DCentral1 App Now available for download


Dcentral is Now available for download at Future Tense Central  and  Google play

WhoIsMcAfee Avatar

17 responses to “DCentral1 App Now available for download”

  1. ed Avatar

    finaly…the first app in the world that make sense to all users!!
    i’v purchased D-Vasive and everbody with a smartphone should !! as John McAfee told us…..You will be shocked… and i was….! Greatest app ever!!!

  2. Mike P Avatar
    Mike P

    Thanks Mr McAfee. I’m looking forward to your future products!

  3. need Avatar

    whats the hold up with the version for iphone? a simple question that requires a simple answer,,,please?

  4. Mateusz Avatar

    Can I get Your on into BlackBerrey 10 mr. McAfee ?

  5. Derek Avatar

    John, When does the IPhone version come out. I heard you talking about it on the Alex Jones Show. Sounds like a great app!


  6. Ricky Avatar

    Hello, are you making a version for Apple?

  7. Trace Smith Avatar

    I checked iTunes ..can’t find it

  8. T.Soul Avatar

    Slightly curious as to why Google has been involved for any download location. Surely this would mean google will know exactly who is using this app as google play require sign up and signing in. Avoiding everything google is the way forward I would think as they are the worst offender of data and privacy intrusion next to Big Brother agencies. Certainly like the idea though if it’s honest and works. But why google?

  9. GuidoW Avatar

    Do I HAVE to log into GOOGLE PLAY to download this app??? Sounds counter intuitive to me… how about a direct download link? Who would have EVER thunk of that????

  10. Steve Avatar

    Available for iPhone?

  11. Maxine Paradiso Avatar
    Maxine Paradiso

    Thank you so much Mr McAfee

  12. Phive Avatar

    Congrats..innovative & inspiring awareness & actionable to secure Your Privacy!
    Electronic Freedom Hero’s…let,s load.

  13. Miguel Avatar

    Excellent app! A great way to throw out the spying rats that you’ve unwittingly let infest your phone!

    Your page could be a little more descriptive of what the app does, though. People who are sent here might be a little confused with the current presentation.

  14. Gregory Avatar

    Hi , Do you plan on making this app for I-phones ? other apple products ?

  15. Jeff Avatar

    How do you download it?

  16. goretsky Avatar


    Congratulations on the launch of your new app!.


    Aryeh Goretsky