John to leave detention at 9:00 A.M. this morning

John will be released from detention at 9:00 A.M., Guatemala Time, from the Immigration detention center in Guatemals City.  He has not divulged his plans.


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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Jeff, what are you talking about? Mr. McAfee went into hiding BEFORE the death of Mr. Faull. Have you bothered to read this blog?

    You sound like a disgruntled Belizean civil servant.

  2. Jeff Kennedy Avatar
    Jeff Kennedy

    This is all very interesting. It’s kind of funny that 99% of the people on this blog are all supporters of John McAfee. I do believe in the notion of “innocent until proven guilty” but have you all forgotten the fact that a man died here. He was murdered. Immediately after this happened John (Harold) goes into hiding, flees the country, enters another country illegally, and blitzes the entire world media with accusations of corrupt government, refusals to pay biibes, and fear for his life if questioned. IF QUESTIONED!!! Why haven’t we heard of any of this so called corruption and fear until now? Until his neighbor was MURDERED? Am I the only human being reading any of this with any common sense? Congratulations, John, for having escaped having to answer any questions in the wrongful death of your next door neighbor, an American. Good thing all this didn’t happen here IN AMERICA.

  3. Paulo Avatar

    Hi All, so according to my watch it is around 2:30 in Guatemala, and I was wondering if there was any confirmation that he is out, or what? I haven’t seen any news on CNN.

    I’ve been intrigued by this story, because a few years ago, I almost, (for a split second) considered Belize as a place to settle down to in the near future.

    Apart of all that, I guess I have been wondering since this story first came out, as to why an expat American would choose Belize? Don’t most rich Americans prefer Costa Rica or something?

  4. Chris Avatar

    Just read that you are on a flight to Miami. Welcome back to the USA.

  5. Chris Avatar

    Hahaha! Nice! I was wondering who Harold M was. 🙂

  6. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    If you have a computer, believe me my “freind”, is because they let you have a computer!!!.
    Is no way you were going to have a computer whitout them not knowing.
    By the way, the only reason you were detained is because you were toooooo tempting.
    Detained to let you go a week later?
    They didn’t know was illegal to keep you detained, but just a week later they realize it?
    You my “freind” were just a good Christmas for authorities, but you know that.

  7. fred Avatar

    Bloomberg breaking news..John bieng deported to USA on AA flight to Miami today at 3:30 pm.. He talked with Bloomberg on the phone for 1 minute

  8. To-Help-You-Gain-Support. Avatar

    Goog Luck 😉

  9. To-Help-You-Gain-Support. Avatar

    Protect your Proof= John ok. Photo’s of damage at home and what not ..

    do not post this
    And Best of Luck
    No need to eamil Now fella.

    Call you need anything

  10. Susie S. Avatar
    Susie S.

    Hi John,
    God bless. Hope you find safe passage to wherever it is you are headed. I hope your blog is correct and you are now out of jail. It is frightening to consider that the Belizean government would kill an American and then fame another. It is DEFINITELY now a spot to where I will NEVER visit. I hope you are able to retrieve your important possessions – or at least find someone to do that for you. It will say a lot about the corruption of their government with how much of your stuff goes missing! I hope you can bring that to light as well. Funny how easily authorities there will line their pockets, huh? Wishing you well, John… but really, for Heaven’s sake…twenty-somethings????? Come-onnnnnnn!

  11. KMonet Avatar

    John – very happy that you are well. Travel back to the US-it is home and home is always better than anywhere. I believe you because I know what it means refusing to bribe someone in the LDCs…once you make an enemy there then all is over for you in that Country. It is honorable to refuse corruption but that is not your country that you should fight for their freedom to the extent of extinguishing your own life. Come back home and fight for equal share of the pie between the middleclass and the wealthy…that is the battle at hand right now here and you can lend a hand.
    The truth always comes out in the no worries. This too shall pass and you shall once again continue your genius invention that we crave and need in this world.
    Take care and be safe.

  12. maria Avatar

    John , I am so happy you finally out in guatemalan prison. The whole world is always with you and America and so the rest of other countries will never turn you down, go back to the place where you are not in danger and restart your life with you sam. May you have peace of heart and mind. Everything that had happened their is always reasons and only God knows the reasons. You risk your life not for yourself but to the life of belizeans who suffered pain for decade. God use you for a reason to save other lives and make the next generations be happy. It is time to unlock the skeleton i nthe closet of the island belize! have a safe trip back to America!

  13. WEB Avatar

    You’re one of the few who stood up for John’s innocence and against the corruption. The others you live around should be ashamed of themselves,. You, TT, sound like a cool guy. It was nice to see support for John from that part of the globe. Thanks.

  14. Gina Avatar

    So happy that you are safe and our pleas are working. You said you wanted tough questions and I have one or two lol, You have pronounced your love for Sam and your intent to marry her, my question is this: You have stated that you had several girlfriends and that you like woman, Sam doesn’t strike me as the type of girl to share her man. Can you at some point explain this piece of the story and where she stands on the other girlfriends that shared your bed? Also you stated over and over that Belize is your home, now you want to come back to the US, which obviously is in your best interest. Do you still feel Belize is your home and wish to return there once all of this mess simmers down? Best wishes to you both in your journey to normalcy…. I’m just a little confused and would appreciate clarification so that I can feel good about supporting you.

  15. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    Thanks for the update Harold …

    John … maybe lease a boat in International waters until Sam is ready to go.

    Good Luck to you both

  16. Michelle Avatar

    Hiya John. I guess it shows you that the govt on the Belize side of the fence really isn’t all that brilliant. It wasn’t really all that difficult to discern, from a cushy chair here in Toronto, whom Harold was. Especially since you didn’t even try to hide the fact in your writing cadence and style. I maintain a lot of the thinking I’ve had from the very beginning. The field always appears very different from the hub. The truth is in the shadows… despite what’s written here.

  17. SL Avatar

    So this means you are now free from detention?

  18. Joe Avatar

    Good luck in getting McAfee to hang onto a woman for 23 MONTHS… LOL

  19. fujiwara Avatar

    LMAO! Hilarous! Looking forward to that scene in the upcoming movie! 😛

  20. Smart Move Avatar
    Smart Move

    John, if you will not leave without Sam, and it is your desire to return immediately to USA, then realize that the Counsel General in Citizen Services at US Embassy in Guatemala can issue a single entry tourist visa to Sam so she can leave with you. In the past I once obtained this visa for my young girlfriend in one day with no red-tape bureaucracy (she would have never been granted visa without my enforcing my rights at the embassy). You should be able to get this visa for Sam with no assistance from a lawyer or anyone else. If you need help on this, then contact me and I will come to assist you with my special status, at my expense. You must to get into a safe location, as dangerous individuals have to silence you, or they lose everything. Belize Government may create false charges to issue an arrest warrant, and seek extrication, so make contingency plans.

  21. Medicaribe Avatar

    Bon Voyage

  22. JB Avatar

    You are one sly cookie….I love the creativity!!

  23. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Harold M. Is me – John McAfee. In an effort to stop me from from blogging, Belize lobbied Guatemala to remove my access to the Internet to ensure that I could no longer use my only tool in my fight. I was allowed telephone privileges, and that’s all. I managed to get a laptop and a usb modem smuggled in, which I hid under my mattress. I apologize for the deception. I could not log in as myself, because the government is watching the blog.

  24. T Johnson Avatar
    T Johnson

    As a friend and Belize property owner, I am glad to ditch the T.J name used in the San Pedro papers comments and here til I had to change it to this one cause some (another?) asshole named TJ took an opposing view. Godspeed John and please don’t call me Johnson, lol.

  25. Jan Avatar

    Thank You Harold M for keeping us all updated about John. Only a few more minutes and your friend will be free. God Bless John and Sam!

  26. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    John…who is Harold M.?

  27. Linda Dee Avatar
    Linda Dee

    Already done…thanks for the luck…I recall the best advise….”I want you in my life…but I am not your life.”….YES, I was very jealous in the beginning….peace and Merry Christmas.

  28. Craig Avatar

    Thanks for all the updates from Harold M.. We are going to miss him as many have been sitting on the edge of our seats for the past weeks on a daily basis- Harold M. posts have kept us from falling off that preverbal seat and from going bonkers!

  29. DB Avatar

    Yahoo! Don’t allow any media to take photos!
    Best wishes on your continuing efforts to find freedom in a safe enviroment. I really hope things work out for Sam quicklyl, I truly admire her, and she needs to be safe as well.

    Once you can safely do so, let us know how it goes. Take care, John

  30. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Good luck in removing jealousy from relationships:)

  31. ramster Avatar

    Good News! Take your lady and go to a safe place and restore yourselvs, you just have been through a major adventure time to debrief. And by safe place i mean safe not El Salvador 😉 Come and visit me in SE Asia 555

  32. Craig Avatar

    ☕I second that!☕

  33. Leslie Sherman Avatar
    Leslie Sherman

    Godspeed – up,up and AWAY!!!

  34. Linda Dee Avatar
    Linda Dee

    FIRST POST, but have been following for months….as a married woman of 23+years…..If Sam truly loves YOU…she will let you do anything to remain safe… unacceptable in any relationship…may god bless and guide ALL involved…you and Sam seem to have some very good friends…….peace out!

  35. Lady from Belize Avatar
    Lady from Belize

    It’s the eye of the tiger…’s the thrill of the fight……..rising up to the challenge of your rivals.!!!!

  36. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Three people were shot and killed by a gunman at a shopping mall in Portland, Oregon yesterday. There is a real strange case going on involving a young 14 year old boy who was shot and killed by his own neighbor in Florida and it is very clear that he was murdered yet his murderer walks free and the courts just toy with this case like it is a toy at their disposal. I would seriously consider where you are going and make sure that in your mind it is safe. I am not 100% sure that Florida is the best choice right now.

  37. Dave Avatar

    Airport John! GTF outta there!

    Glad your free. Its vicious how the world threw you under the rug!

    Awesome story. I hope you get richer telling it all!

    Time for real friends bro. Dont let all of this break your feelings for the good people that DO exist.

  38. matt Avatar

    this is great news. to all of those who were unsure from day 1, just read and listen to all john has given us on this blog and through interviews. it is clear that he is a good man caught in a terrible situation. be free, john! and come say hello when you are in virginia!

  39. Gaby Avatar

    Good luck. private jet for UK, Brian F.? Commercial flight may be risky.

  40. deratski Avatar

    Take care of business & keep a low profile & DO NOT cause any controversy!

    Best WISHES!

  41. DJ Avatar

    Just read that John has given rights for his life story. That’s great! Also is great that he is being freed from his current situation. Now, when will the media stop faning the flames by using the term “murder suspect.?” It just rips me. Good luck John.

  42. Johnaut Avatar

    Head to the Airport and The USA , Good Luck .

    You are a fighter……Keep us posted

  43. Scott Avatar

    Into a cab….air port please.

  44. Indianladycn Avatar

    Yeah!!! Take a deep breath and enjoy. Lots of love coming your way John. Hold on to Sam and make her feel safe, which I know you will. See you soon.