Another Apology.

I openly apologize to Vice Magazine for manipulating their recently published photo.  I have been ferocioously put my place by Mr. Rocco for “interfering” with the objectivity of their reporting.  I, for my own safety, manipulated the xif data on the image taken from my cellphone, and created a fake emrgency so that the urgency of movement led, as I knew it would, to the hasty posting on their website.  I felt that our tenuous situation demanded action, and that was the action that I chose.

I do not believe that Vice will remain with me further.  Again, my apologies.

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  1. Cody Avatar

    Why would a Russian state funded security lab give 2 shits about an american man in trouble… besides the fact that your attempting to follow in the footsteps of a true computer science engineer (and failing)?

  2. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    There is one more thing that I want to say you. I am a mom and I have something for you to consider. At the end of the day how would your parents feel about where you are at? The last article that I read about you said that you were well known for discussing bath salts on Internet sites and how to rub them in to your anise.

  3. matt Avatar

    Why couldn’t he date 16 year olds in the US? Isn’t that the age of consent in most US states?

  4. scruffy Avatar

    Did Vice just jump the shark? And get McAfee exposed at the same time?

  5. matt Avatar

    If your out of Belize now and plan on going back there then you are obviously crazy. You will put your friends in even more danger, suck it up and stay away and let this whole circus dissapear, maybe then you can piece your life back together.

  6. From Sweden Avatar
    From Sweden

    John, I’m your fan!
    Hope everything will be fine with you.
    Take care

  7. godot Avatar

    Isn’t the windoze file suffix “.xif”? Sounds like he works with it more than you do.

  8. godot Avatar

    Some of John’s friends at Google have hacked Google Maps so when you plug in the “hacked” XIF location data
    (“15° 39′ 29.4″ North, 88° 59′ 31.8″ West”)
    it now shows you a location about 2 miles North of the American Embassy on Roxas in Manila. (Try it!)

    I think this may be where Jessica’s confusion is coming from.

    Go, John!

  9. godot Avatar

    John Belushi pitched an idea for a new TV series shortly before his demise. To be shot on location in the Miami Vice genre, it would have followed the escapades of a Colombian drug lord.

    Now John M is producing John B’s show for presentation on omnimedia. It’s great!

  10. marti Avatar

    They (Belize) have “the home-field advantage”. Keep up the fight (someone needs to do it!) but forget about Belize until there are some big changes there. Your situation there is screwed for the foreseeable future. That’s a shame, but it’s a fact.
    Find another paradise… but – be careful about appearing rich – the best would be to adopt another identity. Go live there, don’t attract attention to yourself, pay off the people you have to pay off (if they don’t know you’re rich, it won’t be so expensive…).

    Enjoy your money. Have fun. Live. And remember we’re just monkeys with a little bigger brains… Just figure that fact “into the equation” and you’ll probably be OK.

    (Wish I had your bucks, though, and my experience… oh, well, you can’t have everything..)

    Good luck! Screw the bastards – don’t let them grind you down! But, at the same time, be as safe as you can reasonably be.

    We only live once…



  11. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    At least we are all safe in the knowledge that John isn’t suffering on the tree tops, trying to balance the laptop, whilst eating iguanas…because he is actually roughing it in Guatemala… the pool.
    Who would have thought that he would ever, ever i mean ever live Belize, his home…..

  12. Anymouse Avatar

    dats bs bout frenz useta smok it jus coz der po’s pisstest dint catch it.its not as gud az pot.when it uz made illegal dey jus sure a zillionair cn aford real pot

  13. SL Avatar

    Tsk Tsk, unprofessional journalists. Questionable podcasters, when will you start making decision that are smarter for you cause>

    And when will you start letting some of my posts through??

  14. Sucker Avatar

    Vice is not with you anymore SUCKER!!

  15. Federale Avatar

    We know where you are. Thanks Vice!

  16. Gaby Avatar

    Nnone of my previous comments have been posted. Just testing.

  17. godot Avatar

    One-third his age. Let’s get our facts straight. Sam is one-third John’s age.
    A 16-year old would be one-fourth his age.
    To you, only perverts like girls???
    In the words of…guess who?
    American woman, stay away from me!
    American woman, baby let me be!
    Don’t come Hanging around my door,
    I don’t wanna see your face no more!
    I got more important things to do
    Than spend my time growing old with you!
    I don’t need your war machines;
    I don’t need your ghetto scenes.
    Bye-bye, Bye-bye,
    You’re no good for me.
    I’m no good for you.
    Goodbye, American Woman!

  18. SL Avatar

    Ok you let the most inane and unflattering comments through yet you put my on modertation for ever. Sometimes never approving them. WTF is the deal? i am on Jophn’s si9de. Have never accused him of drugs or pedophgilia. What have i said that placeds my comments in that oh so bad realm that theymust be m0oderated.;

    WTF is your purpose here? Get John back. At least he was k9ind.

  19. rogue trader Avatar
    rogue trader

    why is there no investigation into the stolen phone/laptop from the murdered victim’s house. Surely the Belize Monkey that shot him would have turned on the phone/recharged it. The Telecom company can pinpoint the old coordinates and now the new location. Been done before!

  20. godot Avatar

    That’s exactly why I avoid Chicago.

  21. Crystal Avatar

    John, I am so sorry about some of these comments. They have no idea what is going on and they sound like kids. I don’t trust the media! I know there is more to this than anyone knows, so ignore their sarcasm and rudeness and plain unintelligence! You are innocent until proven guilty. These people with their crass comments are unbelievable. Be careful, stay safe and I want you to know I am praying for you and for your safety out of this. God loves you and so do I. A friend~

  22. Odin Avatar

    Hang in there bud.

  23. Odin Avatar
  24. Louis Avatar

    I’ve been out of the U.S. for over two years. I’ve recovered from all the fear-mongering “the terrorists are going to nuke us Orwellian propaganda. Enjoy your Patriot Act, FEMA camps dictatorship. (Listen to Alex Jones InfoWars.)

  25. leroyjohnson Avatar

    The picture with the Vice reporter looks like a cardboard cut-out of John.

  26. Johnny Avatar

    Faull was mad about John’s 11 medium to large sized dogs barking day and night at people walking between his fence and the beach, scaring tourists, and waking Faull at night, and he was therefore justified in complaining to John and then talking with neighbours before submitting an official complaint. John didn’t live on a remote road but in a popular beach-front area where neighbours and tourists walked between his front fence and the beach.

    Why didn’t John realize his neighbours were purturbed and either give some of his dogs away or build a higher fence?

  27. alittleparanoid Avatar

    as a journalist you do not publish exif data! considering the news update at vice, we don´t know shit. this is by far the worst i have seen in american journalism so far. what about the “epic” story vice was talking about. instead they are acting like babies. how embarrassing…

  28. Muskrat Avatar

    Come down to Oz man. Lots of desolate beaches, reef islands, wide open spaces & great sailing locations. Great beer as well.

    Errol Flynn sailed & adventured down here lots & up into New Guinea. You are just like him.

    Fair winds. M

  29. vorro the bear Avatar
    vorro the bear

    everybody leave him alone. he can manipulate a simple XFL photo using correlated meta data and also by pinging the Fdisk prompt. hes a computer guy. let him trick everybody and get to safety. he deserves a second chance. the guy has got spunk.

  30. phillip Avatar

    hang in there. you have more people supporting you than you realize.

  31. Spring Tide Avatar
    Spring Tide

    Man, where to start…….I never post on blogs, or anywhere for that matter. I am mid thirties with a degree in IT and am retired from a tech biz but don’t do Facebook, Linked in, anything. I am a serial lurker. I feel the need to post here just for personal closure and to say goodbye to this one of a kind roller coaster that will no doubt have me reloading the page hours after I submit this post. What an unbelievable mind fuck – the kind where you say thanks after you have been taken for a wild ride. I have had the pleasure to spend a lot of time with many high IQ individuals with a whole,lotta time and money on tneir hands in 3rd world countries. This is a pattern I have seen repeat itself many times. I wanted John to prove me wrong, and so many times he was so close, but in the end, this is simply one of the greatest tweaks of all time, played out on sage for all of us to watch. The fidgeting, playing with the match box, sores all over his body CNN interview sealed it for me, the rest has been a bonus. Then the tragedy of the many cult like followers – you know who you are. John could sell,ice to an Eskimo – it’s been fun to watch. The Bluelight thread made me wanna go back to chemistry class – spent 6 house dissecting that one night when I should been sleeping. Anyway, sorry for the poor sentence structure and grammar, I am on an iPad and should be sleeping! Many have said it better than me already, but I had to take the selfish opportunity to get some closure on this one. Goodbye John, I am no longer in your corner. While you are a fascinating tweaker, your mistakes are many and surprises are few, and I can no longer watch the countless fools fall for your shenanigans. I would never recommend drgs to anyone, but I think they would be better suited with a finger load of bath salts up their ass than to be a part of your silly cult. Sam, get out while you can, if you still can…….the spring tide is coming.

  32. JackL Avatar

    I always hated your software but you rock these days! Stay safe and keep free. Godspeed!

  33. Max H Avatar
    Max H

    How can you call the guys from Vice cool?
    Just a week ago they published an article ( about John, who “is at the edge of insanity, who uses MDPV and aim in life is to stick his penis in as much young women as possible”.

  34. beeninyourshoes Avatar


  35. beeninyourshoes Avatar

    Belize is not in South America. Check your map. Not everyone here is starving and unemployed. It is a wonderful country made up of Spanish, Mayan, Creole, Mestizo and African Americans to name a few. We still call Asians “Chiney” here. No one is too concerned about being politically correct because we pretty much treat everyone equally. Go find yourself an atlas. You sound like a retard.

  36. Julie Richards Avatar
    Julie Richards

    I see you decided not to publish my comments because they be close to the REAL story.

  37. Ghost Avatar

    John. email me and find freedom, continue on your current path…….? Love the Ghost.

  38. Scripter Avatar

    sean penn … definetly

  39. Julie Richards Avatar
    Julie Richards

    There is no concept of statutory rape when you have sex with an underage girl in many foreign, underdeveloped countries where the rule of law is an illusion, at best. Sometimes, that illusion turns real when the crimes add up.

    John, the best way of clearing your name is to get to the US and give yourself up. Let the law take its course.

  40. Andy Avatar

    Anyway what’s the big deal with Sam’s age? She’s 20 right..?! What’s the problem?

  41. Petra Avatar

    Lot’s of negativity towards you today on your postings. You wore us out with concern over the weekend and now most of us don’t understand your latest posting. English please so we don’t lose our belief in you and your cause.

  42. frankie Avatar

    ..just pot this comment from don:

    This is laughable…

    Not only did you guys slip up by revealing to the world that you’re traveling with 2 easily Identifiable persons (without any plans accordingly), you have slipped up and left critical location information in a photo. The problem with trying to lie about it now is that THE PHOTO DOESN’T LIE… That photo was in fact taken next to the pool at Nana Juana Hotel Marina and Yacht Club.

    Anyone nearby could walk right up to the palm in the background.

    VICE immediately used Photoshop at 3:41pm to remove the data, only 14 minutes after the location was posted on your blog… and now you are saying YOU changed the data intentionally to misdirect? The only problem with this argument is that the photo was taken with Robert’s iPhone and was cropped and sent directly from his phone. You never had procession of the photo. And, it makes no sense why you would be apologize for “changing” the location data because that implies that the location data was there in the first place, needing to be changed, and that would have been a major FUBAR too.

    Even Vice is saying, “Quite Frankly We Don’t Know What the F*** Is Going On”
    This whole charade is great if you are trying to make people think you have had a falling out with VIBE and they are no longer with you.

    One thing is for sure… you are proving to be, by your own utterances, a pathological liar… How will you expect anyone to believe you had nothing to do with Faull’s death?

  43. John Avatar

    I have posted a reply, 2 days ago referring to Dan Keeney who’s obviously monitoring this blog. But still no explanation from him. I will continue until you reply Mr. Keeney and just so you know, POW WOW tribe members can be stubborned.

    “John says: December 1, 2012 at 8:22 pm
    It’s strange to find out that a PR company is Involved into this. Keeney is the president of DPK PR firm and, obviously, acting in support to Faull’s family.. And why it’s the president himself taking care of this? Maybe Mr. Keeney would be kind enough to tell us what’s the link between him and Greg Faull……”

  44. Dawn Avatar

    Angelo: Hard to believe how gullible these followers are. It’s mind numbing.

  45. Larukanpai Avatar

    Or maybe Rocco is casting a shadow on him…

  46. Larukanpai Avatar

    Oh this is fun. Look closely at the photo…. the shadows don’t quite match up. Maybe there are multiple lighting sources, but looks to me like opposite shadow directions.

    If true, then McAfee is a cardboard cutout!! 🙂

  47. rocky Avatar

    ..heheheheee….. john you wanted to make people believe that you are in mexico while you were in Guatemala – what a shame that a school boy error on your part for letting the vice magazine guys take a picture of you using their iphone while the location tagging is on gave your location to everyone- you guys should have been a little bit smarter, now you have no where to run to – you are fucked up men!!!

  48. Dawn Avatar

    Ch! No! Charles Manson for sure

  49. Petra Avatar

    I don’t get it either. I’ve scoured the VICE site, Chads Twitter and other outlets and I can’t make heads or tails out of what he’s talking about. At least we know he wasn’t captured. Whether he’s safe or not is anyone’s guess, but at least he’s still free.

  50. cocoa Avatar

    What a farce! Good Ole Oscar would have loved this:

    “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”
    Oscar Wilde

  51. fendidonna Avatar

    Dear John and Sam,

    I hope you are OK. You’ve had another tough day today, I guess. I am looking forward to the FT article so much 🙂

    You have many people who unconditionally support what you are doing. And many more who should.

    I hope that your collaboration with Vice continues if you wish it to.

    Stay safe, calm and happy. God bless.

  52. Dawn Avatar

    Brian: It’s mind numbing how many people actually believe Mcafee is some sorta hero. McAfee lives the life of a looser. He wouldn’t have anyone following him if he didn’t have enough money to sting his equally looser friends along.

  53. Ricky Avatar

    I think Dog the Bounty Hunter is snooping around. RUN! For God’s sakes , Run!!

  54. Lolo Avatar

    The Phillipines on on the other side of the planet…check google earth…LOL

  55. Leslie Sherman Avatar
    Leslie Sherman

    On Dec 3, 2012 11:34 PM, “Noel Rhinelander” wrote:
    > John, I now think the person who is the most danger to you is you yourself.  Are you stuck in some misguided plot to go out in a blaze of glory trying to be the savior of a country?  I very much want you to be safe, but given your current situation, whether real, imagined, or engineered, I don’t know how that can be achieved.  I know you could do it if you wanted to, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be as much fun as the game you’re playing now.  Come back to us!

  56. Mary Avatar

    Wow, kids take note: this is your brain after bath salts.

  57. Bev Avatar

    O.M.G. Are you serious? You are on the run from governments and cartels, yet you allowed a cell photo with exif info to be published? So much for the computer genius title! I think the world of technology has passed you by. SERIOUSLY?? This is amateur night in Guatemala.

  58. Sean Avatar

    Condescend much?

  59. Smoky Avatar

    John, You don’t seem like a bad guy. It can be difficult to navigate on this plane of existence..and the fact you have money brings out the bottom feeders. How can one tell if someone really cares or not. I’d likely take you camping in the mountains and maybe give you some mushrooms. I would drink fine Belgium abbey ale and smoke some herb. I wouldn’t care if it would make you uptight, if fact I hope it would. I’d make a cool campfire and you could tell me what the late sixties were like….all the cool psychedelic garage bands and such. I’d crank the pretty things, stooges, blue cheer and amboy dukes on my stereo. Into the night, I would win your trust and then you would offer me some kind of opportunity. I would scoff and then chuckle. In the morning I would send you on your way a better man.

  60. fendidonna Avatar

    You may or may not be correct, that is not for me to judge.

    But in my comment re data I was referring to an incident from well before this blog existed, so in this case it does not apply.

    Whatever the case, I wish John and Sam nothing but safety and peace.

  61. jnaka Avatar

    This just seems like one publicity stunt after another. If you are serious about getting the ‘true’ story out there, then you need to let journalists do their job.

  62. nh Avatar

    No he is not. Peter Norton and AVG are likely faking it too. Trend, Sophos, ESET and maybe even Dr. Solomon will be along some time soon if this continues. Doesn’t seem to matter though, does it?

  63. NunyaBiz Avatar


  64. Sean g Avatar
    Sean g

    And a man with that money could easily hire a team to find and recuse him out of the area. He says he won’t leave his home , bull he did it before running from the law!

  65. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    What did I miss? I would really like to know if tracking is a option for phone pix medata. On my android, I can certainly choose whether it is on or not. I hope. This seems like a blunder by perhaps vice, a blunder nbyJohn, but not really. Seems that these guys are seasoned to know, as most laypeople know, that a phone photo doesn’t generally include location unless you let it.

    Is there a techy that can explain this further? Because was under a different impression. If it is this way, there goes all of our freedoms.

    Curious minds would like to know.

  66. SL Avatar

    Listen to his interviews. Watch the CNN video. Look at his eyes in the picture for this post.
    Does he seem whacked out on any kind of drug to you? So if the story is to be believed, he has been using Bath salts since at least April. That in of itself is pretty unbelievable.
    Mr. McAfee has been clean and sober for nearly 30 years. If he took just one hit of anything, he would be right back in that dark place. Every addict knows this. I seriously doubt he would risk it. he also has a history of being very anti-drug/anti-drinking.
    He may have shown some questionable judgement in some of his decisions, but he’s a big boy and it isn’t against the law to be silly, or eccentric… All of the women he was with were of legal age of consent. Some Americans may find it distasteful but he didn’t break any laws.
    I hope you stay safe sir. I wasn’t so sure about the whole Vice thing to begin with given how they reported your story. For them to post a picture with exif info intact, whether you faked it or not, is unprofessional. There is clearly more to this story that needs to be told.

  67. Emmie Avatar

    This reminds me of the movie House of Games. Or the movie, The Game. I think some of these things are deliberate and well played, and not at all an accident.

    Or maybe it’s all part of a bet for a thousand dollars…lol.

  68. Movit Avatar

    Still rootin for ya john, but this data switch thing leaves me with more doubt than I’d like. I trust the “mixup” is all part of another diversion scheme to elude capture. Eat ur veggies, and and drink lotsa water – more important than you’d think for stayin clearheaded. Be safe.

  69. Peter Diamond Avatar

    This is by far one of the most incredible real life accounts I have read in a long while. I am genuinely amazed at your ability to do what you are doing. I have so many questions. It is quite possible that my questions have been answered already but I am too lazy to go back and re-read all posts, as I just read your accounts straight through.. If asked and answered int eh comments section, sorry. I do not mean to ask again.

    The primary question I have at this time, is how can you go back to belize, assuming you are out? I understand that you have chosen belize as your home and have built relationships, business and a love for your adopted home. However, given all that you have gone and are presently going through as well as all of the reported corruption, how can you ever return and feel safe?

    I assume you know what you are doing and have a plan and I that when this chapter of your journey is all over, you have an intent to return to your home(s) in belize. Can you ever feel like you are at home in belize again? If so, how? If not, why not simply skeedattle and head to the US or some other non-belize friendly place.

    I cannot imagine the US sending you back to belize? Is your desire to stay also motived at a “I am not going to bow down to the govt” mentality?

    I really have not had a chance to read your backstory other than when your plight was first reported in my local paper, the miami heard. I dont expect a response, but if you are bored and feel like either responding or addressing in a future post, I would love to get your insight on that. Good luck and be well.P

  70. Charlie Avatar

    A United State Citizen suspected in another country of killing a United States citizen warrants a FBI investigation.

  71. Wheres the love Avatar
    Wheres the love

    Hi John surprised there is not more support for you. You should me given an opportunity to plead your innocence however I know what these Kangaroo courts are like.

    I hope your embassy are doing everything they can to help you. That is if you still hold a US passport. Either way, a big shout out from Australia.

    All the best.

  72. SL Avatar

    I have been following your story since the very first day.
    This latest twist seems really strange and confusing. The Vice story has an update added saying “The John McAfee saga is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.”. They have been with you for four days? And they don’t know what is happening?
    How is anyone else supposed to keep up? I’m just confused.

  73. Mindfk Avatar

    I need a drink

  74. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    That drug has been known to make people murderous. It is very new and more dangerous than anything that I have heard of. Maybe that can be used to your defended some day. Do the right thing. Turn yourself in and get healthy. I will follow your story. I have heard of people locally here in Montpelier, Vermont on that drug. You are not alone.

  75. SOB Avatar

    Very Sad,,,,

    A very intelligent man that can admit he needs mental help… Very Sad…

  76. Tom Avatar

    Be safe man. Be careful, and trust no-man except joe rogan and vice.

  77. SOB Avatar

    Very Very Sad,,,,

    A very intelligent man that can admit he needs mental help… Very Sad…

  78. Tallyman Avatar

    Just like all the twists in this story– they echo some of the comments. Kinda like Kevin Spacey in “Usual Suspects” weaving his tale in the detectives office. The commentors input is being regurgitated by McAfee. What could be more believable but our own imaginations. The xif data idea was relayed to John last week.

    Hats off John you have created a new form of collaborative writing. Choose your own adventure live…

  79. UnderGround Asylum SysOp Avatar
    UnderGround Asylum SysOp

    That damn location setting will get you every time. For some reason I doubt you went into the image file with a hex editor and changed the byte offset for the gps coordinates. If I were you, I would get on a boat and goto Cuba or Peurto Rico and get out of guatamala. Definately don’t goto Honduras.

  80. Remy Avatar

    Wow, this whole drama is like a bad trip that does not end…

  81. Gob Bluth Avatar
    Gob Bluth

    So we are to believe that the VICE photographer borrowed your phone to take a photo to use in the article? And that before you sent it to them to use, you stepped aside to edit the EXIF data, finding a quite specific spot to designate as the fake location, entering in the gps coordinates for this spot (again, not just anywhere, but next to a pool with surroundings almost matching the real location), and then sending the pic to VICE for use in the article? No more worries about triangulation I guess? Robert King, the “photographer/videographer” didn’t have his own device to snap a pic? Unbelizeable!

  82. Sean g Avatar
    Sean g

    Mcafee is fake , if any news source is legit it’s vice and after hearing him on the different podcast I truly believe he’s doing or was doing some lab test drug and flipped out and may not remember what he did. His story’s don’t add up and sounds druggy just saying but if I’m wrong john stay safe!

  83. godot Avatar

    The best way to lie is to tell the truth unconvincingly. John’s just trying to make us think they really posted their GPS coordinates by accident. I don’t buy it. That reporter just got back from covering a war zone. No way he’d still be alive if his procedure didn’t automatically scrub the EXIF data.’

  84. Audrey Avatar

    Wow. I’m over following the crazy American and his half-his-age girlfriend. Paranoid much? You could move back to the USA but that would mean you couldn’t date 16-year olds. As an American woman who has lived overseas I’ve witnessed countless expats take advantage of underage/young/naieve girls. It’s disgusting that you act as though you’re some daddy figure teaching them English & offering them guidance when you’re just a pervert getting your rocks off and when you’re bored you’ll move onto the next young girl.

    I’m convinced that you harbor some guilt in the death if your neighbor. Corrupt government or not, innocent people don’t run, go into hiding and write criptic messages on a blog.

  85. tom stevens Avatar
    tom stevens

    Soon they will put a reward on your head. Be prepared.

  86. Firstloner Avatar

    They will get u. Just a matter of time. You’re your own worst enemy.

  87. Gina Avatar

    Please elaborate John, you changed the xif data on your own phone with which the photo was taken? If this is the case why would you need to do this secretly, This is your phone and hello, your trusting strangers with your life. certainly they would understand? This is not making any sence? Please provide more information when you are able…. And again stay safe!

  88. godot Avatar

    This man wins a free all expenses paid vacation in Belize, where he’ll be staying at the beautiful Hattiville Townhomes Resort.

  89. tom stevens Avatar
    tom stevens

    Nice try, if you keep making mistakes you will be in prison soon. Looks like a nice place.

  90. CayeCaulker Avatar

    Meth’s a helluva drug.

  91. godot Avatar

    Yeah, Bill. You’re right. It’s obvious. Everybody super-rich knows everybody else super-rich in that tiny country, and they cooked it all up together. First John pretends like he’s a kook in the bluelight special aisle. Then they plant a fake story in the local paper saying his drinking buddy from next door got shot. Then John gets the PM to say he’s a kook. Then John pretends like he is running for his life when he isn’t even wanted for anything. Meanwhile they are all sitting around smoking bongs and drinking cocktails together in luxury, and dreaming up the next nutty thing to put on the blog. John gets the mayor to say the police are searching for him door-to-door. His internet staff make up a bunch of websites that look like newspapers and magazines, and they put fake stories in them. They spoof the nameservers to show you youtube vids instead of cnn & cnbc. Then John uploads some old pictures from his vacation and says they are of him on the run. It’s all a stunt to attract more people to belize. Look how many reporters they have got to come down there already! Now they’re starting to do product placement, putting out GPS coords of their favorite restaurant. John already did an ad for Captain Morgan’s. Next it’ll be The Oasis, The Blue Tang (or, as john calls it, “the poon tang”), GoFish, and K-Mart. He was supposed to get a fortune for saying the pix was on an iPhone, but at the last minute Apple pulled out at the last minute, and it was too late to sign a contract with another cellphone manufacturer, so he just went with generic “cell phone.” Yeah, you’re certainly right. It’s not just a PR stunt. The stunt is its own product. It’s a reality internet show. To have john use your product in his next escape, please contact ad sales via the “Contact” button at the top of the page. After all, it worked for Guevara & Castro. They financed half the revolution with the ad revenue from Kalashnikov, alone.
    The weird thing is, I think it’s actually working. There’s no such thing as bad publicity; I think there are a lot of us who now really do want to go to Belize for our next vacation!

  92. Connie Avatar

    I am so confused. So they were filming and they have stopped, but they got video. So where’s the video they recorded? You would think that even if you ended your relationship with them, as popular as you are right now, they would want to put it out. I mean Josh Davis continues to put his information out and your through with him too. You lost me.

  93. passerby Avatar

    So, what happened with VICE? What’s the photo in question?

  94. coolnutz Avatar

    No, Gary Busey.

  95. seafarin_iguana Avatar

    Contrary to the posts here, its quite simply IDIOTIC for Vice Magazine to have any cellphones “live” if they actually wanted to do serious reporting on this guy and his fight for freedom. This entire debacle smells of bullshit to me, sorry. TURN OFF YOUR FUCKING CELL PHONES DIPSHITS. Fuckin A already. Secondly, if McAfee fucks with his phone, thats his business and not yours Rocco aka “man-tits” and what is that, a b-cup nipping out there? You are not rugged enough to hang with a fugitive, hoss. Go back to NYC where you can twaddle your ass with a sharpie bent over your desk fantasizing about Carnival in Rio you little bitch.

  96. seafarin_iguana Avatar

    Contrary to the posts here, its quite simply IDIOTIC for Vice Magazine to have any cellphones “live” if they actually wanted to do serious reporting on this guy and his fight for freedom. This entire debacle smells of bullshit to me, sorry. TURN OFF YOUR FUCKING CELL PHONES DIPSHITS. Fuckin A already. Secondly, if McAfee fucks with his phone, thats his business and not yours Rocco aka “man-tits” and what is that, a b-cup nipping out there? You are not rugged enough to hang with a fugitive, hoss. Go back to NYC where you can twaddle your ass with a sharpie bent over your desk fantasizing about Carnival in Rio you little bitch.

  97. Havey Gee and Ha Vast Avatar
    Havey Gee and Ha Vast

    John, no matter what happens remember.. you’re the man!!!

  98. Alex Avatar

    Money, money, money, FIAT MONEY!!!

  99. LAChris Avatar

    Is it the picture that is up on VICE now? Something — intuition — told me that it was manipulated in some way. Hope you guys stay safe and have some great adventure to tell (sell) us in US at some point!

  100. LAChris Avatar

    I am so confused.

  101. Johnny Avatar

    Mr. Rocco should accept your apology, forgive you, and continue filming, realizing you altered the photo-backgrounds because of your precariously dangerous situation. If your tormentors find you and him, he won’t be the one shackled and transported to an isolated jail-cell to be at their mercy.

  102. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    You cannot trust anyone right now John … try to settle somewhere safe for a while and avoid the media. They all seem like they are trying to #$ck you.

    Everything you post here on your blog is getting picked up around the world anyway.

    Please be safe … this is going to take some time.

  103. Pele Avatar

    More misdirection.

  104. KRW Avatar

    Hopefully you can get off from the charges. I would love to meet you one day.

  105. Andrew Sink Avatar

    Mr. McAfee –

    My friends and I have been admiring the sunglasses you were wearing in the pictures from the Wired article.

    Where did you get such cool shades?

    Andrew Sink

  106. Brandon Avatar

    Hear Cuba is good this time of year…

  107. fendidonna Avatar

    On the data point…to be fair, they should have stripped it out before publishing to protect your safety. Then there would be no issue.

    I would be stunned if you did not take personal responsibility to check/strip/alter the data of each and every image related to your story unless you were happy for that data to be revealed.

    It’s not exactly the first time you’ve been stung by camera data, let’s face it. You’re methods are simply evolving with experience.

    Whether Vice felt prompted to post “hastily” or not by other events engineered by you relating to your safety is irrelevant IMHO. They (inadvertently) compromised your safety for the sake of getting the pic up fast. And luckily you had taken responsibility for looking after yourself.

    No big deal on either side as far as I’m concerned.

    Unorthodox, maybe, but it’s not like your goal is to sell potatoes here.

    I hope that article goes ahead.

  108. Fighter Pilot Friend Avatar
    Fighter Pilot Friend

    John, Please take care, Michele & I are thinking about you.

    Looking forward to hearing the real story; I know things can be sensationalized.

    Keep in touch when you can…Miss our time flying together!

  109. Just pick up a phone book and call a lawyer Avatar
    Just pick up a phone book and call a lawyer

    Please sir, you have got to end the fear of what if. Call a lawyer, have the lawyer call the police and then they can answer the questions. Then, hide Sam until you can get fake ID and passport. Leave that country since neither of you are under arest, do not go back. Get someone to pack your shit, call a realtor, sell your property. Done. Drama is not needed, only the logical thinking in small steps. Since you are not subpoenaed to go in to police, there is no reason you can not leave the country. What about the USA consort? Can’t they escort you out if you do not want to leave with fake IDs. Or a lawyer..can’t a lawyer escort you back to the states? I get the hiding, but if your only wanted for questioning, how come it’s illegal to NOT go in to talk? I tell ya, Canada is cold as fuk but the police here don’t arrest you for not going in to answer questions.

  110. elemanzer Avatar

    I thought the same thing. It’s like a modern day Fletch.

  111. SL Avatar

    Weird…other comments made it through but not mine

  112. getrealeh Avatar

    noooooooooooooo charlie Sheen

  113. Dr. No Avatar
    Dr. No

    Please monitor my comments.

  114. Jason Avatar

    How could you do this John! goodspeed my friend.

  115. another old timer Avatar
    another old timer

    I Wish that was the actual Peter Norton commenting, I learned a lot from his early software back in 82 or so. But I got out of fortran programming and more into design. And then John was there to also teach us. It was a good time in America. Yes, stay safe John and keep reviewing the problem solving matrix we all learned many years ago.

  116. Margot, Munich 1977 Avatar
    Margot, Munich 1977

    John –

    So relieved to hear you & Sam are alright.

    That short time I knew you, you always seemed to be upfront & honest.

    Please be very careful when you go back to Belize.

    Watch your back!

  117. OriginalWoman Avatar

    Stay safe!!!

  118. Heather Lang Avatar

    My email has been hacked and won’t work. I know how you feel. I’m a a whistleblower with death threats. I also have Complex PTSD.

  119. ash Avatar

    You should have just let it be instead of coming out to defend it…now, with the photographer apologizing about the mix up in his FB posts will tell a different story! Even if the cover was blown, you should have left it at that and find a new hide-out till things settle down a bit…aaah…i feel sorry for you guys!

  120. sysop Avatar

    And, another thing… you claim that you manipulated the data to create a fake “emergency” to give urgency to a move… but if the location data was NOT accurate (a fake) they would have known this and would have no urgency to move… Are saying that you changed the “real” location on the photo to reflect the “real” location you were? !#$%^? I am beginning to think you are not as smart as so many are giving you credit.
    It better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you’re stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  121. Ed Avatar

    TRUST NO ONE. In your position John, it is all about you and Sam. Someone wants to be the “hero” and go down as the one that was responsible for your capture. They will write the book. It must ALL be about zero leads. If they carry a hidden cell phone, that can be traced. A miniature tracking device, whatever. You are the. Arrested. That will SUCK!! Beware. From one who has been there.

  122. Minjoo Avatar

    Its ok john. we know that belize is already a corrupted country, and is never safe…either law officials nor non-officials.

    US should stop Belize police to stop chasing you. You have brought a good deed to this land, and just enjoying your time.

    Im pretty sure if you are caught and questioned, they are sure to frame you.

    This is why I never travel to Mexico-Central South America. Once you thought you are safe from the most violent criminals, the Law officials are there to get you.

    Stay safe, and please return to US safe.

  123. Margot, Munich 1977 Avatar
    Margot, Munich 1977

    John –

    Soooo glad to hear you & Sam are safe.

    The short time I knew you, you always seemed to be very upfront & honest.

    Be very careful when you go back to Belize. Watch your back!

  124. Ross Avatar

    Stay safe, there’s lots of us rooting for you John

  125. Angelo Avatar

    How many lives do you plan to endanger before you stop this foolishness? How many MORE friends are you going to put in Belize prison? I find your evasion and mocking of the justice system/ corrupt gov conspiracy or not, obnoxious, rich, spoiled, and delusional as your lifestyle. Guilty or Not guilty, stop putting others in danger. Let’s be honest, if you weren’t guilty and truly respected Gregory Faull, you would leverage the U.S. embassy who has an office right in the capital to oversee the investigation is handled properly. You won’t. Are you seriously asking us to believe that you are in more danger cooperating with investigators than you are running around, presumably with guns? I get it, it’s easier to buy your freedom from a corrupt gov when you’re not in jail.

    It’s probably for the best VICE magazine is ditching you. Those clowns, in-particular Rocco Castoro, are enablers, playing this game with you, to sell some crappy magazine, probably would have gotten you killed.

    Well, here’s to you John, some rich lying asshole, who lives in a fantasy world, sleeping around with teenagers, who is above law, and can just decide to opt-out of due process because he decided so. I’m sure Gregory Faull’s family and your “friends” you got arrested, don’t find this as entertaining.

  126. International Man of Mystery Avatar
    International Man of Mystery

    Dear Mr. McAfee, I wish to bid on the movie rights to this story. You will be played by Brad Pitt.

  127. Johnny Avatar

    Vice should cut you some slack and forgive you for altering photos to protect your safety, and carry on recording their history-making story of a man using modern communications to diligently present his side of the story while hiding from those who want to silence him.

  128. Tim Avatar

    Oh come on moderate my comment!

  129. Intrigued Avatar

    Why are the people of vice so bent out of shape for you wanting to protect yourself? Am I missing something.

  130. Connie Avatar

    where is the video?

  131. Bill Avatar

    I have heard your past two interviews on CNBC and It is clear that something shady is going on. Personally I think you are on drugs and this is some kind of publicity stunt. Go back to Belize and face justice!

  132. Jean-Pierre Avatar

    To much bad journalists in the world like R.King 🙁

  133. AVG Avatar

    Please keep us updated.

  134. Andrea Vanessa Hulihan Avatar

    wow things really change minute by minute for you…;)

  135. Living in Belize Avatar
    Living in Belize

    Just another try to manipulate the media and all of us. I go with NYT and CNN.

  136. Paul Avatar

    I don’t think that was a smart move John. As delanley already said, having a powerful partner could be really useful in your Situation. However, I hope you are safe!

  137. Matt Avatar

    Hey John,
    This is my first time leaving a comment and i just wanted to say i have alot of respect for you and what you are doing. Most people would have folded by now and gave up or fled to another country thousands of miles away. I’m glad i have found this site because all the media attention you have gotten so far is bullshit and make you look guilty. Keep on fighting back AND IM SURE YOU WILL PREVAIL

  138. Daniel Garfield?? Avatar

    I’m rooting for you, man. Nevermind Vice. Just survive.

  139. formerlytest Avatar

    Yeah, that makes sense. Vice gets mad because you want to hid the location data on a photo taken with your phone and posted on their site. I guess that is because Vice journalists don’t own cameras or even a cell phone. This is, of course, a major screw up.

  140. Melissa Avatar

    Be careful and trust no one

  141. squidLip Avatar

    Stay safe

  142. Ivan Avatar

    Are you actually Eugene Kaspersky, sir?

  143. Thanks_Vice... Avatar

    Bahaha. Nice try. But I do feel bad. This story is so entertaining, and VICE may have just fucked it all up. Sigh….

  144. Jenn Avatar

    The hilarity continues..and the usual bunch of starstruck followers dont get it yet. So let me break it down for you all.

    McAfee IS in Guatemala. The data from his pics IS real and not manipulated as he claims.

    Vice realized they screwed up and now they have to back their man, by going along with his story that we shouldn’t believe the data from the photo. After all they have an entire documentary riding on McAfees continued freedom. Far from objective journalism I’d say.

    Anyway if anyone really wanted to hunt the man down hes in Northern Guatemala, probably not at the house by the river, but probably not back in Belize yet.

    There, now was that so hard?? Sheesh.

  145. Joe Symantec Avatar
    Joe Symantec

    You have everyone’s attention. Stop the games and talk to the the police… and yes, I’ve read the blog.

  146. Omar Charide Avatar
    Omar Charide

    Don’t trust nobody .. Sometimes you can’t even trust your self

  147. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    Looks as if John made some one very angry. This article is on the front page of VICE:

    Bath Salts, Orgies, Murder, and Anti-Virus Software | VICE

  148. SL Avatar

    I think you missed a step. What exactly happened?

  149. Jerry Avatar

    John.. the photo that Vice published was taken with an iPhone 4s and you were in the photo so how could you have manipulated it? CNN reported that you only use disposable phones? Seems the iPhone belonged to one of the Vice reporters and he is the one who published the image without removing the real xif data.

    I am 100% with you and hope you remain free to fight your cause but I don’t like you to see you acting like a wimp and always apologizing.

  150. linda Avatar

    Moderation?.. that’s ok..this Kindle keeps respelling for me..just want to say glad you and Sam r safe! You friend in Florida

  151. MessedUp Avatar

    Yeah, you guys didn’t manipulate the exif data, simply got to cocky and screwed up.

  152. alittleparanoia Avatar

    someone at vice has put up the picture with gps position in guatemala, then changed the picture with no gps data. as a journalist, you do not under any circumstances publish a picture with gps data, especially in a situation like this. now, who is to blame? for now the press makes fun at vice, and lets hope you really faked the coordinates. that would make you the master of disguise. i keep my lights on for you…

  153. linda Avatar

    The Caye’s..not Faye’s…

  154. Ballsdeep Avatar

    Why would vice care if you manipulated the data? I think you’re just trying to cover your ass. If you really manipulated you shouldn’t have said anything at all and let people come look for you in the wrong location. But then again, you’re the master troll…. Johnny.

  155. alittleparanoia Avatar

    someone at vice has put up the picture with gps position in guatemala, then changed the picture with no gps data. as a journalist, you do not under any circumstances publish a picture with gps data, especially in a situation like this. now, who is to blame? for now the press makes fun at vice, and lets hope you really faked the coordinates. that would make you the master of disguise. i keep my lights on for you…
    that makes the story even more twisted. by the way

  156. linda Avatar

    What time zone r u on John? I was in Belize 10 years ago. Caye Cayker..San Pedro.. San ignacio..I had a friend from texas..former Texas ranger..working as an extreme tour guide (hey mike’ its me Linda) I never felt ‘comfortable’in Belize..better up in the mountains..more Hispanic..God people..the Faye’s..Don’t even get me started on Belize shit hole!

  157. Erik Grad Avatar

    It’s amazing that you say the exif has been manipulated, because the background of the photo matches perfectly with the location you marked. Incredible similarity. Huh.

  158. elemanzer Avatar

    Just heard the CNN story and the reporter makes you out to be a whacko. He seems more concerned about your relationship with Sam and your age difference then reporting the story.
    He asked you softball questions that you answered strangely.
    It’s like Bill Murray from Ghostbuster. When someone ask you if you’re a God you say YES! If someone asks you if you are scared you say YES!
    You will get the dumb questions from these people because they want to see your reaction and if you say anything from the norm you will be held accountable.
    You said in some post if you think a reporter is in it for their own benefit then you will screw with them, but you are no longer in a position to screw with people.. or maybe you think you are.
    Also how do you get that guy to report on you? Could you have held out for Anderson Cooper? He would rush in with his black t-shirt and carried you and Sam to safety while fighting the GSU… I’m assume GSU is for Gang Squad Unit and not Georgia State University.
    See that.. I made a joke, you know why? Because a government is not trying to kill me.

  159. Mark Avatar

    Always go with your gut feeling……

  160. Peter Norton Avatar
    Peter Norton

    Stay safe John!

  161. ipoodyay Avatar

    Now if only Charlie Sheen and Iron Man were with you. now that would be a troupe of debauchery.

  162. Mentor Avatar

    Then again John, your photo looks shooped. Either you are brilliant or a you’re moving too quick and not thinking. Shooped? Also, please avoid the mara.

  163. Mentor Avatar

    Then again John, your photo looks shooped. Either you are brilliant or a you’re moving too quick and not thinking. Shooped? Also, please avoid the mara.

  164. Jordan K Avatar
    Jordan K

    What an incredible tale. I came close to buying a small dive resort on the placencia peninsula a few years back, but during one of my visits discovered that the last two owners had been assassinated. Belize is a beautiful place, but there is a dark, dark undercurrent there. Stay safe.

  165. Tim Avatar

    Misinformation, apologies, lies, North Korean passports, doubles, misdirections – all part and parcel of this blog. Im waiting for the link to Ginsu Knives ads and Mcafees new book ” My Life On The Run With a 20 year Old.”

  166. jason Avatar

    i hope if you are innocent, it is made known soon. more importantly i feel sorry that the loss of a life gets less attention than the current joke of a life you are manifesting. be well man, get your head straight

  167. Sure Avatar

    So… you were able to manipulate EXIF data from a device that wasn’t yours… yet you don’t know that EXIF is spelled EXIF, not XIF. This seems totally, completely plausible to me.

  168. Andy Avatar

    I don’t understand why that’s such a big deal? They knew who they were meeting, surely they can undertstand his need to hide his loctation?? Should they have not been smarter to begin with rather than leave details in an image that could potentially jeopardise johns well being?

  169. shawn Avatar

    Couldn’t Cuba provide you with safe harbour while this unfortunate series of events is played out and the truth finally uncovered?

  170. Brian Avatar

    Oh actually, just kidding about my above post. I misread a post that I thought was from you but instead was from another person.

    Best of luck to you, hope things work out for the best and that you find a safe place.

  171. BnadontheRun Avatar


    You have to do what you feel you have to do to remain safe… That’s priority #1!!!

    Having said that, your reaching an audience through your blog that is now bigger than a lot of the media outlets you choose.

    I think you can go it alone now. Keep reporters away from your person and conduct interviews via cell phones, email, IM, Skype.

    No more personal contact with the media. You follow?

  172. Mentor Avatar

    John, you fucked up on this one buddy. Hopefully that Twin sitting at the edge of the RW is yours.

  173. Mentor Avatar

    John, you fucked up on this one buddy. Hopefully that Twin sitting at the edge of the RW is yours.

  174. Steven Avatar

    The postings are getting more and more cryptic.
    The xif points at some place in Guatemala.
    But what emergency are we talking about here?

  175. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    I feel that from what I have read that the police in your town in Belize are waiting for you and that that is the best that you are going to get.

  176. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    There is a typhoon coming in in the Phillipines tonight. Something is happening. You need to hurry and make decision(s) for yourself before you just get swept up

  177. Brian Avatar

    You’re so full of crap John. Its pretty obvious you’re no secret agent like you’re playing at, just a old guy deep in a bath salt psychosis too deep for you to see out of.

    Its not like you’d be hard to find if someone was actually bothering to look, as another poster pointed out, the location information wasn’t scrubbed from your Iphone4. Which you’ve been carrying around in your pocket during this whole ordeal. The same smart phone which would make it incredibly easy for a government with ties to local telecom to easily find your location whenever said device is turned on.

    Nothing about your stories add up, instead they all smell hastily and poorly concocted lies.

  178. sdJim Avatar

    Sorry John but you would have to be deaf, dumb, and stupid to believe this story.
    I’m sure it doesn’t need to be said but get the hell out of there and to a safe location.
    These guys fucked up BIG time – pure amateurs!!
    Stick to your blog to spread your word and quit meeting up with reporters – these stupid mistakes are gonna land your ass in the hands of the Belizean authorities
    Best of luck to you!

  179. Refugee Avatar

    “What a tangled web we weave….”


    Vice is a scummy rag SM. It’s better that they fuck up now and show you as much. Nice attempt to play it off, but you might want to get moving again. Good luck and keep it coming!

  180. nh Avatar

    if Vice doesn’t remain with you, it won’t be surprising albiet not exactly for the reason stated. I wonder if Assad used the same location technology with Mr. King’s reporting when he was with the Free Syrian Army?

  181. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    Good catch!
    You said in one of your comments
    about Vice.”
    “These guys kick ass.”…little did you know it would be your ass they’s Be kickin’
    Who knew? it seemed like a perfect match.
    Stay safe, its not the happy ending I am hoping for
    “Do you want to die old and craven in your bed?- How else? Though not till I’m done reading.” 
    ― George R.R. Martin, A Feast for Crows

  182. anonymous surfer Avatar
    anonymous surfer

    JOHN:: story about you WAS NOT flattering… better without THEM…
    go back to

    good luck.

  183. Larissa Avatar

    Hello Mr. McAfee. I have been following your story and blog since day one but this is the first comment I am posting. This blog entry is kinda confusing. Could you please explain further if you get a chance? My thoughts and prayers are with you and Sam! Stay safe and God be with you!

  184. Fred Grott Avatar
    Fred Grott

    That is understandable at least your following good procedures of manipulating the metadata in the cellphone pics.

    If it was me instead, trust no media your own process of keeping yourself alive

    From now on John, any media asks for pictures and they are by cellphone..refuse. They ant a picture they can bring a sketch artist along to do a sketch instead.

    Keep deep and keep safe.

  185. Dr. No Avatar
    Dr. No

    Good try, McAfee. Sorry, I am not buying the extended version.

  186. kelvin Avatar

    What on earth were you thinking….these are probably the ONLY people in the world that could give the ‘real’ story and you screw them over???? What were you trying to hide?

  187. Marc Avatar

    So we’re all suckers are we sort out vices heading ?

  188. lol Avatar

    John, does that mean the documentary will not be made?

  189. Darrell Avatar

    Can anyone explain what Johns post actually means? I didn’t get it, he erased/changed digitally identifying info on a picture and so they have split? Huh?

  190. fendidonna Avatar

    On the data point…to be fair, they should have stripped it out before publishing to protect your safety. Then there would be no issue.

    I would be stunned if you did not take personal responsibility to check/strip/alter the data of each and every image related to your story unless you were happy for that data to be revealed.

    It’s not exactly the first time you’ve been stung by camera data, let’s face it. You’re methods are simply evolving with experience.

    Whether Vice felt prompted to post “hastily” or not by other events engineered by you relating to your safety is irrelevant IMHO. They (inadvertently) compromised your safety for the sake of getting the pic up fast. And luckily you had taken responsibility for looking after yourself.

    No big deal on either side as far as I’m concerned.

    Unorthodox, maybe, but it’s not like your goal is to sell potatoes here. 🙂

    I hope that article goes ahead.

  191. An old friend.. Avatar
    An old friend..

    Some Comments on the Comments:

    Playing the Race card shows that the Player is a Racist.

    McAfee is not wanted for Murder Mr Sandman is is wanted for questioning – read the evidence and you will know that he has been set up.

    If McAfee ‘goes in’ on his own he will probably be killed. They will find a way to make him disappear. Why would the Belize authorities be interested in a media frenzy surrounding one of our technology forefathers when all that will do is expose corruption in Belize?

    Belize might be in Central America but it is a 3rd world African Country.

    The published information indicates that the countries supplying the fiunding to the Belize government should cease to do so as it appears that the ‘aid’ money goes to corrupt officials.

    McAfee is NOT beginning to be worn down by any cat and mouse game which the Belizeans seem so lackadaisical about. McAfee is worried about the friends he has who have been arrested without cause in Belize and who he wants released. Oh yes, by the way, in civilized countries McAfee is innocent and his writing would set him free in a democratc country. Belize however,it seems, has their own form of ‘democracy’

    Belize is in South America but it might as well be in Africa, it has an African population and it has an unemplyment rate at 23% in 2010 – that is almost the highest in the whole of the Americas and it receives aid from European Countries .

    John, if you are going to ‘go in’ make sure you have ‘people, press, democratic (US or UK) authorities’ to take you in so that there is no easy way for them to make you disappear.

    Someone knows who killed your neighbour, money usually brings out the people who know the story, $25k may not be enough and a maildrop in the area surrounding your property may be more effective that using online technolgy – all risky business in a corrupt environment.

  192. scruffy Avatar

    not sure what this means

  193. Paul Anderson Avatar
    Paul Anderson

    All GSU, please report to the southern border… All GSU, please report to the southern border…

    This has become so surreal. Be interesting to hear what the Vice guys have to say about what really happened.

    My guess – they’re leaving because they forgot to scrub the exif data and because of this very unflattering story they have already written about McAfee called “Bath Salts, Orgies, Murder, and Anti-Virus Software”:

  194. getrealeh Avatar

    I think you have found your forte “faking emergencies”. The trouble with that strategy is the “boy who cried wolf” effect is starting to kick in.

  195. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Yes. I can see my comment this time. Good luck friend. You are going to have to be more patient with yourself and actually take BETTER care of yourself from now on. I want to meet you.

  196. gene s Avatar
    gene s

    John, John, John,
    Critical mistake this time. You’re getting sloppy.
    No one belives you this time. Only a matter of time now.

  197. Shaun Avatar

    What an interesting twist to an already crazy story. I wish you the best in health and safety my dear friend!

  198. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Wait what? You planted the information on this blog that you may have been caught? I am seriously starting to wonder if you can read my comments since you don’t post them. Glad your ok and silly though. You have enough spirit to survive. I believe in you.

  199. Eugene Kaspersky Avatar

    No need to apologise for trying to keep yourself safe John, however good journalists will always try to stop the subject from interfering with a good story/angle….

  200. Delaney Avatar

    That is really unfortunate John. I think in your current situation having Vice on your team could have been very beneficial to you.

  201. Eugene Kaspersky Avatar

    That’s a shame – they seem like a cool bunch of folks.
    The photographer especially seems to match Sam for his ballsy approach to life, from a recent Reddit AMA: