Samantha revisited

When Samantha submitted her first post, she insisted on choosing her own photo.  She choose one with heavy makeup and multiple adornments, which for Sam’s culture would be required for a formal presentation of oneself.  A large number of both male and female readers were unkind in their comments and a few were rude to the point of uncalled for profanity.

I finally convinced Sam that some foreigners had never had the oportunity to step outside their yards and see that all cultures judge dress and adornment differently.  So …. I went through her vast photo collection and chose one of my own – shown above.  This is how I see Sam.  I seldom go to church or other formal affairs so I have not had the opportunity to see her as her first post portrayed her.

I hope it helps those of you prone to quick judgments.

Below is another photo, taken today.  I believe that education, in any form and in any subject, cannot be a bad thing.   Sam was taking English lessons before we left suddenly, and I have no access to books or tutors where we are, so I have been teaching her what few useful things that I can while on the run.  She took an interest in my multiple disguises so I began teaching her the basics of disguise – that it is not about costumes, it is about attitude and misdirection.  I have told her that I long for one of those dog leashes and collar that, when you held it properly, made it look like you were walking an invisible dog.  I’m sure many of you remember the things.  Anyway, If I had one, I know for a fact I could walk into any poice station holding one,without any other disguise, ask for directions, and walk out without being recognized.  Anyway, I told her to meditate on it for a while and then disguise herself with a simple pair of glasses and some “attitude”

Here’s what she came up with (I blanked out the background for obvious reasons):


Three of my friends are still being held in prison on trumped up charges.  They are:

Eddie Ancona

Cassian  Chavarria

William Mulligan

They were charged and have been imprisoned because three legally licensed firearms were found in the incorrect rooms on my property (stretching the law to the extreme).  I would ask you to please email the following and demand their release:

 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]

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  1. John McAfee Avatar

    They’ve thought of it now.

  2. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    this blog seems to attract intelligent people, im currently more intrested in this then ive ever been in any blog and come to this site more than any other. youve done a very good job of getting peoples attention and keeping it……what will be next? i even find myself amazed that im so intrested in this and cheering for two people i dont know at all. ive learned alot from you and other posters….i almost dont want it to end….reminds me of the movie “natural born killers”…..not even hollywood couldve thought of this story….

  3. samantha Avatar

    thank you so much for hose kind word as i went on reading you made me think of alot of things love the wAy you express your slf and how you think have a great day

  4. Derek Avatar


    You’re being too easily trollable. In your commentary with Jenn you unwittingly let the authorities know that you are hiding out in the Bahamas. Finding the hotel with those ugly drapes shouldn’t be too hard.

    Stop being so easily trollable. Trolling is not making fun of someone or whatever. It is using a false identity to extract predictable responses (not dissimilar to your interest in disguises). Trolls are dispassionate & calculating about extracting ridiculously passionate and uncalculated behavior. Perhaps you should be more of a troll and be less personally involved in the comments you get here.

  5. Gaby Avatar

    Of course. It is amazing to everyone John what you have accomplished under such dire circumstances. Even in the best conditions we get hacked, ie my comment about the CIA. It was not my intention to get an apology. Good luck to you and Sam..she is amazing. you are something for the history books.

    I started to follow you b/c RC from Roanoke is my best friend and he is obviously concerned. Now I am hooked. Great blog, Good luck tomorrow. We will be listening.

  6. John McAfee Avatar

    I’m living, most of the time, in a sea-grape thicket, surrounded by palm trees, miles from nowhere. I come in from the cold to get a warm shower every few days. 75% of the time, I rely on many levels of intermediaries to get out my stuff — Forgive me for being hacked under these circumstances. 🙂

  7. Gaby Avatar

    Actually, Jenn had a point even if this tete a tete seemed rather personal. Before I even read her post, I too was not clear that the two photos were not taken in the same place or perhaps he had the same decorator in his hide out as he did when the first photo was taken. It is rather obvious that the curtains are the same. Not sure why he obscured one background and not the other.

    But, who am I to question his methods. He has spent several weeks evading the authorities successfully all the while conducting and arranging interviews with the international press, creating a blog, a twitter account and turning the world of Belize on its head.

    I live in France and most people here have never heard of Belize (we all have Mcafee software) . Today, it is a household word. So, I think he knows what he is doing..

    it is very easy to be critcal of something that we don’t understand and of those who walk their own path. Journalists are the worst critques because it sells.

    Sorry to ask this question John, but we are all wondering how the creator of the world’s largest securty software company could get hacked and lose all his emails and blog comments? I suppose it happens to the best of us. I think even the CIA got hacked. Sorry it happened to you.

  8. Pirateblood Avatar

    Anyone who thought she looked like a socialite or was wearing expensive clothing/sun glasses, know absolutely nothing about fashion & could not spot a knockoff if it hit them in the face. Guatemaula is full of less expensive alternatives to popular trends. Samantha – you look great!

  9. Charles Sandusky Avatar
    Charles Sandusky

    Lucky John she is fine!

  10. samantha Avatar

    thank you for those kind word and ill stay strong have a nice day love sam.

  11. IAM Avatar

    This one or the other ?

    I’ve seen a lot
    I mean a lot
    But now I’m like sweet seventeen a lot
    Bewitched bothered and bewildered am I

  12. IAM Avatar

    Yes. You can undo everything to the extent that it just re-arranged information, as opposed to throwing information away. You just need to know the transformation function or be able to guess an approximation that is close enough. E.g. encrypting a file preserves all of the information perfectly… Under these criteria, using standard twirl is pretty much the stupidest thing you can do. It is all about noise & Information.

  13. IAM Avatar

    Thank you,

    The Road Not Taken

    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
    And sorry I could not travel both
    And be one traveler, long I stood
    And looked down one as far as I could
    To where it bent in the undergrowth;

    Then took the other, as just as fair,
    And having perhaps the better claim
    Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
    Though as for that the passing there
    Had worn them really about the same,

    And both that morning equally lay
    In leaves no step had trodden black.
    Oh, I marked the first for another day!
    Yet knowing how way leads on to way
    I doubted if I should ever come back.

    I shall be telling this with a sigh
    Somewhere ages and ages hence:
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.

    ( Robert Frost )

  14. John McAfee Avatar

    I do agree. I can waste no more energy on a single reader.

  15. jay Avatar

    Jenn is just being a total ass. s/he obviously has anger issues.

  16. Jenn Avatar

    This gets more ridiculous by the second. So now I’m guessing that you are finally admitting that the pics were taken on the same day in the same place? Then why have you been saying something else all along? Any why make up the story about her necklace being on her for months? Why block the background in just one of them?
    You keep tripping over our lies and I’m showing you that in something this simple, you cant admit the truth and move on.

  17. NoOneIsInnocent Avatar

    With just a tool like irfanview you can reach directly geohack ‘ via Informations / EXIF / Geohack (available only if GPS informations are present )

    At least John did not use device with GPS like :
    Make – Apple
    Model – iPhone xx
    DateTime – 201x:xx:xx xx:xx:xx
    GPS information: –
    GPSLatitudeRef – x
    GPSLatitude – xx xx.xx x (xx.xxxxx)
    GPSLongitudeRef – x
    GPSLongitude – xx xx.xx x (xx.xxxxxx)
    GPSAltitudeRef – Sea level
    GPSAltitude – xxx m
    GPSTimeStamp – x x xx.xx

    But he already gave too much informations elsewhere

  18. Aryeh Goretsky Avatar


    A little facial geometry polymorphism is always entertaining, but I hope you won’t publish all your disguise plans via the blog: A little speculation is good for all whom are looking for you as well as those who are rooting for you.


    Aryeh Goretsky

    P.S. Check your email.

  19. NoOneIsInnocent Avatar

    It was posted tbefore but it looks like it was rejected or lost.

    Here is one of the first full report :

    and some news archives of interest in 7newsbelize : ( McAfee, the Generous, Pray For Usposted November 9, 2012) (November 12, 2012) (November 12, 2012 )

    12 other articles via search ( like the previous raid report with john’s comments :

  20. Aaron Avatar

    Sorry about that John, I was replying to Jenn who had an issue with the necklace and the timing of the pictures.

  21. NoOneIsInnocent Avatar
  22. Cowgirlinthesand Avatar

    It’s not quite that easy. Mr Swirl’s “swirl” still retained the original image, so they applied the same effect in reverse. JM’s alteration obscures the original…

  23. rogue trader Avatar
    rogue trader

    you do know there are programs that will reverse the blanking out of the background. Remember Mr Swirl? face was obscured by a digital swirl in the photographs, but German computer experts at the Federal Criminal Police Office were able to reconstruct the original picture, using techniques which they have not revealed but are believed to have been as simple as running the transformation in reverse.

  24. John McAfee Avatar

    Ok. I think I understand what is bothering you. You expect me to post enough factual information about these photos so that the police can figure out where I am…. right? Ok. Everyone here understands that whatever teasing evidence I might leak out about my whereabouts has to be incorrect. It’s not in my interest to leak information that is correct when it concerns timie and place for the past two weeks. I intend to mislead, in every respect, the police about my whereabouts. But this post has nothing to with time or place as far as thge average reader is concerned. Why do you care where or when? The intent was to simply show pictures of Sam, and, as will all of my posts, confuse the police about my movements for the past two weeks. Thank you for screwing up that part of my post here..

  25. fendidonna Avatar

    “Or are you the only one here that doesn’t know I’m on the run?”

    LMAO 🙂

  26. fendidonna Avatar

    You’re a beautiful woman Samantha, with a massive, smart and fun personality shining through your eyes. I loved the first photo too, but this one is nicer for me, simply because I can see your happiness.

    John’s a very lucky man to have you by his side.

  27. John McAfee Avatar

    OK. So you are saying that of her vast photo collection, I cannot choose one from two years ago, two weeks ago, two hoursa ago, or two minutes ago. I have to have chosen one from…. when exactly? You’re saying what? You have totally lost me. As to the blanking out, I don’t owe you an explaination. The authorities read everything I post, so a little misdirection can be forgiven here. Or are you the only one here that doesn’t know I’m on the run? The pictures are both Sam. What on earth is your point???

  28. Margot Avatar

    YES – that was me! Wow in deed!

  29. John Locke Avatar
    John Locke

    He is also human and one must be careful indeed. I don’t think he minds my concern for his safety.

  30. SL Avatar

    There are many things about this case that do not add up. Like I said, I hope they know how to process a scene properly. Something tells me they don’t.

  31. Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered

    Well, this is voyeur fun, almost like openly reading ” who is John McAfee’s ” personal email ..
    Now, Back to the chase

  32. SL Avatar

    WTF Dude?

    So you can read exif data on a picture? Bravo for you. Now hows about you keep that to yourself? Or are you trying to play armchair detective? Either way it is bad form.

  33. Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered

    Incredibly beautiful , Nate
    I think you captured the true essence at first glance

  34. Jenn Avatar

    John, you really MUST think we are all stupid or delusional.

    So let me help you a little. From your original post here is your first line: So …. I went through her vast photo collection and chose one of my own – shown above.

    And then later you write: Below is another photo, taken today.

    Now let me ask you again: if that is indeed the case then why is the background and the necklace the same?

    And why did you attempt to blank out the second background to pretend that it was taken elsewhere?

  35. John McAfee Avatar

    On Herrenstrasse? Behind the hoffbrauhouse? I remember you. Wow!!

  36. Margot Avatar

    I’m an old woman now, but we stayed at your apartment for a week. Have remembered you throughout the years.

  37. John McAfee Avatar

    I’m an old man now, I remember Munchen and the Englisher Gartens und viele Dingen mehr, aber… nicht Sie. Shade.

  38. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    Hi John … not trying to second guess your judgement, I only want to point out that if you do post any pictures from where you are … even things such as the curtains in the background can be used to track you if they are taken from a public place.

    Again, I am only posting so you have as much information as possible to stay safe.

    Stay safe and be careful.

  39. DB Avatar

    You should stick with your idea of not posting, Jenn. Sure you are allowed your opinion, but it is just that, your opinion, and after hurling insults, what if you are wrong? There is a civil way to have an opposing viewpoint, some of the “supposedly intelligent” folks here get that. In reading this blog, there is a fair amount of posters who are skeptics, many who are able to convey their view point without being offensive. I did use my eyeballs, and my newly grown brain to perceive the transformation of a lovely young lady into one that I would not normally notice.
    Sam did a good job with her attitude and facial expession.
    Oh, if only I was blessed with your keen discernment – NOT!

  40. McAfee4President Avatar

    You’re talking to the man who basically started Internet security. He’s no dummy..

  41. Margot Avatar

    Munich, 1977. Hofbrauhaus, Movenpick ice cream, Englischer Gardens. Debbie & Margot. Do you remember?

    Have been reading about your trials. Good luck!!

  42. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you. I was pretty much swamped by students after the address. I don’t think anyone had told the truth at a commencement address before. However, I think the students still missed the point. Half of those swamping me drug their parents with them and all had the same refrain – “Tell my mom and dad why I’m so rebellious/independent/disobedient……….

  43. John McAfee Avatar

    I picked the first photo in this post. Maybe you should read the blog Jenn. The is the second post in which photos of Sam were taken. In the first Post (last week) Sam picked a photo. It got a bad response. I posted this current post and picked the photo myself. If you do not want to bother reading, please don’t bother posting.

  44. Tulip Avatar

    You smell like burnt umber.

  45. Jenn Avatar

    John, your lies are ludicrous, no wonder you are on the run. Please go back and read your own post. She picked the first one supposedly from her collection. The second one you claim you took “today”. Yet in both she wears the very same necklace, has the same haircut and dye job, and most importantly the background in both of them are the same. I would even suggest her eyebrows haven’t been touched between shots. So which is it, are you lying or where they both taken “on vacation in the Bahamas”?

    And btw do you really think I’m the only one noticing these things? I hardly consider myself any kind of detective.

  46. Nate Avatar

    Thanks for the comment! Being a spectator in all of this, I have to say that you have inspired me with your Roanoke university address which I found on the internet while scanning through your life regarding what is taking place.

    It inspired me to continue pioneering on my own somewhat brutal path as a painter rather than compromising and slipping into an unthinking life, something which can look very appealing at times.

    To contribute in some way and have a purpose.

    Again, thanks for the comment and I wish you the best in keeping Zen through all of this.

  47. John McAfee Avatar

    Good work Aryeh. Yep, she did. She cheated a bit since I wanted her to try it with just the glasses, but she is creative, yes?

  48. John McAfee Avatar

    Please don’t aid the police on this blog by publihing exif data. the date on my camera is incorrect, by the way. I don’t see how the information really hurts, but let the police do their own investigation. Thanks.

  49. John McAfee Avatar

    What was fake about the photos? Wasn’t Sam? Necklace wasn’t real? Sam didn’t look different between the two photos? Photos were taken in the Bahamas while on vacation? Camera was fake? Sam’s smile was fake? You lost me. Did I say when the first photo was taken? I said I picked among many. That’s all. She took the first photo herself. I took the second.

  50. Aaron Avatar

    Here’s the exif data:
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxgo, assuming image timezone of US Pacific)

    As you can see, the first picture picture was taken last year.

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ago, assuming image timezone of US Pacific)

    I don’t know why he would lie about the most recent picture being take Today though. Maybe the date is wrong on the camera or this post was written on the 22nd and finally posted Today.

  51. Jenn Avatar

    @DB, no, the best i can come up with is the background. Grow a brain and some eyes, and do some thinking… instead of this ridiculous blind following.

  52. Aryeh Goretsky Avatar


    Very interesting. I am guessing Samantha tried the “bubblegum trick” you mentioned earlier to change the shape of her face in the second picture? The shape of her lower face is certainly more pronounced.


    Aryeh Goretsky

  53. Jenn Avatar

    OK John since you asked, here goes. A man is murdered and the police want to question you as a person of interest. In reaction you take off running and hiding out and claiming a vendetta, offering a reward and wanting to know who killed the man.

    Are we to believe that the Belizean police and govt. are stupid enough to make up stuff about John McAfee, THE John McAfee, and fake evidence to support them? Surely your wealth can get you enough star lawyers to defend you, and the world will be watching. Explain why any innocent man in your position would flee instead of lawyering up and facing the charges?

    The truth is probably a lot simpler. A neighboring complaining constantly about your dogs, which he may then have poisoned, after which he was shot.

    Its hilarious to me that people are so gullible and taken in by celebrity. I mean, even in this very posting, the evidence that you faked the photos is so obvious (never mind the necklace, the backgrounds are the same in both pics..duh), and they choose to deny facts and continue with their blind worship. Wow, I’m speechless.

    I read this page every so often, have never posted before and probably never will, but its always a hoot to see your posts and then laugh at the responses of supposedly intelligent people.

    Its all good though, the truth eventually gets out…

  54. DB Avatar

    Yeah, what he said

  55. John McAfee Avatar

    Dude!!! Wanna write my blog for me? Some awesome prose the there. Thank you.

  56. Nate Avatar

    Brilliant. This smacks of mental patients pretending to be normal, pretending to be mental patients (comparison to disguise). Outside of the weight of those around you being held captive, I sense that you might be heading towards an inexplicable zenith of sorts, a catharsis taking place through getting up and moving.

    It reminds me of the times when my friends and I would dress up as tourists in San Fransisco for the thrill of seeing everything new again. To leave ourselves.

    What about the stress you were under being in a defensive position, poised to act….waiting ….knowing that something was coming. Now perhaps, you are free of that weight.

    With all of the vivid dramatics and ghastly events, Samantha indeed brims with life. Her smile and nonchalant expressions in the Blog photo’s show stability and confidence in all of this. She is like the canary in the coal mine.

    When I look at your story….it comes off as more than just life and death. There is a surreal liveliness which almost mirrors art or some type of dynamic expression that jumps out. In my opinion, your story is more than just Belize or your friends, corruption and whatever imagery comes to mind, there is a sense of living that emits itself like a powerful pulse. You are demonstrating that you are alive and portraying something unique. Sam as this counterweight to your persona enhances this further.

    It seems like there is something out to get you. The media has painted you as somewhat of a monster/freak, elements of power have harassed and assaulted you….it’s very heavy. You must have a path and destination for all of this, an understanding of your surroundings, good and evil, or is it that you are just running from something that is unrelenting, attempting to paint you into a corner. Either way, you have opened your life to scrutiny and judgement, essentially turning your situation into a heady performance with hyperreal outcomes.

    I am drawn to your story, following every update…..I stare at your blog as if it’s a puzzle. This Blog definitely humanizes you and Sam seems to act as an amulet that encapsulates this process.

  57. samantha Avatar

    thank you so much for your offer but i cant leave john he is like the eyes behinde my back and i love him were ever i go he will go we stick to the end thank you sooooooooo much.

  58. another old timer Avatar
    another old timer

    Were the laptop and the phone taken because they may have information on them that could help the police find the suspect?

  59. John Locke Avatar
    John Locke

    Be careful posting pics, they might be able to get your GPS coordinates from the picture details on the file.

  60. Sheepdog Avatar

    Hang in there, keep you inner circle small, trust few.

  61. John M Avatar
    John M

    I am sorry you are subjected to idiot Americans and their profane comments.
    I assume that 90% of the rude comments came from “brave” americans hiding behind the anonymity of their well thought out screen names who have never ventured beyond the resort walls on vacation and sit safely behind a computer monitor contemplating how best to impose their values on someone they know nothing about.
    Ignore them as best you can, know that the bravery you are showing the world right now far surpasses anything the small minded bloggers could or would ever do.
    I would guess that the majority of us support you, (& John) and could care less if you wear too much make up or none at all, after all the depth of ones character is not measured by such frivolous things.

    Or as Leonard da Vinci put it:
    “The depth and strength of a human character are defined by its moral reserves. People reveal themselves completely only when they are thrown out of the customary conditions of their life, for only then do they have to fall back on their reserves.”

    Stay Strong

    PS. I have been searching for a place north of the bridge for a couple of months now, thought I found a fixer-upper I could afford – but after reading this I believe I will wait and see.

  62. DB Avatar

    MEOW, Jenn! Now that is insulting for all of us that do take it seriously, and it does not mean we are ridiculous. What is ridiculous to me is folks who read this blog just to find something to criticize. The best you could come up with is the necklace?

  63. Connie Avatar

    Yes and they named her. First time as I recall that I saw her name.

  64. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you. The caretaker said that he discovered the body. Very odd.

  65. John McAfee Avatar

    I agree. She is beyond smart. And, as she told Adam Thomson from the FT yesterday, she does have balls.

  66. Connie Avatar


    Just found this online. Thought you might be interested.
    “Initial investigation revealed that on the said date at 7:20am LUARA TUN, 39years, Belizean Housekeeper of Boca Del Rio Area, San Pedro Town went to the house of Mr. Faull to do her daily chores when she saw him laying inside of the hall motionless, Faull was last seen alive around 10:00pm on 10.11.12 and he lived alone. No signs of forced entry was seen, A (1) laptop computer brand and serial number unknown and (1) I-Phone was discovered missing.”

  67. John McAfee Avatar

    So what is the nonsense exactly?

  68. DB Avatar

    Samatha is a lovely, brave, and loyal friend, John. I am happy you have each other through this ordeal. She could become a real wizard with disguises, her first attempt here was brilliant! She did indeed become somebody one would overlook. Good job, Sam!

  69. John McAfee Avatar

    She has worn that same necklace, 24 hours a day since I made it for her 4 months ago. She will not take it off. When we move, she covers it with a scarf. If you think you can make her remove it then be my guest 🙂

  70. Jenn Avatar

    John, you could at least have had her take off the necklace between pics. If the first pic was one chose from her “vast collection”, then how come the second one has the same necklace, the same background (despite the blanking its visible) and the same dyed hair on her?

    The fact that people still take all this nonsense seriously is beyond ridiculous.

  71. Connie Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this with us. When I was in Belize, I noticed that all the young ladies dressed as Samantha did in the picture. I asked the ladies at our hotel where they purchased there clothing and they said ,”Dangriga.” I had been there the day before at the bank. I asked them, “those small, little stores?” They said, “yes”. They told me that the problem with the clothing was that most of them don’t last. Some didn’t last through a single washing. So don’t judge her by the appearance of her clothes. They are not designer brands.
    John, you didn’t block out the background in the first picture. Just sayin’.

  72. mack Avatar

    No need to justify, Mr McAfee

    I’m sure you knew that once you open a blog with a comments section it would open the doors to all kinds, hope you and Sam stay safe!

  73. Sharleen Avatar

    :Love to you Samantha, if you ever need shelter, free here (India):
    my other place in the Caribbean shelter too, but I would need electricity paid,nice place privacy, forty foot cliff seafront property, high rock walls around the place with glass (England style) at the top.. I am not there now, the place is vacant, I am doing remodeling in another home in the States. India is the best option right now, protection guaranteed, nothing in my other home i guarantee. The place in India is VERY remote. It is a nice place though, kind of basic but beautifully located on a high cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Good luck and God Bless.

  74. jim Avatar

    Don’t do it. The invisible dog leash thing. Sounds like there are enough clowns in Belize – you might piss them off! Sam is a natural beauty and you shouldn’t feel any judgement from taboo-infested USA. For her own good though, isn’t it time to start flying solo? A couple seems so much easier to find than a single man. Or maybe you have, and this is just a red herring?

  75. Nic Avatar

    Samantha…You are a beautiful young woman