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  1. Mike Avatar

    Powerful Joe Rogan!
    Excellent podcast. Thanks Mr. Mcafee for taking the time to talk on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast!

  2. Carlson Avatar

    You may not have realized it yet, but Joe Rogan’s podcast has a HUGE audience and you just exposed your message and situation to millions of people across the U.S. and abroad. Knowing very little, I thought you were crazy. Hearing you tell your story on the podcast, I think you’re both sane and being exploited. Good luck with everything!

  3. Also Known As? Avatar
    Also Known As?

    Thank you Jordan. I missed the podcast & really appreciate you posting the youtube link.

  4. Mattias Avatar

    Stay strong John, me and alot of others in Sweden hope you come out of this on top!

    Good choice doing interviews on Joe and Alex’s shows, i believe Shane Smith at would let you tell YOUR side of the story aswell.
    Anyway, good luck John!

  5. Samn Avatar

    Boycotting Belize, emailed all as requested, telling everyone to do the same.

    Good Luck John

    (sent from Rogans Podcast)

  6. Samn Avatar

    Boycotting Belize and Emailed all as requested. Good Luck John

    (I was sent from Rogans podcast)

  7. Mike Avatar

    Train by day, Joe Rogan podcast all night – all day!

  8. RAYMOND Avatar

    I have taken the time to read all the post I could there are a few ,but things are not adding up either you need treatment or just looking for publicity either way if was that bad you would be gone ..
    There is something else going down ,you are playing some kind of mind game..maybe some joke
    but you are bringing bad publicity to Belize for sure, if it was as bad like you say it is you would be long gone . why would you stay for a dream ..nope sorry mate the games up well it is for me.
    Another thing you can always find a place to email/ twitter a man on the run could not do that maybe once or twice yes but every hour or so..
    for me the game ends now.. you also said (I was seeking a new life) why not the philippines …with all your money you could live anyplace..nothing is adds up well not for me maybe others.. get hold of this book Good Man Gone Bad..intresting.

  9. RAYMOND Avatar

    Robert Gemerek.. asked what exactly were you running from when you left the US? fair Q ask ..and seeking a new way of life is not a crime…yet

  10. Tak Avatar

    just listened to this (halfway around the world) and it was really interesting. I hope you can finally rest when all this is said and done, and maybe take some time to write about your internet antics, it all sounded incredibly funny to me.

    I also read a few of the comments you replied to here, and I admire how at your age you still take time to reply to judgemental internet heroes.

    Best of luck, João

  11. John McAfee Avatar

    I was not running from the US. I was seeking a new life.

  12. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    John, ive twittered PM barrow, belize news, and apparently have been blocked from your belize tourism link after i put i tweeted it. BUT, one things bothered me about the rogan/jones interviews…..and that was that you basically just repeated things youd already said in various places but you repeated them word for word almost everything time……and when someones lieing they have to remember their lies and id imagine a 67 year old doesnt have the best memory… naturally if you were lieing you would have to repeat what you already had said the same way you said it, in order to remember and thus avoid detection of the lie. if your telling the truth their tends to be more variety when repeating questions youve already answered but perhaps im wrong. i realize its a necessity for some of what you say to be false or none of this would be working….u need us confused, yet intrested. the bayer/tan story stuck out as you retold it exactly as you had previously said it. perhaps im being paranoid. but then i think of your history with American Institute for Safe Sex Practices….clearly youve always liked sex alot…..and thats obviously where your got your id card knowledge from…….what exactly were you running from when you left the US? why do you never talk about your family? if you dont want to answer the family question i fully understand, i dont talk to my family……

  13. Gary Thacker Avatar
    Gary Thacker

    There are so many facets to your story, your superb use of new media being only one. May the odds forever be in your favor. Be safe.

  14. doctordrewl Avatar

    Since when does Redban have good instincts…. about anything? The fact that he doesn’t buy the story… is proof positive it’s probably legit.

    Best of Luck, John

    “A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.”
    ― Dwight D. Eisenhower

  15. Bryan Avatar

    Stay safe brother. Those greedy pigs will stop at nothing to get your money, it is clear to me and any logical person that has followed this story that this is complete BS.

  16. Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered

    Interesting comment about Amberquis caye forum. I was just permantly banned from the forum . Marty , the moderator of the forum sent me a personal email saying he did not do it and didn’t know who had, and had reinstated me, but when I tried to log in and respond… I was blocked and banned again… Strange.. I do not feel that my questions were inappropriate , or disrespectful, just an honest inquiry as to what the residents on the blog flund to be true from their personal experience as to the escalating crime rate in Belize and recent reports about corruption and brutality from the Powers that Be
    I sent an email back to Marty asking him if my inquiries were too sensitive for the intent of the forum and if anyone would be threatened in way for responding freely… ( certainly not something I would ever ask anyone to risk their safety or peace of mind over) I have not received a response, and I am still banned . interesting

  17. Shannon Avatar

    this is what I posted on Joe’s FB after hearing the interview.

    I feel he wasn’t really being understood. He is naturally a funny enough guy and the trolls he did pull where fantastic. He clearly trolls if you look at his several trolls (Bluelight, Observational Yoga, Actor Replacement) and not just the bluelight as isolated. I really thought after his blog was read and you being a comedian you two would have naturally had a bit of better chemistry. However he doesn’t really know your comedy I guess, and you and Brian were not truly understanding the man, so it made for an odd cast. Example, after he hung up, Brian thought it was wierd that John was not wanting to escape a place without much rule of law. As if America and how its law functions is so damn safe. I think if you ask many who have been beaten and families of people beaten to death, you would see we are not so civilized as we pretend, and the point then is, but we stay even though we know our system is corrupt. Monsanto, patenting of life, draconian drug laws, police state, and on and on. Also, John made it very clear why the embassy was not an option (Julian Assange was a perfect example). Would you want to be trapped in an embassy or fucking a hot babe? It was a darn good explanation. If his blog was really read well, I think his humor shines through, he is trying to keep his head up among pure corruption, and his love for the people, and that he has made a home there and on top of it all that he is saying, hey people please let Belize know you will not come there as a tourist, seeing how they are treating people jailed and constantly harrassing John. He is stating a fact that the power of money means a lot in tourist areas. I love all the podcasts, and I think on this one with John’s blog I could sense the seriousness he feels of his friends locked up, and he is trying to shine a light on this all. It ended up being more about if he trolled bluelight then about the message he is clearly wanting to get out there. Maybe you can get him back in very near future and really hear what he is saying and have Brian reserve a bit of the judgement about him not leaving the country. Anyhow Joe fans don’t bash me too hard, as I too am hard core fan, just being honest is all.

  18. Mark_13 Avatar

    But it s so beautiful that McAfee says he’s determined to stay there,even with people chasing him with guns. Seems like a lot of people might want to get a taste of that. I’m thinking tourism has probably picked up the last couple of weeks.

  19. CraigT Avatar

    As someone who owns property in Caye Caulker Belize, this entire story is very disconcerting to me. I certainly hope the government wakes up and resolves this before the tourist trade is completely destroyed.

  20. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    john are you aware that the prime ministers son is a well known gangster rapper? shyne “po” barrow? hes also a convicted felon who was deported back to belize….part of that whole j.lo/p.diddy/shyne nightclub shooting. not that it really matters but it helps to paint the prime minister and his family in a bad light…

  21. Ryan Holguin Avatar
    Ryan Holguin

    Joe Rogan Experience all day!

  22. Mr.Blunt Avatar

    The majority of names that start with Mc are pronounced “Mac”. Either that or “Mic”

    You own a business?

  23. DB Avatar

    It was a good interview, and most importantly, it reached a large audience. It was good that Joe stated he would not want to visit Belize, and I am sure his listeners picked up on that point. I wish Joe had written down the questions he wanted to ask you, as there were a couple he forgot that you could have easily answered. You are definitely having an impact, and I agree with you that the best way to handle this is to make the powers that be understand that it could hurt their economy, namely tourism. This is the very reason that those over on the ambergris caye forum would rather trash you than do their research. They have a vested interest, real estate or business, and they do not have the courage to stand up to the corruption, except to occasionally post anonymously on a message board. I would think they would applaud you, as in the long run, it could make things better for them as well. May you continue to have more of those “hog heaven” days. Best wishes to you both.

  24. raymond Avatar

    Reading some of the stuff on this blog the pros and cons, if it was all for a bet? is it political a guy higher up the chain..

    we will see it will not go on forever either way..all the bad words about the guy should be on hold just now.

    Innocent until proven guilty let’s just sit back wait and see!!!

  25. raymond Avatar

    You Say something more to this story,! what else could there be to this story..for what gain i am truly intrested in what you have to n say? ..

  26. Toxis Avatar

    Well after a quick (couple of hours) research and a crosscheck of the information, you sir are either a very good liar (which should be quite hard, given the drug induced paranoia you are being charged on all of the sites), and you have planned this for quite some time, putting false information and false articles on various sites for last several years or there is something more to this story, than wired/cnn and other are putting here.

  27. NotADog Avatar

    May the force be with you John

    It was amazing and very emotional. I support you and sent out emails too.

    The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast #290 – John Mcafee is here and there

    Priceless reaction at 00:40:20

  28. Seadog24 Avatar

    Happy to see Alex Jones & Joe Rogan behind John McAfee, best way to clear out the scum in the beauracatic swamp is to shine the light of truth….those who judge the either/or better interview scenario are missing the point, it is refreshing to hear honest independent interviews, both hosts are hero’s and may the shroud of truth protect you John

  29. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you. Pass the word. The World, as a whole, can be changed by chosing the smallest piece and doing what you can.

  30. Robert Vasquez Avatar
    Robert Vasquez

    Stay Strong!
    I sent out E Mails on your list, and told a few people at my University!
    From San Diego CA!

  31. Dr. Tnargo Avatar
    Dr. Tnargo

    Oh man! This podcast completely changed my viewpoint of Belize. I had heard it was this amazing paradise from an acquaintance who visited, and it was one of the three places I wanted to vacation( besides Domincan Republic, Cuba) but now….

    Who wants to risk this nonsense? Now I’m waiting on the Belize’s government’s website to come back up so that I can voice my displeasure at their corruption, Brown Coat Bully style abuses, and non-existent Judicial system and to further inform them that I will never visit their country, and tell others to not visit, until they can show that they have changed their ways.

  32. Ben Avatar

    Great interview.

  33. formerlytest Avatar

    The fact that you came here to tell John no one cares tells us you care. Now get lost!

  34. Johnny Avatar

    In Belize the largest handgun size now is a 9mm or .32 maximum. Licenced guns each have different restrictions. Anyone violating gun laws, such as being in the same area as a licenced gun outside of it’s restricted area, is remanded in custody until their lawyer applies for bail to the Supreme Court. Penalties for registered guns are not as severe as for unregistered, but can be from one month to years.

  35. Dan Armeneau Avatar
    Dan Armeneau

    Good point! It’s something that a lot of commenters here with short attention spans seem to miss.

  36. Mark_13 Avatar

    I don’t know who would have the dedication to go through that entire bluelight thread to dissect it for veracity, but at one point, someone in the thread trying McAfee’s process, produces something, not remotely what McAfee said he had accomplished, and McAfee responds to the effect “Oh that is tan-minus, I derived that myself several times before finally getting the process down”, and at that point it starts to seem pretty bogus.”

    But whose to say what an eccentric hedonistic millionaire does to amuse himself when he is sworn off drugs — maybe start a bogus thread at a drug forum. And also he has all that lab equipment sitting around doing nothing since his chemist girlfriend broke up with him and left. Maybe he even got a secret grant from the U.S. government to go subvert a major drug site for months.

    But then there is the drug raid at his compound (instigated by someone at bluelight?), which turns up nothing but nevertheless turns McAfee’s whole life there in Belize upside down. The Belize authorities become seriously pissed off at him and determined to nail him on anything.

    What does not make sense is when his life is in turmoil afterwards, he would engage in elaborate stunts that would only make his situation more difficult, e.g. he says that when he is literally on the run, and leaves his compound and stays at Don Morgan’s, and is concerned enough while at Don Morgan’s to be scouting more secure locations to stay, he takes time off at 3 in the morning to call Josh Davis at Wired and try to convince Josh he’s having a severe paranoid breakdown on drugs. Why would he want to make Josh Davis think that, or give Josh Davis grounds to tell the world that McAfee is on bath salts — it make no sense. Oh well, I tend to think he’s still sort of a good guy at heart. Don’t know why.

  37. Gringo Avatar

    Nobody cares but you joey. Obviously, you are spending your time and energy here. FYI we are all on the way to the grave. And the only difference between a rut and a grave is about three feet. That’s why people like John get out of the rat race and choose to get used to living in the third world.

  38. joey Avatar

    John…..I want you to know that I dont think you murdered your neighbor. I do think your not telling the whole truth on some issues. Your a very manipulative person as I am as well!

  39. Emmie Avatar

    Can you fix ‘your’ and make it ‘you’re’? (kidding) Oh, Joey..such much anger for what? Are you with the government in Belize and tired of chasing him down? If you think people here are brainwashed, you’re really wasting your time.

  40. joey Avatar

    thanks john

  41. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you Craig.

  42. Cc Avatar

    My take was different. I thought Alex was better informed than Joe. it was obvious to me that Jones did his homework in advanced and had read up (perhaps the blogs). Rogan asked simple questions that if he was following this blog he should have known already-I felt like Rogan was wasting time and Alex did a better Job. But for John it was both great exposure- as both have different audiences. I think John clearly stated the ‘so what’ -That is he came to Belize and played by his rules and not crook politicians. That’s what got him in this situation. I think Jones understood better why John also chooses to stay whereas Rogan was still asking why after the interview was over-like he didn’t get it-sort of like a lot of commenters here that can’t understand or respect Johns decision to stay! Anyway John more people heard you and independent thinkers can conclude like I have that you’re not a drugged up crazy. I conclude that from Josh’s audio phone interviews posted on wired (even though you are angry he broke your agreement the audios and the photos too convinced me that you were not a druggy crazy). Anyway praying for you and friends in jail and have written to the authorities posted in this blog. Thinking of you everyday man that this terrible ordeal will be soon behind you and the other innocent ones involved. Sincerely Craig

  43. joey Avatar

    you are definately a moron…..LOL

  44. Mark_13 Avatar

    What about the fact that the other participants in that bluelight thread were eventually convinced it was all a hoax.

  45. Caron Avatar

    Good interview.

    Made me smile because you still sound as articulate, passionate and humorous as I remember; certainly not what most of the media portrays. But then again, when people focus on what is none of their business-how you choose to live your life, your money or lack of it, or who you choose to fuck-they mostly get it wrong.

    The question I cannot get away from is why there seems to be no progress with the investigation into Mr Faul’s death even with possible limitations for factual scientific analysis in Belize.

    Seems a bit of a contradiction with all their hoopla, but then again….why would anyone bother to hurry an investigation where the answers were known in advance…

    Be well and stay strong.

    sign me: the taxi drivers wife from sunny Woodland Park, CO.

  46. joey Avatar

    im angry due to morons like you! your all brainwashed! This man is a liar! GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK F-ING SKULLS!

  47. Rhino Avatar

    I have known John for the past 5 years and have been to Belize 4 times to visit him. He is also a very close family friend of my mom and grandmother. That is 3 generations!!! He is a good man who likes to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest (In heathy positive way!) And I am thankful to have him in my life! Also very thankful he is exposing all the corruption in Belize…staying strong…hopefully making things better for the future of such a beautiful place that I want to live in someday soon!!

  48. Jordan Avatar

    Thanks Paul. Here’s a mirror for the Youtubers

  49. Tom Avatar

    Awesome interview so far, still listening to it as we speak… so obvious to me, purely my opinion that Johns being fucked over.

  50. CJ Freel Avatar
    CJ Freel

    I don’t think this is a fair assessment. As a fan of Joe’s, I find that he usually tells the truth about what he believes, and after the interview, he listened, and stated viewpoints that he believed in. I highly doubt that Joe told McAfee that he would take his side, he only promised an open forum to discuss his situation, which is exactly what he did. Because of that, McAfee was heard by a wide audience. He DID say that he believed that John was not a murderer, as well as that there was a high level of corruption in Belize, two major things in John’s case. Joe allowed for John to have a massive forum, and I for one am now taking a second look into John’s case, and after hearing him talk feel that he is not crazy.

  51. SL Avatar

    Wow, where is your anger coming from? It has always amazed me how people will take the time to post something as inane as you have.

    I don’t think of John McAfee as a media whore as much as someone who is trying to set the record straight. The media has already tried and convicted him. If he was not related to this horrific event, do you think CNN would even care about it?

    NO ONE, and i mean no one, is talking about the murder victim or floating any other scenarios. We know more about him from reading this blog than the general public does.

  52. SL Avatar

    Why is that ridiculous?

    Have you never heard of the “long con”? Mr. McAfee just invests a lot into his practical jokes. I imagine a mind like his must get bored. It would explain why he continues to invest in businesses and ventures.

    Having known people like that, I can say that some people will go to great lengths to prove a point, win a bet, or just amuse themselves.

    Google John McAfee and read something other than things written within the last 4 weeks. Listen to his recent podcast interviews. Or his conversations with reporters. Then, explain how someone who was wired for addiction could be using bath salts since before April and still be lucid, still look much younger than 67, and most importantly… still be alive.

  53. Paul Anderson Avatar
    Paul Anderson

    Lindsey, please. Go read the monster “stuffmonger” thread at

    McAfee now claims he did those posts as a “bet.” – though he’s neglected to mention who made the bet with him and why.

    His “bet” excuse sounds somewhat plausible – as long as you don’t look into the details. But as soon as you do, it makes no sense.

    Just look at the number of posts he made. For months, he was babysitting that thread and conversing with “experts” using a very particular set of knowledge and lingo. Who would learn all of that stuff just for a dumb bet, the terms of which have never been specified?

    But then WAY beyond that, who would mock up the dozens of pictures that describe his process for producing the “Tan?” Those aren’t just pictures of powders collected from the Internet – those are pictures of powders taken in his jungle lab, that do a good job of illustrating the tale he is telling – the tale that he now would like people to believe was just a little “joke.” Do you realize how much work would be involved to fake something like that if you have no knowledge of or interest in drugs?

    If you read that whole thread, from start to finish, there’s no way that “stuffmonger” comes off sounding like anything other than someone who was obsessed with this substance, familiar with its effects, and had plenty of experience executing the processes described by his photos.

    Yeah, McAfee claims he pulls pranks like this on a regular basis, but then the example he gives is his “observational yoga” thing – which isn’t like this bluelight posting thing at all.

    The bluelight posting went on for months and required significant effort to produce a set of photographs which match the narrative where both the narrative and the photos are sufficiently accurate enough to fool people who are familiar with these substances.

    That’s a HUGE step-up in complexity from telling some dumb reporter a tall tale about observational exercises.

  54. Chris Avatar

    The idea that he faked that thread is RIDICULOUS. The truth is obvious.

    To John: Hopefully you find peace. Might not attain that in this life, but find it

  55. joey Avatar

    clearly he has brainwashed you also mr. james galt. Of course the media wants to interview him because the media are pigs. How do you know mr james galt that Mr. Mcafee is telling the whole truth? Are you friends with him? Do I believe sam writes her own posts? NOPE! Theres alot of inconsistency in these postings!

  56. fendidonna Avatar


    Whatever John has or has not done with regards to his media activities or anything else, your comment lacks basic decency and humility.

    And for the record, I care about him and his story.

  57. justin Avatar

    search for joe rogan experience on itunes

  58. Eugene Kaspersky Avatar

    ^^ What he said times ten

  59. Lindsey Avatar

    John is not a fan of drugs at all. He was an addict at one time and now he has not touched them for over thirty years. He thinks that they ruin people’s health and create a great many social problems. For someone to post that they like him because he is a big fan of drugs is stupid and very ill-informed.

  60. James Galt Avatar
    James Galt

    This blog has had several million hits and John has done calls with reporters from CNN, ABC, and many others as well as a full interview with the Financial Times of London. John is seeking media attention to expose his plight and bring scrutiny to the corrupt practices of Belize. To say that nobody cares about him beyond a handful of people is just ludicrous. John might be a media whore but he is fighting for his liberty and honor with whatever means he has at his disposal, and he has garnered quite a following of well-wishers.

  61. Jordan Avatar

    The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast #290 – John Mcafee, Brian Redban

  62. carl Avatar

    hey joey, Go f@ck yourself……i like john cuz hes a big fans of drugs

  63. DanLandia Avatar

    “the issue is way beyond local corrupt officials but something international, ” – Very few Belizeans have the ability to follow this story, so I’m leaning toward your assessment Nate. Why would McAfee take his case to the world if it’s just a Belize Popo problem. He’s fighting somebody bigger than PM Barrow.

  64. joey Avatar

    what a media whore you are john! Here in the states, nobody really cares about you, except for a handful of people. Your an old man who will soon die and will be forgotten. At first, I was sympathetic for ya. Now the more I read, I have my doubts.

  65. Connie Avatar


    Check your email please

  66. Nate Avatar


    Clearly Josh Davis of wired has destroyed his career as an investigative journalist. No one will ever trust him again. Listening to the Captain’s Morgan taped phone call, it’s clear that you were communicating with him as a confidant and had trust with him. He crossed a professional line.

    The real question is why he would self suicide his career future by dumping every ounce of information regarding you through virtually every media channel. Surely not to get a quick hit of fame.

    Which leads to a greater issue, why is there this sudden assault on your character from every angle?

    Also, your photo spread for the wired article is very telling. They had you painted up like a tropical rogue villain. While you agreed to the photos, odd that weeks later, you are embroiled in a murder case involving guns. It appears beyond circumstance. Your situation has staged stamped all over it and unfortunately it appears that the issue is way beyond local corrupt officials but something international, which leads to the idea that your harassment up to this point may come from a further source beyond the minds of the locals.

    Or, you’ve had a major psychotic break, but then again, the classic method for taking a person down is to first assassinate one’s character.

    Only you would know if there was some line that you had crossed where perhaps your right to remain was being invalidated.

    quasso cruris


  67. Gaby Avatar

    John, I believe if you Google William Mulligan, images, you will find a picture of him and his wife. Since I don’t know him, I can’t be sure so I hestitate to post it.

    Great job on Joe Rogan. He asked good questions and was informed. The first interview was terrible. “what do you think of our new president?” he had no clue, had read nothing. Anyway, hope it helped and glad you got your shower and a decent meal.

  68. Bernie Chuc Avatar
    Bernie Chuc

    I am a Belizean and I want everyone to know that we dont trust police or politician here. Alla them liar and tief. John is a good man and he give plenty tings to Belize and look how them treat the man. Belize is a disgrace and I feel shame to be Belizean. I hope John can live happy here again with no crooked people after him. We need more man like John in Belize and less man like Barrow.

  69. Paul Anderson Avatar
    Paul Anderson

    The recording of the Joe Rogan podcast is now available:

  70. Jimmy G Avatar
    Jimmy G

    Good interview with Joe. Much better than the Alex Jones one but only because Alex was more inclined to believe John from the start. The idea of a dog owner not being capable of killing other dogs was also given a good dose of skepticism by Joe after the interview was over. I would have to agree with him on that. People kill all sorts of animals and I do not think it makes much of a difference to them if they own dogs or not. Anyone who is a hunter is trained to kill anything that moves practically. For a hunter who wanted to kill a dog, I doubt it would bother him much just because he owned one. Killing anything is hard for people who have never done it, however.
    I think that John was very convincing in both interviews regarding his personal innocence, and the whole drugs thing is just a sideshow. Looking back at what a practical joker John has been throughout his life tends to support what he says about that. Also, no 67 year old man strung out on drugs is going to be able to make a blog like this and do everything he has done lately.

  71. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you very much. Will do.

  72. Rusty Avatar

    Unlike many people here, I have personal experience with Belize, the expat community there (such as it is) and the corruption of the local government and police. While I do not know John personally, I can totally understand his position and can attest with full knowledge that corruption is rampant, vendettas are a way of life for those in power, and that those in power routinely will exercise that power for personal benefit without any regard for the law.
    John, I will be in Belize in a couple of weeks and if you need anything, I am there for you and Sam. I’ll be headed to the hills, then over to Guatemala eventually, but while I am there, you have a friend.

  73. waverider77 Avatar

    I think that more people would email the above addresses with their concerns if you could post pictures of your wrongly incarcerated friends next to their names. Much easier to feel sympathy and evoke emotion for a face, than just a name.

  74. formerlytest Avatar

    Great interview – much better than Alex Jones. You could tell that Joe did his homework. He made some interesting comments after the interview too – especially about the bluelight thread. Clearly, he’s skeptical but that’s only about bathsalts and not about the murder.

    His sidekick asked him after the interview (and I apologize if this is too rude – this is from his show): If a big black dick would be forced in your mouth and cums if you get this question wrong how would you answer: Did John kill his neighbor? Joe said he would answer “no” (and I assume he doesn’t like big dicks cumming in his mouth regardless of race). So Joe does believe John. But he went on to state that he doesn’t really know any better than the next guy and he would never be like Nancy Grace who condemned the Duke lacrosse team for a week on her show before it was found out to be a set-up.

    I note that my comment about Howard Stern and John’s comeback post about Sam went over Joe’s head. Joe said “Howard is a married man” but the point was that Sam would make Howard talk about his sex life – whereas Joe thought it was Sam having sex with Howard and then tell us how it was. Oh well, nice to see my comment got talked about anyway.

    Sam, I expected you to be more feisty on the air. Next time let’s see those balls of yours — figuratively, of course!

    Joe also pointed out after the interview that there are many F-uped dog owners who would kill another dog so John’s point about a dog owner not killing another dog makes no sense. I agree.

    Finally, Joe said all these years he has been calling it McAfee and not MACafee as John says it. Same here. I have used that software in my business since day 1 and we all call it it Mc not Mac. John – your father pronounced your last name wrong… 😉

  75. Raymond Langley Avatar
    Raymond Langley

    Ok i have sent an email to the above and in regards to the subject i do hope it helps if you should like a copy of the sent email please contact me ..good luck god bless

  76. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    Come to think, after the interview thy kinda made. Bit of fuss about Samantha wanting to kill you.
    Maybe you can use different examples to emphasise how loyal and how feisty Sam is in the future.
    Just a thought

  77. alittleparanoid Avatar

    to be on joe rogan obviously was a waste of time. they don´t really believe you, cause it was to easy for them to get you on their podcast. what a bunch of hypocrites.

  78. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    You see …it’s not all bad being on the run mate…lol…
    Hope your not eating any protected iguanas…lol
    They’ll throw the book at you , if they found out…

  79. Larry Avatar

    I missed it damn. Where can we hear it again john? I been following since day one. Was excited as I thought joe would help you more in your stand again injustice in Belize. Sounds not the case…

  80. John McAfee Avatar

    REAL f—ng food!! I’m in heaven for a few hours. And yet another hot shower. Life is grand!!!!!!!

  81. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    Absolutely. Agree with that. I guess your voice is being heard louder out there…so..looking at this angle..a good day at the office.
    What’s for lunch?

  82. John McAfee Avatar

    I think anyone would be tired under my circumstances. Thanks for the support.

  83. Ed Avatar

    John, you sound coherent and very intelligent…just tired…must suck to be you right now…praying for you and the truth to come out AND it not be you!! My Best!

  84. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    Yeah not bad John. I think all this it’s taking a tall on you, you sounded tired…but of course I maybe wrong

  85. Larry Avatar

    When is this damn podcast going to start? It’s 3:35pm

  86. Nightrider Avatar

    Listened in. Joe sounds a bit skeptical, judging from the discussion after the interview. At least he believes that you didn’t shoot anybody. Thanks for speaking with him and not FOX News or something LOL. New blog format looks great too. Later.

  87. Diethyl Avatar

    Good interview. McAfee seems like a good guy who’s being fucked over.

  88. waverider77 Avatar

    Well done John!!!!

  89. Sanpedrolover Avatar

    There are many neighbors that surround these two homes. Why are none of these neighbors talking? Why are the neighbors not talking about Greg Faull either?

  90. McAfee4President Avatar

    Joe’s podcast is great! This should be good!