John McAfee statement regarding RICIN attacks on U.S soil

“I have been contacted by members of the press and asked to comment on my prediction of Ricin attacks on U.S soil that I made on and on the Alex Jones show in early January of this year,  meanwhile the same mainstream media channels reporting the current events refused to publish my findings of a potential threat.

My comment is this:

“The press is generally more interested in sensationalism than Truth.  It is only when the Truth and the Truly Sensational coincide  that the Truth plays much of a role in reported events.”

In January I told the truth about my discoveries in Belize about impending Ricin attacks, but the more sensational story at the time was the story of a deceptive madman on the run who was manufacturing stories. I am  tired of the games played by the press and now choose not to play.

“The Truth is being told through an authorized movie of the events being produced by Impact Future Media , and through a series of books and an authorized biography to be announced in the following weeks,  The world will have to wait for these elements of truth telling to arrive on the scene”

John McAfee



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  1. MarcusM Avatar

    In his interview with Alex Jones Mr. McAfee invites us to visit this site to see the proof of what he says is happening with the smuggling of ricin as he discovered by spying on the Belize security forces. This intelligence is supposed to be available on this site in the form of videos and documents disclosing names, routes, etc relating to the ricin. I have tried to find this information on this site but have been unable to. Can anyone direct me to the right page? Thanks

  2. MarcusM Avatar

    I agree with Aryeh; the intelligence you collected should be made available to the public as open source and shared amongst as many people as possible so they can be aware and prepare.

  3. WEB Avatar

    It’s funny how so much goes on behind the scenes that we know nothing about until it appears before us. John and UrMedia have been busy lending support to the Furgala family, who lost Jeffrey due to criminal activities by the Belizean police.
    They’ve made a site/blog that brother Chris is running, and I’m sure he would appreciate the wim followers stopping by to show their support too.
    There are twitter links for over 30 Canadian Government Officials, News Outlets, etc. on wimawiw, under the newest post “Justice is not just a word” feel free to tweet them your thoughts too. (my name = link to blog)
    Many thanks to JM and FG for creating this outlet for Jeff’s family and friends.

  4. JJones Avatar

    It’s just Alex Jones who’s nuts… but I’m glad he gave John a chance to talk. I’m also glad that John didn’t frame the experience to support Alex’s conspiracy world views.

  5. Kevin K Avatar


    God bless you and Impact Future Media.

    Best. KK

  6. Blue Avatar

    The Ricin ordeal is being followed up on fO sure.
    On the other hand John; what do you think of this young lady?

    Just curious.

  7. Connie Avatar

    I thought of your story when I heard about the recent ricin attacks too. It is ashamed that the press or government in America refuse to investigate any potential threat to Americans until it is too late. Especially when the facts have been given to them. We always think that it will not happen here. Our government is either inept or lives in a constant state of denial. I hope when the movie and books are released that maybe our leaders or media will start wanting the information that John has gathered. One can only hope.

  8. David Snider Avatar

    I say us long time followers be invited to a private screening of the movie. What do you think about that john? a possible?

  9. David Snider Avatar

    See something, say something. Then get ignored. that system is working great.

  10. Reality Avatar

    Maybe the media misspelled it? He’s not a Elvis but Evil an impersonater??

  11. Eric Avatar

    Yeah but you didn’t predict he would be an elvis impersonator.

  12. Diane Avatar

    When I read of the recent ricin attacks, I came back to your blog today to see if you commented on this, as you had mentioned ricin being smuggled into the US in an earlier post on your site. I wondered for quite a long time about the “why” of this and hopefully those whose job it is to investigate these sorts of things will be doing that. After reading in the news accounts that there is no antidote and that it can be fatal if inhailed, although they said that this is not usually used as a bio-weapon, wasn’t it you that said how easily it could be put in an aircraft used for aerosol spraying? The aerosol spraying is being done by military, commercial and private aircraft (Evergreen has the contract I think) all over the US and the world every day. Now that this has happened I have even more concern. I was hoping your blog was being read by those who take care of these types of things and they’d take care of it before it could harm someone. Guess that’s still not done but still hoping that is the case. Wishing you success on your movie John.

  13. Kevin White Avatar

    Mr. McAfee I really enjoyed your interview with AJ and even listened to it twice. I did not even remember the comment about the ricin until now and it’s absolutely frightening. I wish you would take advantage of the platform you have and talk more about this.

  14. SL Avatar

    This is a good point Aryeh. The person you want to contact is Jacob Appelbaum. He is an american who works on wikileaks. He also used to be a friend of my family. I can vouch for his integrity and honesty. I believe he is currently living in either Washington or Oregon.

  15. sandwillow Avatar

    This is all convoluted!

    I certainly hope that our intelligence agencies have the information they need. We, the public, must put our trust in those working to protect us, not the media.

  16. Dionisio Lopez Avatar

    I understand your frustration with the press, however I sincerely hope that if you’re aware of any threat to the safety of the American people you will make this information public.

    Thank you.

  17. Charles Town Avatar

    The site needs video to make an impact

  18. larry silber Avatar

    Your popularity resulted from evasive measures implemented defending yourself after the neighbors murder. You seem like a decent bloke, as well as truthful,unless suicide is expected too accompany honesty. If some one poisoned my family, which consists of various animals that might be considered annoying by some, i would seek revenge. It is hard to love ones enemies. Pointing out corruption in Belize ,as a distraction, doesnt take away from its credibility . Validity has nothing to do with your guilt or innocence. So sad for your loss, regardless of whether or not you were involved with killing your neighbor. If he didnt poison the dogs than his murder was tragic, and my heart goes out to him and his family, if he did , than i suppose he got what he deserved, though cant help feeling bad for his families sorrow. I know most people will be shocked by this comment, which is why if i was McaFFee , and had his resources, my behavior would be just as bizarre, as i expect most in similar sets of circumstances would exhibit as well.

  19. Aryeh Goretsky Avatar


    The path from Belize to Mississippi, Tennessee and Washington, DC is a convoluted one, to say the least. I am not sure if I am more bothered by the fact that these may be linked in some fashion, or that multiple parties are independently manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.

    Regardless of the origin of these attacks, I hope that you will reconsider your decision not to discuss anything further other than through the forthcoming movie and books. While I do realize your profound distaste for the most tabloid elements of the media, sharing what you know about these events may help save lives. This is is a lot different than nuking boot sectors or scrambling files; if your data is accurate, people’s lives could be at risk.

    You might want to consider approaching WikiLeaks, or a similar organization, about helping you to collate and distribute the intelligence you have collected. They might actually be useful in serving as a kind of dead man’s switch, in case something should happen which prevents you from sharing everything you know.


    Aryeh Goretsky

  20. Buck Zander Avatar

    I have yet to meet a single person from the Netherlands who does not speak/read english.

  21. SL Avatar

    I want to add also that we, the real friends and believers in John McAfee need to keep this conversation going. Shame on us if we just roll away to the next sensational media circus and let this die.

    It may not go down the way he says. It may have been planned that way and now they are regrouping because of what he has said. Either way this story is relevant and important.

    So I am digging in my Prada heels (actually I wear tasteful converse) and I am here for the duration.

  22. SL Avatar

    I just listened to your Alex Jones interview again. You are right about the media not having the balls to report on it.

    This was but a small scare.We really are not ready for a large scale anything. Please stay safe.

  23. SSD Avatar

    Cannot wait to learn more via media outlets in your control. The biography should be interesting I wonder how far you will go back?
    The movie should be action packed
    I am thinking the graphic novels will bring out a new level of interest in others not following you.
    Those of us (me myself n I) thank you for a little dip in the info pool concerning WIM etc.

  24. Roman de Caesar Avatar

    Thank you for your work.

  25. Ole Avatar

    So… I gather no flying huh?

  26. William J Beard Avatar

    I hope you are well John. Thank you for getting the truth out!

  27. Lloyd Avatar

    I watched your interview on the Alex Jones show back in Jan and thought you were nuts the time. After the recent events… not so much.

  28. Sam Avatar

    Keep your head high I’m proud of you babe

  29. tamara Avatar

    will it be translated in Dutch?

  30. Nelson Avatar

    I have supported you by sending emails to belize guys requesting to free you friends. The media is always looking for the show, not the real story.
    keep care! Greetings from Portugal

  31. Christy Avatar

    Don’t blame you a bit – sir.

  32. WEB Avatar

    Erroneously reported. 🙁
    Now, they have back pedaled… one in custody. YET

  33. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    cheers John … I hope you and Sam are doing well.

  34. WEB Avatar

    Good for you John.
    Those idiots deserve no help finding answers.
    I actually found myself yelling at the TV screen this morning when I saw Martin Savage flapping his lips to repeat a story I had heard on another channel.
    On the flip side, kudos to John King who says that while a source has provided him with a lot of information, he is only sharing what he deems to be responsible reporting.
    Kudos to the Boston Police and other groups working diligently to solve the horrendous cowardly actions of Monday. They have just made an arrest.
    Peace and love <3

  35. mbl Avatar

    Really looking forward to reading your bio John