Instructions for accessing the RAW / RE EDIT footage will be on as of August 31st 2013


26 responses to “JOHN MCAFEE TELLS ALL / RAW”

  1. Operator Avatar

    In the future someone will invent Glados……and John will make her a whore 🙂

  2. icysurfer Avatar

    We all do, Anthony…Just Look at the Guy – JM’s a survivor, Fo’ Sho..!

  3. icysurfer Avatar

    well done, JM… hahaha….

  4. Car News Avatar

    Hilarious! Curios to see what people have done with this video.

  5. Mary Flodin Avatar

    Dear Mr. McAfee, Imagine my surprise when I reverently googled the enlightened spiritual sage who wrote Secret of the Yamas, in order to seek permission to quote a passage from your book in my sweet little novel, … and I discovered all of this. Really? The John McAfee who wrote A Spiritual Guide to Yoga is the same guy as . . . Well, I can’t quite fit it all together in my head yet, but I’d still like to quote a small passage from your Chastity chapter. Permission? Seriously. (I’m laughing as I write. What a discovery. You’ve knocked enlightenment into a new quantum ballpark.) Mary Flodin

  6. Anthony Avatar

    Seems to me like John is that good guy in a dark world who helps you through many obstacles, only to die at the end.

  7. Rob B. Avatar
    Rob B.

    HAHAHA I was wondering when you were going to do another video. Cheers to you good sir, thanks for staying classy

  8. Virginia Mannino Avatar

    Well, that was one weirdo video. AND the smoking jacket should have been blue. However, this is not why I ventured here, but rather to tell you I heard you on Coast to Coast and wow, what a great interview. I wondered if you were in Belize to search out ayawaska and was delightfully pleased it was actually for antibiotics! However, if you were also checking out ayawaska that too was quite acceptable. I thought I’ve lived a “colorful life” but you beat me. bravo. Should you wish to continue your plant research I’m happy to help. I think there is a gov. property (unused) we could get reasonable & it is on Lake Lainer, giving us the fresh water source. Let me know if you want me to check into this & give you the details. It looks to be an abandoned park. Really pretty too. Okay, have a great evening. I’ll be looking for you book.

  9. Joseph Taylor Avatar

    I worked at NAI and met Bill Larson in 1999. He was a shmuck. NAI never once mentioned your name while I worked there.

    Seems that you have it all together by this video, I do hope you know there is a God greater than yourself and all others who offers eternal life. You know the rest of the pitch. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Aristotle Avatar

    We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

  11. Bill Avatar

    Wow on some of these comments. I’m not here to pimp out my body or beg for a job. I just wanted to say fuckin awesome video. Keep’em coming!

  12. Bryce Avatar

    I really appreciate your humor and the way you show irreverence toward higher authority. Matches my feelings and attitude.

    I know you’re a busy guy and I’m no tech genius but I could see myself working for you.

    Keep up the good fight and you have support. More than you know.

    Thank you

  13. John Avatar

    You sir are awesome. I would love to work with you on any development projects!

  14. Sluggowski Avatar

    John, I saw you on the news the other day in Silicon Valley. Finally, an eccentric millionaire who tells the truth!

    Are you really looking for talent (technical, that is)? Put me on your list. I want to be your biographer.



  15. Jada Avatar

    Hello Kind Sir- If you ever tire of young, hot women trying to kill you, then send me a message; I give my solemn vow not to harm you (unless you are unable to survive my cooking or have a heart attack during by mind-blowing coitus). Cheers! {;-)

  16. Christy Avatar


  17. patric Avatar

    Nice Video,
    i hope i can see more.
    need more of this free spirit.
    Sorry for my bad english.
    Friendly regards from Germany.

  18. MizKitty Avatar

    you and Anthony Bourdain are the sovereigns of snark.
    Love it. I didnt know that you were soooo funny. I wet myself over the how to remove video. tsk tsk

  19. gisela wrage Avatar
    gisela wrage

    Dear Johnny, yes, you have an awesome humor..believe me *_*…if you can make public my oilpics of your website? cos i havent one

  20. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    Loved the street scene John.


  21. stash Avatar

    I\\’m in awe by your \\”raw\\” Mr. McAfee ~ thank you ! ? …

  22. Kurt Avatar

    Some great stuff John, love the whole attitude, and as entertaining as this is, how about we try and try and fix the world now 🙂

  23. Jeremy Avatar

    You are Fucking awesome man, keep doing what you do and im sure were going to see some pretty “creative” uses of this footage lol

  24. Bob R Avatar
    Bob R

    You are the man McAfee. Wish that I could meet and hang out with you. What a fun World it must be.

  25. jumpin-jack-flash Avatar

    Don’t know why I like you John….but I do!
    Perhaps it’s our like-mindedness when it comes to resisting the rising tide of conformity.
    At any rate, it’s inspiring to see you alive and kicking and refusing to ‘grow up’ whatever the hell that means..

  26. Alain Avatar

    Great humour…….raw and true