If I am captured

If I am captured, this blog will continue. I have pre-written enough material to keep this blog alive for at least a year. In addition, the administrator, Chad, will continue to monitor comments. He will administer the reward and post any information received. In truth my continued involvement from this point is irrelevant.

In the event that I am captured, please continue to support this cause. It is a just cause and it needs International attention.

Thank you.


Three of my friends are still being held in prison on trumped up charges.  They are:

Eddie Ancona

Cassian  Chavarria

William Mulligan

 They were charged and have been imprisoned because three legally licensed firearms were found in the incorrect rooms on my property (stretching the law to the extreme).  I would ask you to please email the following and demand their release:

 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
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61 responses to “If I am captured”

  1. Uncle Benji Avatar
    Uncle Benji

    Who said that John McAfee is a wanted man? Please. Check the Belize Police website. No mention of John.

    John, I luv you man, but could it be an overdose of bathsalts? LOL.

  2. dave hardisty Avatar
    dave hardisty

    Apperes most are forgetting your wishes for the release of your friends & employees . “We” are striving from our locale in Oregon to THIS fruition & hoping this to clear your thinking a bit & utilize the great mind ~given~~~~~~~~~~~~~dvh

  3. big ritual Avatar
    big ritual

    -damn… spit revolution-
    -safety is just danger out of place-
    finding any peace in chaos… mom thinks “never find john”

  4. Rick Bailey Avatar
    Rick Bailey

    This is pretty cool blog John. I am one of the many hoping you left Belize a few days ago. Hang in there and keep us informed. Many of us would be honored to have a visit from you. or just an email.

  5. Rick Bailey Avatar
    Rick Bailey

    Hey there John, your story is very interesting. If you find your way to Oklahoma you have a place to hang out.

  6. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    Dear John , I find myself drawn more to this story by the hour so please stay safe and keep posting. Realizing you are a very intelligent man, I hesitate to say please don’t run out of AC or DC so we can continue to know you are okay!

  7. John McAfee Avatar

    Apologies. There are multiple people approving comments. I will ask that it be removed.

  8. maria barry Avatar
    maria barry

    try to keep a low profile ..stay away from the media….. get of face book……..you need to spend time proving you did not do what they suspect you of doing……..they only have a person of interest on you because you were last person to see him alive…..and they to lazy to look for the real evidence….
    been doing a bit of research on Belize.cops…not good what i am reading..

  9. Bernie Avatar

    Well John, I read the articles and agree that the Govt is totally corrupt but then again so are most 3rd world countries…I have travelled ot many countries and while abroad have witnessed this many times….What I dont understand is why you are still running?? Why not leave for Mexico or Chile or ?? From there you can get the protection desired or at the very least hold a press conference! I’m not fully aware of why they chase you, especially since you were watching a movie at your friends the night of the shooting and as well, there were other witnesses to say you were there all night so you already have an alibi and the money to get protection…I will continue to check in here on a regular basis and I do wish you god speed and safety to your physical being! Good luck John.

  10. kiara Avatar

    Good morning !
    In France, we also talk about your story and your blog. Your life seems to be a movie !! if your innocent, as you said, I wish you good luck !

  11. Beeker Avatar

    I’m praying for you John.
    You will be fine, just trust in God.

    God Bless

  12. Alex Miklin Avatar
    Alex Miklin

    Good Luck!

  13. Rafael Coleto Avatar
    Rafael Coleto

    Be strong John, we believe in you!

    Cheers from Brazil

  14. MrNeutrino Avatar

    Dear Mr McAfee,

    I browsed the local police directory – your name is not present on the official list of wanted individuals. Maybe there is no reason to get peevish (no pun intended).

  15. Mark Avatar

    I dont have a big house,.. but you welcome to stay 🙂
    I dont have dogs,.. hmm,.. if I was to leave Belize I might not,..
    step 1, spoof your location,.. photo shop some pics,.. post on facebook,..
    good luck either way,..

  16. Tokyo Joe Avatar
    Tokyo Joe

    Friend, as one retired tycoon to another, I feel for you. But friend, when a poster offering to help says ‘Please do not post this on your blog’, it’s probably a good idea to redact that comment. Peace, TJ.

  17. Random Avatar

    Have you thought about fleeing to Ecuador? They took in Assange.

  18. bruscolerismo Avatar

    okay, show of hands. besides me, how many of you are hoping that, when this whole thing blows over and john is finally cleared of all these heinous charges, he will share some of his millions with you to bail you out of crippling college loan debt? Chad?

  19. bruscolerismo Avatar

    you mean 2 steps to the side

  20. Anil Joshi Avatar
    Anil Joshi

    Dear John,

    Not sure if you will get this message. I have already written to you today regarding going to St-Kitts. If you give us the word we can come and “extract” you from wherever you are. St-Kitts has a extradition treaty ONLYNwith the U.S. This means that unless you are charged with a crime in the United States – no one can touch you in St-Kitts. We will provide you with a passport within less than 60 days and you can travel to more than 100 countries including the entire EU visa less ! As mentioned previously we will not charge you anything till you are safe and satisfied. Look forward to hearing from you …

  21. Mister_Marx Avatar

    Dear John.
    Even in these days, most of mature people still know how this world works.
    Our time will come. We are many.

  22. D Avatar

    God speed John… email if you need a friend…

    “Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats”

  23. truebeliever Avatar

    B+. Nice use of the language, but the “flow” is lacking, and there is a noticeable lack of transition between paragraphs. Also, watch the sentence fragments. You’re certainly entitled to some stylistic leeway, but not at the expense of clarity. Overall, great job!

  24. Japhy Avatar

    naw, he just needs attention to the case so he doesn’t end up handcuffed with a bullet to the back of his head.

    There is a small promotion aspect but the real motivation is to stay alive obviously.

  25. rr6013 Avatar

    Time being a luxury of the famous, wealthy and beautiful, a wanted man on the run has neither. This web blog must be judged by the touchstones of quality, organization and thoroughness which bear the mark of craftsmanship of the professional-at-hand.

    History’s first instance of a work of fiction welded onto real events in premeditated timelines, pre-written content and a narrative arc which device works to accumulate eyeballs, sympathy and political action is a remarkable ploy.

    Unbelievable assertions, irrational statements and uncanny stealth in the midst of police search and seizure operations amount to high stakes interest in what comes next.

    I believe that there will be a paywall, book purchase or donation forthcoming. None of this passes the smell test. I don’t know how it could.

  26. Confusedinsanpedro Avatar

    Well greetings from Germany please share what you have found….

  27. Lord Lucan Avatar
    Lord Lucan

    Speedboat at night, head to Cuba, then fly to Europe.

  28. alittleparanoid Avatar

    greetings from germany mr. mcafee. I have done my homework and more, and you have convinced me. I urge everybody to do their homework and not just watch fox news. I hope this blog will make history. may you and your loved ones come out alive and well. regards

  29. Confusedinsanpedro Avatar

    I need to be direct, you said this”I barely knew the man. When I first started Quorumex I rented his basement for our laborotory, but…” Theres not any home on the island with a basement so wth.
    The stiry is that Greg was found shot to the backnofnthe head and a shell casing downstairs. No signs of struggle…. Could it be Greg KNEW the person that was there at the time? That possibly Greg ran into his home and the second shot landed direct hitting him in the head. The shooter then turns the body over to make certain? These are questions we all have. Yet even more so they say his computer and phone were missing. Who stated that and what proof do they have that they were? To see both sides one must ask what John would need a laptop and cell phone for. Dont you own a ton of those already? Ok.. Could the shooter be someone john sent to the neighbors home? Or John….. You said earlier somewhere that your girlfriend didnt want the dogs suffering so YOU shot them in the head. What happens IF those bullets match the one that killed Greg? Then how do you explain it

    Ok flip the shoe again. I cant stand my neighbor and believe me ive had words many times with the guy BUT if he turned up dead and the police came to question me incertainly would NOT run. Why seal my fate? I do understand your fear of the Belizean police and its NO secret that the department has its own issues: ie: corruption, ill trained and poor chosen officers to say the least BUT come on John. Try to think reasonably. If you were looking cor a shooter wouldnt you look at you? Since you now have the wanted media attention you seem to crave, sorry butbtrue, and you are a citizen of the United States you would be a much smarter man to answer questions BACK in the states with your attorney present OR have a team of U.S lawyers decend upon Belize and escort you for questioning. Hell even the media could sit in to assure that you arent killed on the spot right? The VERY unfortunate thing john is that all of this ” running and jumping to conclusions” has done nothing more than create a very false look on the country of Belize and the beautiful island many call home. You have, by choice, caused a VERY negative outlook that will dump tourism numbers to the island, im sure all residents feel the same way. CNN NBC. ABC. None of them gave a rip about San Pedro before this, nownthey report with all negative comments . Your ” girlfriend” needs to staynoff the cameras. She no doubt came from a “night job” if you get my meaning and she further made the island people appear ill educated and not caring.
    Now, if you didnt have ANYTHING to do with this mans death NOR do you know WHO DID then i suggest you jump up and down from the hilltops with the right lawyers right media presence and right frame of mind to clear yourself other than doing this. Its down right nauseating and believe me I havent even chosen a side to believe yet but your actions are making it easier to believe you had something to do with this. Im certainly not going to fall prey to the Stockholm syndrome.

  30. Knighthawk Avatar

    Hightail it out of dodge, you’re not going to win this battle from inside Belize, nothing good is going to come from sticking around this point. eject eject eject.

  31. Doesn't matter Avatar
    Doesn’t matter

    Hand yourself in. If you didn’t want to be subject to Belizean law and police, why did you move there in the first place?

  32. Safe Cracker Avatar
    Safe Cracker

    John, about 1 year ago one of your dogs bit my wife on the backside, this was a nasty open wound that needed medical attention. When I went to your property to complain I took with me a piece of wood to protect myself from your out of control dog.
    Your caretaker first denied that the dog was anything to do with him or the property and then threatened me with a machete. So immediately, a man who you describe as nice and honest is a liar and extremely unbalanced. Later we spoke on the phone and I told you you had two problems an out of control dog and an out of control employee.
    You the offered me money for expenses or inconvenience and I told you it was not about money. You then told me that you were having the dog removed to the mainland. Earlier this year I saw the dog back at your premises neighbours have confirmed this to be the case, so how did that resolve the problem.
    It sounds as though this latest fiasco has something to do with your out of control dogs. They were probably poisoned because you failed to control them and people are fed up with it.
    I am a dog lover, I have owned dogs responsibly all my life, I have had a dog put to sleep that bit me ( turned out it had a brain tumour) I am truly sorry your dogs were killed but in light of what I know I blame you not the dogs or the person responsible.
    I obviously have no idea what happened to Gregg but reading between the lines this is what I see.
    You are being unreasonable. The police have a right to question you, by evading them and creating a media circus you are bringing suspicion on you and those close to you.
    You have certainly raised the profile of what has happened, but I do not believe it is in your favour.
    I am a retired brit police officer who worked serious crime of most of my 22 years.
    As I understand it an independent agency has carried out a thorough forensic investigation. My guess is they already have the evidence to solve this crime, modern forensic science solves most cases of this type. All they need to do is fit the pieces together. If you are anything to do with it your day is numbered. If you are not you have nothing to worry about. Either way I believe the truth will out.
    If you are truly innocent good luck, I still believe your best course of action is to walk in to SP police station and face the music. As a part time neighbour, if you continue to keep dogs please keep them under control.

  33. Mathew from Poland Avatar
    Mathew from Poland

    Hi bro. Belive me. If u dont want go to prison u should travel to Poland. Here’s if u kill someone, people write book about u and u got your private monument.

  34. SPmQQse Avatar

    so far john…i’m on yur side…i’m a nieghbour…who also…”knows” the police etc are corrupt…i too feel the police would prefure i dead.!!
    maybe we’ll stop and talk…in passing in the future.!
    do what yah gatta do john.

  35. StuffMongerFan Avatar

    (Note the multiple “bath salts” references in their post. What was I saying?)

  36. StuffMongerFan Avatar

    It’s also picked up by ABC news.

    If you need help to moderate comments, let me know. It’s about to get hectic! 😉

  37. StuffMongerFan Avatar

    Good news, you got a post about the blog on gizmodo. That should get the word out.


  38. McAfee4President Avatar

    Best of luck John. I’m rooting for you and I hope you make it through this!

  39. John McAfee Avatar

    Exactly who we were looking for. We are currently receiving about 25 comments per hour and cannot keep up. Can we call you and talk? Chad – can you email him – thanks

  40. MrNeutrino Avatar

    Dear Mr McAfee,

    I support your cause as I see that there is definitely more to the story than the biased media seem to suggest. That said, I have also a strong impression that you are in a situation of classic deadlock:
    1) you won’t turn yourself in because you are afraid of police, so you will only answer their questions voluntarily after they stop chasing you
    2) they certainly are not going to stop looking for you since you are their key witness (source of information) and it is their duty to interrogate you

    There are two possibilities (assuming you are innocent, the most likely option):
    1) the whole situation is a setup (by the govt/GSU) to get rid on unpopular foreigner (feeding children to crocs, not paying bribes/tributes), in which case your only option is to vanish quickly from Belize and defend yourself from abroad (you have many friends all over the world, it is also easier to find a decent lawyer abroad)
    2) it is what it looks like (a burglary/robbery and accidental killing) – if this is the case, then you probably have to find a way to answer potential questions from the police (this is not going to stop them completely as they still will have to interrogate you to find out if your story holds water, but it should help to convince them that you are cooperating); let me make it easier for you by asking some of the potential interrogation questions below (please don’t feel like I am interrogating you, I am just giving you examples of what they may ask you):
    – what was your relationship to the victim? did you have a row over the dogs? did you suspect him of poisoning them? did he threaten you? did you threaten him? did you have a fight/conflict on Saturday, the 10th of November, the day before his death?
    – according to your partner you slept at home that night: did anything disturb your dream? did you (or any of your partners) hear any noise, anything suspicious, uncommon, on that night? gunshots/screams/car engine/steps?
    – why did you shoot your dogs?
    – was your neighbour a low key person? did he have any issues with people around?
    – do you (or any of your body guards) posess a Luger 9mm gun? (btw. judging from your experience, who is most likely to have that kind of a gun – GSU/GSG/ordinary thieves?)
    – (I repeat myself but it is important to confirm) where were you between 9:30 pm 10th Nov and 7:30 am 11th Nov?

    Those questions (and tens of others related to them) will be asked to you numerous times to confirm you tell the same story each time, they will ask exactly where you were, what you did and in what order, they will ask you to describe your activities in a reverse chronological order as well.

    And one more thing I would like to point out. I think this webpage is very difficult to find (not positioned very well in Google). It was really difficult to find it, despite it being mentioned in multiple sources, none of them gave a direct link. I was only able to find it by putting “the official blog of John McAfee” into the search box.

    Good luck Sir, I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  41. SJ Avatar

    As they made a big deal over Mr McAfee posing with a shotgun. What guy hasn’t posed with a firearm? And for a magazine who wants a cool shot for publication? Yet that is turned into something ominous? Just look at how he and his employees all jumped through all the hoops just to have firearms and yet he was STILL raided–doesn’t THAT tell you something? What Mr McAfee has to realize if he hasn’t already is that people get VERY jealous over a man who is a self-made success story and who looks like a movie star. An independent thinker also gets heat from various angles. At first I thought well this country Belize, a lot of these smaller nations have a looser regard for shall we say the rights of individuals in terms of law, yet the same kind of stuff has happened in America also. As the saying goes: IF THE FRAME FITS YOU’LL WEAR IT.
    Mr McAfee has been a VICTIM in Belize but the government didn’t seemed to concerned to really investigate that but as I alluded to earlier that raid for guns that were LEGALLY held, all the mother may I” accommodated and it is pretty clear that they wanted to get anything on Mr McAfee. He is a VERY bright man and he is on the ground there and knows better than any of us what his best moves are, I just wanted him to know that not everybody buys the bogus media BS.
    Good Luck to you!

  42. John McAfee Avatar

    I barely knew the man. When I first started Quorumex I rented his basement for our laborotory, but the entire deal was done through Vivium Wu and her husband Jeff, the owners of Rojo’s Lounge just north of me, so I didn’t at any time talk to Gregg about it, either before or after. Gregg was in the States at the time. Jeff and Vivian had issues with Allison, who ran the lab and lived upstairs in Gregg’s house, over Allison’s neatness. Finally they became angry and asked me to move her out, which I did. At no time, again, did I speak directly to Gregg. Jeff and Viviun were managing the property for Gregg. Gregg had borrowed my four wheeler once by asking my caretaker if he could borrow it. It came back broken and I told my careitaker never to lend him anything else. Again, I did not speak to Gregg, nor did I consider it a huge issue. The repars were not major. This was three years ago. Recently Gregg was upset about my dogs barking, as were all the neighbors. He came by and told me he was upset. I apologized and said I would work on it. I was upset about the barking too and did what I could to minimize it. In all, I have probably spoken 50 words to Gregg over a five year period, and few of them were angry. I did not particularly like him, but but as far as neighbors go, he was not even on my radar. I am far more angry at Vivian and Jeff for the way they handled Allison’s eviction. Jeff shouted obscenities to Jennifer Irwin – my girlfreind at that time – and intimidated her. I thought this was improper. In spite of that, I still occassionally eat at their restaurant. As neighbors go, none of my neighbors are much of a problem compared to the issues that I deal with daily. We all have problems with our neighbors from time to time.

  43. John McAfee Avatar

    Do your homework in “Background”.

  44. Danny Avatar

    They are digging up the dogs to determine the source of the poison. They are then going to match poison from the dogs to the same substance they allegedly found in the deceased’s home. They could have planted that poison and are going to now say that John’s motive for killing his neighbor was because he killed John’s dogs. That is the whole motivation behind this.

    John, I think the readers of this blog including myself would like to understand more about your relationship with the man who was murdered. Did you two have an ongoing fued?

  45. Koro Avatar

    You have to get out of belize. Its the next logical step. You allready have worldwide media attention, look im sitting in cologne, Germany, writing this. Get yourself a lawyer or get out of this shitty country right know! Good luck!

  46. BeFreeBeSafe Avatar


    Why not turn yourself in? Fly in a US lawyer and get this done with. Its all over the news now…. don’t think they will harm you now. Why not hold a huge press conference and use the media to your advantage? There seems to be something fishy about a man who runs,hides and throws stones from behind a bush. The longer you run the more you look guilty, you have a few million left why not like others have said get the F out? Do you really want to live in a country that wants to murder you? I understand your fight but lets be real… if it is as corrupt as you have made it sound and the government is out to get you then why stay? When and if they do catch you… your running has and will continue to make this worst in the end… you have already tried to make a fool of there PM and police force… I have to say, I cant feel all that bad for you, this just does not add up. Use your money and bribe your way out of this… Good luck and start using your head!

  47. mIKE Avatar

    I think the dogs were shot in the head after they were poisoned. They’re comparing ballistics.

  48. BeFreeBeSafe Avatar


    Why not turn yourself in? Fly in a US lawyer and get this done with. Its all over the news now…. don’t think they will harm you now. Why not hold a huge press conference and use the media to your advantage? There seems to be something fishy about a man who runs,hides and throws stones from behind a bush. The longer you run the more you look guilty, you have a few million left why not like others have said get the F out? Do you really want to live in a country that wants to murder you? I understand your fight but lets be real… if it is as corrupt as you have made it sound and the government is out to get you then why stay? When and if they do catch you… your running has and will continue to make this worst in the end… you have already tried to make a fool of there PM and police force… I have to say, I cant feel all that bad for you, this just does not add up. Use your money and bribe your way out of this… Good luck and start using your head!

  49. Ellen O'Rourke Avatar
    Ellen O’Rourke

    I’m checking with countries regarding political asylum as you had been having differences with the Prime Minister and the country of Belize. I wrote Switzerland today.

  50. Some Lady Avatar
    Some Lady

    Mr. McAfee:
    I don’t think you did these things you are accused of. Not everyone thinks bad things even though it seems like a lot of people don’t believe you. I think you are being treated unfairly and I think that someone needs to help you. I don’t know what that would entail. But you must get out of Belize and go somewhere safer if you don’t trust that the police can help you there.
    I hope things work out for you. I know this must be terrifying for you. But you have to know there are many people who believe what you are saying, and keep faith in that.
    Good luck, friend.

  51. J. Edgar Hoover Avatar

    It’s not if, but when you’re captured, John.

    You might want to wear women’s lingerie as a disguise. Never really worked for me but felt good.

  52. change of heart Avatar
    change of heart

    They were poisoned, not shot, & they are presumably attempting to find the source of it. There are also 2 investigators there from the U.S. who are assisting in the forensics of any evidence found.
    I don’t believe that the police are concentrating solely on John, but the spotlight has most definitely been put on him due to the complaint filed & the dogs being poisoned. I’d hate to think that the entire police force is corrupt & would intentionally frame an innocent man.

  53. change of heart Avatar
    change of heart

    They were poisoned, so presumably they are going to attempt to identify the source of it. There are also 2 U.S. investigators in Belize to assist in collecting & analyzing any forensic evidence. I don’t think that the police are solely looking at John, but someone has certainly put the spotlight on him & naturally, they must investigate every detail. Not every one is corrupt.

  54. Fred Avatar

    They dug up the dogs because they were comparing ballistics presumably

  55. nick l Avatar
    nick l

    What a bunch of crap to deal with. Kudos to staying 2+ steps ahead, although that sesame street agency down there doesn’t seem squared away at all. Besides the fact they just want to make a scapegoat out of the man who has more than once saved my pc as well as millions of others. I’m willing to bet the police department runs your software, ultimately paying you lol. But in all seriousness, don’t let them near you. Stay frosty and on point. Im on your side. Time to make some slogans and t-shirts in your support. Stay positive.

  56. Damian Avatar

    p.s you should reach guatemale in the sw, and then, try to reach colombia thru central america, bribes will be important, from there any gang can hook you up in a smuggle coca plane to argentina, from there head south to patagonia, blend in the population, they will never find you

  57. Damian Avatar

    Dude, Im in Argentina, you should run here, could hide in some ranch in the south, in Patagonia, they will never find you (think about some guys from WW2 that did the same trick) ,try to reach the south fast. Good luck and stay free!

  58. querrier Avatar

    to guat?