“Boston George” Jung Writing the Official John McAfee Biography Titled No Domain

Impact Future Media (IMPFM.com) today announced that pop-culture icon and subject / author of Grazing in the Grass Until the Snow Came, which was adapted for Ted Demme’s blockbuster film Blow, “Boston George” Jung has been tapped to write No Domain, the official biography of famed antivirus software pioneer and controversial figure John McAfee

“We are honored to be working with George Jung on this once in a lifetime project,” stated François Garcia, CEO and Co-founder of Impact Future Media.  “Most people know George for being an outlaw, but behind that sits a man who is also one hell of a writer.  He is the perfect person to spin this yarn about the enigmatic John McAfee.”

Johnny Depp once said of Jung, “To Otisville Federal Correctional Institute, he is merely Inmate #19225-004.  To me, he is not a number, he’s not a convict, and he’s not a criminal.  He’s a great man whose wisdom and knowledge, unfortunately, was greatly overshadowed by the choices and mistakes he made all those years ago when he hadn’t even had time to brush himself off from the conditioning wrought upon him by his parents.”

Impact Future Media, which holds the rights to McAfee’s life story, will serve as the North America publisher of No Domain, and currently in discussions with publishers for licensing rights in their respective territories.

“I feel like I have known George Jung for a very long time.  The words he has put down on paper are the very words I would write if my talent for writing was anywhere near as rarified and beautiful as his,” said John McAfee.  “I am overwhelmed by his efforts, and am most grateful to him.”

Nicknamed “Boston George,” Jung is primarily known for being a major player in the cocaine trade in the U.S. in the 1970s and early 1980s.  He specialized in the smuggling of cocaine from Columbia on a large scale and was a part of the Medellin Cartel.  If you snorted cocaine in the late 70s or early 80s, there was an 85 percent chance it came from Jung.

“John McAfee has lived a spectacular life, turning unbelievable dreams into actuality,” stated George Jung.  “In telling his tale I feel that he is now a trusted brother and familiar soul.  I am not easily won over, but John’s story is like none I have ever known.  John is a voice of all generations, and is an aristocrat beyond adjectives.”

Collaborating on the project are George Jung (author), John McAfee, François Garcia (Publisher and  Producer ), as well as a host of McAfee insiders that have known him throughout the years – family, friends, girlfriends, employees and even his adversaries.

For more about Impact Future Media and its projects, visit IMPFM.com.  For more information on “Boston George” Jung visit GeorgeJung.com, or follow him on Twitter @TheGeorgeJung, and for more information on John McAfee visit WhoIsMcAfee.com, or follow him on Twitter @OfficialMcAfee.

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19 responses to ““Boston George” Jung Writing the Official John McAfee Biography Titled No Domain”

  1. Manganzon Avatar

    Gracias por la actualización. su historia es increíble. tan emocionada por el libro. Buena suerte. No puedo esperar a leerlo.

  2. Jupiter Jim Avatar

    Wow! I just caught the tail end of John Mcafee’s interview with George Noory on the night time radio show “Coast to Coast” and found it quite fascinating. Can’t wait to read the book and watch the movie. It will be interesting to see how much the stories in each venue coincide and conflict with each other.

  3. Ronda Avatar


  4. Moses Avatar

    Mr McAfee

    go to V2019.org

    watch the video i recorded regarding genocide of your species.

  5. Greg Jenkins Avatar

    Dear John,

    Thanks for Leading the way and helping to shed more light on the Furgala Familys Suffering. I hope you are Eating well at all times. I would think by now Sleeping should be normalized. Are you planning on Moving, or tell us Portland has stolen you from the grips of the Third World?


  6. WEB Avatar

    There is a petition now on the Jeffrey Furgala site…..hoping everyone who sees this will sign it.
    thanks 🙂

  7. Anwar Avatar

    Will the book be on sale in the United Kingdon? If not, hopefully you do a deal with amazon so I can download it on amazon kindle!

  8. Robert Gemerek Avatar

    anyone ever see the show breaking bad? its a good show….kinda made me think of johns story for some odd reason.

  9. WEB Avatar

    Hope you’re back to play…..being equally armed and all. 😉
    Last thing I remember, you were headed for the door…….but your comment just now leaves me with a suspicious mind. No matter, it’s good to know you haven’t left the building.

  10. stash Avatar

    I, too, am looking forward to Mr. McAfee’s story – yet my feelings on it all are quite dubious – Mr. McAfee would understand why.

  11. G. J. Jung Avatar

    No doubt this book will be a great read. Mcafee’s story is spectacular to say the least and George is an excellent writer. Looking forward to the release!

  12. Aryeh Goretsky Avatar


    While I have not read any of Mr. George’s books before, I did see the movie “Blow” and enjoyed it very much.

    I am, however, a bit concerned about the fact that there are now an official graphic novel, movie and now a book to be produced based on John McAfee’s life.

    Each one of these mediums has its own benefits, and what works in one may not transfer over very well to the other.

    Of an even larger worry is how these three very separate projects using such different mediums will coordinate telling a story as… richly complex (for lack of a better term) as Mr. McAfee’s. What happens when then inevitable conflicts between them arise?

    While Mr. McAfee is clearly possessed of a keen intellect and shows no sign of slowing down (indeed, I would say that his faculties have sped up since I last saw him) I know there are definitely many complex situations where he might only have time to share a portion of events with each biographer. After all, Mr. McAfee still has to see to the safety of his staff in Belize, not to mention the investigation into the death of his former neighbor, Mr. Faull (which the Belizean government has been suspiciously quiet about for months–just what are they hiding?). But, what will happen when conflicts in the narrative arise? How will we know which is the truth and which is the real from that which is mutable?

    Am I being overly concerned that Chad, Francois and George may become like the blind men in the parable who attempt to describe an elephant, or will they instead have an opportunity to look into the heart of truth, or maybe even beyond it, past the secrets and maybe even the fabric of John’s self?

    I can only hope that what all of you do draw, film and print will synthesize into a single holistic view of Mr. McAfee, instead of three irreconcilable ones.

    Even if there are small imperfections, I am still looking forward to seeing these works in print and on the silver screen!


    Aryeh Goretsky

  13. Connie Avatar

    Thanks for the update. What a wonderful experience to have friends such as Chad and George be able to tell your story. I am anxiously waiting.

  14. Lin Ronald Avatar

    This is also something Hunter S Thompson would have loved the chance to write about.

    Good luck. Cant wait to read it. Ive lived in Central America for 6 years.

    Its familiar 🙂

  15. WEB Avatar

    It just keeps getting better.
    Congrats to all involved for envisioning this most excellent merging of minds…..George’s spin on John’s words will surely generate a riveting depiction of JM’s essence as well as his life’s journey.
    Oh, and thanks for serving us yet another dish of anticipation…….
    I guess you’ll be headed to Texas, JM?

  16. SL Avatar

    This is indeed exciting news. So we have the book from Mr. Jung as our main dish, the graphic novel which is our side order and then for dessert, my personal favorite, the movie!

    What a wonderful feast of John McAfee we will have. Any idea when the movie will be out and where it will premiere?

    It would be really cool if some of us long time supporters could do a meet-up for the premiere.

  17. SSD Avatar

    So so excited for the book
    Thank you Mr McAfee and all his worker bees.

  18. Lucy Avatar

    Epic News, all i can say is wow ,cant wait to read this book, George is amazing

  19. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    George is a legend and a very smart man … his story is unreal.