Dog Poisoned During Raid

I was just told, in person, that my dog Tiger, was poisoned while the police were at my property.  He fell down in convulsions, with the same symptoms displayed by the four dogs that were poisoned the night before Mr. Faul’s death.  There were 15 police at my propert during the raid.

I had had Tiger for 9 years.  He moved to Belize with me 5 years ago and was the sweetest dog I have ever had.  I am not ashamed to admit that I am writing this in tears.

Those who love me did not want to tell me over the phone, and waited til today to tell me in person.

I will post pictures of Tiger when I reeive them.

I am pissed off, hurt and dedicated more than ever to reverse the injustice in this country.

Postscript Edit:  Here is Tiger – the one on the right:


Three of my friends are still being held in prison on trumped up charges. They are:

Eddie Ancona:

Cassian Chavarria:

William Mulligan:

They were charged and have been imprisoned because three legally licensed firearms were found in the incorrect rooms on my property (stretching the law to the extreme). I would ask you to please email the following and demand their release:


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  1. dr margaret johnson Avatar

    It was reported that Michael Vick recently vacationed on Ambergris Caye nursing a concussion?

  2. Ron Avatar

    Sir Conon Doyle mentioned in a fictional piece that “Cowards always seem to torture or kill the dog, because they lack the constitution to face the man.” [My paraphrase, since I’m too lazy to look it up] Really, can dogs over three hundred yards away really make enough noise to get tight-bunched about? Even that part seems ludicrous …

  3. beatrys Avatar

    It is a despicable deed by cowards to poison innocent beings in order to hurt someone. As an animal lover, nothing can justify this.
    I have lived on the cayes of Belize myself for +5 years in the ’80’sand was there just recently and know it is common practice by the local authorities to poison stray dogs when they represent a nuisance to the neighbors. Animals are not regarded as feeling living beings in this country and Animal Protection Laws are URGENTLY needed.

  4. Balls Deep Avatar
    Balls Deep

    There are at least a few CIA agent writing on your page trying to make you look bad. I wish i could say it’s hilarious. Good luck man. I support your fight against this evil. These muther fuckers have been running the world for too long.

  5. John Avatar

    So sorry to hear about the poisoning of Tiger and others. I cannot fathom such tragedy and grief. I hope whoever committed such cruelty will be brought to justice and pay for the death of an innocent creature. It really is a sick world out there. Let them all RIP.

  6. Not a racist Avatar
    Not a racist

    Ditto on Scott’s comments: “it is funny how some groups of people can use the term racist so easily but yet when they talk about someone they must use the color or ethnicity of the person they are talking about and then use that to bash them and then think they are not racist. i wonder what ” not white ” would consider a person using the terms typical black, typical hispanic etc… i bet he would call that person a racist if they where white but yet it is ok for him to use that term to describe a white person and think he is not being racist. ” Scott, this is so true! I’m so tired of hearing the race card played!

    I so wonder HOW SOON there will be a NAAWP?

  7. John McAfee Avatar

    I am sorry. Fattie is dead, I believe from the same poison.

  8. natalie Avatar

    I have just had a message from Judie, asking if I had heard of any news of Fattie. Can you give me any more details that I may pass on to her?

  9. natalie Avatar

    I was very sad to hear your reply to my question about Fattie’s status, your reply, “Fattie is dead”, no explanation , but as Fattie had been groomed just days before the report by you of your dogs being poisoned, I wonder if she was one of the ones that were killed. As a dog lover, as you profess to be, please consider the safety of any dogs remaining at your property. I beg of you you, please instruct those in care of your dogs to have them placed in a safe place, such as a friend, SAGA, or Pampered Paws. It would be terrible for any of them to be killed in such heartless manner.I know you are preoccupied with other matters, please consider these innocent creatures that are unable to protect themselves. Do not allow them to be at risk of being killed brutally as well.

  10. Vic Francis Avatar
    Vic Francis

    Mark 13
    It is debatable, but HE did fly out.
    Now he is in love with the next countries people…
    Belize is gone..

    Overall, on the face of it, the circumstancial evidence does not look good for Mcafee, but now he has flown the nest it really does not matter.

    He has his young woman (chasing what money he has left) and he has his freedom to start again.

    So its the best outcome for him.

  11. robert klouse Avatar

    Good observation.If happened as stated; Mr Faul’s whereabouts and close associations should be carefully examined pre-murder. Good luck to him,it was the best move to evade questioning,’before” being charged,.I believe J. Mcaffe. I would have done exactly the same thing if I was in his shoes. He did nothing illegal in leaving the country that a good lawyer couldn’t get quashed in a fairly represented legal-system. The rest is his business what he decides to do. That is a lot of bull____ to deal through. I wish him lots of luck in finding a smart legal defense.

  12. robert klouse Avatar

    All a man has is who he is.You say he is.. he is…
    That’s right he is. But what do you know? Nothing. Only a racist -filled hateful opinion and death-wish?! Who are you?

  13. Cathy Avatar

    Stupid or not, they hurt JM the only way they could at the time. Motives/clues/cover-ups–none of this matters to governments that run rough-shod over people’s rights on a daily basis. Just look at media coverage of outrageous things our gov does–oh, that’s right, they’re not reporting that Obama watched 4 Americans die on a live feed and sent them NO help.

    To hell with all governments. And if there is no hell, we’ll make one just for them.

  14. Larry Avatar

    Poisoning a dog…lowest of the low. Probably the same corrupt officials who killed the neighbor. Sorry for your loss, John. There are no words. May Tiger rest in peace.

  15. scott Avatar

    it is funny how some groups of people can use the term racist so easily but yet when they talk about someone they must use the color or ethnicity of the person they are talking about and then use that to bash them and then think they are not racist. i wonder what ” not white ” would consider a person using the terms typical black, typical hispanic etc… i bet he would call that person a racist if they where white but yet it is ok for him to use that term to describe a white person and think he is not being racist. i as a american apologize to john mcaffe and the rest of the world for having to read a comment by one of americas insults to society. not white only represents the americans that are under educated, was not raised in a good enviorment , blind to reality, or just an overall bad person.

  16. Vic Francis Avatar
    Vic Francis

    Glad to see you did get the head straight enough to see the reality…

    good luck

  17. Mark_13 Avatar

    Didn’t mean to make this all about McAfee’s indiscretions. Maybe he actually still is in a position to do something positive for Belize, to lead Belize in a better direction, clean up the corruption or whatever, who knows. More power to him in that case.

  18. Willy Avatar

    Bronx will be waiting as well. He was a mutblack lab and muts truly are the best dogs!! Sorry to hear this and as a fellow dog lover as well who lost his best friend of 12 years this past summer I know how hard it is, but would be harder to know he went like that at the hands of malicious people. I would say it’s on now to. Don’t mess with a man’s dog…..It’s also sad to see some of these posts and how misguided or distracting they can be.

  19. Mark_13 Avatar

    “Did he kill the guy, well only he can tell you that, but probably based on what we know..”

    Wow, I think that’s really debatable. Everything he does seems calculated. What would be his strategy in leaving a dead body to be discovered. And that’s assuming that he actually has murder in him. We know there are lots and lots of different groups in Belize that kill people. The GSU, gangs, etc. We don’t know that about John. Anybody have a record of actual violence from him in his 67 years? Not that I’ve seen.

    And also, according the New York Times,
    “When Mr. McAfee’s dogs were poisoned, on Friday, Nov. 9, he e-mailed Mr. Davis, the Wired reporter, and wrote that ‘a contingent of black-suited thugs’ had swarmed the beach near his home. ‘A half-hour later,’; he said, “all of my dogs had been poisoned.”
    And it was the GSU that killed a dog back in the raid in April.

    Doesn’t sound like at the time he suspected Mr Faull. And also, read his comments to someone in the “If I Am Captured Thread” regarding his relationship with Mr Faull.

    Just my gut, which means nothing, one of those girls that hung out on the property may have done it. Should John be required to rat them out?

    Or it could be a gang, or a lone drunk gang member that ended up at the wrong house, rogue covert elements of the GSU, you name it.

    Everyone so inclined I think should pray that the truth be discovered. And if by some stretch it was actually John (which I don’t believe) I still wish him the best. Maybe he can disappear, have a conversion, live out the remainder of his life circumspectly and anonymously. But he doesn’t seem inclined to stay anonymous anyway, just won’t turn himself over to the Belizean government for interrogation, and to have his fate decided without a jury by a single Belizean judge.

    And also, it seems that he does have a genuine love for the people of Belize. Even the New York Times article mocks him for his supposed altruistic efforts directed at prostitutes, but then Christ associated with prostitutes and and the downcast too, (though didn’t have sex with them.)

  20. Fábio Avatar

    Sorry for your loss… Dogs are real friends, and only a few people understand this!
    Greetings from Brazil!

  21. Fábio Avatar

    Sorry for your loss… Dogs are real friends, and only a few people understand this!
    Greetings from Brazil.

  22. Snappo Avatar

    Pro tip: Get out of the third world. Not saying crap doesn’t happen in USA (cough – Ruby Ridge – cough) but I think you have more freedom and more justice in USA. And it’s not like you didn’t get $100M when you sold McAfee. If you cannot afford to live in USA with that kind of coin, you are doing it wrong.

  23. Hatari Avatar

    If the GSU or whichever police agency did in fact poison the dog(s), then there is a special place in hell for those bastards. I am very familiar with the inept operational abilities of the Belize Police Dept. and can vouch for their total lack of professionalism. How long has it been now since Mr. Fuall’s death and as far as we know, the police still “ain’t got a clue”. Maybe this is why their conviction rate is in the low single digits.

  24. Hatari Avatar

    If the GSU or whichever police agency did in fact poison the dog(s), then there is a special place in hell for those bastards. I am very familiar with the inept operational abilities of the Belize Police Dept. and can vouch for their total lack of professionalism. How long has it been now since Mr. Fuall’s death and as far as we know, the police still “ain’t got a clue”. Maybe this is why their conviction rate is in the low single digits.

  25. Vic Francis Avatar
    Vic Francis

    Down and Dirty is for the movies sir….
    When he gets caught and he will, (they will offer a bounty or someone will shop him or rat on him they always do…) he will be locked up. Or killed in a ‘accident’ to cover up the real reason.

    I have been on the run before, and did 6yrs in a uk prison. So lets say I have some history. I can understand whats going through his mind.

    Did he kill the guy, well only he can tell you that, but probably based on what we know..

    Best thing he can do IF he did is get the hell OUT.

    Start again, somewhere else, he is a bright lad and knows how to do it.

    The dogs have died. They DID make a lot of noise and John is the first to admit that. So as I said, it does rather look bleak on that score.

    Fly away to live another day.

  26. Vic Francis Avatar
    Vic Francis

    Down and Dirty is for the movies sir….
    When he gets caught and he will, (they will offer a bounty or someone will shop him or rat on him they always do…) he will be locked up. Or killed in a ‘accident’ to cover up the real reason.

    I have been on the run before, and did 6yrs in a uk prison. So lets say I have some history. I can understand whats going through his mind.

    Did he kill the guy, well only he can tell you that, but probably based on what we know..

    Best thing he can do IF he did is get the hell OUT.

    Start again, somewhere else, he is a bright lad and knows how to do it.

    The dogs have died. They DID make a lot of noise and John is the first to admit that. So as I said, it does rather look bleak on that score.

    Fly away to live another day.

  27. Charley_Chan Avatar

    Agreed. The motive is clearly gone into hiding. i the dog was killed at JM went. There is a HUGE amount of official corruption in the 3rd world. After all, they learned from the colonials, who were skilled at appropriating / stealing.

  28. Steve Avatar

    Fail reading comprehension. The timeline is:

    4 Dogs are killed (Mr. Faul’s NOT Johns)

    Next night Mr. Faul is murdered

    Police Raid Johns and his dog is killed in what appears to be the same method by the police

  29. Kelly Avatar

    “It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are.”
    ~Author Unknown~

    I’m deeply saddened to hear of your loss…

  30. Eugene Kaspersky Avatar

    6 Degrees of John McAfee
    John McAfee taught Ang Lee to Aerotrekk (2010?), Ang Lee directed “Life of Pi” (2012) and Dean Georgaris was executive producer, Dean Georgaris also wrote the screenplay for “The Manchurian Candidate” (2004) starring Denzel Washington who was in “The Fallen” (1998) with Donald Sutherland who was in “Animal House” (1978) with Kevin Bacon.

  31. Marjory Wilguess Avatar
    Marjory Wilguess

    Tiger was the sweetest dog. Just a mutt who wanted nothing but love. I remember that dog fondly from Rodeo and he didn’t deserve that. NO pup deserves that. I’m so sorry John.

  32. Anonymous Avatar

    Justice should be based on facts and facts only. Hatred and passion are not invited.
    Thank good no one here is a judge.

  33. Anonymous Avatar

    Justice should be based on facts and not in hatered as we see here.
    Thank good no one here is a judge.

  34. bellisima Avatar

    Re: the dogs…you simply can’t take the life of another sentient being…there are no justifiable reasons to do this.

  35. Wolfgang Avatar

    Mr McAfee should be judged innocent unless proven guilty.

    I believe Mr McAfee is not guilty. If I were the number one Attorney in Belize I would represent him Pro Bono. The entire world is watching and Belize should be very careful and not persecute Mr McAfee. Please insure his safety and give him a fair accounting.

  36. Vic Francis Avatar
    Vic Francis

    I do not know you or you me, but hopefully some good advice.

    If you know someone with a small plane get them to fly you out under cover of darkness. (having held a licence for 18 yrs I know how easy it is to leave a country without anyone knowing you have gone.)

    If I was your position I would do that to get away for there to get my head straight and the pressure off so you can think in straight lines.

    Whatever you have done you know yourself if you did it or not, looking at the circumstances and whats happened I would probably have done the same….(if you did it ..)

    Only a sick or desperate person poisons animals. No excuse.

    But if you did it (killed him) then you have overreacted in the heat of the moment, (just like someone coming home to find their loved ones- kids, wife or whatever evens your dogs dead) that is a ‘crime of passion’ and now you really need to think straight. Because if thats the case (and assuming you did it) you are not looking as bad…in real terms and also prison time.

    You really need to get the hell out and sort your head out.

    Lastly, if the police and or authorities REALLY are corrupt and there is a conspiracy then get OUT, if not, hand yourself in as you only make it worse by getting caught becuase then its on their ‘terms’. 😀

    Carefully, slowly, think through your options, leave aside paranoia and the pressures, and choose the best option, then go for it…..

    good luck

  37. Matt Avatar

    Very sad when animals are poisoned -especially if out of revenge.Any body that does that is soul less.
    This is very sad,sick and extremely troubling.
    No mind and no conscience.
    Myself,I would leave it all to a charity to be auctioned off later and leave a hell hole such as this.

  38. Name ... Avatar
    Name …

    Comment like that are disgracefully you should be ashamed

  39. Anthony Avatar

    I am so very sorry to hear about Tiger (from a Roanoke College alum).

  40. Ricky W Avatar
    Ricky W

    Sorry to hear your big loss and tragedy.
    Keep standing up against the corrupted governments, which are unfortunately everywhere.
    Supporting your fight

  41. Pete Down Under Avatar
    Pete Down Under

    Thanks for stating the fucking obvious but this is about the dogs and obviously people including John are feeling sorry for the neighbour and his family.

    So piss off!

  42. Randy Avatar


    I am sorry to learn about Tiger.


  43. Sonja Avatar

    John, I’m watching this sad situation unfold from Australia – yep, you’re in the media here as well. I don’t believe you’re guilty of murder, for what it’s worth.. so very sad to hear about your dog(s).. ffs WHO could poison a dog? Ok…at the risk of sounding like another weird conspiracy theorist: government is corrupt…government is controlled by BIG business and religion (the Vatican etc)..people ARE framed, and not only the “high profile” ones. We live in a diseased world, truly, I’m sickened by the majority of humanity. Stay well, hope everything works out well for you. RIP Tiger :*(

  44. JB Avatar

    Kevin, I hope you are recovering after the Maddoff Fiasco…..thsi world is so corrupt and lost.

  45. rox0r Avatar

    > Sounds like his neighbor killed his dog and he in a fit of rage killed his neighbor

    Because murderers always leave a clear cut case like that. It’s sound the opposite to me. Someone poisoned the dogs to create motive and then they killed his neighbor to frame him.

    > Typical white man

    I’m pretty sure we all know who the racist is here.

  46. suzanne Avatar

    John I am so sorry about Tiger and the stuff that has been transpired with you. Always have you in my heart.

  47. Kay Avatar

    Like most white men with a sense of entitlement,, betcha he couldnt count the amount of under age local girls that he has used sexually either, yno like th 17 yr old he was in bed with wen he was raided…….. Yeah he is a top fella……. grub more like it!

  48. White guy Avatar
    White guy

    I agree 100% with you

  49. godot Avatar

    I believe John would be safer outside BZ. I asked him to leave early enough in this saga that he bit my head off for suggesting it. John knows that they may kill him. He has not only put his money where his mouth is, but he has put his life on the line. While the rest of us may regard this as foolhardy or worse, John has made an informed decision. In the CNN interview, I heard him say — from his mouth to my ears — that they will kill him if they catch him. So he knows. We are not going to change his mind. It is apparently a waste of time and effort to attempt to do so.

    Frankly, I’m tired of reading so many people’s posts begging and pleading with John to leave Belize. Henceforth, let us concentrate on finding other ways to try to save John’s life.

  50. godot Avatar

    The BSAG is a contrivance after-the-fact. According to an earlier post of John’s, the “raiders” were wearing GSU uniforms.

    The police and GSU denied that they had been at John’s home. Witnesses came forward who had seen the raid. Then it was announced that the BSAG had conducted the raid. Hence the earlier official govt announcements were not lies.

    It’s a contrivance. But the Barrow gang didn’t invent it. The Nazis did it first.

  51. Maria Avatar

    I don’t think John McAfee is a racist but I do think he is delusional. As for Belize I grew up there and moved to the US with my mother who is Belizean, when I was 7 years old. I have been back to visit Belize and lived on Ambergis Caye for a while. Belize is no more corrupt than any other country in the world. I think Mr McAfee thought he could buy the government off in Belize and then he could do whatever he wanted there but that didn’t happen. If the incident of his neighbor being killed had happened in the US Mr McAfee would have been able to get a team of lawyers and with his money beat the case and buy his FREEDOM! ~ Ask OJ!!!

  52. godot Avatar

    “Undercover of the Night” might be a more appropriate Stones reference:

    Undercover of the Night
    Hear the screams of Center 42
    Loud enough to bust your brains out
    The opposition’s tongue is cut in two
    Keep off the street ’cause you’re in danger

    One hundred thousand disparus
    Lost in the jails in South America
    Keep it all out of sight
    Undercover of the night

    The sex police are out there on the streets
    Make sure the pass laws are not broken
    The race militia has got itchy fingers
    All the way from New York back to Africa

    All the young men they’ve been rounded up
    And sent to camps back in the jungle
    And people whisper people double-talk
    And once proud fathers act so humble
    All the young girls they have got the blues
    They’re heading on back to Center 42

    Down in the bars the girls are painted blue
    Done up in lace, done up in rubber
    The John’s are jerky little G.I. Joe’s
    On R&R from Cuba and Russia
    The smell of sex, the smell of suicide
    All these things I can’t keep inside

    Curl up baby
    Curl up tight
    Keep it all out of sight
    Cuddle up baby
    Sleep with all out of sight
    Cuddle up baby
    Keep it all out of sight
    Keep it all out of sight
    Undercover of the night

  53. Mark_13 Avatar

    Did McAfee know Savidge would describe his disguise and reveal his location? Hope that doesn’t end up getting John killed. All of a sudden he’s nor heard from again, and Belize announces, “We believe he and Samantha have fled the country.”

  54. USWeedhead Avatar

    I actually posted this article in an earlier post comment…you know what stands out to me is…look at I think the 11th or 12th paragraph down it says VIDAL murders Dogs……i mean it just was KINDA ironic..

  55. Leisa Avatar

    I love Kevin Bacon!! If you get to Michigan stop over! And John and Sam, stay strong.

  56. My comment vanished Avatar
    My comment vanished

    Trying this again , the first comment vanished into Internet thin air…in short lol @observational yoga, I wonder if it’s the same as observational intelligence? Secondly: rip to all your beloved pets 🙁 . Lastly: please leave that fuking country! Look at the shit that happened there, fuk them then and don’t spend another penny there! Move to Canada, yes it’s cold.

  57. WEB Avatar

    God I hope meeting with the “reader of provided information”, one of CNN’s finest (gag)
    has not put you in more danger. I have been doing some digging and thinking about better ways to help Belize, and have a few ideas.
    1. We, the knowing, must do more to provide the truth to the general masses. Obviously the “card readers” that have been sent here are not journalists, and have done no fact finding. The number of illiterate, ignorant, and just plain stupid statements on a plethora of blogs and comment sections of videos is overwhelming. Maybe we could do some good by flooding them with facts and links to the information we already know.

    2. Hit them where it hurts$$$ I don’t mean the government or tourism industry either. All the Expats and CELEBRITIES who own property there will be crying loud and long if the values begin to decline. While I have already commented on and to many expats who want to play ostrich, I do wonder how many of the celebrities are aware of what goes on in their little slice of Paradise. Leonardo DiCaprio owns an island called Blackadore Caye. Francis Ford Copala owns 2 resorts ~ The Turtle Inn and Blancaneaux Lodge. I’d say we have our movie maker and our star right there 😉 , but I digress. Reported regulars to the island include: Harrison Ford, Charlize Theron, Michael Douglas, Jennifer Lawrence, Lennox Lewis, Tiger Woods, Bill Gates, and more. Could some sort of email/Facebook/Twitter campaign help?

    We have to do something.

  58. Dominique Avatar

    WOW….JUST WOW!!! Brutal on so many levels. Come to Ontario,Canada when you choose to leave Belize. We have a spare room and some money saved up for any christmas emergencies. No questions asked. Great show of force withthis detailed blog… btw our government isn’t formed entirely of douchebags.

  59. Jay from Chicago Avatar
    Jay from Chicago

    John, what’s the next move?? You can’t hide and run forever. I mean, this is becoming a global phenomenon. Your dog was murdered. Couldn’t you just get your Goon squad to beat the Jesus out of your neighbor (Mr. Faul) and the eye for an eye thing would have been settled???

  60. Eugene Kaspersky Avatar

    I didn’t say John was out of line.

  61. Dominique Avatar

    WOW…..Just wow! What a situation to find youself in. Kudos to you for standing your ground. Im 110% sure you’ve had more offers to help than you know what to do with but make your way to Ontario Canada! We have a spare room and a few bucks saved for xmas emergencies. Its safe here and in canada and our.government isn’t filled with morons (for yge most part 😉 )

  62. Name ... Avatar
    Name …

    This is stating that four dogs died before Mr.Faul’s death, and Tiger was poisoned afterwards, while the police were raiding. Most of are looking at this like a social agenda instead of examining the accusations. Does anyone want to make a comment about that accusation that is logical?

  63. Bigu min reformist Avatar
    Bigu min reformist

    Lol mcsfee this blog is an insult to intelligence. Your trying so hard to humanize and patronize yourself but your only a Junkie whos had too many whores and drugs that tour brain is fried I’ll be waiting to hear how they get you in short time.

  64. Name ... Avatar
    Name …

    You create your own conspiracy. One, obviously, rooted only in anger and ignorant assumptions.

  65. Chonny Avatar

    Who the hell are Muffin and Fudge?

  66. Gaby Avatar

    First of all, everyone uses a 9mm gun in Belize, it is not uncommon. Uncle Benji, please site your sources with such incriminating information. How do you know this when no one else does?

  67. Connie Avatar

    O let me start by giving you a definition of what alibi means. Alibi: A form of defense used in criminal procedure where the accused attempts to prove that he/she was somewhere else at the time of the alleged offense was committed. Now there wee 7 people with him that night. Why haven’t they talked to them? You are automatically assuming he did this prior to investigation. Just like the gsu.

  68. Kevin Bacon Avatar
    Kevin Bacon

    If all the police want is to ask John some questions, he has offered to do that over the phone or in a videoconference. Very simple. But the point of the whole thing, IF you had been reading the blog, is that they are trying to extort him. Belize doesn’t have a normal system of government or justice. They want to invent whatever charges they can to stick John with and put him in jail for ten years so he gets desperate and hands them millions of dollars for a “pardon”. It is all blackmail and extortion. Wake up and read the blog.

  69. Chris Avatar

    If my neighbor poisoned my dogs, I’d just beat his ass and make him want to move. I do believe John was framed, due to the shifty government such certain branches of our own government. Hey John- you should ask Juialn Assagne for some advice on Belize:) Good luck friend. My dogs and I got your back in the N.W!

  70. Connie Avatar

    I am sorry someone died but john has stated many times this blog is not about the death of Mr. Faull. This stlry started way before that happened. Read introduction on this blog. If they really want go talk to someone why haven’t they talked to the 7 prople who were with him that night? His alibi’s?

  71. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    Was that confirmed ?

  72. Jay from Chicago Avatar
    Jay from Chicago

    There you go John talking about conjecture (or in other words– no amount of bullshit) can bring your dog back. My question John is what’s going to bring you back?????

  73. Mark_13 Avatar

    Been reading your comments Kevin. Really great thoughts. I think I said once he should leave, but in any case its totally his decision. (I’m going to assume you’re the real Kevin Bacon.) Been thinking about what a benevolent dictatorship by McAfee would look like.

  74. Gaby Avatar

    If he was guilty of murder, do you not think he would have left Belize long ago. he certainly had the means and the network to do so. He is fighting the injustice of a false accusation, illegal raids on his property, police poisoning his dogs and the illegal detention of his staff and friends. Please do your research. This has nothing to do with Mr. Faull. It is clearly evident that Mr . Mcafee did not do this. he knew that the police poisened his dogs, not Mr Faull.

  75. Jay from Chicago Avatar
    Jay from Chicago

    Man shot after John Macafee’s dogs are murdered. Who would like to have seen the neighbor transpire???

  76. Jay from Chicago Avatar
    Jay from Chicago

    Damn right it does!! Every heard of black on black racism?? That apart from all of the racism that I experience on a daily basis. You know why John Macafee isn’t a racist?? Because he doesn’t come from the Apartheid state (where racism is celebrated) of Mississippi. There are more racists in that state than there are in Hitler’s best wet dream.

  77. Rob Avatar

    This is all too BIZARE…even for our time and especially for a supposed civilized Country.
    Firstly, I am sorry to hear about the most recent loss of your beloved dog.
    Been getting caught up in this story and your plight. Extremely disappointed to hear about all that has transpired with you in Belize and cant help wondering WHY? Any other conspiracy theorists out there? Who is “they” and why were they coming for you to end up killing your neighbour 200 meters away, instead of you?
    Your dogs were poisoned simply to be silenced…awful to think of, but ultimately the sole purpose, so as not to sound off “their” presence! If you were the target you would have most likely been the one shot and not your neighbour.
    Proof of your innocence can only be found in the MOTIVE for officials to take out your neibhbour. Your resistance and concerns are well founded considering what I have read surrounding facts and or allegations of contraband being found among the goods you donated to officials.
    Sorry to inform you, but you have a “traitor among friends”. He or she is unlikely to be an informant and and even more unlikely to be an official…you would have been caught by now!
    Get reliable information on your neighbour and you will find the MOTIVE for his killing.

    Good luck.

  78. Connie Avatar

    “sense of entitlement”? So what does he feel entitled to exactly? Being treated fairly? Friends sho are not jailed because of asso iation to him? Pets are safe on his property? His personal property isn’t taken and never given back? For an interviwer to examine all the facts prior to putting a story in the media? For people to quit makimg him pay them to livr thrre?

  79. Kathryn Avatar

    I am sorry to hear about you dogs especially Tiger but there was a human murdered as well. Time to come in and help the police solve all of this. You just look guilty and frankly nuts. How could anything happen if you talk when we are all watching.Go home and call them, get your lawyers in there to stand with you. Please… you are giving them an excuse for violence this way.

  80. Eugene Kaspersky Avatar

    I’m praying with one hand and typing with the other, I learnt one handed typing whilst visiting other websites. He moves in mysterious ways.

  81. karen Morris Avatar

    Lets hope John Is on the Move to a safer Place .

  82. Kevin Bacon Avatar
    Kevin Bacon

    I wish people would stop telling John to run away. The man has decided to fight the system and he is showing all the other frightened and cowed people in Belize how it’s done. Soon he will be a folk hero in Belize if this keeps up. He is outwitting and outclassing the entire government there. He also has Samantha to think about. If he leaves her there, she will probably be grabbed and imprisoned without charges or trial. He has to fight and win. Instead of everyone telling him to run, why not tell him to fight harder! Give the man some encouragement. They are killing his dogs, for goodness sakes! The man needs to get down and dirty with these sick fiends.

  83. Jay from Chicago Avatar
    Jay from Chicago

    What about the neighbor??? Who’s crying for him?? Not John Macafee.

  84. Jay from Chicago Avatar
    Jay from Chicago

    Naw, he isn’t racist, he (allegedly) shot to death his neighbor (another white guy) so he’s (all though a crazy mother fucker) but not racist.
    But having a sense of entitlement (yes, I believe) he does have that kind of attitude. The very first interview he had since all of this went down, he looks like a paranoid wounded animal. Lets not play the race card here– but that mother fucker is crazzzzzy!!!!

  85. Mike Avatar

    Must suck not being White

  86. Jay from Chicago Avatar
    Jay from Chicago

    Damn, damn, damn!! RIP to your dog. It’s quite obvious that your (now deceased) neighbor killed your dog. But then the question remains, who the neighbor???? All I have to say Mr. John Macafee, you are one crazy motherfucker!!!

  87. guardsman Avatar

    Most would not admit in todays day and age thatcorruption exists in government. Starting at a local level and spreading upwards. Ironically, the victim was from Florida, a state where corruption embodies its legislature and county governments. Perhaps a mirror image of Belize. Eventually corruption will loose to those who stand for truth.

  88. godot Avatar

    A new low for CNN. And I didn’t think it was possible for them to get any lower.
    If Ted Turner were dead, he’d be spinning in his grave.

  89. godot Avatar

    “In civilized societies, the police do not murder animals to warn the owners.”

    Oh, yeah? That’s what I thought until a couple of hours ago. Check this out, Peachtree Plaza:

  90. jk holich Avatar
    jk holich

    i’d get the HELL outta there. go to a civilizated country. corruption reigns on. shame on whoever for picking on defensless animals. i would never ever reading this go there.prayers for you and yours john. me thinks you were set up.

  91. Chris Avatar


    I have been reading about your recent problems with the police and government in Belize. I was saddened to hear the the ruthless behavior toward yourself, your friends, and animals.

    Aware that there is little influence I can have on this situation, I have written 5 of the government officials/departments and explained that you are a man who truely loves that country, and someone who has (with the exception of recently) been a beacon to drive tourism there.

    I know my efforts may be futile, but if enough people of the world voice what we believe to be injustice, the government may be forced to do something about your situation, and the long history of corruption that has plauged Belize .

    I wish you good luck sir,


  92. truthseeker Avatar

    Maybe they left finally. Can’t really communicate on the road. Jesus keep them safe! People stop commenting and start praying to a God in Heaven who loves us all. This is the beginning of an Anti Christ Government. Like Hitlers. God help us all. Get saved and seek Jesus Christ.

  93. Not white Avatar
    Not white

    Sounds like his neighbor killed his dog and he in a fit of rage killed his neighbor. He doesnt want to go to prison so he is accusing the governmemt of some massive conspiracy aginst him. All mcafee is is a typical white man with a sense of entitlement and a godmcomplex. Hes probably a racist too. Fuck him

  94. ted Avatar

    hope you are doing ok.

  95. Hawks2u Avatar

    I am sorry you are going through all of this. It is wrong.

  96. mack Avatar

    So what you’re saying is that he should be traveling with his dogs? maybe 4+ dogs while trying to hide from the officials? Its unfortunate what happened to the dogs but this is obliviously a war, wars get messy and innocent people and creatures die unnecessarily. This is not a vacation where one can plan to have their dogs dogsat in a safe place prior to leaving.

  97. WEB Avatar

    where did you read that Benji? Do you have a link to a story? I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway, the GSU has had John’s 9mm since April. Also, it is my understanding that a .38 caliber was used to put the dogs out of their misery. That means no match. Please substantiate your claims.
    ps…….John & Sam, are you OK? JW was right, no comments from you for a while. I think most of us would just like to know that you guys are alright.

  98. Mac's other dog Avatar
    Mac’s other dog

    Did you buttfuck that dog too?

  99. Connie Avatar

    John has explained this many times. Please read about the part about the 1st raid in april when the gsu stole his 9mm gun

  100. Folds Avatar

    You are nuts. But this is the most amusing site I’ve read in years! Thanks!

  101. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    I’m not saying Mr. Faull was a trouble maker, but that perhaps Barrow and the police considered him a trouble maker because he didn’t pay up.

    Taking the millions of dollars in property is simple for the police, as simple as saying they found a unregistered gun, or a registered gun in the wrong room of the house.

    John, however, has foiled the plans of the police and corrupt officials, by refusing to be “questioned”, so to alleviate their disappointment they loot his property and poison another of his dogs.

  102. Patricia Fivecoat Avatar
    Patricia Fivecoat

    My thoughts for your best are with you. Take care and know many people ARE following your story.
    Be brave and strive on


  103. godot Avatar

    Who shot GF?
    The murderer need not be from the GSU. The dogs would have barked at any murderer with whom they were unfamiliar. This gives any murderer wishing to prevent having attention drawn to him incentive to poison the dogs. But it also indicates a high degree of premeditation.

  104. john Wells Avatar
    john Wells

    John you ok? Have not seen you comment or post for a while now? Chad?

  105. Leisa Avatar

    I just read about Tiger. I am so sorry that these twisted screws have continued w/ their diabolical ways. I can not imagine how you all feel but my dog is 9 also, and I would really be in deep despair. Prays and continued support from the woods of north. Mi. Leisa

  106. godot Avatar

    John, when you awaken to your civic duty and turn yourself in, be sure to ask for Officer Reyes. Remember, the policeman is your friend.

  107. Travis Holub Avatar
    Travis Holub

    When I lived in Belize, there was always a lot of corruption, but it was the kind of corruption where one could get something facilitated for a fee or get a deal approved for a fee. There was something to be gained by paying another person that was an extra, that actually helped you to get ahead or move forwards. Nowadays I look at Belize and I just shake my head.
    The whole thing has degenerated into a mafia state. Whereas before, things like extortion, murder, rape, and other forms of violent assault were considered crimes that one could not bribe one’s way out of, now they are bribeable offenses. Not only that, but the government seems to have taken up extortion as a way of generating extra income for the higher ups. The whole thing is unraveling. If there are no limits set by common sense on what human beings should or should not be allowed to get away with, then the society degenerates into a Somalia-like anarchic state.
    Belize deserves so much better. In general, Belizeans are good people. They are often poor and they don’t have the same levels of education that people from Europe or the US and Canada tend to have, but they are street wise and they understand that their country depends on tourism and that it needs direct investment. When the entire story of John’s saga is unveiled, I would not be surprised to see more Belizean people become involved in rooting out the current government. The PUP were bad and seem to have pilfered with wild abandon, but they kept businesses coming into the country and they kept tourism going up. This crowd that is currently in office is just a bunch of gangsters who does not care about anything but lining their own pockets.

  108. Emmie Avatar

    This is heartbreaking! How could this possibly have happened if it wasn’t intentional? Do you think this was done as a sort of message to let you know this was the fifth dog of yours they poisoned and they’ll continue until you turn yourself in?

    My heart goes out to you, I’m so sorry you’re suffering this type of loss.

  109. Richard F Avatar
    Richard F

    Right. I have a bridge in San Francisco for sale.

  110. godot Avatar

    Who could ever have imagined that our world would devolve to the point where a website entitled “” would have to be created just to keep track of all the instances of police murderering pets? God have mercy upon our souls!

  111. Nh Avatar

    GSU oversight organization: IAD

    Jules Vasquez
    “You are reviewing your own officers. You all are a team; you work closely. I would expect that you have a charitable interpretation of their actions.”

    Mark Vidal
    “Right but then again, there is the IAD; there is the Ombudsman’s Office; there is an IAD head-office in Belmopan-“

  112. Bill Avatar

    I’m sorry, but this is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long, long time!

  113. godot Avatar

    At the risk of being ostracized for voicing a contrary opinion, I must relate that when my eyes fell upon this wholly unexpected one-liner, I inadvertently laughed out loud. This doesn’t mean that I’m not sympathetic to John, his plight, and his dogs. It just means that for a half second, I was shocked, and the outrageousness of the comment struck me funny. Is that humor? Do I have a sick sense of humor? Should I feel shame? Can I never be forgiven for my shock and uncontrolled outburst? If an apology is necessary, I apologize for laughing. But my first impulse was to laugh. And I did laugh. Sorry.

    Too soon???

  114. getrealeh Avatar

    How handy is this little arrangement. Talk about job security. Now the dirty cops and GSU can plant the drugs and the BSAG can “find” it. I was starting to believe the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing in Belize. They aren’t as incompetent as I had imagined! However, this means they have another set of mouths to feed when it comes to dividing up the spoils of graft and extortion. Perhaps if each outlaw unit (oops I mean law enforcement unit) in Belize had a unique tatoo on their foreheads we could tell who is who more easily. The GSU could have a hand secreting drugs under a carpet as their symbol and Marco Vidal’s new BSAG unit could have a grownup lashing a small child as their tatoo. The street cops could have one showing a cop holding a tin cup and soliciting “fines”. It is getting difficult to keep the goon squads in Belize straight. Sheesh!

  115. WEB Avatar

    Forgot to say thanks for the updated pics of Tiger. What a handsome boy. Again, so sorry for your loss(es). 🙁

  116. truthseeker Avatar

    Jesus won this battle over 2000 years ago not 200.

  117. Travis Holub Avatar
    Travis Holub

    Looks like the GSU is becoming the type of paramilitary organization that the US sponsored throughout Latin America for several decades. Vidal is a perfect leader, a sociopathic thug that beats children and tortures animals. The US picked a winner with that guy. All he needs to do is to go after the communists and not the millionaires. I guess they forgot to tell him what his mission was going to be. Or maybe it is just incompetence on his part. Either way, Belizeans need to get rid of this guy before he gets a lot worse.

  118. truthseeker Avatar

    John, this is a spiritual fight you are in. This corruption needs the one to fight it that already won over 200 years ago. Jesus won over the devil then and you need to get Him on your side completely. Pray for salvation if you havn’t yet, and learn about spiritual warfare. Here is an example. I apply the Blood of Jesus Christ upon John and Samantha, the Dogs and all else he loves for protection. I commision Angels of God to surround him and protect him. You need to learn about it. You need also to stop sin, know He died for your sins and ask Him to take your sins away. You need to give Him your sins. Sin is the door the devil can use to get you. Get saved, marry Sam, read the Bible as far as what God will do to the soul who obeys Him. You need to come under His protection which means giving your life to Him. SEEK HIS FACE. The devils may get even worse but God will have them on a leash.

  119. WEB Avatar

    It was a relief to see you last night on CNN, even if the reporter was a buffoon. You looked better than I could have hoped considering the crap you have had to deal with. I followed one of the above links to watch Savadge with you, and quite frankly, was sickened by the poor excuse for a journalist I saw before me. I took the time to write him, posted it at 3:35 am EST and it is STILL awaiting moderation. Wow….talk about controlling what people see. SMH. I wrote:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Mr. Savage, I am surprised to hear you still reporting, 2 weeks later, with the same tone and confusion you had at the onset of this story regarding John McAfee’s “strange behavior” It was understandable in the early days of this story as so much seemed so bizarre. But now, there is just too much out there if you dig for it to have that same opinion. Do you not do any research? For too long American journalists simply regurgitate the story they have been fed straight back to us, and expect us to take it at face value. There is credibility to what Mr. McAfee says. All of it. The government is corrupt, crime is rampant, and the people of Belize are being mistreated on a regular basis. Please, look into his claims instead of saying that he ranged from credible to crazy…. btw, the truth ranges from credible to freakin’ scary. There are newspaper articles, blogs, youtube videos, you name it, all showing or discussing the crime and corruption. So far, Mr. McAfee’s “claims” and “crazy tales” have proven true. Is he eccentric? I don’t know, I never met the man. By his own account he probably is, but crazy? Nope. A murderer? Nope. PLEASE, do some research and see some of the crap he has been dealing with. Here are a couple of links to some interesting stories relating to John, and to the evident corruption of those in charge.
    The police denied the raid on his compound yesterday…..NOT TRUE :
    Or perhaps you’ll prefer this little gem….ABOUT A FINE UPSTANDING POLICE OFFICER :
    Check out the Ambergris Caye blog. There are many Expats who want to condemn McAfee without evidence, but the smart ones are more interested in taking the ball and running with it now that John has exposed this for the world to see.
    The chatter about standing up to this corruption is getting louder, I’m surprised you can’t hear it. Please, show all the other fakers what a true journalist is, and seek out the TRUTH, don’t simply follow the pack. There is so much more to this story than the sensationalism that has been brought to it by almost everyone reporting, and you could be the one to bust it open by exposing the dirty nasty truth. Thank you

  120. acd Avatar

    An example of the actions of this group BSAG

  121. Gaz Cooper Avatar
    Gaz Cooper

    Seems like you now have some additional pursuers now you have the GSU the Police and NOW

    BDF Special forces that raided your house also known as the BSAG

  122. getrealeh Avatar

    A few years ago in Fiji the people got enoughh of their corrupt government rounded them up loaded them in a boat and kicked them off the island. It made international news. Perhaps this is what Belize needs to do with the Barrow gang. They would eventually wash up on a sand spit somewhere and they could start their own little colony. Most wood floats so we know they wouldn’t drown. Kind of a win-win for everyone.

  123. Gaby Avatar

    By the way, no matter how good are the showers where you are..leave that place now. There are items in the recent video interview that we have seen before in previous photographs. I will not be the only observer of that.

  124. Gaby Avatar

    John, I am an American living in France for the past 10 years. I love it but it is not my country and they constantly remind me of that fact. If I lived here for 30 years, it would still not be my country as I was not born here. The USA is different, more acepting of those who wish to adopt a new country. Here, even if you are not from the village,you are an outsider and will always be no matter how much you donate or do for the community. The US is my citizenship, France is now my home but I would leave in a heartbeat if persecuted as you are.

    The most effective people leading a cause and living under persecution have left in exile their own country to continue their cause in safety. One cannot lead a cause when dead or in prison very well. If something happens to you, then what? There is obviously no one else in Belize brave enough to tackle this enormous challenge. All this effort will have gone for nought.

    Please listen to the others, leave for awhile, get the support and the backing that you need, lead this fight from afar, it will be far more effective in the long run and there is no short term solution to this. Take Sam,her father and the dogs and go someplace where there are hot showers, sun,food and real support. Someday, you will be able to return to the place you love which is not the Belize of today.

    As you have started this, it is no longer just about you. I believe that you now have a responsibilty to all those people who trust in you and think that for the first time, someone can make a change. For that reason, you have a responsibilty to stay alive and well.


  125. getrealeh Avatar


    You are an example of functional illiteracy.

  126. Go John Go! Avatar
    Go John Go!

    You need to get yourself off the grid.

    What is the World coming too when even a Billionaire cannot get any peace from The Man?

    Dogs’ are awesome!

  127. tom stevens Avatar
    tom stevens

    Belize is not worth the pain and suffering that you and many others are feeling now. This problem is only going to get worse. Take everything you love and get out of that shit hole before something else bad happens. You are putting everything you love at risk by being there hiding and leaving everything you love exposed. That is not smart. If you are waiting for the international community of nations to make things right and save you, you need to rethink that. You and I will be both be dead before that happens. One person on the run wanted for maybe murder or whatever the corrupt bastards can think of cannot save that shit hole. I have been there. The place is not that nice, I know many people that have had problems there, it is not worth even one dog being poisoned. Whether or not you are hiding you are still responsible for the safety of your dogs and whoever else you love. You knew they poisoned your dogs before and then you left your other dogs at risk after that. that is not smart. Dogs can easily be killed by anyone with poison, they need protection. I am pissed off at you, move your other dogs to a safe place if you have any more before they are killed. I am also sorry for your loss, I love dogs too, they are much nicer than most people I know. If you want to play hide and seek and try to make belize a law abiding country without corruption, move everything out of that shit hole first. You are a smart guy think about more than just yourself. Plan ahead and protect what you love then kick some ass.

  128. Gaby Avatar

    My suggestion to all here who care…Write the journalists who are reporting erroneous facts and just parroting each other. Perhaps this wiil have more effect than the Bureau of Tourism who has shut down the ability to send comments anyway. Here is what I wrote to one “journalist” who thought that the most important thing that John said in his last interview was the “f..word…

    Dear Sir,

    Are you really a journalist?  It is irresponsible to publish or in your case make a bad and ill informed copy of someone else’s news story.  Not only did you get the facts wrong.. not so difficult for even the smallest mind to do when parroting.but also you have entirely missed the point if you think the most important element to this very sad saga is that Mr. Mcafee said the f..word, by the way was a most appropriate description of what he was relating and for which he immediately apologized for afterwards.  I suggest that you do some deeper research on what is happening down there and do not just read a paraphrase of the sensationalist tabloid journalism, but then that is your field, excuse me.  

    If you want to write about something interesting, other than rereading others’ stories,  just read a bit about the corruption in Belize, what he has been subjected to, along with others.  You can start with his blog,  He backs up everyone of his claims as do the people that comment there with real facts and proof, something journalists no longer do.

    Please open your mind and your heart to this cause.  Stay objective and report the facts. It is a tragic situation in Belize and it needs exposure.  It is easy to sit back in your leather chair in your safe home with your safe government and criticize something you know nothing about.  Do something positive and important with your power to reach so many.  Do not fall into the trap of just being an ignorant gossip as do so many so called “journalists” these days.

    Thank you for listening.


  129. DB Avatar

    Unbelievable brutality, no wonder the locals are afraid to speak out, but people can only be suppressed for so long, especially under a brutal dictatorship, before they take action. That the Belize goverment portrays itself as a democracy is joke, so please do write legislators to stop aid to Belize. We are funding monsters.

  130. Connie Avatar

    No worries. It was answered before, an added security measure for the site.

  131. DB Avatar

    A good piece of news, something that John needs right now. Thank you.

  132. DB Avatar

    Thank you, John, for posting the new photo of Tiger. He was a handsome boy, and you can see the intelligence in his eyes. Condolences on the loss of your sweet friend.

  133. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    BTW, what is this IOSec security page that pops up when I comment? I do nothing, and it goes away by the time I try and read it, asking for an anti spam input code?

  134. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    John or Chad, perhaps a links page to all outside news companies from the board contributors such as sysop and notadog etc.
    I read these posts of course post from the contributors and of course their opinions, it is very nice also if the video and newspaper links they provide were consolidated in a timeline too.

  135. Connie Avatar

    You mean he actually looks like a man who is running for his life?

  136. DB Avatar

    I did not like this interview. Martin Savidge appeared to take what the government told him as the truth, making you look abit crazed. Martin needed to do some real research on the goverment there, before he attempted to do any real reporting. Not credible reporting at all, just more of CNN sensationalism.

  137. StuffMongerFan Avatar

    I just saw the CNN clip. I’m sorry to say, you are not looking good, John. You look tired, and your permanent smile is gone from your face.

    I’ll say it again, get out of there.

    I know “this is your home”…but sometimes life circumstances make it impossible to do what you want.

    When your board of directors doesn’t want you anymore…you have to go no matter how much you’d like to stay. Happened to Steve Jobs.

    When the political powers team up against you, you don’t get to stay in your own country sometimes. Happened to Thaksin Shinawatra, who was in a stronger position than you: Thailand-born and Thai citizen, billionaire, and prime minister of Thailand for 5 years. He still got kicked out of his own country. He funded the opposition party and his sister is in power now, but he still hasn’t been able to come back.

    Wise men retreat and live to fight another day. Retreat, regroup, revenge.

    As the Rolling Stones put it, you can’t always get what you want.

  138. BK Avatar

    John, you need to be medicated.

  139. sysop Avatar

    This is VERY interesting…
    Is it possible that this latest raid was carried out by the Special Assignment Group because Vidal is now second in command for Special Branch. He may not be head of GSU anymore…. Can anyone confirm if this transfer actually occurred? The story is Nov. 6, 2012.

  140. sysop Avatar

    Actually, it was Mark Vidal who conceived of the gang unit after getting training with FBI Anti-Gang Task Force and got ministry support to implement it. “I submitted a proposal; eventually it was considered at the highest level – National Security Council. Eventually it was approved.”

  141. sysop Avatar

    WARNING to Tourists…. Belize has a swear jar.
    “Use of Indecent Words – $100; Use of Insulting Words – $100; Boisterous Behavior – $50”

  142. Connie Avatar

    Also, the GSU was started by Barrow and headed up by Mark Vidal

  143. Connie Avatar

    I can answer that question. San Pedro police department is local police department, the GSU is the Gang Suppression Unit (which are supposed to be fighting gangs)

  144. Fred Grott Avatar
    Fred Grott

    John, sorry for your loss.

    A question, for those who are outsiders..what is the difference between the San Pedro police department and the GSU?

    Remember, some of those outsiders have never stepped outside their front yards..

  145. SL Avatar

    Your term junkie implies that Mr McAfee is addicted to drugs.

    You are half right n that he had been addicted over 30 years ago. This is well documented and if you had bother to do your homework, you would see that when he cleaned up it was for good. He didn’t ping pong like so many others. He closed the door on that chapter of his life and moved on.

    That is the type of person he is…. ALL IN. If you cannot understand this type of person you are doomed to your ignorance and name calling.

    At 67 Mr McAfee still lloks young and vibrant. His lifestyle is active and exciting. He has been free to pursue those things he finds important or just interesting.

    A mind like that does not need chemicals to enhance it. Let’s start telling the truth, as we know it, here on this site.

  146. sysop Avatar

    The interview that shows video of John sporting clean clothes and dark hair is on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper’s 360” 11-30-2012 9PM ET

    AND, my apologies… Out Front is 11-30-2012 7PM ET not Dec. 1st

  147. sysop Avatar

    It was “Breaking news” on CNN’s “Out Front” with Erin Burnett. 12-01-2012 7PM ET. Mark Savidge was talking to Erin on the phone about the experience of getting there with all the passwords and seeing John come into the room limping as a frail old man. This dropping the cane and shaking white power out his hair.

  148. Connie Avatar

    Very good. Thanks for posting the link!

  149. Connie Avatar

    This post too. What is your source of information?

  150. Connie Avatar

    Where did you see this? I can’t find it anywhere. I watched the CNN interview and they didn’t say it.

  151. sproggit Avatar


    I am sorry to hear of your loss. This act of heinous cruelty strikes me as that of a frightened bully, lashing out at anyone and anything within reach. I can only hope that justice will prevail and the truth will out.

    At a slightly more practical level, a thought occurs to me about the act of poison. I wondered if it is possible to get a toxicology report of the substance used to murder Tiger and the substance that was used earlier, when you lost four more dogs? I do appreciate that lethal chemicals may not be uncommon, but if it was the same, then that might be an interesting coincidence? I read your account wondering if the perpetrators had deliberately laced some meat with a toxin to distract the dogs while they approached?

  152. Mark_13 Avatar

    CNBC was much better, not perfect, but not a complete joke like this. CNN is beneath contempt. Arrogant and stupid at the same time. “Whatever drivel we put out there will automatically become gospel.” That’s their philosophy. And they get talking heads with British accents to give it all an authoritative sheen. Kept using the word “crazy” over and over in different contexts. Savidge had a smirk the whole time. No impulse whatsoever to dig deeper, The news chick with the British accent says the Belizean government only want McAfee for questioning, what does he fear she asks in a concerned tone but with a smile.

  153. Isabel Avatar

    And the FBI & DEA trained this criminal gang of killers? Way to go, good job! Disgusting.

  154. Gaby Avatar

    John, please do not trouble youself to do interviews with the idiot mainstream news channels like CNN. They are not reliable sources of news and do not tell your story in a proper truthful light. This guy must have been paid by the authorities of Belize for this interview. So sad. Next project when this is all over-the sad world of tabloid journalism. Waiting for the Financial Times. Why so long, the delay?

  155. Gaz Cooper Avatar
    Gaz Cooper

    Looks like you were telling the truth John the Police now say they did in fact raid your property which I beleived anyway but also some good news your friend Mulligan was released on $8ooo bail which is great news


  156. Isabel Avatar

    I’d like to kill him, not keep.

  157. Gaby Avatar

    Actually , this word is used alot, just listen to Joe Rogan, it is every other word. John used it one time, it was an appropriate description, no other word would do, and he apologized for his slip. The self righteous press, always quick to judge, is way out of line, not John.

    John, I am heartbroken for your loss. If anyone has any doubt that this was an action on the part on the police or the GSU, I suggest that they read coments on other Belize related blogs where it is mentioned that it is a regular practice for the police to poison stray dogs or dogs that bother tourists. They have the poison, they have the mentality.

    As I said before, if any harm comes to you, Sam or your friends, the email frenzie would be enourmous. Tiger is included in that catagorie.
    I will start again and hope others will follow.

    I hope it helps but it seems only to anger them more. The board of tourism wants you gone, the residents, expats are afraid, not only for themselves but also for their falling property values and loss of rental income. Other strategies?

    Knowing you will not leave, I offer this anyway as I am helpless to know whatelse to do. I too would open my door to you and Sam if you wish to come to France. We love dogs. We feel enormously sad, angry and compasionate for your situation.


  158. shonshu Avatar

    Costa Rica might be nice this time of year.

  159. Isabel Avatar

    Mrs. Vidal is stepmother to his 2 children & quite obviously hates them, abusing them emotionally & psychologically when he isn’t there. THEN she lies to him about something the little girl did concerning a DOLL, & he beats her until she has 20 bleeding cuts & bruises all over. I’d keep to kill him.

    I so understand, because I had a stepmother who made my life miserable, but I could never tell my father, because he would get furious at me. She hated me & was so threatened & jealous of me. Somebody needs to DO something about these people. What is wrong with you, Barrow. You are all sick, evil monsters.

  160. Louis McGlasson Avatar
    Louis McGlasson

    What got into your brain?

  161. Isabel Avatar

    Is this true??

  162. Isabel Avatar

    Please read the article below concerning Marco Vidal from June, 2011.

    I am now a believer. This man & his disgusting wife basically control the secret police & the justice system of Belize. They should both be in prison & yet he is allowed to continue to head a group of monsters, who are not only abusing the basic human rights of the people, but he has inflicted the same horrible abuse on his own CHILD! Vidal, you are a sociopath, a monster, & a murderer.

    I cannot believe I just said that, but I really cannot believe what he has done. And PM Barrow, you have blood on your hands.

    Belize City, June 14, 2011. It is a horrible story. Surely, the scars and tears of this frail, seven year old girl will fill her nightmares many a night. So too is a helpless mother tortured by the soul wrenching thought that she may never get justice for her defenceless child, left with her father in trust.Child abuse is the most wicked of crimes. It beats on the most vulnerable of our society and exposes the raw terror of cruel and barbaric adult violence.Our investigations at BELIZE TIMES have uncovered documented, sworn statements dated the May 27, 2011 with all the corroborating evidence from a teacher and doctor that are to be used as evidence.The strength of two eyewitnesses is that on May 25, 2011 a minor was jolted from her sleep by her father, who is no other than Mark Vidal Sr. If that name sounds familiar, it is because Vidal is the head of the violent GSU, the gang of officers who are known for their campaigns of violence, unchecked civil right abuses of the Belizeans and their “Scarface” approach to policing.To make this shocking story complete, it must be known that the step-mother of this little girl is none other than, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Cheryl-Lynn Vidal. This is what aggravates the already shameful report. The Director of Public Prosecutions has the highest power by the Constitution of Belize to prosecute all criminal actions.Yet, the evidence from one witness is that the DPP was heard by the brother of the seven year old victim “telling my father lies about my sister”. Apart from the alleged false report from Vidal to his father, he describes his experiences with his step mother, “I want to say that each time my father is not around and we would tell her evening, she never answers us but when my father is around she will answer.”On that night and in the early morning, the little girl recounts how she was ripped from her sleep by commands from her father, Mark Vidal Sr., to wake up.  The child’s account is that father and step-mother Vidal, had barged into the room together with the father demanding to be told what happened. Before the young child could answer, and after Mrs. DPP had put fire to the situation, by saying something that the child could not understand, the DPP gave a “thick leather belt” to the muscular Vidal. He welted up the flesh of the little girl by beating her with more than twenty cuts.The child was given no medical attention after the flogging. In fact all the child got was a glass of water. It was not until at school the next day, the child could not sit properly in class and was being teased by her classmates, that teachers became alarmed. When she went home her mother lifted her uniform and saw the injuries.Even two days afterwards, a doctor examining the child still had to classify the attack as harm because of the array of “bruises and … lacerations on both legs and buttocks” which were quite fresh on her small frame.What could make a father do this to his baby daughter? According to the family that was present, it was a false report about a doll. A doll. A toy. A piece of plastic!Strict and violent discipline, some might say is common in Belize, but we know that none will condone child abuse. We would be remised if we were not to comment on the irony of this alleged crime. In less than sixty days Belize will be made into a child by the Preventative Detention laws of the UDP. We will be vulnerable and dependent on the thin benevolence of the GSU and the DPP’s Office.The very man who is to go collect “criminals” was first connected to a group who committed acts that are telling signs of sociopaths. These criminal personalities are known to begin their dark futures by killing animals. The Menjivars can attest to the fact that more than five dogs were gunned down by the Vidal’s GSU.Who will investigate the Vidals for the alleged abuse and the suspected procurement/abetment of that child abuse?  Is violence ingrained in PM Dean Barrow’s new crop of special force, the GSU?As is the norm, since it involves a child, the matter should have been forwarded to the Human Services Department, who all indications are, have concealed this matter to shamelessly protect the image of high profile individuals.The mother of the child has relentlessly tried to get the Police to act on the report given, but every time she visits, she walks away hopelessly.  12 days after the incident and almost two weeks after the Police’s inaction, the child’s school teacher also went to the Police Station to report that the student had bruises.  This had no effect on the Police.The case, kept secret until now, has huge implications for the most vulnerable parties involved in this case.  Nothing can be more paramount than the protection of the children.  This is why it is shocking that despite the reports, the alleged child victim remains in the care of the accused perpetrators.The school administration has reported that they have witnessed a drastic change in the behaviour of the child.  Meanwhile, the child lives in fear, and has reported in her statement that her father threatened that the next time he will “lash harder and more than how he lash me”.We at BELIZE TIMES call for the DPP to resign and seek God.  We demand in the name of the rights of that child and her family, that a special prosecutor be appointed to this case. We demand that the head of the GSU be placed on Interdiction immediately and that those poor children be sent to the safety of their mother.  This article may be the only justice that mother gets but we at BELIZE TIMES will speak for the voiceless and powerless.This is one matter that cannot be ignored and should not be disregarded.  It requires the attention of all those who stand for the innocent and defenceless, whether it is NCFC, UNICEF, Belizeans for Justice or the special envoy for children

  163. sysop Avatar

    CNN’s Mark Savidge is claiming to have just caught up to McAfee in Belize City… he said an old cripple man come through the room and began to shake white power from his hair, dropping the cane, and his apparent limp arm begins to function…. WOW!

  164. WEB Avatar

    ………A little bit more for all the nay-sayers ****A BIG CHEER FROM YOUR FRIENDS**** Nov 30, 2012
    Coastguard Says it was not a part of McAfee house raid

    “We reported on Thursday night that John McAfee, the anti-virus founder who is hiding from police, had claimed on his blog that his San Pedro property had been raided by the Gang Suppression (GSU) and the Belize Coast Guard. The GSU and police denied that a search was carried out and today News Five found out about the claims of Coast Guard involvement.”

    Rear Admiral John Borland, Commandant, Belize Coast Guard
    “We have not been involved in any raids at McAfee’s property. We are a part of a joint security force that is operating in northern Ambergris Caye which includes the area where McAfee resides. A lot of operations are taking place in the area but mainly these are land based operations. We would take the lead if it’s a threat to maritime security. At this time, we don’t see McAfee posing that threat to maritime security so all our involvement to date is acting in a supporting role to whatever the police is doing in that area of responsibility.”

    “News Five has since received confirmation that a raid was in fact carried out at McAfee’s property, but it was done by the Belize Special Assignment Group (BSAG) of police. In related news, while McAfee has been in hiding, several of his associates have been arrested on firearm charges. One of them, British national William Mulligan, was granted bail of eight thousand dollars in the Supreme Court today. Mulligan’s wife, Syriana, was also remanded but she was previously released on bail since she is nursing a baby.”

  165. LOL Avatar

    Whoops. It appears the tourism website has had an increase in visitors 🙂

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    Table ‘./belizetourism/jos_session’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired SQL=SELECT session_id FROM jos_session WHERE session_id = MD5( ‘026a8783e0ff82adc7fd7c7b73b68373’ )
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  166. Leslie Sherman Avatar
    Leslie Sherman

    John, condolences on the loss of your beloved companion Tiger, who looks like a fine animal. Nothing could serve better to show what amoral idiots the GSU are. I know your heart its hurting, but stay strong, keep safe, and keep working for better times.

  167. Andrea Vanessa Hulihan Avatar

    This has gotten way out of hand at this point, super sorry for your loss. Please be safe.

  168. Gio Avatar

    Your an example of why drugs are bad. Junkie hahahaha

  169. Isabel Avatar

    There are U.S. investigators in Belize assisting with forensics & the investigation, but they can’t be in all places at all times. Unfortunate, because none of this can be proved. Crazy.

  170. Isabel Avatar

    How would the police get 2 million dollar estates? Why would they take Mr. Faull’s property? He was a murder victim & I’m sure his property will go to his family. And why would you say that Mr. Faull was a trouble maker? I think out of respect for his family, we should refrain from speaking ill of him, especially as a family representative requested this earlier today on this blog, because it was upsetting his mother so badly & his children. Imagine if it were your father or son.

  171. Atom Avatar

    Mr. McAfee,

    I’ve read a few of your posts and gotta say I believe your story hands down. After a bit of searching online it’s easy to see the Belize government is severely f’d up and equally cash strapped. Extreme scare tactics and blatant murder seem to be the norm. I’ve no doubts they are hiring more citizen insiders to seek you out for peanuts.
    My people are all glad to see you’re still safe and out of harms way. Stay low and keep the eyes peeled if you’re going to stay in the boundaries.
    A few more years and half the country will be under water either way.
    Cheers mate, nothing lasts forever, not even false claims from money hungry fools.

  172. GeorgiaPeach Avatar

    In civilized societies, the police do not murder animals to warn the owners. It is only in the most barbaric countries, like Belize, that acts like that take place. I feel for John, Samantha, their family and friends in Belize who are subject to the cruel techniques used by the Belize police. The people of Belize should be ashamed at how their beautiful country is being viewed by the world all because of a few corrupt officials. I for one will never return to Belize for vacation – as beautiful as it was I will look in my photo album if I ever get the desire to go back. Several Belizians (supposedly Belizians) have commented that they don’t want tourist to come there anyway, that it won’t hurt them in the least…well if that is the case I suggest businesses, investors, and US aid grant them that wish and let’s see where they are 10 years from now.
    John, I am so sorry about your dogs. Please keep yourselves safe but keep up the fight!

  173. Larukanpai Avatar

    Interview with CNN….

    OK, not to get political, but this is unfortunately how CNN has been reporting a lot of current events….leaving out the parts of the narrative that don’t fit their storyline.

    Not any mention of any of the things John has experienced as a reason for his fears or suspicions….just that he has extreme fears…painting him as a nutter.

    John, you were right about the mainstream media just cutting and splicing your words and leaving out the context. And here is a prime example:

  174. Annie Avatar

    God Bless you and Samantha. It’s strange but I feel overwhelming pride when I do my bedtime read on your blog each night. You are the person we all should be! You are standing up and fighting for what is right instead of bending over and taking it up the a** like most people would do if faced with this level of corruption. Kudos to you John!!! RIP beautiful Tiger!!
    P.S my Canadian home is open to you and Samantha (providing you can handle 2 sweet common mutts tricking you into belly rubs)
    God Speed

  175. matt Avatar

    lol. your a effin tool now arent you.

  176. s.p Avatar

    So sorry to hear about Tiger.
    I cannot intellegently comment on your case as I do not know all the facts. Although what I can intellegently comment on is the massive corruption, the crime, and the fact that laws mean NOTHING in Belize. I spent a number of years on Ambergris and that Country is a complete joke. I would love to fire off the many many things that happened to me.but I am in the middle of a legal battle for getting massively screwed. All due to corruption and the lawlessness of the Country – because of this I give myself about a 2% chance of winning. However if I go public w/ the story I have NO chance. I have no doubt there will be a time to tell my story. I sincerely hope JM is innocent. But if nothing else his story has made the many problens in Belize much more public to many people. I guess its OK to take a dive trip to bze but for Gods Sake – do NOT invest one dollar in that Nut House. Its is money you will lose for sure! ……….. and p.s John – we know each other. Good Luck!!

  177. Larukanpai Avatar

    From Channel5:
    “News Five has since received confirmation that a raid was in fact carried out at McAfee’s property, but it was done by the Belize Special Assignment Group (BSAG) of police. In related news, while McAfee has been in hiding, several of his associates have been arrested on firearm charges. One of them, British national William Mulligan, was granted bail of eight thousand dollars in the Supreme Court today. Mulligan’s wife, Syriana, was also remanded but she was previously released on bail since she is nursing a baby.

  178. da undertaker Avatar
    da undertaker

    John, you are starting to push your luck, and pissing off the Belizean police. Don’t say you were not warned.

  179. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    Condolences for your loss John. Here is a small tribute to Tiger……. You will live on in my heart
    my little friend so true,
    and memories of you will fill my mind
    until I go to you…

  180. another old timer Avatar
    another old timer

    The Belize government appears to have a very low I.Q…. Killing someone’s dog sounds like something someone in grade school would do to get back at their enemy???

    John, from an engineer that does do work for Lockheed, the same company you worked
    for; please note these problem solving steps:

    •Problem Definition.
    •Problem Analysis.
    •Generating possible Solutions.
    •Analyzing the Solutions.
    •Selecting the best Solution(s).
    •Planning the next course of action (Next Steps)

    Please John, select the best solution which would be to leave and hide out in another country (at least until this cools down).

    Please take this option you can always go back.

    I cannot get you out of the country, but if you happen to cruise thru Oklahoma, my house is yours.

  181. Dan Armeneau Avatar
    Dan Armeneau

    Channel 5 in Belize is reporting that William Mulligan was released on $8,000 bail. Any truth to that? Wonderful news if it can be verified.

  182. Larukanpai Avatar

    John mentioned in his CNBC interview that his Belize assets may have been frozen….

    Can’t imagine that Belize is any hotbed for investment activity after Lord Ashcroft’s recent experiences with appropriation of assets by the goverment.

    However, if a man in Belize can have his wealth in the banking system tied up by the government at a whim…..(remember, there is no warrant, John is not wanted….just asked to stop by for some questions). Whoa.

    Anyone with money in that system should transfer assets immediately….. The financial system is already on edge with the debt….wonder if there is potential for a run on the bank?

  183. Lili Love Avatar
    Lili Love

    Is there any way you can leave or will they nab you if you try????

  184. Seany Home Avatar
    Seany Home

    Disregard me questioning your responsibility. Thinking about myselft I have no right. Be safe Sir.

  185. Larukanpai Avatar


    Unfortunately, the gut reaction of most of the lay public (and probably the media too) to your entire struggle thus far has been curiosity mixed with indifference in some spheres. However, when those same people are presented with the absolute heartache of the loss of your dog, then are pissed beyond belief and motivated to action.

    I’m sorry to suggest this to you, but you need to tap into that further to make this “real” for those people. They need pictures of all your dogs you have lost. They need special moments and memories you have spent with them in order to make your losses “real”.

    They need your three friends under arrest to be personalized with tender moments…as well as how they are affected personally. Sam’s dad as well….

    Some people out there are willing to take a pass on John McAfee because of pre-conditioned bias or suspicions….but nobody has any biases to cloud theri opinion about an innocent dog, or a simple stranger caught in the crossfire.

  186. Movit Avatar

    Just wrote a review for Josh’s “ebook”, gave it 2 stars… What I’m surprised with is that None of this supposed exfriends have come out on here or anywhere else and talked shit like Josh alludes to. Yes John may be eccentric, and maybe he surrounds himself with questionable people, but where’s all the backup to Josh’s “story”?
    I feel for John and his friends in jail, and for the four legged friends that have passed.
    I hate that John has to keep defending himself against hollow accusations on top of having to sneak around and worry for his safety. This episode in his life hopefully not only exposed the corruption in Belize, but elsewhere too. Mean people suck. Godspeed, John.

  187. Seany Home Avatar
    Seany Home

    My heart hurts seeing this. Please John post no more pics of the dogs. I’m from Portland and live in Beaverton, OR and animals are a respected and loved creatures in the great nw. I’m so po’d and crushed at the same time reading this. F them… F them man.. Get any pets you have on your properties out please man. Your reponsible enough to know they may be in danger so please I beg.

    Keep fightin the good fight buddy. Your my pops age and I admire your will, strength, and savy. Do your thing man but protect your most innocent – those loveable fuzzballs.

    Border Collie – “Tahoe” 10 years old and still crazy

  188. Larukanpai Avatar


    Agreed. As an impartial investigator, one would have to certainly include the angle that the GSU set the whole thing up to frame John….with increasing evidence supporting that possibility.

    Shouldn’t the US State Department be INSISTING on having a presence in the investigation if that is a possibility? A US citizen has been executed in cold blood, and one of the prime suspects is the people leading the investigation. Guaranteed bias.

    We may not have jurisdiction there…but we can insist on a US law enforcement oversight of procedure, evidence, and forensics. The State Department could leverage them heavily right now with threats of travel and trade sanctions in the case of non-compliance.

    Anyone know who to contact in the State Department?

  189. Eugene Kaspersky Avatar

    For a “mutt” he was a gorgeous animal.
    link to John’s latest CNBC interview which is all over the rest of the press because he uttered a profanity live on air. Jeez a guy under the stress that John is under can’t even say “f*ck” without it becoming news, but I guess John knew that 😉

  190. truthseeker Avatar

    The above comment is why I wish you would count your losses and leave. They want to hurt you and more to get rid of you for those properties. You are so smart you and Sam could move somewher else and start over. There are too many of them and change that is needed juat takes a long time. God does it by bringing new babies into the world. Of course the corrupt world is killing the babies…… But please just consider starting over somewhere. These people are rotton to the bone and passed the possibility of change a long time ago. They are just dead men waiting to die and go to hell. Please save yourself from them!

  191. Travis Holub Avatar
    Travis Holub

    Great story about the guy who got shot. For those who don’t want to go to the link:

    Sergeant Paulino Reyes is in the spotlight once again for yet another shooting, and this time it involves a civilian. The incident happened in the Valley of Peace Village in the Cayo District. The victim is 53 year old Donatilo Canales. Canalez claimed that he was shot by Reyes twice and remains at The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH).
    Canales, from his beside at the KHMH told Channel 5 News on Tuesday November 13th that he was shot by Reyes, who was out of uniform. “Yesterday, I was in my yard. I had just reached from my work and some friends arrived in a vehicle. They said they wanted to have a conversation with me so I came outside. When Mr. Reyes was passing by, I told [waved] him “bye”. He stopped the vehicle and asked me why I was doing bad signals to him. I said ‘no I am not doing any bad signals, I am telling you bye’. He pushed me on my chest and then he took out his gun and shot my right leg. When I dropped on the floor, then he shot my second leg and then he hit me with the gun on this part of my head. He pointed the gun on my forehead twice and he told me he wanted to kill me…He grabbed me from my shirt, dragged me to back pan of the vehicle and then took me to his mother’s house. I was bleeding a lot. I asked him please help me. He told me ‘die’,” said Canales.

  192. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    I’m so sorry about the death of your sweet Tiger. I assume there’s no doubt as to Tiger’s killers; the notoriously corrupt police, 18 of whom were on your property yesterday when
    Tiger was poisoned.

    The murder of Tiger by the police would also indicate an assumption that the police also killed your other four dogs the night before Mr. Faull was killed.

    As a crime writer I’m going to speculate the possibility that the killer of your dogs was also the killer of Mr. Faull.

    Perhaps Mr. Faull, like you, didn’t play by the rules. Killing him, perhaps with the 9mm gun stolen by the police from you in April, would get rid to two trouble makers, with the added benefit of confiscating two multiple-million dollar adjoining properties on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

    Perhaps Barrow, or the child abuser Vidal, have a desire to live in those fine homes on that beautiful beach.

    Now this is gruesome, and please forgive me for mentioning this, but I suggest that you have tissue samples taken from all your poisoned dogs and sent to a lab in the US for analyze; see if they were all killed by the same poison and you’ll have proof of their murders by the police.

    The timing of the deaths of your other dogs the night before Mr. Faull’s murder is extremely suspicious, and doesn’t look good for the police, Vidal, or Dean Barrow; doesn’t look good at all, especially while the whole world is watching.

  193. kathy Avatar

    Tiger was the sweet, gentle, and loving. There was no need to harm him, so sorry, I know I’ll miss him.

  194. matt Avatar

    I told you before. you need some guns and you need to bring the fight to their doorstep. Dont be biatch.

  195. Connie Avatar

    He built 2 different walls to contain the dogs.

  196. Johnny Avatar

    Perhaps people didn’t like your dogs because many people believe that aggrivated large dogs in a group can attack. Your dogs didn’t bite, but as a group their aggressive barking would have intimidated strolling tourists and neighbours. After Grey Faull and other neighbours and the government asked you to do something about the dogs, you didn’t give them away or move them while keeping one non-barker, so the government poisoned 4 of them on Nov 11th, and one more this week.
    Question: Do your neighbours also have groups of large dogs or were you the only one?

  197. WEB Avatar

    Those dirty bastards! I can only imagine how horrible this is, piled on top of the rest of it. It’s comforting to know you and Sam have each other to hold onto. Not knowing how much other reading you’re doing, I wanted to show you something I read today:
    ‘ Word was out that Belize’s Gang Suppression Unit conducted a search raid at John McAfee’s house located on North Ambergris Caye, yesterday, Thursday, November 29, 2012. Ambergris Today got word of this from neighbors in the area, but both the police press officer and the head of the GSU say that there was no search at McAfee’s property and that in fact, the unit was not even in San Pedro.’
    And the link:
    So, the local newspaper is confirming the raid the police are denying. Hmmmmm.
    This link simply confirms what you have been saying all along:
    Man, this is some crazy shit you’re in the middle of. You’ve uncovered the snake pit so everyone can look in…..and the snakes are pissed. Please, all of you stay safe. <3

  198. Eugene Kaspersky Avatar

    My words cannot match that of others who express themselves far better, my thoughts are with you & Sam John.
    William Blake:
    Tyger Tyger, burning bright,
    In the forests of the night;
    What immortal hand or eye,
    Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

    In what distant deeps or skies.
    Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
    On what wings dare he aspire?
    What the hand, dare seize the fire?

    And what shoulder, & what art,
    Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
    And when thy heart began to beat,
    What dread hand? & what dread feet?

    What the hammer? what the chain,
    In what furnace was thy brain?
    What the anvil? what dread grasp,
    Dare its deadly terrors clasp!

    When the stars threw down their spears
    And water’d heaven with their tears:
    Did he smile his work to see?
    Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

    Tyger Tyger burning bright,
    In the forests of the night:
    What immortal hand or eye,
    Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

  199. TH Avatar


    I have posted this on the AC website. Many of the locals are watching your blog also. Just thought I would get the word out for the locals and the rest of the expats who may not be viewing this blog. Maybe it will cause some pressure to be put on officials on the island. Maybe SAGA can also get involved from their side. Good luck and stay safe.

  200. Flgal Avatar

    Brings tears to my eyes…your pain is palpable thru the Blogosphere and I’m so sorry to hear this. I fear this will not be the end to the sadness…please be safe.

  201. USweedhead Avatar

    The article I left earlier speaks of vidal poisioning dogs in 2011…u should look at that…I Mean it shows he at least uses the tactic…

  202. Connie Avatar


    Please read your email. Thanks

  203. Ed Avatar

    That is BEYOND sad….so sorry to hear that…they are hitting you from all sides…stay STRONG and deep…Hold Sam tight tonight…Prayers for you all…

  204. nh Avatar

    bastards! is there any accountability of the police to anyone? Are the police the same as the GSU? Who do they report to?

  205. david Avatar

    John, very sorry to hear about the murder of your dog. Sadly, this is Standard Operating Procedure for law enforcement nowadays. They can’t kill your human loved-ones (without a lot of paperwork) so they kill your animals. The psychological torture is on par and they know it.

    I have given Tiger a post with the other victims:

  206. Lili C LOve Avatar
    Lili C LOve

    OMG, that is so messed up…. I hope you and Sam can find safety and justice!

  207. Mark_13 Avatar

    “We do not expect 3-year-olds to understand how the things they say affect other people’s emotions. They are not empathic in the way adults or even well-adjusted 6-year-olds are.”

    –“How Children Develop Empathy”

  208. winston Avatar

    I’m so sorry John. Ryan you are a complete idiot.

  209. Connie Avatar

    Those are the best kind! Why was he named Tiger?

  210. DB Avatar

    what an ass

  211. Connie Avatar

    That was a low blow and not even funny. I don’t know why you said that and I don’t care. What goes around comes around…just give it time.

  212. John McAfee Avatar

    A sweet, common mutt.

  213. Connie Avatar

    I am so sorry for your loss. What kind of dog was tiger?

  214. Ryan Avatar

    Maybe the dog got into your bathsalts

  215. Lolo Avatar

    Is it possible that while seaching the property
    something lethal was dropped or left out and Tiger could have got into it by accident? Lab
    chemicals,fertilizer…..I can only hope this would
    not be done on purpose.i too lost a Dog to poison and never found out the how or why of it.
    It still deeply disturbs me to think about it.30 years later.Good Luck John.I’m sorry for Tiger.

  216. Padraig Avatar

    For me and my wife, our dogs are our kids. We are unable to have children, so we view our dogs as such. And it is this that has filled my life with joy, and even saved my life. I hope that the pieces of shit that killed your dogs suffer the same end. Men that hit women, and people that harm dogs and kids all deserve what they get. I wish I could be there to find the motherfuckers that are doing this all to you my friend. Be safe! Aloha!

  217. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    So sad to hear this, John. Extra prayers for you all tonight.

  218. Chad Essley Avatar

    These guys are the definition of evil for doing this. He was such a sweet little guy. Sorry John!

  219. DB Avatar

    John, I am deeply sorry for the loss of your beloved Tiger. What a horrific way for him to die, it makes me sick. I am a dog lover, and cannot even imagine it, cannot imagine losing one of my dogs this way. It takes a mighty sick person to intentionally harm an animal this way. Losing a good friend is never easy, but losing one this way is so utterly heartbreaking to read about. There really are no words that can bring you comfort, but know you are in the minds and hearts of all of us on this night.

  220. John McAfee Avatar

    Everyone in the neighborhood knew Tiger. Tiger is gone. No amount of conjecture can bring him back.

  221. Mark_13 Avatar

    There was that film “The General” in 1998 about Martin Cahill, a folk-hero/thief who pulled off some of the biggest heists in history (worth millions). (Not a direct comparison to your situation needless to say). But the police couldn’t nail him on anything. And they carry on a long-term psychological warfare with Cahill and his family in various forms, continually camped outside his house, etc. And at one point they let loose a weasel on his property to go kill all the prized pigeons of Cahill and his son. And there’s a real uplifting scene where Cahill indicates to his son that they both have to act like it doesn’t effect them, even though they’re both extremely distraught. So Cahill and his son exit the pigeon coop in view of the police, laughing and joking as if it doesn’t effect them. Maybe a lesson here, maybe not.

  222. sysop Avatar

    If this actually happened, it is very telling. I only say “if” because we only know what we are being told on this blog. But if it is true, this definitely would suggest that the GSU might have been who poisoned the other dogs. The thought crossed my mind, from the beginning, that the GSU poisoned the dogs and killed Greg to make John look like he had a motive to do it… What was the GSU’s motive? MONEY! A man would be wiling to give a lot of “Documentation” to save his ass from a murder charge. Remember they had inside knowledge about Greg’s complaint of John’s dogs. But how could they be stupid enough to poison another dog after Greg is dead.. it kinda eliminates the belief that Greg poisoned the dogs… and eliminates John’s motive to kill Greg. Unfortunately, as offensive as it may sound, this gives rise to motivate John or someone on his behalf to poison Tiger. But, if John or his agent did it, it would suggest they had access to the same poison and that just doesn’t make sense.
    I just can’t believe that the GSU could be this stupid.

  223. Nate Avatar

    That is serious bullsh*t.

    Condolences on your loss.

  224. Brian D Avatar
    Brian D

    For this alone sir i hope it reigns hard on the belizians hardware ship, may it reign a sea of 10000 multi colored socks.. delivering ‘stuffed’ hairy headers and strange fluffy requests.Their ship will sink for the cruelty inflicted on your beasts..

  225. Movit Avatar

    Muffin and Fudge will be welcoming Tiger too… Sorry for your loss, it’s a damn shame.

  226. Zach Avatar

    Sally, Dexter, Cody, and Red will be welcoming Tiger with wagging tails…

    I am so sorry for this loss, John.

  227. Kathleen Carrera Avatar
    Kathleen Carrera

    John, I am so very very sorry to hear this. I am crying too. As an avid dog lover we know how other dog lovers feel to lose a beloved pet. Words cannot do that painful loss justice. Heart to heart connection, I am Feeling your grief and asking again, for the higher powers/god/energy, whatever you want to call it, to intervene and bring Understanding, resolution, peace and healing on ALL levels to ALL Beings to this tragic situation.
    At least, perhaps people will understand that it was not your neighbor who poisoned your dogs. The culprits are becoming increasingly obvious.
    God bless John for all he is doing, and his beautiful dog Tiger.

  228. Adam Avatar

    I am so sorry to hear about the horrible things that have been done to your animals. My heart goes out to you. Stay strong.

  229. Pete Down Under Avatar
    Pete Down Under

    Oh I am so sorry John. The last time I cried was when my dog was on the vet’s operating table 30 years ago. He did survive though.
    Stay strong!

  230. Antwon Avatar

    I am reading this so much, I find myself all too often reading it with zero comments. This is sickening. John, please keep strong. I will be emailing you with something you may need at some point.

  231. fendidonna Avatar

    I am incredibly sad to hear this John. There are no words to describe how deeply I despise these people and their actions. Or to describe how much I admire and support your stand against them. I would love to see pictures of Tiger when you have time. God bless.