The closing trap

It is becoming clear that the DPP and the Government will stop at nothing to apprehend me and convict me of something – anything.  My sources indicate that the armed  armed forces closing in.  My options are diminishing, and I may not have much more time to write on this blog.

Chad Essley, in the event of my arrest, has over 2 million words – posts that he will continue to publish – words that I, and others, have written over the past seven months.  He has 9,000 photos, and thousands of hours of audio and video.  These will be released in the time frame that I have instructed.  A good story depends, most of all, on proper timing.

I have been asked why I don’t release everything at once.  This is the bane of the modern press:  The mass of information, not just for my story, but for every story,  is too great for an intelligent digestion in the time frame allotted to a journalist prior to the publisher’s deadline.  The press stories will describe what they allways describe – a twisted shadow in an ill-lit room.  I must control the flow, so that the necessary glue of understanding has time to set.

Whatever happens to me, please continue to support the cause of justice in this country.  Belize is one of the smallest countries in the world, and you may feel that it is not worth the effort, considering the magnitude of injustice that exists worldwide, but if we can’t fix the smallest part of anything, then what hope is there for the whole.

You are, by and large a kind and supportive group of readers.  From your comments, many of you are brilliant and talented.  Many of you occupy positions of importance.  All of you have hearts, and your loves and hopes, your dreams and ambitions, fears and attachments are the same as every occupant of this country who suffers under burdensome oppression.  We are all of us, throughout the world, one people.

Post edit:  Nate – always insightful – has captured the essence of my plight in his comment to this post:


This is terrible news. It’s interesting that here towards the end game( perhaps not), you weren’t paranoid after all. All of the detractors, Josh and others simply couldn’t wrap their minds around what you were being subjected to. When I saw the background of your security/friend, I could see that you were at another level…

I wish you the best…….


Three of my friends are still being held in prison on trumped up charges.  They are:

Eddie Ancona:

Cassian  Chavarria:

William Mulligan:

They were charged and have been imprisoned because three legally licensed firearms were found in the incorrect rooms on my property (stretching the law to the extreme).  I would ask you to please email the following and demand their release:


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  1. popularidiot Avatar

    Dear Belizean ghost: thought about this post after news of possible capture. the gamble is SO large that I didn’t get that you might actualy call with those odds. Your right that things were becoming beyond reasonable and this might be the only way to keep playing. Excellent life lesson- your disdain for the herd made me think too… I’m personally much too poor to be a mindless middle clansman, I sell dolphins on the streets for just enough to eat but I find distinction in them much the way you seem to find it for yourself. Best of luck- I think most of us hoping the river flips spades

  2. godot Avatar

    Does she know about this blog? It would be nice to hear her side of the story, and see her opinions added to the mix.

  3. Blue Avatar

    From another angle, if something did happen to John, most likely a movie would follow and that would end the country or force positive change/justice one could believe in.

  4. godot Avatar

    Yes. And the United States’ court system is arguably the best in the world.
    What does that tell you?

  5. godot Avatar

    ___@AnotherSide: One of the best pieces of writing truth to power I have ever read. For a bit I thought I was reading Henry Miller! (And, as if that weren’t sufficient demonstration of your genius, realized entirely without the ability to preserve whitespace…)
    ___Nietzche aside, in this situation there is no way to express truth but through analogy: Just as Christ had to disguise his message from the Romans, our messages must remain palatable lest they be lost to a technical glitch. Or lest the discussion devolve into argument about details which, at best, could contribute little toward expressing the Truth of the situation. [Did he/didn’t he make/take MD-pee-pee (or whatever it’s called?) How far across the line of legality does acceptable behavior extend? Does viagra rot your brain? Do 12-steps reconstitute a dealer’s moral code? Antibiotic or antiseptic? Which gun was in which room? $400k of what? “Who shot GF???” Etc., etc.?] The Truth is that we are dealing with politicians with personalities larger than life, self-aggrandizing egos without bound, self-evaluated giant intellects which create their own moral codes, over-stimulation and adrenalized combat situations which border on mimicking or triggering mania (and later, PTSD), self-images bordering on delusions of grandeur, and medical care that’ll twist yo’ haid iffen y’all ain be careful.
    vs. a pirate looking at 70.
    ___Truth lacks precision in such contexts. E.g. John Lilly’s book “The Scientist” comes to mind. In it, in pursuit of Truth, Dr. Lilly begins taking ketamine in sensory deprivation chambers. He begins conversing with beings from the other side of the galaxy who alert him to a cosmic conspiracy in which silicon-based lifeforms are poisoning Earth’s air and water, and encouraging construction of their own kind, as part of a sweep through this arm of the Milky Way to (re)establish silicon-based life’s domination over carbon-based life in the local neighborhood.
    ___Yet, through this writing, Truth is revealed. At one point, Dr. John Lilly convinces Dr. Timothy Leary to join him. In summation, Timothy Leary pens this pithy ambiguity: “Anyone who takes ketamine twice is insane.”
    ___Going into shock, cognitive dissonance, state-dependent memory, reaction to abuse, DID, PTSD: All are context-sensitive terms for the same amygdala-based mechanism. I liken it to prolonged abuse defining a macro, and at a later time a similar situation triggering the expansion of the macro. The most common examples today are combat situations. If a group of solders were held by the enemy at gunpoint in the hot sun without food or water, forced to sit in their own urine, not knowing if they were to next be imprisoned or killed, for 14 hours, we would expect a significant proportion of them to exhibit symptoms of PTSD, would we not? Given prior abuse or abuse-like situations (especially if they occurred in childhood), being held at gunpoint for an extended period of time will trigger PTSD. The primary symptom is most easily described as entering a partial dream-state for what is usually a short period of time, but which can sometimes extend to years. It appears that after John was slammed against a wall and held at gunpoint for 14 hours by the GSU, he fears the GSU and he fears going to prison. Meanwhile middle-class children of the internet who have never been raped, imprisoned, or abused, and who cannot conceive that the policeman is not always their friend, encourage him to enter pirate prison of his own volition. Who is right? Maybe John is right to attempt to avoid imprisonment and torture. Maybe the protected lucky few are right, and sadism, torture, and powerful mean people are only a product of the imaginations of a few disgruntled prisoners in Guantanamo who are chained by one wrist to the floor with a chain too short for them to stand all the way up. I don’t know. Unfortunately, despite all the popularity, fashion, and celebrity that PTSD currently enjoys, there is damn little in the literature which details treatment, or even anecdotal evidence describing experimental treatments which have been successful. So, John, if the GSU have given you PTSD, I’m afraid you’re on your own.
    ___In the words of the inscrutable wannabe poet Robert Zimmerman,
    “Once upon a time, dressed so fine, did the monkey-shines, didn’t you?
    You used to laugh about everybody that was hangin’ out. Now you don’t laugh so loud. Now you don’t seem so proud…”
    “When you ain’t got nuthin, you got nuthin to lose. Yur invisible now, you got no secrets to conceal.”
    Kristoffersen said, “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.” Or, as the Grateful Dead said when their stash ran out, “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to do.” Are you enjoying your new-found freedom?
    ___In the inimitable words of Tooter Turtle, “Twizzle, twazzle, twozzle, twome; time for this one to come home.”
    ___You were so convinced that you knew better than anyone else. Now where are the rabbits? Where are your hats???
    Click your heels together 3 times.

  6. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    There does seem to be some news outlets in Belize that are trying to tell it like it is.
    There is this post below, as well as several comments in other publications that they are posting of eye witness accounts and experiences of corruption, brutality just as Mr. McAfee has been saying all along

    This is from the Belize Times:
    Why the PM would really want McAfee to go bonkers!
    Saturday, November 24, 2012, 12:00

    Belize City, November 21, 2012

    Is John McAfee bonkers? He sure seems to be way, way past the kind of eccentricity that most Belizeans are used to seeing in tourists. He appears as wild as Ace Ventura and as intense as Bruce Willis in one of those Die Hard sequels. McAfee is living his own movie, and while there seems to be no script, the main actors are clearly himself and Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

    The Prime Minister didn’t even know he had auditioned for the role…but he is smack in the middle of it. This must make him very uncomfortable and explains his soft ‘shooting down’ McAfee at the very first instance last week when he insinuated that McAfee seems “extremely paranoid” and perhaps even “bonkers”. That became the news and McAfee has been trying to prove his sanity while still in hiding and disguises.

    But is McAfee bonkers or the PM would really want him to go bonkers?

    McAfee has made very serious allegations against the Prime Minister, his Government Administration and the ruling United Democratic Party. Allegations that if not true, could have him facing multiple libel suits in Court.

    In fact, McAfee, who is now spending his 10th day in hiding from Police authorities in Belize because “they would kill me if they find me”, bravely claimed in one of his recently online-published journals that it all started in 2009 “with my refusal to assist the Prime Minister’s son, Shyne, gain an early release from an American prison, or my refusal to donate to the P.M.’s political party last year”.

    The Prime Minister refused to directly respond to the allegations about McAfee’s involvement in close personal and political matters. Instead he threw a curved response, denying ever meeting McAfee or even knowing “what he looks like”. McAfee never said they met.

    The Shyne-deal could have easily happened without the PM’s direct involvement, but with his knowledge. Shyne’s release and eventual deportation turned brief return to Belize was handled mostly by his uncle UDP Minister Michael Finnegan. Finnegan’s sister and PM Barrow are Shyne’s parents. Barrow and Shyne have had a tense relationship, if any at all. With Barrow winning the 2008 election and becoming Prime Minister, it was imperative that he patched things up. So when Shyne was forced unto Belize, his Prime Minister dad designated him as the official Music Ambassador. The background would explain why the Prime Minister would be upset if McAfee, a powerful American businessman with connections, refused to help to patch things up with his son.

    McAfee has made repeated allegations that a UDP politician in Orange Walk harassed him for election campaign donations. But he fell short of revealing who that politician is. The Prime Minister responded that his Party Chairman has also not met McAfee, and that “I know of no individual in the UDP who ever spoke to Mr. McAfee about contributions”. Well, the Party Chairman is not from Orange Walk and under the circumstances, who would admit attempting to extort a wealthy businessman for campaign money?

    But McAfee is adamant that it did happen, and says that his refusal to give in to political pressure led to a raid of his property located in the Orange Walk District. In that incident, his huge property alongside the highway in Tower Hill was ambushed at five in the morning by 42 armed security officials.

    “My hands were handcuffed behind my back and for 14 hours I sat in the sun without food or water while I watched my property being destroyed and taken away,” writes McAfee. He was then taken to the Police Station located 52 miles away in Belize City and only after contacting the US Embassy was he released without charges.

    Shortly after the raid, in an exclusive interview with the BELIZE TIMES, McAfee called out the Prime Minister who had justified the raid claiming that McAfee refused to allow health inspectors on the property. McAfee called him “a liar” and someone who “should be ashamed of himself”. This is where things changed drastically for him.

    McAfee writes on his website ( that after the raid he “knew that the Government was recruiting friends, neighbors and acquaintances for information about me and for help with “dealing with me” in some fashion”.

    He went as far as planting tiny sound and video recorders “everywhere I could”, including his dogs, cars, boats, and trees and bushes.

    “I have many, many recordings – some 6,000 hours in total. They are devastating. They are safely in the States, and copies are in the vaults of Lombard Odie & Cie in Switzerland, and Banco Pinchincha C.A. in Ecuador,” he writes.

    One of those devices, McAfee claims, recorded former UDP Carmelita Village Chairman Anthony Rhaburn “trying to convince one of my employees to help the government kill me”.

    The audio is available on the website. It is a conversation between two or three persons. While it doesn’t mention McAfee’s or Rhaburn’s name, the men on the recording talk about detonating a grenade and “we wah deal wid di white man, and wi wah plant di ting deh, and wih wah call di high man deh when wi plant di ting”.

    McAfee says he also has a recording of PM Barrow responding “Who does he think he is?” [in creole], after he emailed him requesting an apology for the Orange Walk raid, and also the Police Commissioner telling one of McAfee’s lawyers that “If Mr. McAfee doesn’t like the system here he can f*^king leave”[edited].

    The Prime Minister is very uncomfortable, even though he doesn’t show it. McAfee is not the regular American Joe that comes to Belize. He is an American success story, a multi-millionaire scientist. The Prime Minister is used to outsmarting and bullying everyone, but this time he might have met his match. The raid on McAfee’s property barely caught the attention of the international media, but this current fiasco has. McAfee has cast a net and pulled in the world to watch. With the economy in shambles, poverty expanding, draconian Police measures being imposed which infringe on human rights, and the murder rate surpassing every other year, this is the worst time to have so many eyes on Belize.

    No one knows how long McAfee will be on the run or how long this will last. He doesn’t seem to care how long it lasts. Maybe this is what it will take to show everyone that the emperor is naked.

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  7. Connie Avatar

    He gave the gifts to the San Pedro police, not the GSU

  8. Saturn Avatar

    Oh please…

  9. Farmer Avatar

    I don’t understand why you would give 100k worth of stuff, including stun guns, to the police if they are so corrupt. Not that I don’t think they are corrupt.

  10. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    i had a feeling things would get ugly soon….i actually keep expecting to come on here or visit and see “john mcafee captured or, worse yet, “bath salt addict mcafee killed in shootout with authorities”. they are hoping to exhaust you and force you to make a mistake as a result. at your age its probably easy for anyone to become easily exhausted….you may be best off simply going underground and cutting off all communication with the world and staying in one general area for as long as possible and with as few people aware of it as possible… sure food has to be a problem….but if your to stay at peak mental condition,you need food…..its a balancing act with a tightrope that gets smaller by the minute……. im sure your knowledge of yoga probably helps alot to keep you at peace. as always, i wish you the best. i think your thank you message shows you have too much empathy for your fellow humans to have murdered one.

  11. godot Avatar

    Yes. Muddy.
    The real brain-teaser to me is how to communicate from within BZ while on-the-run w/o getting caught. Maybe it’s just the comm engr in me, but I would be afraid to use any kind of commercial communications except for one. And ham radio. And even those 2 could be located with off-the-shelf equipment from Radio Shack.

  12. Mark_13 Avatar

    I’ve had this going through my mind: The Tylenol case several years ago, when a woman in Washington State (google it) ended up being convicted. Well, the authorities were frantic because another Tylenol tampering case had happened a few years previously. So there was a huge push to “solve” it. And to that end, they set up a fund of millions of dollars. And that money was put to good use — they paid this woman’s daughter at least 50 grand to testify against her and another aquarium store merchant a similar figure. You read the details of the case and she was absolutely framed. People are framed ALL THE TIME in the UNITED STATES.

  13. Mark_13 Avatar

    The last sentence of that Channel 5 News Story from Belize:

    “McAfee is wanted for questioning but there are no other suspects in this murder. [emphasis added]”

    (Not saying I buy it. Well I buy it that they may be looking at no one else.)

  14. Brian D Avatar
    Brian D

    Chad / John do yourselves a favour and make an encrypted torrent file of these 7 months of words / docs/ photos in the event the corruption and reach of belize stetches further than belize jurisdiction.
    Stick the link up to the torrent sans authentication key … Give the key to X people you trust… Base covered.

  15. John McAfee Avatar

    I am not a suspect. Where did you get this information???

  16. Da Undertaker Avatar
    Da Undertaker

    John, you do realize that there are no other suspects (but you) in this murder case, right?

    An American citizen was executed and the US Embassy in Belize is pushing for closure on this murder. So where does that leave you?

  17. James Galt Avatar
    James Galt

    Great posts. I can see the truth in them. I will just put myself in John’s shoes and say that he probably liked paying small and mid level players for facilitating business arrangements or paperwork, etc. The problem came when the people at the top got cheeky, loaded their elephant sized balls into a wheelbarrow, and told him they wanted a 2 million dollar donation for which they would pretty much do nothing except leave him alone and do what was already being done otherwise. He found the proposition to be a bit much. I suppose he weighed his options and he figured that they would make his life harder if he didn’t give in, but that he would still be allowed to keep up his lifestyle for the most part. He was wrong. Now everyone seems to be pulling out all the stops, but they are doing it in slow motion. It lets us watch as the drama unfolds, and it gives the two sides time to come to a new understanding based on what comes up. Good drama and yes, base motives are always at the bottom of even very good drama.

  18. Mark_13 Avatar

    But all I can say is, I would like to see some pictures of the raid as well. McAfee indicates he arranged for water taxi’s he owns, carrying dozens of tourists, to go by the property during the raid, and we are supposed to get some more eyewitness accounts tomorrow as a result (in addition to that long phone interview from Sam’s father already provided.) Well, if his water taxis were directed there in advance, hopefully there were directives to take pictures too, and even if not, hopefully everyone had their smart phones out.

  19. Mark_13 Avatar

    Well, it seems that Sam’s father was supposed to have been at the property during the raid, so the police did not have to explictly deny harassing him. But they didn’t deny getting the email password. Just parsing what they are and are not denying.

    But there are numerous constructions in this “report” that clearly indicate a nonjournalistic attempt at smearing. I know we tend to gripe about bias in the press, but there are still standard journalistic conventions followed that are intended to mitigate that, conventions that are repeatedly broken in this piece. But evidently I gather from elsewhere in the blog, that this is in fact a press release directly from the police themselves and repeated verbatim, not something actually constructed by news reporters.

    But just to dissect this article completely:

    “John McAfee, the anti-virus founder, has faded from the media headlines in recent days, but he continues to blog about life in hiding and in Belize on a whole”
    –seems gossipy, vague: What journalistic criteria would establish that he had “faded”?
    “McAfee rants…”
    –That is a terms directly and specifically conveying a negative judgment. Its not strictly descriptive. Its not a journalistic term.

    “McAfee went as far as to accuse the GSU…”
    –This construction is conveying personal indignation, but by whom? A journalist? (Borderline maybe but anyway…)

    Finally regarding the very last two sentences of the piece, it says that Faull was found dead “in his house” by the sentence is constructed to be ambiguous, to make it sound like it was McAfee’s house he was found dead in (remarked on by others in this blog too). And then godot’s remark regarding the closing sentence, ominously worded to imply McAfee actually did the crime.

  20. popularidot Avatar

    well Nietzsche believed metaphor was the best analysis but who know;). i think “another side of the story” has something in that john got too wrapped up in his activities and lost track of his place in the game. John said in an earlier post that the people of the country will only allow so much forced sharing, the only difference between this situation and checkpoints in johns drug running days is that guns have been drawn, and the personalities are much larger than a cold beer and a ten dollar bill. Why say that someone is unprepared to go to latin america without a bribe bag and now be shocked that theyre not playing by the rules. I think the game got bigger than he was comfortable with but not un reasonable for someone who is living a dyonisian life style impossible in a place like new mexico and colorado. he went there to be what he cant be in the states and you know what, its gonna cost more than the going rate of testosterone and hgh. the women will talk, security will talk, and thats all the leverage anyone would expect in that context for the pirates to move in. What i dont get right now is that the wild dyonisian west is what john wanted, so what is he complaining about? It should have been dealt with at the first raid on the lab. its becoming a Medusa now where there are three things biting him for every snake he kill. I am an admirer like most people here, thats why this is confusing because at best the narratives are conflicted.

  21. nh Avatar

    another well written piece by a wordsmith. there is an irony in the interpretation of using somewhat aloof literary analogies to apply to the ongoing current base human actions.

  22. Louis McGlasson Avatar
    Louis McGlasson

    It is obvious in your words and deeds that you love Belize and its people. I’m sure that there are many people in Belize who see through the Government’s corrupted actions and statements and appreciate what you have done for them. They see you for what you are: a sincere, altruistic person who not only loves Belize and its people, but the world and all of humanity. Keep fighting for what’s right!

  23. erik Avatar

    It appears Mr Faull’s ex has “liked” your Facebook page. Maybe she is happy he is gone, maybe she believes you…or maybe she is just following you to see when you get caught. Regardless, I thought that was interesting

  24. Another Side to the Story Avatar
    Another Side to the Story

    Making the analogy to cherubs and angels tends to fall somewhat short of the mark (although the intention is understood). I would portray John instead as a Nietzschean satyr, a Dionysian demi god, beholden to no one and untainted by much Christian prejudice. His sojourn in Belize to date, was both enjoyable and conflicted due to that set of traits.
    Belizean men, by and large, seem to be made in a similar mold to John McAfee, albeit on a much lower order of scale and with many more imperfections. They are libidinous, skillful at manipulation and disinformation, artful liars, and quite hedonistic. There is, however, the lacunae of foresight and meticulous self-protection, as well as a more intellectual bent towards science and literature, that separates John from them (among other things). But John’s visible lifestyle, what is glimpsed at and fed throughout the little country’s rumor mills, mirrors the exact ideal dream of the typical Belizean man. To wit: the image of a man with great wealth playing in a hot tub with 7 naked nymphs and a garbage bag full of Viagra!!! A Belizean man would cut off his arm and a leg to partake of that!!!! Just look at the appeal that gangsters and drug runners have upon the Belizean psyche. Beyond that, look at the political situation—- nobody in Belize gets into politics to help other people. Everyone does it to help themselves.
    This whole Mephistophelian mentality of Belizean men is what John understood and immersed himself in. He became a demi-god to them, a prancing satyr with a harem of nymphs, displaying their dreams incarnate. How could they not become tangled in envy, lust, and greed? Welling up from those sources came the attacks. They wanted to be just like him, to enjoy his lifestyle and his wealth, but with one exception— they did not want to earn it! In their shadowy pirate world, one does not earn, one takes. Thus commenced the opening salvos.
    At first, they began small with some pinpricks here and there. John allowed this and even found it amusing, laughing at their childish play. But then they conceived a much bigger plan to take away part of his Mojo, to usurp some real wealth from him. The satyr had become complacent and was too busy enjoying his nymphs while the thunderclouds were gathering on the horizon. The hurricane they foretold was not yet conceivable, yet steadily it came, augmenting its power, and straining credibility.
    At this point the satyr had time to revert to his rational intelligent side, and he began to record and analyze their attack. He set traps for them and some were sprung. He knew what they were after at that point, and the battle lines were drawn. He knew that justice and fair play were outdated concepts there, and he instinctively reacted with deceit and manipulation much as they would have done in his place. Of course, the whole battle could have been forestalled with proper payment to the highest levels. He could stop everything by allowing a few of them a brief interlude in the pleasure dome, before they succumbed to uncontrollable lust, avarice, addiction, and gluttony like the mere mortals they were.
    But once those kind of payments are begun, the satyr knows there can be no end to them. They will drain his blood, sap his strength from him, until he is no more. At the very least, the satyr must show that he is beyond their grasp, untouchable to their howls of rage and growing envy. That buys him leverage in the case of a final agreement being reached, because at least they know he is no fool. And, if by chance, the satyr has snared a few of the higher ups in his traps, then this becomes another useful tool in his arsenal. With enough ammunition, whatever they do is neutralized, and negotiations can be begun in earnest.
    So perhaps it is too early to concoct images of cherubs falling from the sky and being consumed by the cannibals. As well-crafted as the images are, they may not be apt to portray all of the nuances of the situation unfolding.

  25. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    It seems awfully quiet here this morning … John, I hope you and Sam are resting and safe.

  26. Tallyman Avatar

    Contradict much? Even if the trikes had a 5 mile range it would be enough to get out of Belize. It’s all relative to where the flight starts from. Nice circular reasoning, helps muddy the waters.

  27. Tallyman Avatar

    You seem to have no idea how easy it is to get into Guatemala from Belize. The southern and much of the western portion of Belize is porous, you suggest he would be stopped at the border. What border? Oh yeah when you pass the big mahogany tree hang a left at the last overgrown Mayan ruin. Navy? lol. Easy to slip over the bar and up the Rio Dulce. Where is the Lagoon 420? Could have cut across the Yuc to the Caymans. Escape is easy. Fortitude is the challenge.

  28. godot Avatar

    Correction: John’s ultralight aircraft DO have sufficient range to fly to Mexico or Guatemala.
    Ultralights can take off from any flat surface in just a hundred to two-hundred feet. And they make pontoons for them, too. The guys I used to fly with in San Diego used to take-off from and land on the surface of the ocean (on a calm day.)
    I’m sure the police already knew about John’s ultralight company. Did they find any of John’s planes in the raids? Did they confiscate them? You know, you can assemble an ultralight with a screwdriver and a wrench.
    I would really hate to be the Belize police right now. There are so many places they have to watch to prevent John from escaping by sea, land, or air. And especially if he can take-off from any 100-foot piece of land or water. They must be spread really thin.

  29. Tallyman Avatar

    Belize Trust laws are the strongest in the world, nothing outside Belize can touch his assets there. Most likely nothing there now, wired to Nevis or the like.

  30. godot Avatar

    Ignoring the obvious seaplane trolls, below, at this point, Sedris, how would you “get the heck out?”
    Sailboat? Boat? Swim? It’s 200 miles to anywhere, and the Navy is watching.
    Drive? Walk? Horseback? Taxi? Pedicab? He’s too famous, and this news story is now too big; he’d be stopped at the border if not before, or returned from a neighboring country.
    Fly? No Ivo Zadarsky here; John’s ultralights don’t have sufficient range, and the airport is being watched. Depending on prevailing winds, maybe he could tie a handful of weather balloons together and float out.
    Perhaps he could take a page from the French intelligence agents who sank the “Rainbow Warrior”, and charter a submarine to meet him at a pre-arranged GPS location somewhere off the coast.
    Personally, I think he should call Jimmy Buffett and have him brave automatic weapons fire again to fly him out. There’s a screenplay!
    It’s a real cliffhanger. Are there other options?

  31. DB Avatar

    My anxiety for you is building, most of the posters here do not want you caught, we want you both safe. I understand that you could get out of there at any time, but there is Sam to consider after all. I can see how it would be difficult for you to just run away now and leave those people who have supported you, those who are imprisioned, those noble belizeans who are hoping that maybe, somehow, justice for you, will also bring justice to them. All the best to you both.

  32. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    However they denied that they searched the property did they not?

    Whats your point?

  33. godot Avatar

    You buried your lead! You missed the biggest and most damaging linguistic trick contained in the piece: The last sentence reads, “McAfee is wanted for questioning but there are no OTHER suspects in this murder.”
    Transformational grammar tells us that John has been subtly promoted to being a murder suspect in the second half of this compound sentence.
    Whose sentence is it? We are left dangling to idly speculate whether this is an accidental misstatement due to an anonymous teleprompter editor’s inability with language, or whether it is the invisible hand of the authorities threatening without actually informing from behind the scenes.
    In my country, if such a statement were not based on a police statement explicitly naming John McAfee as a murder suspect in the murder of Gregory Faull, it would be grounds for a lawsuit for libel against which there would be no defense. If the equivalent baseless spoken statement were transmitted over-the-air, slander, as well.

  34. Talia Avatar

    Castiel, is that you?

  35. Leslie Sherman Avatar
    Leslie Sherman

    John, I’ve officially given up trying to figure out what’s really going on here. I’m hoping you’re already somewhere safe – if not, now’s the time to tend to that problem. While you’re the smart one here, you do get carried away. You don’t need to become a martyr to be of value, and just because you feel old at 67 doesn’t mean the answer is to go out in a blaze of ill-defined glory. Whatever the true story is, I hope with all my heart that you stay safe and have the opportunity to go on to other adventures.

  36. Mark_13 Avatar

    (In response to PopularIdiot above (to his deleted duplicate post) Not making light of McAfee’s situation.)

  37. Lolo Avatar

    I don’t wish to be mean spirited but John himself
    constantly misdirects and changes his story to fit the moment..1000 bullshit posts on bluelight because of a lot of time on his hands and a practical joker.I myself am working now on a new type of bullshit liar spray ,I want to market
    to all of the persons in comments who believe
    Anything,Anytime,Anywhere…For no reason at all. Frank Zappa.Credit.

  38. Lolo Avatar

    Sometimes I find it’s helpfull to go back to the start of a story. Dogs poisoned,nieghbor killed.
    John runs.See John run.Run,John,Run.
    Sorry if it’s simple,but common sense is not common anymore.
    I wish it was.Goodnight all.

  39. Debbie Avatar

    I hope you are safe, John. Also, comments on the blog are not showing correctly.

  40. Mark_13 Avatar

    No denial by police that they had changed his Yahoo email password. No denial that Sam’s father was arrested and threatened with a taser. Maybe the police had the ability to send him some disinfo after hacking his email account, who knows.

    Also the article above says McAfee “ranted”. That’s not the sort of terminology that journalists use in a news story, reason to think maybe that non-journalists were involved in its production

  41. Debbie Avatar

    I apologize for multiple comments. The commenting system doesn’t seem to be workimg right. Also, I hope John is safe.

  42. thatguy Avatar

    I’m sitting off the coast now, I’m ready to fly if your’re ready to leave……you have my contact info……..D0||7 937 (4U9|-|7

  43. Thatguy Avatar

    I’m sitting 1 mile off the coast, I.m ready to fly if your’re ready to go…..D0||7 937 (4U9|-|7

  44. sedris yehuda Avatar
    sedris yehuda

    Hey, Jack, just one question … Why don’t you get the heck out of there …? You do have the means to get out of the country. So … Just get out, man.

  45. Mark_13 Avatar

    Very good read though, thanks.

  46. Trisha Avatar

    Go to the American embassy and get out of the country now…if you still have your citizenship you will be free…I just spent two weeks in Belize and I found out so much about the corruption and police “policy” while on vacation there.
    I know the fear you have inside and want you to flee to the USA safe ground and get out .
    I know it will seem as though you are surrendering but you will be protected even though your young girl will not….safe travels

  47. Mark_13 Avatar

    It would be awesome if one of those high school kids in that guy’s class wrote this.

    John, if you’re not too busy, the spaces between paragraphs are being deleted in posts here, if you or someone could fix that.

  48. Debbie Avatar

    Hi Channel 5 Belize says that John Mcafee is a liar (
    “John McAfee, the anti-virus founder, has faded from the media headlines in recent days, but he continues to blog about life in hiding and in Belize on a whole. In his most recent posting, McAfee claims that the Gang Suppression Unit and the Coast Guard raided his property in San Pedro just before eleven o’clock this morning. According to McAfee, cameras, computers and police gear that he intended to donate were among items valued at around four hundred thousand dollars that were confiscated in the raid. He says that the raid lasted three hours as the GSU combed through each of his buildings. McAfee rants that it was the eight search at his compound since he went into hiding and he believes that items are being planted during the searches. He went as far as to accuse the GSU of changing the password for his yahoo email. But both the police press officer and the head of the GSU say that there was no search at McAfee’s property and that in fact, the unit was not even in San Pedro today.
    In an added note, McAfee alleges that his girlfriend’s father has been arrested and threatened with a taser while his housekeeper was locked in her house and terrorized. McAfee went into hiding soon after the murder on November eleventh of his neighbor Gregory Faull, who was found dead inside his house. McAfee is wanted for questioning but there are no other suspects in this murder.”

  49. nh Avatar

    seems logical. The Expats should organize and be heard.

  50. nh Avatar

    I bow to this intelligently written analysis!

  51. Lolo Avatar

    John do not let yourself be arrested.period.
    Please leave Belize .Nobody better think the less of you for that.Please don’t let this end
    with a tragic scene.It will seriously do nothing
    positive for you two to go out like Bonnie and
    Clyde,Common Sense please,Sir.
    You are too clever not to have an exit strategy.
    67 ,you still have lots of….to do.
    Some of us truly care.
    I wish I could look you in the eyes…you would jump in the boat and I would have you in Mexico.Go.Now.

  52. Mark_13 Avatar

    I wouldn’t be too disappointed if this whole time you had been leading the GSU and the Belize Military on a wild goose chase, and that you were actually some place completely safe, but doing damage to that regime by making them seem impotent to capture you. I say this because I genuinely don’t want any harm to come to you and Sam. So, iow, the fact that you were safe would outweigh you deceiving us. So I guess the moral landscape of deception can get kind of murky. Maybe its inevitable that we out here have a role to play ourselves, as the Greek Chorus, responding to your narratives, and lending our support, and lending credence to the idea you’re still in Belize, when it would be preferable if in fact you were not. In any case I too wish you Godspeed, a good night’s rest, and strength to fight another day.

  53. nh Avatar

    Please get away. This story is too good to end with capture. Where are those little planes when you need them? You yourself predict a negative ending if captured so why not have one of your friends spirit you away before you are charged with anything? Go back under better conditions. Take Sam with you. Use the money you’ll get with the movie/book to pay the immigration and other lawyers. Just my 2 cents. Or maybe enough attention has been generated to force a fair hearing in Belize.

  54. popularidiot Avatar

    Luxurious settings full of local young women, jungle labs, sexual enhancements, huge security arrangements, if you were not a god to them then you were certainly something of a cherub, flying high above, grabbing your crotch as you flapped past the mortals. But you would have to imagine that one of these on lookers would eventually just shoot an arrow towards you, resentful yes, but also with a sort of innocent curiosity to just- see what happens. And as shocking as it might be that he actually hit you, it must have been much more shocking to hear the angel cry “I must have justice- or I will destroy myself” as he fell to the earth. Why should an angel allow himself to be destroyed through an appeal to mortal fairness? Is justice akin to fairness? then where was justice when you were sipping from the garlands of heaven within view of the briars of manifold torments? If I was them, I might think to myself, “Pitiful creature! We don’t want your life but your power- that is, some
    of your wealth.” They can never have all of what you have but they will be happy with some of it. The benevolent corruption you say describes most of latin American justice isn’t a geographical issue. The legal gentleman is always well compensated, and dignified jurisprudence is a luxury of wealthy nations. Why then do you expect a nation without this luxury not to be surprised at your moral ultimatum? Your expecting them to understand a context of free justice they cannot yet afford. If you die, or run away do you not think anyone of your posters would not buy up your properties if they could afford them? And someone will buy them and probably pay a monetary price for such a contrast of luxury to almost everything around them. Your endless line of “Sams” should have taught you by now how much people are willing to do to experience or at least be close to the highest aspirations of human experience. You want perfect justice from a country where everyone knows vice pays for it’s place at every administrative level. This isn’t a moral argument but rather an existential exasperation that you can’t be this stupid. If a man of your fame wanted to explore possibilities on bluelight, a hoax might be the best possible cover. If you were disconnected from the potential of value, the gist would be banal, I.e. Why not start a controversy in a Mickey Mouse thread, or an alien thread etc. People often make virtue a bridge over incapacity and your joker thread seems to bead consistently over similar topics. Anyway your justice or death mantra seems a danger to Sam and completely impractical. I think it scared you that the cannibals actually got to you, scared you so much that your own fear, the same fear that made you a fortune is taking it from you in a sort of torturous fashion. I would bet the biggest surprise to the Belize authorities was the largesse of fight or flight fear from someone they took for a capable gamer. I believe that is why you have heard of charges they might but haven’t yet charged you with. They are letting you hold your place in the game while you gather your press pass wits. In a place where the safety of your money from taxation (and therefore the gentleman of the law) produces alternative necessities, a system that you seemed to like before it bit you, “just pay up” seems not so big a price for someone expecting everything to be so perfect. Once they actually charge you the game will be up and nobody can really win. Maybe experiencing such a vital fear is something of a bath salt experience (not that you would know;) but it seems like your fairly disadvantaged for a long stalemate. If you were J.F.K or even steve jobs time might play to your advantage, but they are arch angels, not cherubs. You jumped on an inventible consequence of the emerging electronic community, making your person and circumstance worthy of attention but maybe not quite resurgence. They understand this. I hope you end up winning. No need to let the natives actually eat your flesh. Maybe you saved your life by creating universal attention, but a lawyerly mediation seems a reasonable next step. These people cant afford to be humiliated among their peers and you seem to be relying on that strategy. a settlement is not a loss if your able afterwards to keep um… Grabbing your crotch;)

  55. truthseeker Avatar

    PLEASE just get out of there. You will not change anything if you are gone. Live to fight them from somewhere else. Please listen to all of us telling you and Sam to go. They will release your friends if you are gone, I feel. Don’t wait til you are rested and full of food as I know you are hungry. Get out of there now, please! Jesus loves you John, both of you. He loves all sinners. Let Him help you get away from those devils. Ask and ye shall be given. seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened. Ask for a door of escape. I pray in Jesus name for God to provide you with a way of escape. Jesus has defeated the devils of hell and you need to stand on it and refuse fear and just go now.

  56. The Truth Avatar
    The Truth

    Breathe and Meditate… Breathe…

  57. TJ Avatar

    Many of the Belizeans are noble people, deserving of honest and fair government instead of widespread corruption. Unfortunately, many of the Expats are two-faced – screaming about crime in their immediate neighborhood because it poses a direct threat, and blissfully ignorant of problems on the north end or the mainland.
    As educated folks with experience living in a democracy, you would expect the Expats to stand up for the principles of due process, trial by jury, reasonable bail, and prohibit unreasonable search and seizure.
    As the economic powerhouse owning many of the businesses and providing employment for a population badly in need of jobs, this is an opportunity for the Expats to pressure the government for reform.
    But they prefer to casually look the other way and blame McAfee’s “eccentric” personality for the lack of justice.
    Who will feel sorry for them when their Dive Shop is robbed, maybe even by the police? Or if their restaurant held up by armed thieves? They want to enjoy endless benefits from living in Belize without contributing to maintaining liberty in a young nation.
    We all hope that the situation doesn’t continue to deteriorate to the point where there is a run on the bank, real estate becomes nearly worthless, and the remaining Expats flee in a panic.
    But if they won’t stand up to support the principle of justice for all, their worst fears may one day come true.

  58. Dpg101 Avatar

    I hope this works out and we can stop this madness before it goes to far. Good luck and godspeed.

  59. Nate Avatar


    This is terrible news. It’s interesting that here towards the end game( perhaps not), you weren’t paranoid after all. All of the detractors, Josh and others simply couldn’t wrap their minds around what you were being subjected to. When I saw the background of your security/friend, I could see that you were at another level, put in a position of continual fear.

    My personal opinion is to get out with Sam so you can get beyond the reach of these creatures and evade being dragged into the bowels of the GSU.

    Perhaps work with the opposition party so as to gain allies towards ousting the present cabinet and insuring a future in Belize. You can always fight in the courtroom and gain ground through
    grassroots support. There is no need to stop your campaign, but better if to do so beyond the tentacles of corrupt officials.

    It’s not defeat but smart strategy for taking the fight to the next phase. It’s clear from what you are sharing that they are profane in every sense of the word. To get an agreement or stand down seems almost fantastic under the present circumstances. You have already begun to turn the pathos you’ve been assaulted with into a legitimate narrative of responding to corruption.

    Don’t get get captured!

    I wish you the best…….

  60. Lightning Avatar

    What is with all the dates and times of these files/headlines being on the same time zone of the United Kingdom? Are you aactually in the safety of the U.K. with friends relaying info from Belize to you? After all, best way to avoid lawsuits and creditors from coming after you is to not be found,, ya cant be subpoenad that way, and therefore a judgement cant be awarded. Hope this isnt a hoax and a play on the media to show just how easy the media can be puppets on strings!

  61. winston Avatar

    Good luck both of you. I’ve read so much about you I feel like you both are part of my family. I be praying everything works out.

  62. hop Avatar

    Is there anything anyone can do to help? Seaplane getaway?

  63. Refugee Avatar

    Stay safe Stuffmonger!

  64. Zaph Avatar

    Good luck to you and Sam. Stay safe

  65. Eric Avatar

    I have a friend in Belize. No idea of the corruption… Best wishes.

  66. daDictate Avatar

    Good luck in your future endeavors, if you are arrested will there be an update to the blog about it?
    Stay safe

  67. McAfee4President Avatar

    Best of luck to you John!

  68. GLK Avatar

    The exit leads in… be careful and … Good Luck John