transcript of Second Anthony Rhaburn Tape

This transcript was made by a fluent Creole speaker.  The English may not be up to par but I have left it as I received it, rather than risk “interference” and clean it up.  It is intelligible:  (the BDF, mentioned in the ttape, is the Belizean Army).

Juni- Mr. Tony! Tony- what’s going on. what do you have for me

Juni- I saw the guy.  he was acting like a bitch

Tony- which one? And what dose it have to do with what I talk with you .

Juni-noel he like to talk

Tony-but we are related

Juni- the guy say that I have been give to many problem when is the last ime you hear me giving trouble.and my mom wants me to go back an work  ,but you don’t want to see anyone taking advantage of you right tony

tony-  fuck no I donÕt that is why I came out of that place thank god,that same day when I went I should go back to work I shoot a deer and gibnut (peccary)  I am Am donewith these mother fuckers

juni-so when will you be ready for us to do the move.

Tony-well we have to wait a couple more days cause we can not be in a hury.

Juni-okay Tony you need to stay away from there and donÕt go around them,I donÕt even want them to come around me or speck to me even noel cause he is a mother fucker.

Juni- you don’t have the men number either right we need to get it.

Tony- that’s not hard to get that is the fastest thing to do

Juni-if you call them are you sure they are going to come

Tony-I don’t know because that’s a heck of a problem because these guys donÕt play either.

Juni-but as long as you contact them they are going to come.

Tony my babe need water later am going to take him for a ride by Mr. Bill Jones then ill go by Elfrida place an come back here.

Juni-so how long. will u get d gun cause that is the most important thing.

Tony-I will

Juni-but you think that guy will cover up for you.

Tony well I have to talk to them good because if they find them with anything they shouldn’t have they are going to be fuck, and I don’t want to get caught either.

Juni-Ms. Olga is going to back you up from the GSU

Tony-not GSU the BDF

Juni-so the BDF is the one getting the things for you so when we get it we cant bomb noel and have more for the other man.but it has to be a day when all of tem are there 

Tony-yes Juni-like a day when they are having a meeting. Tony-so right there is were they have the meetings them cool.

Juni-right here is the place. Look this is it ,as long as you know the place you are good and plus I am going to help you.

Tony-so what is the problem with you and the white, man that he wants to get  to you now? Juni-because he said that something was missing from him I don’t really know

Tony-he can not fuck with you only if he saw you.

Juni-its not that he fucks with anyone ,and plus I already know what we are into so am not worring about him a fuck.

Tony- let them feel go leave them alone they don’t know what is coming for them those mother fuckers.

Juni-okay Tony-its just a matter of time dude plus I don’t want those guys seeing us talking Juni- let me leave an when you go by my house we will talk better

Tony- yes that’s true

Juni-those guys think they are safe

Tony-they are not safe and the cow boy still work for him?

Juni-no he got dismiss

Tony-all of them are acting like some real fucking ass.they fell like he is there god and following him when he kicks them in there fucking ass they will know from noel will get dismiss you listen to what am telling you the same white men will run thar fucker.

Juni- that ass

Tony-what gose around comes around ,that fucker of noel is the same one that made him dismiss who had been dismiss

Juni-cow boy is a serious men you know don’t fuck with him.

Tony-what his is fucking serious, if you give them a hint they will go at the correct spot and do there thing.

Juni-the high official is you friend

Tony- I just need to make one phone call and they are gong to be here ready for what ever.

Juni-they are born ready good

Tony- they wil go in any place it dose not matter to them, you see that guy in Belize he was not home they went with the GSU broke down the door got so mean gun cocane fucking bullet prove handcuff  and a lot more of stuff  he could not run he had a lot of fucking things in his house.The GSU donÕt care they will going and do what they want they donÕt give a fuck.and not small men went to search his house it was big fucking men Some men that sell weed and small stuff on the road they said that he had all kind of guns ,but not like the one on gorge street  you could want to fuck with them you see what I am talking about juni these men are not small men they are fucking big gens Someone gave the GSU a hit were those stuff was because they went start in the house Juni-well I will see you later cause it look like its going to rain

Tony-well am going to get my shit together an am going to talk to you later Juni-okay later


Three of my friends are still being held in prison on trumped up charges.  They are:

Eddie Ancona

Cassian  Chavarria

William Mulligan

 They were charged and have been imprisoned because three legally licensed firearms were found in the incorrect rooms on my property (stretching the law to the extreme).  I would ask you to please email the following and demand their release:

 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]

You might also ask, in your email, why Mr. Rhaburn has never been charged, or even questioned about these recordings.

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39 responses to “transcript of Second Anthony Rhaburn Tape”

  1. Will Do Avatar
    Will Do

    I certainly hope so. The only way I see that happening, is if you present them the actual murderer along with the proof that they actually committed the murder. And I just don’t see that happening.

  2. John McAfee Avatar

    Can’t answer. Sorry.

  3. Connie Avatar

    sorry it posted twice.

  4. Connie Avatar

    Hi John,

    I have a couple more questions for you. Who was the person who informed you of the (failed) raid? You said you had a reliable source.

    Also, who is Tony’s family member in the GSU?

    If you can’t answer, just say so. I understand.

  5. John McAfee Avatar

    I believ you are wrong about returning home. Watch me.

  6. Annette Avatar

    What? John, you never said that Tony was related to a member of the GSU. It was another group associated with the military. Where is this coming from? I swear I can’t keep up with the allegations & who knows who & who all of the people are who want you dead. Why you? Why are they after this one rich American & not at least a few others? I cannot continue to follow your train of thought & I’m sorry, but some paranoia seems to permeate through all levels of your many assertions. The recordings could have been staged just to increase your paranoia. I just don’t know of anyone who plants hundreds of POV cameras/audio all over a neighborhood & has the GSU following him everywhere he goes, even staring at him for 8 hours in the middle of the night, while never moving a muscle, with you hiding in the bushes & some of them only 3 feet away. I think it was the 4 security guards that work at Captain Morgan’s & because of your built up fear, you just assumed it was the GSU. And that you were pulling a prank on Chris Allnatt by climbing onto his second story balcony from your room, passing out & having him find you, soaked in your own urine, early the next morning? I can’t get past how sad that is.

    I think you know that your being able to just return to your home & your life of leisure after all that has been said & the accusations that have been leveled by you, against so many, is an impossibility. You have got to make plans of some sort, because there is no one coming to rescue you, the government is not going to bow to your demands, the U. S. is not going to interfere, you will run out of money & places to go, so an end plan is in order. You have got to do something, before this house of cards falls. And remember, many Belizeans do not support what you are doing, so not everyone really cares what happens to you. Please, do something sensible, before you have no choices left.

  7. Alex Avatar

    Especially as these “witnesses” were more than likely on your payroll at the time.

  8. Alex Avatar

    That will not stand up in court & the witnesses cannot prove they were there, aside from the fact that I am sure they are your friends. Please, I know you that you know better.

  9. John McAfee Avatar

    There were witnesses to the recordings.

  10. Alex Avatar

    “questions” being answered. Left that out.

  11. Alex Avatar

    My answer was deleted, so I’ll try again.

    I read a ton of material every day, in addition to this blog when I can, so I sometimes forget the occasional source. When editing my comment, I must have deleted “I think it was CNN”. Anyway, it was one of the biggies, possibly Huffington Post. Regardless of whether the transcription is correct, the fact remains that the tapes are useless & with no proof of who they are, who they are talking about, or really, of anything, I cannot intelligently accept the entire premise & would so appreciate the rest of my being answered, but certainly don’t expect it. Thank you.

  12. John McAfee Avatar

    Every Creole person listening to the tapes has had no problem understanding them. The second tape, the clearest, was translated by 5 different Creoles and all ended up with the same translation. Where do you get your information that CNN could find no-one to translate?

  13. Alex Avatar

    John, you wonder why no arrests have been made for the 2 people possibly planning to harm someone? The tapes proves absolutely nothing. Nada. Zero. They are for the most part, completely unintelligible, even CNN using someone who understands Creole, could not interpret them, meanwhile we have to take your word that the transcriptions actually say this, and even if they could be cleaned up, there is no way to ascertain the identity of the those who are speaking, or who they are talking about, or when the conversations took place, & the possibility also exists that you hired 2 “actors” to portray this little scenario, to add fuel to your continually insisting that someone is out to get you.

    I mean, you are an intelligent man, so it really bothers me that you keep producing “evidence” that can never be proven, lacks any believable content, especially video of who is speaking coupled with the matching audio, reliable witnesses for dating, basically any tiny shred of proof.

    I’m sure you will answer with your usual “wait & see” or some other statement that never really answers any of the blatantly obvious gaps that exist everywhere in this saga, but I cannot be blindly devoted to a cause that never seems to help anyone except yourself & the fact remains that you are refusing to answer questions about the death of Greg Faull & we are asked to simply believe that they will kill you, based on “facts” that just do not stand up & are quite simply, unbelievable.

    I will just ignore all of the negative comments coming my way from those who have chosen to blindly believe someone that they have never met, know nothing about, & who has admittedly lied on numerous occasions, simply as a “prank”.

  14. Lynn Avatar

    Wow! From all of what I am reading on this blog, it sounds like the US is going to have a major scandal on its hands. This paramilitary GSU is out of control and needs to have its powers reigned in for it. Poor Belize to have to suffer under its tyranny. I hope that John can come out of this unscathed and help rescue Belize from its destruction.

  15. Mark Twain Avatar
    Mark Twain

    I see this all as a shakedown/extortion attempt gone awry. Their goal seems to have been to get John locked up for some reason (any one of a number of reasons would have sufficed) and then, in the terrible conditions of prison, they would have the ability to present John with their demands at their leisure. If he did not want to pay, they throw him back into the cell and give him some more rancid cheese sandwiches and dysentery causing water and talk to him again in a few days. Very dark and very primitive but it may have been effective if John had not come up with the firearm license copies.

  16. Tim Avatar

    I see this whole thing as a David vs Goliath type fight. But John’s slingshot is his intellect and ability to foresee how events will unfold. It was a brilliant strategy to record these idiot gangsters while they were plotting against you. The whole Belizean government seems unspeakably corrupt and shedding light on them is going to cause them to scurry like cockroaches into their holes. Great entertainment and a very incisive look at a different culture.

  17. John McAfee Avatar

    I did not at any time donate anything to the GSU.

  18. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    I still fail to understand as to why you would arm, a force loyal to the PM which is trying to kill you?!You only give him more power, so automatically increases chances of more corruption in the country.
    Your explanation fails me a bit.

    For a guy which is on a crusade to rid Belize of corruption, and expose it at the highest levels of government …you haven’t brought any thing really convincing, haven’t seen the smoking gun , so to speak.
    What do you make of the fact that the government arent actively seeking you? For someone trying to expose all this corruption you would think they will be on the hunt day and night to apprehend you.
    dont you?

  19. Johnny Avatar

    I suggest change your last statement “now they want me dead” to “they did want me dead, but now with this blog and increasing international media attention, they know if they kill me tourism numbers will plunge, and both elected and appointed jobs will be in jeopardy as the media exposes Belize’s corrupt government and rampant crime, and shows that the same way I was killed, anyone, including tourists, can be killed while in custody”.

  20. John McAfee Avatar

    The rank and file police, by and large are not to blame. Perhaps they take a small “mordida” from time to time to supplement their pitifully small salaries, but most are good people with a heart. My problem is not the “Police” as a collective, but the police as a beaurocracy, which leads to the Prime Minister and a few orrupt hiogh officials. The rank and file have no choice but to follow the orders of their higher bosses. A few of these bosses need different jobs. In the meantime, the rank and file have few resources. Hence the donations.

  21. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    Now by toeing the line, you mean to actually make payment to PM`s party and to help his son out of prison? right?
    I personally am baffled as to how could you possibly help in releasing his son from prison?
    The only thing, would be paying for good lawyers in USA ,but even then ,it wouldnt probably help him, depending on the charges.So please do shed some light on this.

    One more thing…after the raid , that made you worry for your life., and went into do you reconcile the fact that you donated to San Pedro Police force? The very same police that forced you on the run ?

  22. John McAfee Avatar

    I dfo not say that they wanted me dead at that time. At that time they wanted to make me toe the line – to scare me and display their power. After my release, I began to speak out openly and in the press against the GSU, the Government, the Prime Minister. I have not toed the line. Now they want me dead.

  23. John McAfee Avatar

    1. If you read the past posts, you will understand the impossibility of making her leave me, and also understand something about the character of Sam. I have hundreds of times begged her to leave but she responds with “I’ll slash your fucking throat while you sleep if you ever mention it again” (spoken with a half grin) – or some similar response. She refused to stay when I left and has been by my side since. When she scoldingly told Adam Thomson of the Financial Times that she had more balls than him, I told him – “Don’t take it personally, she has more balls than me too”. Sam’s father is fully supportive.

    2. I love Belize, it is a beautiful country.

    3. Timeshsha is on the mainland with her family. Amy is with Keith. I am having them both watched over and cared for.

    4. Life is manipulation. We manipulate all around us – our tools, cars, environment. When a daughter smiles sweetly and asks if she can go on a date she is manipulating her parents. When you work extra hard prior to getting a job review you are manipulating your boss. When you carefully pr-plan a marriage proposal with a romantic setting you are manipulating your potential fiance. Yes, I am manipulating, consciously or unconsciously. But I am not guilty.

    5. Favorite food is Salpicon

  24. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    Ok, what about the other question? Please see below.
    Your fear of being killed by PM or GOB.
    As you said on your previous post, they held you for 7 hours in a cell, with three gangsters. Don’t you think that, If they wanted, they could`ve easily killed you there?

    John got in a fight with his cellmates, got stabbed…we tried to help him…but to no avail.

    Along many other possibilities, as to why they didn’t kill you whilst incarcerated, do you concede that there is a real possibility that they did no want you dead after all???

  25. John McAfee Avatar

    They had no clue that I would be released. The GSU had made one of my gun licenses “disappear” during the raid. My mainland manager, however, had authorized copies of everything. They were presented to the chief of the Belize city jail at 12:30 A.M. and I was released (while the GSU were sleeping/partying or whatever they did) and 2:47 A.M. When they came to pick me up at 8:00 A.M. to transport me back to Orange Walk I was already off the mainland and in San Pedro.

  26. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    You often have mentioned the fear of being framed, by GSU.
    Would you care to explain why GSU didnt plant any drugs at your house in the April raid?
    They didnt find anything during the raid,so if the GSU were hellbent to frame you, they could have easily done that, I mean youy claim that planting drugs is a common practise of Belizian police. They even done that to your friend, on the golf cart.So, whats your take on that?
    Your fear of being killed by PM or GOB.
    As you said on your previous post, they held you for 7 hours in a cell, with three gangsters. Dont you think thay If they wanted, they could`ve easily killed you there?

    John got in a fight with his cellmates, got stabbed…we tried to help him…but to no avail.

    Along many other possibilites, as to why they didnt kill you whilst incarcerated, do you concede that there is a real possibility that they did no want you dead afterall???

  27. Zabimaru Avatar

    I’ve read the whole ordeal and don’t have much to say regarding John’s situation that hasn’t been said before.

    But I do have one meta observation that I think is worth sharing. I stopped watching TV about twelve years ago, tired of the endless commercials and low quality of the entertainment. Instead I turned to the self generated content on the internet (augmented with BBC docus) and although I have been able to shelter myself 99.9% of advertisement, after a few years, I’ve slowly grown tired of the self generated content as well. Its quality is frequently equally low and after a few years I started to see a repetitive pattern emerging.

    Again I turned away (but kept the BBC documentaries and some of the individually generated content aggregators). This time I turned inward, using the highly valuable information and collaborating message boards the internet provides to build things that you can’t buy (but this is most likely irrelevant to the point I am trying to make).

    Now I run into this blog. What is this? It is close to reality TV or a documentary, but on the internet. This blog somewhat crudely interweaves several story lines, involving John, the people around him, the political, cultural and economical situation the country he is in and the media that reports on him. While the story is unfolding he interacts with the people that are responding on his blog, pulling them into the story. And he gives them ways to engage with the story (by emailing the ministry of tourism for example, but there are more suggested acts of vigilance if you read through all the comments).

    Is this a new way of communicating? I don’t remember experiencing this before. What is this called? It’s not just blogging, it goes beyond that, although it is based on it. Can this format be applied to different fields, not just involving local or state corruption?

  28. suchinquisitivefashion Avatar

    Hello, I have recently discovered your blog and have found it fascinating to say the least, and I just wanted to say a few things and ask a few questions. I know you are busy and my inquiries might seem overly demanding given your situation, so if you cannot respond it will be wholly understood.

    It is quite amazing to hear about this all from your perspective. In all my years exploring the internet I have not come across the opportunity, to put it quite frankly, to hear about a man on the run wanted for question for murder from his point of view. How refreshing it is not only be offered a different take on the incident than to hear from the often filtered and biased views of various media outlets. I have also found your posts on the culture of Belize – its people and corruption, as well as your “travel guide” and views on the business world extremely interesting and informative.

    First off I would like to ask: How much do you worry about Samantha accompanying you on the run? Do you feel guilty (especially towards her father) about her being with you in such a very potentially dangerous situation where she is away from her family etc, or does her confidence offer reassurance?

    2. Why did you decide to live in Belize, and not anywhere in the world?

    3. What of Timesah and Amy now? Are you worried of their safety as well?

    4. In a couple of posts, you mention how the press are greatly responsibly for molding the public’s opinion and emotion. How, if at all, would you respond to any skeptics that see you as possibly guilty and using twitter and blogging as means of manipulating their emotions in your favor through your own social media outlets?

    5. Favorite local food in Belize?

    Sorry if some of these questions have been answers by other comments previously posted. As I said, I have just today discovered your blog and have not exactly read through every single one of the comments to all the blog posts I have read. I am quite eager to contact you if only simply to pick your brain a bit about your situation and hope you will find the time and resources to answer, and i apologize also if this seams an inappropriate place to put my questions. I would also like to note that your cleverness and sense of humor is quite amiable. Thank you for your time.

  29. getrealeh Avatar

    If the CIA and DEA are funding the GSU this could be as embarrassing as Fast and Furious. A puppet organization harassing American citizens and enabling Belizean gangerster with important relatives to commit murder. The US government will pull its funding and its security advisors and get outta town. They don’t need more bad publicity.

  30. getrealeh Avatar

    So the GSU would provide a distraction while Tony blows you up with a grenade and then claim that you had explosives in your compound that “accidently” went off? I’m not a lawyer but I think you have grounds to charge Tony and his important relative with conspiracy to commit murder. The FBI and CIA who are mentoring these guys are not going to be pleased to be associated with this. I met and talked to 2 American Security contractors at the Great House in Belize City in July 2011.

  31. John McAfee Avatar

    I know that. I was counting on it, but too late now. A wasted post as far as misdirection goes. I think folks, your detective work is best left for the events that occurred prior to Sam and I going on the run. I do not want to trash anyone’s posts unnecessarily so I let all of these through, but in the future lets try to stick to that approach. Otherwise, these detective posts will have to be heavilly edited or deleted, and other, non-detectve stuff will be lost as well. OK?

  32. getrealeh Avatar

    Soooooooooo The GSU normally shakes down heavily armed gang members on George street in Belize City. But on the direction of Tony’s big shot relative are up for shaking down ex-pats on Abergrise who have displeased Tony if he requests back up? Kinda sounds like a third world version of the french foreign legion gone terribly wrong!

  33. rogue trader Avatar
    rogue trader

    you do know there are programs that will reverse the blanking out of the background. Remember Mr Swirl? face was obscured by a digital swirl in the photographs, but German computer experts at the Federal Criminal Police Office were able to reconstruct the original picture, using techniques which they have not revealed but are believed to have been as simple as running the transformation in reverse.

  34. John McAfee Avatar

    Read the earlier posts about the first tape, and the two posts prior.

  35. John McAfee Avatar

    Yes. Read the background post, including the first tape and transcript. Very telling.

  36. getrealeh Avatar

    Who is Tony? A fired employee?

  37. Max Avatar

    Hello John,

    Who are Tony and Juni? And what is this recording from?

    Captivating blog

    Be safe….

  38. NoOneIsInnocent Avatar

    a Freudian slip ?