Marco Vidal Head of The GSU Alleged Child Abuser

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Estelita Romero, Alleges ex (Marco Vidal Head of The GSU) common-law physically abused children



Words from Estelita Romero


“For eight years I was the common law of Mr. Mark Vidal. And we have three children—a ten year old, a nine year old, and a seven year old girl. We’ve been separated for some years now. From the beginning of the separation, the children were living with me then he took them away from me. When we separated, Vidal told me that I could stay in the house for the first month or so because we were renting. Then I would have to find a way to pay my own bills because he would not do it. So, because of that I had no job. I had to look for a job leaving my children in the care of my mother. For the time being that they were with my mother, I was off and on visiting with them; helping my mother financially and he was too. Then I applied for custody and so did he. Then he came up to me and spoke to me and asked me not to show up to the next hearing because it was foolish for us to be fighting over them. So I accepted that. We did not sign anything. I did not show up for the hearing and neither did he. And it worked out for the beginning and the children were living with me. After that, he just came and took them away without saying the reasons why. And since then he took them to live with him and his new wife. And the children constantly complain to me about things they are going through at home—verbal, you know; that they always get lashings, and punishments.

Sometimes they would be locked up for a whole day or for months without having anywhere to go or play. It’s not the first time my daughter had come home with a bruise on her legs or anywhere on her body. But this time the bruise was that big that I decided to report the matter to the police. I went to the police station on the twenty seventh. And since then nothing has been done. The police hasn’t been giving me any feedback. I have been visiting them and trying to find out what is happening and they are not saying anything. It seems to me that they aren’t going to do anything either. Even bring up to me saying that there are cases that are even bigger and that the lashing my daughter got was justifiable of a disciplinary actions that her father took against her. And the reason I come to the media is that I feel justice is not being made for me or my child. So I think that something needs to get done. And if this is what I have to do, I will do it because what is my concern are my children.”




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  1. Felisha Avatar

    There are many programs which are easily downloadable.
    Bear in mind the classic maxime “You get what you pay for. Ancient religions and modern sciences agree that our Reality is an ocean of living energy, and that all matter (such as a human being) is simply interpenetrating waves of energy which have crystallized into form and structure.

  2. Bob Wilkinson Avatar
    Bob Wilkinson

    We have an administration which only follows that part of the law which it wishes to follow. Why do we then have laws if those who are charged with equally enforcing the law use “executive discretion”. If the Attorney General or the President have complete discretion we don’t need a Congress. A dictator can function just fine. All America (Liberals and Conservatives) need to wake up to such tyrannical behavior.

  3. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    Please everyone sign this petition and share this link on every social website you use Facebook, Twitter Etc. This is the type of thing that needs to be going viral rather than a video of a dog carrying a cat back inside the house for the owner….though that was hilarious.

  4. Brandon Avatar

    You can get all Alex videos and nightly news for free a couple hours after they air usually on astonisher3 YouTube page. Idk why people think Alex is just out there for $. I’ve listened to him for years and never paid for anything. All his stuff on YouTube.

  5. Chris Avatar

    I just watched John McAfee’s interview with Alex Jones on youtube. Great interview! I hope the CIA talks to McAfee and investigates Belize. What Belize did to McAfee is unacceptable. Those Belizean officials should be held accountable. I wish John McAfee a safe journey into the heart of America as he heads into the Midwest.

  6. SL Avatar

    Fast and Furious was started under Bush the JR., not Obama.
    President Obama is not trying to take your guns away. The only legislation he has done on guns is allowing them to be carried in Federal Parks, which you couldn’t before. That is MORE freedom not less.
    The obsession with how many rounds of ammo the Dept. of Homeland security has purchased is also misrepresented. They use live rounds for training, target shooting and qualifying. I have a friend who goes through quite a bit of ammo at the range.
    I could go on, but this is not the place for that. I wasn’t dissing him, he is entitled to his opinions, however, I feel that he appeals to the fringe. It is too easy to dismiss anything on the show as being fringe rantings.
    And the Illuminati? Really? Robert Anton Wilson would be pleased.

  7. Pat R Avatar
    Pat R is among the most popular news sources on the internet. links to many of their articles, as do others.

  8. mich Avatar

    I hear alot of dissing Alex Jones in the comments from people who have little experience listening or have formed opinions from remarks of others who haven’t given Jones a chance. Spend some time researching his films. research his history. Alex may act or seem like the “Crazy Eddie” of info. That’s his personality, so what. The fact that he has the respect of so many researchers like Gerald Celente, Jim Tucker, and many others too numerous to mention and the fact that his track record of accuracy could hardly be better. If you all don’t believe in the existence of the Illuminati. You are behind the learning curve.
    Obviously John Mcaffee’s revelation is big big time serious. Give alex some credit for shining light of day on it and respect Alex’s skepticism. he is careful to research what he reports and I’m sure he will dig deeper into Johns story and, if things add up, will get the story picked up by Drudge or whoever has secondary balls after Alex. Listen to Jones and research his claims. The Global situation is much worse than many here realize.

  9. infowarrior Avatar

    saw the interview on InfoWars Nightly News Friday January 4, 2013 show. Quite interesting. Thanks to AJ for having McAfee on. Great interview.

  10. WEB Avatar

    @SL, thanks for the link….listening now (late night, lol)

  11. Goof Avatar

    What happened to the guy with your name that you “arranged to have arrested in Mexico”?

  12. Sandwillow Avatar

    Very good interview. So sad it’s not with a more popular news organizations.
    Keep trying.

  13. Sandwillow Avatar

    Thanks for the link. Finally got to see (hear) the interview.
    Actually Jones wasn’t as nutty as what I have heard while trying to get to this interview.

  14. connie Avatar

    Just heard the interview on you tube links that have been posted here. Great job John on the interview. You sound so much better (with exception of the cigarette cough 😉 on this inteview. I am glad that Alex gave you a chance to get more of the details out in the open. He has a large following whether or not people agree with him. Right now, I have all this information and I don’t really know what I can do to help. My stetson is off to you sir. TIme to give up the ciggies. We need you healthy.

  15. DB Avatar

    It starts at 48:40

  16. DB Avatar

    What an improvement over the first interview. Well done, John. Alex was prepared to speak to you, and most importantly, allowed you to get your information out there. You are right, Alex had the balls to cover this, where mainstream media most probably would not. Though I read it here, listening to you greatly raised my anxiety level. You are a courageous person, and I, along with others, are fearful of you becoming a target by forces far worse than the Belizean authorities. Stay safe.

  17. iceesurfer Avatar

    Good interview. Alex is a Dunce, but at least he let JM speak. Stay Safe JM wherever you are. Herbal Tea. Fresh Air. Less Tobacco. Raw Veggies. Gotta Stay healthy to stay sharp. Midwest Food is not the most healthy.

  18. SL Avatar

    Google is your friend 🙂

    It’s about 48 minutes in if you do not want to watch their other stories.
    John was calm, stuck to what he knew and did not get sucked into tying it all to some global plan to take away our guns and take over the country. Wish I had known you were gonna be in California, we could have had coffee (wishful thinking on my part)

  19. WEB Avatar

    wtf? Did AJ’s camp stupidly decide that there would be a better audience if it only went to paying members of, or was it greed that spurred the change of venue? Even the link at the top of this page was for infowars – free – not for Nightly News, @Mike, hope you kept your subscription…sorry for the shitty .but well meant advice. 😉 Hopefully there will be a link to a free viewing soon. (YouTube/political blog).

  20. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    Saw the interview tonight on Info Wars, you can find it on you tube 1/4/13. McAfee was clear, concise, calm and make his point . Well done, Sir

  21. SL Avatar

    John, dear sir… I believe you. I don’t think you do drugs, I don’t buy the whole unhinged thing that Josh Davis is trying to promote. I enjoy listening to you when you do interviews.
    However, I really can not stomach Alex Jones and his minions. I think that associating yourself with the fringe really will not help your credibility. They are really over the top on their conspiracy theories.
    I consider myself pretty politically aware. I had never heard of Alex Jones before you were on his podcast. Al Jazeera America just bought Current Television. Maybe you could talk to them? Just saying, at least they have a cable station and an online presence.

  22. Gina Avatar

    There is a video on his site but you must register and pay a fee, the last podcast allowed us to simply view the video. Very confusing.

  23. iceesurfer Avatar

    Cannot believe this Cur is free… Unreal…

  24. Chris Avatar

    Does anyone know how the State Department has reacted to John McAfee’s situation? Have they updated their website to include any warnings or advisories for Americans planning to retire in Belize?

  25. DB Avatar

    DB = decibel

  26. SL Avatar

    Chad or John,
    Can we get an update on this Alex Jones interview?
    No advertisements on his page. A tiny blurb for the nightly news but they never mention John. It is now Friday, 7:42 Central Time…

    Do you know where our John McAfee Interview is (grin)

  27. SL Avatar

    And the eBook was a bit of a disappointment. More like a feature article than a book. Then, at the end of December they posted it, in it’s entirety on the web. I feel a little cheated.

    Josh Davis used the whole John McAfee drama to his advantage. Rushed to get the story done. Then he did interviews and a couple more posts and now….crickets.
    And where has our good friend Jeff Wise gone? The one who was so eager to accuse John of murder.
    And, if even a small part of John’s story is provably true… that is the big story Josh could have broken. Instead he settled for the personality piece.

  28. onlooker Avatar


  29. onlooker Avatar

    are you DBDoberman?

  30. Chris Avatar

    I just watched this link and there is no mention of John McAfee in the news broadcast.

  31. connie Avatar

    I had to laugh at your post because when all this first started I saw the post on Then the ebook came out and I thought you had to purchase a subscription to the magazine if you didn’t own a kindle! I am now trying to cancel the subscription.

  32. kalmifl Avatar

    what’s going on with the fiance Amy??
    lately no news nothing from her.
    or she is not the fiance anymore?

  33. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    @onlooker, your question is for DB?

  34. Chad Essley Avatar

    The only information we have is “Tonight on the Nightly News show”.

  35. iceesurfer Avatar

    Still no mention of anything McAfee-Related on infowars website. Please try to clarify this.. Many of Us are very interested, but must schedule this “In.”
    Perhaps, we can be advised in advance that there will be a link to whatever broadcast eventually emerges – that we may listen to when we can.
    Amazing, the already released information. Edge-of-the-seat style. .

  36. SL Avatar

    Chad – Maybe you could edit this post so that it has hard dates instead of the relatives, tonight, tomorrow, etc.? Just a suggestion.
    Also, are we confirmed it will be today, Friday the 4th, during his daytime show? I really would rather not sit through hearing the other parts of his show.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, I just don’t really like the lunatic fringe aspect of how he is communicating them.

  37. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    Caution To John: I just read on Burt (Turd) Vasquez is now walking the streets freely in the US! Sorry I don’t have a site but the news is from Jasmine Alert. Gotta wonder WTF he did for Release ???? Parents, lock up all the girls.

  38. DB Avatar

    John did experience and live through a conspiracy, so maybe it is an appropriate audience.

  39. DB Avatar

    True enough, but even if he is a raving loon, he appears to have a large audience. Maybe an audience primarily willilng to believe in conspiracy theories, but a large audience nontheless. Will it help or hurt John’s credibility? Who knows? I had never heard of the guy until John’s first interview with him, which was a disappointment, and am only returning to see how John’s second interview is handled. We do see evidence, even in the USA, of growing corruption in governments, making John’s story all the more believable. That John had the foresight to document events is amazing to me.

  40. onlooker Avatar

    are you DBDoberman??

  41. Connor Avatar

    What is the deal here? Jones doesn’t even have any advertisements or anything about this interview. So much for “excerpts”…. I’d like to know when we can really hear this interview.

  42. WEB Avatar

    I sure hope everything works out as planned, Chad. I’m really looking forward to hearing John too, and will tune in whenever it is (even if I have to listen to AJ, lol). Like Connie, I was just at the Infowars site, and there is no mention of John or any upcoming interview. Very odd.

  43. Sandwillow Avatar

    Is this going to be a radio broadcast? If it’s televised is there a way to watch it without subscribing to a service?
    I’m a little confused about the above info, Is the show tonight or Saturday?
    Really want to hear this information.
    @ DB, If a person throws houndreds of darts at a target the person is going to hit the target a few times even if they are sight impaired. This guy, Jones, is going to be right a few times, but that doesn’t mean he knows what he’s talking about, just means he talks a lot.

  44. Chad Essley Avatar

    This occurred to me as a tactic, but I’m fairly sure it was just a scheduling mixup. -I’ll be listening John!

  45. WEB Avatar

    Mike, you can hear it for free, no need to pay. Follow the link on this page, or go to his pod cast…both have cost me nothing. Of course AJ spouted all kinds of shit, that’s what he does. As far as false advertising, well, that’s just another tactic “they” use to keep normal people from tuning out…..which you probably would have if there hadn’t been a JM teaser.

  46. getrealeh Avatar

    Some people are adrenaline junkies. It is how they roll.

  47. Connie Avatar

    I went to info wars website and still no mention of John today…Last time John was on his show, he had him plastered all over his main page.

  48. mattt Avatar

    I don’t see any information on the interview with John on Alex Jones’ web page– no promos, not a word. I really want to hear this, but I am questioning if this will ever be released. How come everything involving John involves drama, confusion, or misinformation?

  49. Linda Dee Avatar
    Linda Dee

    And…WEB…..yes…all raving lunatics…

  50. Linda Dee Avatar
    Linda Dee

    Lies….all lies folks…..

  51. Mike Avatar

    I actually bought a subscription tonight just to hear it.. haha. I figured this Alex Jones guy must be interesting, and wanted to hear the McAfee story… as it turns out, it was advertised as…

    Nightly News for January 3, 2012:
    On this January 3, 2013 broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News, Alex Jones speaks with antivirus software creator John McAfee about his current status concerning the bizarre murder investigation he is involved in. News Covered: TSA Denies Using Drone At Vikings-Packers Game Texas Man Arrested For Filming Cop Senate Democrats Plan “Nuclear Option” to Enact Anti-Second Amendment Legislation Obama to ‘Quickly’ Go for Immigration Reform and Gun Control Bilderberg Elite Angry Over “Constant Exposure” Gun Ban Bill Advances to Senate Floor No Murders In Aurora In 2012 Gun checks soar 39 percent, set new record: FBI

    To me thats hardly a promotion, but a false description of the program. There are 3 hour+ rants about the coming police state in America, and an argument with an Obama supporter, but no interview. Weird. Its possible they want to run it as a front page tomorrow with proper editing, but I don’t know… its definitely not in the nightly news column where it should be, which might give me pause enough to cancel my subscription. Some of the discussion on the program is way out there… way way out there.

  52. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    is this just another social engineering tactic? ; )

  53. Chris Avatar

    Well I listened to Alex Jones, for the first time, from 7-8 pm and there was never a mention of John McAfee.

  54. Remy Avatar

    I wish I would have known this earlier. I sat through 45 minutes of how Obama was out to get me before luckily I was called away to tend to other matters. I figured I missed the interview. Best to abbreviate that program to a segment that you may want to listen to… Yikes!

  55. JG Avatar

    I bet he was psyched about it… There is only so many times you can tell people the world is going to be enslaved tomorrow… And people will believe it.

    Im sure your story brought some new things he could spout about. What he has said a million times hasnt come to light, and wont.

    I obviously havent heard the interview yet, but I am SURE he is going to tie it to the ‘global elite’. Which I will find hilarious.

    Seriously, John, I really hope you didnt know what this guy was about… But on the flip side, you shouldnt be giving first hand interviews to people you dont know nothing about (If thats the case).

    Either way…. Good luck.

  56. iceesurfer Avatar


  57. DB Avatar

    Folks think Jones rants conspiracies, but what if they are true, even a percentage? Who would have thought 20 years ago, that any of what is happening in our country today would be possible? Who would have believed what is happening in Belize would be possible? I visited there annually for years, but noticed the gradual change, which has rapidly accelelerated over the past few years, and decided to go elsewhere. With the info provided by John, I made the right choice. I look forward to the interview, with hopes that it is more productive than the last one. The program has a large audience, exactly what John needs to get the word out, if it is done right.

  58. Chris Avatar

    It is 7:10 pm right now and I am listening to Alex Jones and there is no discussion regarding John McAfee or corruption in Belize. Is it airing at 7 pm? Is anyone else able to listen to it?

  59. K. Gillett Avatar
    K. Gillett

    Chad, were you or Brian present for the interview? If so, in what way will using A.J. be more beneficial than to using say, Faux News or CNN? Would these institutions even listen to the pitch?

  60. WEB Avatar

    Glad to see you back Connie, Happy New Year.

  61. Connie Avatar

    Thanks for the update Chad! I’ll be there as usual.

  62. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    In light of what you folks are releasing about the Belize Terrorism connection … looking forward to this.

  63. SL Avatar

    Yes thank you. I tuned in and no John 🙁
    I agree with WEB. Here’s hoping he has done his homework this time and that he doesn’t start spouting any cringe worthy conspiracy theories.
    I am not ignorant, I know there are plans within plans. I just don’t like the shotgun approach to conspiracies. Where you shoot at everything and hope you hit something.

  64. Chris Avatar

    Great I will be listening.

  65. WEB Avatar

    Thanks for letting us know, Chad. With all the implications of the information John released earlier, there is reason to be concerned for his safety…..and not just from the Belize gov’t. I still think Alex Jones is a raving lunatic, but will have to wait to hear how he spins it.