John McAfee introduces Future Tense – D-Central at C2SV


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12 responses to “John McAfee introduces Future Tense – D-Central at C2SV”

  1. sylvia Avatar

    too much exitement

  2. Dr. Liberty Avatar
    Dr. Liberty

    Hey America needs a guy with balls like you have! Run for office, perhaps a Senator or better yet President and rip these Marxist Maggots a new ass!
    Help the country that made you rich, all we ask is for someone with your caliber of leadership and no bullshit!

  3. tim Avatar

    Thanks for the warning about getting hacked by filling out Obama Care website questionnaire. Never thought about that risk. You fit in well on Coast to Coast. Bet Art wishes he could have done this interview with you. Cheers Tim

  4. Who is Web Avatar

    His wheel broke?

  5. Who is Web Avatar

    Excellent Job, and Great photos. You look happy and in your element John.

    Janice, count me in as a friend who’ll wear a ‘Team McAfee’ t-shirt right along side you next time……. although I will need to snag a leather jacket as cool as yours first.

  6. Paul Mullen Avatar
    Paul Mullen

    Hi John, its been over 20 years since we met but I see you haven’t lost your passion for elaborate jokes! This is the best one yet! NSA is frantically trying to figure out how it works and how they can stop it, before you even have invented it!


  7. Carl Davis Avatar
    Carl Davis

    John It was good to see you promoting this great idea,

    Old friend from years ago, good luck….

  8. gisela wrage Avatar
    gisela wrage

    Hi John and Janice,

    good fotos, good idea to use now …many luck for your works…..
    greetings Gisla

  9. Constitionalist Avatar

    I’d back that Kickstarter!!!

  10. Dwight Watera Avatar
    Dwight Watera

    I happy you will be back in tech indeed. it would be nice if your hardware just replaced the internet, many would love that. Maybe you can work with

    CJDNS is magic

  11. Brian Fitzgerald Avatar
    Brian Fitzgerald

    Aloha John

    A big part of me is happy that you are getting back to tech.. the other one wants to crawl inside of you and stay there forever.

    Keep up the good work

    Cheers from your biggest fan

    Brian Fitzgerald