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If you have read the section below about “Bluelight”, it will be apparent that I enjoy my practical jokes with the press. Normally, if a reporter appears objective, I play straight with them. If it becomes clear that the reporter is simply using me for personal gain, or to sensationalize, or, as in Jeff Wise’s case, to dog me for some personal slight, then all bets are off. About four weeks ago it became clear to me that Josh Davis, writing for Wired, was not the same person he represented himself as when we first met. A problem that exists with the press is that a true “friendship” with a story’s author and the subject of the story is simply not possible. This should be obvious to even the most casual observer of the press. I am old and foolish and forget the basic tenets of reality sometimes. I trusted Josh’s words about impartiality, objectivity and “looking for the truth without regard for personal gain”. I am not totally stupid, however. When he called about 5 weeks ago and said “I will be recording all of our conversations from now on”, I got the clue. I appear to have been clued correctly. Josh began the talk show circuit over two weeks ago, has written an e-book and has promoted himself non-stop, at my expense. So, I did what I do best – dissimulate. I began feeding him as much nonsense as I could muster, and he could swallow. I would call him late at night, sometimes handing the phone to Sam who fervently verified my story.  In one conversation I talk about frogmen coming out of the sea.  I am disappointed that this did not make it into print.  I called another time claiming the same GSU that actively stormed my property, merely sat and looked at me for hours on end. I even bribed the night security guards at the hotel where I was staying so that they could verify my madness.  He swallowed and wrote, recorded and published without even calling the hotel. I was hugely disappointed.  I hate wasting money.  I acted as insane as I could, and I am a fair actor.  (As an aside, I did pull a window sill off of the wall of the hotel while trying to sling a hammock in the room.  I sleep better in hammocks.  I paid for the damage.  I was hoping it could have been folded in with the story, but again, Josh never bothered to call them). I stayed at a luxury condo and indeed climbed a balcony and lay on the neighbor’s porch. The neighbor, Chris Allnot, had sold me my house when I first arrived in Belize. I was scammed to the max on the deal and merely filed away in my mind that the score should someday be settled in an amicable and amusing (for me) fashion that benefited me in some way. When I called Josh in the morning I told him about Allnot and how odd it was that he “happened” to be right next door. I mentioned he was a real estate agent. Contacting him for verification of my madness would be easy. Admittedly, it was not much of a joke on Chris, other than I insisted on a cup of coffee to sober up and lingered way too long for his comfort, but his unease was payback enough. Four years is a long time to cool down over a real estate deal. In any case, very little that I have told Josh in the past few weeks has any authenticity, other than the huge laughs Sam and myself get. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Three of my friends are still being held in prison on trumped up charges.  They are: Eddie Ancona Cassian  Chavarria William Mulligan  They were charged and have been imprisoned because three legally licensed firearms were found in the incorrect rooms on my property (stretching the law to the extreme).  I would ask you to please email the following and demand their release:

 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
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  1. Naomi Avatar

    Heard Davis’ interview on NPR (being on NPR made it seem more reliable). Silly I thought, if half of it were true I would be surprised, I thought. What a character you are – enjoy reading here- and how clever to feed a bunch of BS to the press. Keep it going.

  2. The Truth Avatar
    The Truth

    Joshua Davis is using You for his personal gain. Period. Stay away from that unprofessional so called journalist. I actually think that there is a lawsuit in your favor against Joshua Davis and Wired. Lawsuits are not the answer to everything but it does teach someone that they should of, could of…

    Joe Rogan is not the person to speak to regarding your situation. No offense to Joe Rogan but Piers Morgan or someone in that caliber would reach the masses.

    You have to take massive action in the next upcoming weeks to clear your name if you are not guilty. Take massive action. Stay strong and continue the great fight.

    The Truth.

  3. Aryeh Goretsky Avatar


    What makes you think that Dr. McAfee hasn’t turned over the relevant logs from the webserver and a copy of your message to Dreamhost?


    Aryeh Goretsky

  4. Mark_13 Avatar

    Don’t know, can’t make up my mind (about Captain Morgans) after listening to a couple more minutes. its possible it was a real operation against him, but he knows he can’t prove it, and so now is acting like it was a big practical joke by him on Josh.

  5. Mark_13 Avatar

    There’s plenty to be paranoid about legitimately where he’s living, but after listening to 8 minutes thus far of that audio tape at Wired, I’m not buying the Captain Morgan episode was an elaborate hoax by McAfee. Its possible he could have been slipped something, to discredit him, as certainly he was a huge annoyance and embarassment to the GSU, et. al, after their failed raid. Maybe he thought he was taking one thing but really was given something else. But this also means he’s deceiving us about what really happened. On the other hand, elaborate deception is standard procedure by governments including the U.S., wherein “serving the greater good”, “national security” or what have you, is the rationale for saying whatever serves their interests. And so, McAfee figures the only way he can win is playing their game or something. Disappointing. Why not at least say something at least closer to the truth regarding the Captain Morgan’s episode.

  6. John McAfee Avatar

    Where does your anger come from?

  7. Kris Avatar

    Bath salt taking nut. Crazy fucker. Biased blog piece of shit. I’ll just start my own .COM and call in a friend at DreamHost for the logs on this account. I hope you had your boy post everything / all logins 🙂

    Us techs cover each other, way to use a US based host while talking shit about Wired.

    We’re gonna dox the fuck out of your IPs / location old man. Use your remaining time well.

  8. wc2wmpcf Avatar

    Ok, I used to date his oldest daughter and had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful property several times. Good luck John, I believe you!

  9. wc2wmpcf Avatar

    I thought you purchased your Caye house from Matt Miller?

  10. Rob Avatar

    It’s funny. Now that John has turned his attention to Josh’s antics, Wired has removed John’s story from the home page. For a while there, it was their bread and butter (I never checked the site out until this story broke). As John’s story started coming out, they slowly started moving him further and further down the page until he was finally “killed” off. Sound like to me that a reporter is getting “pawned”.

  11. Elizabeth Alexander Avatar
    Elizabeth Alexander

    Hmm.. Blocked again? Perfect way to get your point across. Just delete anyone who disagrees with you & calls you out on your craziness. Listen, I have always been a little crazy & excitement & living on the edge are my passions, but at least I’ve admitted to my transgressions & the results of my own doings. Just trying to get little honesty here, instead of the endless repetition of excuses.

  12. SL Avatar

    Hello? Why do you think they couldn’t?

    I know they have internet access. Every tourist destination does. No matter how poor an area, if tourists go there, you can be assured there are several internet cafes. These days everyone uses wireless too.

  13. Dazed & Confused Avatar
    Dazed & Confused

    I can only imagine how insulted they must be. How on earth do you plan to just go back & live your.. normal… life after all of this?

  14. rico Avatar

    John, i tried getting you yesterday evening but failed – did u move to another place or what?? will try coming over tonight hopefully i will get you.
    till then – cheers.

  15. Gaz Cooper Avatar
    Gaz Cooper


    I have been supporting many of your claims and backing you up, however in this last blog entry you mentioned that Chris Allnatt ripped you off and scammed you and at that point John, I knew something was not right and the reason I say this is that I have known Chris for close to 20 years and he has always been an honest good guy.

    We were never the best of friends more associates so I have nothing to win in this but when you implied that Chris scammed you, SORRY at that point you lost credibility, because in all the years I have known Chris NOT ONCE have I ever known him to rip anyone off and I have done business with him in the past and I just don’t believe that in anyway at all.

    NOBODY LASTS ON THE ISLAND IF THEY CONSTANTLY RIP PEOPLE OFF and since Chris has been in business for 20+ years this just dont wash.

    I never talk to Chris, in fact I had not talked to him in probably 10 years or so but the other day before this post we had a chat on Skype about Thailand since I am living there at the moment, and your name came up and he told me the story about finding you on his balcony and it sounded completely credible he said you were out of your tree on something and he offered you a cup of coffee, his story was credible and very believable and I do believe John that you have some issues and this is just too way out there to believe it was pay back to Chris.

    You have a lot of credibility where Police Corruption is concerned in Belize and Google has enough information to show this to be the TRUE case

    Every Ambergris Caye resident knows it but is too scared to say anything for fear of retribution but eventually they will have to rise up and fight for the island and come out and DEMAND that the corrupt Police are cleaned up and Police our island with the protection of the citizens as priority.

    Not sure how this is going to end John but you are losing credibility because with all the press on the island there is no reason that you are not turning yourself in to at least answer some questions and by not doing so when its clear there is NO DANGER leans towards you being seen as guilty with something to hide.

    Personally I don’t think you did it, but you really are not doing yourself any favors nor are you doing any favors to the innocent Belizean’s that are affected by this that you say you have respect for.

    Do the right thing at this point and come on in with your Attorney and the press and answer the questions that are waiting for you because lets face it the press coverage is dying down and by you coming in it will reignite and give you some more worldwide press coverage which you obviously enjoy.

    Stay safe

    Gaz Cooper

  16. Mark_13 Avatar

    How could anyone from Belize possibly post in this blog — ridiculous.

  17. Trouble in Paradise Avatar
    Trouble in Paradise

    Now who’s paranoid?

  18. Nick D Avatar
    Nick D

    John, you gained some credibility by explaining that crazy Capt. Morgans story. I was really beginning to think you were…shall I say..bonkers? The fact that you seem lucid enough to yank the chain of everyone who tries to pull one over on you makes you seem like a worthy adversary to most. Honestly, the fact that you used to fight virtual viruses…and then opened a antibiotics company to fight real viruses..then dyed your hair with a checkerboard pattern…I was starting to think this blog was a horrible script for the next Batman movie. The only thing you need is the green suit with the question marks to be the evilest villain of all. The sad truth is that a man lost his life…related to your “injustices” with Belize or not…he is dead. It’s the story that needs to be told here…not the one about your prostitutes. They’re nice to look at and everything…but Mr. Faul really should get the focus here to help investigators find his killer. You haven’t given any helpful evidence as to who might have done this to him. I’m sure with your network of “friends” someone knows something. BTW…does anyone else in here think “ninelives” is GSU…I do. He seems to get angrier with every post…just as I’m sure they are.

  19. mack Avatar

    who forcefully guided you to this blog? grow up

    you act like you’re being forced to read it…geez, must be another Belizian. dont let the door hit you from behind.

  20. mack Avatar

    HOLLY COW, you people in Belize are just down weird and creepy at the same time…

  21. mack Avatar

    should we check in the one you’re residing in? or do you recommend the one you were just transferred from? I always like referrals, it makes the transition much more comforting.

    You don’t know hes guilty anymore than I know hes not, quit acting like it.

  22. Steve Johnson Avatar
    Steve Johnson

    And writing skills

  23. Padraig Avatar

    Would like to go back to an earlier post. Nobody is looking at who the deceased was. A man with a history of arrests from a questionable background. He was no saint or perfect husband. My money is that it was an old business associate or maybe even
    his family. He was arrested for domestic violence for goodness sake!

  24. bruscolerismo Avatar

    MAC: it’s not difficult at all

  25. bruscolerismo Avatar

    MAC: remember the other day when you were dressed in that absurd get-up (thinking/hoping no one would recognize you) and locked eyes with that tall kryol fellow who didn’t return your nod but only stared through you, steely-eyed? that was me.

  26. Highrise Avatar


    its not “your” government, it belongs to the people of Belize, unless of course you have a Belizean passport, so don’t make it so.

    Do you have a visa to be there, what status is your visa, can it be revoked, are you under a British passport or American?

    As my father said to me many years ago, “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.”. Your two mates at the bar says it all.

    Look back and concentrate on all the good stuff in your life, the positive things and try and make the next “right” decision that is good for John, not anyone else.


  27. Steve Johnson Avatar
    Steve Johnson

    Not difficult at all, quite the opposite. “If you wish to feign confusion in order to lure the enemy on, you must first have perfect discipline; if you wish to display timidity in order to entrap the enemy, you must have extreme courage; if you wish to parade your weakness in order to make the enemy over-confident, you must have exceeding strength. — Sun Tzu”

  28. John Wells Avatar
    John Wells

    No kidding….some people simply lack reading comprehensionskills.

  29. bruscolerismo Avatar

    well said T.I.P. i’d also urge all the people who never even heard of the MAC before all this claptrap, and who are sheep-like, posting their blind (and impotent) support, to also check into psych wards. there are some dynamite treatments for sycophancy these days.

  30. Getrealeh Avatar

    This would be the incidents you are referring to? Josh did verify the story with the staff at Captain Morgan’s and with the realtor. It is something any journalist would do after all. If you do not like the press you can ignore them. You have great security and both of your properties are very secure.

  31. Trouble in Paradise Avatar
    Trouble in Paradise

    Do not appreciate my comments about my own experience with paranoia & how it closely mirrors your episode at Captain Morgan’s, not being published here. If you think that most people are not recognizing it for what it is-severe paranoia-then you are even more delusional than I thought. I’m done here.

    Your state of mind is seriously deteriorating & I am sick of your endless list of excuses. Be a man & stop acting like a 3 year old. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS!

  32. SL Avatar

    I read the little teaser to the Josh Davis eBooklet (I will not ever consider it a book. It was a hurriedly pieced together feature article made into a book) and it was quite obvious that he was not reporting objectively but was interjecting a bit of his own opinion. Reading the eBooklet, Only solidified my opinion more.

    Jeff Wise doesn’t even try to hide his contempt for you. It possibly started, as you had said, with some pictures. I think that he still has so much negative energy toward you is telling. It would make me question anything he has ever written.

    I saw clips of Josh Davis on some of the news shows. This incident is his “15 minutes”. I believe with his latest article he is trying to extend his 15 minutes. I have been in the company of people who are paranoid from drugs, you just don’t sound like you are drug addled.

    I believe that you do not drink or do drugs sir. I also believe that you truly are interested in bettering the lives of the people of Belize. I hope you, your employees and friends all stay safe.

  33. Trouble in Paradise Avatar
    Trouble in Paradise

    Couldn’t agree more. John, your best bet is to enter a psychiatric hospital in the U.S., where you cannot be questioned. Please ask your attorney to get you out of there & check you in to one ASAP. I’m not being cruel, just honest. Your reality & fantasy worlds have become hopelessly intertwined.

  34. Mark_13 Avatar

    There was a woman who posted on this blog a long first hand account of how here Aunt (I believe) had been involved in a minor traffic accident in Belize in which she was completely innocent, and ended up being terrorized by the police, actually charged with a preposterous baseless charges, and was evidently too stupid to bribe her way out. Just coming forward to the Belizean (sp?)authorities is not nearly as simple as you make it sound, especially with McAfee’s previous history with them.

  35. John McAfee Avatar

    I know it’s difficult, but try to keep up.

  36. John McAfee Avatar

    This story began well before the tragedy of Mr. Faul. I am sorry for his family and freinds, but the issues, unfortunately, go well beyond this sad event. I have been struggling for seven months with an unjust government.

  37. John McAfee Avatar

    The typos and grammar could well be attributed to a 67 year old man who had to leave suddenly without his glasses, and who hasn’t slept well for over a week.

  38. Mark_13 Avatar

    Accidentally hit submit before I was finished. Don’t care particularly if you post this, maybe I crossed the line. Many of us out here wish you the best I’m sure. Maybe time to cut your losses and get out of there.

  39. Mark_13 Avatar

    Just some random impressions – I am reminded of the Old Russian fairy tale of “The fish in the forest” in which I husband discovering vast treasure, tells his wife about it, knowing that she won’t be able to keep the secret. So he also spins some tale for her about finding the treasure next to fish that live in the trees or something, so that when she finally starts divulging the story it is accompanied by non-credible details. And then there is the story from the Bible, wherein King David finding himself in enemy territory starts acting crazy so the enemy won’t take him seriously.

    So your account seems consistent in a vague way with such a strategem, except that in your case its not clear what the underlying objective is. Also regarding this latest post above, there are quite a few typos and minor reference and grammar errors, which would be consistent with maybe having a few drinks on Thanksgiving eve, no problem there particularly, except you say you don’t drink at all. And also, why would you ask your real estate agent Chris for coffee to sober up if you don’t drink (were you trying to run a scam on him too regarding this). Also I’m not clear how sleeping on his balcony was getting back at him.
    But anyway, Belize is a dangerous unstable place no doubt, and its clear you’ve gotten in a little over your head and doing what you can to survive. And incidentally I am somewhat convinced that Wise did have a personal vendetta against you for the reasons you stipulate.

  40. Highrise Avatar


    your a wise man, but there are people out there even wiser than you. Jerking people around with miss information, retorts to fresh air and a wild and wacky life have all been entertaining.

    The truth is a man is dead, his family is no doubt distraught and there are a number of “smoking guns” including yours.

    There stories here are mealy hearsay and in many cases “double hearsay”, which holds no legal evidence. You have been putting up a smoke screen for your own cover or entertainment, only you know the truth, or do you?? Sounds like you live in some “la la land” in your own mind, like I said in another post, “You’ve been left in the sun way too long.”.

    You have manipulated the media, your friends and now via this blog the world, not really “cricket” old sport. Who is the master of spin, I think its you John.

    Front up and be a man, clear your name or face the music, using social media to muddy the water is the new way to ensure that there cannot be a fair trial, your see through John.

    No doubt you will be turn this story and blog into a book, movie and TV rights, I hope if it is, you donate the money the the family of John Faull.

    Pull your finger out and do the right thing.

  41. Jeshua Avatar

    are you loosing it John?

  42. Frenchy Avatar

    John, stop joking. It is becoming hard for those that support you to know what is truth and what is fanasy. This is going to kill you in court, if there is a trail… Also, it has truly effected the crdibilty of this blog. Your reporter, Josh is total scum of the earth, biased and obviously only out for himself and to line his pockets at your expense. Glad you are no longer speaking with him..
    Good luck wherever you are.

  43. Steve Johnson Avatar
    Steve Johnson

    I thought you didn’t drink or do drugs…so why the coffee to sober up? Uh oh you are starting to forget your own lies…that’s when it collapses.

  44. fascinatedByJohnMcAfee Avatar

    John, it’s a huge risk doing all this PR. lay low and look for a way out of there. you can always get a job in the states doing cybersecurity 🙂

  45. Spencer Allen Avatar
    Spencer Allen

    I’m sorry John but this just sounds like one huge backpedal now. The “I was just joking” excuse is the oldest one in the book. I would just wait for Josh’s claims to come out and then defend them individually. No need to discredit things that haven’t even been said yet.

  46. Trace Avatar

    John, you’re story of the GSU seemed authentic up until the point when you went on to say “Oh so they kept you occupied out front while they had me out back” referring to the security guards dealing with the GSU.

    I just knew the story didn’t add up (how can the GSU keep security “busy” for 8 hours and not see a gun and not move around the resort)

    Either way, congrats on the acting, as well as the vehicles in the background as you were talking to “security”.

    The last part of this story should really have some more explanations to it unless I have really missed something.