Avatar


    Yeah let’s wait for the US government to tell us what the Truth is!

    Then after we find out the Truth from the US government, let’s go grab a burger and pretend we’ve never heard of CPL Bradley Manning or Wikileaks.

  7. jonny Avatar

    I didn’t realise the welfare of the Belizean people depended on international support? I must be as dull as McAfee because I would have imagined the welfare of the people in Belize was primarily affected by Belizean domestic politics.

    re: “spewing poison”. I bet you’re one of those victims of exploitation that always remembers their mother’s sage advice; “If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”

    You’re the one vomiting bile, “nine lives”. Not sure why you’d need nine lives? A gutless little vassal like you will slink your way through your ‘life’ without danger. Power literally adores little conformist cats.

  8. EFT4Me Avatar

    You’d be surprised at how easy it would be to disguise yourself as a women. Shave the legs, wig… the older the better. Not too young or too many rich old American men we’ll be trying to buy you over priced beers…

  9. EFT4Me Avatar

    Dude Mr. M is much too busy. He is investigating a murder. He can’t leave it up to law enforcement. Or have you so easily forgotten about Casey Anthony? When her baby was ‘kidnapped by the Nanny’ she didn’t report it to the police. She said ‘she was doing her own investigation’. Worked, didn’t it?

  10. EFT4Me Avatar

    Innocent until proven guilty…maybe the way it used to be in the U.S.A
    In Belize? By the way, here in the US we no longer have the same rights we used to. Remember now with all the fear mongering the times have changed. Homeland Security & the rest made sure citizens can be arrested without cause. We don’t have the same ‘Constitutional rights’ here anymore. Peace…

  11. EFT4Me Avatar

    Mr. Mc…Sir I have been reading your posts, along with the background info you supplied. I also took the time to do a little extra research beyond your recommended reading list. Might I suggest to others, that they first do the same.
    Realize of course that there are always more than 2 sides to a story. For an intelligent man, you sure are acting in a way that could be interpreted as suspicious. Do yourself a favor. Think about what your writing, the bottom line here. Take yourself out of the picture for a moment & consider the same story being told by someone else.
    Ask yourself why ‘all of a sudden’ is this man trying to garner sympathy for these mistreated women, when he himself is a 65 yr old man living with a 17 y/o? (I wonder if he had a 17 y/o daughter, what he’d think of another man doing the same to his?) Then ask yourself why a man would dress up like a vagrant, with a shaved tampon up his nose, only to spy on his own home? Do you truly believe these & all the other bizarre acts are being done by someone with a clear, UN-altered mind? Or are we watching the inspired manipulations of an insanity defense? Sir, especially considering all the available info on your recreational drug usage? Your a grown man, I’m not judging you. Hell, if your so intent on self destruction, U could always kill yourself. Without hurting others. But please, don’t assume we are all idiots.
    As an honest person, take ALL the info, both supplied & background from other sources. What would your conclusion be Mr. Mc? At the very least I’m sure there’s enough drama here for a book/lifetime movie of the week. Film at 11!

  12. nine lives Avatar
    nine lives

    I have, but spending months blogging on an infamous drug site begs the question. Why, if you are SO against drugs, would you waste countless hours talking about them? I’ve never even heard of the site, but it’s obviously a cookers paradise. I know, it was a bet, a prank. Your time would have been much better spent creating a website for the underprivileged girls/corruption in Belize & you would have still won your bet, while doing something productive. Do you not think in retrospect that it was poor judgment? Certainly you can see my point. It really frustrates me that you are never “wrong”. Unfortunately, it has come back to haunt you & cause uncertainty in your true motives & cause . That’s all.

  13. aug4343 Avatar

    “HItler wouldn’t have won in America?!” Yeah, no, Americans aren’t easily impressed with two cent charisma.

  14. Ivan Nascimento Avatar
    Ivan Nascimento

    Where are you John? Come to Brazil. Here you will not have these problems. Hugs Ivan

  15. John McAfee Avatar

    How many came up with the substance? How many were believed by the cognoscenti of the board? If they managed to get their hands on any mdpv as a starter, then of course weird shit is going to happen when they take it. Read the chemists’ comments. Anyone with a chemistry background will laugh at my posts, as all did on Bluelight. Please people, don’t keep asking the same questions over and over. We are receiving, at some hours of the day, 100 comments per hour. Please read past posts before you ask a question.

  16. Kit Avatar

    Following your very interesting blog. Please be safe John, I am praying for you. I hope they find the real killer soon – or rather that you figure it out since they seem to be intent on pinning it on you.

  17. FlavorFlav Avatar

    Flavor Flav. Contact me for the next Flavor of Love, we’ll call it McaFee Island. It will be better than Hef’ and his 3 girls, you got 7 girls, that’s mad yo.
    Flavor Flav!

  18. lenn Avatar

    Someone had to shoot that man in the back of his head , from behind, nasty
    not face to face, someone sneaky????
    common macafee think ???
    you have to figure it out, im sure you may know the murderer, maybe one of your guards??or someone else who was cray enough to kill him after seeing your dogs dead?????
    think man think????

  19. jonny Avatar

    “Legacy” is what men who have never lived become obsessed with as the end beckons; or men that made deals with devils and are taking stock, perhaps. They might give their life’s ruthlessly-acquired fortune away freely, or pretend to; Heaven knows it’s not about the Pearly Gates, or Melinda for Bill’s Foundation. Something else is going on with that ostensible altruism (as if there is such a thing).

    But don’t tell people how they feel or how you feel they should have pursued Happiness. Stop attempting to trade using the emotional currency of your exploited mother. It’s nauseating when ‘men’ whine like victims of misogyny. And if I were you I wouldn’t use that n-word so freely; you clearly haven’t the first clue about NPD.

  20. Belle Avatar

    Good answer!! I thought she did an awesome job and I have no problem reading what she writes. I would encourage her to keep up the good work and remind her that MANY women are jealous of her which is why she may get a few negative comments.

  21. jonny Avatar

    Just like South Africa in the 80s – those dark years of (religious) racial apartheid.

    Just like in the United States presently – in these dark years of (religious) economic apartheid.

    A man risks his life to bring The People undiluted, unadulterated Truth about what the government of The People, for The People, by The People is doing in the name of The People…and you let him rot in a prison. Amazon uses the First Amendment for toilet paper and all the little lemmings go “oohh iPhone 4S…! Like. Like!”

    There are Black Panthers (allegedly) who have been in solitary confinement (torture) for forty years – FORTY YEARS in solitary – you animals. Animals are more humane.

    There isn’t a nation on the planet where Power isn’t using the law to frame innocents; there is no such thing as “justice” – indeed, justice itself is the greatest injustice (eye + eye + tooth + tooth = 4 counts of insanity, not 0).

    I don’t know why the vermin working for Wired are gunning for McAfee but I want to Know. This isn’t about entertainment; this is something bigger going on here. There’s an agenda so obvious….

  22. John Avatar

    Hello John,
    I can believe a most of what I have read about you “protecting” your home and property , it’s not a bad strategy. Having a home in the Caribbean “St Kitts ” , I can understand this logic , the locals are just waiting for an opportunity to “take back
    what they deserve”, you worked for it , but now you are on their turf. The dogs are about the best deterrent I can think of to stop you being robbed , we have been broken into 3 times this past year , and the local “Keystone Karibbean Kops ” are a joke.
    With all that said , with little useful input to your situatiion , I don’t believe from what I have read about you , that you would be the type of person to “execute” another man over something as petty as the dog problem or him being annoyed with you as his neighbor , Just doesn’t make sense…..only odd thing , I would think that whoever did it , would do it in the usual Caribbean way , wait until the guy is out on his boat and he never comes back , a “sailing accident”.
    I do believe your innocence !!!!

    PS , as a person born as a Brit. if you have a UK passport , you have Visa Free access to 166 Countries , not just 100 as the offer above from St Kitts said. The most of any country today….British citizens can also travel to Commonwealth countries for a period of time visa-free and the U.K. enjoys stable relationships with the United States and many African and Asian nations. All allow Britons to travel as a tourist for anywhere from a few days to a few months without applying for a visa, making a total of 166 countries Britons can visit for at least three days without a visa.

    Read more: British Passport Holders Visa Requirements |

    Sorry for getting off course so much …..

  23. John Avatar

    To the person representing St Kitts to you as a good choice, I do not know how you can offer “Free Citizenship” . Here is my take on the citizenship requirements.

    1. A non refundable charity donation of minimum US$ 250’000 to the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) for single person + payment of processing fees. The total investment amount comes approx around USD 290,000 for single applicant and additional fees apply for accompanying family members (see below).
    2. Designated recoverable Real Estate Investment with a value of at least US$ 400,000 plus payment of various registration and other fees . The total investment amount comes around US$ 492,000 for single applicant, and additional fees apply for any accompanying family members .

    This is not “Free” by any stretch of the imagination.

    Not to mention , you John , would quite probably be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire , read about Kevin Horstwood , a British National , still in the St Kitts prison waiting on a trial after 10 months for a similar crime .
    Think long and hard before accepting this offer …….

  24. mack Avatar

    sure Kent, can I come too?

  25. mack Avatar

    what exactly did he say that is making him ‘sound like a joke’? it sounds to be like you deem him guilty just because

    just a curious bystander.

  26. Barbara Avatar

    I followed your blog all day yesterday. I dreamed about you last night. I woke up and you were the first thing I thought about. Why this overwhelming sence of connection? I wish I could sit for hours and hours and talk to you. What has led you to this point in your life? I am sure I could read all about it online somewhere but I only want to know about your life from you…Strange huh?

  27. hollister Avatar

    ^well put, stinkface. One of the most annoying things about internet comments.

  28. PG Avatar

    This is what I was talking about…

  29. willow Avatar

    hey john

    i cross my fingers for you,sam and all the other people that involved in the hunt on you !!1

    may the force be with you 😉

  30. Emmie Avatar

    Yeah, I have to agree with you there. I read through the bluelight thread and only someone heavily into drugs knows enough to even understand what’s being discussed. Sounds like damage control to me.

  31. Derek Avatar

    First off, I’m calling Godwin’s law. Secondly, I don’t think Hitler would have won in America.

  32. PG Avatar

    Why don´t just leaving Belize and move to another country? There are a few like Belize…

  33. We are Legion Avatar
    We are Legion

    HAHA GOOD ONE! extreme lawlz

  34. We are Legion Avatar
    We are Legion

    Who says that the US has an interest in finding evidence that could be used in FAVOUR of Mr. McAfee … if he had a great portion of trust in the US position in this game he wouldve gone to the US Embassy straight away for shelter.

  35. We are Legion Avatar
    We are Legion

    Why should that pussy who beats women be suitable for that role?

    Come on you can troll better than that..^^

  36. We are Legion Avatar
    We are Legion

    Ugh…you sound like a pure racist or am i missing the sarcasm.

  37. QueensGambit Avatar


    I will indeed write letters for your friends to be freed. Be safe, my thoughts are with you on your journey!


  38. tltsu Avatar

    Thanks for your reply.

  39. nine lives Avatar
    nine lives

    Nice, Kent, you offer safe harbour for fugitives, making them out of reach from the countries where they are wanted. Great way to combat crime & get relief & justice for their victims. Way to go! Just out of curiosity, just how much do they pay AFTER they receive the “golden passport”? All drug dealers & murderers, Kent is your man! (Not referring to you, John)

  40. Dave Avatar

    As a Belizean I can tell any American reading this that John is speaking the truth. You might all be wondering why doesn’t he do this, or do that. It’s much more complex than you think to operate in Belize. Money dictates what can be done and how fast it can be done. Laws are tailored to protect the government, not its people. If properly assessed we can clearly be classified as a Dictatorship. The longer John holds out, the better. It puts a spotlight on the darker side of this country. Something which we can only start mending if it’s exposed. I wish many days I can start a movement and make a difference but such a bold move is too dangerous. The Government is the Mafia and all the politicians do is extort. If you don’t comply they have the police force as their muscle. On an end note I know personally all the charitable work John has done and can safely say we need more people like him in this country. There is a lot of potential being wasted and it takes someone like John to motivate and show us there is another way. Keep fighting! It won’t go unheard.

  41. nine lives Avatar
    nine lives

    “Accosting”, not accounting!

    I am just trying to see how you can never see the ramification of your actions.
    No judgment, just trying to believe you.

  42. nine lives Avatar
    nine lives

    Ok, I will, but knowing that you have taken reponsibility for the blog (aka Stuffmonger), regardless of whether it wasa prank or not really disturbs me. There are photos of test tubes taken of the substance in varying stages of cooking, as described by you. If your posts weren’t”real”, then how is it that many of the posters used your methods & came up with substances that exactly matched your descriptions & photos, if the base product was not exactly the same, ie “bath salts”? And please don’t tell me you were using a different substance, because nothing else would have those exact results.

    I just wish you would admit it, as it’s not illegal in Belize & all of the back pedalling causes me to doubt other things you’ve said. Not to mention your bluelight post about the substance making your friends so hypersexual that they were having sex with your dogs & accounting strangers. Totally disgusting. That really made me wonder who you are & why you would spend time saying any of it, especially as you have no idea of t he age of posters who are reading your instructions & who might actually hurt themselves…permanently.

  43. bruscolerismo Avatar

    This is not a “voice in a repressive society”. It is pissing in the wind.

  44. ManInBZE Avatar

    I’m an American who has been living in Belize for several years.

    Wa da gawan, John?

    Yes, there is a large embassy in Belmopan, the Capital. Perhaps John will elaborate on why he hasn’t chosen that route. There are checkpoints between where he is and Belmopan that may make travel difficult, or perhaps he believes the embassy is being watched.

  45. bruscolerismo Avatar

    well said. I could not agree more about academic pursuits….however, I object to your use of the term “also”. any discourse analyst worth his salt would recognize the inherent double meaning (at least). Why set yourself apart as a “social scientist”? Who cares? This is a gawker’s delight, my friend, and you need not justify your participation by setting yourself above all the others who gawk (and I mean the “my friend” part)

  46. John McAfee Avatar

    Read the “Timesha” post.

  47. John McAfee Avatar

    No sir, I will not. If they are a pain to read then don’t read them.

  48. bruscolerismo Avatar

    well said, dillan. now the people of belize have a reason

  49. Finch Avatar

    If by gawker you mean someone who is personally curious about the story, then absolutely I have the chutzpah … if this is what the term gawker means?? Merely commented that I (also) personally think it would be interesting to study (e.g. content/narrative/discourse analyses perspective). And as with virtually all academic pursuits, one is drawn to study the phenomenon that one is personally intrigued by (there is little objectivity involved in selecting a research subject; objectivity, if sought and achieved, guides observations, design, and findings, rather than in research topic).

  50. aug4343 Avatar


  51. Marc Avatar

    Hello John,
    Best wishes resolving this mess. I was struck by your comment, “Being loved does not interest me much. Loving does.” Wow, that is so evolved. While I do love to love, it also helps a lot to I think my feelings are requited. I’m a fairly self assured guy, but the idea of loving without feeling it back seems beyond my reach. Perhaps when I grow older and wiser, I will reach yous space.
    If you come to San Jose (California), let’s hot tub with my wife and laugh about all this crazy stuff.
    Yours, Marc

  52. aug4343 Avatar

    theres no number bro.

  53. bruscolerismo Avatar

    thank you bam, i’ll call you

  54. bruscolerismo Avatar

    Cyn C. I disagree. John’s continued presence can only be good for the people of Belize, it can only benefit them as the intense media scrutiny will inevitably pay off in spades for those good people. In fact before, before The Mac arrived, these people were just poor dirt farmers. Now they have something to live for. They’re going to be famous. Instead of being exploited by tree hugging liberal American tourists for mere shekels, they will now be truly known by the world and their culture will get the respect it deserves. This is always how it works when a rich White guy shows up and makes this place the place to be.

  55. Eugene Kaspersky Avatar

    I wish that were true, there’d be less tripe from Assange then 😉

  56. NunyaBiz Avatar

    If you’re going to allow Sam to post on here, could you do us the favor of editing her remarks? I understand you’re encouraging her to become proficient in English, but they are a real strain to read and I can hardly make sense of half of it.

  57. nine lives Avatar
    nine lives

    He loves Belize too much, in addition to all of the notoriety he’s getting. Why are you continually highlighting YOUR plight & YOUR problems & fears, rather than those of the actual Belizeans that you say you so care for & are trying to protect?

    If things have been so bad for the Belizean people since your arrival
    in Belize, then why did you not start an international protest for justice in Belize until it centered around you? It seems that you were spending your days in your high tech lab developing either your antiseptic/antibiotic “ointment” or your ointment/perv powder for females (a Viagra for women).

    Your great cause for justice just seems a little late & very much slanted towards you & your being harassed. Just a coincidence? The timing does not sit well with me nor the reasons behind your recent outbursts of “foul”, nor your determination to remain there, in hiding, w while spewing poison about this very country.

  58. Eugene Kaspersky Avatar

    Props for the props John – I have in my mind’s eye you dressed in one of Inspector Clouseau’s disguises saying “it is a burme” –

  59. aug4343 Avatar

    Clear something up for me John. Does up down bb aa back forward really unlock the subzero fatality? Yours.

  60. the other john Avatar
    the other john

    I remember you clearly snohamster. As I recall the fire was dying when you proposed a stinkfist with me and my wife and you and yours. It was utterly inappropriate. Happy Thanksgiving pervert.

  61. aug4343 Avatar

    Oh god Laura. Spare us your autobiography. This is about Bill Gates and not about you. Take your story to Lifetime. Go Ducks and God Bless you BIll.

  62. bruscolerismo Avatar

    I have a better question. Why does a “social scientist” who finds this “fascinating and worthy of academic research” have the time and inclination to write 3 paragraphs about how much he knows about Belize but not the chutzpah to admit he’s a gawker too?

  63. stinkfist Avatar

    Why is it always privileged white men that are getting the shaft? I’m so sick of good hardworking Americans being persecuted just because they want to stretch out a little and lead a life of wild excess. We’re on your side Mr. Gates. Go Ducks!

  64. bruscolerismo Avatar

    they don’t let you blog form the embassy

  65. bruscolerismo Avatar

    Oh, THIS is the lawyer!

  66. Kent Guillory Avatar
    Kent Guillory

    Dear John,

    I have taken the time and get familiar with your situation from all angles. First of all DO NOT turn yourself in to the Belize authorities. I have been contacted by several government officials to recruit you to St-Kitts. This is what we have to offer you. Give us the privilege of extracting you by water and/or air to St-Kitts which is exactly 2000 miles straight East of Belize. We will guarantee you “Safe Harbor” during the time we process your St-Kitts citizenship application. We guarantee you complete safety and anonymity as well as a St-Kitts passport. The laws of St-Kitts prohibits them to inform any country of your new passport. You may research this on your own or ask me for reference sites. St-Kitts has a unique legal and travel structure. You may travel to more than 100 countries including the EU with absolutely no Visa Requirements including all of the EU. John, we are here to help and committed to helping you and keeping your location secret. We have done this before and should you have an interest, curiosity or desire to learn more – please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to provide will the level of information to your satisfaction. Lastly – St-Kitts has NO EXTRADITION TREATY with any other country other than the U.S. This should be very important information for you to consider. I can also see that you have desire to document your story – which you can continue very comfortably from St-Kitts. Lastly I’d like to mention that there will be ZERO cost to you until you have arrived in St-Kitts and received your new passport. Now for some reason if you have any other destination in mind – please also contact me as I have all the necessary equipment and personnel (including private aircrafts, marine vehicles, armed personnel, etc). to move you to any location around the globe. For your reference one of our companies provides the protection to cargo ships from Somali pirates. -Kent

  67. Dillan Hamann Avatar
    Dillan Hamann

    You are a hero and are have beautiful soul. Say strong and do what thou wilt.

  68. stinkfist Avatar

    its not about you, honey. as always a woman turns it to her extensive autobiography when a man is just trying to iron things out in belize.

  69. Don Avatar

    Perhaps we should call in the Expedables lol!
    Here is what they would face:
    If they won and stayed, then they might be facing the British Armed Forces.
    Perhaps there will be a coup in Belize. From the other posts here, it seems it is already under control of the drug traffickers.

  70. Finch Avatar

    As a social scientist, I find this evolving story, and the use of technology to engage alternative perspectives, fascinating and worthy of academic research.

    While there is no way for the public to determine the veracity of John’s stories (victim of corrupt government, or sociopath), there is one thing that rings true, and that is John’s characterization of Belize. Having spent a brief time in various parts of this beautiful country many years ago (when there were few gangs and fewer tourists), and listened to the stories of locals and expats alike, the dysfunction that epitomizes Belize is something John has quite adequately and fairly portrayed. This is a small nation where prostitutes frequently rub more than elbows with top elected officials, and these officials don’t go out of their way to hide it. And where any man interested in a woman must first check to see who she is related to, and whether the woman is a mistress of anyone you don’t want to cross, before asking her out (for reasons of self-preservation).

    As they say, “just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.” Although why John put himself out there on the line, knowing what he knows, with all those women plus shady friends, well, its hard to guess … misguided at least, but being naive isn’t a criminal offense. IF naivete is the source of his present dilemma. Why John is still in Belize, and hasn’t gone off to parts unknown in a boat, that is my question! Sounds like even if entirely innocent of criminal wrongdoing, John’s time in Belize is certainly limited by necessity if not by choice. So if you’re reading this John, why are you still there when it is so easy to flee by boat to an open beach in some neighboring isle?

  71. stinkfist Avatar

    who asked about your life. this man is trying to find justice. go ducks.

  72. John McAfee Avatar
    John McAfee

    Please do your homework. Read the “Background” section.

  73. Forrest Gump Avatar
    Forrest Gump

    I believe we are victims of a media that is bent on portraying you as a crazed, guilty savage — it is so very typical of US media and I am really sick of it. For what it’s worth, I hope you are able to keep safe and away from those that would want to harm you (or cause you to take the blame for someone else’s transgressions). Please, keep providing info here – it’s a really good example that you are not “out of your mind” and you obviously have your full faculties 🙂 Anyone can try to challenge this, and they might suggest that you are not the actual author of these posts. But the information and what you have to say stands pretty well. For what it’s worth, I am keeping you in my thoughts. Be safe and be well.

  74. Leslie Sherman Avatar
    Leslie Sherman

    John, I knew you at Northside, and I don’t for a minute believe you would deliberately kill anyone. And while I am enjoying following this most recent epic tale, I don’t believe much of it. At any rate, you always make me smilesmile, and I hope you manage to stay safe

  75. JB Avatar


    I have no idea if you are guilty or inoocent of murder. I do know that all humans are guilty of some action that violates the laws of God. I also know that the mess of humanity has a Savior – that all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God but that all can be saved, You sound like your life has been one huge adventure ride, but as we age we all question what is the purpose, the meaning of all this?? We are are mortal and will see our creator face to face….John, please find the peace and love of God by laying it all down, you may elude the police but you can never elude the hand of God – He wants you as His child, and to find the assurance, acceptance, and love that we all yearn for in his son Jesus. Stop resisting, accept Jesus as your Savior and find peace…peace at last.

  76. JG Avatar

    Quorum Sensing at it’s finest, albeit in a real world application….I have wondered if everything I have read and seen are all just a RLTest for your theories….. When everything is changing around you, and the ants homes and locations are moving/evolving, where will you end up?

    Let me know if there is anything I can help with.


  77. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    John, this is very exciting stuff at a distance. I cant, well, I can imagine the stress involved. Seems like a whisper mission to get you out would be in order. You could do better at a distance too.

  78. Bill Hicks Avatar
    Bill Hicks

    John: You must turn yourself in and defend yourself, according to the law. There’s no use in running and hiding, it just makes you look guilty. Turn yourself in, hear the charges, and defend yourself. If you’re innocent as you say, you should have no trouble defending yourself against the charges. If you continue to run, it could end ugly for you. That’s not something an innocent man wants. An innocent man wants to defend himself. You MUST stop running.

  79. Viktor Avatar

    I have read book about you from wired and find your life story fascinating, but why all that posting on bluelight if you never used pv? And why did you go back to belize from mexico, you were beaten? So what, you are currently risking to die or go to prison, there are other places! You have money to help the people you want, you dont need to be at the same place as them to help!

  80. John McAfee Avatar

    I do not. I believe people, including myself, are foolish enough without alcohol.

  81. tltsu Avatar


    Do you drink? If not why?

    Regards, Tom.

  82. Anil Joshi Avatar
    Anil Joshi

    Dear John,

    I run a private global medical concierge service. I believe I may be of assistance to you. Unfortunately you are involved in a “high profile” situation so options are somewhat limited. You know your situation better than anyone. Is there any way you can physically get to St-Kitts? We may provide you with “safe harbor”. There will be zero cost to you until we “secure” you. However there will be a one time charge $1M once you are satisfied.

  83. Snohamster Avatar

    Wow, John! You’ve got a little craziness going on in your part of the world. We met two years ago at a friend’s place for Thanksgiving dinner. My wife and I sat across from you and Jen. I don’t know if you remember us, but we certainly remember you. I found you quite interesting and rather intense, though your stories were fascinating. Funny thing…you were introduced to me as “John”, not “John McAfee”. I say this only because I didn’t realize who you were until the next morning.

    Anyway, just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, if that is possible.

    Good Luck,


  84. Fred Avatar

    Here here

  85. intercessor Avatar

    a little testy, are we?.. Legacy – “something that someone has achieved that will continue to exist after that person has stopped working or dies”.. Legacy has many meanings, this is pretty close to how i was looking at it, perhaps you were looking at it another way, but for you to say this type of legacy means nothing to you is absurd John. Obviously you are passionate about the corruption in Belize and want everyone to know about it or you wouldnt be writing this blog and telling the world about it. You Will be remembered for this, it Will be part of your legacy now, Trust me on that one, whether you care about your legacy or not it is how your gonna be remembered..

  86. Papillon Avatar

    What’s the big deal with John not wanting to talk to the “authorities”?

    How is the legal process *supposed* to work in Belize for people who want to be questioned about their possible knowledge of a crime?

    I know int he U.S. you don’t have to talk to anybody and you don’t have to go to the police station. You have a right to remain silent.

    May not be the case from what I have been reading here about Belize, but the fact is if they have anything concrete on John, they just would issue an arrest warrant and say what it is – so this really makes me wonder.

    Therefore, it does not benefit John at all to talk to the police (any lawyer in the U.S. would advise not to), but it seems they have very little respect for civil liberties in Belize if they can detain and jail you on speculation rather than probable cause.

    John is innocent pure and simple the way it works in the U.S. He has not been charged with a crime, and even if he were, he would still be presumed innocent until convicted by a jury of his peers.

    Sounds like Belize has it backwards and I don’t blame John in the least for eluding the police who appear to have the draconian “authority” to jail him on mere suspicion – and from what I have read here I too would be very concerned about being set-up and framed by the powers that be.

  87. Fred Avatar

    John, you are beginning to sound like a joke. You are criticising people who have followed this story hoping you are innocent. You say things here and elsewhere and the attribute them to bets or jokes. You look guilty now whether you like it or not. If I was a regular citizen of Belize I would be gunning for you too. No wonder you think the police are, guess what, there are now!! At one point I was fooled but you are indeed as selfish as you are bonkers and have an incredible knack of putting people offside. I do wish you well but you are certainly not doing yourself any favours. The only sensible comment on your blog is made by a resort owning gringo, I suggest you take his advice or rethink your life. I too find it interesting none of your colleagues business partners or family have come into bat for you, this speaks volumes and I now think your guilty too. Best of luck

  88. Nick D Avatar
    Nick D

    Well….at least the Sony DSC-RX100 doesn’t have built-in GPS…so you’re safe there.

  89. EVO Avatar

    Dude, we are all pulling for you! Go Ducks

  90. Josh McCormick Avatar
    Josh McCormick

    He already announced his endgame. From a Reuters article: “My ultimate goal is they’ll figure out who killed the man, it will have nothing to do with me and they will leave me alone. Or if enough international pressure is applied.” [The second point was cut far short and wasn’t exactly what he said.]

  91. Gean Avatar

    under “News”, that is

  92. Gean Avatar

    I will also add that it’s sad how little attention is paid to the Faull’s, who have already suffered the ultimate injustice. Google “Gregory Faull” and the only name in the results is “McAfee”.

  93. Josh McCormick Avatar
    Josh McCormick


  94. truebeliever Avatar

    Magnum would truly be jealous of your mad P.I. skills.

    Did you actually read anything here before posting?


    John I feel as if you are enjoying the international attention that your story attracted. From the harrassment in Orangewalk to the murder investigation in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Throughout the entire ordeal you have done nothing but sensationalize every occurence of your interactions with police. – i gather this conclusion from quoted interviews as well as the audio clip which you praised Belize for its beauty but also noted the high rate of corruption. But, all this story leads no where really because only two things has ever happened to you in Belize, the first was the Raid by the GSU (gang suppression unit) and the murder of your neighbor. Before all of this, No one remembered who John McAfee was….no one spoke of you, no one cared. Your story as elaborate as it is is for lack of a better word ‘SILLY’. You have made some of the worst choices that an educated man can ever make…socializing with people of questionable character is very poor judgement. There is no one to blame but yourself and i’m saying this with all due respect. Many people on the blog keep encouraging you to leave Belize…why don’t you? Belize police have not issued an arrest warrant for you….they haven’t confiscated your travel documents… they haven’t been actively looking for you. You are in essence a free man sitting behind a computer talking to an audience…Maybe a movie deal was on your bucket list…i just can’t figure it out. Having money and living and visiting Belize makes things a little bit more intersting…trust me i know. You are not the first and not the last…but don’t spoil it for others.

  96. Private Investigators Avatar
    Private Investigators

    Here are some observations looking from the outside in, call us your friendly private investigators:

    First, your dogs were poisoned, there are a few options all considered from a standpoint that you are indeed innocent.

    Who could have killed the dogs? Somebody close to you is one option and in that case you may already have a suspicion or option # 2 that involves a more elaborate ploy and considering your status that might very well be possible. We will address that possibility later.

    Who are the people that have access to your property, are there any individuals that can easily travel without being noticed? Have you considered that people in uniform can move freely and easily without being noticed?

    We’re imagining that living in Belize allows for the thought of corruption as a big part of governmental business. Could this corruption be even fueled by foreign “investors” or global cyber attackers? We believe it is important to analyze that situation properly, especially considering who you are. There are plenty of people possibly benefiting (financially) from bringing you down. I believe that your situation translates into one big set up.

    Looking at the news there seems to be a trend of character assassination across the channels. Bringing your girlfriend(s) to light (age, details about their lives) has no relevance to your case involving the death of Mr. Faul. They make you sound crazy and incredible to the public so they later have free range to persecute you in a limitless fashion and the public will go along with it because you have been convicted in the public eye already. It’s a true chess move.

    Our suspicion has initially been raised due to the following: it was reported that the body of Mr. Faul was found “lying face up in a pool of blood with an apparent gunshot wound on the upper rear part of his head”. He was shot from behind so with the natural flow of physics it would be most likely for the body to be laying in a face downward position or to the side. The information released to the news channels by the police is flawed. Why is the police lying about the information released? Why is there no comment made about the suspicious positioning of the body? So if they are lying about a major problem in the case why would they not be lying about an involvement they are trying to pin on you?

    If the gun shot wound is to the upper rear part of the head depending on the angle and forensic analysis, the shooter either was a fairly tall person (we need more details on the gun shot) or Mr. Faul was executed in a kneeling position or possibly sitting down on the ground. Being shot from behind his body should have been found facing downward.

    If you need more information about that subject and are limited to access due to your current situation, let us know and we’ll answer anything to the best of our knowledge on your blog.

    “The news” is trying to tie the dog incident to the death of your neighbor. You have every right to be scared even if the outlets make you sound crazy for your fear. We fear for your safety. We worry that the dog incident was only the beginning of a more involved ploy. The death of your neighbor could be a puzzle piece in trying to bring you down. There is no reason for an innocent man to suffer the consequences of a guilty man. Be careful!!!!!!!!

  97. A Belizean Avatar

    Hi John,

    I am a Belizean living in Northern Belize. I think the downfall of the UDP started when they first decided to cut their defense budget by 10 million dollars. I clearly remember watching the budget speech and saying in my mind that Belize will eventually self distruct. With crime peaking daily I too have been a victim of the corrupted police department. I was bribed by the police and setup to go behind bars for Drug trafficking unless I paid the cops a rediculously amount of money which I eventually did to get off. There is no doubt in my mind that the police are trying to set you up. I admire what you are doing and feel good that you are putting the spot light on Dean Barrow. I know of alot of cases similar to mine and have found out that most drug lords in Belize have been working with the Police.

  98. fendidonna Avatar

    Dear John,

    I wish you an enormous amount of luck in getting fair and just treatment in this matter.

    Your writing is beautiful and inspirational.

    With love, fendidonna

  99. Ash Avatar

    Dear Mr. John,
    Having worked for several CEOs helping them with their technology set up to assisting with little things, you sound like someone just like them…from your recent audio interviews in which you could come across as a narcissist, but I have a different opinion. Not everyone would go to this length to prove their innocence while in hiding while you could have easily bought those authorities. This should tell everyone something…you are indeed innocent!

  100. Nick D Avatar

    Is it safe to assume that you are really NOT in Belize anymore and that every story indicating that you are is just further misdirection? Good luck to the people who are truly tracking the murderer…whoever that may be.

  101. afrikando Avatar

    Just discovered your blog via New York Daily News. I’m in Africa. And the way you’re eluding corrupt authorities is fascinating. Your experience can help African oppositionists hounded by the powers that be! Keep the fires up, good man!

  102. Frank Avatar

    Sorry to say, since you left active participation in McAfee, the software has unfortunately gone South. Perhaps they are following you?

  103. Frank Avatar

    Have you thought that the younger women or their families “loved” you, the older man, because you are affluent and sub-consciously they know that you can support them and therefore they would not go hungry? This warm, secure feeling that you are looking after them, even if no physical attraction, may be chemically or psychologically interpreted as “love”. Think about it John, it makes a lot of sense.
    Good luck.

  104. CaJun Avatar

    Mac, you need to enlist the help of Anonymous. with your resources and tech savy, you can find them. Find them. they can help you.

  105. Steve Avatar

    I think something is wrong with the page, Some of the comments just repeated themselves. But this is insanely interesting. I am happy you are sharing this with everyone and am wonder struck at the time you are taking to answer many of the questions. Equally happy you have a friend like Chad to help get your story out there. Didn’t realize how viral this blog would be and trying to get the full back ground done, yet so afraid to miss something new getting posted. You said you have enough Blogs to post for a year. Does that mean you have 2 types of prepared blogs?
    Blog A) if you are caught “Not daily and not so “Live” Blogs whichChad will continue for you?
    Blog b) If you are still on the run? “Live” up to the minute posts?

  106. Gean Avatar

    This has surely been asked, but do you see any value in preparing a detailed written statement with whereabouts, alibi, witnesses, all dealings with Faull, etc. for the police? I’m sure that won’t preclude a face-to-face for them but it would show good will to the Faull family and other residents.

  107. Frank Avatar

    Well, you “loved” the older man because he was affluent and sub-consciously you knew that he could support you and you would not go hungry. You may not have asked him for anything, but you knew he would provide for you, therefore you had no need need to ask, in order to survive. This warm, secure feeling about him looking after you, even if no physical attraction, may be chemically or psychologically interpreted as “love”.
    Good luck.

  108. Paul Avatar

    You are, quite simply, the most craziest man in the world.

    I’ll bet you don’t drink beer often, but — when you do drink beer — you drink Dos Equis.

    Stay crazy, my friend.

  109. CaJun Avatar

    Mac, my question in like many others. why not leave? you obvioulsy have the apptitude to evade these idiots. why not gather your resources and get the hell outta there? i understand you have friends and connections, and prolly a good deal of money tied up there, but man…. it’s not worth it. you are a man of great intelligence. you can find other ways to make money again. get out. please. before i am reading about your capture and conviction. fight this battle from afar. it will serve no purpose to go to jail. i wish you the best.

  110. Norman E. Avatar
    Norman E.

    Flee this country!
    Money can buy you fake passports.
    If you want to hide in Germany, I’m awaiting your answer.

  111. John L. Avatar
    John L.

    What is the endgame here John? You are an obviously smart guy. Do you really think you can run forever?

  112. Stephanie Avatar

    Mr McAfee owes you or anyone else ANYTHING.. He worked his ass off to get what was deserved. He can now do as he wants with his money and his life. What he gave to the world through his technology is enough… It sadness me that there is such a rush to judge and hate… Mr, McAfee I wish you well. My hope is that they will leave you alone and allow you to enjoy your life in peace! Much Thanks

  113. Barbara Avatar

    Me too Lauren! Its like a book you can’t put down.

  114. greg what-th Avatar
    greg what-th

    i don’t understand why you can’t get away by boat.
    i also don’t understand why you’re telling everyone about your disguises.
    i think all your energy should be put into escape and not into celebrating your predicament with blogs and stuff. you can do all this once you get away.
    i’m guessing you’re too hyped up to think straight.
    i mean all this nicely. please look after yourself.
    and scram!!
    maybe you could go to Spain as they now offer residency for anyone who buys a house there.
    good luck.

  115. Scott Avatar

    Absolutely gripping stuff – stay strong. A man is innocent until proven guilty.

    Count me in to help moderate if you need more hands on deck.

  116. LaurenZ Avatar

    Incredible story. Reading this blog and comments has sucked me in for hours.

  117. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    I am reading and following and doing homework like you said. I do think you have been set up… I am just intrigued by this whole story and do wish you and your companions find safety .

  118. kevin Avatar

    Mr. McAfee you need to get back to US and hide here if need be, for a person that has also lived in another country I’m concerned for your safety. In this situation you are probably very confused finding it hard to think clearly, but in my opinion as a outsider looking in. Get the fuck out of there. If I would help you in any way I could Im sure there’s a million more just like me, hang in there take deep breath, hire some commandos to gët you to safety. Kevin

  119. Dude w/ an audience Avatar
    Dude w/ an audience

    Very fair point. In fact John has always quite good at getting his point across.

    But we’d all be foolish to believe that any of the major networks are unbiased and free from influence. If anything the major networks are the MOST bias of any news organizations on TV today.

    All I want to do is help tell a great story and I happen to have the resources to do it fairly.

    Dude w/ an audience

  120. Belizean Avatar

    I am Happy that the US Embassy brought in an FBI forensics team to investigate the murder. This way there’s an independent third party. I wonder if those 9mm slugs from the dogs will watch up to the 9mm slugs in Mr. Gregory Faull…. Lets see what the United statates government has to say about it…….forget Belize for now.

  121. John McAfee Avatar
    John McAfee

    Sam’s father and Amy.

  122. Harlon Avatar

    Is there an American Embassy there? Could you communicate with with a neutral presence to give you safe harbor long enough to endure questioning by local authorities so you aren’t clipped during the arrest? It seems that you’ve managed to get enough international attention that that sort of scenario would guarantee your safety and the chance for authorities to conduct an investigation.

  123. Dora Avatar

    Mr. Mcafee,
    Who is caring for your remaining dogs at your home? Saw them in a story on Headline News Today.

  124. JD Avatar

    I’m sure this advice is appreciated StuffMonger, but mirror sites would be useful if this site was brought down. I have your email John and will send you my details.

  125. truebeliever Avatar

    Some of these offers to “help” are getting pretty comical. Perhaps Mr. Mcafee should contact Mr. le Carre.

    Please tape an X in your lower left window pane when you’re ready to talk.

    Seems to me he’s getting his message across just fine considering all 3 major networks have now dispatched crews to Belize.

  126. John Wells Avatar
    John Wells

    So sorry to hear of your situation.

    Forgive me if this has been anwered previously:

    Do you still hold American citizenship?
    When/why did you leave the states?
    Anything I can do to help from the states?

  127. Tyler Avatar

    Are you on Twitter?

  128. John McAfee Avatar
    John McAfee

    Give me more credit. The traffic won’t peak until after I post the comments I have in reserve. My philosophy is to post the little things first, then build up to the big. The biggest is still a few weeks away. As I told Chad yesterday — have patience. I have been doing this since long before you were born. This is not yet even the beginning. 🙂

  129. StuffMongerFan Avatar

    And whatever you want people to hear, post it now, because your traffic will peak in the next 48 hours. Some people will keep coming back, but most won’t.

  130. Japhy Avatar

    i would be glad to help. Give me your guidelines and i will moderate with extreme prudence.

  131. Cyn C. Avatar
    Cyn C.

    Thanks, did it and you were right!

  132. Dude w/ an audience Avatar
    Dude w/ an audience

    John, I produce a daily live TV show and can give you the opportunity to tell your side of the story & your background in a fully objective format.

    I know your not happy with the image of you that’s been painted by Josh Davis, Jeff Wise, and Joel Johnson… so I think the only solution is to let you tell it live so nobody can spin the story.

    We can do this WITHOUT giving up your location in a few ways. We can try to carefully use an internet video service over a wireless uplink OR (perhaps a MUCH better/safer option for you) a sat uplink like StreamBox or ViaSat.

    Myself or a colleague (just one person) would have to travel to Belize with the Sat uplink technology & operate the gear, but you would have 100% control & orchestration of the time and location… giving you full control over your safety.

    We could even do it on a boat off Belize in international waters. We could charter the boat from your company so you’d know the captain and then meet you at a set point (lat/long) for the interview. You can meet us on a separate boat, do the intv, & leave on your own boat so nobody knows where your coming from or going back to.

    Anyway, it’s a story that still needs to be told. Right now there are a lot of half truths floating around, so I’d love to help do a real objective interview and get your side unedited and live.


    Dude w/ an audience

  133. Jonny420 Avatar

    Chill out mate. Too much pv.

  134. Steve Avatar

    Good luck to you. I truly hope this works out the way is suppose to. But the only real question i have for you Sir. Is if you knew they have been out to get you for so long why didn’t you just move on?

  135. SM Avatar

    My personal opinion: I think you were trying to develop some sort of drug and I think you were testing the concoction on your dogs… ergo their deaths and hence the reason the GSU came to your home, and unearthed your deceased dogs and removed their heads. They did so to check for ballistics to see if it matched your firearms, and to match the bullet casings to Mr. Faull. This is not the movie “Catch Me If You Can” If you are innocent, just turn yourself in. It’s increasingly more suspicious with every new blog post you write.

  136. StuffMongerFan Avatar

    Don’t put anything on a domain name you do not own. This domain/site should be fine. Just make sure you bought enough bandwidth and can stand the traffic, and get moderators for the comments.

  137. John McAfee Avatar

    We could use your help. We are innundated.

  138. John McAfee Avatar

    Off the cuff. Except for the disguises. I enjoy disguise and have always mainained a supply of props.

  139. Barbara Avatar


  140. Joseph Liebman Avatar
    Joseph Liebman

    You say that most young women cannot be attracted to a 67-year-old man. This is false. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that men are attracted by the same mechanisms as women. Men are more attracted to physical beauty, women to status.

    Here’s a good article about why women are attracted to older men:

  141. John McAfee Avatar

    I was with Samantha and 6 other people were present. As to what I was doing, I do not think it is your business.

  142. StuffMongerFan Avatar

    And some people have different values. A life of wild adventures can be a legacy, if you don’t worry about “what people think”.

  143. Inspector Z Avatar
    Inspector Z

    What were you doing on the day that Mr. Faull was murdered, and who was with you at the time?

  144. Barbara Avatar

    Where do you get your info that he threatened to kill his neighbor?

  145. Eugene Kaspersky Avatar

    Nice try Nathan – you run out of the “tan” stuff? 😉

  146. Knighthawk Avatar

    Oh that would be perfect! 😉

  147. truebeliever Avatar

    To fret about what people may think after I’m dead and gone seems a giant waste of time and emotion. I’m hardly concerned about what they think now.

    To say “we all care about our legacy” is a bit of an exaggeration.

  148. John McAfee Avatar

    I think we will need them. We are now up to 50 comments coming in per hour. Chad – can you arrange?

  149. John McAfee Avatar

    I never threatened to shoot him. I’ve never threatened to shoot anyone. The rest of your questions were answered by myself multiple times in this blog. I cannot continue to repeat myself.

  150. John McAfee Avatar

    You are wrong. We are not all concerned with our legacy. I, for one, am not. Legacy is written more by those in power than by the actions of individuals. It is History, which has always been written by the conqueror. What do you think History would say about America, England and the rest of the Allies if Hitler had won?

    So please adjust your opinion to include at least one person in the world who is unconcerned with “legacy”.

  151. nathan Avatar

    Id be more than happy to come to Belize and shoot a film for you, and I’d give you full editorial control so you could get your point across, but I’m skint. What do you think?

  152. Chris Avatar

    cutting the head of dogs it reminds me of headhunters. i would leave belize.
    make sure to write your autobiography and your testament. make sure your money and your will get into your foundation. make sure to make all your researches, thoughts , minds , inventions public to all. so even if you die all your works and thoughts is not gone and future generations can work with it. write it down and publish it everwhere.
    by this your death is not useless.

  153. Inspector Z Avatar
    Inspector Z

    John, why did you delete my questions about your dispute with Mr. Faull? He had complained about your myriad dogs and your security guards frightening people in the area. You threatened to shoot him. The next day, Mr. Faull is found shot dead. If you’re truly innocent, why not answer the authorities’ questions? You are wealthy enough to afford a legal defense team… Or is this some conspiracy, in your mind, by the Norton Antivirus people to set you up?

  154. Andrew Avatar

    Realistically, John, where do you see this ending up?

  155. Japhy Avatar

    John, Quick question. Why don’t you run? Is there no place to go? It seems to me that there is only one conclusion if you stay in Belize, you will end up dead or put in a cell for the rest of your life. To live the rest of your life in meager but your own terms seems a lot better than staying in Belize.

    Best of luck

  156. Chris Avatar

    cutting the head of dogs it reminds me of headhunters. i would leave belize.
    make sure to write your autobiography and your testament. make sure your money and your will get into your foundation. make sure to make all your researches, thoughts , minds , inventions public to all. so even if you die all your works and thoughts is not gone and future generations can work with it. maybe you have ideas how to build flying cars. write it down and publish it everwhere.
    by this your death is not useless.

  157. Robert Raar Avatar
    Robert Raar

    I think it makes sense that once you accuse someone of falsehoods/contradictions, that you actually quote those.

  158. JD Avatar

    I have several WordPress sites I use for testing you could use for mirrors if you need. Just shoot me an email and I’ll set it up (admin, ftp, or whatever you need). A couple of the domain names would work really well with your story.

  159. Mike Diamonds Avatar
    Mike Diamonds

    You’re breaking boundaries when it comes to writing your biography live as it happens! Good luck sir. May I ask, have you prepared for this sort of situation in advance with regards to possible government intervention, or did it occur to you or is all this all “off the cuff”?

  160. We are Legion Avatar
    We are Legion

    just realised there a social net features …didnt see the buttons at first glance…my bad,…anyway ive FBd and Tweeted the word.

  161. Belizean Avatar

    If i may ask….if you were a police officer working in Belize, or if you were Commissioner of police. What would you do to stop crime in Belize? The police in Belize abuse their authority many times but they too have little resources to go with and are underpaid which is why there is a lot of corruption in Belize. But apart from all of that…i read the news in Belize every day…. there are people being killed daily from gun violence… all of this plays into the scene that you describe…the scene where Aurthur was killed…the scene where many other known gang members were killed in custody. The police is there to protect but at the same time they are fearful so they resort to excessive force. Too many people are following your case so unless you do something irrational…i think you’ll survive. Invite the Media like i’ve said…. you have CNN down there on the island as well…. take them with you. If you aren’t guilty you have nothing or noone to fear.

  162. jonathan Avatar

    Why did you not leave when the harrasment began ?

  163. Barbara Avatar

    Get as far away from Belize as you can!

  164. We are Legion Avatar
    We are Legion

    Robert Downey Jr. … No doubt ^^

  165. Chris Avatar

    cutting the head of dogs reminds me of headhunters.
    in this case i would leave belize. in the meantime write down your autobiography and your testament. make sure to put your money and your will into your foundation. if u have any inventions or research in your mind like how to make cars fly then share it with all. so even if u are dead nothing of your works , will , ideas are lost.
    god bless you.

  166. We are Legion Avatar
    We are Legion


    that is everyday policy in just about any country of the world…theres just
    no lobby for publishing these facts widespread. And detention without
    trial? Lawl dude…People in USA and other big “democracies” are held
    in prision for Years and Years undergoing “investigation” pending….
    one of the fundamental civil right is that you should be trialed or at least officially accused of a crime within a acceptable short time…these rights
    are violated millionfold every day and all over the world.

    You gotta go viral with your message. Add social network features to spread. Hail out to anonymous for support,a guy like you should be able to reach them somehow. If theres a substance of governmental/corporate coverup to be revealed im pretty sure they would be interested, even though you were the founder of a “enemy” company 😀

  167. John McAfee Avatar

    I never said “every Belizean”, the press said that. The press has attributed hundreds of other comments to myself that are simply false.

  168. ITHelp Avatar

    The links work. Sounds like you have a virus, adware, spyware on your pc or your browser has been hijacked. Update and run your virus scan. May I suggest McAfee antivirus??

  169. Christina Avatar

    This is the stuff Hollywood movies are made of! If they make a movie, who do you think should play you?

  170. Cyn C. Avatar
    Cyn C.

    I think your blog has been hacked, each of the links are now linked to spam.
    On another note, it seems like you’re going to be the scape-goat, you didn’t pay-off and they are not going to let that go. I’d like to suggest that being near your home in a disguise is really just taunting them, they may harass/arrest innocent people believing them to be you, and I’m sure that is not your intent.
    From what I’ve read you are your own man, and I know others have suggested you leave, but I’m really worried that your situation is only going to worsen should you stay in Belize, any “evidence” found in your home will be used to discredit you further and support the government’s case.
    P.S. I’d recommend that Samantha change her appearance, these pictures will be seen and through her they may find you.

  171. intercessor Avatar

    we all care about our legacy..especially when we reach a certain age..especially if we have children, grandchildren, people we love..i hope your innocent of this crime and all ends well,, but if youre guilty i hope your caught and brought to justice..eventually whatever the truth is, it will come out..Truely.

  172. Stu Avatar

    Ew… “trickle down” hehe.

  173. Belizean Avatar

    As a Belizean i find that many of the things you claim are completely false. For example you mentioned that EVERY Belizean has starved at some point in their life…you made me chuckle lol. Belize has in fact been classified as a third world country and yet as a man with dual citizenship i have seen some serious situations here in the US that shocks even me…and i grew up in Belize. Someone of your stature shouldn’t steep to such levels…your smarter than that. You have the means to communicate via mobile phone as well as the Internet…if you feel that you will be targeted by the police then contact an attorney whether local or international to accompany you….invite the media as well and go in for questioning….You haven’t been charged but your making yourself look guilty by simply not showing. This reminds me of ‘THE ADVENTURES OF HUCK FINN” lol and although you have said some things that i took offense to…i’d say to you put this behind you and continue enjoying my homeland Belize City, Belize….in the mean time i’ll be punching keys 8 hrs a day in Tampa, FL. 🙂

  174. Tom Fukinyachi Avatar
    Tom Fukinyachi

    oh I guess the legacy comment was a falsification you told one of the reporters. I guess I’ll file this one under deception.

  175. Tom Fukinyachi Avatar
    Tom Fukinyachi

    ok then add contradiction to the list. In following this story I’ve heard you contradict yourself over and over again.

  176. John McAfee Avatar

    I have no concern for my legacy.

  177. Tom Fukinyachi Avatar
    Tom Fukinyachi

    John you are worried about your legacy…

    It seems your legacy will be that of narcissism, deceit, and idiocy.

    You could’ve done great things with your fortune, but it seems that everywhere you go all you do is blow cash and create drama.

  178. Michael Avatar

    Before you moved to Belize, were you aware that Belize has one of the highest murder rates in the world, considered one of the most corrupt countries in the world, and nearly bankrupt?

  179. Alejandro Avatar

    John, forget everyone. Be happy with your love. Sam and others are free and they can go away if they wish, if they want to stay for love, money or safety, it is their choice.

    Now, please take cover and if you ever did such crime, please just take yourself in explain the dogs issue. Your won’t make it far but it would be the trught (if so!). Else, please hide and plan just as if you would be in a novel and I expect a book from this!

  180. StuffMongerFan Avatar

    My perspective on this as someone who has lived in developing countries for quite a while.

    The social status of a guy matters more there, no doubt – like it used to in the West, a few generations ago. This is especially true for very impoverished girls who are looking to enhance their life and that of their family.

    And some girls certainly sell themselves to the highest bidder, and you can see them looking very unhappy on the arm of some boring, fat, ugly 60 years old asshole. The kind of guy who could never have a girl if not for money, regardless of his age or location. That’s crass exploitation.

    But if you are charismatic, fit, young at heart, fun and genuinely loving…if you are a guy who had no problem getting girls to like you when you were young… *and* you choose the right girl (not a pure gold-digger type)… it’s very possible to build a sincere, loving relationship over time. Even with a girl much younger than you, from a totally different culture.

    It also bears remembering that, for these girls, the alternative is hooking up with a 19 years old unemployed, weed-smoking local dude who will run away as soon as she gets knocked up. Which will happen soon since no protection will be used. There are a lot of single moms in the developing world. Sad but true.

  181. Mike Avatar

    Belize sounds like South Africa in the 80s, detention without trial, suspension of due process and trumped up courts, so interesting to see how independent media such as blogs and social media still allow you a voice in a repressive society.

  182. Laura Avatar

    My question is, are you happy? At the end nothing else matters.
    What I can say from my personal experience is I am a young woman, I’ve been in love with a man double my age that had fairly s**tloads of money too, he couldnt understand either that I could love him just for him and not for his money, I never EVER took a dime from him but I did passionately love him. There are many that do go for the money, but there are some that just fall in love no matter age, position or circumstances. When Sam tells you I love you, she might actually really do, simply enjoy it while it lasts and do believe it, not much more than that is really important.
    And whatever people say or criticize is their unfortunate way of not being at peace with their own lives.
    Good luck to you Mr. McAfee 🙂 wish you a safe way out of the pack that is haunting you.

  183. Lewis Avatar

    Sorry if this has already been asked, but will you be moving out of the country once all of this comes to an end? I’m surprised you continued to stay in Belize once the Government and the Police had taken an odd interest in you.

  184. Josh McCormick Avatar
    Josh McCormick

    You’re being cynical. Or perhaps realistic? But I’m willing to bet you’ve got very good instincts for reading people.

  185. John McAfee Avatar

    We are posting nearly everything. Comments like “please kill yourself” and “how long have you been shagging that whore” are sent immediately to the trash. Questions that have been asked, and answered, dozens of times likewise go to the trash. All spam goes to the trash. Everything else is posted.

  186. a question Avatar
    a question

    I am wondering, will you post all comments or only certain questions?