Dean Barrow & Belize Telemedia


Against court – orders Dean Barrow Disburses 12 M from Belize Telemedia to family and friends

A Belizean court ordered Dean Barrow not to disburse 12 million dollars from BTL (Belize Telemedia ) to his family and friends. He did it anyway on Friday Dec 14 2012 at 8:00 AM.


The court is trying to hold the Belizean government in contempt and has ordered the return of the money. Barrow has refused.



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  1. khairen Avatar

    Not sure if this is still being monitored by JM. Funny how I came across this post… pure curiosity. I used Dean Barrows office (Barrows and Williams)to close on my property in Belize so the video and comments were of interest to me. I was living in Belize when I heard your story and just returned US as well in Sept 2013 . I stumbled upon this site today after watching a video of John on Youtube “Truth Never Told”. I didn’t flee per se but I booked a flight and left the next day before someone or something stopped me from leaving the country. I left everything I owned as well, my dreams, my pride and everything but the shirt on my back. I left because of the bribes, corruption, threats, my dog was poisoned as well (but survived), the obeah. Such common practice in this country. I have been suffering in silence for four months since I returned. I’m still not right but have my sanity somewhat. My family doesn’t understand, my friends don’t understand, nobody understands unless they lived it and survived it. I’m glad you did John… I’m still struggling to get my life back. Your story has given me some hope. I will be following it and wish you the best of luck. Oh.. and by the way, never knew how handsome you were!!! Peace – K

  2. bigggga t Avatar
    bigggga t

    John. R u alive? I’m rooting for you.

  3. getoutnow Avatar

    It’s not a matter of being able to get out of BZ. Anyone can just walk or swim over any of its three borders. Being recognized is the problem. Now his girl friend’s picture is everywhere so that makes the journey harder. There are at least three highways in BZ that a small plane can land at night or even during the day Many places along the southern highway you can land during the day safely, like between Independence and PG. There are also private fields where caretakers can be bribed. Hell for that matter you can do a touch and go in PG, Placencia (schrimp farm)or Spanish Lookout. I’m sure John is aware of this as well as the BZ Police who have used most of these highways to land before, at least once getting caught! Ha Ha. Interesting adventure if you’re sitting home with a glass of wine but not for John. This will be a long road, if he survives it.

  4. Fiona Avatar

    Trying again, just lost an entire post:

    Thanks for your insightful explanation and take on things, Godot. There are a few things I am still pondering.

    I have been very wary of any nicks I may have recognized and any innuendoes I have picked up on due to the fact that I am just doubting the entire thing here. And that’s the result of John’s own demeanor and approach to his “quest”. Past unusual yet effective marketing strategies, historical delight in blurring the lines between fact & fiction, the list goes on. Not to forget that if the entire thing was true and as told by him, someone of his intellect and analytical capability would most likely go for a much more effective and sensible course of action.

    Sure, I don’t doubt the corruption nor some of the incidents that have taken place at his house. But what’s new? There are countless third world AND second world countries plagued by corruption. However, I cannot cater to a system and support corruption for as long as things go well for me and then turn around and yell out “save Belize” and go on the run.

    So, it all does not make any sense and it is either one big stunt or there is something much larger behind it. But to me things definitely do not add up. Not yet.

    Regarding drugs – in general: Many here keep insisting that it would be impossible for him to write and give interviews of the quality he delivers if he was on drugs. This makes me cringe and does not hold true for every user/addict. Especially one with a great mind like John’s.

    A close friend who is not only addicted but also going through drug-induced psychosis is still amazingly eloquent, analytical and healthy-sounding – in speech and writing. An outsider would never be able to tell (except by the behavior during an acute psychotic episode) – if it weren’t for the strung-out look. I firmly believe that drugs do interfere with many facets, but not with one’s intelligence or any outstanding communication skills (I am excluding weed here as the train of thought is constantly interrupted there) that had been in place already. The choices however are affected to a great extent.

  5. Louis Avatar

    John is too smart to pay attention to a racist apartheid-loving Neanderthal like you.

  6. Lelala Avatar

    Obviously, this is just a campaign, driven by political interests. Hopefully, the truth will be unveiled somewhen…

  7. Zardoz_Speaks Avatar

    This is a crazy world. I hope he is free. If he is innocent of the crime, the only way is to stay free and remain on the run. Since he wants to stay in that country, he will need to keep running for a long time. The prison system could be a death sentence, lack of proper food, sickness, disease, etc. I sincerely hope he is able to find peace and safety.

  8. Leon Avatar

    when i say ‘they’ i mean sam and dan

  9. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    Last night there were 457 posts on this thread, now there are about 100 less.
    Last night there were some excellent posts by Gadot , that have now been deleted.Who is doing the editing Brian? Chad?
    just wondering Who, What , How and Why?

  10. MyCah Avatar

    Because Belize signed the NAM Treaty, they are, in fact, a Third World Country. Please do your research on what “Third World” actually means before posting. Thanks.

  11. Dave Avatar

    Go John we support u in NZ
    I will be waiting for the Hollywood movie
    When this all blows over

  12. Larukanpai Avatar

    hmm… John reported earlier that the real Kapersky had contacted him and asked whoever is posting here using the name to stop.

    Not sure if the banhammer went down or not. So status unkown…

  13. Movit Avatar

    Help the Belize Police Department to make Belize a safer nation, file a complaint against the police’s corrupt and brutal tactics:

  14. fendidonna Avatar

    Congratulations to John, Sam, Chad for the issue of corruption in Belize being published in almost every international broadsheet newspaper in the 1st World over the last 24 hours.

  15. Lolo Avatar

    Didnt say it was new ,just longer and nothing from CNN about an arrest.Just the most current media coverage.

  16. Bop Avatar

    Looks like someone is moderating the forum now. Over 100 comments have been removed from this thread.

  17. on the fence Avatar
    on the fence

    John’s posts show up as black background so they are easier to spot. I don’t think anyone can fake that
    Strange how the media is running with this story of John being captured based solely on this blog and despite the statements from the Belize police saying it is not true.
    The Media is lazier than we thought.

  18. Rusty Avatar

    Its a ruse; nothing more than a planned distraction to cover a post interview relocation.

  19. Lolo Avatar

    Check out CNN ‘s updated interview,shows John and Sam both OK.Nothing on about a capture…..noon HST.

  20. Lolo Avatar

    Just saw John and Sam on a longer interview segment on CNN .Nothing about an arrest.
    Sam was shown several times in the background and John answered more questions.It was about 11:30 HST

  21. Mentor Avatar

    Cheers m8.

  22. Chad Essley Avatar

    Real posts from John or myself will appear in black boxes like this one. I’ve cleaned up a bit and am about to post a new announcement. -Chad Essley

  23. Petra Avatar

    It appears that’s exactly what he has done.

  24. dd Avatar

    you got that wrong there is no problem making a international call from a prepaid phone.

  25. nombre Avatar

    Where the hell is the like button? 🙂

  26. Mark_13 Avatar

    A plausible theory we should all continually keep in mind:

    Martin Savidge of CNN blew John’s cover, either through incompetence, or design, perhaps with a goal of obtaining an exclusive of his capture for CNN. As a result, John was abducted and killed by Belizean authorities to get rid of an embarrassing problem for them, and now they claim ignorance, and say they don’t have him (which they wouldn’t if they are not in possession currently of his dead body).

    Maybe everyone’s already thinking this. Certainly a possibility until proved otherwise.

    I do not think that John killed Mr Faull or is even involved, and if he’s not, he has no reason to disappear. In the NYT article from yesterday:

    When Mr. McAfee’s dogs were poisoned, on Friday, Nov. 9, he e-mailed Mr. Davis, the Wired reporter, and wrote that a contingent of black-suited thugs had swarmed the beach near his home. A half-hour later, he said, all of my dogs had been poisoned.

    And the GSU et. al. had already killed another dog of his in the raid back in April. So, that’s who he would be suspecting, Not Mr. Faull.

    And here is his statement regarding Mr Faull from his “If I am captured” Blog Entry:

    I barely knew the man. When I first started Quorumex I rented his basement for our laborotory, but the entire deal was done through Vivium Wu and her husband Jeff, the owners of Rojo’s Lounge just north of me, so I didn’t at any time talk to Gregg about it, either before or after. Gregg was in the States at the time. Jeff and Vivian had issues with Allison, who ran the lab and lived upstairs in Gregg’s house, over Allison’s neatness. Finally they became angry and asked me to move her out, which I did. At no time, again, did I speak directly to Gregg. Jeff and Viviun were managing the property for Gregg. Gregg had borrowed my four wheeler once by asking my caretaker if he could borrow it. It came back broken and I told my careitaker never to lend him anything else. Again, I did not speak to Gregg, nor did I consider it a huge issue. The repars were not major. This was three years ago. Recently Gregg was upset about my dogs barking, as were all the neighbors. He came by and told me he was upset. I apologized and said I would work on it. I was upset about the barking too and did what I could to minimize it. In all, I have probably spoken 50 words to Gregg over a five year period, and few of them were angry. I did not particularly like him, but but as far as neighbors go, he was not even on my radar. I am far more angry at Vivian and Jeff for the way they handled Allison’s eviction. Jeff shouted obscenities to Jennifer Irwin my girlfreind at that time and intimidated her. I thought this was improper. In spite of that, I still occassionally eat at their restaurant. As neighbors go, none of my neighbors are much of a problem compared to the issues that I deal with daily. We all have problems with our neighbors from time to time.

    So, if Belizean government contingents killed Mr Faull, then they could kill Mr. McAfee too.

  27. Mark_13 Avatar

    A plausible theory we should all continually keep in mind:

    Martin Savidge of CNN blew John’s cover, either through incompetence, or design, perhaps with a goal of obtaining an exclusive of his capture for CNN. As a result, John was abducted and killed by Belizean authorities to get rid of an embarrassing problem for them, and now they claim ignorance, and say they don’t have him (which they wouldn’t if they are not in possession currently of his dead body).

    Maybe everyone’s already thinking this. Certainly a possibility until proved otherwise.

    I do not think that John killed Mr Faull or is even involved, and if he’s not, he has no reason to disappear. In the NYT article from yesterday:

    When Mr. McAfee’s dogs were poisoned, on Friday, Nov. 9, he e-mailed Mr. Davis, the Wired reporter, and wrote that “a contingent of black-suited thugs” had swarmed the beach near his home. “A half-hour later,” he said, “all of my dogs had been poisoned.”

    And the GSU et al had already killed another dog of his in the raid back in April. So, that’s who he would be suspecting, Not Mr. Faull.

    And here is his statement regarding Mr Faull from his “If I am captured” Blog Entry:

    I barely knew the man. When I first started Quorumex I rented his basement for our laborotory, but the entire deal was done through Vivium Wu and her husband Jeff, the owners of Rojo’s Lounge just north of me, so I didn’t at any time talk to Gregg about it, either before or after. Gregg was in the States at the time. Jeff and Vivian had issues with Allison, who ran the lab and lived upstairs in Gregg’s house, over Allison’s neatness. Finally they became angry and asked me to move her out, which I did. At no time, again, did I speak directly to Gregg. Jeff and Viviun were managing the property for Gregg. Gregg had borrowed my four wheeler once by asking my caretaker if he could borrow it. It came back broken and I told my careitaker never to lend him anything else. Again, I did not speak to Gregg, nor did I consider it a huge issue. The repars were not major. This was three years ago. Recently Gregg was upset about my dogs barking, as were all the neighbors. He came by and told me he was upset. I apologized and said I would work on it. I was upset about the barking too and did what I could to minimize it. In all, I have probably spoken 50 words to Gregg over a five year period, and few of them were angry. I did not particularly like him, but but as far as neighbors go, he was not even on my radar. I am far more angry at Vivian and Jeff for the way they handled Allison’s eviction. Jeff shouted obscenities to Jennifer Irwin – my girlfreind at that time – and intimidated her. I thought this was improper. In spite of that, I still occassionally eat at their restaurant. As neighbors go, none of my neighbors are much of a problem compared to the issues that I deal with daily. We all have problems with our neighbors from time to time.

    So, if Belizean government contingents killed Mr Faull, then they could kill Mr. McAfee too.

  28. Chef pie Avatar
    Chef pie

    I personally loved that dog more than life. Please John please make it outta this and come stay with me. I am at your sisters restaurant all week

  29. dd Avatar

    hey you should know Belize is not a spanish speaking for your info .Gets your facts right,

  30. Jimbo Avatar

    So you think John and his people are so stupid that they wouldn’t check him for a GPS or “bug”???

    I don’t think John made his money by being stupid, non-tech savvy idiot, like so many around this blog…

  31. Petra Avatar

    Wow Gaby, didn’t you just nail the pin on the head. I’ve been following from the start as well and posted a couple times but man, it seems all of a sudden there’s nothing but a bunch of nut jobs on here now. I don’t blame John for not getting back on to respond to all this trash.

  32. Dawn Avatar

    Mike: I totally believe in innocence until proven guilty. Unfortunately, there is, by all indications, a wonderful man murdered. Gregory Faull. The question is why is McAfee avoiding that issue. Check out Gregory Faull

  33. Murder in Belize Avatar
    Murder in Belize

    You are right. I’ve seen many gringos run out of BZ and lost all their property. Unfortunately, they usually come into the country thinking they are superior, alllied themselves with the lowest rif raf, then are killed, imprisoned or chased out of the country with their tails between their legs. I remember when San pedro had only one fence and that was around Bowen’s house and all the dogs just layed around and never barked. Gringos have brought the vicious dogs to BZ. The beaches are public. No dog should ever be allowed to chase people walking the beach and private security has no right checking anyone on public access. I know how corrupt BZ is and John has no chance of surviving this by staying in BZ or keeping his property intact.

  34. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea


  35. Chad Essley Avatar

    I am truly..truly on vacation for a few more days. Will post an update shortly.

  36. Robert Avatar

    Wow! All I can say is I can’t wait for the movie to come out. Hope you’re ok John. You’re a bit of a twisted f*ck but seem to have a good heart. Not like many of these posters who seem to have crawled out of some garbage pile.
    Been to Belize and never again. Too much corruption.

  37. Sean Avatar

    Try heading out to the Mennonite areas of Belize if things get too hot. Unplug for a bit and find some peace They are good people who help people in need. When things cool off and if necessary, you can always depart by boat to somewhere safer. If at any time donations are needed, I’m in and so are many others who are rooting for you. Best of luck and peace be with you brother.

  38. Sean Avatar

    Consider heading out to the Mennonite areas of Belize if things get too hot. Unplug for a bit and find some peace They are good people who help people in need. When things cool off and if necessary, you can always depart by boat to somewhere safer. If at any time donations are needed, I’m in and so are many others who are rooting for you. Best of luck brother and peace be with you.

  39. Rusty Avatar

    Criminy. Can we stop with the rampant speculation please. Many of you have zero experience with Belize and do not understand how throughly corrupt the government is. Many of you have no idea about the obvious Trolling on Bluelight and simply take it as fact without looking into it. None of you have any idea where John is nor what he is up to. Give it a rest. Wait and see.

    Beyond that, If John did indeed wish to leave the country it is far far easier to exit into Guatemala unnoticed than it is to pass into Mexico. Heck I even know of a cave system where you can enter on the Belizean side and exit on the Guatemalan side. You could also simply ride horses across in several remote areas.

  40. supermandoctor Avatar

    Odd things to point out. In the picture of Sam that was posted (she is making lunch), she is not covered in mosquito bites, even though McAfee said that he was “lathering on” Vicks Vapor Rub.
    McAfee spoke of sleeping in tree top’s and eating sun dried iguana (like sushi), yet I can’t notice any dramatic weight loss from previous photos of Mr. McAfee.

  41. Sam Avatar

    ‘Former’ British colony. It’s not about the people of Belize versus John Mcaffe it’s about right and wrong. The world is run by corrupt people who do not appreciate it when someone stands up to them. Johns fight represents all of us, as citizens of the world, against the corrupt globalist ruling class and their little power hungry minions. Shame, it would appear, is on you. Peace & love. Down with the NWO.

  42. T. Johnson Avatar
    T. Johnson

    He’s to cute for prison.

  43. noel winner Avatar
    noel winner

    In Africa ,where im from we deal with these issues quite simply.
    Buy your way out of this shit, im sure uve done this allread John
    The racist Black mafia in Africa is far worse than Belize
    Being a white African we used to all this racist anti white stuff.
    Keep it up John and stand up for the white race for a change.
    Plus take some of those Belize savages with u , i recommend the 12 bore shotgun.

  44. Matthias Avatar

    I am that I am

  45. godot Avatar

    It appears that someone began running a fairly successful DDoS attacks against this server about 1800 GMT.

    Who would have a reason to take this blog down? More importantly, who, if anyone, is maintaining this blog now? It seems to be in unattended free-fall.

    If you can read this Chad, do you need help? You have my e-mail address from the blog log-on. E-mail me if you (or whomever is attempting to run this blog) needs help.

  46. scruffy Avatar

    godot disappeared, ha

  47. BandontheRun Avatar

    C’mon people, keep posting. The bet is that John can get 1000 comments on this thread.

  48. AngieCroatia Avatar

    Good luck John!

  49. Gina Avatar

    I already asked with no response…Bizare post!

  50. Cc Avatar

    What a ignorant post! He looks very tired but because you think he looks mad you presume his a killer-you’re an idiot!

  51. truthseeker Avatar

    Clicked on the link, hey John, glad to hear it!

  52. Andy Avatar

    Anybody have any new info yet? It’s gone quiet everywhere

  53. Andy Avatar

    Why has it gone so quiet??

  54. Bonnie Avatar

    Well Nancy….there you go again….

  55. gene s Avatar
    gene s

    Wolf! Wolf!! Wolf!!!

  56. Elise Avatar

    OMG! I noticed the curtains, too! They are in the exact same place or else they haul those curtains around with them! Lolololol He has been having his way with us all along & he is watching & reading right now. He has not gone anywhere & sadly, many people no longer care. Even his “capture” has only made more people shut down their computers.

  57. gene s Avatar
    gene s

    Wolf! Wolf!! Wolf !!!

  58. Bob Avatar

    The sad thing is we continue to give this guy the attention he so desperately craves. He clearly has mental issues and likely substance concerns as well. Maybe he needs to be arrested in real life so he can get help he needs.

  59. gene s Avatar
    gene s

    Ever heard the parable of the boy who cried wolf?

  60. Ed Avatar

    wish him luck!

  61. Ed Avatar

    John, you better deal with this on the legal front, why not fly the best lawyer from the States to Belize and clear your name? Also, next time you better try another island to get a new pad, it seems Belize does not like you at all. Read a bit on the Dominican Republic when you`re done and reply to this thread.

  62. another old timer Avatar
    another old timer

    Thie Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde…

  63. godot Avatar


    “I remember when Robert Taylor, your colleague at the Times reported in 1962…”

    It’s obvious that this was really John’s show. He’s absent for less than a day, and the whole thing has degenerated to noise.

  64. getrealeh Avatar

    ABC news, the American Embassy in Belize and the Belize police say McAfee as not been captured.

  65. godot Avatar

    Your insult missed the mark! Apparently you didn’t notice that Kaspersky is a personal friend of John’s who often contributes to this forum.

  66. Cloud2013 Avatar

    Send this fool to jail or rehab. Read the story in the NYT 12/02/2012.

  67. Cat Avatar

    This blog itself would be an interesting book!

  68. on the fence Avatar
    on the fence

    John is losing credibility as each hour goes by with this fantastic rumor being allowed to live and the promised story not continued.

    I believed his innocence, now I am in doubt

  69. Paradiselost Avatar

    Any news on John?

  70. godot Avatar

    Fiona, you apparently don’t recognize them, but there are a number of people famous in the computer industry using their real names who check-in regularly to check on John’s welfare and offer advice if not explicit support. No doubt others were active behind the scenes. Many more have chosen to lurk anonymously in the wings: Shielding identity from the opposition preserves safety and leaves many options open for future action which would be unavailable were potential actors to be identified and added to an enemies list. Most of the denizens of “the industry” are familiar with strategy and tactics; advanced understanding of logic is part of the price for an admission ticket. There is an advantage to the element of surprise. Stay tuned. No one knows from which direction the next salvo will come. Recall, for example, that in a previous post John specifically asked — as a personal favor — that Anonymous and friends refrain from interfering for the time-being.

    N.B. with all that technical ability available here, NO ONE offered any advice or ideas as to how the opposition might have successfully tracked John. I have personally identified a number of posters who could have located John within a few days of arriving in BZ. I have not been explicitly told, but logic and familiarity with the technology in place makes me certain that there are a number of people “behind the black curtain” who had access to John’s whereabouts throughout the chase. But it was not their fight. With the backwater technology John was forced to use, there were a number of techniques which could have been used to trap him. No doubt we will all discuss ad infinitum in some future thread (perhaps herein, or perhaps in another forum) a play-by-play post mortem of the technical thrusts and parries employed in the chase. Many of us have already been doing so off-line as the chase progressed. These are the kinds of puzzles we love so much that we have made solving them, and discussing the details and minutiae of various alternative approaches to obtaining solutions, our vocation. But to date, this has been John’s show. He has implicitly (and sometimes…Ouch!…explicitly) expressed his desire that we remain in the backseat while he drives. But if and when John can no longer drive, others will. John’s show must go on.

    That said, John’s ‘take no prisoners’ approach to business did leave a trail of bodies in his path. Unfortunately we don’t yet live in a world where you can be successful in business and remain friends with everyone. If it comes, I am sure some people will delight in John’s downfall. I can already see some of them cackling here now. But there will be many others who wish to avenge John.

  71. coconutz Avatar

    JM has and will make fools out of all of you (and himself) by the sour end of this viral garbage. He made this soup, don’t eat it for him.
    Seek better forms of entertainment.

  72. SBC Avatar

    Update: JM was booked as “Wilson, Robert, Mr.” Cancun dep. 12.23 am last night, flight no. WS2807, London arr. 5 am.this morning.

  73. Tricks Avatar

    Why has Chad Essley bailed?!?

  74. TJ Avatar

    not the same TJ. Wiil change mine to T. Johnson

  75. Name ... Avatar

    JM is a nut case. I met him in Portal AZ before he fled from civil suits over the death of his nephew at his sky park. Felt at the time he was loose in the cranium. IMHO JM is delusional. It’s only a mater of time before he puts a gun to his head.

  76. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    I need to move to Belize and become part of the change.

  77. Observer Avatar


    Agree with you 100%.

    I am amazed too, that people are this gullible…to wholeheartedly believe such a ‘cock & bull’ story from somebody who repeatedly admits that he’s a ‘prankster who lies all the time’.

    But then again, Harold Camping (the rapture guy) had thousands of people convinced, as did Jim Jones, the ‘Birther Movement’, and Rush Limbaugh has people that hang on to his every word!!

    No matter how outlandish the claims, there will always be a group of sheep willing to swallow everything without question.

  78. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    Hello Posters and Readers,

    I have been following since day one, clearly too much time on MY hands, however I can say that this thread has been hijacked. Chads site tweets truly say out for 4 days, and McAfee status is truly unknown.

  79. SL Avatar

    No more comments being posted? Is this post a hoax? Chad says he is unplugging and going on vacation. Weirder and weirder

  80. N Avatar

    Again, John not been captured. Anyone who says he has, is full of shit.

  81. Andreas Avatar

    I hope you are ok Mcafee!

  82. Aryeh Goretsky Avatar


    Tribal Voice’s PowWow added compatibility for AOL Instant Messenger and and Microsoft MSN Messenger after those products were released. It was out before them—as a matter of fact, the first versions of the software were for Windows 3.1 as Windows 95 had not yet been released.


    Aryeh Goretsky

  83. Leslie Sherman Avatar
    Leslie Sherman

    I think we’ve been had, big time. A few of the possibilities are: (1) John is running us around in circles, to prove something or as a joke, (2) John has finally taken up permanent residence on Planet Loco and is now just plain crazy, (3) John is an adrenaline junky and has taken advantage of a corrupt system to construct an elaborate way to get some by putting himself in harm’s way. At any rate, I hope he is safe, wheth

  84. Mark Avatar

    There are 2 possibilities in my opinion 1)the site was hacked & they started this thread about John being captured, allowing the blog to run amok.
    Or most likely 2) John planned this little farce with Chad & allowed the readers to believe he had been captured, while assuming, quite correctly, that many news wires around the world would pick it up & run with it, which they’ve done by quoting the blog as an unconfirmed source. By doing this, he can disappear either for a short time or an extensive one, and when the Belizean government and/or the police force report that he has not been captured, then “everyone” will assume, wrongly, that “they” have done away with him. I’ll bet I’m right, because a lot of posts aren’t being posted now & they are being strategically placed to suit someone’s (John’s) fancy. Either way, John, you are a freak & your narcissism is absolutely frightening. One day you will have to answer for it, one way or another. Too bad you had to leave so much carnage in your wake. Did you ever apologize to your girlfriend of 12 years before she left? Just wondering.
    Please think about, everyone. It is so obvious. When will you have enough of being manipulated?

  85. Boogie Avatar

    it sounds like one of you lives in a nice part of belize, and the other lives in a rough part. all i know is that theres new laws in america that allow them to hold you without allowing you a trial. if they want to, they can grab you and throw you in jail indefinitely, and they never have to prove that you’re guilty. so if you piss the government off, they dont have to answer to anyone concerning their actions. so everyone here thats making these comments about him going to jail or being guilty, take a minute and just think

  86. Sarah Avatar

    But it WASN’T the GSU that raided his property on Thursday. The report that there was no GSU on the island that day is true. It also wasn’t the Coast Guard, and yet Nestor supposedly “saw” the uniforms of BOTH of them. WRONG! It was a provisional police force, can’t remember the initials, so you see, all is not as John claims & he does have a very personal vendetta against the GSU & Mark Vidal, in particular, and yet they have not been near him since April 30…..Except for hiding in the bushes. People, please!!!

  87. michelle Avatar

    Martin Savidge of CNN says “We didn’t know where we were going, didn’t know even how to get back. It was like a bad spy movie” He states that McAfee has over a dozen cell phones and a whole system of code words and that he needed to use specific prompts and responses to gain access. Someone mentioned GPS in the comments. Apparently this interview was “Weeks in the making.” That’s odd isn’t it? It would be easy to bring along a gps stashed inside a camera. Critical thought is important here. So much is still not adding up. I’m thinking critical thought will be the punchline and the masses and the media will be the victim. All the encodings have been right in front of our faces the whole time.

  88. Yum Cimil Avatar
    Yum Cimil

    Someone just learned how the internet works.

  89. TJ Avatar

    Wherever John is hopefully there is a good shrink around (and straight jacket, if necessary).

    John comes off to me as a petulant child who will twist the truth for, in this case, sympathy and revenge. That he has so many gullible fans here is truly funny.

  90. gh Avatar

    After the blue They eat the red pill now.

  91. Louis McGlasson Avatar
    Louis McGlasson

    It’s because people living in the virtual money-print it as it goes money first world think they are sitting at the right hand of God.

  92. Paradiselost Avatar

    You guys are crazy and I am tired. 🙂

  93. Gaby Avatar

    It is not just the reports from Mcafee that curb my desire to come to Belize. If Dan, Dawn, “clover” and marty” from the A Caye forum are an example of the welcoming tourist trade and business owners in Belize, this is surely not on my list for countries to visit.

  94. Cocaineboy Avatar

    Hey John,
    stay gold bro.

    Need a lawyer, call Dacota Al.
    Gimme a call, I can send ya some hookers to the cell.

  95. disbelieving Avatar

    Still nothing concrete? Witha ll the news organizations descended on belize you woul hting McAfees capturwe would make headline news somewhere.

    Top nes on huffington post, Romney went to Boston Market for Thanks Giving.

    We need some truth plese!!

  96. s.p Avatar

    True. I guess you can visit. But I have no iea how you can have a real life there. When I lived in SP (about 3 yrs) almost everything I owned of any value was stolen Everyday I was worried about the crime. And constantly had to pay bribes to get even the simpliest things done. terreible way to live.

  97. JNC Avatar

    Just received message from CI:
    John is fine. Out of range and no communication for now.

  98. inspecteurFrenchDug Avatar

    Here is a clue that might solve everything

  99. X Avatar

    Chad is gone period go read his twitter. And if i could post pictures you will see where i am camped out in front of HQ with CNN………X

  100. s.p Avatar

    I think a good example of just how much the people in power do NOT care about their own people is this —- a foreigner can borrow from a Belize Bank for about 8.5% but a Belizean will pay 18%. The Country is an absloute MESS!

  101. Louis McGlasson Avatar
    Louis McGlasson

    You are a mad Mexican in Canada? Say what?

  102. X Avatar

    Hard to report to many bogus post and trolls, isabella seems to think she knows all. Chad is gone read his twitter………..X

  103. X Avatar

    Have you read chads twitter?

  104. s.p Avatar

    You are right. I am an American who lived in SP for a number of years. The corruption in that place is mind blowing. I could write a book. Maybe not as interesting as John’s but interesting nontheless.

  105. Larukanpai Avatar

    I smell a troll

  106. Larukanpai Avatar

    ummmm….nice of them to request. But what authority do they have to silence a forum of free speech on the internet?

  107. s.p Avatar

    hate to tell you but its much more than 10% – I cannot elaborate on whether he is guilty of murder. I do not know the facts of the case. But what I can elaborate on (I lived in San Pedro 3 yrs) is much of what he says about the massive corruption and crime is true. The place is a very very bad place. Nice place to dive. But not to have a normal and healthy life.

  108. alex Avatar

    Oh poor John, you came to the wrong place.

    Belize is 3rd world fucking peace of shot country.
    belize is ruled by monkeys, who run away from zoo.
    Belize is fucking have nothing to be proud off.
    Belize is shit hole , even 3rd world conunties are much better, take for example Thailand.
    Belize is a peace of garbage in all sense, no roads, no hospitals, no education, no nothing.
    if you want to be peacefull , go away , go to USA and face the music, Belize is a shit hole, Belize does not deserve even shitting in it.

  109. Gina Avatar

    Bonnie are you referring to me? What school? Very confused…

  110. Larukanpai Avatar

    I think there is a pretty natural progression through all this immense information…and in the beginning, it all appears a hoax….then he appears to be a drug addled paranoid when you get through the bluelight phase/Wired magazine interview. (I have read every post on bluelight myself)

    However, after following the story it becomes VERY clear that neither of those postitions can really thoroughly explain the multitude of details that have played out in REAL TIME…all corroborated by real news events and historic records of those events in the past like his raid and the GSU abuse/corruption.

    John explained that the bluelight thread was a hoax, and at some point, one has to begin to seriously entertain that possibility. You may not be there yet, but every interview John has given (and replies here) over the weeks sound lucid and logical…not someone with a schitzophrenic break from heavy drug use.

    There are many reasons why it was a hoax…improbable chemistry, urban myth basis, too good to be true, over the top sexual stories. Has anyone seen a real drug addict hopped up on stimulants who isn’t skinny as hell? John does not have the PHYSIQUE nor the mentation of a bath salts addicted human being!

    I know he claimed in the bluelight thread that after awhile his appetite was increased….but that is utterly incompatible with adrenaline based stimulants that cause decreased GI transit and appetite. No other drug is like that…too good to be true from a junkie perspective.

    Bluelight was convincing as hell….it just wasn’t true. The pictures of the packages of bath salts apparently were real (I think John said that)….but keep in mind that they are sold legally there…so no laws were breached.

    Also keep in mind that all the rest of us were probably at the point you are with bluelight over a week ago…. In the meantime, we have seen and interacted with a very rational human being with a clear focus and mission.

    Argue all you want about how tough it is to tell when a hoaxter decides to finally tell the truth…it is clearly not making it easy for anyone. But, please move on from the blue light thing….most of the rest of us have already.

  111. anontheanonymous Avatar

    Let’s aim the lasers now

  112. Charlie Avatar

    Lol you hav to give John credit. he has truly annoyed the politicians in Belize tonight.

  113. Mark_13 Avatar

    X if you’re still reading this (which I doubt) as soon as you have details of the conditions under which McAfee is being held the better.

    Declaring someone insane is one of the easiest means for political oppression, going back to the days of Bedlam in 18th England and continuing on ever since (in the old Soviet Union and basically everywhere else too).Just waiting for some Belizean doctor (looking like Dr. Nick Riviera on the SImpson’s maybe) to come out and say reassuringly that McAfee is being treated for “exhaustion”.

  114. Erik Avatar

    So, supposedly the police have been doing a door-to-door search on the island for John and Sam. During this search, a post appears on this blog that they have been captured at the border…yet, according to the San Pedro mayor, they have not been caught. My guess is that John and Sam just narrowly escaped being found during the island search, and that post was an attempt at a diversion. They certainly weren’t caught, regardless; it would have caught on in the press by now.

  115. Living in Belize Avatar
    Living in Belize

    With a Smart Cellphone you pay for 1 hour from Belize to Europe about 7,50 US$. If you you use triple-up offers you pay finally 2,50 US$ for an hour. I call my family every second day and I always get connected immediately.
    Why everybody comes up with all those weird and often arrogant assumptions about Belize? And then worse everybody is getting to the worst conclusions based on those assumptions.

  116. David Avatar

    WOW first chance i have had to get here. So who’s comments should i believe about what is happening with john? quick poll would be grateful so i can weed out the trolls

  117. Charlie Avatar

    All a ruse to annoy the Belize Politicians.

  118. s.p Avatar

    I have. In fact I lived on Ambergris for about 3 yrs before running back to the U.S. The place is a f..king joke. Its is corrupt. The laws mean nothing. And the increase in crime has made it nearly impossible to exist there. Unless you want to sleep in a tree house in the jungle Belize is NOT a cheap place to live. Much of the crime exists because of the tremendous lack of education ( a large % do not finish H.S), lack of opportunities, and the necsssity to steal to survive. Talk to ANY AMERICAN that has lived in Belize and this will be confirmed. Real Estate Agents, Hotel owners, and people presently doing business in Belize may tell you other wise. And understandbly so, they do not want their livelihood to suffer….but trust me it is very very bad.

  119. Connie Avatar

    Is there an article I can read. Would love to know what happened.

  120. gh Avatar

    People close to McAfee, in the town of Carmelita, in the San Pedro area, had denied that he was captured. A police spokesman meanwhile said he had no information on a possible arrest.

    My pevious report ( awaiting moderation.)

  121. Charlie Avatar

    Anyone have any details about John being about 1/2 mile in Guatemala?

  122. Connie Avatar

    Too Funny! Thanks for sharing….lol

  123. popularidot Avatar

    One thing that was confusing for a while was that John insisted that he wanted to stay in Belize. It seemed absurd that a murder”suspect” who was either guilty or reasonably suspect-able of guilt to stay put and put himself out the way he has. So, if you were John and you really didnt want to leave, but knew also that detention without attention could be impossibly risky and unleveraged- then a delayed detention with attention would be the goal that would lead to a final understanding that didnt leave him broke or dead- and possibly lead to a way of continuing to live in Belize being far less susceptible to government encroachment in the future. if he was shot i doubt he was fleeing. cnn may have been the last thing necessary for John to finish what he started. Maybe he wants at this time to be detained- but with all of us and the rest of the world watching (and cheering;). The scary thing is that no one is a suspect. Whatever happened to the security people that John fired? Any of them upset with John?

  124. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    Reports from Belize tonight says Mayor of San Pedro, Police chief, San Pedro reporter and Minister of Security all say that McAfee has not been captured as of tonight

  125. shlong Avatar

    thats how we roll

  126. Craig Avatar

    I live, and have driven in most parts of Belize, it’s not as third world as other place in the world I’ve been.
    Certainly English would be understood in a lot of places, and spanish where it is not.

  127. JF Avatar


    That name showed up only once in connection with BzT, for an article written 50 yrs ago, by a lucky namesake. That was a clue to your trolling.

  128. Craig Avatar

    Actually, I live in Belize and right in the south (which is more spanish). YOU need to tell the truth. Mestizo or hispanic is ethnic not language.
    Kriol is just pigeon english.

    It’s only considered a 3rd world/developing country by the people that want it to be, it’s got far more resources and opportunity than other places.

    Let me guess, you’re a person newly moved here from a “developed” country?

  129. Detour Avatar

    Good Lord! I’ve been reading this blog all week and things are really getting off task/subject here. Prayers from North Carolina for John, Sam and The Crew….

  130. Ava Avatar

    John & Sam
    Thinking of you both! Hope you’re ok! I spent a summer in Belize so I understand the corruption there! It’s a beautiful country but unfortunately it’s corrupt! I’ve sent emails about your friends & hope it helps! We’re here for you & Sam if you need anything! Good luck & thinking of you both! Please stay safe!

  131. Nate Avatar

    That’s what I thought after posting. I suppose someone could use any name.

  132. BV Avatar


    The info you’re repeating are from Robert Taylor who had admitted to just playing.

    As Chad said, he will be gone for 4 days
    and X is the eyes and ears on the ground,
    so let’s pay attention to X’s posts so as not
    to add to all the confusion.

    Per X, no reporter has gone in to the Police HQ
    and even MS of CNN is still camped out

  133. WEB Avatar

    troll. not really Chad everyone.

  134. Nate Avatar

    I actually thought this after posting. I suppose anyone could use whatever name they wished.

  135. Charlie Avatar

    It seems to all be coming to an end.

  136. WEB Avatar

    not the real Chad

  137. Charlie Avatar

    Have a great vacation Chad. more interesting news to follow.

  138. Lolo Avatar

    Thank you.Isabel

  139. X Avatar

    The blog will stay up Chad and others are in constant communication no worries…………X

  140. Jeff Avatar

    I am a American and started a new business in Ambergris Caye back in 2005. It is a very dangerous and corrupt island. Warning to all Americans dont go there. Good Luck John….

  141. Name ... Avatar
    Name …

    Yes it’s Grammar! LOL

  142. Isabel Avatar

    Charlie, how do you know this??

  143. Lubricant Avatar

    if Chad is gone, then nobody here to keep the bad guys from pulling this blog down?

  144. Mike Long Avatar
    Mike Long

    I agree with Louis on this one

  145. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    Excuse me, I know we are all on edge here, but this conversation, about grammar, spelling , caps, I find boring and off point. Can we get back to the task at hand?
    “Who is John McAfee” , and Where, what , how and Why?
    You have made some informative and insightful posts on this blog, I want to hear more, please. without the bitchiness. It is unnecessary . Thank you

  146. OriginalWoman Avatar

    OMG!!!! So he has been,captured and shot???? I do believe this happened. The man,was in too much fear to pull a,sick hoax and srill be,on the run. My prayers are with him. Start revealing his other information Chad!!!! Wow, I hope all his fears do not come ro pass. ,

  147. Charlie Avatar


  148. Lubricant Avatar

    if Chad is absent, then nobody here to keep the bad guys from pulling this blog down?

  149. JF Avatar

    My google search picked up someone by that name who wrote an article for the paper in 1962, per 2nd comment to article cited. If the same person, he’d have to be at least in his 70s now. Maybe it’s a coincidence, or another person by the same name, or an imposter seeking sensation.

    If CNN has this story it would be breaking news now, or else they would seem to be acting in collusion with the authorities in an elaborate planned tracking trap via the arranged interview yesterday.

    This continuing saga has so many mysteries as yet unravelled. We’ve all been fed truth and lies.

  150. Louis McGlasson Avatar
    Louis McGlasson

    Debbie: I’ve thought of this too, but if you examine his comments carefully, you may find that his grammar isn’t up to what one would think are CNN’s standards.

  151. Andrew Avatar

    He could not kill a man. Computer gurus at best keyboard on the head can move.

  152. Lolo Avatar

    Elders are wise ,I believe you have a good grasp of the situation,I think you are spot on
    as the English say.We will see as this plays out.

  153. rumsrite Avatar


  154. SL Avatar

    Either way, all caps is rude and anyone who has been on the internet for any length of time knows this.

    It is not oppressive to request that someone temper their posts to make them more readable.

    Get over yourself.

    Oh and by the way, I have perfect hearing, but reading all caps makes me “hear” yelling because I say the words in my head when I read them.

  155. X Avatar

    Chad is gone Gringo………

  156. George Bush (not that one) Avatar
    George Bush (not that one)

    Why didn’t he boat out or fly???

  157. DanLandia Avatar

    I was googling Robert Taylor and wondered that myself. also Inverno (?)Vivas is an unusual name. Those two names appear in a recent crime story.

  158. European American Avatar
    European American

    Sadly, in a time where the malleable mind of the masses has turned to mush, children are no longer capable of coherently comprehending the learned ways of the elders. They will believe what they are told to believe.

  159. Debbie Avatar

    Santa Elena is a city in Northern Belize, right across the Mexican border with Subteniente Lopez, Quintana Roo.

  160. Johnny W Avatar
    Johnny W

    I have looked im looking now can you give coordinates to back up your claim? cause every map i see shows different from your claim. Do you know what coordinates are?

  161. nh Avatar

    BBB-reviewing Josh/Wired ebook, your hunch looks right. Amy said McAfee’s attention was focused on the other women. She “felt like complete shit around here”, “I don’t have a say anymore”. Such action by Amy would bring justice to the presumed dog killer and regain stature with John. I don’t think it was a setup as those were her words to Josh. There may be a flip side setup/distraction!

  162. getrealeh Avatar

    google the name robert taylor in belize and what you will find is a career criminal by that name not a Belize Times reporter. No legit reporter would come into a blog to announce breaking news if he had a scoop. He would be feverishly typing a news story for tomorrow. Just a red herrring.

  163. Isabel Avatar

    309 posts & counting. John is definitely not monitoring any longer.
    Connie, deaf or not, I prefer to type in capitols, because it’s easier. Also it’s how I stress a point. No need to take it personally.

  164. Dawn Avatar

    Mike: Right on. The N.Y. Times article puts more credence to McAfee’s disturbing behavior.

  165. DanLandia Avatar

    One little correction: there is a Santa Elena near the Mexican border.

  166. Isabel Avatar

    Well, at least we know that no posts are being deleted anymore. They all go straight to the board. Now I’d say that this is proof that John is no longer in control, which definitely points to his being captured, because he is a control freak. However where, when, & how, is yet to be determined

  167. Gringo Avatar

    There is a Robert Taylor at the Belize Times but it would not be difficult to find and use a reporters name in this day. Not accusing anyone but CHAD could you please post an update at least in comments to confirm or deny any of this.

  168. X Avatar

    John has not been shot no reporters have come or gone from HQ either. Martin Savidge is also still camping out at HQ and has not made any reports as of yet……And Chad has gone on vacation dont think any new post will come from here no sooner than 4 days………X

  169. Isabel Avatar

    Look at the map, Johnny W.

  170. Isabel Avatar

    Then maybe WE should take responsibility for OUR elected officials….. Bush, Cheney…. To name but a few. Mass murderers of thousands of Iraqis, all to possess the almighty oil & to line the pockets of Halliburton & many other contractors with billions of dollars…. At the taxpayer’s expense, meaning US! Good God, we should be talking.

  171. Pirateblood Avatar

    It’s not a 3rd world country?????

  172. Johnny W Avatar
    Johnny W

    Santa Elena is 9 miles from Guatemala? How did you come up with this? Very curious, X’s story seems the most accurate detail. And i dont think he is a reporter

  173. Isabel Avatar

    Well, now we have numerous reports of John’s capture, all from different areas of the country, as well as Mexico, as of this last post.
    One says he was captured in Belize near the border of Mexico, one says in Santa Elena near the Mexican border, even though Santa Elena & San Ignazio are 9 miles from Guatemala & nowhere near Mexico, & yet another report from “Bangkok” of all places, stating that Carmelita is near San Pedro, which is really ridiculous, as San Pedro is the town on Ambergris Caye, which is an island & Carmelita is near Orange Walk, which is many miles away & actually on the mainland. These idiots need to at least look at a map of Belize before “confirming” where John was supposedly captured.
    And now it’s reported that he was captured in Mexico & shot while fleeing. And yet he’s back in Belize & in custody?? I’d think that he’d be in a Mexican jail or hospital, because I doubt very seriously that they would just want him to be taken out of their country straightaway.
    It’s just amazing, but these so-called reporters are as hard to believe as John was at the outset. Just crazy. Any viable info with correct coordinants would be very welcome right now.

  174. BeFreeBeSafe Avatar

    he is guilty

  175. Gringo Avatar

    lol 🙂

  176. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    Thank you, Mr. Taylor.

  177. ManInBZE Avatar

    Actually, it’s quite easy. You just dial 001 + area code + number from any prepaid phone to call the US. Not even that expensive at about 80 cents a minute. I do it all the time.

  178. BeFreeBeSafe Avatar

    I agree

  179. Robert Carter Avatar
    Robert Carter

    Only caught this story lately. Don’t know John but have been to Belize. Had fun there but there was some sort of tension that I couldn’t put a finger on. I smell corruption and violence and I think JM had good reason to be paranoid. Perhaps his paranoia was enhanced by drugs. Who knows. All I can say is I hope he is innocent and is not made a scapegoat for his neighbours death.

  180. Connie Avatar

    I also believe that she was the first excerpt that Chad released to wired from his book.

  181. Isabel Avatar

    Perhaps the ones that were vicious & menacing were the 4 that were poisoned on that Friday night. There were many neighbors, as well as tourists, who complained & said the same things about the dogs, including the man who posted here that his wife received a serious bite from one of them & to whom John finally apologized to on this blog.

  182. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    Don’t take the remarks of the complainers and criticizers personally. You do a fine job of writing, in spite of being legally blind.

    Please continue to share your thoughts with us. We/I enjoy hearing from you.

  183. pwmm Avatar

    Credible?? When they can’t even get basic geography correct?????

  184. Seneca the elder Avatar
    Seneca the elder

    A few thoughts: They won’t kill him, he is worth nothing to them dead. Put him in jail for the rest of his life would be far better for them anyway–then they can remind him every day that they won the power struggle. Because that’s what this is now–he has made it so by going viral. if they weren’t pissed at him before he went on the run, they certainly will be by now, with all that he has claimed about them. Self fulfilling prophecy perhaps? Besides, there is all that cash flow potential if they keep him alive and in jail. They can solicit big bribes to get charges dropped or altered and then not deliver–what can he do about it? They can make him pay to get decent food, a better cell, medical, visits from his girlfriend even–how much would a multimillionaire pay for a conjugal visit with (one of) his girlfriends? I’m guessing lots, poor sot. Keep’m alive, milk’m for years, and laugh at him all the time, that’s the real revenge and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.

    I don’t know if his paranoia about planted evidence is justified or not, and given the media scrutiny this will have how easy that would be for the authorities to pull off even if they are actually so inclined. But if it is true they have no scruples about that as he and others have claimed, he will end up in jail for a looong time, on weapons and/or drugs charges at least, even without the murder issue.

    Of course, no one on this blog can know if he is innocent or guilty of anything, because at this point we really only have his word for it. And in general situations (not judging John in particular here) that is not a lot to go on, people usually do proclaim their innocence even when they are not, you will notice. But you will also notice that has not stopped many (most?) people here from making up their minds already. What is it that makes us so eager to rush to judgement? And then so sure we are right, even when we have so little to go on except our own hunches? Those hunches that will usually say more about us than they do about John or the facts of the case. Assuming we have much in the way of facts at his point, which btw is not a safe assumption.

    Because there is a chance that the rule of law will apply, he will be questioned and not charged for murder or drugs, and released ( or banged up on weapons charges for a year or two that he is accountable for) and not just because he has invited all the media attention, just because they did not find anything on him and they did not do anything to frame him after all. That’s not what he is claiming, but he could be wrong or excessively paranoid–it is at least a possibility.

    We really do not know the true situation never mind the evidence and should not assume we do. S’all I’m sayin’.

  185. Debbie Avatar

    Since Sam was released maybe she will come here and give updates?

  186. winston Avatar

    If it’s true all I can say is goddamnit. Yeah, goddamnit. Let’s form an army and go free John and Belize.

  187. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    bitch dog who bites
    that was my hunch after reading the first installment of Josh/wired article
    Was she looking for a treat or a pat on the head? She was being ousted by the family of five … and didn’t like it and knew that could get his attention.
    She also made comments ( according to Josh /Wired) that if anyone messed with her dogs or John , she would blow them away . Quien sabe? or was she being ” set up ” beforehand as a person of interest ? to take us off track? She was the first character introduced in the Wired piece:
    ” The Female Assassin”

  188. nh Avatar

    I don’t know about her involvement with gangs. It seems she was very street smart and had a hard life. If you read the Joshua Davis $.99 kindle download at location 562-564, Amy was “hysterical” at the loss of the dogs especially Mellow. It does appear to me that Joshua Davis was also thinking along these lines.

  189. tom Avatar

    if you truly want visitors to come without fear then take responsibility for your elected officials.

  190. Johnny Avatar

    Police and government officals know if John’s injured or killed in custody it will be headline news across the US and the world, so he’ll be treated with kid gloves during the investigations.

    Now the millions who, for the past 2 weeks, saw his interviews, read his blogs and comments, and commented themselves in this real-life reality story, need to write millions of emails to Belize politicans, government managers, and police officials demanding John be treated fairly and honourably during the murder and gun-licence-infraction investigations.

    The US Embassy should visit him in prison to show the Police they’re being watched and to bolster John’s confidence that the US government is monitoring him.

    Someone needs to post 100 or more emails of Belize politicians, government managers and workers, police officials, and anyone else in positions of authority who we can request that John be treated fairly.

  191. nh Avatar

    if I recall correctly, AIM was a part of AOL, not a standalone as was PowWow. I believe you originally had to subscribe to AOL which was a paid hourly service at that time, in order to use the instant messaging within it. PowWow only required an internet connection which was dialup modem at that time. I was a beta tester of AOL and had numerous e-mail accounts including [email protected]. When AOL went online, they gave me, as a beta tester, the generous offer to pay $3.95 per hour instead of the $4.95 per hour. I declined and ended my AOL accounts.

  192. Mentor Avatar


  193. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    yes, her previous boyfriend was the baddest in the land, and was murdered when in police custody. She is a mean dog who bites

  194. m.a. Avatar

    I don’t have much of an opinion on either Belize or John McAfee. We may never know what happened, and what is going to come down will come down. I just wish to hell people would learn how to or care about spelling and use correct grammer in these posts!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes the human race look like idiots!

  195. Jimbo Avatar

    godot, I think what’s throwing you is that a .38 special gun does not shoot a .38 diameter bullet. This from Wiki explains it better than I. “Despite its name, the caliber of the 38 Special cartridge is actually .357–.358 inches (9.0678 mm), with the “.38″ referring to the approximate diameter of the loaded brass case.”

  196. DanLandia Avatar

    This Santa Elena: ?? This makes sense in that there are plenty of “connections” there, and it’s on the BZ/MX border. This post has a whiff of truth to it.

  197. Debbie Avatar

    X is probably correct. There is a Vivas family in Saint Elena, according to the internet.

  198. Dawn Avatar

    Amen to that

  199. Connie Avatar

    Wasn’t she involved with gangs?

  200. N Avatar

    Or they are full of shit. Remember, the last people who raided him was the BSAG. Not the police, not the GSU. I honestly find it hard to believe the only source of information is X. That can be as credible as Donald Trump.

  201. Connie Avatar

    Would you please turn your caps off and quit screaming at us

  202. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    Those that know the most , say the least, and those that know the least, say the most .

  203. Debbie Avatar

    Maybe X set John up so CNN would have exclusive capture?

  204. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    OK, I give up, who is X? Is that a new handle today?

  205. Debbie Avatar

    X has to work for CNN and leaking info against his/her job terms.

  206. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    Thank you, X, for the updates.

  207. Fiona Avatar

    Interesting tweets between Sam Gustin and Howard Chua-Eoan (Time magazine) . ..

  208. kack Avatar

    ever here of GPS?

  209. X Avatar

    Sam and the unknown male Inmar Vivas have been released and have not been charged with anything. Just spoke with them outside police HQ. John was transported in a separate vehicle then her and Inmar. She refused to be interviewed by Martin Savidge along with Inmar, Neither Sam or Inmar have seen John nor spoke with him since they left Santa Elena in different vehicles. Sam is returning to the compound at this time. Inmar will return to Santa Elena. More updates to come………..X

  210. nh Avatar

    LOL nice to see a little humor in all of this.

  211. Simmons Avatar

    Also… Dogs arent treated quite the same in Belize as they are in the US or elsewhere. I have a hard time believing that an American would poison someones dogs in Belize when he was about to embark on a sailing voyage.

  212. Nestor Avatar

    I hope that in his case, like in the O.J. Simpson’s, we will soon find the real killers.

  213. ChrisG Avatar

    David you need to do some research, it’s as third world as a country gets.

  214. Simmons Avatar

    What I saw in Belize when I was there is a massive infrastructure problem. The Brits never did invest much capital there to improve the country in that manner.

  215. N Avatar

    I’d say this is the most credible information so far. I mean, who is X anyway?

  216. B Zoz Avatar
    B Zoz

    I remember being on house arrest with you on the other side. Some fat ass Mexican politician is probably still riding your motorcycle in Matzalan! Those were the ” Golden Years” .

  217. Fiona Avatar

    Have any of John’s peers publicly spoken up on his behalf? I mean in the course of 67 years he must have made a few friends in his “prior life” in the US – friends that are wealthy & known as well and who do not depend on his money or a cushy life provided by him? Are his only supporters people online he has never met and his Belize entourage that depend on him for money?

  218. X Avatar

    ? Care to explain Charlie?

  219. PA2SK Avatar


    A .38 is a 9 mm cartridge. Interestingly a .357 is also a 9 mm cartridge.

  220. terija Avatar

    John gave the CNN interview so we could all see him in person fearing the government, then he took off. We will not hear from him again, and like he planned we will assume they killed him.
    End of story.

  221. Simmons Avatar

    I visited Belize last winter and found the people to be very friendly, sincere, and easy to talk to. I would consider the people we met including our tour guides and hosts to be friends. That being said, I always had the feeling as a tourist that I was only allowed to see one aspect of Belize. On one ruin tour the guide pointed to one of Johns homes and said that was where Mr. Mcafee resided. Belize is a very complex country in which the residents dont seem to have many options. I cant imagine the government has the best interests of its citizens in mind. Foreigners are always seen as foreigners. I would imagine their value to the government would increase with their net worth.

  222. Hswiii Avatar

    If the govt is so bad and it is a well known fact they will extort them what fool would live there? His own profession of circumstance proves he is a fool. If he is innocent and they kill him he is getting exactly what he claims he knew would be his fate. If you jump out of planes and claim one out of 100 chutes fail, would you jump 101 times? In john’s case he knew the govt was going to shake him down, he stayed and now he is on the run. If he is captured and killed I will just say, he should have listened to himself. He could be living in Santa Fe, or Calif safe and sound. But for some reason he choose to live where he thought he could provide gifts to police and govt and stay out of trouble. Dumb move Einstein

    Ps: if your a media whore and on the run you never profess your case, love or otherwidse for anyone. It’s the oldest trick in the book. Don’t chase the man, chase and hold what he loves and he will come seeking them. Dumb shit, the reason they are holding your friends is because you care about them.

  223. terija Avatar

    John gave the CNN interview so he could bash the government in person, then he took off never to be heard from again. And we will all think they killed him.
    End of story.

  224. Charlie Avatar

    Where is the Like button?

  225. scruffy Avatar

    Nonetheless, godot, PowWow does seem (from what I read) to have added cross-platform functionality to the messaging systems existing at the time. I’m curious, what does your “some of us” comment refer to? Had you engineering something interesting along the lines of voip around that time?

  226. N Avatar

    You forgot 2pac and the aliens fom Area 51.

  227. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    Thank you, X. This is the first update we’ve had in hours.

    Please, another report soon.

  228. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    Dan, You figure it out. I am sure a freak like yourself has lots of time on a Saturday night to answer your own damn questions. Keep playin in the salts and who knows you may decide to eat your own face off 🙂

  229. Charlie Avatar

    X. John is much smarter than you give him credit for

  230. Mark_13 Avatar

    Of course CNN will break it, they set it up. Smart.

  231. Belize Citizen Avatar
    Belize Citizen

    Hey , I live in Belize..I have seen the cops here shoot a man in the back, plant a knife on him and refuse to take eye witness accounting. Its a big deal here to extort money from wealthy folks..It is very possible he in innocent and scared TO DEATH…

  232. Remy Avatar

    I was pulling for you … until I read up on your posts in the drug threads…. You had it all, and blew it to become a speed freak. Caveat emptor….

  233. WEB Avatar

    @Stan….. First, it’s Luka Magnotta. And second, have you read anything about John? Magnotta killed his boyfriend, then dismembered the body…while filming it of course. He then proceeded to mail pieces of Jun Lin’s body to different cities and locations ( a school in Vancouver ) in Canada. He was also no stranger to the police, who were working with the Animal Beta Project trying to track him down. It seems he enjoyed hurting things, having shown himself, live online, sucking the air out of a bag of kittens. His capture removed a psychopath from our world. HOW COULD HIS ACTIONS POSSIBLY BE, EVEN REMOTELY COMPARED TO JOHN’S? There are no similarities. John may seem eccentric to some, probably even himself, but he’s no animal killing~boyfriend slashing~body piece mailing psycho. PERIOD.
    Please start at the beginning of the blog, you will quickly learn that thank God, there is no comparison, and hopefully you’ll gain some insight into John’s ordeal, and the plight of Belize.

  234. godot Avatar

    @JMAS: From the link you cite:
    “PowWow was one of the first instant messaging programs to provide interoperability between multiple instant messaging clients and was compatible with both AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and Microsoft’s MSN Messenger.”

    This, in itself, documents that instant messaging from both AOL and MSN predated TribVoc. At this point in history some of us had already figured out how to add voice to these services.

    In a broader context, the same functionality referred to as IM existed on ASR-15 military teletypes in the 1950s.
    I’m sure PowWow had some unique new feature, but it certainly was NOT the genesis of instant messaging.

  235. Mark_13 Avatar

    -The praise to Wired was sarcastic I think
    -It doesn’t say it was an actual border crossing, just “at the Mexican Border”
    -The stock photo was one he used a couple of days ago as well.
    -Agree he seems genuinely spooked by the CNN interview.

  236. The Real Slim Mcafee Avatar
    The Real Slim Mcafee

    14 barking dogs next door. narsiasitic drug addicted sexual deviant living next door with 14 dogs waling from getting poofed up the butt by his face eating bath salts plugging hanger-on’s.. but he says he doesn’t have him in it to kill him? omg. if someone killed one of my pets there would be hell to pay. I’m not condoning murder but EVERYONE has it in them. it’s just a matter of lines in the sand and it sure looks like that line was crossed. fess up. pay the price. (ie. everything you own to stay out of jail).

  237. sophi Avatar

    As far as these type of governments, it’s highly possible. They can go as far as preparing a whole media circus in order to frame him and then kill him.

  238. Fiona Avatar

    Interesting that the global media have picked up that blog entry and published it all over – selling unconfirmed rumors as news.

    This is entire thing is excellent entertainment. A premiere – kind of like the “Real World” (first season in NYC) was for reality TV.

    Of course, I am still a doubter. Things just don’t add up. And one indiviual alone without a huge group of supporters is unable to overhaul an entire government and cultural way of thinking. John is just too intelligent to not be able to realize that.

  239. Guy Fawlkes Avatar
    Guy Fawlkes


  240. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    Been 6 hours 45 since last communique from John or Chad. I say we wait a bit.

  241. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    I think he might be taking a well deserved nap somewhere.(I hope) I heard him coughing a few times during yesterdays interview.. Could be from those cigg’s he says regretfully he took back up… He sure seems polite though speaking to the one interviewer. If him and sam are picked up at least we all have his side of the story not just what the media has put out.. I just hope that young girl doesn’t get hurt..I believe in his innocence . I do know his friends should be released . Like he stated They do not have anything to do with any of this….

  242. Rusty Avatar

    I’ll say it again. I have spent time in Belize. I know many expats and locals there. Corruption by the Government and Police is a well known fact. The Nation is sinking in it’s own excrement. When the British left, the ignorant began to rule. Whichever gang, err. . . political party wins an election, they begin to loot the coffers and place their cohorts in positions of power. John has long been a political threat to the current political party and it is very clear to anyone who knows Belize, that a which hunt is going on. This will not end well for the current government which ever way Johns troubles turn out.. Speak up. Act out. Force a change to happen. This corruption must be thrust forth into the light.
    God Speed John. I wish you well.

  243. John Wells Avatar
    John Wells

    This is just a two minute search from two news sources. Keep in mind these links are some of the many major crimes that actually get reported.

    The amount of robberies,muggings, rapes, burgluries, home invasions etc etc don’t make the news as it either goes unreported or kept out of the news so tourists and people retiring there/business investors would be scared away.

    The amount of police and govt corruption is unimaginable to someone from the U.S. or UK.
    My advice to anyone wanting to visit is STAY AWAY FROM BELIZE! Go to Hawaii or Tahiti..even Costa Rica is a better option.

  244. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    read the part about John founding this company PowWow was one of the first Internet instant message and chat programs for Windows. It was made by a company called Tribal Voice.

  245. CD Avatar

    Chad, will you please post something here to let us know that you are, indeed, running this site and let us know if John is ok, please?

  246. Mark_13 Avatar

    But the difference is, that the continuing propaganda about Osama was he was worse than Hitler. Of course that’s a feather in the cap to the military to capture him and publicize it (but in his case as well they actually just killed him and quickly “buried him at sea”.)

    In McAfee’s case, the GSU and so forth say they’re not even actively looking for him, imply that his crazy, and say they just want to question him (a line repeated to the letter by CNN). Why would they crow about capturing him when they’re not even supposed to be looking for him. To make him just disappear (i.e. kill him, don’t admit it and imply he’s gone on his own) seems like a viable option for them.

    But just to show I can play both sides of a fence, here’s an alternative scenario I thought earlier about posting:

    Say McAfee did kill Faull for poisoning all his dogs and knew he would have to go on the run and disappear. So he set it up to make CNN look like the culprit for ratting him out or just revealing his location through incompetence, (to settle a score he has with the media) and then make the GSU look responsible for killing him when he never shows up again (to settle a score he has with them). And the last blog entry about another dead dog is really in memoriam for all his dogs that died.

    No, I don’t think I believe all that. A simpler explanation leaves out all his supposed connivance in the above scenario.

    And then there’s the fact that only a couple of days ago, he told us the GSU et. al. had raided his compound and they denied it, but then he provided proof and they had to admit it the next day. McAfee has to get huge credibility ratings for that.

    And just trying to play out a scenario in my mind where either he personally or through an intermediary sneaks into Faulls home to kill him execution style, and then just leaves the body lying there to be discovered, its not plausible.

    Still processing your other post above.

  247. Dan Armeneau Avatar
    Dan Armeneau


  248. gh Avatar

    Time is the essence

  249. godot Avatar

    Invented instant messaging??? How do you figure? Maybe you’re confused and meant that he invented fire. Or the wheel. Get real, eh?

  250. truthseeker Avatar

    I thought at the beginning maybe the Government wants the property to get their hands on all the drugs that floats in the water right by his property. How perfect for drug running corrupt officials.

  251. Jimmy Avatar

    He says the story about him losing all his money “wasn’t very accurate”. I’m pretty sure he has about as much as he ever had. He took it all offshore to get away from lawsuit judgements and taxes. Smart fellow. And he had two big ideas: he also invented instant messaging. A lot smarter guy than you are.Lots of people are envious of his lifestyle and feel a certain way towards him, though. I am sure he is used to envious flamethrowing retards.

  252. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    I agree with you.

  253. Ojo Avatar

    Harmouch please read

    Not as nice as a stupid person might think.

  254. John Wells Avatar
    John Wells

    If you don’t believe Belize is a crap hole I suggest you spend some time there, take a stroll at night, be sure to wear your nice watch!

    Everyone that livest there or has spent any time there knows of the corruption, crime, murders by gangs and law enforcement etc. Most will not admit it and turn a blind eye.
    Do your research if you want to know the truth.

  255. Ojo Avatar

    John . . Do Not Trust the BTB or the Minister of Tourism.
    They are a pit of vipers.

  256. Dan Quinn Avatar

    And the E-thugs show themselves…lmao.You must me 31337. Tell you what, you post yours and I’ll post mine. Be sure not to use your tor browser

  257. Connie Avatar

    I don’t care what he did in his past.

  258. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    Please, I am an old lady, it this really necessary, to play cyberspace potty mouth , when there are more relevant issues to discuss?
    Why are you so mean, angry and crude , Sir?
    it is a distraction to the story at hand.
    Perhaps you will find on a more appropriate internet playground would be a more entertaining ?

  259. N Avatar

    I mean, they announced Osama getting killed quicker than this.

  260. GA Avatar

    Joke dumb ass! I am American and i know that. Quick to past judgement much! I hate America!!

  261. John Wells Avatar
    John Wells

    Dan is a classic troll.
    Jeleous, fat, broke and couldn’t get a girl if he tried. What an ass.

  262. Charlie Avatar

    If Belize is such a bad place, how has the Harmouch family done so well without armed guards, psychedelic drugs and prostitutes?

  263. John Wells Avatar
    John Wells

    Yeh no kidding. Also nore how poor the writing of these Belizians are. Honestly, my 10yo can spell and has better sentence structure. Bwahahaha. Morons!.

  264. godot Avatar

    @Jimbo: I call BS on your post:
    There are 25.4 mm to the inch by international decree.
    9 mm / 25.4 mm/inch = 0.35433 inches.
    That’s approximately 35 and one-half caliber in “gun-speak”.
    So a 9 mm diameter slug (.354″) is not even very close in size to a .38 caliber (.38″) slug.
    It’s called division. If you didn’t learn how to do it in grade school, that thing you’re typing on can do it for you.

  265. John Wells Avatar
    John Wells

    Hey Chad
    Can you post Dan Quinn’s info including IP for us so we can have some fun wih this moron.

  266. Hswiii Avatar

    This is BS don’t be a tool to this guy. He had one good idea. I great idea that he was paid $100 million for and he blew it. By any account anyone who goes thru 98% of their savings is a lousy investor. Now he is claiming to be running from an inocent rap, with a young girl who is looking to him to get out of poverty and he thinks he has a partner? I think about 10% of what is posted by the fake McAfee on this site has any truth to it.

  267. getrealeh Avatar

    I think John is entitled to time off. Even millionaires on the run should get some down time. I just regard this as an intermission–to be continued Monday. We could after all get back to our own mundane lives and not live vicariously for a couple of days with no ill effect.

    Bulkding tension and suspense is crucial to any good whodunit after all.

  268. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    Good article.

  269. maddmexicanadian Avatar

    Belize is thitd worla and mor corrupt than all but five other natios in the world. Where have you been David E. Conolly_

  270. godot Avatar

    If CNN were worried about their reputation, they’d begin reporting the news again.

  271. GA Avatar

    Who is they Jack ass?

  272. GA Avatar

    I pray it is true HA!HA! Dumb bastard deserves it! Since he was so afraid of the country and its people he should have left the first time he was raided for drugs. You lat down with dogs you wake up wit fleas! He is not even worth death by the hands of that country! just prove him guilty and lock him up on block 9

  273. GA Avatar

    Really you should be fighting for Belize we are a part of you. McAfee’s software was not even good. Shame on you

  274. Bandontherun Avatar

    I posted the aforementioned earlier: “Your a genius John. Let this story run for 2 or 3 days. Take a vacation from being on the lam.”

    Having said that. I was following Mac and his exploits in Belize before the Faull murder.

    I just want to say that when you follow Mac, things can and have blown up in real time right before your eyes.

  275. zman Avatar

    actually buddy they do

  276. John West Avatar
    John West

    He isn’t making Belize nor Belizeans look like quacks. The country is a shit hole now. Everyone knows this.

  277. Joe Blow Avatar
    Joe Blow

    This is ridiculous. According to Gizmodo, after his first arrest he sent 3 minions to find out more about the case; they were promptly charged with attempted bribery. Maybe John is running because he knows he can’t buy his way out of this one.

  278. Charlie Avatar

    Man up John. Turn yourself in, it will greatly improve your chances of survival and get this behind you.

  279. Charlie Avatar

    As far as I know, no country in Central or South America has the death penalty.

  280. Charlie Avatar

    Mexico, US, UK, etc all extradite to Belize.

  281. Turton Yellow Avatar
    Turton Yellow

    Can’t wait to c the movie:-)

  282. CD Avatar

    Thank you, I will read this…..this is actually really scary and it feels like this guys life is hanging in the balance and all we can do is wait for bits and morsels of posts received on this blog. I am becoming educated about Belize as we speak.

  283. CD Avatar

    So what are we/everyone concerned about this suppose to do? Are we so helpless that we have to wait for bits and morsels to show up on this blog? Who is running this blog? How are any of these posts proven to be by John? When was his last posting?

  284. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    CD, if you are truly interested please read the entire blog especially the Introduction and about the initial raid on April, 2012.
    In Belize, they can detain you for as long as they want, without pressing charges. The
    case can be tried and sentenced by a Judge appointed by the P.M., no jury of your peers necessary.
    People go missing, murdered, brutally beaten while in custody , they are found hanged with their hands handcuffed behind their back, or killed by inmates…. all the time. . It is not an unusual occurrence, it happens every day and it is even reported in the local news. More often these brutalities happen to those more invisible to the Eye , than “Who is John McAfee” .

    Meanwhile, hopefully, the murder of Mr. Faull will be solved ( unlikely, but possible)
    If you read the entire story thus far, it may answer you question His “case is stronger” because he is still free to LIve and tell the tale,
    There is much more to come… stay tuned . “He is just setting the table” .

  285. N Avatar

    It depends. Is e facing a death penalty?

  286. Chris Avatar

    I want to agree with you because it seems so surreal that something like this could possibly be playing out via a blog of all places. Is any of this true?

  287. n00z boy Avatar
    n00z boy

    Hope it is a mistake.

    Even though the opportunity for abuse and corruption is most disconcerting in this 3rd world expat haven he stands a better chance at justice than in many states of a crumbling America.

  288. CD Avatar

    Is anyone else questioning whether this is a farce or not? It all seems a little too surreal, however, I am by no means trying to imply it isn’t real, I just can’t believe this is unfolding before our eyes, via this blog, if it is a “real” event/blog. What does anyone else think?

  289. DanLandia Avatar

    The lack of updates, or any hard news is concerning. I looked at They have Belize Blogs. Click on active topics. The news pretty much shuts down on the weekends. Blog out of San Pedro may have most up to date news on this.

  290. Bobby Avatar

    If caught in another country he would simply be extradited back to Belize. Especially Mexico and the US.

  291. God (just like America) Avatar

    I’m wondering how old are all the posts on this blog?

    If you have been a very private person and you suddenly do a blog after the ahem…


    What you’ve got to do is get a lawyer. The best that money can buy…

  292. OriginalWoman Avatar

    If this is true, I am waiting on Chad to rekease the other postings that John,said would be revealed, if he was captured. If it is true, I hope he also has a great lawyer,and help from th,USA or the UK…..i pray that he comes out of this and it is not as bad as it sounds. Chad please let us know any update info. you have asap!!!

  293. Chris Avatar

    Is it possible for him to seek asylum somewhere for protection?

  294. CD Avatar

    I understand that the government is much different there but why would he run if he didn’t have something to hide? I am by no means saying he is guilty or knows of ANYTHING, I am just questioning how running could possibly make his case stronger. Can he seek asylum somewhere?

  295. ManInBZE Avatar

    Actually, I live in Belize and YOU need to do some research. Although not a Spanish country, Belize is almost 50% mestizo or hispanic and they are by far the single largest people group. It is an English-speaking country, although I’d say Kriol and Spanish are just as common as English. It is certainly considered a 3rd world country and a developing country. Also, he may not face a jury of his peers due to the new laws (Indictable Procedure Act and the Juries Act) that allow a person to be tried simply before a judge without a jury on murder and attempted murder charges. This was passed under the guise of preventing witness intimidation, but invites its own corruption is the judge is not perfect.

  296. turtleman Avatar

    They could but it is very unlikely. Despite everything that has been said about corruption, the rule of law exists in Belize and no one has ever “been disappeared” by the “legitimate authorities” nor has it been rumored to my knowledge. They would be gloating about catching him. After all, being eluded by a widely experienced, worldly and tech savvy genius, even in a small country, is not all that shameful.

  297. Dru Avatar

    They do speak Spanish in Belize. They also speak English, Creole, and Mayan among others. The “official language” is English but that means nothing.

    Drive 10 minutes inland and most of Belize is as third world as any place most of you have ever been – the ports tell a different tale to the vacationers.

  298. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    John … I hope you are making a move and I posted premature … prove me right on this one.

  299. Lost it all in Belize Avatar
    Lost it all in Belize

    I also live in Belize and have not heard anything. The government would be crowing about it if they caught John. This is just him dodging and swerving to avoid capture. Misinformation to throw people off his track. Or maybe he met up with a checkpoint and had to provide some “documentation” to get out of a jam. He will write soon, I am sure. He is not going down without a good fight, no matter what.

  300. getrealeh Avatar

    @Bonnie Robinson who said:” If this is Lisa beware i know where your sister works.. If this is you Gina . I will call the school…How important is your JOB” Please define “compassion… and truly feeeling a connection for other human beings”. I am confused.

  301. Mark_13 Avatar

    They could capture him and kill him and say he disappeared.

  302. Louis McGlasson Avatar
    Louis McGlasson

    You are right on on account: everybody is innocent until proven guilty. The rest that you wrote is just plain wrong: 1) Belize is NOT a Spanish-speaking country. It is technically NOT part of Latin America. It’s OFFICIAL language is ENGLISH. Look it up if you do not believe me. When are they going to start teaching geography again?
    2). Those third-world Spanish-speaking people settle their differences with violence is plainly a prejucial statement (prejudice: to pre judge) that is a gross generalization. SOME third-world Spanish-speaking people settle their differences with violence just as SOME first-wold English-speaking people do. The rest negotiate or use the judicial (yes, there are courts in Latin America). And, by the way, of course I’m sure you do not consider war to be a violent means to settle differences. Or is it only third-world Spanish-speaking people that engage in war?

    Finally, I would advise you to go to your local library and start reading some non-fiction books that would help you gain some insight into some of these issues, but with an OPEN MIND (if that’s possible). It is never too late to get an education!
    Good luck!

  303. fendidonna Avatar

    Double thanks to Anonymous from me.
    And please do not hold back, guys.
    Full force x

  304. getrealeh Avatar

    Wow this really shows you how intimidation is a way of life in Belize. Threatening sister and job over a difference of opinion.

  305. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    I hope it is not true.. He has said if he was to be captured he will be found dead. It will look like his life was taken by his own hands or by another inmate incarcerated… I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY SOME IN THIS SOCIETY FIND IT FUNNY TO DEGRADE AND SPOUT SO MUCH HATRED . WHY DO THEY BOTHER POSTING ON A BLOG THAT THEY DO NOT HAVE INTEREST IN??? Some of us are compassionate and truly feel a connection with other human beings and it’s pathetic to read some of the distasteful and hateful stupid garbage they write on this blog… I HOPE JOHN AND SAM ARE SAFE.

  306. N Avatar

    First, if he were to cross the border, wouldn’t crossing by boat be easier? Second, it’s probably safe to assume CNN wouldn’t rat him out and would take precautions in interviewing him. To do so would beng giving up a reputation CNN has spent billions on building. Lastly, if he were to get caught, I think the authorities would be quick to announce his capture as they look bad for not being able to track him.

  307. ohad Avatar

    Jesus christ, they don’t even speak Spanish there. Learn your facts.

  308. Larukanpai Avatar

    In the second segment from Nov 30 newscast where Barrow debates the opposition party, it is clear that the government can’t pay their debts…and the rascals at the top have spent everything in the piggy bank. Desperate times, for sure.

    Can anyone else confirm if the bond restructuring Barrow proposes (aka. we can’t pay what we promised, so here is half…take it or leave it) is related to the guaranteed 15% profit on Ashcroft’s telecommunications business… (the one Barrow nationalize and stole from him).

    Or did they issue a bond to raise money to meet that debt. Not clear on the sequence of who the bond holders are and who is getting shafted in the restucturing by PM Dean Barrow.

  309. David E. Conolly Avatar
    David E. Conolly

    @Alex.You need to do some research before you comment! Belize is NOT a Spanish country, it is a former British Colony, and 2. It is NOT a 3rd. world country. Mr. McAfee’s attempts to evade the justice system makes him look guilty, but I would rather he faces a jury of his peers. That’s why there are laws & a judicial system in modern countries.

  310. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    @poor bonnie…I am no fool. LMAO… Crazy looser Lisa Davis or Gina… My husband is right here engrossed and as intrigued as i am ..With this story and THE MAN so Get a If this is Lisa beware i know where your sister works.. If this is you Gina . I will call the school…How important is your JOB

  311. Larukanpai Avatar


    Thank you for the Vimeo link….I think we can watch the local news as it gets put up now.

    Always good to see the context firsthand. We automatically carry forward our own experiences with good infrastructure, property rights, and due process to how we see things.

    But you see in the commerticals and newscast abject poverty, immature media, poor infrastructure…and a general setting where unchecked tyranny might flourish…

    It may be appealing to some to just see the vacation/lounging side of life there….but there is clearly much more than that going on.

  312. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    He’s been silent for too long. Somethings wrong.

  313. Larukanpai Avatar

    The one peering through the fence was pretty darn cute, if you ask me 🙂

  314. turtleman Avatar

    There is no TV news on weekends or holidays in Belize, but I have been listening to the radio and there has been no mention of Mr. McAfee. Nothing moves very fast in Belize except bad news or a rumor and no one has called or text-ed Love FM which surely would have reported it. Rather they have been reading birthday greeting texts from listeners. Plus, and just as conclusively, if the authorities had apprehended him they would have been bragging about it already. Having lived in Belize for many years and experienced much, I can only conclude that Mr. McAfee is still a “free” man.

  315. Dano Avatar

    Should have went to Guatemala

  316. Bandontherun Avatar

    Your a genius John. Let this story run for 2 or 3 days. Take a vacation from being on the lam.

  317. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    My apologies. He owed a Lugger, according to Josh. And not that he killed the dogs with the Lugger. Apologies again

  318. getrealeh Avatar

    I have this mental image of John and Sam dressed in florescent beach cloting wearing sandwich signs at the Chetumel border crossing wearing sandwich signs saying “My name is John McAfee. I am wanted in Belize for questioning in a murder I did not commit Please wait until my lawyer and the international media get here before you put the cuffs on.” How else would the Belize police ever catch him? They are incompetent. Since most cops are illiterate it will take them at least 2 hours to get it translated.

  319. Amir Avatar

    I hope this is one of your practical jokes John. I really hope so.

  320. Amir Avatar

    No, please no. Let this be not true. Please God! I hope you’re safe and sound John.

  321. poor Bonnie Avatar

    Bonnie, I am so sorry to hear the news. Maybe you will get a reality show that follows you stalking John. I take it that you are single. He will be out soon. He is only there to answer questions.

    Women in Love with Prisoners

  322. don Avatar

    What makes Martin Savidge an expert to decide John’s answers are bizare? I have lived in Central America and saw first hand that just about everybody in any kind of authority somehow or other gets paid or what ever it is you want to happen or don’t want to happen will not get done…….All of Central America is a snake pit and if you go there stay with your tourist group or live there like a very poor and dumb native and keep your head low. I believe all of what John has said about the Government. I also think he got in over his head by challenging anybody who thinks they have power in a third world country (small brain ego problems). Remember what the PM said, who does he think he is. John, if they go down (which I doubt) they will go down burning in a fight you can not wage on your own….

  323. Jimmy Avatar

    I actually read through the entire thread at Bluelight and in the beginning, he was hailed as a folk hero who uncovered the holy grail. Later on, many more skeptical people started posting, including some people with knowledge of chemistry, and they were not at all convinced. He also never sounded paranoid or delusional in any of the posts. He exaggerated the hypersexual properties of Tan so much that you could tell it was tongue in cheek at that point. By the end of the thread, very few people still believed anything John was saying and they just wrapped up the thread. So not everyone thought he had any more experience with MDPV than could be gained from reading stuff on Erowid and talking to a few legitimate chemists about reactions. Also, there were only a few pictures of the Tan that he took and posted and they look like some rusty dirt on the bottom of the trays. Not much to go on with those pictures.

  324. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    Well, Chad or John, post something soon.

  325. Mark_13 Avatar

    Only Savidge of CNN was in Belize. McAfee only talked to CNBC by phone. The first question they asked him was “where are you?” Maybe CNN arranged an exclusive for the capture — bigger story for them, you know.

  326. $$ Avatar

    if he is fine why isnt he on here…telling all his bonkers stories..

  327. Gaby Avatar

    This message is for Dawn and Dan, both from the A Caye forum both hating John because they are from the tourism industry in Belize, . Read their comments on that blog. i am surprised they have shown up here.. So easy to kick a man when he is down ,shows great character.

  328. Gaby Avatar

    Please get off this blog. Glad to see you have stopped writing in all Caps and stopped shouting but you are enormously irritating and offense. Go gloat with your friends on the A Caye forum.

  329. JD Avatar

    He said he used a .38 revolver and a shotgun to shoot his poisoned dogs.

  330. Tina Avatar

    got that right…hahaha….the man is a quack trying to make Belizeans look like quacks.
    Not so, this time the white man is in deep doodoo for being the paranoid, murderous, drugged, hypersexual, moneycanbuyevveryonehere gringo mentality, of foreigners who constantly under-estimate the people of this small nation.

  331. Miller Avatar

    The CNN guy or CNBC could easily have a gps tracker with him.

    How could John be so naiv. Why didn’t he just skype or email cnn or cnbc.

  332. Refugee Avatar

    It was embarrassing but representative of what CNN and the rest of the mainstream US press has become.

    There are many questionable – perhaps even “bonkers” – elements to John’s evolving story but massive corruption, drug running, and bribery among Belizean authorities are not among them. It would not be “bonkers” to fear corrupt cops in Chicago or New Orleans or New York City much less in a third world pirate haven like Belize.

    CNN is a joke….

  333. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    Hooray for Anonymous. Love you guys!

  334. Larukanpai Avatar

    Here is Martin Savidge’s write up from the meeting on

    Half way down on the left, the second video appears to be new as well with shots of the dogs.

    It is pretty clear Mr. Savidge has made up his mind about the conclusion to be drawn from the facts, although he is reserving stating it.

    On a side note, does anyone else find his demeanor extremely snarky? Don’t know the man well enough to say myself other than his coverage of McAfee.

  335. Stupid Avatar

    How could he talked with the press ? Is he stupid ?
    Surely CNBC or CNN revealed his position.

  336. vorro the bear Avatar
    vorro the bear

    John they said on CNN that you take pride in your hair and teeth being yours and not fake. — you honestly have no caps?

  337. vorro the bear Avatar
    vorro the bear

    I just saw him too. hes fine.

  338. Heather Avatar

    Please keep us informed. Is there anything I can do to help? I started getting concrened when John didn’t post since yesterday. I’m glad you are helping him. John needs good people like you in his life. Did they get Sam too? I am praying John and Sam are okay. Thank you for letting us know what is going on.

  339. Refugee Avatar

    Very sorry to hear about this. Hope that Sam is safe. Good luck Stuffmonger!

  340. Refugee Avatar

    Connie – your loyalty is admirable but misplaced and you are naive.

    The consensus at BL was not that Stuffmonger was a troll – it was that he was confused about his “discovery” of the secret of “Tan” MDPV. Everyone there agreed then and now that the author of the “Stuffmonger” posts most certainly was extremely personally experienced with MDPV. There is great debate among underground drug experts about whether “Tan” MDPV was a different drug than MDPV, but most people on the quest for the “Tan” all these years agree that “Stuffmonger” was basically serious – just also psychotic on MDPV like everyone else who uses it steadily. There is no way John’s ‘prank’ cover story fooled anyone familiar with the plot….

  341. Lot Avatar

    That’s some fancy trolling ya got there cowboy.

  342. Jake the snake Avatar
    Jake the snake

    Not true just saw him 20 mins ago.

  343. WEB Avatar

    Do you know who made the original post about an hour and a half ago? Can you tell us if you recognized the number that called you? Most of us are really concerned for John & Sam. Thanks.

  344. Lot Avatar

    Judge without facts much?

  345. Mark_13 Avatar

    Possibly you’re Dawn Wells of Gilligan’s Island.

  346. Jeff Stephens Avatar
    Jeff Stephens

    I thought it was pretty odd for him to go to so much trouble for a hoax as well. But the chemical he was posting about is confirmed to be a myth/urban legend in and of itself, and wasn’t even started by him. There’s no evidence anywhere that this stuff ever existed or that his formulas could even possibly work. Experts have said that such a thing doesn’t exist and isn’t possible to make using his methods. While he had to know a lot about it to even post these things in the first place, I have serious doubts that he was attempting to make them. He had a legit lab, he was interested in antiseptics and supposedly sexual enhancers, depending on whose story you believe. It makes sense somewhat that he would know about chemistry and even have researched some of these chemicals if he was indeed looking for some type of “female viagra,” since part of the myth is that this stuff is the most potent aphrodisiac ever. The “Stuffmonger Tan” he posted about would be similar to me going on a Christian fanatic website and posting that I had found the holy grail or the ark of the covenant and submitting photos, descriptions, and history of where and how I supposedly found them. Experts would know I was full of shit, yet fanatics would be intrigued. and I would be laughing my ass off. All of these things are myths, including the “tan.” There is absolutely no evidence that any of them ever existed. Regardless of whether he was actually researching these chemicals or not isn’t even the point though. The whole issue now is the murder, of which I feel he is innocent.

  347. gh Avatar

    Latest Video news 50:30

    The Belize Special Assignment Group ( #BSAG ) is a Belizian special force

    Vidal designed the GSU himself, based on gang interdiction training he received from the US :“beat-down”-on-taylor’s-alley-residents/

  348. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    Is there any news about Sam? Chad please keep us informed. Thank you.

  349. Connie Avatar

    You can read the same thing on the MDPV thread on this blog. Copied exactly from the bluelight post. Here is what the final post from the thread’s moderator said about what John (stuffmonger) had posted on the blue light thread:

    08-03-2011 13:19
    “This thread is over 1k posts so it’s off to the archive, it’s either bullshit or synthesis (the chemical is claimed to be a seperate substance not just a base/different salt) but it has been an entertaining and confusing wild ride. Unless there’s any actual breakthrough etc I don’t deem it worthy of a new thread so PV discussion can continue in the megathread, back to business as usual.”

  350. Alex Avatar

    Are not people innocent until proven guilty? anyone could have killed that man. Its 3rd world in those Spanish countries. Every one settles disputes with violence.

    Look at Mexico, and for that matter Southern California Mexican Gangs killing everyone.

  351. turtleman Avatar

    Barring the possibility that the unidentified caller was using one of Mr. McAfee’s phones, the call was probably either a domestic call from the US or a GOB (Govt. of Belize) hoax. International calls from Belize are very expensive and your average Belizean is reluctant to make them, assuming they know how. Also, there is, if I recall, some difficulty in making an international call from a prepaid cellphone.

  352. Connie Avatar

    thanks for responding.

  353. Paul Anderson Avatar
    Paul Anderson

    Connie, I’m not sure because of the threading limitations if you are asking Dan that or me, but I have been to Belize. I was there in May to dive. And from my experience I happen to think it’s pretty corrupt, – which is one of the reasons I think JM was attracted to it. But when you play with fire, it sounds pretty ridiculous when you try to act SHOCKED that you got burned.

  354. Connie Avatar

    Just curious, have you ever been to Belize?

  355. Anonymous Avatar

    John gave persmission if he was caught for Anonymous to handle things.


  356. Craig Talbert Avatar

    If everything John’s been saying is true, I hope he’s able to show the world how corrupt the Belize government is.

  357. Paul Anderson Avatar
    Paul Anderson

    Dan, you’re exactly right. None of that story makes any sense. The time required to gain enough knowledge to fake those pictures is enough for rational people to understand that the bluelight postings were not a hoax but rather the attempt of a drug-sick mind to seek help in perfecting the ideal party drug he imagined he’d discovered.
    And Connie, the problem isn’t that he’s not perfect and therefore a murderer. The problem is that he’s an admitted liar who continues to be caught in obvious lies that he refuses to own up to, so he has trashed his own credibility.

  358. Mark_13 Avatar

    Martin Savidge I mean. Mistake by John I guess to trust that clown.

  359. turtleman Avatar

    Unlikely. There are just too many ways to slip into Mexico from Belize undetected. If Mr. McAfee does indeed have the experience he claims from the days when he was a smuggler, it is almost inconceivable that he would be apprehended in that way. But perhaps his success thus far may have fostered a bit of hubris and he slipped up. It would be a sad day if it is true.

  360. WEB Avatar

    Wow, Dan, you know a lot about bath salts. How does one know what the 10 most popular bath salts are, let alone recognize the packaging in a photo….unless……

  361. Mark_13 Avatar

    Thank you John Savidge of CNN. He described his disguise and revealed his location on air.

  362. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    He used a Luger to kill the dogs I think. Lugger use 9mm bullets.

  363. WEB Avatar

    totally agree Sproggit. According to John, it was a .38 caliber he used to put the dogs out of their misery. They took his 9 mm(s) in April, and have not returned them

  364. Sproggit Avatar


    I believe this is likely to be false.

    According to the official reports, Mr Faull was shot with a 9mm pistol at relatively close range.

    Mr McAfee has explained that he was the one that shot his own dogs, as he was forced to do after they were poisoned. In the post where he explained this he said that he used a shotgun and another firearm- a pistol, I believe – both of which he had ownership papers and licenses for.

    If all the evidence is as provided, then there is no way that Mr Faull could have been shot with the same weapon as Mr McAfee’s pets.

  365. john Avatar

    hope you get away john!

  366. Connie Avatar

    Thank you for your comment. I totally agree!

  367. WT Avatar

    Hopefully this isn’t true. Good luck John, Sam and everyone else involved.

  368. WEB Avatar

    No worries Connie. It will be equally as fun for us to watch them all back pedal when the truth comes out. They’re just sheep after all.

  369. Kevin Bacon Avatar
    Kevin Bacon

    If it’s true, the extortion games begin. He will have to pay big time to get out of the clutches of the gangsters in charge of Belize right now.

  370. WEB Avatar

    earlier on another thread a poster named Uncle Benji claimed that the slugs in the dogs matched the one in Mr. Faull. I asked him to substantiate that claim. He has not responded.

  371. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    Good Luck John if this is true … This is not over.

  372. getrealeh Avatar

    Havving CNN present, toourists and possibly your lawyer would not be a bad thing.

  373. Naomi Avatar

    Captured? He is not a criminal and has not been charged with any crime. He is wanted only for questioning…hopefully that is all they do.

  374. Kez Avatar

    I hope this is not true – and if it is, that the truth prevails and no harm comes to anyone…

  375. karen Morris Avatar

    Well If they stole $500 G of His Property and Have him captured who Knows what will Happen ?

  376. Jim Avatar

    Who is reporting this? Chad? I hope “captured” is an overstatement – I know that John has been “of interest” to the authorities but I’m confused about his fugitive status. I’d love it I some informed person reading this would give us a brief primer on Belizean law (to the extent that it is being followed in this case) – to my understanding, Mr. McAfee is not a suspect but is merely “of interest.” Has the ballistics study (if there was one) been released by the authorities? I know these comments/questions may seem naive but I’m sure that any real international legal assistance that he may receive at this point is going to be contingent on the answers, the real factual answers, to these questions.

  377. Leisa Avatar

    If they did capture him will they kill him too??

  378. Leisa Avatar

    I hope this is false!!

  379. getrealeh Avatar

    Having a lot of tourists as witnesses is a good plan if that is what went down.

  380. Naomi Avatar

    Please let it not be true!!!! Please let us know John if this is a false report,

  381. Sam Avatar

    Also hope it’s not true.
    Was talking to MSM a good idea – they have few, if any morals!
    Good luck from the UK.

  382. Prusa Avatar

    I was hoping for a longer chase than this.

  383. Sam Avatar

    Sending positive vibes from the UK.
    Good luck John.
    (Hope CNN didn’t stitch him up?!)

  384. McAfee4President Avatar

    Hope it’s not true…