The McAfee information to uninstalling McAfee Antivirus

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  1. Mathew Avatar

    Well wanna know something ironic? McAfee blocked the video : /

  2. HEATHER Avatar

    There is such a fine line between insanity and genius. As well as a HIGHWAY TO HELL and a “stairway to HEAVEN” Meaning the majority might not get it unless explained by similarity of perception! What I’m saying is “think outside the box.” Are you all ignoramos’? You all are like a stupid FLOCK OF SHEEP!! He is trying to show you all what The United States of America is able to see, when you are using your computer. Either thru watching you thru the device’s camera or by what websites you visit…………..
    His words spoken are of messages he has received, he’s reading them aloud to us. This is purely a message about OUR RIGHT TO PRIVACY!!!!

  3. Jason Avatar

    same reason why he had a beautiful collection of scarcely dressed women unclothe him and bring him guns and drugs, because he can

  4. Jason Avatar

    There’s days when I see despicable, disgusting shit like this and realize that my 10 years I spent working for a huge corporation would have been much more fun had I worked for John instead, if only my manager knew the proper straw for bath salts, if he had a magical collection of self spawning guns, I might have just, maybe……possibly not wasted 10 years of my life…..what a shit show……anyways, that was like watching a train plow into a huge chicken coop full of babies, I couldn’t stop watching, and when it was over, I couldn’t stop laughing.

    Today WAS a crappy day, today sucked…..until I watched that, thanks John, I needed that, your a sick man, I love it when I see someone act out the shit that goes on in my head.

    – Jason (still trapped in corporate hell, just a smaller corporate hell for 1/2 the money)

  5. Name ..jaybird. Avatar

    John, do you find the death of Dave Goldberg, Statusmonkey, rather curious considering the disclaimer by the 4 Seasons Hotel and the failure to pursue a police investigation.

  6. Robert Avatar

    A geek with personality (and guns) – who would have thought??

    But look, you can’t leave just two dots after your website header phrase “John McAfee was here”. It is either one dot (as in full stop) or three dots (as in ellipsis) – there is no two dot option.

    Fix it.

    Robert (a lawyer)

    PS. John, give me a call.

  7. U R A Dummy Avatar
    U R A Dummy

    Almost 2 years later and it’s still there.

  8. U R A Dummy Avatar
    U R A Dummy

    If you think that the ultra-politically correct bigot Bill Gates is someone to emulate, you are lame. Go back to M.F.W.

  9. smithcom Avatar

    Give Um Hell John !!!! lol….

  10. Kishore Avatar

    Never expect this from this from a CEO of McAfee! Indeed you should have posted in more professional way! – Just my own view…

  11. Mr. 43 Avatar
    Mr. 43

    Very well played indeed, Sir.

    Screw all of the nay sayers who prefer the enjoyment of having the ball sack of, Mr. 44, in their mouth rather than having any free thinking thought of their own.

  12. Iho A. Poux-Ptah Avatar
    Iho A. Poux-Ptah

    Time for a reality-TV show. Give us the cheeky excess of Archer and the trenchant satire of South Park, Why stop short?

  13. Froy Avatar

    Como me hacer reir este sujeto.. Dale John!!!

  14. Jono Avatar

    Pure Gold John. You are a born entertainer! Iron Man 4?

  15. leff Avatar

    I love people saying “mcafee iz chit, i fuk u”, without any reason. Why do you have to persecute him? Because you guys have ubuntu and saying that what is not open source is chit? Well, if you can’t answer that, stop saying it’s chit_or_other_similar_thing_about_this.


  16. TeeOneZee Avatar

    I’ve been pondering why he light the money on fire to spark his cigarette if the fire is right there next to the cigarette? LMFAOO!!

    I actually thought this was a serious video at first. Best day of my life.

  17. kpsrinivas Avatar

    pl uninstallmcafee antivirus and other prog

  18. Bill Avatar

    Fuck that… hey John, how do you uninstall an STD virus?

  19. pablo Avatar


  20. Joe Avatar

    I can\’t stand the damn product either. Way too paranoid about running multiple copies or reinstalling…

  21. Sidonia Primus Avatar
    Sidonia Primus

    To all of your detractors I say live and let live.

    Good luck in the future John.

  22. Nicole Avatar

    LOL! John you do snark so well 🙂

  23. Bigdaddygreen Avatar

    This guy is a fucking Genius!! First time I ever heard of him, Fuck, I\’d love to hang out with this guy for 1 weekend!!! I bet it be a weekend I\’d never forget.

  24. anothermcafeeagain Avatar


  25. Big Tree Avatar
    Big Tree

    …almost pissed myself laughing! John, you are a fuckin` genius! Take it from a guy that has spent 16 years in prison and been persecuted ALMOST as much as you!

  26. another McAfee Avatar
    another McAfee

    humor, tit a lating. sexual addition is a very real very serious situation, a dangerous way to live, now days. the more partners you have/collect the less sound your mind becomes. perhaps something you might ponder off and on. perhaps you will get an intervention, or sense you need help. if you ever do… sin can be very, very fun for a season…if your season comes to an end before you do, i’d like to suggest you look for help with: dr. doug Weiss you can find him on the web or@ 719-278-3708. this is for you Mr. McAfee a movie review from another McAfee

  27. fuck yeah Avatar
    fuck yeah

    so this is how one old coder ended up (so far). sad man. not funny. – smart, wow, cant speak w/out sayin fuck. i think you need de-virusing.

  28. Bodhisattva Avatar

    This is the sound of me demonstrating the sound of one hand clapping. You can turn the volume up – it is safe for work. Hilarious video though the end was foreshadowed a bit too strongly. If you visit San Diego, CA (not San Diego, TX, who would want to visit there?) look me up.

  29. bRonCOde Avatar

    Please, post your source code of the WHALE virus!
    THAT would be awesome…

  30. Reality Avatar

    So I guess hosting Saturday Night Live is next?

  31. Will Avatar

    From one person without a PC cell in his body out of the box thinker to another: that vid took brass nads the size of TX to make.

    You took no prisoners, made no excuses, and showed sense of humor so rare today. You were Bill gates meets Lenny Bruce !

    If the vid helps drive traffic, which helps sell books, movie rights, etc, all the better.

    A+ Sir

    – Will

  32. Rob B Avatar
    Rob B

    Absolutely high-larious. I salute you, good sir.

  33. electrician New York NY Avatar

    Thanks for this informative video John. I thought that I had to re-install every time I wanted to get rid of it. This brings clarity to the issue for me.

  34. Tess Avatar

    Omg, funniest thing I\’ve seen in a long time 😀

  35. Russ McClay Avatar
    Russ McClay

    Dear Mr. McAfee:

    That is EPIC and you are now among my heroes and a role model as well!

  36. Scalawag Avatar

    So which babe flicked the cigarette lighter at :33? God that was hot!

  37. yayyeah Avatar

    good to know youre still dodging the NWO it gives me hope keep fighting the good fight

  38. Internet Bastard Avatar
    Internet Bastard

    I do remember when McAfee made its debut those many years back. It makes so much since now on why it has gone to shit because this man is not running things. Long Live John McAfee

  39. Michael Lackner Avatar

    Just fucking hilarious! Made my day!

    Go John! 🙂

  40. Who is Web Avatar

    LOL, Johnny….. Maybe it’s ‘a’ ball working overtime?

    According to JM on Slashdot:

    “I had my right testicle shattered by a hammer in 1974 when I ran afoul of some local drug barons in Oaxaca. Its the size of a grape now and shaped like a small frisbee. ”


  41. Walter Avatar

    Muy bueno jajaja …
    Existe el video con subtítulos en espanol ? Gracias

  42. Janet B Smith Avatar
    Janet B Smith

    Very funny and unpredictable throughout…I love McAfee… recently I just rebought McAfee software because my free trial ran out. Yes, they bugged me when ever I was on my PC, reminding me that I am unprotected…. I caved.. 🙂 Are you still on the run?

  43. Johnny Avatar

    Mr.JM has balls.

  44. Leanne Flynn Avatar
    Leanne Flynn

    wow. sparkly brilliance. You just make me look fkng boring, Sir, and dumb. Part of the reason I like you so much. By gosh must say you are a handsome man! LOL! John McAfee as big screen actor? Hollywood? I smell red carpets and Oscars and they smell like justice. Sweet.

  45. Tim Jones Avatar
    Tim Jones

    I bet the person who was pushing the “Network Associates” company rename is having a few chuckles

  46. Hank Avatar

    Was pretty damn funny and unexpected. It is over the top but I like the way you handled it. You need to make more of these videos they are great.

  47. Darren Avatar

    Well done sir!

  48. Chuck Avatar

    Does human flesh taste better with or without bath salts?

  49. John McEnroe Avatar
    John McEnroe

    I especially like the short skirt shot at 3:15.

  50. John John Avatar
    John John

    U R a G E N I O U S

  51. SL Avatar

    Yes there are so many other things on your site that would not qualify as “Fair Use”, the logo being the least of them. We had told you early on to take the logo off your site, you simply changed the color.

    I’m not a lawyer so I don’t know how that all works, but I do know it is frowned upon to post more than a small clip for citation purposes from someone else’s site making it appear as though you wrote it. Using other people’s photos can also be a problem if not cited properly.

    Just saying…

  52. SL Avatar

    Classic McAfee!

    Well played. John McAfee is one of only a handful of people who can make swearing sound classy.

    You need some powerful lungs to snort through a silly straw!

    I hope we get to see more of these. LMFAO

  53. Mads Gorm Larsen Avatar

    Brillant – best of luck to you John McAfee.

  54. Jeff Daigle Avatar
    Jeff Daigle

    you really need to make more of these videos! dont think ive laughed this hard in a long time!

  55. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    the guy who sent me the email is a McAfee lawyer … and if he is up to date with his law degree … he already knows I am not infringing on anything.

  56. Nick Avatar

    So when’s the movie?

  57. tworzenie stron internetowych Avatar

    “you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention”

  58. pozycjonowanie lublin Avatar

    Hahahah, that was g r e a t

  59. Pierluigi Avatar

    John, you are a myth!

  60. Pierluigi Avatar

    John, your are a myth!

  61. Glenn Dixon Avatar

    *golf claps*

    bravo, sir, bravo!

  62. Matt Avatar

    Best way to own it. Ever.

  63. Aryeh Goretsky Avatar

    Hello Norman,

    I suspect we will know shortly.


    Aryeh Goretsky

  64. Aryeh Goretsky Avatar


    I would suggest removing it, then. As Mr. McAfee can tell you, having to deal with lawyers is rarely enjoyable. And, I’m certain you can probably come up with an even better logo that qualifies as fair-use that they will probably like even less.


    Aryeh Goretsky

  65. J.A. Avatar

    Brilliant! John McAfee is the ideal eccentric millionaire.

  66. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    Very well done John and Chad, love it … totally made me lol.

    A lawyer from McAfee had emailed me, asking me to remove the blue logo from my website … that also made me lol.

  67. Norman Hirsch Avatar
    Norman Hirsch

    Hilarious to see him roasting himself. Wonder what Intel (now owns McAfee company) thinks?

  68. Ben Aoufa Avatar
    Ben Aoufa

    Oh my god! LMAO…..I fucking love this guy!!!!

  69. Will Vaught Avatar
    Will Vaught

    lmmfao… well played sir! Well played…

  70. Who is Web Avatar

    Worth the wait….high-larious.

    loved the straw too….

    Nice job… rock Chad!

  71. Mentor Avatar

    The straw. lmfao.