I am safe

I apologize for the silence, and misdirection.  I am currently safe and in the company of two intrepid journalist from Vice Magazine, and, of course, Sam.  We are not in Belize, but not quite out of the woods yet.  I will do a more detailed posting later today if all goes well.  My “double”, carrying on a North Korean passport under my name, was in fact detained in Mexico for pre-planned misbehavior, but due to indifference on the part of authorities was evicted from the jail and was unable to serve his intended purpose in our exit plan.  He is now safely out of Mexico.

We are are well, but extremely tired.  Vice Magazine, later today will do a posting, with video.

I left Belize because of a series of events which led both Sam and I to believe that she was in danger of capture.  She has been my go-between and my eyes and ears in the outside world.  I decided to make the move.  I will be returning to Belize after I have place Sam in a safe position.  My fight is in Belize, and I can do little in exile.  My lifeline of information pertaining to the inner workings of the government depends on my physical presence.

As an aside, I would like to point to the extraordinary lengths the mainstream media will go to maintain a sensationalist story.  The New York times piece, for example, not one time mentioned that three of my friends were arrested and are still in prison, or that for a week, they held two women friends, one with a child who was still nursing.  How long can the press maintain the “Drug crazed madman” perspective?  I think it will end with Vice Magazine’s story.  They have seen, and heard everything.


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  1. querrier Avatar

    hope to hear from you soon.. stay safe.

  2. NoOneIsInnocent Avatar

    Good ride John 😉


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    Coordenadas de Helipuerto:
    N 15° 39´ 21”
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  3. Kimsters Avatar

    I am so happy that you and Sam are safe and hope that you keep that way! Whatever happened to Ann? I saw her name mentioned in one of your very first posts, but haven’t seen her mentioned again.

  4. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    This is the best comment of all.

    Bless you, Sir, and your students.

  5. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    I want to add this to the Apology Thread
    In my last Post I was stupid

    How can I possibly know, Who is John McAfee? or what is “Like” or “unlike” his behavior ?
    especially in this moment in Time, or anytime for that matter . That was egocentric, presumptuous and stupid of me, I do apologize to All
    “You do not live under my skin, you just think you do, Im the only one who lives Here”

  6. Dr. No Avatar
    Dr. No

    Why am I bothering to post when you aren’t posting any of them? Robert King is a great photojournalist & an even finer human being. You were lucky to have him. Sorry it didn’t work out.

  7. Paul Meyers Avatar

    Ok – is anyone else confused?
    Why would John want to go back to Belize? He knows they want to either kill him or jail him so why would he consider going back in. Isn’t it better he try to deal with this from the United States?

  8. Margot, Munich 1977 Avatar
    Margot, Munich 1977

    Sooooo glad to hear you & Sam are alright!

    Please be very careful when you go back to Belize!

    That short time I knew you, you were nothing but upfront & honest.

    Watch your back!

  9. Margot, Munich 1977 Avatar
    Margot, Munich 1977

    Sooooo glad to hear you & Sam are alright!

    Please be very careful when you go back to Belize!

    That short time I knew you, you were nothing but upfront & honest.

    Watch your back!

  10. Connie Avatar


    Said a prayer for you today. Stay safe.

  11. Eugene Kaspersky Avatar

    JohnOl, we understand you feel slighted about Big Mac not being around to deal with that tiny “slip and claim” lawsuit up there in New Mexico but even you have got to agree he has got bigger fish to fry in Belize right now, no?
    As for not replying to your email – he did reply, even whilst on the lam and when thousands of other people were emailing him. He has also explained that his yahoo account became locked to him so please go and whine elsewhere, this isn’t the place.

  12. Dan Avatar

    I would do interviews with the press but at arms length.

    I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them…

  13. Charlie Avatar

    I am sure the first thing the Belize Police will do is get John the psychiatric help that he needs.

  14. Dr. No Avatar
    Dr. No

    RK, not JK.

  15. Dr. No Avatar
    Dr. No

    I meant when did you leave Syria, Robert (not John, who is his father). Everyone makes mistakes, RK, & I’m still rooting for you. After all, this is only one man, not tens of thousands of Syrians being slaughtered.

  16. Dr. No Avatar
    Dr. No

    Well, this time he really might have been captured, so I wouldn’t expect to hear from him again any time soon. I’m sure he’s running his ass off. Run, John, run!

  17. Adrian Avatar

    At least you are save for now. Have a good journey to some real friends. I’m sure you will miss La Isla Bonita and Belizean lifestyle…

  18. Chuck Avatar

    Good luck sir, I know how corrupt people can be

  19. Tazmanian Devil Avatar
    Tazmanian Devil

    Dude, you are crazy… and it’s disgusting to read all the ‘mmmmerican arrogance in the comments. It’s south america – so what? That doesn’t mean that the american wanted for an interview about a murder is in danger.

  20. Dr. No Avatar
    Dr. No

    McAfee, if you put Robert King, my friend, in harm’s way…. There is no mercy for you. I would SO like to talk to him right now, but after all, an assignment is an assignment. JK, I hope it’s worth it. Please be careful.

  21. Tim Avatar

    Vice headline speaks volumes – “suckers.” You guys really believe all this crap?

  22. Dr. No Avatar
    Dr. No

    Dear God, I know Robert King & his father, John, is a dear friend of mine. This is just getting better (weirder) by the minute! When did you leave Syria, John (King)? You a great man for the job. An excellent photographer & a fine human being. Good luck in all your endeavors. I dare to say that your present assignment may not last too much longer, but I know you’ll be on to the next big story. Take care.

  23. ? Avatar

    Bewitched, bewildered and bothered was accused of being a troll on the ag website….hhhhmmm just sayin’

  24. Dr. No Avatar
    Dr. No

    Excellent comment. Step 1 “We admitted that we were powerless over our addiction (bath salts) & that our lives had become unmanageable.”

  25. Mia Avatar

    Agreed. It has all gotten a bit stale, yes?

  26. Marcos Avatar

    Keep up the cause, John. Total support from Argentina, wherever you happen to be.

  27. sysop Avatar

    That’s hilarious! That’s something I didn’t think to look at… I won’t overlook that again in the future.!! LOL

  28. WEB Avatar


  29. ? Avatar

    Mr. X was a Troll

  30. Dr. No Avatar
    Dr. No

    Yeah!! With GPS embedded photos! That’s solid journalism alright! Looks more like third rate to me. LMAO

  31. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter


  32. Elemanzer Avatar

    Anyone check to see if Gary Hendrix is in any kind of trouble?

  33. uhh ohh Avatar
    uhh ohh

    there is an airstip 3 klicks NE of that location

  34. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    Kind Sir
    I have great compassion for your circumstances in life and the seriousness of the present situation.
    However, your recent agitation and diminishing sense of humor has me concerned. It is much less effective than your usual Dance and Play ..and so unlike You .

  35. Chad Essley Avatar

    Nothing “X” said should be considered fact. I am posting this on my twitter to verify it’s me: twitter.com/chad_essley

  36. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    Just like Free McAfee software , back in the day ….”who is John McAfee?” gives his product away for free , dosing it out little by little, baiting until we are hooked…. like any good pimp and drug dealer would do.
    But when will our free subscription run out? and will we “fiend” for more of this intoxicating , mysterious “Tan?”
    Many are Now paying for McAfee Virus Security , (knowing there is no such thing ..there is no real security in Life, not ever, it is all an illusion).

    ” Free McAfee” is a good title and makes a great T-shirt Logo.
    Hey, I would buy the book and see the movie, even if it is a psychotic prank. Wouldn’t You ?
    It’s a role of a lifetime and one only he can ” Play ” and Dance in.

  37. fendidonna Avatar

    It would appear you are not quite as drug-addled & crazy as some people think you are.

    I’ve just seen the Vice pic that’s up….you look really well…the other guy looks totally freaked out though teeheehee. Happy to hear it’s all going well.

    Drug smuggling shenanigans….James Bond would be proud of you 🙂

  38. Adam Avatar

    Hah, vice magazine posts a photo with John, forgets to remove the GPS data… Get ready for a knock on the door. http://regex.info/exif.cgi?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fassets.vice.com%2Fcontent-images%2Fcontentimage%2Fno-slug%2F8b4cd78e0012f775d7dc621f5498b675.jpg

  39. Nathaniel Beall Avatar


    I appreciate that you know the safety of those around you is more important than your own safety, but what you have yet to figure out is that you can’t take on a nation with words – unless you have a lot of mouths to say those words.

    You need to do what ever smart leader does, fall back, figure out the enemies weakness, mass your troops and plan a sane attack.

    I have no doubt you are correct in what is happening over there, and I applaud your dedication towards helping others… it is smarter to fight from safety than to run down the dragons throat hoping to choke him.

  40. ViceNarq Avatar

    Umm you might want to make sure that Vice scrub xif gps data from future images! That’s a nice looking T-shaped swimming pool behind the photographer, nice looking boats too 😛

  41. Ole Avatar

    Well hey Mac, wouldn’t you agree that the frivolous premises-liability lawsuit Charles Gray vs John McAfee et al was dismissed, *with prejudice* by the way, largely due to MY testimony? I mean after all, I’m the guy who explained to those scumbag lawyers that you had built a magnificent premises out in Rodeo, a wonderful place, and that among other things you had hauled in many truckloads of crushed gravel to spread around so nobody would trip, and that if anybody stumbled and fell on his ass there, it was just his own damn fault. End of lawsuit. You gotta figure I saved you $99,000 plus dental implants, right?

  42. iphoneloliphone Avatar
  43. Yum Cimil Avatar
    Yum Cimil

    Tell Rocco to lay off the hype words. I’d rather not sit through a documentary that sounds like it was written by an 8th grader who just found out you can look up synonyms for “awesome”

  44. Louis Avatar

    Correction: Mr. Faull’s dogs were not killed.

  45. Duane from St.pete Florida Avatar
    Duane from St.pete Florida

    now what John? what’s the “end game”? concerned this will not end well…..good luck

  46. vorro the bear Avatar
    vorro the bear

    nobody cares if you killed this guy. get the fuck out out of there. he seemed like a real fat fuck loser. you need to reestablish some highlights.

  47. sysop Avatar

    John, you have made hiding and traveling exponentially more difficult by announcing public that you have Rocco Castoro and Robert King on your heels. Do they have alternate IDs for for crossing borders and checkpoints too? Good Luck!

  48. Dr. No Avatar
    Dr. No

    It always has been. Three photos of imprisoned friends looks better than two. You know, sensationalism. I just loved in his interview with Martin Savage (sp), that he talks about how many girlfriends he’s had at the same time. “What was it Sam, 6?” She laughs, “15”. WTF? That’s the way to get em to take you seriously.

  49. WEB Avatar

    Nice picture John…you look rested. 🙂 Here is the caption from Vibe magazine that accompanies that pic. And the Header:
    ‘We are with John McAfee Right now, suckers’

    ‘VICE editor-in-chief Rocco Castoro and photographer/videographer Robert King have been following John McAfee for the past four days, documenting his life on the run. Rocco and Robert will continue to follow John until the conclusion of his journey and in the coming days will release exclusive preview footage of a forthcoming long-form documentary about his ordeal that will provide answers to many open questions and set the record straight. It will be nothing but absolutely epic, that much we can assure you.’
    I can hardly wait.

  50. Zachary Eversole Avatar
    Zachary Eversole

    Glad to hear you’re safe John. I heard you talking on the Joe Rogan Podcast. Keep up the good fight brother. Deathsquad for life!

  51. EL AMIGO Avatar


  52. Lubricant Avatar

    I would like to know who that Mr. X or x moniker was, stating things that were at least 1/2 way true?.. he did mention Mexico and apprehension? I think?

  53. Susie Avatar

    Good Luck! I know what it feels like to be wrongly accused of something! I wish you the best

  54. Moni Avatar

    I am very happy to hear you and Sam are doing okay. Will keep praying for both of you and your friends. Stay safe and remember to have faith in God.

  55. ipoodyay Avatar

    The more I think about it the more I think John was right to run. even if he did murder his neighbor he wouldn’t get a fair trial. that said if he did do it, the only real justice for him will be with his maker and his own coincious. for him to even recognize guilt himself will require him to get clean first. sobriety isn’t easy once you’ve had all the candy heaven has to offer, to live without it is depressing and boring… goodluck.

  56. steve johnson Avatar
    steve johnson

    this guy has time to shave and make his goatee look pretty

  57. Cam Wolf Avatar

    North Korean passport, body double….???

    If this isn’t a practical joke, nothing is.

  58. steve johnson Avatar
    steve johnson

    They just posted a photo of John and Rocco Castoro from vice magazine..http://www.vice.com/en_us

    The only thing that is odd is McAfee is always clean shaven around his goatee..On the lam in the in the jungle..”hold on give that gillette, I got to clean up….just saying

  59. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    I am Hungry for the Feast
    A few posts back, “Who is John McAfee?” asked us to be patient… he was “just setting the table”
    I for one, am getting very famished and impatient.
    The “appetizer” evidence in the form of the tapes and notes , though interesting, does not leave me satisfied ( this may be why some of the media is not taking this seriously )
    I am hungry for a more substantial “main course” to devour.
    As any good chef knows, a gratifying meal …all depends on the Timing.
    “Who is John McAfee” appears to have excellent Timing, However…
    If guests get too hungry , they start snacking on less nutritional fare and ruin their appetite , corrupt their taste buds for more delicacies to come
    I understand that a “moveable feast,” on the run , is harder to prepare, but I was expecting a more gourmet feast form “Who is John McAfee?” (The recent posts of Sam gleefully preparing tortilla and ham? Is not my idea of a gourmand experience.)
    A more substantial menu will be necessary to keep my taste buds titillated.
    I have noticed that some of the more insightful bloggers on this site, have “gone missing” or posts have been deleted. Perhaps they stepped out for a more filling “Big Mac” ?

    “Life is not a spectacle or a feast; it is a predicament.” George Santayana

    “they who feast themselves to-day may, themselves, prove feasts for the worms
    to-morrow.”Robert Boyle

    “They lurk in the cold and dark.Hungry and,wicked,they wait for their one chance to devour the weak on Sorry Night.Then the vours feast on a banquet of fear.Your fear.They steal your soul but your body remains.No one knows the difference.”
    ― Simon Holt, The Devouring

    “Food to eat and games to play.
    Tell me why, tell me why? .Brian Jacques

  60. zidaane Avatar

    If I ever need to disappear, I want the McAffee handbook with me.

    Vice is solid journalism for 3rd World countries.

  61. gob Avatar

    It looks we have learn a lot from you “Gringos”…Always shifting the attention…careful John boy the GOB will soon get you and they will be coming hard on you…LOL

  62. Louis Avatar

    It could have just been a case of a burglary gone bad. Maybe Mr. Faulk surprised the burglar when the burglar shot him. A laptop and an iPhone are easy, fast, portable items to steal.
    Therefore, theft is one very real possible motive that cannot be ruled out. The fact that his dogs were killed would just make the burgary that much easier.
    Pure speculation, of course.

  63. jimmy g Avatar
    jimmy g

    don’t just disregard vice magazine as hipster bullshit. there is obviously that side to them. but that’s not all vice is about, at all. they report on some of the most important issues around the world and gain access that normal reporters can’t. they’re launching their own news channel and cutting out the bullshit that channels like fox news feed to the masses. check out there videos about liberia, the congo, pakistan, and syria, amongst others. very informative, no nonsense journalism.

  64. jimmy g Avatar
    jimmy g

    don’t just disregard vice magazine as hipster bullshit. there is obviously that side to them. but that’s not all vice is about, at all. they report on some of the most important issues around the world and gain access that normal reporters can’t. they’re launching their own news channel and cutting out the bullshit that channels like fox news feed to the masses. check out there videos about liberia, the congo, pakistan, and syria, amongst others. very informative, no nonsense journalism.

  65. ash Avatar

    here’s the update from Vice———http://www.vice.com/read/we-are-with-john-mcafee-right-now-suckers

  66. Fred Grott Avatar
    Fred Grott

    Remember, most of the outside world has no knowledge or exp with the recent gang wars in Belize and the police involvement ..

    John I wonder which gang but a number on your head for the GSU to execute..

  67. Emmie Avatar

    Glad you are safe, John.

    Hey – the article is already online at vibe.com and there’s a picture of John McAfee with a request to befriend him!

    Oh, wait. That’s the Dos Equis guy. Never mind.

  68. john Avatar

    Have you ever read the book “the great train robbery”.one of the robbers hid in brazil and had children with a brazilian woman and brazil refused to extradite him for 30 years because he was the parent of a brazilian child.Britain wanted him extradited on murder charges related to the robbery.

  69. getoutnow Avatar

    John,I’m sure you’re aware of the consequences of running with an underage girl in Anglo countries, however, whereever you are, you should consider sending her somewhere safe until this blows over. Have her dropped in Cuba or somewhere she will be safe. Get yourself a connected UDP lawyer and fight from outside BZ. Don’t return unless you have an ironclad agreement with the GOB/Police on the rules. Only house arrest. Don’t risk Hattieville! If you remain out of BZ for a year or two the govt. may change, in any event you will be an old problem. BZ political culture is similar to that of the US, shortsighted and dealing with only short term problems and emergencies. However, in certain quarters, as you are well aware, you’ll never be welcomed back. Good luck.

  70. JSK Avatar

    “How long can the press maintain the ‘Drug crazed madman’ perspective?”

    Dunno, but I’m guessing it would have been much shorter if you’d been as careful hiding your identity with that “Bluelight” fiasco as you’ve been in hiding your whereabouts.

  71. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    I agree with Robert Gemerek in an earlier post.
    I find it perplexing that nothing has been mentioned in this Post about the release of his body guard , Mr. Mulligan , on 10,000 bail.
    The release of his friends and employees was a primary mission a few post back. It is a blatant omission.
    now its all about ” Who is John McAfee?”

  72. Janey Baby Le Stryker 88 ** Avatar
    Janey Baby Le Stryker 88 **

    No, do not contact that man. He is “turk” attaboy Payne. Precisely what has the malcontents known as anonymous done? Because it’s not real. That’s for the “media” to focus on. No, to you Mr. Catmandu, never contact a recognized in the media source. Payne is nothing more than USDOS/USDOJ and also Embassy Security Guard Detachment Commander. Personally, these people who type as if that is how they really speak “Dude” “Man come on”… fuck it, that’s one of the reason why we are all in shape we’re in today. SteveO? How the fuck is that dirt bag is alive? Especially coming out of Harlan Co. Vocational School via FLF?

  73. Ole Avatar

    I’ve waded through several pages of responces to Mac’s blog now, and I find it peculiar that there are no Sky Gypsy (sic) replies. Well, except me of course but then I was never truly a Sky Gypsy (sic) because I never fell for the Official Sky Gypsy (sic) tattoo which was a requirement. But where are you guys when Big Mac needs you!? Especially remembering that many of you must still be embroiled in that wrongful-death lawsuit and need his money for lawyers. S’funny, there seems to be no shortage of negligence to go around there and from what I gather Big Mac foots the bill which will probabaly never end, but my {our} premises-liability suit has been dismissed *with prejudice* largely due to my own testimony but Mac has hung me out to dry. Won’t event return my emails. He’s a helluva guy really. Yoohooo! Sky Gypsies! (sic) Where ARE you? You might wanna lurk down there in the jungle to snatch up yer guy. He’s a helluva guy.

  74. Tired of McAfee Avatar
    Tired of McAfee

    Happy for you John that you have left Belize. Please do not come back. Belize really do not need your kind of publicity.

  75. Tired of McAfee Avatar
    Tired of McAfee

    Happy for you John that you have left Belize. Please do not come back. Belize really do not need your kind of publicity.

  76. Cowgirlinthesand Avatar

    WoooooHoooo! So glad to hear from y’all!

  77. godot Avatar

    Much of the world seems to be taking the Barrow gang’s, “he’s bonkers, he’s not wanted for anything…” feigned indifference at face value. To them I say: There is a telling slip revealed in a quote of the mayor in the recent “TIME” article which puts the lie to their feigned nonchalance:

    “San Pedro Mayor Daniel Guerrero, who’s in charge of the beachside town…also knocked down reports of McAfee’s capture: ‘It’s not true.’ Guerrero said that local police have informed him that McAfee is still at large, and said that officers have been conducting what the paper described as ‘house-to-house searches on the north end of Ambergris Caye…’”

    If they’re not concerned, and John is not wanted for anything but questioning… If it’s all an imaginary tempest in a teapot hallucinated by a madman, why are the police conducting HOUSE-TO-HOUSE SEARCHES as CONFIRMED BY THE MAYOR TO TIME MAGAZINE???

  78. alittleparanoid Avatar

    This is so cool. I love these guys from vice. have seen every single documentary. now thats what i call news.
    good luck to all of ya!!!

  79. john Avatar

    This is for John M
    have you ever read the book the great train robbery.the author had children while in hiding in brazil and brazil wont extradite the parent of of a brazilian child.he then lived his life in the open for 30 years in brazil.Brazil allways refused to extradite him back to britain to stand trial for murder

  80. agentmule Avatar

    How can we be sure in the video that it isn’t “the double” Vice is interviewing?

  81. John Avatar

    I somehow doubt you have left Belize if you are making so much noise about being everywhere but Belize.
    From what I’ve read about this situation in the Canadian media there aren’t too many details about your situation other than a description of the crime that happened and that you are on the run … must say that act of running looks like pulling an OJ. I’ll read up on this some more so that I can wind up having a more informed opinion than I do now. Just saying that at the moment from my perspective it has that “walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…” look to it. Sorry I can’t sound more supportive 🙁

  82. Kevin Bacon Avatar
    Kevin Bacon

    Actually, Vice’s latest Latin American edition focuses on the Mexican political scene and the corruption and protests going on there right now. The reporters braved tear gas and arrest to get the story on the front lines. These guys are very professional and very daring.

  83. Melissa Avatar

    Happy you safe…I am from Belize currently living in US…don’t let those currupted cops from BZ get you…be safe

  84. CorruptedByte Avatar

    HAHAHAHA Good luck

  85. Will Avatar

    I have been experiencing similar problems. CNN is complicit in my harassment. I see your fear. I know exactly what a targeted harassment campaign can accomplish. They have hacked me, followed me, doled out death threats, and said they intend to imprison me. All this happened around the time a couple of little girls went missing.

    I don’t know how to help, but I wish you the best of luck. I know you wouldn’t make a spectacle out of yourself if you were actually trying to get away with a crime. I hope they find the actual killers. If you do figure a way out, send help this way.

  86. Shem Avatar

    so dude, wots this all bout, its like one minute your business is king of the world and now yr hiding in central amercia, dude, join anonomous or something and get some backup, cant u make friends with some cartel and they sneak you out… damn it john find comander x of anon, aint he the man?

    be safe bud

  87. sheriff Avatar

    Hey John, how is the weather up there in Bra (LA)?

  88. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    There is a scripture that I would like to quote for you… if this is scripture. “It is harder to get a camel through the eye of a needle than to get a rich man in to heaven”. It sounds like your worth right now is around $4 million. That is still wealthy. Anyway, if you turn yourself in than I see that as me helping you to get in to heaven, because you will be in the right place where God can meet up with you.

  89. j fifer Avatar
    j fifer

    Hope they didn’t send hipsters. Good luck john stay safe man we support you.

  90. Chris Avatar

    I’m from Austria and came to this page because of an “Rich drug dealer killed his neighbor” news paper anouncement.
    At first I just laughed, but then I thought I will google this and ended here, now I think you, Mister Afee, are just an missunderstood man. I read some posts and when I saw in the news paper that they got you I thought “And one more martyr, just sad”
    What I want to say: I’m glad that you are ok and wish you good luck for the future!

  91. Howard Crane Avatar

    John, you are my hero… one of them, anyhow. I wish I could contribute to your cause from the grass-roots in Ireland – let me know if I can.

    You’re resonating with a part of me as I hear you on Joe Rogan’s podcast about how you love Belize and wont leave the people and the place because of the corruption. That makes you a model of manhood! Why should the good people run away and let the assholes keep all the good stuff!?

    The Dalai Lama, Pope, and all the New Agey woo-woo cookoos have NOTHING on your spiritual integrity, bro.
    It’s good to know you’re safe (currently).

  92. Eugene Kaspersky Avatar

    Have you read “Vice” recently – amongst the stories about various hedonistic pastimes there are stories about human rights abuses in both Syria & Bahrain and an article that appears to care about the poor Bangladeshi people burned to death whilst making your shirts. I think it is a fairly inspired choice, given John’s current predicament and his past lifestyle.
    The guys got brains n balls – you got to give him that.

  93. Vernon Avatar

    John, I’ve been following your blog and just wanted to say good luck, and no matter what don’t let your guard down. Get yourself to a safe place, your story is important and must be told.

  94. StuffMongerFan Avatar

    Finally. Good.

  95. 14yearsinBelize Avatar


    Thank God you are safe! We – here at our school and radio station on the mainland – have been praying for your safety and for our nation. “Father, we pray for the continued safety of John and Sam, and safety for any others involved, and for those that have been charged. We especially pray for comfort for the Gregory Faull family and friends, that his murder will be solved, and that justice will be served. And, father,we pray that our leaders will seek You for Godly wisdom and courage so that they can lead this nation in such a way that this beautiful Jewel, and its beautiful people will be able to live in Peace and Prosperity. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
    Another 67 yr old American – BZ permanent resident

  96. truthseeker Avatar

    Just glad you both are safe!

  97. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    Finally an update. Thank you for letting us know. While the blog was being unattended it got overwhelmed with trolls and haters and it was frustrating. Happy to hear you have Sam’s best interest at heart. You are correct about most of the main media never reported on your friends still being held and that they need to be released .

  98. Fiona Avatar

    Very “flattering” article in the German edition of Vice: “… a man with an emotional IQ of a potato …” and a comparison to Charles Manson. You are sure those guys are alright?

  99. SL Avatar

    Hahah my comment which asked if this story would be bigger than one of the other stories on their front page didn’t make it through.
    Vice does not appear to be the type of place where human rights stories make it to the front page. In fact they were loving on the Bath salts angle of your story. I hope you know what you are doing. I’m not so sure their viewership is all that socially conscious…just saying.
    You would be better off with one of our fine California alternative news organizations.
    As you say, things are not what they seem. i am still doubtful of the listener numbers that Alex Jones and Joe Rogan claim. Who is it that is advising you since you admittedly do not listen to podcasts?

  100. Tim Avatar

    PS. I will never leave Belize.

  101. Tim Avatar

    The “Find John Mcafee Tour” has now been expanded to include North Korea, a groundbreakingly real addition which requires a F*&% em attitude! Bring your own guest, but she must be called Sam, and cant be old.

  102. Jon Avatar

    I am glad to hear Sam will be safe. I hope you choose the same for yourself. No need to return to Belize to “fight.” Tough to do anything worthwhile or fight while dead or dying in horrific prison conditions. The PM will never give you an apology no matter what, so why give him the pleasure of capturing/killing you?

    Re: your need to return to your “lifeline of information pertaining to the inner workings of the government” which depends upon your physical presence there, I hope you reconsider. Maybe, if you must pursue it, hire a team of undercover private investigators, load them up with your insights, etc. and direct them from afar as you continue to blog about it from a safe location…but why go back yourself unless you have a death wish?

    I first heard about this case through the mainstream media, and I think they did have me convinced at first that you’re a crazy paranoid guy who loves guns and drugs and had a beef with the neighbor(s) regarding dogs. One question I still have, which I didn’t see answered in the Introduction nor anywhere in the Background information, is about the alleged motive you might have for wanting to shoot the neighbor. Was that motive totally concocted in an effort to pin the murder on you? Partially concocted? Sensationalized? Part of a frame job? Or true, as reported by the mainstream media, but nothing that pushed you to commit murder? I’d love to hear the real details from you and/or Sam about the history of complaint(s)/issues with the dogs, etc. prior to the murder. Were you convinced the now-deceased neighbor had poisoned your dogs after his supposed complaints went unresolved? Had you or were you going to confront him about that, but without resorting to murder? From reading your blog, I’ve spun my opinions on the case almost an entire 180 degrees from what the mainstream media was initially reporting. However, the question has remained unanswered in my mind as to perhaps this was a heat-of-passion crime against the neighbor for killing your dogs. Is there a better answer to this question than the one fed to the public by the sensationalist mainstream media?

  103. Uncle Benji Avatar
    Uncle Benji

    This has become a joke. McAfee is a media grabbing whore. This is ridiculous, and very assinine.

    Hoping that there is a Shrink and a straight jacket whereever you are John. You are going need them both.

  104. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    Glad you’re safe.

  105. Mark_13 Avatar

    “As an aside, I would like to point to the extraordinary lengths the mainstream media will go to maintain a sensationalist story. The New York times piece, for example…”

    I thought the NYT article was not bad at all, although as some seem to think it paints a bad picture, it maybe points to overall balance.
    Here’s a quote:

    That prompted a one-man, Gary Cooper-style campaign [by McAfee] to impose a bit of law and order. Mr. McAfee confronted local thugs. He converted a local brothel into a bar and a family swimming-pool area, christening it Studio 54. He bought a building and outfitted it as a police station, the village’s first

    And also, this really was crucial, imo

    When Mr. McAfee’s dogs were poisoned, on Friday, Nov. 9, he e-mailed Mr. Davis, the Wired reporter, and wrote that a contingent of black-suited thugs had swarmed the beach near his home. A half-hour later, he said, all of my dogs had been poisoned.

    It seems to indicate where McAfee’s suspicions lied after this second dog killing event. (The first dog that was killed was in that GSU raid back in April.)

  106. Angie Avatar

    John, you left Belize? it must have been a very difficult thing to do, you have been saying Belize is your home since the beginning. Hope everything turns out for the best and that you and Sam make it safe to your destination.

  107. PrOli Avatar

    Run John run and do not trust anyone!

  108. WEB Avatar

    Don’t know whether to laugh, cry or do the Happy Dance… 😀 😀 😀 So glad you’re ok.
    Your footnote is so correct, everyone wants to report on your apparent insanity, and leave out the corruption, crime, and deplorable conditions for many in Belize. I was just about to write Sam Gustin about his newest piece in Time, which fails to mention any of this. Keep safe ~

  109. Cecilia Monroe Avatar
    Cecilia Monroe

    Thank God you are ok Sir.

  110. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    John … I am so glad the hunch I had and wrote about is true. I have another, but will NOT reveal it online. I feel much better knowing you are going to secure safety for Sam and then kick some ass.

    I will admit … I was worried, but hey, a hunch is a hunch. Stay hidden this time John … No more pictures please … people enjoy them, however they serve no useful purpose to keeping you safe. There will be lots of time for photos in due time. To the doubters that question if whoismcafee is real … #$ck them. This is ground breaking real.

    John … very nice to hear you two are safe.

  111. Refugee Avatar

    Hope the part about Sam being safe and provided for is true at least. Stay free and entertaining Stuffmonger!

    I picture this classic Little Feat song as your soundtrack while sailing off in your pirate ship:

    Crazy Captain Gunboat Willie
    Growled out his commands
    And all the able seamen
    Clicked their heels and swore
    They would protect the noble ship
    In peace-time and in war
    And they danced a jig until the dawn
    Sang a loyal sailors song
    Drank a pot of steaming rum
    Did all the things that loyal sailors do
    Captain Bill expressed great glee
    All the things that he had planned
    Were made to go his way
    All the fares he had collected and salted away
    Made his lips turn in a smile
    Just then Luke the rat from down below
    Called to Gunboat Bill
    He said
    Listen to those madmen wail
    They’ve been at sea for ninety days
    Without the sight of land
    No it doesn’t look so good to me
    No it doesn’t look so good at all
    The captain pondered what the rat had said
    Until he could think of nothing more
    Then he threw his crew into the foaming sea
    At least a thousand miles from shore
    And he danced a jig until the dawn
    Sang a loyal captain’s song
    Drank a pot of steaming rum
    Did all the things that loyal captains do
    The rat looked hard at Gunboat Bill
    And he said in a serious style
    As he leapt into the water
    Don’t believe, no don’t believe
    Don’t believe everything that you hear

  112. deratski Avatar

    Double, carrying a North Korean passport in your name. W T F ??

  113. harley borley Avatar
    harley borley

    Just cleaned up my PC with your program, dude! Good luck, brother – and stay away from the rattle snakes! The walking kind are more dangerous!

  114. getrealeh Avatar

    This “I am done with the mainstream media becasue I don’t want to be portrayed as a drug crazed madman, ” but I have signed on for an interview with Vice Magazine is disingenuous. Do you seriously think Vice is interested in human rights issues and power politics in Belize? Puhleeeez!

  115. Jonathan Avatar

    What a exciting life are you carrying right now man!

  116. USweedhead Avatar

    Ha u made it …good shit..i knew u wasnt goin out like that after all this??!!

  117. Highrise Avatar


    do you think your leaving will put Sam’s father and others close to you in jeopardy?

    Those left behind may not fair so well.



    PS: Saw Jersey Boys Show in Singapore this weekend, highly recommend it if you can get there.

  118. deratski Avatar

    Movie?, How about a Mini_Series!

  119. Vito Avatar

    make them a proposition John

  120. fasteddie Avatar


    Good to know that u are safe, I used to reside in Nicaragua for 5 1/2 years and hated all the corruption that took place there. No one moved without first getting a payout, Incredible how the country of Nicaragua is controlled. The same applies to the other central american nations, such as Honduras, Guatemala and Belize. Good luck to you and to Sam

  121. Tim Avatar

    To those who are still believers about Mcafee’s “life on the run” I am selling tickets to the “Find John Mcafee Tour” to South America. Competetively priced at $10000 each (cash or certified check only) the tour will last as long as it takes to find Mcafee. BYOB, food, drugs, and young women (preferably under 21). A portion of the proceeds will go to stop corruption in Belize (heh heh ), and the rest will go to me.

  122. Paradiso Shlee (@MrShlee) Avatar
    Paradiso Shlee (@MrShlee)

    I can only assume this is some sort of Joaquin Phoenix style performance art piece.

  123. ace24 Avatar

    Good luck sir!

  124. Deeran Avatar

    Everyone on the comments thinks he is sane & believes what he is saying? Really? Clearly a bit of psychosis going on. Lay off the PV mate.

  125. s.p Avatar

    John, at some point I look forward to talking/emailing w/ you. I too lived in Bze for a number of years and was completely f..ked by the massive corruption and lack of legal system that plagues thta Country. When the time comes to tell your story I would love to share mine. There is strength in numbers.

  126. SL Avatar

    A bullet from a gun he does not own..
    Mr Faull was not his friend so I doubt John could have gotten that close to him.
    Why take the iPhone and laptop?
    Has the ballistics come back? Did they have any forensics at all? Why lie about who found the body? Why dig up some BS story about a dispute over dogs?
    There are way too many questions in this case, and no one asking them. Has our government sent anyone in to do a proper investigation since the victim and the “person of interest” are both Americans?
    The main stream news continues it’s mis-reporting which was fed by the Gizmodo and Wired stories.
    Was the Faull murder planned as part of the harassment, or was it coincidence so the authorities used it? Most murders in Belize never get solved and even the ones that do, many times the murderer is never convicted.
    Please let us know when the Vice article is available

  127. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    johns british bodyguard has been released, im surprised you havnt mentioned this on the blog. only two of his friends remain imprisoned.

  128. Hicks Avatar

    Glad to hear your both safe John and Sam!

  129. NJ_bababoey Avatar

    Call back into the Rogan Podcost!

  130. getrealeh Avatar

    Body doubles, vice magazine, and Sam dropping out of the chase, oh my!

  131. Name Avatar

    I dont know anymore if this is real or fiction. I’ll be disappointed if this didnt get a movie adaptation with Robert Downey (‘Iron Man’).

  132. Naomi Avatar

    Thank God you are both safe! I don’t even know you …….and I have tears as I type. I thought something bad had happened to you and Sam! Take care.

  133. Peter Avatar


  134. T.Johnson Avatar

    Most all Belizeans are noble people, deserving of honest and fair
    government instead of widespread corruption. They have great hopes for Belize, even though the worldwide economy and other factors have made progress sometimes difficult.

    Unfortunately, many of us Expats are two-faced – screaming about crime in our immediate neighborhood because it poses a direct threat, but deliberately ignorant
    of problems on the north end or the mainland.

    As educated folks with experience living in a democracy, you would
    expect the Expats to stand up for the principles of due process, trial
    by jury, reasonable bail, and prohibit unreasonable search and seizure.

    As the economic powerhouse owning many of the businesses and providing
    employment for a population badly in need of jobs, this is an
    opportunity for the Expats to pressure the government for reform.

    It seems we find a convenient excuse for apathy “that’s never happened to me” and “McAfee’s eccentric personality is cause for law enforcement to break the rules”.

    Apart from our immediate circle, who will feel sorry for Expats if they are robbed, maybe even by the police? Have we been enjoying all the benefits from living in Belize, without contributing to maintaining liberty in a young nation?

    Everyone hopes the situation doesn’t continue to deteriorate to the
    point where real estate values tumble and the remaining Expats flee in a panic. A change for the better will come if we pull together as we have in the past when our four-legged friends were in danger, a young musician wanted training or a baby needed an operation.

    But if we refuse to stand up and support the principle of justice for all, our worst fears may one day come true.

  135. Nick Danger Avatar
    Nick Danger

    John, if you pull this off and safely make it to a country that does not have an extradition treaty with Belize, I will be extremely impressed. Run, baby, run!

  136. Stiri IT Avatar

    John take care !!!

  137. Mike Avatar

    You pulled a Houdini. Not bad..not bad.

  138. Stiri IT Avatar

    GO GO John. Hope you will be ok

  139. Stiri IT Avatar

    Good bles you. Hope you are ok !

  140. Stiri IT Avatar

    Good bless you John !

  141. Unreal Avatar

    Glad to hear you were not arrested. If you don’t know the NYT did a full length piece on your story. it wasn’t flattering. However i noticed they failed to include anything about your three friends who were arrested. Are they still in custody? on what charges?

  142. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    best news ive heard all day. good to hear you and sam are safe. youd think by now the “authorities” would realize that with skills john has clearly demonstrated so far…..theres no way he wouldve allowed a body to be recovered had he actually murdered mr.faull. Above anything youve shown what most of us already know, your a very smart person, some would say genius. if you wanted to kill someone its painfully obvious you had the means and the knowledge to make someone disappear off the face of the earth (youve essentially made yourself disappear). So again, why would you leave a body with a bullet in it to be discovered? it doesnt make sence and in order to solve this whole thing i think you need to get your supporters and the media to go after the belize police and government and demand answers. or as you have suggested….simply have the police call you and answer their questions over the phone….we need to put more pressure on the people trying to kill john. Any investigation costs money and the longer this goes on, the more expensive and embarassing it is for a police force in a relitively poor country. not to mention the belize government which im sure is full of ego maniacs that hate being embarassed more then anything. vive la revolution!

  143. Kimberlee Nichols Avatar
    Kimberlee Nichols

    Great news! I am looking forward to the update. So happy you & Sam are safe.

  144. CheeCheeTx Avatar

    Good to hear from you! Glad you both are safe and alive! Take care!

  145. John McAfee Avatar

    These dudes kick ass!!

  146. DB Avatar

    It is a huge relief to hear from you, John. It is understandable that you would leave if Sam was in danger. Hopefully, you will post soon that you have indeed reached safety. It was good to read that the person who was detained in Mexico was released. It is imperative that you are safe right now, so that you can continue this crusade in the near future. As it is, you have already opened up the eyes of the world to the corruption in Belize.
    Take good care, my friend.

  147. godot Avatar

    Thank God! I was sure you were dead.

    “Who does he think he is?” indeed! I am sure Barrow will wish he had just apologized before this is over. Out of country, safe, with time to rest and regroup; I am now thinking you might actually have a chance to win this one.

    Will you be recruiting revolutionaries anytime soon?

  148. Pascal Avatar

    Very relieved to hear that both of you are safe. Please take the occasion to recharge a bit before jumping back into the fight.

  149. Eugene Kaspersky Avatar

    Glad you are safe John, hope Sam is well. Look forward to the video.

  150. Inkognito Avatar

    Omg, Belizeans, please! Your government is literary fu**ing your asses, but You still keep supporting them. I lived in this country for a while, you have good people living in your country, but GOVERNMENT! Only man who should stand in a front of trial is Barrow!!!
    All what I saw in this country is corruption starting from that sick bastard. You guys are fighting with old entrepreneur, but on the same time – drugs, crime, poor people on the streets starts from Barrow… you guys are killing each other… start thinking with your heads!
    This stupid war with Mcaffe is nothing more than just taking attention away from important things! Please, dont be fools.

  151. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    Thank God!!

  152. nh Avatar

    Intended purpose was achieved in part as every newspaper repeated that John McAfee was detained at the border so it’s likely that the borders lookouts for him diminished after that news. Even some news as one commenter (on the fence) pointed out haven’t kept current to correct their captured article.

  153. Tony Man Avatar
    Tony Man

    hahaha, glad to hear you guys are safe …

    stay safe

    Om Shanti

  154. Dr. Bruno Avatar

    Good to know that u’r safe. I hope this all ends soon and the real culprit is caught.

  155. OriginalWoman Avatar

    Thank God, glad to hear you are safe!!!

  156. jon the bee Avatar

    Hope you are well and everything goes as planned for you. regards and God speed.

  157. Delaney Avatar

    If you’re with the guys from Vice, you are in good company! Best of luck to you and Sam!

  158. Gaby Avatar

    John, that is certainly good news. As you can read on this blog, we were all very worried. Best wishes that you and Sam stay safe. I will pass the word to our friend Dick C. Roanoke. He doesn’t go to your blog. Remains supportive and was quite worried. He gets calls from reporters but ignores them He says they never get it right.

  159. Ed Avatar

    JUST SUPER!! John, I watched my father get railroaded in New Mexico when he did NOTHING wrong and the corrupt powers-to-be convicted him him in a corrupt court and he ran just before sentencing and I went with him…for 2 years we lived in fear every minute cut off from the rest of family and friends…changing our names…Brother, I fully get why you do not want to turn yourself in…it sounds all too familiar when I used to speak to my dad about turning himself in and he would explain to me it was a “coffin” if he did…John, for you and Sam I pray that the true murderer is found and your life can be lived out better than it would even have since this experience…God Bless and I look forward to the interview. Still writing to the Gov for you yet they do not respond…

  160. jeff Avatar

    Nice to hear that

  161. TexasgalforMcafee Avatar

    One more thing. There is a local there that is influential with pice on San Pedro. Find him and he will help you. His name is Pontie.

  162. TexasgalforMcafee Avatar

    Glad your safe John. Don’t stop till you hit Texas border ! Ill come and get u guys

    Take care

  163. Tim Avatar

    Vice Magazine – thats appropriate.

  164. helen_portugal Avatar

    Good lord, at times a sadness fell upon me, I am so happy that you and Sam are ok 😉