The New Fight

I have retained Telésforo Guerra, former Attorney General for the country of Guatemala, to assist in my fight against the Government of Belize.  Mr. Guerra is one of most prominent attorneys in Guatemala and, as a shared border neighbor, is well versed in the intricate system of corruption with the Belizean Government.  Mr. Guerra is Samantha’s uncle.

I have, in the past three weeks, had no contact with the American Embassy in Belize.  Since many employees of the Embassy are Belizean nationals, I did not feel safe in communicating with them.  Now that I am in Guatemala, and in a safe harbor, I will reach out to the Embassy here.

To the Prime Minister of Belize I make the following offer:  I will agree to meet you in a neutral country to discuss our mutual issues.  It is entirely possible that you have little or no knowledge of the level of corruption being propagated throughout every branch of your government.  I will turn over to you thousands of hours of video and audio as proof, providing that we meet as gentlemen and are mutually convinced of our honesty.

To the family of Gregory Faul:  I had nothing to do with his death.  I have lost five close family members in my 67 years and I know your suffering.

To the Belizean Police:  I will answer any questions that you may have over the phone.  If I am indeed merely wanted for questioning, this should suffice.

To my supporters:  I have posted many short posts over the past three days during the setup and execution of my exit from Belize.  The information was intended for my pursuers.  I regret that it may have confused or alarmed many of you.  I hope you will consider the circumstances and forgive me.

To my freinds:  I will be in touch soon.  I have not slept for 24 hours.  I am in non-stop meetings and strategizing our next steps.  I will call and email you soon.  I love you all.


Two of my friends are still being held in prison on trumped up charges. They are:

Eddie Ancona:

Cassian Chavarria:

They were charged and have been imprisoned because three legally licensed firearms were found in the incorrect rooms on my property (stretching the law to the extreme). I would ask you to please email the following and demand their release:

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  1. Capt. Bry Avatar
    Capt. Bry

    I’ve been following your story and can relate to it. Some 18 yrs. ago I had a similar experience in San Pedro, where I had to hide out for the weekend because a corrupt constable just wanted to f… with me, knowing I couldn’t call any one until Monday. This was personal and was all resolved with a letter to me from the Prime Minister at the time, asking me to return to Belize, with a promise of no problems and an apology. If we ever get to meet, I’ll give you details. By the time I received the letter and my work permit, I had already sailed to Guatemala, where I established several successful businesses and built a beautiful property. Belize was very much a police state at that time. I just recently returned on my way from Miami to Guatemala to San Pedro. All I can say is they turned a beautiful paradise into another Belize City shit hole.
    I’m so glad I didn’t invest there, though we came to Guatemala during the end of the civil unrest, it was still better than Belize. I was married in Corozal Belize to a “Belmex” (a Belizean Mexican) and am very aware of the corruption there. My first thoughts on your story was you just jumped from the skillet into the fire by coming here, but I managed to work with the system by staying off the grid and low profile. The authorities here are no help. Thus I have created a little paradise in the middle of hell. I am writing this to offer you a safe secure haven while you resolve your problems. I’m not sure how we can be in contact without compromising security but this could be another chapter in our adventures.

  2. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    he doesnt drink, ur welcome john 🙂

  3. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    yeah its kinda sad how some people are blindly supporting john because his story is attractive and acting like hes some kind of crusader of justice or god. ive done it at times…..but yeah johns not jesus or perfect, hes a very smart famous person, plz keep things in perspective people.

  4. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    he thinks hes john mcafee…..hes just ur average guy that started the first anti virus company and made 100 million dollars….anyone can run for office….just sayin….

  5. Leah Avatar

    At least John has some good tastes!

  6. Fiona Avatar

    Some of the posters here are definitely starting to weird out.

    Pilgrimage, Mecca, spiritual/holy quest, rockstar, McAfee for president … jeez. I think McAfee is cool as hell although hard to grasp, but some of you guys sound like worshippers …scary stuff!!!

  7. Fiona Avatar

    Sam does have facebook.

    And I agree with some of the others: John, get some sleep!

    Btw: I think you are a wonderful speaker: Calm and extremely elonquent.

    I am still curious about how it will all play out. Still have the feeling there is a missing link …

    Don’t mean to be provocative, but isn’t it boring for Sam to hang out with the old folks (including the reporters)? She may be really mature for her age and have a certain wisedom about her, but still … she looks somewhat out of place.

  8. Percival Avatar

    Mr Mcafee I forsee the path you have taken, from San Pedro, to your Orange Walk compound, all through Belize for 2 weeks and then finally at the border and in to Guatemala, someday becoming a pilgrimage that those who love and respect you will travel and share in the sights and sounds that you experienced as if it were some sort of a spiritua2l/holy quest for peace and justice in the world. Someday your compound will be the Mecca for those who follow the Mcafee way, the search for peace, enlightement, love, happiness and justice for all!

  9. John McAfee Avatar

    Feeling great. At last I am among sympathetic ears.

  10. Gaby Avatar

    I saw a pink cell phone in her hand, no pipe. What an imagination.

  11. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    John no need to defend your self with such old news and garbage questions… Anyone that cares has been following from the start and knows the truth or believes in your truth as i do… You said from day one DO YOUR HOMEWORK. … The ones that care have done so…. Glad your all safe… Sam is a doll… with big balls LOL my husband tells me that also… Sending blessings . P.S when things settle , Sam needs a face-book. XOXO page…

  12. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    John, Do not worry about Twitter.

  13. Joe Avatar

    I’m a Guatemalan, if you need a safe place, security, contacts or whatever, just let me know, you never know what some strange citizen can do for you. I’m offering suport on this time that you may need. Best!

  14. Wallexander Avatar

    McAfee… How are you feeling this morning? ok! if you need support in this country let me know

  15. Wallexander Avatar

    McAfee… How are you feeling this morning? ok! if you need support in this country let me know

  16. Mario Estrada Avatar
    Mario Estrada

    Sorry, but Mr. Telesforo Guerra is not a “Guatemalan Lawyer”. He is THE LAWYER, has represented Belize Gov. in the past, has double citizenship, He knows the lay of both countries very well, he runs the heavy weight cases in the country.

  17. Wendy Avatar

    I am a Guatemala living in the US. By far GT is a better place as far as legal wise to be. Unfortunately we dont have the safety that Belize has. I think Belize has treated this with much immaturity and jumped the gun because they needed to solve this and needed someone to blame. I am glad you got out of there.

    To the Belizian authorities, if you read Johns posting it clearly states that he is willing to talk in a neutral country and is willing to give details over the phone. If your intentions are truly to just ask quetions then these conditions should suffice. Go and catch the true killer. You set your focus in one person ans that is not professional detective work.

    John, I wish you much luck in my country. I travel there every 2 weeks on business. If I can help in anyway, by all means.

    On a different note, I encourage all the viewers to email on of the emails provided to release the 2 individuala below that Belize authorities are using as scapegoats!

  18. John McAfee Avatar

    It is tomorrow at 2:00 PM. Most networks are planning to broadcast it live.

  19. Ryan Hobby Avatar
    Ryan Hobby

    Mr McAfee is there a way i can watch the press confrence later today?

  20. factchecker Avatar

    I don’t see T.Johnson’s comment hinting at you, John, being responsible for the theft. (But I’m not a native English speaker, so I may miss subtleties in wording stuff…). It may have been anybody who committed the supposed theft, and the thief may or may not be interested in McAfee-related info to be retrieved from files that may be stored on @MartinSavage’s devices…

  21. Percival Avatar

    Mr Mcafee thank you for answering my question wrt using drugs and the London Financial Times article, much appreciated, please post a link in a separate blog posting to that article when it comes out, if you kindly would.

    Thanks again and it is good to hear you put the drug rumors to rest, if you were lying it would be rather easy to find out and beside that your homes, lab etc have all been raided and no drugs were found as I understand it.

    Good for you Sir! Keep up the good work, you are a breath of fresh air in a world full of pollution.

  22. Percival Avatar

    Actually the truth is Mr Mcafee is as much a country as the US or Belize or any other country, technically speaking, as an attorney,, I can tell you that Mr Mcafee, is in common law, a SOVEREIGN thus making his legal entity as much as a country as Belize is.

  23. John McAfee Avatar

    How would I know where Savidge was staying? How would I have access to his hotel room when I am in hiding?

  24. John McAfee Avatar

    read my early posts.

  25. John McAfee Avatar

    OK. I will check it out. Thanks for the alert.

  26. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Actually one thing about finding information on the Internet is that it is important to use information that came from sound sources. You are right though. I have read and I think The New York Times, but I probably read some random websites on here when I thought that you had been arrested and I was trying to find out the truth.

  27. John McAfee Avatar

    I am not using any mind altering substances. I have not used any mind altering substances since 1983. I do not even drink. I am aggresivelky opposed to drugs and alcohol. I do drink coffee, and recently took up smoking.

  28. John McAfee Avatar

    December 7th on the Web. December 8th in print.

  29. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Thank you for correcting me.

  30. Percival Avatar

    MR MCAFEE one last question CAN YOU TELL US WHEN THE LONDON FINANCIAL TIMES article about you will be out and will you post a separate blog posting with a link to that when it does come out, very much looking forward a real objective and professional journalist, unlike these other hacks, writing your story.


    Thank you in advance good Sir.

  31. Percival Avatar

    Mr Mcafee, can you assure everyone who is reading this that you are not using any mind altering substances legal or otherwise, nicotine or caffine notwithstanding. I personally do not care either way and I dont think it is anyone’s business what you do, but I have been defending you with vigor since this started, here and many other places, against vultures who insist you and Sam are on drugs and out of your minds. So I would really like to have it on record straight from your mouth that you are not on drugs and you are in fact sober and have been for a number of years now…so we can put this to bed once and for all and people will focus on the REAL ISSUES here instead of the red herrings and other silly distractions.

    BTW congrats on your future marriage, Sam is a keeper and I am thrilled you and her are seemingly in good hands now and safe and hope this will now resolve itself in short order.

    Namaste my friend!

  32. factchecker Avatar

    The twitter (web)site @officialmcafee indicates a count of 88 tweets (including re-tweets). For Nov 28 on of these reads: “@BarrowDean motherfuck#!g sadistic dictator & shame to beautiful @officialBelize media @belizenews is afraid to report your corruption…”

  33. Kaan Avatar

    but otherwise damn it good luck and fight the corrupt government Germany supports you!!!!

  34. Kaan Avatar

    ok John im from Germany and i followed all your steps and what i dont get is if you’re not a murder suspect why then all this chase through south America? And i just wanna know what makes you thinking this way of the Belizeian government?

  35. Dr. No Avatar

    Oh, I am so glad that someone else noticed this! Who else knew where Savidge was staying & I am sure that he was told to leave all electronics (laptop & cellphone) in his room to eliminate any electronic tracking? Laptops & cellphones, possibly full of incriminating or vital information, disappear, once at the murder scene & another time with the reporter who is doing the first “in person” interview since the murder. Strange, very strange.

  36. nectar Avatar

    this is the weirdest most WTF comment I have ever read anywhere. please elaborate, tell us more about this.

  37. Annie Avatar

    Seriously John, why bother responding to these people who comment without checking their facts. I hope your skin is thick enough to not lose what little sleep you can get on what people are commenting here.

  38. Percival Avatar

    JOHN if there is going to be a film about this you absolutely MUST get DANNY BONADUCE to play you, take a look at his pictures with the GOATEE like yours, change his red hair to a darker brown like yours and BAM you got a body double actor for the film!!!!

  39. StuffMongerFan Avatar


  40. Lolo Avatar

    Can a wife be forced to testify against her husband in Belize?

  41. Spring Tide Avatar
    Spring Tide

    “The press says a lot of things……..The press says a lot of things. Only the foolish pay much attention.” – John Mcafee

  42. Blue Avatar

    Refer to the following story with the headline referenced in the link provided below:

    “Beaten twice by cops; this time at the courthouse”

  43. Crystal Avatar

    I am so glad to hear you are in a safe haven..for now. I cannot believe some of the comments. Some so crass and rude and unrealistic. I would apologize for them. They sound uneducated and live in a small world.
    I understand what you had to do and how you had to do it the way you did. I am so sorry you had to go through that part. I hope this coming part will be better.
    I too, would say to be careful and watch your and Sam’s back.
    I didn’t like the CNN interview. That reporter stated you looked this way and that way, etc. Well, anyone who was in fear of their life would not just calmly give their life story.
    It doesn’t look like your getting much sleep and I know you do need it!
    I hope you do not meet with the officials in Belieze. I wouldn’t trust them period. I would also say to stay away from that place. I know you know what you are doing. I knew that all along with your posts.
    I will be praying that Eddie and your other friend will be released soon. And that God will protect them until that happens.
    God bless you and Samantha. She has been a blessing to you.
    I will continue to pray for you and for your safety and that you will be able to put this behind you in the near future. God loves you and so do I my friend. God be with you and give you wisdom and peace. 🙂

  44. Kurt Peterson Avatar
    Kurt Peterson

    Hi John,

    Let me know if you need to get out of S.A. Contact me at my email I provided. Take care.

  45. Ricardo Carrera Avatar

    Bienvenido a Guatemala, que todo salga bien …

  46. WEB Avatar

    You can’t “harbor” someone who isn’t WANTED. This was a brilliant move.

  47. Swtdees Avatar

    Be safe my friend, trust no one other than yourself. I will pray for you and will look forward to that promised drink in the new year!

    Forever brothers,


  48. WEB Avatar

    kudos Edward 🙂

  49. Pedro Avatar

    I want to apply to be in your security detail. I am Kenyan form Mombasa. Where to email you my resume?

  50. Petra Avatar

    Not sure, that’s just what it looked like in a couple shots. Sorry if I’m wrong.

  51. Matt Avatar

    John, sending the best from Florida. Says you lost $96 mil out of $100 mil with the collapse. Sorry to hear that but maybe you should think about a book or movie. You have tons of blogs describing to the tee everything. Praying for your safety and those in jail and John’s Family. i love Tamarindo but looks like I might try some place in Guatemala now.

  52. Larukanpai Avatar

    Cigarette in one hand, and it looks like a cell phone with a pink casing in the other … or maybe a camera?

  53. ManInBZE Avatar

    Looks like sunglasses to me.

  54. fendidonna Avatar

    Your story is currently the #4 most viewed article on The Telegraph (UK broadsheet newspaper).


  55. Jenna Nicole Avatar

    @Jessica – “Wanted for questioning” is the line all law enforcement officers use before they lock you up. The alleged bath salts haven’t addled John’s mind too much on that front. Smart move John, to seek asylum in Guatemala.

  56. davidd Avatar

    Please note that the above comment is from the PR firm that Greg Faull’s family hired.

  57. Mario Estrada Avatar
    Mario Estrada

    Welcome to Guatemala. Every country has some levels of Corruption, but Guatemala is a good move for you at this time, and Telesforo is a good lawyer. Try to be out of Politics (low profile), I know Eddy Ancona, gave Jiu Jitsu Classes to his son in Ambergris Caye back in 2007, good man. Belize is a nice country but as usual there are many bad citizens out there.

  58. Larukanpai Avatar

    (I’m on your side, by the way 🙂


    Scroll to 18 Nov and you still see the above quated text sent FROM the officialmcafee account.

    I suggest you independently verify via the link above.

    I will say nothing more of it from here. Just looking out for you 🙂

  59. Mario Estrada Avatar
    Mario Estrada

    Welcome to Guatemala. Every country has some levels of Corruption, but Guatemala is a good move for you at this time, and Telesforo is a good lawyer. Try to be out of Politics (low profile), I know Eddy Ancona, gave Jiu Jitsu Classes to his son in Ambergris Caye. Belize is a nice country but as usual there are many bad citizens out there.

  60. Jenny Avatar

    Just want to tell you (not that you are not aware) be careful of the press. Unfortunately, even in the United States, the only thing that has been stated was that you were wanted for questioning about the death of your neighbor and the way they portrayed it it made viewers assume that you might have had something to do with it. Unlike most people, I am aware of how the press manipulates stories and wanted to find out the truth. I found your blog, and I thank you for giving us the truth. I pray that this is soon over for you, all those that have been affected by this event. Know that you have a lot of supporters out there! Take care, and god speed!

  61. Reality Avatar

    Apperantly only positive posts will be veiwed.

    Bullox !

  62. John McAfee Avatar

    No-one said she had a dad in politics.

  63. John McAfee Avatar

    What pipe? There were five people in the boad, including two journalists. No-one saw a pipe.

  64. John McAfee Avatar

    Read the earlier posts please.

  65. Rob Carty Avatar
    Rob Carty

    What a horrible situation, but at the same time what an adventure! I’ve been reading about your ordeal since the beginning and am so glad you’re out of Belize!

  66. John McAfee Avatar

    The hair was part of a disguise. Everyone knows my hair is usually dyed blonde.

  67. John McAfee Avatar

    The press says a lot of things. It said I was a suspect in a murder case. I am not. It said I was wanted for murder. I am not. Mark Vidal put out a press release saying I was the prime suspect in the murder case. He is not even involved with the investigation. The press says a lot of things. Only the foolish pay much attention.

  68. beeninyourshoes Avatar

    Someday I’ll tell you my story about how I got screwed and put into SuperMax in Hattieville for 32 days. They let me out because I had done nothing and there was no evidence against me. The Supreme Court judge told me to sue the GOB, but I was too exhausted from my ordeal. It could have been much worse. I understand what you are going through. It’s a nightmare.

  69. John McAfee Avatar

    It was sent TO us. Get real. You can’t remove a tweet. There are only a few tweets. READ THEM ALLL>>>>> not there. now I will not answer this further.

  70. Larukanpai Avatar

    If your tweets were being sent from the blog, and someone captured the unencrypted authentication… wouldn’t the tweet only show up in our twitter clients…and not your blog?

    Just saying. Have a 3rd party roll back 6 days and confirm for you… Might be nice to get ahead of this one if there are questions tomorrow.

  71. Reality Avatar

    The news is always correct, right?

  72. Sharleen Avatar

    I think I might be missing something here, from seeing what goes on in so many countries in the Caribbean and Central American countries, politically I mean… there is so much corruption on so many levels. To me, asking to talk to the Prime Minister is an antagonistic move, no matter what evidence you have. If you value your home in Belize and the peace and beauty of your home there, and want to go back to it, I can’t think of why anyone would intentionally try and make the highest and higher up officials angry at you.
    If you have enough money to let that beautiful piece of land on this earth go, and really try and expose so much corruption, I guess I can understand. But I think the end result will be you won’t ever be able to go back there and if you do, they will kill you and your loved ones. I think what was done to your special dog Tiger was just a warning. And my heartfelt sorrow goes out to you for the loss, I’m sure you have a hole in your heart about that dog as well as the others too. I couldn’t believe it when you posted a photograph of your lady Sam! Because I feel that in doing so in put her a danger from your enemies.
    You could live in many of the Caribbean Islands and many of the Central American countries and find so much political corruption, country after country. If you spent two years in many of the places where some expats have chosen to move to long-term, the corruption would be either a great deal more, or a (very) small amount less than in Belize.
    Just in general, my point is, think it out…. I see where you are coming from, as far as what went down in ?? is it Orange Cove ?? You are very lucky that you came off being not charged with any crime. And believe me, I know how (third world country) cops can be (like not even being decent enough to give the people under suspicion) even a cup of water. And destroying your property looking for “contraband”.
    One thing in the future to keep in mind, if you ever have to relocate to another beautiful (get up in the a.m. to look out to a turquoise endless sea), is that a cliff side residence beats out any beach. Because beaches are “open spaces” and there “they” are walking right by your home. With cliff side places, you are more protected and you can pretty much have utmost privacy and protection. Enjoy the food and the hot baths! and be careful — do not trust too many people, watch your back,

  73. Larukanpai Avatar

    I’m as confused as you are then. My suggestion is that someone inserted it into your timeline (fraudulently).

    It looked like a juvenile rant; inconsistent with your mature writing style throughout this whole ordeal…

    Hacker news had an article this week about how part of the authentication for some twitter clients is sent unencrypted…therefore insecure to some level.

  74. John McAfee Avatar

    Sorry, you are wrong. Did the PM show you the tweet? Just go to official mcafee and read every tweet I’ve ever done. There are only 44 of them. Will only take you two minutes.

  75. John McAfee Avatar

    Neither one are a lie. her uncle is The Former attorney General. It’s all over the Lating American news. Samantha grew up in poverty. That is also true.Why don’t you just check your facts? Easy enough.

  76. T.Johnson Avatar

    Martin Savidge ‏@MartinSavidge

    Less than 24 hours after finding and interviewing John McAfee, my Iphone and laptop are stolen from my Belize hotel room. Coincidence?

  77. John McAfee Avatar

    Check it out. The news is all over the wire.

  78. Larukanpai Avatar


    A hearrtfelt congratulations to you and Sam for your successful move. Wishing you a well needed respite!

    Thanks for the front row seats to the show 🙂

  79. John McAfee Avatar

    Check officialmcafee. Every tweet is in th log. No such tweet ever went out. Someoene is making something up.

  80. Tracker device Avatar

    So basically, no American should visit Belize unless they want bad s*** to happen to them? Get a Belize, American and Guatemalan lawyer, an international dream team that can investigate all angles. You should post a reward for the capture of the “real” killer. Finding the guilty party could be easier than proving innocence

  81. Larukanpai Avatar

    Wonder if someone hijacked your timeline for a moment while you were busy?… I really thought the tone, composition, and swearing to be a bit uncharacteristic of you!

    from @officialmcafee
    6days ago:
    “@BarrowDean motherfuck#!g sadistic dictator & shame to beautiful @officialBelize media @belizenews is afraid to report your corruption…” [sic]

  82. Nate Avatar

    Good to see you and Sam safe and well.

    Interesting to see where this goes…..

  83. tom stevens Avatar
    tom stevens

    You hired a Guatemalan lawyer who is your girlfriend’s uncle to help you fight corruption and clear your name in Belize. I cannot think of anything more stupid and ridiculous. If you do not start thinking correctly now you will be in prison soon.

  84. Pirateblood Avatar

    There are many back roads to Guatemala. No passports needed.

  85. Taylor Avatar

    This has been an amazing ride thus far. I am curious as to why you didn’t just get the hell out of Dodge when the shit hit the fan, like on the night when you first left the house for the beach with Sam. Seems like it would have been easier (yet less dramatic) to have others do the dirty work for you. Nonetheless, I’m glad that you made it out safely. I’m looking forward to the press conference tomorrow and learning “the rest of the story” as it unfolds.
    McAfee-1: Belize Doughnut Patrol-0.

  86. Mark_13 Avatar

    McAfee, what is this weird nonsense about Samantha’s uncle being the former attorney general of Guatemala. In “From Samantha” in your blog”, she describes growing up dirt poor in a small village in Belize. That’s not how wealthy families in Latin America work. Maybe the lie was the poverty part.

  87. Pirateblood Avatar

    Belize police solve a murder. I’m on the floor laughing right now.

  88. McAfeeforPrezofBelize Avatar

    in the the “From Samantha” entry of this blog, Samantha describes in detail the abject poverty in which she grew up in a small village in Belize. Now McAfee is telling us her uncle is one of the most prominent attorneys in Guautemala and actually the former Attorney General of that country bordering Belize. This doesn’t make any sense. (i.e. it appears to be a preposterous lie — either the attorney-uncle part or the growing up in poverty part) Also, why are there all these posts congratulating McAfee on his nuptials with Samantha, when even he doesn’t say they’re getting married.

  89. Conrad Avatar

    Sometimes a soul falls in love and you can’t a thing about it….

  90. Farid Marroquin Avatar
    Farid Marroquin

    John find me on facebook

  91. Debbie Avatar

    Your twitter did tweet the pm on Nov. 28th. I don’t know why you are being misrepresentative. I was, and still am, on your side but it doesn’t look good. Plus your Vice exploits look like a reality show publicity stunt.

  92. edward Avatar

    You may wanna check channel 5 news and share with the world. Zane Galvez got beaten up by the GSU last year while making a delivery. He filed a lawsuit and was supposed to be in court this morning, he never made it… two police officers beat him badly in the parking lot of the court house and took him into custody. They then proceeded to take the female eye witness into custody after beating her up. This is what we Belizeans have to live with everyday. Belize has turned into a brutal and oppressive dictatorship where the ordinary people have no rights that is if you are not politically connected to the present government. I know they will track this down as the phone company that provides internet is owned by the government but bad things happen when good people do nothing.

  93. edward Avatar

    You may wanna check channel 5 news and share with the world. Zane Galvez got beaten up by the GSU last year while making a delivery. He filed a lawsuit and was supposed to be in court this morning, he never made it… two police officers beat him badly in the parking lot of the court house and took him into custody. They then proceeded to take the female eye witness into custody after beating her up. This is what we Belizeans have to live with everyday. Belize has turned into a brutal and oppressive dictatorship where the ordinary people have no rights that is if you are not politically connected to the present government. I know they will track this down as the phone company that provides internet is owned by the government but bad things happen when good people do nothing.

  94. OriginalWoman Avatar

    For a minute, I believed the worse. I am glad you are ok. You just keep outsmarting the authorities. I am in awe at how prepared you are for what you saw coming. You know there will be a movie and I am sure, a book about all this. I admire your courage and preserverance to reveal and expose corruption in the GOB. I hope the PM accepts your offer to talk. Be careful not to be used by the Guatemalans. I am sure you know about the conflict between Belize and Guatemala. Do not let your guard down. Take care and stay safe.

  95. sysop_too Avatar


  96. Larry Avatar

    Way to go John. Good to see you got out of there safe. Keep up the good fight against tyranny and corruption.

  97. sysop_too Avatar

    He never said he “faked” passports… he said, “We have passports”. This is likely his original US passport.

  98. choons Avatar

    What “mutual issues”? A man is dead. As an American man of means and some measure of fame, your move was to get on the phone with lawyers and US officials first.

    Instead you decided to hide in a hole, dye your hair, engage in some kind of subterfuge with a body double, do interviews with Joe Rogan and VICE, abscond across the border to another banana republic?

    I’d much rather be on the side of an American than what I believe to be a shady Belizean government, but WOW do your actions look suspect.

  99. supermandoctor Avatar

    I forgot. Congrat’s on your future nuptials.

  100. dave hardisty Avatar

    Mac <> Congratulations !! Honesty will prevail. Now for the others still incarcerated; I’d LOVE to be that “fly on the wall” concernig your plans regarding their release. “MAS BUENO”~~~~~~~~~~~dvh

  101. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Remember that you are just a regular human being. Think back upon normal times in your life. The more that you can do this the better off you are.

  102. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    The bath salts probably had a lot to do with it. I will not forget that. I will advocate for you. Remember that you are more important then whatever feeling goes along with this. The world will change and shift, but to God you are more important.

  103. another old timer Avatar
    another old timer

    John, it looks as if you took advice on some of the old style Lookheed decision matix I posted. Maybe not, but remember to evaulate all options and choose the best one.

    Hope you stay safe.

  104. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Close your eyes and try. Imagine me holding your hand. Not all law enforcement personnel will be nice. You know that.

  105. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    The world has rallied around you. They have proven that you can look for advice and get it. Now walk the plank. I will be there with you in spirit. I promise. Even when you do not feel me there. I am.

  106. WEB Avatar

    tried to share this hours ago, didn’t post….. Worth watching. Hey Vice, how about some more? 😉

  107. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    For some reason I really like thinking of you sleeping, resting and eating well. More than that though I wish that you would end this and turn yourself in. Not because I do not care about you, because I do.

  108. seneca the elder Avatar
    seneca the elder

    Re your offer to the PM of Belize:
    A. Who the heck do you think you are? and
    B. Dream on, bud.

  109. Mark Avatar

    Money just helps even the playing field a bit. But we all know you are the underdog…., and Americans love their underdog. Good Luck John.

  110. DB Avatar

    Sam has stood steadfastly by you, John, and is a great choice to have as a permanent partner. She is brave, wise, and has a maturity that many do not know, and so they cannot understand the relationship. Congrats to you folks, and may there be happier days ahead.

  111. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    I do not think that you turning over your awareness of crime is going to get you out of this.

  112. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    This uncle probably does not feel like harboring you. Good job getting an attorney though! How are you going to do this?

  113. HuggyBear Avatar

    Peter Norton is best friends with a Guatemalen army general, be careful down there…he is behind this whole fiasco

  114. Dr. No Avatar

    Then why was the supposed twitter remark of you cursing the PM posted at the top left corner of the page for all to see? Either you or Chad posted it & others news wires picked it up. Why post it & bring attention to it, if you didn’t really say it? It was left there for days.

  115. PB Avatar

    Hope you find the Justice you seek. I am mostly very interested on the murder itself. I have lived in the Jungle in the past . The first thing you learn is: Rely on your Dogs. They are your security team, they are your early warning system. if you know your dogs, you know the way they bark and why. That said. This murder had to pre-meditated. To get to the man you have take out the dogs. This could point to a inside job. If the Dogs were poisoned earlier in the evening, One could walk up to the front door. If this was a crime of passion, no one stops to kill the dogs as they run out the door. This sounds like a HIT , because it looks like someone is making a statement! If it was a hit to kill, why not put him in a boat (right outside) take him 2 miles out, give him some cement shoes and dump him! NO BODY, NO MURDER!This could be a case of mistaken Idendity and they were coming to get you! Wrong House? It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out! Good Luck to you and Gods Speed!

  116. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    You have probably done the most incredible job ever of collecting information after murdering some one so you can make an informed decision for yourself. Do not take this as a defeat. I feel overwhelmed just after grocery shopping and paying my bills in the beginning of the month. Up until recently I could not stand how much energy would come piling on after me after competeing

  117. ben Avatar


    Promise me. Do not try any of your “misdirections” if this goes to court. It will be time to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You are very well positioned right now. You’ve scattered peoples minds all over the universe in a way it’s never been done before. I guarantee you. I study things like this. It will be known as “mcaffeeism.” …..there’s no doubt you’re smarter than everyone else…..but character matters, my friend…it does…..

  118. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    I sense a little negativity towards Big John in these here blog posts. I do sincerely hope it ain’t got nothing to do with me cancelling them reservations over there at that Radisson Hut. Fact is, I love my dog and after what happened with Dr. McAfee’s dogs I have New Reservations: AGAINST BELIZzzzE

  119. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    The most recent article that I read about you said that you ” freaked out” after you were accused of murder and that is why you are acting this way. My mother came over tonight and paid me $20.00 for cleaning my own bathroom. She used to pay her maid to do it and then the maids mother died and she quit on us. This has been my mother’s little way of helping me out for a couple of months. My son lost a tooth today and my mom and I gave him $1.00 for it. Then my mother read with him. I wish you these little comforts in life. I will visit you in jail if I am rich some day and can afford to fly to Central America.

  120. Tim Avatar

    Vice magazine is reporting a worldwide surge in the sales of Grecian Formula since their snippet of video of John Mcafee appeared on their website. Apparently old guys worldwide have seen living proof that bad hair color wil attract young island women – mostly under 21 of course.

  121. Carlito Avatar

    That is true I would rather chance the Belizean system than spend 1 minute in Guatemala. NO Belizean will want to help Mr. McAfee after this.

  122. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    The police in Belize are just saying that they just want you for questioning, because they are trying to be gentle with you. They consider you a neighbor.

  123. Sean Avatar

    Good luck John! Enhoy Guatemala and have a Gallo and relax! Donde Hay Gallo no Hay Fallo…

  124. Petra Avatar

    It’s a little disconcerting to see Sam in the back of the boat in the Vice pictures with a pipe in her hand, for sure. Certainly makes one wonder…

  125. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Lol. He might just be responding to what he hears of you on the media.

  126. Connie Avatar


    I am so happy for you. Glad you and Sam are safe. Sorry for the screw ups when you were gone. I tried.

  127. J Avatar

    Keep going forward don’t give up, i know the bs you speak of on corrupt governments!!

  128. BW03 Avatar

    Why not just come back to the USA?

  129. Nate Avatar

    Good to see you and Sam alive and well.

    As a Buddhist, I thought about your situation and so, here are a few quotes from a Buddhist
    perspective to help bolster as you move forward.
    “Even if things don’t unfold the way you expected, don’t be disheartened or give up. One who continues to advance will win in the end.”
    “A great human revolution in just a single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a nation and, further, can even enable a change in the destiny of all humankind.”
    Buddhism holds that everything is in constant flux. Thus the question is whether we are to accept change passively and be swept away by it or whether we are to take the lead and create positive changes on our own initiative. While conservatism and self-protection might be likened to winter, night, and death, the spirit of pioneering and attempting to realize ideals evokes images of spring, morning, and birth.”

  130. Tim Avatar

    I will never leave Belize….or Guatemala…..or prison……

  131. koopa Avatar

    hi,,hope u find peace man!!!!good luck,,can i ask u something man?what do u want to happen at the end of all this??i hope all is well for ye ,,,keep safe,,,love from scotland

  132. Stephen Avatar

    So this poor girl who grew up starving has an uncle who is a lawyer another who was AG of another country and a dad who worked in politics in Belize. Wow, what a tangled web we weave.

  133. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    hello John, Glad to her you are out of Belize. And I do hope for breaking news on the Burial of that Monster Vidal ! Good night, Sleep Tight Iron Man & Iron Woman 🙂

  134. Andrew Evans Avatar

    John, I am the only welshman in guatemala.
    My twitter name is aevs74.
    Once the dust settles lets have a beer.

  135. Greg in Australia Avatar
    Greg in Australia

    This is the best story ever. I want to write the screenplay.

  136. jef mullejor Avatar
    jef mullejor

    Be careful John, Guatema is not model of honesty. It rules the same way Belize does, with one little difference: brutality of the military, the police, the milicias, the gangs. Prepare your pocket, save at least a million to have them out of your way.

  137. fendidonna Avatar

    Congratulations to John and Sam on their engagement. Well done you guys! Hurrah!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  138. Andy Avatar

    happy to hear you’re both safe and in good company. Much love from the UK, be safe!

  139. John McAfee Avatar

    I have never twittered the PM. A record of all tweets I have ever tweeted or on officialmcafee. You can check it yourself. None to the PM.

  140. Debbie Avatar

    I thought you twittered the pm of Belize a few days ago and told him to f-off, and you swore and called him names. So why would he meet with you?

  141. Ed Avatar

    OOPS, and an important BTW and NOT be left out, I also want to pass along my thanks to you team (Chad and others) that worked so diligently keeping us up to date and sharing your story…the fairness and transparency you ALL exhibited through this adventure was astounding…I have a huge smile on my face as I just read that you met with Sam’s Uncle and planning to end the run and address the issue…and come out successfully on the other end…GREAT WORK TEAM…and New Friends…yeah, God Bless you all AGAIN!

  142. Ed Avatar

    CONGRATS ON THE PENDING NUPTIALS!! She stood by you and you will stand by her…good work My Man! Sounds like this leg of your saga is coming close to an end…trust the legal portion will pan out as well…John, you are as intelligent as you sound…one day a nice cup of coffee in a better Belez?? From one of your supporters and according to you “a Friend”….God Bless…

  143. Reality Avatar

    Regardless if you killed your neighbor or not. You look ridiculous kissing that 20 year old girl. Not a good picture IMO. Kinda gross….

  144. CheeCheeTx Avatar

    John! This is all fantastic news!!! NOW you all can rest ( a little hopefully)….Sam is brave and precious, you guys take care….Thank YOU for taking all of US along on this journey with you….Much Peace to you both soon! From Concerned in Texas 🙂

  145. Tim Avatar

    Sams uncle accepts you because you are paying him to represent you.
    Privately he’s cringing that an old man is wanting to marry his 20 year old niece.
    Thats the way it works old man. No way you can change that.
    Remember the 3rd world truth –
    The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.
    Your a small nail facing a big hammer.

  146. Masa Avatar

    All the money and reputation is gone.
    John will have a good time in jail to write a NEW BOOK.

  147. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    eric, you don’t know jack. john does!

  148. John McAfee Avatar

    She is still by my side. The former Attorney General of Guatemala is her uncle. She lived with him for quite a while. he adores her and accepts me. It works out well.

  149. worldiswatching Avatar


    Please remember that where you are now money can buy many things. Even though those countries wouldn’t change you officially, you are only one black ops gig away from going back to Belize. If you got enough to make them sweat, they are even more likely to do it. So be safe, and little extra paranoid with your location picks.

    I’ve heard there are good golf courses there. Some with even streams. That can easily take you away for a while. So keep up! And good luck!

  150. John McAfee Avatar

    Sorry. I have not ahda secoend to myself to add the updates. And I am told William has been released. I will fix things up soon.

  151. Dr. No Avatar

    I didn’t expect that all of my comments would be posted. I just didn’t expect you to delete every post that disagrees with you or calls you out on your seemingly obvious deception. So much for a honorable & balanced discussion. But it’s not over yet.

  152. Dano Avatar

    You’ll be styling down in Pana
    Viva la libertad

  153. Tim Avatar

    Your lawyer should be careful if he has any young daughters.

  154. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    In any poor country you are a wanted man, you are the big fish. Anyone will compromise, don’t be fooled, they have sophisticated ways for this, I would be totally freaking, and totally paranoid, I would find some rich guys and gals and hang with them for a while, everyone else wants something. Get it? You wont ever get to be free in those places because of who you are and what you have done to insult not only the politics, but the girls, the toys, the cash certainly, and other whatever. You have insulted them and cannot recover. I am truly sorry about this, but I had to run once too, and all I kept saying was why can’t we all get along, but with money, it will NEVER happen. The eastern Caribbean was the only salvation to be safe. Sorry but that is what my years have very very sadly shown me over and over. I wish it was different, but once you started down your path, it was a road filled with hazards which only with a miracle can be corrected. Or, a revolution for those in power, but c’mon, I don’t ever see that happening. Really, the greed and politics run way to deep. I do hope that the Belizean business owners reap a huge windfall however from all of the gawkers that are bound to descend on your former paradise. And I hope the wealthier ones wear disguises. and keep their mouths shut.

  155. mik Avatar

    Wow ! has kind of a Charlie Sheen rant going on. Somehow i think he is enjoying this whole thing.

  156. WEB Avatar

    No need for apologies, self preservation is what got you to safety. So much good news after days of turmoil is very welcomed indeed, with hopes of more to come. While I’m sure we’ll never meet, feel free to count me among your friends, as I would help in any way I could, should the occasion arise.
    Congratulations on your engagement. Nothing like being on the run with someone to get a good glimpse into their true character, huh? I hope you and Sam will be happy and safe very soon.

  157. Zorro Avatar

    Good grief, I give John and team some constructive feedback in my post on the way overdue statement to the Faul Family from John communicating his sympathy and empathy for the loss in their family and you don’t post it up … what’s up with the censorship?

    X – Zorro

  158. howard d duck Avatar
    howard d duck

    Hahaha.. its affable that you are requesting a meeting with the PM of Belize.. You are not a country. so how dare you request “I will agree to meet you in a neutral country to discuss our mutual issues.” He has no issues with you man.

  159. Name ...Daliddle1 Avatar

    John and Sam, I’ve been following your plight for awhile now. So happy to hear you are safe and things seem to be moving along favorably. I’m looking forward to all of this becoming a best selling book someday!
    Stay safe, get some rest and know that many, any people are wishing you well!

  160. Daniel Avatar

    Haha, This has to be the first time someone has written “Now that I am in Guatemala, and in a safe harbor”
    Good luck to you sir. You could have stayed in northern Guatemala around the lake for years with no one ever finding you. I lived there for 2 years and loved every minute.

  161. supermandoctor Avatar

    Not sure what good a Guatemalan lawyer is going to do you, fighting against Belize?
    The Prime Minister of Belize is never going to “sit down” with anyone, they’ll just consider the “offer” as the delusion of a wealthy american.
    Civilians do not get to decide how they speak to Police. You might as well invest in obtaining some type of permanent residency in Guatemala, that way you can stay and wait out the Belizians. I guess you picked Guatemala due to the “bad blood” with Belize?

  162. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    I think that it might have been The Prime Minister of Belize who said that you were bonkers.

  163. ash Avatar

    John, just noticed that there aren’t snippets of the three employee arrested in Belize after each blog posts! Does that mean that they have already been released? Let us know.

  164. RON KLEIN Avatar

    I knew you couldn’t manipulate the XLM mega data on that photo.

  165. JimJuice Avatar

    Keep up the good work! –> Your #1 fan.

  166. Annie Avatar

    Finally some good news. I’m praying for the safety of you, Sam, your families and all of your friends who have been detained, arrested, or have helped you in your desperate times. When it’s all over come to Canada so I can take Sam shopping!! Your situation is a nightly discussion in our home and we are all rootin’ for you!! xOx

  167. Yum Cimil Avatar
    Yum Cimil

    Power never takes a step back John.

  168. Erick Avatar

    John. I wish you every success, and good luck to you very soon. you can prove your innocence. of the charges charged you. You know, now that I touch you illegally out of Belize, and as you may have noticed us, touches us. suffer to earn our food get to your country. I hope you know that everything comes out well and as I said above. luck prove your innocence. and remember. supports organizations in favor of immigrants who live here in the USA, and all I want is to work, is very respectful farewell. Erick Hernandez. New Jersey 07093.

  169. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    Congrats John on the great news … I just posted about your lawyer Telésforo Guerra … this guy is a RockStar.

  170. Fred Grott Avatar
    Fred Grott

    Congrats to the lucky couple, John and Sam.

  171. Petra Avatar

    Finally, some sense in all the craziness of the last few days. Glad you’re out of Belize and have legal counsel now. Now get some good rest. I’m much relieved about the whole situation.

  172. Dan Keeney Avatar

    Telésforo Guerra a crusader against corruption? He defended ex-president Alfonso Portillo against embezzlement charges and tried to stand in the way of his extradition to the U.S. to face money laundering charges. Regardless, hopefully he will be able to convince you that it is your responsibility to cooperate with investigators (as it is anyone’s responsibility to do so in any such case) and tell all you know regarding the events leading up to the murder of Gregory Faull.

  173. Andrew Q Avatar
    Andrew Q

    Hi ho John! You are quite the intelligent being. I wish you the best and hope everything turns out well for you. I was also wondering if I could become embedded with you? I’ll be down there in a jiffy if need be.

  174. Sylvain B. Lavigne Avatar
    Sylvain B. Lavigne

    Really glad your ok John , you and Samantha deserve the right to a fair and respectful relation with Belize Governement and Police ,
    we all know Corruption exist in all country and can be worse in place like Belize , wish you all the best and that the Truth will come out so you can enjoy the rest of your life as a Happy man

  175. FInally steps to sanity and comfort Avatar
    FInally steps to sanity and comfort

    While a lawyer will cost you, it will also save Sam and you. Absolutly marry her, your lawyer can explain why this is an important step in your fight for fair justice…and besides, you both have been through something no one else will ever understand. What more can be a strong base to a marriage than this? Now as far as my offer stands to shovel your driveway if you ever get to Canada, I relent on it as it is forcasting a shit load of snow and ..well…its fuxing cold out here! Good luck to you both, hope you guys come out of this with your heads on straight and out of the sand. I still say sell your home though, and find another warm location to live out your days with your beloved. People are everywhere, you and Sam can always make new friends in a safer place to live.

  176. FInally steps to sanity and comfort Avatar
    FInally steps to sanity and comfort

    While a lawyer will cost you, it will also save Sam and you. Absolutly marry her, your lawyer can explain why this is an important step in your fight for fair justice…and besides, you both have been through something no one else will ever understand. What more can be a strong base to a marriage than this? Now as far as my offer stands to shovel your driveway if you ever get to Canada, I relent on it as it is forcasting a shit load of snow and ..well…its fuxing cold out here! Good luck to you both, hope you guys come out of this with your heads on straight and out of the sand. I still say sell your home though, and find another warm location to live out your days with your beloved. People are everywhere, you and Sam can always make new friends in a safer place to live.

  177. Bib nelson Avatar
    Bib nelson

    your as guilty as they come! Cant wait to see the pictures of you in handculfs! Then ill watch the movie on HBO!

  178. alittleparanoid Avatar

    Great News! Just read the article in vice magazine as well. Congratulations to you and Sam. Used your head this time, right? Funny Girl! I wish you both the greatest ending of this adventure.

  179. GerryK Avatar

    Good luck mate, you have many supporters worldwide

  180. JU Avatar

    Enjoy Guatemala while you are there. I know it may be hard but it’s a beautiful country.

  181. sarah Avatar

    I am obsessed with your journey. I have been to Ambergris and LOVE it, so I understand your not wanting to leave.

    I am floored at the inempt reporting by so many outlets! All they have to do is look at the links YOU PROVIDE from various news sources to see that there is corruption and that you have reason to be concerned! It was reported all over that the “gang member” turned HIMSELF IN and was mysteriously “found dead” within minutes. Good luck! Every morning this is the first thing I read to catch up on your fight!!!

  182. Lawrence Avatar

    Isn’t faking passports and admitting to it a crime? I’m thinking that with your “misdirection” you may be stepping on other legal landmines that could bite you.

  183. Andy Avatar

    We’ve not had an update on Sam for a while! How is she? She still with you?

  184. Dren Avatar

    Sounds like you are making all the right moves.
    que la paz sea contigo.

  185. Farid Marroquin Avatar
    Farid Marroquin

    john hope you have success in everything I admire you a lot of Guatemala

  186. fendidonna Avatar

    …and Sam too! I just read the Vice article and see you are getting married. Congratulations! I am very happy for you both 🙂 🙂 🙂

  187. Farid Marroquin Avatar
    Farid Marroquin

    I hope everything goes well

  188. Cochero Avatar

    Veo dos menta poleo en esa foto y espero simbolicen la tranquilidad de haber escapado del sistema corrupto de Belice. Mucha suerte en la nueva lucha!

  189. Steve Avatar

    John let’s see some video. This is great shit.

  190. Dominique Avatar

    Wishing you all he best… you’re an inspiration to many who will never fight for what they believe in. Kudos. Xo

  191. Eric Avatar

    up for over 24 hours huh? Its good to see that you kept your “stash” with you

  192. DB Avatar

    Great news, something positive is finally happening for you! Best wishes to both Sam & you! Looking forward to updates!

  193. Leisa Avatar

    Terrific!! Guatemala has got to be better than Belize. I don’t know though. Take care and keep up the good fight to clear your self. It is amazing in a really horrible way how our media outlets and govts want to portray you… But they can’t keep a good man down or the truth from coming out. Love to all, Leisa

  194. T Johnson Avatar
    T Johnson

    The offer to answer questions over the phone could extend to answering them in writing through acceptable media. In this manner, you can show clearly that you have answered questions which will be asked repeatedly. A transcript of the phone conversation would be helpful, if backed up by a recording.
    Don’t expect a positive answer from Dean Barrow.
    Perhaps the Embassy could be helpful in preventing the GOB from raiding and confiscating your property.
    The means of preserving your freedom by misdirecting pursuers should be understood by any intelligent supporter of the fight against corruption.

  195. Living in Belize Avatar
    Living in Belize

    PS: Telésforo Guerra has already been engaged to provide legal counsel on behalf of the Belizean Government (
    Don’t you see here a conflict of interests?

    Why do you believe that a bunch of Belizean spies could pass the the American Ambassay security checks?

  196. Smart Move Avatar
    Smart Move

    Belize police should already have sufficient information to complete investigation. If they need a statement from John, then they can now interview him, but they cannot do an illegal interrogation. But why solve a murder if they can use this situation to their advantage? So John will continue to be blamed, with no proof of any involvement??

  197. fendidonna Avatar

    Very happy for you. What a great post.

    Love you too, John 🙂 🙂 🙂

  198. Kimberlee Nichols Avatar
    Kimberlee Nichols

    Glad you are safe and have a plan. Get some much needed rest!

  199. ash Avatar

    John, Glad to see that you’re safe…did Sam know that she has a lawyer uncle in Guatemala or did the relationship unravel as family history opened up? Just curious…

  200. Refugee Avatar

    Guatemala is a much better base for you than Belize anyway, no?

    Just pay the right people this time and stay away from politics.

    Now marry Sam immediately and post wedding pix. The world is waiting!

    This murder mystery and chase have been interesting, but some of us are far more interested in the details of your research into Tan and related compounds. That and your theories about sexuality. You have a global audience now who hope you will share the full story as soon as you are legally secure.

    Third world corruption stories are a dime a dozen – but Stuffmonger has a lot to bring to the party and we’re all waiting…. 😉

  201. Andy Avatar

    Good to hear from you John!

  202. fher98 Avatar

    I can see how all of this could become a great novel.

  203. Emma Avatar

    I have been reading about this for days. First time poster here. Glad you are safe and get some sleep.

  204. Kizz Avatar

    Sure Cause Guatemala is very much not corrupted as compared to Belize. lol @ Guatemala being a neutral country… why didn’t you go to Mexico?

  205. sdJim Avatar

    great news!
    Be Safe!

  206. Living in Belize Avatar
    Living in Belize

    Hmmm… The Guatemaltecan authorities are well known to be more corrupt than Belizean. So do you want to to cast out devils by Beelzebub?

  207. deratski Avatar

    John’s lawyer Telesforo Guerra is a BIG TIME lawyer in Guatemala! Was the ex-Presidents lawyer – got him off the hook too! *YEAH !*

  208. Kathleen Carrera Avatar
    Kathleen Carrera

    Smiling, happy and relieved for you John!!!
    Keeping this situation surrounded by tons of love, light, & understanding for quick resolution toward peace and the highest good for all involved.

  209. Trace Avatar

    Good Luck John,

    I feel you are much safer now

  210. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    Thanks for the update and for cleaing up some of the confusion.

    It should be uphill for you now that you’re out of Belize.