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Currently broadcasting live with Alex Jones’ Infowars:

Three of my friends are still being held in prison on trumped up charges.  They are:

Eddie Ancona:

Cassian  Chavarria:

William Mulligan:

They were charged and have been imprisoned because three legally licensed firearms were found in the incorrect rooms on my property (stretching the law to the extreme).  I would ask you to please email the following and demand their release:

 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]

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  1. thater Avatar

    lol. 12 year olds aren’t helping a grown mans grown up problems.

  2. godot Avatar

    The blog appears to be runniing on GMT (coordinated universal time) — give or take a few minutes.

  3. John McAfee Avatar

    You are lucky Doc. A good salary for the average worker in Orange walk is $150 per week, BZ. You know this as well as I. Your name implies you are not the average Belizean.

  4. The Doc Avatar
    The Doc

    Bullshit… I make more than that a year… dont make the Belizean economy sound so bad… U are full of it John… Your time will come

  5. dave hardisty Avatar

    Mac <> Please~Get some rest~~~~dvh

  6. dave hardisty Avatar

    Get some rest Mac~~~~~dvh

  7. Mark Avatar

    Hi John
    To begin, I have lived in Belize for many years (although I am currently on the other side of the globe) extensively fished and sailed the reef and know some of the people you do. Having spent time in a local lockup on trumped up charges and as a reaction to an influential person’s displeasure, I have an understanding of what you are going though.
    I also feel I can lend a unique perspective to your situation. As we know, “objectivity” has a different definition in the Jewel, but I think what you are experiencing needs to be presented as objectively as possible – and this requires a subjective experience and understanding of the way things work up there…
    You have my email, and I would be interested in discussing your plight with you with a view towards rising above the muck and misunderstanding I cringe over every day.
    Good luck, and I hope we have a chance to chat.
    Cheers, mate

  8. goats Avatar

    Watch what you say about Anon? WTF? are they now gestapo or Communist threat rule dictators? People can speak freely in a free society ! IT’s not constructive to have baseless insults but hey that’s for other people to see as a consequence.

  9. give me a break Avatar
    give me a break

    Not talk to people like him? Mac here is the conpiracy theorist.

  10. John McAfee Avatar

    I have said nothing negative. Anonymous has my heartfelt support as an agency of change. They are powerful. Just point the sword in the right direction. Peace. Out.

  11. Pedro Avatar

    I’ve been listening to Alex Jones for years now, and unfortunately this has to be one of his worst interviews I’ve heard so far. He came across as nervous and amateurish, which is certainly out of character. Mr. McAfee you gave the impression of someone who is both intelligent and assertive, and this was no doubt slightly intimidating, even for someone as confident as Alex, who was no doubt intimidated by a guest under the intense media limelight that you currently find yourself under. No doubt the Infowars ratings had a large boost yesterday. Basically I wanted to commend you for the interview, and defend Alex, who in my humble opinion is a brave truth seeker, and has done invaluable work in waking up millions of people around the world. Godspeed to you both.

  12. Anonomouse Avatar

    I’d watch what you say about /b/ and anonymous.

  13. Craig Corbin Avatar
    Craig Corbin

    I heard the interview and I thought it was very well done by Mr. Jones and Mr. McAfee presented himself very well.

    The whole story sounds like a novel in the making. Innocent fugitive millionaire having to hide out in a country with corrupt government officials after him. I hope the best for Mr. McAfee in the matter.

    Robert, Alex Jones may ramble on and be a meathead but I would rather get truth from a meathead that the distortion and manipulation of truth provided by the anesthetizing mainstream media.


  14. john terry Avatar
    john terry

    4chan are a bunch of dumbasses, and mcafee probably already posts in real communities like USENET boards, tech forums

    weev (andrew auernheimer) got 10 years for a hackless crime. he was a mod at ED, president of the GNAA. tell me how 4chan’s helping him, not much i suopose.

  15. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you very much.

  16. Caron Rifici Avatar
    Caron Rifici

    Just finished listening up with this one being the second, and I think this was the better interview of the two.

    Alex seemed to have done far more research than Joe, and kept the interview on track by focusing on what mattered instead of spending undo time on your sexual choices and without sexual innuendo towards Sam. As it should be.

    Nice Job!

    Hoping you both sleep a bit easier tonight…

  17. Lin Ronald Avatar
    Lin Ronald

    Hello John,
    Im on the way to Belize tomorrow. Need to chill out.

    I cant understand teh time stamp on these posts.
    Im in Mexico and the time is now 7.15 pm 27th November.
    The blog says 11.02 PM November 27th

    Im not very good at international intrigue but Ive been around.

    Hope you are safe.

  18. John McAfee Avatar

    I would not even know how to contact them. And I’m running out of steam. To be honest, I need a 24 hour break to rest. I feel fragile today.

  19. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    have you considered trying to get the hacker collective anonymous involved in your fight for justice? hacking government databases for proof they were targeting you and any other crimes they may have commited seems the most obvious idea especially for someone who id imagine has a ton of hacker friends.

  20. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    just listened to you on Alex Jones and i believe now, more than ever that you are innocent. you sounded remarkably well spoken and im sure it wasnt easy for an intelligent person such as yourself to talk to that meathead alex jones as he rambles on like a complete idiot but at least alex has the right idea and is doing something i guess…..anyway, i wish you the best, dont give up hope and though it may be nearly impossible to imagine, i sincerly believe you will make it through this and for what its worth, i hope that you do.

  21. JD Avatar

    The twitter account for Amnesty International is @Amnestyonline

    Contact page:

  22. Fiona Avatar

    Well, I just listened to the interview. Didn’t know that Alex guy before, but he came across like an idiot – sorry! And he certainly wasn’t a match (but who would be?). I can’t believe his ratings are that high!

    You did handle this thing beautifully though and did the best you could with those questions, off-the-wall comments and his utter unpreparedness

    Still trying to piece together the puzzle that is John McAfee, but I guess we (“the ones that don’t know anything other than what we read on and by you online”) will never solve it. And the objective in this whole thing is certainly not to try to grasp you, yet somehow it’s hard not to – even if the attempt is futile.

    I go from thinking: awesome, genius, wicked, deep, altruistic, hot to adrenaline junkie, raving madman and egomaniac drug addict and attention freak to scared and insecure to callous.

    You are probably most of the above – like a spicy brew. But I don’t think you killed this guy. And I have the feeling that the outcome of this unfortunate (as interesting as it is) saga this will be very different from what most expect.

  23. getrealeh Avatar

    There is no Amnesty International office in Belize so you e-mail the International Secretariat in the UK. Belize is one of 48 countries scheduled to be “reviewed” for human rights abuses by Amnesty International in 2013. This could be a fortuitous for your friends. Just add them to the e-mail list

  24. SL Avatar

    You can download his podcast without registering. Use any podcast program. I use iTunes on my PC and Stitcher on my iPod Touch.

    You don’t have to register to get a podcast. You didn’t even have to register to see the Livestream. I am assuming he doesn’t use the chatroom.capability of Ustream. Probably doesn’t want the distraction.

  25. SL Avatar

    I’m a big podcast listener and I had never heard of either of them. I would have to wonder if they are unique listeners. The live stream didn’t have as many as we had during the “Occupy” movement.

  26. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you. Anyone want to take this on? We are currently swampped beyond belief.

  27. Marc Avatar

    Who says a belizen knows who done it on san pedro there’s a lot of expats from around the world I don’t think 12.500 us will make them talk wake up smell the coffee

  28. getrealeh Avatar

    Has Amnesty International been contacted about the incarceration of the Ambergrise 3? They have considerable clout and a high profile.

  29. Arthur from Jersey Avatar
    Arthur from Jersey

    I understand. In retrospect to posting my comment, I considered your legal advisers might have suggested that you avoid ostentatious displays of wealth by offering too large a reward. As you can see, Alex Jones has a very large, engaged, and open-minded audience. I hope the government of Belize understands they are now under a microscope, and had better keep things on the Up and Up. 90D bL3$$ br07|-|3r

  30. John McAfee Avatar

    I agree. But they are the two largest audiences on the Net. Ten million for Joe, more for Alex.

  31. getrealeh Avatar

    Listened to both podcasts. Thought you did a good job. The first interviewer reminds me of Rush Limbaugh. The second of a MTV interviewer. Not impressed with your choice of venues.

  32. Carson Avatar

    McAfee, you dogggg. Great interview on Joe Rogan! Stay safe, freedom fighter.

  33. John McAfee Avatar

    Adam Thomson of the London Financial Times visted me here inm Belize 3 days ago. He will publishing his story on December 7th.

  34. F. K. Avatar
    F. K.

    Sorry, but Alex Jones is in a lot of ways a conspiracy theorist. If I were you, I wouldn’t talk to people like him.

  35. Travis Holub Avatar
    Travis Holub

    This is the state of police in Belize:

    Police Minister Singh Says Police Department Plagued By Corruption
    posted (July 7, 2010)

    Minister of Police and Public Safety Doug Singh took up his office on June third amidst tremendous public expectation. But the first blush of hype and hope has worn off and a crime – battered public wants results – they want to feel safer.

    But there’s no magic wand for a crime culture whose roots run deep into our everyday existence Additionally, fixing a department staffed with 1,200 cops is no small task.

    Today, we spoke at length to the police minister about the daunting tasks. We’ll present his interview in two parts. In the first part tonight, he discusses the department’s culture of corruption.

    Hon. Doug Singh, Minister of Police
    “I think the primary, if I can identify a primary problem is a problem of confidence and a problem of trust between the public and the police department and I start there, it may look like a little issue but it’s a tremendous issue because everything leads to that, or that loss of confidence is as a result of a lot of malfunctionz throughout the system. There are several reasons for that loss of confidence: corruption within the department. If we are unable to do something about that I think we will never be able to get the public confidence to a certain level.”

    Jules Vasquez
    “Everybody in the police department knows that they are politically connected people who are untouchable who can’t be searched, who can’t be stopped, who can’t be detained, who can’t be held and if they are, you will get a call from ‘minister.’”

    Hon. Doug Singh
    “I think that to a certain extent that since I’ve been the minister, I’ve not issued any calls to stop anybody from being arrested and I’ve not been asked to refrain from taking actions.”

    Jules Vasquez
    “And if you were asked?”

    Hon. Doug Singh
    “If I was asked, I will seriously have to question the direction. First of all, you give me the evidence that that person shouldn’t be, if there is plausible enough evidence that they should be, you ought to do it. Nobody should be exempt from it. Absolutely no one should be exempt from it.”

    Jules Vasquez
    “However you the responsible minister may not make the call, there is an entire political directorate, that any minister can call and ask a police man or officer.”

    Hon. Doug Singh
    “I personally believe that we need to enact certain pieces of legislations that hold politicians liable or anyone liable for interfering with the legal process, that if there is any evidence that you have interfered with the arrest of an individual or due process, that the police department exercise, that you, your name gets entered into a record and that charges can be laid against you. I believe that that is necessary and I believe that then police will have the confidence to execute their task without feeling the political pressures to bear. It must become necessary at some point in time.”

    Jules Vasquez
    “Minister, you are the chairman of a mass party. I want to say you can’t really know how politics works.”

    Hon. Doug Singh
    “No, but I have to wear the hat in this particular role. If I am serious about it, It didn’t take the job as the minister of police because I am the chairman of a mass party and because I am just being put there as a yes man. If that was the situation my answer would have been no. The Prime Minister gave me his reasons why he made the selection or why he believes that I am capable of doing it. And if I do anything other than what his expectations are I have disappointed him and I have disappointed an entire country. Now what do I want to be remembered for ultimately, to be a very good chairman of a political party or a very effective minister of police? I think the answer is clear on that one. There is a very big difference that you can make in people’s life and in the country’s life.”

    Jules Vasquez
    “Good officers, committed officers feel that: A: There work is undervalued or not respected. B: The system it doesn’t care for them, they don’t receive their allowances for when they are transferred. Their uniform allowances for those who have to wear plain clothes. They don’t have any type of insurance. They are treated like security guards but expected to uphold the security of an entire state. ”

    Hon. Doug Singh
    “And they are correct, in some instances they are correct. Let me give you an example; the officer that was shot yesterday morning I believe it was, the robbery at the store on Water Lane. That officer is in the hospital, there is a fund, a welfare fund for officers that can be dip into for officers that end up in circumstances like that. Our public system ought to be more supportive. Police officers need to have a greater sense of security to know that if they are going to put their lives on the line that there is a support system that will help them there.”

    “But I think beyond that we are talking about everyday living, I don’t believe officers are compensated as well as they should be compensated, having said that though I don’t think we get as much out of many police officers as we should. I think we must get to the situation or to the place where police officers feel that they can make a difference. I think to a certain extent some of them absolutely don’t feel that. We must get to that place, and we are not going to get by shouting and threatening, that’s not going to happen. We need to show that we are giving them some of the support system they need as much as the expectation from them.”

    “There are simple things; if you ever been to the Queen Street police station and walk into that yard it looks like a garbage pile, it’s nasty; there are wrecked vehicles all over the place, some of them have been sitting there for 3-4 years. They don’t have to be there, we need to find an appropriate way to remove that stuff to improve the facility. I look at senior police officers with their guts hanging out and I say that literally, out of shape, overweight, they inspire nobody. I think that’s a problem in the BDF too, they inspire no one. They need to have a sense of discipline and practice that sense of discipline. We need to get a proper police gym and hold them accountable for their performance in particular the senior people who look like they have no discipline on how they consume food or personal attire. I think these are things, if they don’t feel that way about themselves, then how can they expect anybody to feel that way about them? And it starts there.”

    Jules Vasquez
    “Indeed it does start there but from my experience with officers at the middle level or lower level constables. It seems that there is a cancer at the core; I’ve seen that compound cleaned up before. Jorge Espat cleaned that up in the late 90’s. I’m saying that the cancer….those are outward manifestations, but those are symptoms of a deeper problem.”

    Hon. Doug Singh
    “Agreed, but if you don’t deal with the symptoms along with addressing the problem, you are not going to go anywhere because some of it is going to return. In other words how you deal with a problem and I know you don’t mean the storage of the vehicle I know you mean a whole internal attitude with respect with how the police operates.”

  36. Elizabeth Avatar

    That’s a good one! I love it! Howard is all talk….

    Joe Rogan’s site sucks. Never sent me a confirmation email & I registered 2 different times. Horrible site.

  37. Alex Avatar

    Joe Rogan’s site is a POS! I have registered 3x since last night with 3 different email addresses & STILL have not received 1 email authorization, so I cannot see the podcast. Somebody needs to fix his site, cuz I it a total cluster****

  38. Lady from Belize Avatar
    Lady from Belize

    You are just soooo cute with your replies!….I admire you JDM!!…………I apologize for the “close minded” Belizeans who do not bother to open their minds to the fact that there is a world outside of Belize with much more interesting things. It is not your fault if they do not choose to self educate. I would love to hear Sam on Howard Stern!!…please try for it? …..smiles.

  39. Michelle Avatar

    Hi John,

    I must say I believe in your innocence. I have to ask though are you really in Belize? I notice the time stamp on all the comments, I am in Belize…just curious. I’m sure you wouldn’t say even if you are not. I don’t blame you. Unless, you have someone else managing your website/blogs? I also notice a photo of Samantha on FB. In the background there is a sign ‘CERRADO’ it has my mind going. Just think, if I can pick those little details up what wouldn’t other curious minds pick up who has been following your story from the beginning and putting little pieces together without you knowing. (‘government officials’) You can never be too careful. I believe Belize has a very corrupt government at the moment and it will not get better any time soon. I have lived in Belize my entire life and I see corruption on a daily basis. I hope your friends are release from prison soon. I cannot imagine how all those families are affected especially since they are all innocent.

    Take care

  40. Connie Avatar

    I can’t get it either

  41. Gaby Avatar

    Just click on the link in one of the above comments.

  42. Gaby Avatar

    Thank you!!!

  43. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    I…you could even show him a few tricks ….

  44. John McAfee Avatar

    If we could get Sam on Howard Stern we could find out what Howard is like in bed.

  45. Connie Avatar

    Just remember you control the interview. I don’t think that you’ll get the off topic questions from Joe, but if you do change the subject back to the person you like to talk about the most. YOU! I know it’s not the same type of story, “but our stories reveal in a general way, what we were like, what happened, and what we are like now.”

  46. formerlytest Avatar

    I’ve never heard of Alex Jones before and after listening to that interview I now know why. He must not think much of his audience if he can’t at least write down a few questions in advance of his interview. The best questions had to come from John. It was embarrassing to listen to but John did the best he could under the circumstances.

    Now if we could just get John on Howard Stern. Then we could find out what Sam is like in bed (no disrespect meant Sam – you little hottie!).

  47. John McAfee Avatar

    Sorry, I don’t know.

  48. Elizabeth Avatar

    BTW, I registered for Joe Rogan’s podcast last night & have still not been “approved”. Any ideas?

  49. John McAfee Avatar

    Good point. Thank you.

  50. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    Good luck

  51. waverider77 Avatar

    I wasn’t able to catch the entire interview but hopefully, unlike Jones, Rogan will arrive prepared. If your mission truly is to focus international attention to your plight and that of your incarcerated friends, you will need to get that message across clearly. Let the listeners know what they can do to make a difference and reinforce the urgency in doing so.

  52. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you. Will do.

  53. Connie Avatar


    Heard the interview with Alex. Ditto everything that’s been said. My one piece of advice is to mention the blog more. You only have a small timeframe to get bits and parts across on the interviews. The interviews will get people to the blogs so they can read in detail your side of the story and also give them the email addresses.

  54. Elizabeth Avatar

    Even I listened to it & you were well spoken, informative, & eager to answer any questions, especially the most damaging. It’s a shame that he couldn’t think of any. A little preparation on his part, would have gone a long way. I will be missing the next one, so I hope that there will be audio of it posted here. Good job.

  55. ash Avatar

    Here’s the next live interivew…

    John McAfee still scheduled to go live with Rogan at 12:30 p.m. PST

  56. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    Thank you.

  57. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci


  58. John McAfee Avatar

    Joe Rogan is up next. He thinks I’m a looney. Should be fun.

  59. Jonathan Avatar

    Good interview with Alex. He wasn’t the best interviewer but that is because he has been to Belize and knows what the score there is. You need someone to interview you who thinks that Belize’s police forces are like Scotland Yard. Then you can debunk their erroneous thinking.

  60. John McAfee Avatar

    $25,000 is a lifetime salary for the average Belizean. Any more, and they would not believe it.

  61. Darrin Avatar

    John, I just listened to you with Alex Jones. I love Alex but he could have done a little better for you but anyway. I know what its like to be falsely accused of something that would mean prison time if convicted. This is my first blog ever but my gut tells me that your innocent. My gut has never been wrong. I have such a strong feeling about this I just had to let you know. I think they either killed the wrong white man or sat you up. I just cant shake this thing in my spirit about you. I believe you. I need that $25,000 more than anyone. I am unemployed and in poor health and waiting for disability. I wish I could help you, but the best I can do is send positive thoughts your way and I pray for your safety. If there is anything I can do for you let me know. Darrin

  62. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    John, heard your interview, and thought you come across very well. You showed balls, you asked for the most difficult questions to be asked..
    Not taking anything from you, but I thought that the guy was a bit soft.

    Hats off to you Sir on a great performance

  63. Gaby Avatar

    Great job on Alex Jones. How do we access Joe Rogan? Info please! Podcast? live? Website confusing of Rogan. Merci

  64. scruffy Avatar

    Wow those interview questions were ridiculous. Wasted opportunity for that show in my opinion. The host and whoever asked the questions he was reading seemed utterly clueless.

  65. Dylan Avatar

    When does the Joe Rogan podcast begin? I’ve never listened to his show, but I definitely would like to hear you on it John. By the way, you did an excellent job on the InfoWars podcast, even though I think he could’ve asked you some better questions.

    You were practically begging Alex to ask you some decent questions, but he kept asking totally unrelated shit. “Whats your take on Steve Jobs death?” as if that relates what so ever to the topic at hand during the interview. But you did a great job!

  66. Kathleen Carrera Avatar
    Kathleen Carrera

    Great interview. The word is spreading. I support and believe in you John. It is unfathomable to most what you are going through.Your courage and conviction is admirable. Stay safe and strong. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for the best outcome, especially for you. Big Hug.

  67. Jonnie Goodboy Avatar

    That does it, I’m probably going to take EE – (Everything Everywhere)’s offer of a Free copy of McAfee Anti-Virus 2012 with new accounts, that I’ve been sniffing at because of giving debit card details now, for next years’ payment, unless I opt out. Hence ‘Free’.

    Anyway I’ve heard your Story on Infowars .. another source I’ve been boycotting for a week or two and that does it …

    The ends to which I will go to keep warm this winter, and it’s only just begun …!

    And I know what it’s like to be accused of things you never did, and have to be in receipt of the violence that inevitably comes.
    That’s the joy these THUGS get. It’s all they know, apparently.

    But remember the last battle in Lord of the Rings – it was won by the army of the Dead; – – “Murderers and Traitors “.
    God help us all, if it comes to that. But maybe that’s the reality that I certainly will have difficulty with!

    Stay Safe Mr McAfee.
    **EE is the new name just adopted since the very recent takeover of the well known Corporation: Orange Telecomms.**

  68. Issak Sirco Avatar
    Issak Sirco

    Alex Jones – CIA disinformation agent, part of Project Mockingbird.

  69. Andrew Sink Avatar

    Mr. McAfee –
    How long do you estimate you will be in hiding for?

  70. Ed K Avatar
    Ed K

    Hope your great misadventure ends well sir.

  71. McAfee4President Avatar

    He is “wanted for questioning” in a murder.
    He is not wanted for murder.

  72. Arthur from Jersey Avatar
    Arthur from Jersey

    John, you’re a multi-millionaire. You’re life is on the line. You are only offering a lousy $25,000 USD? You might want to up that reward to at least one million to really grab the attention of the Belizan public. You can’t spend your millions from a third-world prison or from a 6′ plot. I pray that justice will prevail.

  73. Travis Holub Avatar
    Travis Holub

    When I first got to Belize in the late 90’s, I immersed myself in the local culture. I learned a great deal over many years and I had to get way outside of my comfort zone to understand the new people and their mindset. One of the stories that I will never forget is a story indicative of Belizean corruption, but it is also a tale with a moral that Belizeans tend to grasp and foreigners generally do not.
    The story begins with a young custom’s agent recently assigned to a new post in southern Belize. He has been raised to be a God-fearing young man, by honest parents, and he believes in his mission to uncover smuggling and to stop undutied products from entering Belize. His first few months, he does little because his boss handles all of the large inspections. But one day his boss falls suddenly ill, and he must do an inspection of a large shipment of laundry detergent that has just come in to port. The detergent is from South America but carries a brand name of “Belize Breeze” marked clearly on all of the packaging details.
    The young man figures that something is not right here, and he opens some packages. All are shown to contain cocaine and not laundry detergent. The young man thinks he has made a great discovery and runs off to get the police to confiscate the entire shipment and put it under lock down at the local police station. The police come and do their duty, and the product is safeguarded at the station.
    The young man is already thinking of the praise of his superior when he comes back on the job, and he is even daydreaming about a promotion. His life will be different now, he thinks. His boss will let him inspect more shipments and give him more authority. He might even get a raise.
    Maybe in another world. But not in Belize. The shipment was for one of Belize’s biggest gangsters. His henchmen were immediately informed of the seizure and they passed word to their boss. He jumps in his vehicle with them and drives to the local police station. He has a short talk with the station head, telling him of the mistake that was made in the unfortunate seizure of his laundry detergent. The officer immediately relinquishes the product to the Big Boss, apologizing for any inconvenience he may have caused him. After all, the Big Boss is a respectable “businessman” in Belize. Everyone knows that. All the other officers are told not to even mention that the product had been there to begin with.
    A few days later when the custom’s head gets back to work and discovers the problem, the young man, instead of being praised, finds himself getting a severe dressing down. “Why ya mi tek way di soap powda from di man? You di one simple idiot!” screams his boss. The young man cannot understand why he is being berated. “But it nevah mi soap powdah, suh!” he says. “You di one very simple foo foo idiot!”says his boss and leaves it at that.
    A few weeks later, the young man is called before a local judge. He has been charged with theft! The judge asks him where Mr So and So’s laundry detergent is. The young man stammers out in confusion that he confiscated it and that it was not laundry detergent. He then says that they can go to the police station and test it to see. The judge then puts the head officer of the police station on the witness stand and asks if he knows anything about the laundry detergent. The man calmly replies that he has never seen any laundry detergent in his station and does not know what the other man is talking about. The judge sentences the bewildered young man to repay Mr. So and So in full, from his custom’s house salary, for the loss of Mr So and So’s laundry detergent shipment. Case closed.
    Now, at this point, Belizeans all laugh knowingly and think this is a great story. It taught the young man a lesson, one that they all learned when they were even younger than him probably. But foreigners who I have told this story to are often shocked and outraged. They think that a great injustice was done to the young man and cannot conceive that a system like that is allowed to continue. So there you have the great divide of cultural relativism.
    Just one of many that I would see in Belize over the years.