A Morning Serenade..


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  1. SL Avatar

    Short interview with John McAfee on Engadget:


    The Engadget Show 45: Security with Cory Doctorow, John McAfee …

    We kick things off with one of the strangest (and raciest) segments in Engadget Show history: a visit to the set of John McAfee’s latest web video. The one-time …

  2. Robert Gemerek Avatar

    quite beautiful, I enjoyed it. Good to see someone in their 60’s enjoying life so much.

  3. beau blue Avatar

    Well, I see you’ve finally decided to make use of your left hand while at the piano. Your playing has improved because of it. JJ

  4. Powerisastateofmind Avatar

    Brilliant playing John. Suits you.

  5. tropicalady Avatar

    A little known fact about an amazing man that I wouldn’t throw out of my bed for eating crackers, but then ……..I am way too old. thanks John. Music makes me romantic.

  6. SL Avatar

    That was beautiful John.I had read that you enjoyed playing the piano and was hoping sometime you would post yourself playing. Janice is very lucky indeed.