Searches without warrants

Yesterday Amy was alerted in advance that the police were going to yet again search my residence in San Pedro. She arranged for NBC news to be on site when they arrived and the crew got footage of the police breaking locks and entering all of my buildings – without a search warrant. This is normal for police actions in this country. Search first, if anything is found then get a pre-dated search warrant. Watch it on NBC. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Three of my friends are still being held in prison on trumped up charges.  They are: Eddie Ancona Cassian  Chavarria William Mulligan  They were charged and have been imprisoned because three legally licensed firearms were found in the incorrect rooms on my property (stretching the law to the extreme).  I would ask you to please email the following and demand their release:

 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
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  1. Connor Avatar

    Dd i must say your question is irrelevant to the overall scheme of things. over 40 armed police marched onto his property. Tell me how him doing drugs has anything to do with that, especially when it’s likely the police themselves probably did drugs. Everybody does drugs. Alcohol is a drug, cigarrettes are a drug, there are drugs in your food. Try to be more open-minded with your comments if you can. So if he does drugs then it is more ok if he gets raided and his property taken away from him? what matters what kind of person you are and what actually happened. As long as you’re not harming anyone you should be able to do whatever you want on your own land. He didn’t steal that land did he? He’s not a super-rich banker who owns just about everything through nefarious means, is he?

  2. Dd Avatar

    John are you doing drugs,I have heard that you are delusional..I know Belize has a horrible justice system.But personally you might want to take an on camera drug test for people to sypathize with you more..I know what drugs do to the mind,so please try in your next interview to remember to have them bring you one..then more people might be on board with you..

  3. Connor Avatar

    Hey, I was wondering where I could find the video of which this video refers to

  4. Connor Avatar

    Hi, saw your interview on the joe rogan podcast. Was wondering where I could find this video of nbc’s footage of them breaking into your house. i could not find it.

  5. recyclechic Avatar

    John loves Belize, which is why he is still there!

  6. Forthelulz Avatar

    You’re ‘safely in America and safe under those protections’? JR, you truly are an ignorant fool of epic proportion. You live in a police state that imposes it’s imperial will on all the little sheep like you who think that big brother umerikkka can do no wrong, all the while robbing you blind and destroying other nations for oil. Maybe stop watching fox news and eating paint chips? It seems your brain has started to deteriorate.

  7. nine lives Avatar
    nine lives

    Could there have been search warrants, but you were not there to receive them, therefore they were not issued?

  8. JR Avatar

    You say it’s a “stupid comment” and that I am “jealous” but you have no answer. Hello, classic ad hominem attack because you know I”m right. You don’t know anything about me – why would I be jealous of John, who is living like a fugitive running from what he describes as an out of control police force, when I am safely in America and safe under those protections because I follow the laws?

  9. Dan Armeneau Avatar
    Dan Armeneau

    What Lucy says, to use her own words, “is simply untrue”. It would appear that the motivation for these misleading statements are the result of cancelled bookings at the Lodge at Chaa Creek. What more could it possibly be?

    I would ask you Lucy and your husband Mick this question:

    If you are genuinely concerned about the countless Belizeans employed in the tourism industry then why not do the proper and honourable thing and publicly condemn the erosion of the Constitution of Belize and ask the Prime Minister to disband the lawless thugs collectively known as the GSU?

    After all, has the crime gone up or down since the formation of the GSU? It most certainly hasn’t gone down and that’s a fact supported by the GOB’s own crime statistics. Fact is the GSU was a flawed concept from the start and has been nothing but an unmitigated disaster in respect to crime reduction.

    Their mandate is poorly defined and for all outward appearances they are nothing more than the private muscle for the Prime Minister when he feels wants to punish those that he may have perceived have chanced him. Mr. McAfee has a genuine concern for his fate at the hands of the GSU and rightfully so.

    I would venture a guess that respect for the Belizean police is at an all time low at the very same time that the crime rate has reached an all time high. Disrespect for human rights and the Constitution of Belize does not somehow miraculously translate to a heightened respect for the police. This should be obvious. Respect is not something you demand, it’s something you earn.

    When you say Lucy that:
    “For Mr McAfee to suggest otherwise, and to maintain that he was somehow set-up by police in the murder of a fellow American on Ambergris Caye is unfair, untrue and damaging…” you simply spread untruths of your own.

    Where, I might ask, have you ever seen any evidence that Mr. McAfee said that he was set-up by the police? He has most certainly said that he fears the GSU, and rightfully so but I don’t recall where he’s ever said that he was set-up. In fact the police have maintained that Mr. McAfee is NOT a suspect and nothing more than a “person of interest” at this time.

    To you Miss Lucy and Mister Mick I would say this, “Your rant against Mr. McAfee is blatantly self-serving and disingenuous in respect to the Belizeans you claim your concern for. I’m frankly surprised you somehow felt compelled to even make your comments when you have to be aware that there is trouble in paradise and there has been for quite some time prior to the murder of Mr. Gregory Faull. To suggest otherwise and to somehow blame Mr. McAfee is certainly misleading at best if not flat out dishonest. At the very least, read the bloody news!

    Just my 2 aluminum cents worth.


    P.S. I realize that Miss Lucy wasn’t the author of the post that I’m replying to but her words most certainly beg for a rebuttal.

  10. Brenda Avatar

    JR… That’s a stupid comment. But then again, there are a lot of jealous people like yourself who try to lower others in order to feel better.

    John, don’t know you from a hole in the ground… but I certainly hope that things go in your favor. I can’t imagine what this would be like. I like the advice given by another blogger of the pre-paid cell phones. That’s a good one! Hope you receive more blogs that help guide you in the right direction. Hope you find yourself a damn good lawyer. How terrible. My thoughts are with you!

  11. JR Avatar

    I find it hard to have sympathy for you, even if this has all happened exactly as you have said. You chose to go to this “Third World Country” in order to avoid paying taxes and fines. In short, you did it out of greed. Now you seem surprised to learn they do not have the same sort of protections that American citizens have and that you could find yourself on the losing end of that. Well, American citizens get those protections by remaining in their country and paying their dues. I guess your “paradise” is not such a paradise after all. Didn’t you do any research on anything except how to save your money before you went there?

  12. beeninyourshoes Avatar


    I was accused of murder in Belize, spent time in Hattieville and then was released with an apology after going through hell. I understand how it works here. Perhaps I can help mediate for you? After what I went through, I understand the system. I was also publicly convicted of the crime that I had nothing to do with. I am a foreigner and nationalized Belizean.

  13. John McAfee Avatar

    P.S. To all readers: I have had nothing to do with the McAfee anti-virus company for 19 years. I have not entered their premesis, talked to them, written them. This is the last post I will allow about the quality of McAfee Inc’s software. It has nothing to do with this blog. Any idiot would know I have nothing to do with the software.

  14. Avatar

    Maybe while you’re in hiding you could do something about your anti-virus? My cable provider offers it for free and its the worst.

  15. SHERY M Avatar

    Hi John glad to see u survived another day, Hopefully your smart tactics are paying off and all this time the police are using wisely to do a thorough and precise investigation so they can capture the correct person that committed this crime. am still going by my instincts that you are innocent. the more i read the more i understand the person you are, and am just hoping for the best for you. i previously stated my age so that it is observed that i am not a fickle minded person and i am female belizean.

  16. Mike McNern Avatar

    Well John, I hope you had your complex on Ambergris Caye swept for RF devices.

    I assume you know everything you need to know about cell towers and the creation of cell phone transactions on the phone switches. I used to write software for MCI before it fell apart as Bernies’ personal piggy bank. I suppose you are charging a large number of laptop batteries to write these blogs, or writing them on a PDI. Even if you change IP addresses every hour or so, the router behavior will look suspicious. Acquire and give away those pre-paid phones and it will appear you have cloned yourself with a dozen sets of transactions from each of a dozen ANIs (phone numbers).

  17. Cherie Chenot-Rose Avatar

    You know, during the days prior to the arson, the police searched our home without even asking us let alone a warrant; and then, because we were not there they had to break in, then they left it unlocked for looters. They never even told us. A friend, reporter, informed us because he was with them when they kicked in the doors. So we too are the victims of an illegal search of our home in Belize.

  18. John McAfee Avatar

    I had heard about Mr. Faul’s domestic violence record but I don’t see any connection. I live in a country where domestic violence is endemic and widespread. His other arrests were for minor violations.

  19. J.M.G. Avatar

    I do not know you, but my thoughts are with you. Hope you are well this morning and get the f outta there! You have to get out of Belize. Why are you still there? Be safe~ jmg

  20. ibelieveu Avatar

    I have been following your story. I recently left Belize from a vacation. I couldn’t believe the poverty there. I saw the prison in Belize city. OMG, I wouldn’t wish that place on my worst enemy. I was told from some expats that the government keeps wages of the people down and makes it near impossible for Belizians to leave the country.

    I was told about the death of a pretty young red headed American expat that was living in Sittee River. Her name was Miriam Simi. She was raped and murdered in her home. I was told that the police knew who committed the murder but he was “connected” to someone in power. I believe you and understand why you don’t want to speak with the GSU. I think you have ruffled so many feathers now (GSU, government, gangs and tourism) that they would rather see you blamed for something you didn’t do so they can silence you. I am impressed by your ingenuity to discover the truth.

    Also, while I was following this I found out about Mr. Faull. He has had several arrest in the United States. One arrest was for domestic violence. Why isn’t anyone talking about this? There could be a connection.

    God speed to you.

  21. AKA Avatar

    My apologies for the errors in my above comment.

  22. AKA Avatar

    I’m glad John offered your his own reward. Smart move. I stumbled over this regarding people (in this case Canadians) NOT collecting reward money from CrimeStoppers or the police & why just a couple of days ago:

    John, best of luck to you. I’m wondering to myself however; What is your long term plan? I understand you need to take things one day at a time but you may have shown your hand prematurely as far as your elaborate disguises go. I doubt they would have imagined you could be that crafty.

    Also, you own a boat service so why not use one of your boats to get to another country? You could always rent one as NBC did. I am perplexed as to why you are still in Belize. Can you not hire a Private Investigator or do you not trust anyone but yourself at this point?

    Good luck John! I’m rooting for you!! Go John!!!

  23. the ell doesnt work Avatar
    the ell doesnt work

    Gosh, after living in this country for over one quarter of a century I feel that I may make a comment, it’s not really a comment but a query. Don’t
    think the world community looks at Belize as a bastion of freedom, or democracy as it was , there are many instances we all know about but don’t nor need to discuss here, nor have unreal expected adjendas to a return on money as we have seen so many times in the past. You and Mick have done it with your hard work and perservence and involvement with what is important with an eye to the future and I thank you Lucy. but lets face it …. the book was written about the carnival but This is the real 3 ring circus and the adage still applys,, the way to make a million in Bze is to bring 2 with you. Back to the sublect, I hope John’s insight to some of the issues facing Bze . and the Govt. so much needs to be addressed and things exposed as they are. Can we agree on that? Well no reply needed. Would be nice to see you agian and please tell the Son hello. Miss seeing him here as he always stopped by with news. of the netherland……………..John is fun to watch.

  24. Glenn Avatar

    you seem like a nice guy, intelligent, not a murderer.
    one: get out of that country
    two : get a lawyer in US.
    three : money isn’t everything, i dont have any
    and im happy. don’t let money rule your life.
    the murderer was probubly one of you body guards, maybe the policeman, or the gang person , you can figure it out better , think man !!!

  25. Loren Feldman Avatar
    Loren Feldman

    Do you like puppets by any chance?

  26. Aryeh Goretsky Avatar


    You may wish to obscure that email address a bit, otherwise you are going to receive copious amounts of spam.


    Aryeh Goretsky

  27. David Avatar

    Actually I support John’s decision on this. Remember we do have a 922 crime stopper hotline, but did you know that the reward is only issued AFTER CONVICTION? Now think about it.. what is the conviction rate in this country again??.. So yeah, John’s initiative is brilliant. I think pretty soon, municipalities will have to set up their own anonymous hotlines and offer rewards on LEADS… not CONVICTIONS.

  28. Ian Avatar

    Dear John,

    I would like to let you know that I find you to be a truly inspiring man. I think it is wonderful that you are using this opportunity to inform the world of the injustices that so many people face in countries like Belize, where authority is not held accountable for its actions. I sincerely hope that it will all blow over, and that everyone who is involved can continue with their lives. Thus far, I have spent my life living in a ‘first world’ country, and I cannot fathom how it must be for you, under your circumstances. I do, however, believe that your blog will help me empathize and understand — something towards which I very much look forward.

    I wish you the best. Stay safe.


  29. John McAfee Avatar

    Not doing bath salts. Didn’t kill anyone. Not guilty of any of the sensationalized garbage the press has charged me with. You know nothing about me other than what the press has said. It’s a shameful method of judging someone.

  30. Joanne Dunn Avatar
    Joanne Dunn

    For heaven’s sakes. You’ve got yourself into a dreadful shitload of trouble. Own up to what you are responsible for. And if you’re doin’ those damn bath salts, then somehow, some way stop it and drop it (the habit).

  31. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    I want to point out that Chaa Creek was started over 30 years ago … how much “extra money” did they have when they started in 1981 … was it multiple millions?

    Struggling startups 30 years ago scraping to make a go are not targeted on the scale of an Investor with the reputation John has for investing.

    Mrs Fleming … to think that thugs like the GSU are not corrupt … are you serious?

    I would be very suprised if in fact you are able to operate Chaa Creek without kicking back somewhere … we have crooked cops up here in Canada … so I am 100% sure the percentage of thug cops is very high in a place like Belize.

    I think you have jumped on this thread to help preserve your own interest in the tourist money and that if a guy like John gets #%&ed over … you seriously would not care unless it affects your bottom line.

    Do you not see that John could very well be fighting for his life on this?

  32. dj sw@t Avatar
    dj sw@t

    hey john check out my dj mixes while ur hiding thanks hope the police arent too mean to you if you get caught!!!

  33. Dave Avatar

    Don’t know why, but think you telling truth
    Take care, and we all hope the best for you

  34. Mike McNern Avatar

    Mr. McAfee,
    I hope you get out of the tight spot in which you find yourself.
    I met you briefly in Woodland Park, CO. about 10 years ago.

    You will need to engage in a charm campaign to lessen the
    Belizean authorities immediate interest in you, and allow to lawyer up.
    Mike McNern

  35. John McAfee Avatar

    Do you have a webpage or a blog or something to substantiate yourself?

  36. sherry m Avatar
    sherry m

    am belizean 47 and even though it all sounds bizarre i do believe u are innocent. i am simple going by my instincts. i hope it works out well for u John and your life can return to normal *your normal lifestyle* . all the best

  37. Daniel Keeney Avatar

    This was released on 11/17 by the Lodge at Chaa Creek:

    Chaa Creek Owner Lucy Fleming said that Chaa Creek decided to comment on the (McAfee) affair after noting the high amount of media attention and internet traffic the case is generating.

    “This is not something we would normally comment upon, but statements attributed to Mr McAfee are casting Belize in a negative light that is very damaging and simply untrue,” Mrs Fleming said.

    “To begin with, Belize is an independent, democratic country with a proven high regard for the rule of law. Our democratic and legal system has been in place for centuries, passed down from Belize’s days as a former crown colony of Great Britain. Since achieving independence in 1981 we have been recognised and indeed praised worldwide for maintaining a healthy democracy and fair legal system.

    “For Mr McAfee to suggest otherwise, and to maintain that he was somehow set-up by police in the murder of a fellow American on Ambergris Caye is unfair, untrue and damaging to the honest, hardworking people of this country, many of whom depend on tourism to make a living,” she said.

    “There’s no doubt that this is a tragic case. We have a well-liked person murdered, a once respected computer millionaire acting in an increasingly bizarre manner and a whole peaceful little country thrown into turmoil.

    “But perhaps the biggest tragedy is the damage done to Belize, which is a very friendly, peaceful little country that depends on tourism for income. We’re an English speaking country where visitors can feel secure while taking in our stunning natural beauty and exploring the many Maya temples and archaeological sites, diving the famous Belize Great Barrier Reef or just kicking back on gorgeous beaches. Belizeans are justly proud of their democratic institutions and enviable way of life.

    “To have one man paint such a negative, untrue picture of the government of such a friendly place is unfair and a shame. If Mr McAfee would simply present himself to the police and answer the legitimate questions they have he could save everyone a lot of trouble,” Mrs Fleming said.

    Mrs Fleming said it was “absurd” that Mr McAfee would fear for his life at the hands of Belizean police.

    “We have a well-disciplined police force that’s here to protect people and a democratic government of elected officials who ensure that there are checks and balances and that justice is done. The sooner Mr McAfee does the right thing and talks to them the sooner he’ll realise that there is help available for him and we can all just get on with life in our peaceful little paradise,” she said.

    For the original version on PRWeb visit:

    [Editor’s note: Mr. Fleming runs a lodge fully dependent on the tourist trade. Negative publicity for Belize directly effects his pocketbook. I’m sure Mr. McAfee sympathises with his plight, but I would refer you to the section on “Background” if you doubt that the system of government is corrupt and the police are dangerous.]

  38. John McAfee Avatar
  39. Sparrowdancer Avatar

    John, I am an investigative journalist with experience regarding massive governmental illegal activities, and a $3B antitrust case resulting in an assassination attempt via a unique new method of poisoning. If you have a chance, please contact me.

  40. Kathleen Carrera Avatar
    Kathleen Carrera

    Correction to my post: The retreat in Colorado was Sept. 2002, not 2004.

  41. Sully Avatar

    Hey John….Ok…i see you offered reward today….i am glad…i really think this should work…..clues will start to appear….once you make it out of this alive…and free….sure will be a helluva story!! Then you need to chill a bit more…enjoy your wealth and stop kickin up hornets nests !!!

  42. Kathleen Carrera Avatar
    Kathleen Carrera

    Hi John,

    We met when I was fortunate to be able to attend one of your Silence Meditation Retreats in Colorado in Sept. 2004 at your Mandiram Center. I spent over a week there, and it was one of the most memorable times in my life, a very positive, insightful visit in your beautiful location. It was a joy to meet you there. You were one of the most kind hearted, caring, and generous people I have ever met. You had a special way of looking at life from “outside the box” and with a great sense of wisdom and humor combined. I loved and appreciated your eccentricity, because I also am not a sheep that follows the crowd, and it was great to see a fellow being on the same (eccentric) wavelength!

    We lost touch after that retreat, but I thought of you often with gratitude for all you did. Not just for me, but for the other people who came to your group. I wish we had “before & after” pics. I remember seeing the faces of the other people as they arrived: tired, drawn, stressed people, who were bogged down in the illusions of life that so many get caught up in. On the day when they were leaving, those faces had transformed into radiant joy, eyes lit with new life, and an energy of lightness of being, filled with new hope and inspiration. All because of you. You were a great teacher.

    Perhaps in the bigger picture, you are teaching again…bringing to light many things: for the freedom of the people of Belize, for justice, for laws to be reformed, for judgments to fall away, for better truth in the media…who can know, the possibilities are huge. Maybe a movie about the nature of reality =D.

    I had a NDE (Near Death Experience) many years ago, and came back to this crazy place that I call “Earth School” and have marveled at how much distortion and illusion is in the world, especially the media. All very suppressive to our human spirit. It saddens me that the press is now creating a spin on you that is very distorted and completely unfair and biased.

    I am sorry to see you going through all this. You have been in my thoughts and prayers daily since this happened. Visualizing you surrounded and protected in safety, support, and love, and that new understandings can come out of this that will be for the highest good of all.

    I am glad I found you on this blog, I hope you will read this, and know that I am here in the spirit of support and sending you love and light and strength to get through this and have it transform into something greater for all. Thank you for being *YOU*, as you are waking up and shaking up consciousness by bringing more darkness into light. Namaste, Love & Blessings, Kathleen Carrera

    P.S. AND, all your many rescued dogs I met at your home in Colorado were the most lovable, friendly dogs EVER. God Bless your kind heart for taking them in. I am sorry for the loss of some of your beloved pets. Hugs. Peace.

    Having been in other small Carribean countries, it would make sense that their corruption on Belize is very real. To me, it makes total sense your choice to hide for awhile. It seems very smart, and that, I know you are!

    First, I want to say that

  43. John McAfee Avatar

    Was already reported on NBC that I have offered a $25,000 BZ reward for finding the killler.

  44. Jesse Avatar

    I love your blog posts John. Keep them coming.

  45. Cancun Avatar

    Dammit John, get your ass to Cancun right now!

  46. Sully Avatar

    John….the man is dead and you have gone into hiding, claiming to be on the property…….i understand why you are hiding but how can you keep failing to see these things are direct consequence of your actions…..focus focus focus on finding the killer…you certainly have the time on your hands….offer the reward for info provided to you, not to police….why wouldnt you do that?

  47. Ellen O'Rourke Avatar
    Ellen O’Rourke

    I respect your previous accomplishments, hope you are innocent and that there will be a way out of this situation. I think you could still invent more things. Maybe somebody could find a way to get you a jury trial somewere else since you lived in America for so long. I pray for you.