‘Love, sex, action, jail. Antivirus pioneer John McAfee selling his life story

Antivirus pioneer John McAfee selling life story by The Toronto Star

The international fugitive John McAfee captured headlines last year fleeing Belize police. Now, he’s filmed a documentary about his life with a Montreal company.

mcafee filming documentary

By: Jessica McDiarmid News reporter,  Published on Fri Jul 05 2013

MONT TREMBLANT, QUE.—The southern town of John McAfee’s youth was a quiet place in the 1950s.

  It was an era that seemed, to the young British-born boy with an abusive father, plastic and artificial, one in which everyone was dying of boredom.

  So the boy, who would decades later found the ubiquitous antivirus software, changed it, leading the neighbourhood boys out into the forest surrounding Salem, Va., where they built their own world: of freedom, without adults or chores or calls for dinner.

“And it was great,” says McAfee, a tall, lean 67-year-old now. “We got to escape from the real world and create our own.”

He’s been doing it ever since.



13 responses to “‘Love, sex, action, jail. Antivirus pioneer John McAfee selling his life story”

  1. John Dohh Avatar
    John Dohh

    I remember I first installed McAfee on my Windows 95 computer it made me feel safe lol but I never heard or knew about you until I saw the bad mouthing documentary on showtime, all I have to say is you kill my dogs I’ll kill you too! I’ll work for you if you need someone reliable I would send you my resume I have more intelligence and job experience than anyone I’ve ever met

  2. techarmor Avatar

    Well said @mark. Welcome back JM. We look forward to your ideas and implementing them.

  3. ryan morris Avatar
    ryan morris

    are u seriously hiding in a pill box out in the hills? wtf thats so akward

  4. Mark Talmont Avatar
    Mark Talmont

    A classic “CoastToCoast” featuring Mr. McAfee the night of Oct. 23rd. Appreciative of the (rare) straight talk regarding the health scare website fiasco and was relieved to finally get the real story behind the Belize scandal. The presentation of these events I got from the mainstream news media bore little or no resemblance to the reality of the situation as described by John. Welcome back to the U.S. and I hope your formidable intellect can be brought to bear on our troubling domestic situation what with the apparent implosion of what not so long ago was considered to be basic civil liberties.

  5. Jonathan Avatar

    Im eagerly awaiting to hear the documentary come from the original source instead of having it travel through multiple layers and end up distorting more than it gets right.

    For what its worth, Sir Richard Branson does not have a damn thing on you. Keep your head up, and hope you end up reclaiming all of your rightful possessions from Belize

  6. Lorent Kara Avatar

    It is a pleasure that finally that nightmare is over and you are back in business in the U.S.A.

  7. J-I-jo Avatar

    just a by curiosity who shot this picture?

  8. Ruben Avatar

    Don’t know why you didn’t answer my question. Anyhow just letting you know I saw one of your books getting auctioned off,

  9. Ruben Avatar

    Hey, are you a freemason?

  10. johnfan Avatar

    Mine too icy, sometime life hits you hard. But faith is what keeps me going.

  11. icysurfer Avatar

    I can completely concur. My life has been similar,
    albeit less lucrative.

  12. gwragedd Avatar

    ….it seems so, we have had an similarly childhood….*_*

  13. SL Avatar

    Thank you for posting this. It is always nice to read articles about you that are new and fresh.

    I am glad to see the media is slowly moving themselves away from sensationalism, misrepresentations and citing themselves as sources.

    Also thank you for keeping us up-do-date on what’s going on with all the projects…and with you 🙂