I told Samantha that I would have to be away for a while and that it was too dangerous for her to come with me.  Her response – “If you f—king think I would leave your side your are an idiot.  Where you go, I go”.  She looked ferocious and, knowing Sam as I do, I just shook my head and told her to get ready.

Samantha is 20 and a ball of fire.   I have known her for a year and a half and in that time I have been astonished at her courage, determination, energy and intentions.  She is generous and compassionate and she has become a large part of my conscience.

Sam has been upbeat throughout my ordeal with the government, not just in the past week, but also for the past 6 months.  She has experienced the government’s harassment with me and has seen all that I have seen.  She is pissed at all that has happened to us and wants to see justice done, just as I do – not just for Mr. Faul’s family and friends, but for all Belizeans living under the Draconian system that has evolved under the present government.

For the past week, Sam has kept our clothes clean and has fed us and kept me distracted by telling stories of her life and humorous anecdotes about her family.  She is a natural raconteur and mimic.  She has also helped me evade detection by grabbing me and kissing me, in public, in a fashion that causes passerby’s to feel embarrassment at the thought of staring and by creating emotional scenes that cause the curious to momentarily forget what they were looking for.  She is acutely aware of her surroundings and is as street smart as a sober hobo.  She does not drink or take drugs.

Sam insists she will be with me to the end, whatever end that may be.  I will include her frequently in my story.  She has even asked to write something herself, a request that I, and I hope you, the reader, have no problem with.

I will return later.


Three of my friends are still being held in prison on trumped up charges.  They are:

Eddie Ancona

Cassian  Chavarria

William Mulligan

 They were charged and have been imprisoned because three legally licensed firearms were found in the incorrect rooms on my property (stretching the law to the extreme).  I would ask you to please email the following and demand their release:

 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]

17 responses to “Samantha”

  1. Veronica Avatar

    I wish you the best sir. I hope to meet you someday. You are a very strong and amazing person 🙂

  2. Joe Avatar

    The more I read up on John McAffee , the more fun, in a unique way , I find him to be . Honest, Intelligent , Obtuse (Respectfully) , 68 going on 25, Computer Genius, On the Run, Fighting a Corrupt Government, Enemy of Big Brother , Pioneer . The Ghost of Clancy lives on in Johnny Mac , Intl. man of Intrigue….Ill be following this for a while now…..I first heard of him a few weeks back on Alex Jones and his voice sounded like a 35 year olds , I thought it was his son or something….

  3. Craig Oliver Avatar

    Wrong page, please delete, my appologies

  4. Craig Oliver Avatar

    I heard you on Joe Rogan. If indeed you are innocent; good luck to you sir!

  5. summerthirdworld Avatar

    Bless your heart Sam!

  6. Giadiu Avatar

    Good luck hey!!

  7. John McAfee Avatar

    You clearly have not followed my advice and done your homework as laid out in the “Background” section. Please try to keep up. That way I don’t have to answer the same question 100 times.

  8. Vito Avatar

    Sorry, John, I just put this together hastily without proof reading. It should read, “by now and “do the right thing.” Good luck with everything.

  9. Vito Avatar

    “by now”

  10. Vito Avatar

    Why all the intrigue? Why not prove yourself innocent instead of going on the lamb? Reminds me of whole famous OJ Bronco chase scene in LA. I woud assume that a man of your means could apply enough resources to that end of exhonerating yourself. It would be the worthier pursuit than spending your time blogging. By not the case has received so much world wide attention I highly doubt the police would be able to do away with you. Do the right and come forth.

  11. Raw Avatar

    First off, Samantha is a pretty girl. Second, greetings from Australia. Thirdly, leave Belize and go somewhere safer where you don’t need to hide and can be more vocal.

  12. alfred Avatar

    Not seen any GPS info there tough, just date/time.
    BTW I used to run your software when I was 12 years old from a DOS command line. It was great, catch some nasty stuff back in the day. Good luck on your adventure dude!

  13. John McAfee Avatar

    Haven’t been there for days.

  14. alfred Avatar

    You are leaking information about you in the exif of that picture. BTW nice camera.

  15. joey Avatar

    im really touched by her story. she seems like a good woman. hope things work out 4 you john.

  16. Jessicahopes Avatar

    There has been some by your side all these years. She just happen to have a different life. But this person constantly thinks of you. Life just goes on because both of us have different lovers in each other lives. She wishes she could be with you because she feels like she will make you safe, which is rediculous because she is still a child. This person has also been in odd situation with you.