Understanding the culture Part One – Timesha

I met Timesha 2 years ago while writing a story about the Mennonites of Belize. The Mennonites are austere and hard working, yet each Friday, many of the men allegedly went to a local bar in Orange Walk, drank, paid women for sex, and partied. I found it hard to believe, so I arranged to take photos at the bar on Friday mornings to help with my story. I showed up for five weeks straight before I finally got the photo I wanted:

While waiting for the right shot (it is difficult to get candid photos of men sneaking around and breaking rules), I met Timesha. She slowly opened up to me and over the next few months she told me her story. I asked permission to post it here, as I asked permission from everyone in every photo. Here is her story. I repet it here because it is not an unusual story for young women in Belize. Here it is:

“Most of my hair fell out when I was 7 years old.” Timesha told me recently, sitting at a corner table in the abnormally quiet bar. “And my skin turned almost white. I was really sick. They said it was because I didn’t eat enough food. For a year, all we had to eat was boiled plantains. I got to hate them. My grandmother in Belize City started sending a box of food for us once a week on the bus and I got better.”

Timesha never really knew her father while growing up, and she and her four siblings were raised by her mother in Orange Walk Town. When she was nine, her mother’s boyfriend moved in with them and, not long before her tenth birthday, began having sex with her. She had her first child, a girl, when she was 15. The child was taken away from her by the girl’s father when the girl was 2 years old. The father, who was living with a woman in Gayle’s point in Southern Belize, seldom stayed at Gayle’s point and the child was left primarily in the care of the father’s girlfriend, who burned the child severely and repeatedly with a hot clothes iron. “She stares a lot now” said Timesha while describing her last visit with her daughter – something she is allowed by the courts to do once a month. Timesha has been trying, without success, to get her daughter back since the very day she was taken from her. As long as she keeps her current job, there will be no hope of retrieving the child.

She pulled out a tattered photo once to show me herself (left) and her daughter with the daughter’s paternal grandmother, who must be present at all Timesha’s visits with her daughter.

Timesha works as a “bar girl” in lover’s bar. She is not a prostitute. She is young and pretty and men may sit with her providing they simply buy her a beer. When the beer is finished, they must buy another or leave the table. Sometimes she dances to attract customers, either by herself of with another girl at the bar.

She dances provacatively, in the Garifuna stye – with much swinging of the hips and suggestive hand gestures and body language.

Timesha is charming and intelligent and is in high demand for conversation among the bar’s clients who can afford a beer, but not a prostitute, or who simply want the company of a pretty woman – frequently hoping that they can bed her later. A beer normally costs $1.50 for a patron who buys one for himself, and $3.00 if he buys one for a girl. Timesha is paid $1.00 for every beer that she drinks. When each beer is delivered to the table, the girl is given a chip which is cashed in at the end of the day. While a man is sitting with her, they are allowed to touch her, except for the private parts of her body, and she will place her hand in a friendly manner on the man’s leg or drape an arm across him in some fashion.

“How many beers do you drink on an average day?” I asked her.

“It depends” she replied. “On weekdays maybe 20. On weekends I can have over 50. I once drank 16 beers in half an hour. The customer liked me. I usually make an excuse, after a few beers, to leave the table and then go to the bathroom and throw them up. I put my hand down my throat”

“Do all the girls throw them up like that?” I asked.

“Most of them do” she said. “But a few just drink until they get too drunk to work”.

Timesha is adept at dispatching beers without appearing to chug them. The faster she drinks, the more money she can make.

Timesha was born and raised in a tiny house at the edge of Orange Walk Town 22 years ago. The house has belonged to her mother’s family for three generations. She seldom went to school – there was usually no money for books and other costs associated with education, and in addition, she was needed at home. Timesha is the eldest of five children – she has three younger brothers and one younger sister. They are all from different fathers. Timesha’s father left home when Timesha was three years old and never returned. He provided no support after leaving, and little support while there, and did not contact Timesha for 14 years after leaving. She confronted him when she was 17. She told him about the lack of food, clothes, electricity and the absence of even the simplest comforts in the home she lived in while he, during the same period, was drinking, partying and ploughing through a long line of women. He had come to the home, on learning that he had grandchildren, and brought a doll as a present.

“If you knew anything at all you would bring food.” She told him. “You buy that bitch you’re with a necklace and your granddaughter is hungry.”

Orange Walk is a small place, and the goings on of each citizen is well know to all of the others.

Timesha’s two daughters were born in this house. She had one miscarriage, at the age of 14. Few people in Belize go to hospitals to give birth. Most give birth at home, in front of the entire family. Children as young as two will watch. Mothers hand down the secrets of childbirth to their daughters, making midwives an unnecessary element of the society.

Violence in the home is the norm in Belize. Drug and alcohol abuse is endemic, and, when combined with widespread poverty, creates a volatile mix. Police will not respond to a domestic violence call unless a death or serious maiming has been the result. Judges will generally not mete out punishments for conflicts arising between husband and wife nor between parents and children. The general assumption of the populace is that marriage and family contain violence as an integral component.

Timesha was beaten by all of her mother’s boyfriends. Most of them because they were drunk and angry. One because she resisted his sexual advances. She still has a scar on her neck where the man held a knife to her throat, and in the heat of his passion and drunkenness, pushed the knife in. “Blood was everywhere.” She said. She still has the scar:

Timesha had always said that she would never work in a bar. She would clean toilets for a living first. But six months ago her younger sister, Shakira, who has worked more than a year for the bar’s owner – Pazus, introduced her to him. Pazus had been lobbying Shakira for many months to bring her sister in to meet him. Timesha and Shakira are close:

Pazozo explained to Timesha that bar girls were respectable girls, not prostitutes. He explained how the job frequently leads to long term relationships with respectable men who have good jobs and fine prospects. He told her that she could earn $50 a day from beers and tips. He told her the secret of purging the beers she drinks. He explained all this softly and sincerely as a father would explain some intricate part of life to a daughter that he loved. He summed up by saying that trying it for a day or two could not harm her and that she might be passing up an opportunity that she would much later regret.

Every prostitute in Pazozo’s bar began their career as a bar girl, and bar girls seldom quit their jobs. They could never make as much money in any other job available to them. Over time, sitting in the same room, and frequently at the same table as the prostitutes, who make three times as much money, the natural progression to prostitution commences. Here is Timesha and Shakira at a table with two of the bar’s “working girls”.

It begins, usually, with a real attraction to a given customer, who may, over time, have become close to the girl. Girls are forbidden to date customers outside of work, and if an infraction is discovered, the girl is fired. Customers, however, can pay a “bar fine” and leave the bar with a girl. The bar fine is supposed to cover the lost revenue suffered by the bar because of the girl’s lost work time. Bar fines are not fixed fees and are negotiated individually and personally with Pazozo. Pazozo takes into account the productivity of the girl, the amount of time she will be away from the bar and the estimated size of the customer’s wallet, and then comes up with a price. The girl gets 25% of the bar fine.

There is no talk of purchasing sex, and Pazus is clear with the customer that his success with the girl will depend on how smooth he talks and acts, and wishes him luck, but in the customer’s mind, he has paid for the girl and therefore has certain rights. It doesn’t take many encounters of this nature for a girl to begin to change her attitude towards herself. It’s a short walk from here to outright prostitution.

Timesha says she has considered it already. “Every man I’ve been with has fucked me, beat me and left me with nothing, except my babies.” She told me once. “Maybe it would be better to get paid for it. They couldn’t beat me in here.”

Timesah did not become a prostitute. She began living with me a year and a half ago. She has her own house on my property and she has her privacy. She has returned to school and is proud of her progress. And I am proud of her.

I tell this story because it is not an unusual story for this country. Due to the economic situation, there is rampant poverty and privation. The powerful accumulate the wealth and spread it to their own families. The rest have little. This imbalance could not exist if the law had teeth and the powerful were obliged to follow it.

I will continue to post these stories, with photos so that you might better understand where I live.


Three of my friends are still being held in prison on trumped up charges.  They are:

Eddie Ancona

Cassian  Chavarria

William Mulligan

 They were charged and have been imprisoned because three legally licensed firearms were found in the incorrect rooms on my property (stretching the law to the extreme).  I would ask you to please email the following and demand their release:

 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]

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  1. charlee Avatar

    Dude im watching you now on CNN your eyes look like 2 pissholes in the snow. Try to get some sleep please…take your vitiams and check in with us often now im worried about you

  2. charlee Avatar

    30 marriages ? ah ha ha ha …gee John if that is true your a sucker for love…. it only took me 2 times….

    so whats up you ok? please dont get married while out galavanting on this latest adventure

  3. John McAfee Avatar

    Thanks for the compliment.

  4. Katy Kwan Avatar
    Katy Kwan

    Are you the same John McAfee that I read on the internet that might have been married 30 times and have father 50 children? By the way you look great for your age and you must have a lot of energy to keep 7 women happy. You must have been a good husband and father since there has been not anything bad said about you on the internet from them. Stay strong and true!

  5. ontheway Avatar

    I have researched Belize for some time and hope to create employment there in the near future. Corruption in the police force is everywhere. The human factor goes off course in the most unexpected places, such as those hired to protect us. I can’t believe what happens in my civilized city and with a police force that polices itself. However, there does seem to be evidence that suggests other factors are at play – such as a possible robbery in the hood. The scenario makes sense – someone should have seen something, some locals may know for sure. Most of us do not want to see an innocent man accused of a crime they did not commit and I believe this to be true of the powers to be in Belize. The moral majority want the truth to be told. If poisoning dogs was a methodology regarding crime, there would be other cases similar on the docket and in the area. Someone could help by turning over a few stones.

  6. davidd Avatar

    This is how it is and Americans don’t ever see this type of thing within the borders (for the most part).

    I have lived throughout the Caribbean and SA and this is the standard career path for a lot of chicas.

  7. SL Avatar

    The path from A (living with 7 women) does not directly lead to B(shooting your neighbor).

    Again, what is your motive for killing your neighbor? You know how corrupt the government there is, I don’t think you would risk actually committing a crime.

    All your guns were legal. The women you lived with are of legal age. They were not being held there against their will. You were living your life in a law abiding fashion.

  8. John McAfee Avatar

    OK. Enough. So I lived with 7 women. Does that make me a murderer?

  9. akoon Avatar

    Well perhaps it is time for him to turn himself in, everyone will be watching so nothing should happen to him. And mr. 9 lives you obviously don’t know the rules of third world countries, anyone can murder you, corruption is common so don’t speak like you know everything.

  10. vickie soman Avatar
    vickie soman

    I am hoping you don’t get caught. The only way you are going to prove your innocence is to stay and fight the fight! Good Luck. I for one will keep reading your blog and hope for a good outcome. Recently I have been considering moving to a “third world country”, but your experience has made me rethink it!

  11. recyclechic Avatar

    Very well spoken!

  12. SL Avatar

    In a polite society, we would be discussing neither.

    The details of Mr. McAfee’s relationships are not for us to speculate on. Every news story I have seen has mentioned the sex and/or drug angle to this story. Neither of those is the issue here.

    The legal age of consent is 16 in Belize. The lab on Mr. McAfee’s property was built for botanical research. I am amused that some claim that he was looking for “female Viagra”. Females can use Viagra for essentially the same effect it has on men. It’s not an aphrodisiac.

    Americans need to stop trying to put every culture into a tidy little American box. And I am disappointed in the media for being lazy and not reporting the facts.

    Sir, you have played the media like a virtuoso. If not for Mr. Faull’s murder, which I believe you to be innocent of btw, Wired would have run with the feature article at the first of the year if they had room. There likely would be no followup and you and Sam would have had a good chuckle.

    I think you are innocent because if you were inclined to, you would be more clever and not that crass and mediocre to just shoot a man. But I think you prefer to be amused by people than to have them gone.

  13. fendidonna Avatar

    “You ain’t a man if you don’t stand up to corruption. That goes for ANY man”

    If more people thought like this the world wouldn’t be such a shitty place.

  14. bruscolerismo Avatar

    mike: what’s worse, posting on this blog to criticize the MAC’s sex-life, or posting on this blog about people who post on this blog to criticize the MAC’s sex-life? you can do better

  15. Trouble in Paradise Avatar
    Trouble in Paradise

    All I can say is, wow. How about a little more intensity…?

  16. MindbenderMike Avatar

    You people are fuckin’ retarded. Are you seriously insinuating that, because a man has physical relations with a woman, that he is incapable of also caring for that woman as a fellow human being? Seriously? Yeah, there’s guys out there that are womanizing pigs. There’s also women out there that use men in the same way. What the fuck does that have to do with this man’s story??? Who cares who he fucks or who fucks him. SEX IS GREAT. It connects two(or more) people in a way that you cannot get without that physical connection. Dude’s telling you he’s on the run, the fuckin’ currupt cops & government are out to get him, he provides a story from a young woman that he knows & openly states he’s had relations with, and you numbskulls sit here and continue to pollute the mans blog with talk about what he does with his genitals and why. WTF!? Every day that goes by, I lose a little more hope for civilization. The man tells a story(true or not, only the people involved truly know) and you fools talk about who’s fucking who. GROW THE FUCK UP. John, as an IT Professional myself, I hate your Anti-Virus software(as well as Norton). I uninstall it from every machine I encounter. But as a man who’s had to deal with corrupt law enforcement and judges personally, if what you’re saying is true, ride ’till you die! FUCK CORRUPTION. FUCK OPPRESSION. 2012 is JUST THE BEGGINING of the World Revolution. You ain’t a man if you don’t stand up to corruption. That goes for ANY man. Keep yourself safe, keep updating this blog. If this is all true, this is an intense situation. I pray for you, and all people around the world that have suffered and are currently suffering due to greed and corruption. May the human race change it’s course in the coming decades.

  17. Eugene Kaspersky Avatar

    The point being, if you’re an intelligent woman everyone thought you would know that the expression isn’t “out of the wood works” but “out of the woodwork” – meaning all the creepy crawlies that come out of the woodwork in your house at night etc. Do you know what woodwork is?

  18. Gina Avatar

    So to summarize? Each of is following this story because he is a wealthy white man? I believe that is what has lead each of us to this blog…I have stated in previous entries that his behavior is questionable to put is mildly. I am as confused as everyone else, but yes fascinated by the story. I also find it hillarious that one would make accusations as to why I am offering assistance when all of us are reading the blog, some in support some, not so much. I have my own fortune that I have worked very hard for, and no his life style does not appeal to me in the least. I do however think the corruption in all third world countries needs be addressed and I will voice my opinion for anyone that is being targeted or treated unfairly. John built his his empire in Ca. Which is where I am from. John McAfee is a household name here and that may be why this story is so intriguing. I don’t need a job, I don’t need money, I am blessed to have a great family and my health. My point is, if even a portion of this story is true, we should all be doing anything we can to stop these corrupt government’s in every third world country. These are countries that count on US and Canadian citizen’s for local tourism dollar’s. why the hell would any of us risk our lives to travel to a country that wants to rob us or worse? The Mayan Riviera has always been my favorite place to travel, until we were ripped off $600 at a local gas station. Thank god we only lost money, but it was a lesson learned. I have the questions everyone else has, but I do not believe he murdered Mr. Faull and that is why I am following the story and supporting John McAfee. I would be following any other story of this caliber that has received national attention. The problem is sadly, we don’t hear about the others. Which is why I say John is genius to publicize his story…

  19. Gina Avatar

    Now that’s funny…. Hook up with an alleged fugitive on the run???

  20. Lam Avatar

    Nobody was able to reproduce the drug… he was trolling, which he has already admitted.

  21. Lam Avatar

    To anyone who has spent any time in a third world country, this story is as old as the hills. It is the same everywhere and every man who tells it tries to make himself appear different from all the others. Maybe he was writing a story about Mennonites, sure, but I doubt that is the only reason he was in a girly bar. The funny thing is, I’m not even against men frequenting these types of bars, I just think it is absurd when they act like they’re above it and different.

  22. horny for timesha Avatar
    horny for timesha

    Timesha is hot!!! And left me w/ a huuuuuuuuuuge boner mate! Lucky you for having her around i wished i could be there too.
    cheers and good luck

  23. Trouble in Paradise Avatar
    Trouble in Paradise

    I fall out laughing every time I read this! Very funny, but sadly, also very profound & painfully true.

  24. Lam Avatar

    Women are women, but if we’re talking the kind of women John is likely going for (bar girls, poor ones from rural NE), then no, not really that special. He’d be better off in Cambodia. But of course, bar girls are pretty much the same in all third world countries, so it really just comes down to your ethnic preference.

  25. CaylaHatch@gmail.com Avatar

    This story made me happy and sad, at the same time.

  26. Carlito Avatar

    Thank you for sharing this blog with the world. Belize has some serious systemic problems. I can be very frustrating to live here at times and see how much raw potential this wonderful jewel has to offer. The corruption and cronyism is so prevalent the only solution I see is an Iceland style revolution. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-SiYQ8s_6I

    Stay Safe

  27. nine lives Avatar
    nine lives

    “Not all women WANT empowerment”?? They want MANLY men to take care of them??

    Yeah, but they’re trading their sexuality & their power for MONEY, aka” being taken care of”. I love “manly men”, but I also have a brain & could never be satisfied with not using it. I just find so much wrong with your statement, but I’d better not share it here. The ONLY family here, is one 67 year old man & 7 girls 20 & younger, along with caretakers who are actually PAID to “take care of the house”. So, exactly what are these unempowered girls doing?? Well, taking care of their manly man. This isn’t Victorian England, my dear.

  28. Carlito Avatar

    I will agree that in the villages things are quite different, I should have stated that up front. I also have many friends Kriol and Mestizo all over Belize and they are some of the kindest and most generous people I have ever met. Belize City is quite different, I have been falsely arrested, refused service and outright called names just for being white. Belize has some real problems with race, constant tensions between Kriol and Mestizo in Belize city often end up in shootings and other violence. A friend of mine was beaten to within an inch of his life for being Mestizo in the wrong ghetto in the south side.

  29. nine lives Avatar
    nine lives

    Yes, and she was Anthony’s girlfriend! What makes you think she won’t turn on you, John?

  30. nine lives Avatar
    nine lives

    Great song, great analogy! I told John to call my friend, Steve Cohen (state senator). He was best friends with Warren Zevon & they stayed with me whenever Warren would play in New Orleans. Steve is a lawyer & an aggressive, get it done kinda guy. Maybe John’s waiting for the Pope to intervene. Sorry, can’thelp you there!

  31. Joe Avatar

    This has been a fascinating story. John, you are clearly a brilliant man.
    I enjoyed reading Stuffmonger. I read the entire thread. It was addictive reading. It sure didn’t sound like a joke to me. It sounds like you mastered the tan pv and it became a high demand drug. You obviously shared it with a lot of people. You must have had some wild parties! I’m not criticizing you in any way. You ARE a chemist and you mastered this recipe. I really know nothing about it except what i learned from the thread but I think you’ve inspired the curiosity of many other chemists to create a new sexual drug for both men and women. But it may be a tough nut to crack to remove the paranoia and euphoria. But on the flip side, it does sound like the unperfected white pv can cause some serious hallucinations which could have caused anybody in the neighborhood to lose it and go off the deep end.
    Regardless, I wish you the best, and I hope this mystery gets solved.

  32. nine lives Avatar
    nine lives

    Bravo!!! Self-delusion of a brilliant mind? Or justifying his actions by deluding those only too willing to believe. And the masses follow, wanting to share in the fantasy. I prefer to just watch.

  33. ManInBZE Avatar

    I totally disagree that most Kriols hate white people. I’ve certainly come across cases of it, but for the most part I’ve been treated with respect. I’ve lived in a Kriol village (Gales Point) for several years, and have many close friends here.

  34. John McAfee Avatar

    Each of you get to choose an image, or an idea, on your own.

  35. nine lives Avatar
    nine lives

    Being intelligent does not mean that you have good judgment. And in this case, I think there is a huge disconnect.

  36. Bryan Avatar

    Hope things work out for you! I’m rooting for you.

  37. M@ack Avatar

    Good story. Post more.

  38. ziggy k Avatar
    ziggy k

    You know John, I was originally swayed by the press’ categorization of you as a paranoid rich expatriate. After finding your blog and reading your side of the story and the nature of the State you have found yourself opposing, I have to say I was wrong to have judged so early and harshly. I wish you the best of luck. Stay aware, stay alive.

  39. Getrealeh Avatar

    I actually feel sorry for you. You have alienated you rich neighbours in Mta Grande. You exploit teenage prostitutes. You live in a compound and brag about making and distributing drugs in public forums. You bribe officials and then complain about corruption. People will not remember you for your accomplishments but rather the irresponsible self serving behaviour and insanity. Your actions at the end of your life will negate eveything you have ever accomplished. Just another flawed genius who sadly lost his way and ended badly. In the end everthing you have accomplished will be moot.

  40. Eugene Kaspersky Avatar

    No! Don’t disable comments, ask for mods – there are plenty of people who will help for free. This is the best blog from an ex anti-virus mogol who is accused of murdering his neighbour for weeks!

  41. Carlito Avatar

    Let me start by first saying that I love Belize. There are many wonderful people that make up this jewel on the Caribbean. However, I have to say many things you are saying about Belize is true. First and foremost is that most Kriol people in Belize hate Caucasian people and Americans the most. I partially understand this by watching the way most American visitors to Belize treat the locals. Most Americans are very condescending, demeaning and foul to Belizean people when they are visiting. Most of us who have decided to live in Belize however do not have this prejudice against Belizeans. The police in Belize are incompetent, corrupt and ignorant. I myself have been singled out at a roadblock coming into Belize on the western highway and detained for 14 hours. When my brother in law called to find out where I was they would not tell him. Finally they told him that I was being held fro possession of cocaine. I can tell you I have never been in possession of cocaine in my life. My real crime was having the audacity to ask why I was being singled out (driving while white). Finally my wife was able to get a lawyer and find out where I was being held. In the end I was released with no chargers after I was forced to apologize at the request of the commissioner to the officer for questioning his integrity (there was no question, no integrity). As we exited the lawyer scornfully told me never to question the police in Belize. “This is not America, you are guilty until proven innocent. The police can fabricate any evidence they want to ensure you are guilty.” Sorry for the rambling I just wanted to give some background to my next statement. I believe you John all of your story, the corruption here is unfathomable to those who have not been shaken by it. I feel sorry for the people of Belize for having to live daily with gang violence and police corruption/ incompetence. The biggest gang in the country being the UDP being led by their PM. I hope you make it out alive. Cheers

  42. Gina Avatar

    Not sure why there is so much sarcasm??? I may be a smart business woman, but this man s brilliant! You have to admit, even those that think he is guilty are intrigued by his life story. Not sure what was meant by coming out of the wood works? None of these responses make any sense.

  43. Nicolas Avatar

    Hi John.
    Courage you leave the country you are after you Mr.John.

    God be with you 🙂

    I’m from Quebec 🙂

  44. Eugene Kaspersky Avatar

    Gina, for an intelligent business woman you’re not very quick on the uptake are you?
    I would suggest that the poster above (aug4343) is suggesting that you have only posted here because:
    1) The MACdaddy is white 2) The MACdaddy is rich 3) Everyone is reading this blog.

  45. Barbara Avatar


  46. zsuzsko22 Avatar

    Dear John!

    I read your story. I think you are innocent!! If I can help with something let us know. Take care of yourself is very! If you want please e-mail: [email protected] Sign in, please! Greetings from Hungary, Budapest!

  47. coco loco Avatar

    would timesha be interested in an interview for “catnip and mint”? a somewhat regular feature on the blog is The Real Life Lady interview, and she would be a fantastic real life lady. we can conduct the interview on the phone or she can email me her responses, whatever’s clever. in any event, i do hope you see that she continues to pursue her education, despite your legal troubles.

  48. Belle Avatar

    I believe he said she was in school now, so that’s certainly a start. On the other hand, not ALL women want empowerment. Some women are happy with the fact their man is MANLY and providing for them…out working while they stay at home and take care of the house and family. And whether he’s sleeping with them or not, well that’s their business. I think this was a very interesting read and I will continue to pray for you and your friends…and the family who suffered such a horrible loss.

  49. Patrick Avatar

    Dear John, I’m writing a story for The Guardian, in Britain, on your life and current predicament. I have read your blog and understand your views on the sensationalism of the media but if you did want to talk directly I would be very interested in talking to you: my email address as above.
    Many thanks and best wishes,

  50. John Wells Avatar
    John Wells

    You holding up ok John? Post up and let u know.

  51. Dean Avatar

    Show us some of the love and compassion you’ve been going on about and do something to help find your neighbor’s murderer.

  52. Nick D Avatar
    Nick D

    Why do the sheep in here pledge to follow and help a man they don’t even know? They assume that you’re not guilty because you say so. They offer to help in any way that they can…even if it incriminates them as well. It’s no doubt a story unto itself. People in here still don’t know the real story…yet they are offering you safe harbor. There’s no rest for the wicked. I truly hope that you’re not implicated in this murder at all. Maybe it truly is some government conspiracy to punish you for not donating to their cause. Maybe one day you will be able to go back to your hedonistic ways and this will be some laughable memory. I just don’t see this story having a happy ending. Even if the drug lords are providing you protection and safety…eventually they will turn you over to the highest bidder…after they’ve squeezed what they can get out of you. Why is it the ones who have the most end up squandering it all away?

  53. Nick D Avatar
    Nick D


    The more and more I read about you…the more and more I think you are totally whacked out of your skull. Now I see why you don’t want to stand in front of a jury! Sex is a common theme across everything you do…that and the quest to create hyper sexual drugs. Sex with 5 women…possibly dogs (which would explain the killing of the dogs). There’s no doubt that this will make a crazy movie one day when the full story actually does come out. What really happened is what we all want to know. Were you hallucinating on Tan Minus and decided to put one in the head of your nearest neighbor? It’s either drugs or sex related. Wasn’t Yoga enough for you to find inner-peace? Did you have to resort to drugs and women? Why out all of your friends now? Don’t you need them? You will. I really think this is going to end bad for you in a country where you are increasingly making new enemies with every post. You want sympathy…but your own words in “The Crazy Secret Journal of John McAfee” makes it seem like the girls you are now claiming to have helped..were just victimized even more for your own sexual gratification. They went from the stove into the frying pan by trusting you. As a man, I wonder if I would do anything different with endless amounts of money and sexy women jumping into my bed at command. The irony is that you went from a virtual antivirus king…to creating a company who develops antibiotics to cure real viruses…or psycho sexual hallucinogens. I bet you throw one hell of a party!

  54. Tracey Avatar

    John… as you have been striving for since this has begun.. your blog and story is now just about everywhere. We are in Canada on the west coast.. and it was on our morning news this morning. I too , am now following your blog.. and wish the best for all involved… and the release of your freinds.
    God bless and stay safe.

  55. Jemida Gabba Avatar
    Jemida Gabba

    That was a very interesting story, negative energy traps like the bar-girl trap you describe seem to be present in every country in the world. The interest for me is your description of how things work over there. The photos really help tell the story too !

    I’m based in the U.K. so i will be writing to my Member of Parliament regarding the detention of your bodyguard and his wife who i understand are British nationals.

    I wish you the best luck John.


  56. charlee Avatar

    if you can make it to Texas I have a 31 foot Rv w a slide very nice you can take it or stay in it ( dont publish this) I would offer other good advice but dont trust this site you of all people should know who can do what be careful

  57. Gina Avatar

    I’m not understanding your post.. How would one find your blog?

  58. lovedbyjesus Avatar

    John, hello. I also don’t watch the tv news, but had your software for a year or so then changed providers and moved. I also think you need to get out of there. Once you are gone and they probably will sense it they will let your friends go. They captured them to keep you around probably. Just fly out of there. No one knows how to mount an attack against corruption like this. I need to tell you God will help you if you turn to Him. He will take you as you are, right this second and help you. He loves you and doesn’t want this injustice to take over in your life. Repent for your sins and just get out of there. I think your sins allowed this trap to be set. Maybe you are trying to punish yourself for your sins. Jesus took the punishment for your sins on the Cross and wants to set you free. These men are full of devils and you need to just GET OUT OF THERE! We all love you. Your story has caught our hearts. Please don’t let them take you by being stubborn!

  59. fritz Avatar

    eye-opening story, Mac…….nicely written.You get my support! Peace, Fritz in New England

  60. Michelle Richmond Avatar

    I’m a CNN producer with Erin Burnett OutFront (weeknights, 7pm ET). We’d like to interview you tonight. Please let me know how I can reach you off-line to discuss. Thank you!

  61. Kimberlee Nichols Avatar
    Kimberlee Nichols


    Loved this story..it is so wonderful that you are helping this young lady turn her life around and be able to go back to school. Education is the key! I pray for your friends wrongly imprisoned and your safety and justice as well.

  62. Zsuzsko Avatar

    Hi John!

    I believe that you are innocent. Take care of yourself is very. You like me, please write my e-mail address: [email protected] Greeting from Hungary, Budapest! 🙂

  63. Lord Lucan Avatar
    Lord Lucan

    Don’t get stuck up on the idea of remaining in Belize since I truly believe you will be buried there if you remain.
    The government is being ridiculed internationally by your escape and evades tactics so they will get you soon. All your known associates are being rounded up as we speak and they are being interrogated under the influence of Sodium Pentothal which is being injected into them before questioning starts. I know this from a top official in the GSU and also from a courier company official who has seen dozens of boxes of the truth serum being unloaded at Belize airport.
    The time to run is now, since within the next 24 hours they will get you if you are around.

  64. John Smith Avatar
    John Smith

    John C. Dvorak says you owe him dinner: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2412231,00.asp

  65. Ellen O'Rourke Avatar
    Ellen O’Rourke

    Emailed Barbara Boxer concerning political asylum.

  66. Eugene Kaspersky Avatar
    Eugene Kaspersky

    She won’t come out of the “wood works” (groan) for you! Don’t you know she is a very intelligent business woman?

  67. The Things We Talk about Avatar
    The Things We Talk about

    this is a very unfortunate situation but to be quite honest with you John this is not uncommon of countries outside of the united states. People do that all the time. For whatever reasons, they feel the need to exploits young ones with financial difficulties. Things like that happen all over the world. Keep sharing your story.

  68. Steve Avatar

    Such a shame that the Bar doesn’t try to “help” the girls or try to do something to ease the struggle in a way. One example is instead of getting them beer the bar could offer them water in the beer bottle,Clients would be oblivious and the girls can avoid health issues and trouble.
    Instead of helping getting these girls drunk and risk causing them additional issues in life like alcoholism or worst. The damage these poor girls must be doing to their body for such chump change is sickening.

  69. heathen Avatar


  70. Yar Avatar

    Avast was always better anyway. Have fun in prison.

  71. nine lives Avatar
    nine lives

    Since when have you been accused?? It’s as if you are doing everything possible to get them to do so. The insanity of it is, well, driving me insane!!!! I am questioning my own sanity in even bothering to talk about things that I am pretty sure you already know. You didn’t do it, you’ve got alibis & witnesses to your whereabouts, & yet you continue to hide & post on an ongoing on an ongoing blog with you always as the central character (or what you have done for others), which in your eyes, makes you a folk hero. I just entirely disagree. Not the time nor the place for grandstanding. You’ve got our attention. Please answer their questions. Will definitely be interested in your continuing support of the young girls of Belize. Timesha is precious & I wish her the very best in life.

  72. Advertigo Avatar

    All this blog for promotion?:)

  73. Steven Avatar

    I’m just a normal guy living in the UK, but I’m inspired to reply by your courageous story and bloody good blog articles.

    Continue to stand up for what you believe is right and I – for one – will stand with you.


    Ooh – and if I can do anything to help, I will


  74. Chris Avatar

    So, god’s blessing gives you a broken family, years of beatings, abuse, rape and almost leads you into prostitution or, if you’re male, gives you murder accusations? If those are examples of who god has blessed… But this is not the place for religious discussions, I suppose.

  75. nine lives Avatar
    nine lives

    I will try to make this my last post, but it needs to be said. First of all, this story has nothing to do with the murder or why you are hiding from the police. Are you a good man? I have no idea.

    But Tamesha’s story is being repeated all over the world, every minute of every day, in rich countries, poor countries, ALL countries.

    A very brief example to denote my point. I was born to a very wealthy, very well-known & respected family. My grandfather was a legend in banking. But, guess what, I suffered every kind of abuse imaginable, everything except physical abuse (although some from my brother). My childhood makes The Prince of Tides look like a fairy tale. So, female abuse, both sexual, physical, & emotional is everywhere. It is rampant throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa…. Every nation, including Belize.

    I just feel that women need empowerment, to know that they do not need a man to take care of them. To know that they do not need to sleep with a man to get what they want, to have a good life. If you were “helping” these women WITHOUT sleeping with them, even if they wanted to do so, then I’d say, “great job”. I just cannot under these circumstances.

    I promise you that if I were dirt poor with no prospect of ever escaping from poverty & grew up in similar conditions, I would have no qualms about sleeping with someone 50 years older than I. You are attractive, you are fun & young at heart, but most importantly you represent security, something they’ve never had. But you are not empowering them by repeating the same message. That they must have a “relationship” with a man, to get what they need & they are all scrambling to be your #1. It makes me very sad. Give them the tools to better themselves, then walk away & let them fly on their own wings. Be responsible & if you really care about them, then don’t make sex a part of it or it becomes completely meaningless.

  76. nine lives Avatar
    nine lives

    “Dig up the dogs”, not “figure”

  77. nine lives Avatar
    nine lives

    I do applaud you for your interest in the young girls of Belize & their plight, which is wretched. Unfortunately, the fact that you have slept with all, or at least most of them, kind of convolutes the entire message. I am not judging you whatsoever, just stating the facts.

    Would your message not have more meaning & impact if you had bought some land, hired workers who badly need it, to build housing, a school, to provide information & education, giving them a fresh start in life, without having to rely on you to get it? I guarantee that people of the internet world would donate money & time to such a cause & respect you alot more, especially as so many more would be helped, & others would be inspired to follow your lead, & your name would be synonymous with helping young girls to help themselves, rather than what it now seems to many, which is a way for you to be surrounded by young girls who share your bed.

    So frustrated. I wish you would just clear your name, instead of making this a platform. It is just not the right time or place.

  78. nine lives Avatar
    nine lives

    Brilliant comeback. My thoughts exactly. John was marked for a robbery, so they tried to kill all of his dogs with poison the night before. If John did actually see the boat with men offloading on a dock next door, this is what they were up to. But they come back the next night & there are more dogs, so they go to the next house where someone is home, John Faull. No dogs, they gain entry, murder him, & steal what’s valuable-a laptop & a cellphone. Who knows if there was money missing. Probably so.

    So the police are alerted, process the crime scene, then go to talk to the neighbors. But John thinks they are after “him” & starts this insane cat & mouse game, which has REALLY put a target on his back & most likely the GSU AND the government are really after him now.

    I do not believe that they suspected him of anything until he started running from them. This is why they waited so long to figure up the dogs, because they weren’t even considering him for the crime until…. All of this.

    The reward was a very good idea, but I think the robbers were from the mainland & came to rob the rich white man by boat, which correlates perfectly with what you said you saw, John. It could very well be some of the gang members that you are acquainted with & if I were hours, I’d put out a lot of feelers around the gang areas & raise the reward to about $20,000 USD & guarantee some anonymity. That’s your problem. People are scared to “death” of testifying against any of them, which is how the gangster who was just killed (name escapes me right now), got away with murder last time. In court the witness refused to testify & said she remembered nothing.

    Sadly, they have absolutely no evidence against you & you have a firm alibi substantuated by many witnesses, yet you continue to play this ridiculous game. I really do not see how it is benefiting anyone other than yourself & your friends are only being held because you are refusing to speak with the police & answer their questions. It makes it look as if you ARE guilty & by default, the people who work for you, MUST know something. What a complete shame. Please take some responsibility for their being held as material witnesses, because you refuse to come forward. Please see this as a planned robbery of the rich people of the north end by robbers from the island or the mainland, & nothing else, or at least think about it

  79. Jared Avatar

    All countries have issues to deal with but these stories are so exaggerated… most women have babies at home?…that’s so untrue!!! it’s a shame that there are actually people buying these ridiculous stories you are formulating in you mind.. If you thought Belize was like what you are writing in this blog, you should have left our country a long time ago!!! Nobody needs a moron like you in their country!!

  80. Beth Avatar

    Mr. McAfee, I am wishing you well. I’ve been following your story, and learning of all of the corruption in that country. You can’t count on justice anywhere, even here in the States. I just experienced this myself with the “system” in a jury trial where I was a victim, yet was found guilty. This world is crazy. I pray for you and Sam. I hope you are able to leave Belize permanently and be a free man.

  81. StuffMongerFan Avatar

    “I met Timesha 2 years ago while writing a story about the Mennonites of Belize. ”

    Was this story ever published?

  82. Living in Belize Avatar
    Living in Belize

    My congratulations to this colorful story!

    The Mennonites agree in publishing their photos of being in a whore house…
    The prostitute doesn’t provide the services the customers paid for…
    The youth services take children without any reason…

    But it must be some other Belize, not the one I am living in since more than 10 years. Where I live the Mennonites avoid public attention, the prostitutes have to work for their money, the family court will withdraw custody from the mother only in severe cases. And I never got harassed by the police.

    It looks to me that you have to glorify this lady because you can’t admit that you surround yourself with young prostitutes. God bless, only the Lord seems to be able to help you.

  83. charlee Avatar

    Glad Timesha met you. this story reminds me of Jesus when he said there will always be poor. I think if I recall correctly, some chick was rubbing his feet with an expensive oil when she suddenly stopped to ask him the question if she should continue rubbing his feet with an oil that was so expensive, that is when he told her ” there will always be poor, keep rubbing my feet”. If Jesus were here today I guess that is what he would tell you.~ just a thought

  84. charlee Avatar

    you can hide at my house so long as you teach me programming and help with the laundry 🙂

  85. StuffMongerFan Avatar

    The exact same situations happen in South East Asia, so I understand your post.

    However, John, this is not going to help you. For the average person without a passport and an open-mind, the only thing they’ll remember is that you hang out with prostitutes. Your other points will go straight over their head. Expect to see much snickering about it in upcoming articles. This is not really helping your case.

  86. NunyaBiz Avatar

    I wish this was Reddit and I could upvote you. I want to upvote you so hard right now. I also want to add Gina to my LinkedIn network, because she is clearly not lying about being a successful business woman. I’m sure she has lots of valuable insight as to M&A and corporate governance, generally. Also, is it just me, or are you getting the same vibe that Gina might be trying to hook up with J.M.? She ain’t about that MAC life, though.

  87. Captain Pants Avatar
    Captain Pants

    Has a release date been determined for the graphic novel?

  88. Aryeh Goretsky Avatar


    Considering that some Twitter clients can push location data with a tweet, I do not think that Dr. McAfee will be on Twitter anytime soon. Even if the feature were disabled, bug or configuration could cause that information to be leaked.


    Aryeh Goretsky

  89. Aryeh Goretsky Avatar


    There have been some requests for AMA’s on Reddit, already, however I would recommend holding off until you are in an environment where you can afford a full day to focus on them. Hopefully, of course, that will be soon.


    Aryeh Goretsky

  90. Bandontherun Avatar

    Hey JD,

    Something to think about, when they offer a reward for you, things will fall fast if your not in the right place with the right people.

    Didn’t one of your gal pals rat out Anthony? You will be no different. When the Beleizeans are offered money, well, you know the results.

    I hope your at least that many steps ahead.

    PS, Just listening to Lawyers, Guns and Money by Warren Zevon. This is you to a tee. No?


  91. aug4343 Avatar

    The question still hasn’t been answered- who is mcafee?

  92. aug4343 Avatar

    Ohh- An IT manager from Missouri! I hope you use all your pull to free this wayfaring pauper from the corruption of this sinful world. A corrupt government in a poor country-doesn’t that sound familiar? And I’m willing to bet our man MAC is the next one gonna be crucified for his preaching to the masses. Unreal.

  93. Jay Avatar

    Hey John,

    Just wondering if you could post pics of your harem members? Gizmodo had a story about ti but blurred everything out andI’d prefer the truth from you. Best of luck, why don’t you flee the country and like smuggle yourself out?

  94. leyroy Avatar

    just get out buddy. Thailand, Australia, IDK, answer the q’s later. I hear thai girls are all that and more. Cheers.

  95. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you. But first mount a campaign to free my freinds.

  96. Sysgod Avatar

    John, I have been watching your blog and will continue to do so to monitor your status. I’m an IT manager from Missouri and have some friends doing mission work in different areas of Belize. I agree that their corrupt government and law enforcement is not to be trusted! I have heard many stories and its a scary thought to even visit there. I have been wanting to do so for long time and will at some point to help my brothers and sisters in christ. I will start looking into my resources and try to plan a mass campaign via social networks to push your status updates and articles. Once this can be done we can use the followers and subscribers to push their voice for both you and those being illegally held. Stay safe and my email is above if you would like to discuss a plan for exposure. God bless!

  97. Josh McCormick Avatar
    Josh McCormick

    John, this is absolutely so foreign, it is so very hard to take in. Wow.

  98. bruscolerismo Avatar

    john: you need not post part 2. your understanding of belizean culture is unparalleled and couldn’t possibly be better explained by a belizean him or her self. now your life’s work has come to fruition.

  99. Trey Avatar

    That was a good read. Thanks John

  100. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Bosso Nova films…I forgot the name of the company for a minute. Can you not fly to the U.S.?

  101. Nina Avatar

    Why this article? Are you running for your LIFE or for “the greater cause”?
    I hope at this point, one supersedes the other…RIGHT?!

  102. Nina Avatar

    Why this article? Are you running for your life for for “the greater cause”?! Right now, I hope one supersedes the other…RIGHT!?

  103. Bill Hicks Avatar
    Bill Hicks

    This is by far the best post you’ve made so far.

  104. ManInBZE Avatar

    I live in Gales Point. There’s no “y” in the spelling. I probably know Timesha’s daughter. It’s a small village. Sadly, her story sounds pretty typical.

  105. bruscolerismo Avatar

    I also want to cry. God has clearly blessed The MAC and Timesah equally, and may he always.

  106. Getrealeh Avatar

    The way I see it this story will end in one of three ways: You are charged with murder and go to jail in Haitiville, you are deported from Belize, or you end up dead. No matter what the 7 “girlfriends” lose. They lose their meal ticket and return to a life of prostitution in search of another rich American gringo. They have the rest of their lives ahead of them and they and their offspring will suffer for decades. The cycle will continue for generations. For you it is a brief hedonistic fling. They are disposable and easily replaced. I have spent time in Belize and on Ambergrise too. I know that most Belizeans are hardworking and religious. Most kids attend parochial schools and are taught that prostitution is a sin. Their parents do not offer them to the highest bidder. The rate of aids is very high in Belize. You are deluding yourself. You are no different than any other sex tourist in Central america or Thailand or any other poor country. You are in fact no different from any other man who takes a bar girl home. Being in an unequal relationship with a poor teenager is sexual exploitation no matter how you try to sugar coat it. The best thing you could do if you want to clear your conscience is set up a trust fund for the 7 teenagers in your stable so that they can get an education, a career and hopefully get out of “the life” you have enabled. You are kidding yourself if you think this is about anything except self-gratification. There are many wealthy single women on Ambergrise and throughout Belize. You could choose to have an adult relationship with a woman who is your social and financial equal and who is your age. The fact is you choose to sexually exploit poor girls in a third world country. Get off your high horse!

  107. Gina Avatar

    Sex is not a factor in the murder accusations plain and simple. I mean he isn’t being accused of murdering this man because he slept with one if John’s girlfriends. That is what that statement was directed too. Obviously John has several lovers as they call themselves, but again that is not what is in question..

  108. aug4343 Avatar

    GIna, I also live in Belize on the other side of the country… the south. My neighbor has also been shot in the melon. I too am suspected by the police. Just like the MAC I am able to…hover around my own home with impunity because the Belizean cops (aka Keystone cops) don’t know its me. Just like the MAC. He fumbled. I too have a blog about my ordeal. Just like the MAC. Unlike the MAC-1) I am black. 2) I am poor. 3) No one is reading my blog. Would you please “fly up and kidnap me” or at least “mail congress etc.” on my behalf. You are very a intelligent woman and a successful business woman. I’m counting on you. That’s all.

  109. Nick Pullman Avatar

    Hey John, hope everything is well. You deserve a fair jury and trial at the minimum, and it sounds like that is impossible in Belize.

    If you dont mind me asking, why would you choose to stay in Belize if you knew the government was trying to arrest you?

    On another note, what decided you to go to Belize in the first place?

    Best of luck. Nick

  110. aug4343 Avatar

    Oh my God. What world do you live in? Sex is a factor in every single thing. A successful business woman would know this and understand this.

  111. aug4343 Avatar

    “please reach out.” how simpering! he’s obviously a strongarm who has no regard for human dignity and thinks he can push people around to escape a murder rap. I wonder what would happen to a poor sap without gold teeth and the ability to strangle dogs naked at will.

  112. Gina Avatar

    He houses them and has sex with them! That’s what makes him special… Jk. Sounds like age is not a factor in Belize and that he has helped young woman and men, offering housing and food. As far as sex, that’s not even the topic of discussion and I would go live off John McAfee before Hugh Heffner with out question lol…

  113. Derek Avatar

    Loved the story, I never knew you were from the star city I am also a fellow noker If you need anything let us know!
    Fellow Viking

  114. Gina Avatar

    John, I know I told you earlier that speaking to the authorities was probably the only way out of ths mess, but damn I’m becoming more confused with each entry/article I read. Wish I could fly up and kid nap you so we could figure out how to handle such a scandal lol… This is your life! One slip up and it’s game over! Be careful who you conduct random interviews with, is the only advise I can offer. I will never understand the path you chose, but at this point it’s neither here nor there. I guess my minds keeps coming back to, you could have made a home anywhere and you chose a third world country and still call it home after all the events that you state have happened. That I just dont get? I did read previous blog entries but it still makes no sense why you would want to be there. If this is there way of life and the PM has it in for you… What’s the point? Your 67 years old, built an empire that most envy, this is when you should be enjoying life, not forced to have armed guards and then ultimately be a prime suspect in a murder case…. I am a very intelligent business woman and wish I could have accomplished a quarter of what you have… Again if there is anything I can personally do to help aside from mailing congress etc.. Please let me know. I’m sure people are coming out ofvthevwood works to offer assistance, but for some reason I have really become consumed with this story and I don’t even watch the news lol. Finding people you can trust will be a huge factor in how this all plays out. I’m not computer savvy, but I know you are so if you need anything at all, please reach out…

  115. aug4343 Avatar

    How forlornly utterly patronizing! We’re all supposed to be taken in on by tripe about women you only care about because you’re warm for their form. Give me a break John. Before I was posting gags now I’m expressing my hearty disgust. Admit what you want and be a man mate.

  116. Fred Avatar

    You are not accused of anything and this story is not a problem only in this country. You house them and have sex with them, Wat makes you special?

  117. Ayahuasca Avatar

    This is like an obituary to yourself. Best case scenario is you end up taking showers with guys too poor to bribe their way out of prison. Gtfo now!

    Btw, Are you on twitter?

  118. fendidonna Avatar

    Dear John. Thank you for bringing this out in the open. It truly makes me want to cry. God bless Timesah and you both.

  119. John McAfee Avatar

    Sure. I’m an accused man on the run, however, and don’t have much time to set it up.

  120. Peter Avatar

    Would you be suggesting that the alleged girlfriends reporters are interviewing near your home now cannot be trusted to be truthful?

  121. Neil K Avatar
    Neil K

    Would you consider doing an “Ask Me Anything” over on Reddit? If you’re not familiar with it, this is a kind of group interview conducted by the commenters on a popular news site.

    I think this would be an interesting way to get your message out and expose the issues you want to talk about.

    Check out http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/ to get a sense of how it goes.

  122. bruscolerismo Avatar

    Mac! You are the great white hope of belize. Thank god for this murder rap so you can get their story out!