Congratulations John!


Congratulations my friend! I know you’re a dog person.. but this is what ended up being doodled. (Plus, the internet is made of cats!)

I did this just moments ago. It will be great to sit and have that coffee. See you stateside. Safe travels my friend.

Huge regards,
Mr Chad!


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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Indonesia has no extradition treaty with the United States. Just sayin’…. You are welcome here.

  2. the post Avatar
    the post

    John, I’m not sure if you got my previous post on this but I just want to say that I re-read my complaint letter analysis and realized that it comes off as much more speculative than I meant it to. I did not proof read it well. I merely intended to state as many factual details as possible while bringing to light a few inconsistencies. I was not trying to formulate conspiracy theories. My hypothetical situations detailed the case of maximum corruption because that is the only case where releasing the information could jeopardize any kind of investigation. After further thought I have determined that many of my hypothetical speculative conclusions are simply not true. I’m sure you figured that out as soon as you read it. It is entirely possible that there was no foul play with respect to the complaint. I can think of a handful of legitimate scenarios that explain every detail. The truth is probably somewhere in between. I do not want to accuse anybody of wrongdoing; that was never my intention. I obviously do not have enough facts to back up any of those conditional and hypothetical claims. They were built on a mountain of assumptions and in hindsight I am embarrassed to have included them in an otherwise very detailed factual post. So please, if you post any of my information, stick to the facts and apparent inconsistencies. Thanks.

  3. Ralph Elliot Avatar
    Ralph Elliot

    Well done John!

  4. Knut Avatar

    Been watching from Norway. I am worried… what about Sam. Can you get her out? You 2 are a great match, sir 🙂

  5. newone Avatar

    I must say, I am just now really looking at all of this news. I’m not sure what to make of it, but it is very scary to think how many innocent people this happens to.

  6. David N Avatar
    David N

    Gee guys…John didn’t have anything to do with Mr. Faull’s death…the missing electronic devices are the key..the only thing missing if John had done this would be Mr Faull’s body. These devices are the root of crime on the island.

  7. Robert Avatar

    And that’s what I’m advising to all potential “paradise” seekers – don’t make your retirement or business decisions based on one week vacation in resort in Placencia or San Pedro. Go there and live for few months. I guarantee, that consider personal safety, lack of medical and other services, crime rate, corruption etc, you’ll never consider this place as a paradise. You’ll be cured forever from this false dream

  8. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Cannot say.

  9. Kathy Avatar

    Just wondering..Visited Ambergris Cay Jan. 2007 and were told by locals and hotel employees (won’t mention the name but it was a small family owned hotel on the beach), that they were not able to obtain Visas to the US because the PM of Belize had signed fraudulent passports used by the 9/11 terrorists and that he (whoever it was, not sure) had family ties to Pakistan..Is there any truth to that statement and if so has the US since that time let up on those sanctions? Just wondering since your girl is waiting on a Visa??
    Good Luck and hope you can return soon without anymore issues!!

  10. Dave Avatar

    RIght on John Mcafee. Wishing you the best from Canada! Be safe. Trust No one! Come visit us up here!

  11. Scott Avatar

    Here’s what I found amusing about the whole thing…..the press calling John paranoid. They raid his place do 500k in damage and don’t charge him…..things build to the point his neighbor who he is known to have a feud with is shot. Gee maybe I should stick around to see who they are gonna pin this on? Run forest run but by running you are labeled paranoid even though you are running in a 3rd world country always looking over your shoulder. My point is simple if during all this you are not paranoid then you are stupid.

    in regards to Sam you need to look out for yourself first period as without you their is no Sam.

    Find out your legal options re: deportation to Belise before going to any Country. As I posted prior you may wanna check out the Dominca.

    Lastly John Grats again on being a pioneer not of antivirus software but for a second time on this blog. This is going to make one heck of a movie…..just make sure it has a happy ending.


  12. grinch Avatar

    john, why do your comments not have the dark background anymore? [just noticed – and in times like these.. you know, little differences matter 😉 ]

    and a “update post” would be nice….
    is sam still locked down? some media report you’ll leave gtm as soon as possible…. somewhere here i’ve read a post of you that you won’t until she’s free as well (which say’s she’s not at the moment?)..
    and did you sell the rights for a movie about your life? … q over q….

    keep rockin’

  13. jj Avatar

    John So glad to hear your getting released and one step closer to being on safe soil. I hope Sam is ok and that you can bring her to. I can totally understand you not wanting to leave her behind and I know there is no way your going to do that. Shes your most valuable asset you have. And I have the feeling you KNOW it to. I could see you ditching your money and leaving it behind before you would ever ditch out on Sam and from the way she looks at you I know she aint going to ever ditch out on you either.

  14. jj Avatar

    Yes true the US would hold some one if Belize wanted to actually charge him and go threw the legal process. BUT They would not send any one to any country out side of the courtys legal system or a non judicial execution. For them to pick him up in the US and hold him they would have to atleast show the S that they have probable cause or evidence to even suspect him of a crime. IF they had any evidence at all they would of already done that and would at least have a warrant out on him to being him in for ?ing. Cept even in belize they require at least some thing for a judge to go thew the motions of signing a warrant. The fact they havent even tried is pretty much PROOF positive they dont even have so much as an accusation John was involved. Also if hes in the US and if there were to be any legal action brought agaist him they arnt going to send FBI agents to his house in the middle of the night with out a warrant. Or lye about going there for 5 days like the police in Belize did. NO on in the us law enforcement is going to take him down some dirt road and threw him in a ditch and deny ever even picking him up. nore is belize going to even try and request that of any one In the us. Or else they would be seriously tipping there hand on how corrupt they are.

  15. Heather Avatar

    Congratulations John on being released! I also look forward to watching the movie of your life! It sounds quite intriguing!

  16. Greg Avatar

    Glad to hear another frontline defender has made it … Keep it up.

  17. Kyle Avatar

    Great News Mr. McAfee, Been reading since the beginning. Safe travels.

  18. Scott Avatar

    John I have been following this from the start always wishing you well. I sent in all the e-mail to the links you requested. Take your time and format a plan as although a huge hurdle it is only one of many to come. Catch your breath find out about extradition and what countries would send you back before going anywhere, maybe the Dominica for a short time? In any event I am sincerely glad you are free enjoy a good cup of coffee and get ready for more battles.

  19. Rhonda Avatar

    What great advice from such a kind and caring soul! And if you need her services she is also a superhero to her friends!

  20. Smarsha Avatar

    OMG John! Congratulations! I wanted to tell my Belize stories so bad. What a brave man you are! As horrific as it has been, I know you will cry for Belize forever!!! It is just too sad what the citizens are subjected to…where will it go from here? What can we do to help? Famously, they will pretend this never happened…impossible to save face! It will be hard to leave all behind, but you are alive, enjoy the life you find. Speak truth to power…Go McAfee! I too, will cry for Belize forever! I miss it every day.

  21. Stephanie Pauline Avatar

    Good. What a feeling you will have when you set foot here at HOME. Will be good to have you back.

  22. metalhead Avatar

    fucking brilliant. the tinkerbell fireworks show made me cry one little indian tear when i was like 6. so awesome.

  23. brobriobri Avatar

    Jesus that was a close call. Glad to hear that things are looking up. Maybe not all blue skies yet, but at least you’re steering toward them. Congrats, John.

  24. metalhead Avatar

    naw its been down all along. part of the plan.

  25. metalhead Avatar

    dude dont start bashing religion here too please guys? doesnt every body have a right to beleive what they need to to sleep at night?

  26. Anwar Islam Avatar

    Well done Mr McAfee, I knew something wasn’t right, those case files and youtube broadcast put everything into perspective. Congrats! don’t forget the auto biography.

  27. nobody Avatar

    It made my day happier that you’re going to be released.

    Good luck!!

  28. Glyn Avatar

    If you decide to come to the UK bring some wooly socks cos its fucking freezing

  29. NimbleThimble Avatar

    Best of wishes from North Carolina. As I finished Sherlock Holmes I found McAfee on the lam. This would be an amazing film, I have read, and interpreted the whole just of all this. If you need anything what so ever, don’t hesitate, my dad is in NM, and is former FBI, I can relate to Sams uncle. She is smoking hot, something you won’t find in the states without spending big money for her. It’s worth the wait, true love is once in a lifetime and it seems like you’ve found “Rambette” to compliment Rambo ha ha. Can’t wait to wake up to what’s next. Well wishes brother! You got Corruption in Belize under the microscope, now it’s time for the scalpel. X

  30. Gaby Avatar

    Congratulations from France!!! I just woke up to the fantastic news! Wherever you and Sam decide to go, I am sure for your own safety that you will tell us after you are safely there. I wish you both a safe journey and much happiness together in the future. One can never fully appreciate the bond that the two have you have created throughout all of this. It is something very special that not everyone can either understand nor have the fortune to experience.

    If you need us, we are still here, wishing you the best and waiting patiently for your blog to continue when you can. You have made many friends here, you are a fortunate man…And Sam, a courageous women with a beautiful soul. Maybe you can have that virtual coffee with Chad as most likely you will not be heading staight to Portland. . My hat is off to him and all the others that so diligently suported you from behind the scenes. Great news!!!!! Don’t know the Visa restrictions but should you ever want to come to France, you are welcome here.

  31. DavidB Avatar

    Q- John, now that you barely made it out of your house alive, escaping by going undercover, eluded the largest manhunt in recent times, shone the light on rampant corruption in Belize – what will you do?

    A- I’m going to Disneyworld

  32. SK Avatar

    The house is probrably looted by now. Dogs are probrably roaming the streets. Hopefully a neighbor will take them in.

  33. DB Avatar

    and Chad, the cat is fitting, John is one cool cat!

  34. DB Avatar

    Chad, you truly are a great friend of John, and you have done an amazing job maintaining this blog. I am looking forward to the book.

    Congrats to you, John, and may Sam’s travel issues be resolved very soon. You both are remarkable, strong & stubborn people. We have a match! Best wishes

  35. SK Avatar

    John, just move to Central Pennsylvania. Lets go take a trip down memory lane. Go visit your old stomping grounds in Virginia and just regroup and get back to your core person of who you are and where you came from. I understand your a person who likes to live adventure…You lived in Southern NM where the weather is great 300 days of the year (I lived there too—Las Cruces)…and then you upped it by moving to beautiful Belize… unfortunately you got tangled up in some unsavory business. Time to regroup. Get back to who you are and where you came from. Compared to Belize, its not looking so bad, right?

  36. SK Avatar

    John, I dont know how your gonna pull off this Sam thing. Your gonna wait for Sam for 15 days in Guatemala. Your safer in jail than out on the streets.

    Meanwhile, you took this 3rd world village girl on the run with you. Your going to wait for her? and then bring her on your travels to USA or England? She’s probrably never traveled out of her country before… Dont you think she’s going to miss her parents at some point? How will she ever return to her village to visit with her family? By joining you on your run, essentially she can never return to her village to see her family ever again.

  37. SK Avatar

    go thru Mexico? Thats like Belize’s mentor in the world of corruption. I used to live on the border. Mexico aint much better. He’d get caught in Mexico and then be extradited back to Belize.

  38. JW Avatar

    If need be, come thru Mexico. I’m 1.25hrs north of the San Yesdro crossing. Can always get Sam some crossing docs or drivers lic borrowed from one of the lil latinas around here for cheap. Then just drive right acrosd in the car with a couple other girls gone shopping for the day.

  39. SK Avatar

    John, I cant wait to wake up in the morning and google your name and see pictures of you out of jail & free

  40. Drs. Theo Savenije-Bröcker Avatar
    Drs. Theo Savenije-Bröcker

    We are really happy for you mate, I never believed the story, so go quickly back to the USA.
    Take care and have a great Christmas with+, greeting from SRI LANKA. Theo

  41. jonie Avatar

    congrats, and good news re yr friends. glad you didnt letnthe bastards get you down!

  42. jonie Avatar

    and good news re your friens’release

  43. AJ Avatar

    Grand news! I’ve been following everything and given my experience, it seems that you have done all and much more than most are able to – and in turn you have leant voice to others who are in dire need. Be safe but keep up the work. You are making a difference.

  44. jonie Avatar

    you sir are my new hero
    way to go

  45. SK Avatar

    John, can we Skype or Oovoo?

  46. SK Avatar

    John, I cant sleep! I am soo excited for you! But your not out of the woods yet. I have a feeling your not coming to the USA just yet. Your going to England first, I bet.

  47. John McAfee Avatar

    I never drop my guard.

  48. John McAfee Avatar

    The letter was from Marco Vidal, head of the gsu. The letter was sent in the morning the day the dody was discovered. The GSU were not at that time, nor at any time since involved in the investigation. I think we have some serious proof of ill-intent by the GSU. A detailed post about this and other strange events – specifically the letter allegedly sent by Gregg Faul to the town council complaining of the dogs. There are wierd inconsistencies. coming in the same post.

  49. Dan Avatar

    I wouldn’t drop my guard yet.

  50. SK Avatar

    John, come to Pennsylvania!

  51. Paul Bear Avatar

    I believe “God is good” even when bad stuff is happening… Read the book of Job and you’ll understand. Comment was not connected to this circumstance… I was quoting a comment once posted by someone claiming to be John… how can you judge my faith that way? You don’t even know me… I wrote a lot of letters (some viral) for a man whom my faith/religion led me to defend…

  52. jjones Avatar

    Interesting… Belize police called Jeff Wise to publicize the Faul murder and point the finger at McAfee the next day (link after quote).
    Not standard police work I would think. This supports McAfee’s reason for concern IMHO.

    >I received a curt e-mail from a police official in
    >Belize on Nov. 11, “It may interest you to know
    >that there was a murder yesterday in San Pedro
    >Town, Ambergris Caye and McAfee is the prime

  53. Holly Avatar

    Hi John, I wish you and Sam much happiness and health and sunshine and all good things. I can see that you’re already receiving lots of good advice. Whatever you decide, please remember that judges can change their minds and please make haste to leave Guatemala.

    I’ve become fascinated by your and Sam’s story, which also led me to reading about Jacob Ostreicher, who is wrongly imprisoned in Bolivia. He was ordered to be released but on his way out of jail, the judge changed his mind and Jacob couldn’t get out. Here’s the link.

    So please … don’t delay, get out of there as soon as you can!!!

  54. OJO Avatar

    Join the club.

  55. Danman Avatar

    Search the net, there is worldwide anger over the US extraditing many from other countries that have never set foot in the US but rarely extradite US citizens to other countries. Belize will never formally clear him. They rarely investigate or solve crimes. Looking at the State Department website i read the extradition request will require the GOB to present probable cause that John committed the crime. If they can, they then need to demonstrate that he will not be subjected to torture, inhumane treatment, or be mistreated. The well documented experience of other Americans in the prisons of Belize show the GOB cannot seriously argue that their prisons are nothing but hell holes and prisoners are systematically are treated inhumanely. When I asked my attorney friend what are the chances of an American being extradited to a central American country she started laughing. She said I had a better chance of winning the lottery. That is the difference between the law as it is written and as it really works. Besides, if Belize tries to extradite John from the US, he can always go to Britain, he has citizenship there also.

  56. johan taharin Avatar
    johan taharin

    malaysia’s prayer is answered!!!!! come to malaysia and i’ll show you chicks n party by the tropics!!!

    enjoy john!

  57. Crimson Tide Avatar
    Crimson Tide

    Roll Tide!

  58. Annie Avatar

    Thank you. Last I seen it the “waiting moderation” was gone so it looked like it was live 😉

  59. Kim Avatar

    John I know this sounds insignificant at such a time, but what will become of your dogs in Belize?

  60. Annie Avatar

    Please remove my last post. It has personal information in it.

  61. Emma Avatar

    Everyone have a lovely night. Go John. 🙂

  62. iceesurfer Avatar

    With All due respect, It;s the Same God that allowed 8+ raids on an Innocent Man, and all the robbery and terroristic behaviour…

    I get it, When in trouble, pray. When it;s over, “See it worked..” Oh, the twisted logic. JM’s resourcefulness and to a certain extent Good karma regarding those who helped, made this happen. Karma is from a non dogmatic religion.

  63. Emma Avatar

    Paul I sent you an email of me. Thanks. 😛

  64. iceesurfer Avatar

    Costa Rica has similar if not identical problems regarding security. One bad day, and all One had worked to set up —- gone.

  65. Emma Avatar

    Paul is my new bf. 😛

  66. Kris from Hungary Avatar
    Kris from Hungary

    CONGRATS, John! You made it. It’s been a hell of a ride. I’m glad you two are ok. Take Sam wherever both of you can go right now and let the immigration lawyers arrange the Visa for her in the meantime. Good luck and take care!
    Best regards from South Africa,
    P.S. : if you came to SA (non of you need a Visa for 30 days) you are welcome in my house.

  67. iceesurfer Avatar

    hahaha…. sorry.

  68. Paul Bear Avatar

    Oh, and thanks so much Chad…

  69. Emma Avatar

    That is very nice Paul. God be with you. I have been praying for John from day one. 🙂

  70. Emma Avatar

    Crazy Larry what you just said is very sad. Get a freaking life. Thank you. Ugh!

  71. s.p Avatar

    So true Robert…….. I lived in San Pedro for 4 yrs before heading back to the U.S. It took me a about an entire year just to get most of my brain back. Between the bribes I had to pay, being robbed many many times and dealing with the massive corruption, I just could not take it anymore. EVERY single day I worried about my safety and about getting my things stolen. It is no way to live!! As you are aware, it is something that no one can understand unless they haved lived in Bze. People complain about the U.S, Canada, etc…….. but go live in a place like Belize for 6 months and you will have a whole difeent outlook on where you are from. Glad you are safe and living back in the real world.

  72. Paul Bear Avatar

    “God is good” good bye (means “God be with you”)

  73. Emma Avatar

    Great job Chad and Harold. Thank you so much. Vice, Booooooooooo!!!!


  74. Paul Bear Avatar

    Well, said I wasn’t going to come here again, because seemed to be nearly over… release must be immanent I told Chad… How I could be so exactly right? …Congrats, John, but think about this… maybe God had something to do with it all… “Thank God for sanity” and second chances, too…

  75. Paul Bear Avatar

    Well, said I wasn’t going to come here again, because seemed to be nearly over… release must be immanent I told Chad… How I could be so exactly right? …Congrats, John, but think about this… maybe God had something to do with it all… “Thank God for sanity” and second chances, too…

  76. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    My attorneys can’t get the answers this late, but the question is what country in the Caribbean or elsewhere nonstop that has NO extradition treaty with Belize. It may be a British or Dutch territory for all I know, but it is short notice to be sure. Problem is that for murder god forbid, there is very few places. Even worse, just the charge from Belize will certainly open up John for massive civil suits in the US. So the drama is certainly no over, John will be fighting for a while. John, if you are reading this, you must zen and let the team work on this, nothing except step one needs to be done quickly. The rest of it is a process and you should not stress.

  77. Emma Avatar

    Congrats sir. Just got here. I think you are hot for your age. My man is 60 and I am 46. Short woman are like Sam and me. 🙂 am 98 lbs, I have been praying for you. Enjoy the USA. xoxoxo

    Love you to both.

  78. Chris Avatar

    Thank you for telling the world about the corruption in Belize. It is important that other people realize that moving to a tropical third world country is not always all it’s cracked up to be. It is important that people know that governance is not perfect and is not always fair. Thank you for all you have done in that regard. I am happy that you are going to be released and enjoy your plane ride back to the USA or wherever you decide to go from Guatemala.

  79. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    If you were an attorney you would know there is no appeals process on extradition. And there is no political provision or human right issue, it is simply if Belize continues the frame, and creates a charge, the US is required to comply period. As soon as a charge would be issued, John would be detained, then Belize would have either 60 or 90 days to complete the formal request. Its just a process and he would be given up. It will require a trial for the charge of course, but in Belize. It ain’t fun. And if they want to save face they will do it. That is why I had said John go somewhere until he is formally cleared in Belize, otherwise the troubles may not be over. Really? For Johns money they will. Sorry did not mean to come across tough, but I am very nervous about the ease of which John is being let go from Guat, where they will drop him, and if this is a deal already made.

  80. Petra Avatar

    He wasn’t charged with anything!

  81. Kyle Avatar

    Thanks John for being a beacon of positivity in the world, and Sam for supporting John with such heart. This adventure has been educational regarding the corruption in Belize; but not only educational. Peoples lives and the choices they make will change, hopefully for the better because of this shared experience. Thanks to all the posters on here re their own experiences in Belize. I vacationed on Ambergris Caye last spring, looked at different businesses for sale and the openness and experiences of others on this blog has been helpful in me crossing off Belize re any semi-retirement plans. I will contact the Mennonite Central Committee up here in Canada to volunteer. Perhaps they can do some good for Belizeans outside of the ‘tourist trade’ in the interior region(s) of Belize. I encourage everyone to occasionally reflect on John’s experience, (in the weeks, months and years from now) and to turn off their t.v.’s from time to time and do something to help make a difference in the world. May whatever God all respectfully believe in be with you and with John, Sam and family. Cheers from Canada.

  82. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    Augusta 109

  83. Griselda Avatar

    Congratulations John! I love the doodle Chad, -sis

  84. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    Congratulations John! This news got me smiling head to toe…hummin a little tune, Purple Sky by Kid Rock. BTW, it is a love song! so…from me, to you and Sam. Thank God you are not going to Belize!

  85. Chris Avatar

    Congrats John! Who did you pay off? 🙂

  86. Annie K. Avatar
    Annie K.

    John, I feel so relieved for you and honestly just had a dream that I might have the same outcome. I came to Belize 12 years ago and unfortunately invested in a business that I cannot leave without selling. I live inside a compound, with dogs, a security system and I try to be home before dark. A virtual prisoner. Try to not be notice in public so that you become a target again…and pray that someone comes and wants my business and the land it is on so that I can return to my home in the U.S. and not go to bed at night listening with fear when my shepards start up. I sleep with a machette under my bed, a can of bear spray at my bedside, my steel bat from my days as a shortstop (that was a long time ago) and knives placed throughout the house where I can maybe have a chance if they come back. Your video on Belize is clear and accurate. People coming to this country and doing what I call a “fly by” have no idea what is beneith the tourist surface they see. My very best wishes are with you to start your life again and leave this nightmare behind you. The Very Best To You…

  87. Smart Move Avatar
    Smart Move

    I advise you move quickly to an unknown location in another country. Take Sam with you, and have a little vacation! Below are listed the countries that Sam can enter without visa. Take your time to make next decisions from a secure location, where you control all the activity. From your refuge country, you can best plan how to get Sam into USA.
    I have gotten a US Tourist Visa, in one day, for my “unqualified young girlfriend”. This is practically impossible, but since I did it once in a special circumstance, if you are in a hurry then we can give it a try. US Embassy’s do have the power to issue Sam a visa in one day. We could try in Guatemala (might be easier there), but why take any chances? Best you & Sam use your passports to legally leave Guatemala, and legally enter another friendly country that does not require visa. Contact me if you want to get a quick visa for Sam to enter the USA. Be pleased to meet you to help (can bring my 18 year old girlfriend). Great game you played — I am 67 years old, experienced, and in perfect health, and I could not have done all you did! I am impressed with what the internet can accomplish!!
    If you have a passport from Belize, you can visit these countries without getting a visa before your trip:
    Visa-free entry (or visa-on-arrival) valid for 6 months
    Antigua and Barbuda
    Barbados Dominica
    Guyana United Kingdom
    Visa-free entry (or visa-on-arrival) valid for 183 days
    Visa-free entry (or visa-on-arrival) valid for 180 days
    Mexico Panama
    Visa-free entry (or visa-on-arrival) valid for 4 months
    Visa-free entry (or visa-on-arrival) valid for 3 months
    El Salvador
    Honduras Hong Kong
    Kenya Uruguay
    Visa-free entry (or visa-on-arrival) valid for 90 days
    Colombia Costa Rica
    Nicaragua2 Venezuela

    1Visa-on-arrival fee: USD52.
    2Visa-on-arrival fee: USD10.
    Visa-free entry (or visa-on-arrival) valid for 1 month
    Lebanon Malaysia
    Visa-free entry (or visa-on-arrival) valid for 30 days
    Egypt1 South Africa

    Smart Move advises to finish this adventure with caution, considering the extradition information given in above posts.

  88. Danman Avatar

    Belize would have to file formal charges first. I believe they would need to present their evidence at an extradition hearing in the US. The country is on the edge of bankruptcy and I doubt will even attempt such a move. Our court system, with its appeals process moves very slow. Then extradition can be blocked based on the very real human rights violation of the GOB. Really, how many Americans get extradited, especially to third world countries?

  89. JB Avatar


    This whole saga has been fascinating, and the end result for me has been an eye opening new understanding of corruption in thirld world countries. The story of Jasmine has created heart ache for me, and I have found myself drawn to thoughts of how I could in some small way help BZ. I am sure that was a driver of much of your compassion for the people of BZ. So glad your safe and I agree with all that you should leave right away, Sam is safe and is not in danger, I fear BZ will do all they can to keep you from leaving….mayeb ask if you can be senbt to the UK, sound slike if Sam has her passport you both could go straight ot the UK together. So glad to hear this great news…..

  90. Veronica L Avatar
    Veronica L

    Fantastic news! We are all rooting for you, John!

  91. Nate Avatar

    Well done and congrats to you John.

    Youre my No1 rebel with a cause!!!

    Stay Interesting!!!!

  92. WEB Avatar

    This is great news….I’m so glad this chapter is about to end. What about you and Sam staying at the US Embassy until her visa can be arranged. I understand you not wanting to leave her, but I also worry for the safety of both of you. Worth a thought? Excuse me while I….woooo hoooo. 🙂

  93. Tony Man Avatar
    Tony Man

    Chad, we can see you have been a good friend to John..
    your drawings are fantastic

    Thanks for helping me..
    take care

    Om Shanti

  94. Coldlaker Avatar

    Congrats again

  95. Heather Avatar

    This is great news. It is about time they let an innocent man free. Harold has been doing a great job posting and putting the negative and rude bloggers in their place. Good job.Chad is a true friend. Glad you will be able to have that coffee with him soon. Excited for you and Sam to be in the states. We have lovely weather and year round fishing in Florida. Hope Sam’s visa gets approved soon. Maybe you will finally be able to get some sleep. Best wishes to you and Sam:)
    Health and happiness,

    Oh, btw why aren’t your posts in the black box now?

  96. Mary Scottsdale Avatar
    Mary Scottsdale
    This says there IS an extradition treaty with the USA… your atty should quickly research, tell you best place to go, take care of Sam, and get you to safety, and in a place Sam can go.

  97. Lucinda Avatar

    Chad, You’ve done a GREAT Job Keeping The public informed of what’s Going on! You are a good FRIEND To John! Thanks! 🙂

  98. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter


  99. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter
    I did a little homework. I suggest until you are formally cleared by Belize, you hop to a safe place like I don’t know where for now. Just saying…

  100. Shane wyatt Avatar
    Shane wyatt

    It is now john McAFREE!!!!!!

  101. s.p Avatar

    Hi John: A big Congrats!! happy you were not forced to go back to that Hell Hole.I too once lived in SP and have a serious bone to pick with bze. The corruption just fucked me as well. When things settle down would love to discuss some things with you. What is your email address?

    Safe travels.

  102. Essley Avatar

    Congratulations! I hope you and Chad get that chance for a cup of coffee. He is not only an amazing friend to so many, but a wonderful brother:)

  103. Robert Carter Avatar
    Robert Carter

    Great to hear John. I’m impressed by your determination and resolve to get the truth out there. We have been to Belize and frankly didn’t feel all that trusting of officialdom. The people were great. Perhaps you will be able to return there some day once all this is cleared up but not now. Time to get to safety with Sam and regroup. Cheers & good luck.

  104. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    Hello John, please check a couple things, like does Belize have any extradition treaty with the US? If so, don’t go yet. US will detain if requested, they (US) will NOT violate any treaty request, and no legal recourse except short delay. (I funded friends similar effort and it was a horrific experience to see US favor against its own) Call no public airline, charter only. No mistakes this time, please have the best of advice and plan very carefully. Tough to out think bureaucratic bs and even a Senator could not help my guy.

  105. Shane wyatt Avatar
    Shane wyatt

    Congrats john! When you get to the US, you stay put lol.

  106. OzKiwi Avatar



  107. Robert Avatar

    Hi John,
    Glad you will be free soon. I spent almost 2 years in Belize and I do understand the fear. The so called paradise is an illusion, sooner people will understand, the better. I ended up having armed body guards around the house I was living in with my family and I almost kiss the Canadian soil upon return. Go back to US or other civilized country and never look back to the tropical paradise as it’s often can turn into the hell.

  108. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    Chad does Rock…Cant wait to be first in line at the book signing “The Hinterland” when it’s ready. I know it will be a best seller….. WHOOHOO!!!! Hey Chad we just checked your official page. You are amazingly talented…

  109. visitor Avatar


  110. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins

    80 Mangusta Express

  111. iceesurfer Avatar

    Is there any significance to the lack of one digit on the R hand of the Cartoon Cat..? Did Barrow Extricate it….? Him a go done.

  112. iceesurfer Avatar

    Hahaha… Who;s Bonkers now..?

  113. sdJim Avatar

    anyone else find it odd that all the recent posts by “John” dont have the black background???

    Anyways…. congrats John!!!!! been waiting for weeks to hear some good news for you!!

  114. Kathleen Carrera Avatar
    Kathleen Carrera

    Hey John,
    Thats the best news I’ve heard all day!

  115. Petra Avatar

    Your story won’t end here in the good ol U.S. of A. but all of our prayers have been answered that it didn’t end in the place you’ve been either. CONGRATULATIONS! Best of luck in your journey that follows. God Bless!

  116. Craig Avatar

    Message To SAM – We are also thinking about you tonight praying for BOTH your safety and hope for both to travel and leave together-may it be so and continue to keep him in you site! Happy for both and don’t let your guard down!

  117. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins

    Dear John,

    There is a way out you and Sam can leave tomorrow I assure you. Sam will be in your arms and your feet will never touch the ground of central America until deemed necessary. It’s a simple international extraction technique. You will have all the convenience of home, with a similar beach front view if you would like.

    Best regards,
    Greg Jenkins

  118. metalhead Avatar

    god bless. btw any news on what mentor said about sam and barrows? that guys scary.

  119. Alisha Avatar

    Thats great, so happy for you John and Sam!! I was worried for a minute, I know you must feel much more at ease now, congrats!! 🙂

  120. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. Nothing is predestined. The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings Congratulations John and Samantha. “sending peace & blessing’s” from Portland Oregon

  121. common sense Avatar
    common sense

    Chad rocks!

  122. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    That should say detention center

  123. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Yeah, I was thinking too.. John is 67 years old. If the Belize police wanted to talk to him that badly couldn’t they have gone to the Guatemalan detention genteel and questioned him. He has been held and tortured long enough. His health was affected. He was chain smoking and wound up in the hospital…

  124. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    John has a true friend in Mr. Chad.

    Cheers Chad

  125. Nate Avatar

    Everybody be quiet, the Belizian news has just reported that PM Barrow burst into flames after looking at Chad’s Congratulations illustration.

  126. John McAfee Avatar

    You guys are great

  127. Miguel Avatar

    we werent gonna let you go back to Belize John!!!!! We are HERE with you

  128. Connie Avatar


    You are such a great artist! I wish I could doodle anything remotely close to your “doodle”! John is lucky to have a loyal and devoted friend such as yourself. Thank you for all you’ve done.

  129. Craig Avatar

    Nice Chad Very Nice now let’s get Sam out too

  130. Ryan Avatar

    Great news – hope that you land on US soil soon. Amazing and fascinating what has been happening though – almost unreal. Be interesting to see how things unfold once you are safe. All the best John.

  131. John McAfee Avatar

    You have helped a lot. Thank you.

  132. AC Avatar

    Been waiting…watching…..Thank God!

  133. John McAfee Avatar

    takes more than Vice to bring a man down

  134. Patrick Avatar

    Yippee! How about that Vice!?