Did you kill Greg Faull?


Who is Amy Emshwiller?

Not to be confused with Amy Chawla, Amy Emshwiller is one of John McAfee’s Girlfriends

Who is Samantha Vanegas?

Samantha is one of John McAfee’s Girlfriends. More information can be found in this article

How Old is Sam?


How Old is Amy?


Are Amy and Sam Safe?


Who is Stuffmonger?

The name John McAfee posted under on the Bluelight threads

What is “Tan” that you mentioned on the bluelight thread?

“The Bluelight thread was the result of a bet. The mythical drug “MDPV Tan” was all over Bluelight a few years ago and it was obvious that it was a made up story that has became an enduring myth. It was ripe for the plucking. I pretended to have re-discovered it and gave complex, bogus instructions for how to create it. Any chemist could create a thread with 1,000 post, and I won the bet. It is a high point, at least for me, among my never ending practical jokes and complex bets” “If I had really “rediscovered” the lost “Tan” formula I would seriously consider changing professions. I would have immediately flown to germany, walked into Bayer Pharmaceutical’s offices, with the formula-and a sample-in hand, and asked for a check for a billion dollars” “There is no such drug as Tan. That was the point of the hoax. If you followed the formula, you get a purely non — drug product.”

Why did you go on the run and not stay in Belize and proclaim your innocence?

This is explained in great detail in the article Background

Do you do Bath Salts?

“Do my words, my constructs or my trains of thought in any way indicate a drug addled mind? If not, lets drop this absurd hypothesis. I have been a strong opponent of drugs for 35 years.”

Do you drink Alcohol or do any mind altering substances?

“I do not. I believe people, including myself, are foolish enough without alcohol” “I am not using mind altering substances. I have not used any mind altering substances since 1983. I do not even drink. I am aggressively opposed to drugs and alcohol. I do drink coffee, and recently took up smoking”

Maybe you could do something about your anti-virus Software?

I have had nothing to do with the Mcafee Anti-virus company for 19 years. I have not entered their premises, talked to them, written them.

Are your dogs in Belize ok? and who is caring for them?

“The dogs are being well taken care of by multiple people. I would not abandon a dog.” “Sam’s father and Amy”

What relationship did you have with Gregory Faull?

“I barely knew the man. When I first started Quorumex I rented his basement for our laboratory, but the entire deal was done through Vivium Wu and her husband Jeff, the owners of Rojo’s Lounge just north of me, so I didn’t at any time talk to Gregg about it, either before or after.”

Are you not concerned about your legacy?

“I have no concern for my legacy” “We are not all concerned with our legacy. I, for one, am not. Legacy is written more by those in power than by the actions of individuals”

Gregory Faull’s Father claimed you threatened to shoot Greg if he ever stepped foot on your property. Did you threaten to Shoot Greg Faull?

“I never threatened to shoot him. I’ve never threatened to shoot anyone” “I had no idea that his father said that. At no time did I ever say that, not to Mr. Faull, not to his father, not to anyone. I barely knew the man”

What were you doing on the day that Mr. Faull was murdered, and who was with you at the time?

“I was with Samantha and 6 other people present. As to what I was doing, I do not think that is your business”

If you knew they have been out to get you for so long why didn’t you just move on?

Please read –Understanding the culture part one–

Are you filtering out questions in your blog?

“We are posting nearly everything. Comments like “please kill yourself” and how long have you been shagging that whore?” are sent immediately to the trash. Questions that have been asked, and answered, dozens of times likewise go to the trash. All Spam goes in the trash. Everything else is posted”

No Doubt you will be turning this story and blog into a book, movie and TV rights. I hope if it is, you donate the money to the family of John Faull.

“This story began well before the tragedy of Mr. Faull. I am sorry for his family and friends, but the issue, unfortunately, go well beyond this sad event. I have been struggling for over seven months with an unjust government”

Do you have a twitter page?

The official Twitter feed @officialmcafee

The official Facebook page

Police authorities have said Mcafee is a “person of interest” while the GSU boss Marco Vidal called you a “Prime suspect” in the homicide of a 52 year old Gregory Faull

“Of course, My point entirely. The GSU does not operate on principles of truth, but on principles of perception” Do you intend facing question at some point from the Belize police?

“I’d be more than happy to call them and answer whatever questions they would like to ask. If it was only questioning they were after, they would’ve thought of this long ago.” “They don’t want answers. They Want the “Corpus”

Is this blog created because of the Death of Gregory Faull?

“I have sympathy for Mr. Faull’s family and I view what happened as a tragedy. But this blog is not about Mr. Faull. It is about a corrupt government. The blog was not created because of his tragic death. It must be clear from the post that this blog was many months in the making, with much of the material pre-written.” “If the April event had not happened to me then I would not be doing this blog. We are all moved by our personal experiences and react accordingly to the events around us.” “I am not trying to clear my name and have no interest whatsoever in putting any effort into doing so. That’s in no way what this blog is about. As I have explained before, whatever people think about the truth, those thoughts have absolutely no impact on the truth. If rain falls and you think it doesn’t, the rain is not going to care much.”

Maybe Belize needs a revolution and John can be the leader of it?

“I don’t want to lead anything. I want to get back to fishing, swimming and enjoying my life”

Did you get recordings from when the dogs were poisoned or the night of Greg Faull’s Murder?

“My recording devices from the front and rear of my property were stolen many weeks before and my new shipment from the states had not arrived. It was the reason I fired my entire security staff then hired a single bodyguard-William Mulligan”

Would you please provide a brief outline of what you want/need to quit your present life?

1.Release my friends with a full apology

2. Remove Marco Vidal as head of the GSU. He needs a desk job somewhere. Replace him with someone with a heart. An Ex San Pedro Police Superintendent comes to mind. This will remove 90% of the oppression that government inflicts on the people.

3. A Public apology from the Prime Minister for the April raid on my property.

Did you move to Belize to run from tax trouble or lawsuits in the United States?

“No tax problems” “I was not running from the U.S. I was seeking a new life.” “I have no major lawsuits. Certainly was not running from any”

Have you considered running for political office?

“Don’t like politics”

Is being a Billionaire all that its cracked up to be?

“Money is a Curse”

What are you going to do with your property in Belize?

“It WAS for sale” – UPDATE 

I think you should go to US volunteer to pay any lawsuits etc you have pending there.

“I and my agencies (trust, companies, etc.) have been sued over a hundred times. I have never settled a lawsuit. I have never once had a judgment issued against me. I have never paid out a single dollar. I would rather pay ten million dollars to fight a suit than to pay one dollar and settle it. Lawsuits are the true corruption in the world.”

Who did you pay off to get out of guatemala?

“My Lawyer”

Who is Harold M. ?

“Harold M. is me — John McAfee. In an effort to stop me from blogging while in Guatemalan detention Belize lobbied Guatemala to remove my access to the internet to ensure that I could no longer use my only tool in my fight. I was allowed telephone privileges, and that was all. I managed to get a laptop and a usb modem smuggled in, which I hid under my mattress. I apologize for the deception. I could not log in as myself, because the government is watching the blog.

Who is Chad Essley?

Please refer to this article

Why do you call Everyone Sir?

“It is respectful”

Did you tweet the Prime Minister of Belize and tell him off?

“Yes I did.”

Who do you think killed Greg Faull?


“There are 350,000 people in Belize. Any one of them could of done it.”

What happened with the boycott of belize?

“It is still a boycott, only it’s a boycott of the system of power,not the people of Belize. If tourist go directly to the countryside instead of the heavily structured plastic tourist destinations, then the money goes to the people, not the people who control the mass of the average Belizeans.”

“I don’t have legal representation. This has never been a legal issue. It is purely political. There are no charges so I have nothing to avoid here. I did not run from charges. I ran toward safety.”

With all the money you have you have no way of defending yourself legally in Belize?

I can easily defend myself. There is no need to defend myself. I am not charged with anything. I will not be charged with anything. Its political.”

Do you have children?

“I have a daughter”

Do you have a comment on the Josh Davis/Wired/Warner deal?

“I think the Warner movie will be entertaining movie. Not at all factual, but entertaining. Only myself, the girls, Chad, the screenwriter and the production company have all the facts.” “I’ve been meeting with the screenwriter nearly every day for many hours”

How many girls were involved in your operation to gather information?


Are the girls involved in your operation to collect information in any danger?

“They are all Safe. I am waiting for visas for Sam and Amy”

…..Who is McAfee?

“Each of you get to choose an image, or an idea, on your own.”